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by St. Patrick

The day started out with a phone ringing in my ear. I went to bed a little

drunk, ok a lot drunk! Too many Makers and Sprite the night before. I grabbed

the phone and fumbled for the talk button. The voice on the other end was a

familiar and pleasant voice, Joyce my ex girlfriend. She was babbling about

needing her furnace fixed. This was nothing new, the place she lived in wasn't

the nicest in town.

So I crawled out of bed, grabbed a quick shower and headed over to her side of

town. When she came to the door, she looked better than I remembered.

"Wow" I said as she invited me in, "your glowing" like a search light I might

add. She looked a little embarased by my comment, and lowered her head slightly

and tried to hide a smile. "So what's been new in your world?"

"Nothing much," she replied. She turned around and started to walk toward the


She looked terrific! she was wearing a black thigh high skirt, with a white

blouse. Through her blouse I could see a sexy white lace bra, barely covering

her ample breasts. The blouse didn't do much to cover the cleavage that was

flowing in abundance! I couldn't help thinking how nice it would be to make love

to her again, little did I know that I would be getting the chance sooner than I

ever dreamed, and in a way I never imagined!

"What's wrong with your heater this time?"I asked.

"I don't know, it just won't heat up," she replied with a playful tone in her


I went to the closet and pulled the panel off to take a look. My head was

throbbing from my hangover, and the smell of her perfume didn't help things much

either. "Joyce" I yelled from the closet "Could I have a glass of water and some


She poked her head around the corner of the door and smiled, "Sure, anything for

my handyman" and just as quick she vanished to the kitchen. What seemed like a

lifetime later she returned with the water and some pills. "Here you go stud,"

as she handed them to me.

With a quick gulp I downed the aspirin and the water. "Whew.....that hit the

spot Joyce." She grinned from ear to ear, stood and started to pull back the

covers on the bed. I thought to myself, something is going on here and it

doesn't seem too bad! "All done" I shouted, "It was just a plug that came loose,

don't know how it did unless it was....." then all of the sudden my head started

to spin. Wow, must have stood up to fast, I thought to myself. My stomach felt

like it was turning flip flops. Then it hit me, sometihng was wrong! The room

seemed to be getting larger, or I was getting smaller? No way, I thought, that's

impossible, must be the hungover or something. Joyce walked over to me with a

grin on her like a chessire cat! She stood in front of me and I had to look up

at her! My god she was taller and growing taller by the second! No! She wasn't

growing ..I was shrinking!

I could feel my clothes getting loose, my pants slipped down to my knees then

hit the floor I stepped out of my shoes like stepping out of a bath tub. Joyce

was standing admiring my dwindling size, with a big smirk on her face.

"What's happening" to me I shouted as the distance from me to her increased.

"The question should be, what did I do to you...........?" she said with an evil

tone, a tone that sent shivers down my shrinking smile."I'm just cutting you

down to size, that's all," she said. "Hope you don't mind?"

The process took about 3 minutes to finish. When I stopped shrinking, I guessed

I was about 6 inches tall, or should I say small. "What did you do to me? Why

did you do this to me?" I asked. I was terrified I screamed at the top of my


She said nothing, looked down at me and slowly, seductively started to massage

her massive breasts. She was enjoying every minute of it! The fact that I was

standing there watching helpless and scared. Her moans where deafening at my

present height. She stared down at me with hungry eyes, "I shrank you down where

I could be in complete control of you! I know you used to love to be in control

of things, well big boy you have no choice in the matter, your small and now

it's my turn!"

"But how did you do it, what did you do?" I asked.

"It was in your water, I was going to slip it in a beer later but you were so

eager to drink something I decided to go on and let you have it," She said "This

is a voodoo shrinking powder I found in a little shop in New Orleans, the women

used it on their men when they needed more control of them."

I couldn't even speak, I was so scared, a beautiful giantess stood before me,

ready to use me as her sex toy and there was nothing I could do about it!

"Is there a way to make me big again?" I asked.

"Oh yes," she replied, pulling out a small brown bag from her night stand table,

"The antidote is right here." she swung the bag back and forth over my head,

just out of my reach. "You better be a good boy and do everything I say or

you'll never see 6'3" again," she purred! "Now listen here, I can do anything I

want to you and you can't lift a finger to stop me!"

God she was beautiful, and from my perspective over sixty feet tall! She slowly

moved closer to me, every step I could feel the floor shake. She stopped just

short of where I stood, beside my pile of clothes. In front of me stood the

largest pair of black high heel shoes I have ever seen. Joyce bent down to take

a closer look at her prize. As she bent over me I could see here titanic breasts

start to strain her skimpy white blouse, yards of flesh shifting behind her bra.

Her nipples were standing from the excitement, they were almost as big as my


In one massive sweep she grabbed me around the waist, knocking the wind out of

my tiny body! The trip was making my head spin worse than my hangover! She

carried me to her dresser, where I was at least forty feet off the ground.

Nowhere to run I thought to myself. She stepped back and closed the shades. I

wondered how long she has had this planned.

Joyce smiled as she started to unbutton her blouse, very slowly and seductively

at first, she began from the top, with each button, I could see here enormous

breasts. I wondered how the tiny silk bra could hold back the mountains of flesh

I had fondled on many occasions with one hand, at my new height it would take

all day!

"Enjoying the view little man?"she asked.

She could tell my cock was enjoying the view, It had been rock hard since she

had leaned over to look at me! She removed her blouse and tossed it on the bed.

Next was her skirt, tight and black, showing all the curves of this voluptuous

giantess. As it fell to the floor, I could see her white lace panties were

soaked with the excitement! Her hands made their way to her crotch, were she

stroked with her fingers, probing back and forth with great force.

"Getting excited TOY?" she moaned as I watched this mountain of a woman play

with herself. For the first time in my life I was speechless. She giggled,

"Good, save your strength, you're going to need it to satisfy me!"

Without warning she leaped toward the dresser and scooped me up in both hands.

"I think you will fit just fine in here just fine," she said, slipping me

between here massive breasts. I was drunk by the smell of her perfume and the

musky odor her body was giving off. I looked around and all I could see was

these mountain of white flesh. There was no chance of me falling, I was very

snug. She moved her hands from here stomach to her mighty breasts, massaging

them, twisting her erect nipples. Sweat started to trickle down her cleavage. I

could feel her body start to shake as an orgasm rippled throughout it. She

moaned, "I have been waiting for this moment for a long time now. You weren't

going to ask me out again, so I decided to take matters in my own hands!"

She stepped toward the bed, leaning over she reached behind her back to unhook

her bra. As I heard the snap of the hooks, I slid through her cleavage, falling

towards the bed. Landing with a bounce, as the silky fabric of the bra fell on

top of me, covering my whole body. There she stood, hanging over me with those

mountains swaying back and forth. Leaning forward she pinned me with one of

them, knocking the wind out of me again. The only thing I could see was her

blonde hair and tits flowing over me! I could feel her heart beat racing from

the thrill of having me at her mercy!

Letting me go, she stood up, reaching for a bottle on the table. pouring a glass

of wine, she drank it down . She moved over to the window to look outside. "I'm

going to do something with your car, don't want anyone knowing you stopping

by...just yet," she said. Pouring another glass of wine, she slipped off her

shoes and laid down on the bed, the force kocked me over. "You look like you

could use a drink too.....but I'm not sharing the wine with you."

She tossed back the next glass and then another. Pouring yet another glass, she

hoisted me off the bed and sat me in her glass. The wine came up to my chest.

The smell was overpowering, I was getting dizzy just from the fumes! She reached

down and plucked me from the glass, lifting me high in the air she hung me

dangling directly over her mouth, drops of wine fell from my body, landing on

her lips. She licked them slowly.

"Yummy " she cooed. "You're quite tasty you know." She could easily swallow me

whole. Fearing for the worse she slowly began to lower me into her cavernous

mouth, she playfully licked me from head to toe. This was too much for me, my

aching cock erupted inside her mouth.

"Hmmmmmmm.......I always did like to swallow you......" she moaned as her lips

smacked the sides of her mouth. "Your almost tasty enough to eat.......but not

yet my little toy!" I could hardly breath from the terror she sent with that

last statement!

Letting me go I tumbled off her chin and down through her cleavage, rolling to a

stop at her navel, it was as big as my head! "Now Patrick, I want you to make

your way down between my legs and service me......NOW!" she yelled. Her hand

flew past me as her body rose into the air, knocking me off her belly and on to

the bed! She removed her moist silk panties, and spread her legs. "Get to work

little man, or Joyce will get very angry, and you wouldn't want that would you

little one? " she asked.

"Nnnnnno" I stuttered as I started my trek to her gargantuan thighs. Getting

there was a job in itself.. The sheets were pilled high, higher then me! When I

finally reached my destination, there in front of me stood the largest pussy any

man has ever seen! I was awestruck, I didn't know what to do next but Joyce did.

She pushed me forward with her hand till I was swimming in a pool of blonde

pubic hair and her juices how sweet and overpowering!

"Make me come and maybe I will return you to your real height!" she commanded

"But if I don't enjoy this, you will have to keep trying until you get it


Grabbing a hold of her pussy hair, I started to stroke her lips, moving my hands

back and forth with as much strength as I could muster "Awwwwwwww, ummm hmmmmmmm...

that's the way my little lover." she purred. "Harder now, stroke me harder, play

with my clit!" she screamed.

I reached up and began squeezing and rubbing this clit the size of a backpack,

with every twist her hips ground into the bed, lifting me off the ground and

slamming me back down. She bagan to moan louder and louder like thunder to me!

Faster and faster, harder and harder I rubbed! As she came close to climax, one

movement threw me onto her stomach. She opened her eyes to see me laying there

dazed and spent.

"Ok Patrick, you did you best, now its my turn to show you how to satisfy a

giant woman." Grabbing me by the feet, she used two of her fingers to spread

here pussy lips apart, shoving me in head first into her steaming pit of

darkness. Slowly in and out at first, her juices began to choke and clog my nose

and mouth. Faster and faster she went, each time the walls in her pussy rippled

with pleasure. "Oh god Patrick, your just the right size, and every time you try

to squirm away it excites me even more!" she screamed ,before inserting me even

deeper inside her!

This time her fingers released my feet, letting me plunge all the way into her

womanhood. Trying to work my way back out, the walls began to shrink as her Natacion para ponerse en forma

heart began to race faster and faster! I would be crushed in here if I didn't do

something quick! Making my way towards the light, a finger reached in and

grabbed me by the shoulder, pulling me to safety as she screamed and moaned in

pleasure. Joyce dropped me between her legs as her orgasm continued. After an

eternity, her moaning subsided, then silence. She must have fallen asleep. My

body was too weak to even stand. As I began to pass out, all I could remember

was being so close to extasy ans death at the same time. I wondered what would

have happened to me if she didn't get to me in time? I will dwell on that later,

exhaustion got the better of me, my eyes closed .......................sleep

overcame me.

Part 2

"Her friend Amee"

Before I could open my eyes, the throbbing in my head began to pound louder and

louder! My body ached, I felt as if I was drug behind a bus for hours! The world

around me was fuzzy, like an out of focus picture. I lifted my head to take a

look around. In front of me was a beam of light, that seem to come from a crack

in the ceiling, the smell that surround me was that of baby powder and cedar.

"Where was I", I thought to myself.

The events played back in my head like a nightmare I couldn't shake. I could

remember the Joyce shrinking me to 6 inches, I could remember being her little

play toy, and the things she did to me. A shiver ran down my back as it all

seemed so clear to me! With all my strength I managed to get to my feet. My bed

was soft and silky, a familiar feel. I made my way to the light, bright and

powerful, as it forced me to squint, making my already blurred vision worse for


I reached up to the crack where the light came pouring into and took hold.

Straining every muscle in my body I lifted myself about a foot off the silky

carpet. Only able to squeeze my throbbing head through the crack I looked around

from my prison. There stretching out in front of me was Joyce's bedroom, on a

grand scale. I could see the bed where I was her little slave just, well who

knows how long ago. The bottle of wine was gone, so were the clothes that I was

wearing before she had slipped her voodoo shrinking potion into my water. I was

in her panty draw in her dresser, she had made it so I could see but not escape.

"WOW", I said aloud, "she has thought of everything!"

I heard keys jingle in the front door lock, creaking open, then silence.

Footsteps coming down the hallway began to get closer and closer to her bedroom

door, and suddenly someone entered the bedroom. Standing in front of the bed

looking around was this gorgeous women. She was about 5 ft, dark brown hair,

with breast to rival even Joyce's magnificent lobes. She looked around the room

and made her way to the night stand table. She opened the drawer and took out

the pouch witched contained the antidote for the shrinking powder. The phone

rang and scared us both. The giantess picked up the phone.

"Hello, Joyce's house" she spoke with a soft and sexy voice. "Hey Joyce, up

right where you said it would be," she sang into the mouth piece. "No, I plan on

using it on him right after he pleases me!" Oh thank heaven I thought, she is

restoring me to my normal height. "Ok I will, Yes I will be careful, huh uhuh

you bet, love you the drawer, which drawer.........oh how

nice........what a wonderful place........yes ..........oh to you soon....bye Joyce," and she hung the receiver

back on the cradle.

She turned to go and then stopped at the door. She turned to fumble with her

purse. I can't believe it, I thought, she is going to make me big again. She

laid her purse down on the bed and pulled out a pair of pink silk panties. She

was so sexy, wearing a business suit, gray, with all the trimmings. Mid knee

skirt, and silk white blouse that strained tight against here massive chest. She

took of her jacket and hung it on one of the posts of Joyce's bed. She bent over

and pulled a pair of white cotton panties from under her skirt. One leg at a

time, with such grace she romped the white panties and slipped on over her black

high heel shoes her pink silk ones.

"What is she up to," my mind screamed as my head pounded hard with the


My arms couldn't hold the wait of my body any longer as I fell backwards into

the drawer of slid underwear. I hit with a light thud but shots of pain bolted

through my sore body, letting a scream out that I could not stop! Seconds later

the earth started to shake as the light began to pour in to my prison. I could

see the face of this gorgeous giantess, as she open Joyce's drawer. A grin

stretched from ear to ear on her lovely face, when she looked down at me.

"Well , hello Patrick, my name is Amee, Joyce has told me so much about her

little lover," she purred as the grin became more and more evil looking. "I have

a surprise for you; Joyce said I could use you till she came home tonight."

She brought her massive hand into the drawer and lifted me to the top of the

dresser. Around me was bottles of perfume and candles. "Hope you're not too

tired from your first encounter with Joyce on Tuesday."

"What day is it," I squeaked from my sore lungs.

"Thursday, little man," she said with a playful tone in her sexy voice, "you've

been out for 48 hours."

Damn my body feels like it I thought. "Could you help me Amme? I'm starving and

my body is aching."

"In due time little man, we need to get aquatinted first!" She turned and

reached for the switch, with a twist of her wrist, she dimmed the lights in the

room and began to get undressed. She slowly undid the straps to her shoes,

tossing them aside on a chair in the corner of the room. Then came her skirt,

undoing the clasp in the back she tugged and pulled the fabric over her full

rounded ass. "I would ask you to help, but your in no shape to lend a hand to

this big girl" she giggled with pleasure. For a shorter girl she had all the

curves of a super model. She arched her back to stretch. Her hands wondered over

her voluptuous body, making me uneasy, and excited all at the same time. She

giggled as she noticed my member stiffening, for the first time I noticed I was

still naked. Trying to hide my erection, she waved a finger at me saying, "tisk

tisk, no room for modesty her Patrick, I have BIG plans for you and a surprise

to boot!" I could only hope she was taking about restoring me with the powder,

but was too scared to ask.

With one titanic motion she raised her self from the bed and leaned against the

bed post. With a slow deliberate motion she took her hands and began to fondle

her breast, I could see her nipples poking through her bra and her silk blouse.

Amee was enjoying this teasing, never letting her eyes leave me.

"Want to play with a big girl?" she moaned as she licked her lips. This was more

than I could take as my legs involuntarily walked toward the edge of the dresser

and held my arms out. She smiled and moved her hands from her breast down to the

bottom of her shirt. With the skill of an artist she started to unbutton her

blouse, with ever button undone I could see more and more of her massive tanned

body. Her pink panties looked to be moist from her fondling, and the silk bra

that matched was straining to hold her excited nipples. The blouse hit the floor

as she moved her way towards me. Stopping just short of the dresses I could look

down a those wonderful peaks straight into the valley of pleasure.

"You gave in way to easy, are you staring at my chest little boy?" With that

hanging off her tongue she scooped me up in here hand and place me over her

chest right in front of her eyes. "You want to be between my breast don't you,

well I have other plans for you right now. Do your job well Patrick and I might

let you have your wish!" With that she leaned back, letting me go to fall to my


The world rushed around me as her pink silk bra flash before me, passing me as I

looked up. Reaching down she pulls the front of her silk panties open just in

time for me to fall into them!

As the world stopped rising to meet me, my landing wasn't bone jarring as I had

expected. The silk fabric had slowed me down till I came to a stop, meeting face

first a massive patch of blonde pubic hair. The smell was so intoxicating, her

musky odor blending with the fragrance of her perfume made for a wonderful

aroma. Looking down at me from above she began to laugh as the fear returned to

my eyes.

"You better please me little man, or I won't give you your surprise." With that

remark she snapped the elastic of her panties shut, taking away the light! I

held on with all my might as she began to move to the bed, feeling each thud on

the carpet with her light steps. Laying down on the bed I could hear her humming

a tune, she seemed pleased with herself for what she had done to me!

Finding my way in the dark, I fumbled my way further south to her moist lips.

Sliding as far as the silky fabric would let me, I began to search out her clit.

The task way easy considering it was almost as big as my head. I could feel her

body tighten as my task began, rubbing and pinching her melon sized nub, making

sure I was pleasing this giantess that held the key to making me normal again.

Her pussy began to drip with each and every stroke as her body writhed with

pleasure, amazing such a small man could give so much pleasure to this size of a


"You're doing just fine lover, keep up the good work," she hummed as my assault

on her womanhood continued. Her breathing became more rapid as she thrusted her

hips into the air, then slamming them back down, grinding them into the bed. The

motion was like being rocked on a ship by gigantic waves, making it hard to hang

on. On several occasions I lost my footing slipping a leg inside of her body.

This excited her even more but I knew how dangerous I could be inside that

cavern. Quickly pulling my leg out, I continued with the pleasing of Amee! She

pulled and tugged at the covers, thrashing back and forth when her final orgasm

hit her. Waves of muscle spasms coursed through her body, as my tiny body laid

helpless, trapped against her pussy and the soaked silk panties.

Her breathing slowed down as she rose to a sitting position. She spread her legs

and pulled back the elastic of her panties to see me trapped against her. "Wow,

thanks was fantastic, you the best little man I have ever had."

"You mean I'm not the first you or Joyce have done?"

She threw back her head and laughed. "Of course not! Joyce and I have been

shrinking men for a month now, but we both agree you are the best we have had!"

There was something strange about the tone of her voice, she was more evil

sounding, more cold hearted.

"You got the powder out of the drawer, are you planning to use it on me? Are you

going to return me to my normal self?"

Laughing as loud as thunder she gave me a cold stare. "Hell no you silly little

man, my dog Rex got into the potion and is half your size right now. Need to

bring him back to size before I step on the little fellow!" My heart sank to my

stomach with my hopes shattered. "When we find a man as wonderful and durable as

you, we don't make them big again," she chimed "why would we ever?"

Moving over to the edge of the bed, still stuck in her moist sticky panties, she

began to brush her hair in the mirror. A voice from the hallway yelled.... "Amee,

you in there?" I knew that voice from anyone.

"Yes Joyce, I'm brushing my hair!"

"From the looks of the bed seems you and Patrick got to be well acquainted!"

"Oh yes," she purred, "he was all you said he was and more!"

"Where is the little darling?" came from Joyce's side of the room. Pulling back

here elastic on her panties, she pointed down to where I was trapped.

"Doesn't he look so cute," Amee said as she smiled from ear to ear.

"Hello Patrick, good to see you still kicking!"

Amee leaned over and planted a passionate kiss on Joyce's lips, brining her free

hand to caress Joyce's left breast. Pulling away they both peered into Amee's


"This is what you get for being a good boy, two women to play with you" Amee

said "this is your surprise!"

Giantess Stories: Joyce by St

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