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Julie had been dating Phil for almost a year now, and her patience was beginning

to run very thin. It was time that he made a commitment to her and she felt she

had more than put in the time for him to do so. A somewhat naive girl when it

came to sex when they met, Phil slowly introduced her to S&M and his other kinky

indulgences. Julie was gorgeous with soft red hair that came to her shoulders,

large 38D breasts, sexy legs and a body that any model would envy. With her

bright blue eyes, she was any man's fantasy.

It was about seven o'clock and she rang Phil's doorbell. He came to the door and

as always was smiling when he saw her. Julie walked right past him and went to

the couch. Sitting and crossing her sexy legs, she simply said, "we need to

talk." Without a word, Phil walked over and sat down next to her on the couch,

"Phil, where is our relationship going?' she asked very straightforwardly.

"Well honey, we love each other and enjoy each other, isn't that enough for


"Phil, I'm 26 and I would like to know if I have a definite future with you."

Leaning back, Phil mumbles half to himself, "I was wondering when this was going

to come up." Looking into her soft blue eyes, "Julie, I can't marry you. It

isn't that I don't care for you, it's just that I enjoy my freedom and lifestyle

too much to change it."

Julie jumped to her feet and started to shout. "You son of a bitch, you never

had any intentions of marrying me and you led me on. You were just using me to

satisfy you twisted kinky fantasies! All you wanted was someone to dress up and

be your sex slave. You jerk", she cried as tears started to run down her checks.

Being very cocky, Phil smugly says, 'Too bad you feel that way honey, you made a

great slave girl," he mocked with a disgusting grin on his face. Unzipping his

fly, he looks up at the furious Julie now shaking uncontrollably with anger.

"Would you like to make up now, sweetie," he taunts.

Julie screams, "you pig, I'm going to find a way to make you pay for how you

used and degraded me and for all the other women you intended to hurt." In a

rage, Julie ran out the front door.

Driving with no thought of where she is going, she sees a bright light in the

woods off in the distance. Curious of what it might be, she pulled off the main

road and drove towards the strange glow. As she got closer, her car just stopped

and died. Getting out, she sees someone just ahead and goes over to see if their

hurt. Stunned, it is a woman who falls to the ground in front of her. Turning

the woman over, Julie saw she was hurt and took off her coat to wrap around the

strangely dressed woman. Julie asked, "Are you alright?" as the woman shivers in

her arms.

Before the woman could say anything, two other women in similar dress

approached. Julie looked up at them and pleaded, "can you help her?'

With smiles on their faces, they nodded and the tall brunette spoke. "Thank you

for coming to Tirra's aid and we will take her now, and she will be just fine.

Your finding her in time may have saved her life and we are very grateful to


The shorter woman who was very beautiful as all three were, bent down and

touched the woman Tirra and they both vanished in a colorful glow of strange

lights. Julie's fixed stare was broken by the woman standing in front of her.

"On our planet it is proper to give a token to show our gratitude." As the tall

blond removed a necklace from around her own neck, she placed it around Julie's.

Julie picked up the small reddish green stone that now hung from her neck and

said, "it's beautiful."

It's a mind amplifier and through it, you may alter matter as it pleases you,"

said the lovely woman. "Now, I must get back to my ship."

"Wait," Julie blurted out, "May I see it?" The woman pointed towards the light

over in the woods and it was beautiful. "How many people are on board," Julie


"Just the three of us."

"Do you have men on your planet?" Julie asked inquisitively.

"Yes, but it is not like your planet," the woman smiled. "The males on our

planet are subservient and exist only to serve and provide for our needs. Also

we have made the men much smaller to make them easier to handle and all women

own several to make them of any value in attending our needs. Well I must leave

but one day we will meet each other again."

"One more thing please, what is the name of your planet, it sounds wonderful."

"It is Chreise, and one day I will take you there to see it and if you like,

join us. My name is Fielisca and I have much power on my world, you would be

very welcome and be treated as royalty. You would be given many male servants to

serve and please your every desire." Good-by was her last words as she gave

Julie a hug and then vanished just like the others. Then her ship shot straight

up into the sky, and they were gone.

Julie walked back to her car which was running again. Thinking about what

Helisea said for a moment, Julie jokingly said to herself, "I wish this car was

a white Jaguar convertible. Instantly the car became a beautiful Jaguar

convertible. Her eyes widened with disbelief at what just happened. Hopping in,

she said "I want a hundred thousand dollars in the glove compartment" and when

she opened it, it was full of cash. Speechless, she drive down the road and with

a wicked smile on her face headed back towards Phil's apartment. Thinking to

herself, "Phil is going to pay sooner than he could ever have dreamed."

Arriving at Phil's door again, she rang the doorbell now wearing a full length

coat she had just created. Phil quickly answered and Julie started her act.

"Please Phil, I have come to apologize for treating you so badly earlier


"Come in, baby," as he backed away from the door to let her in. Smug as usual he

said, "I knew you would be back, so I left out some wine, help yourself . "

"Oh, you really do know me don't you" she purred. Julie sat down and picked up

the wine glass as she watched Phil slither over to the couch now wearing a short

men's robe. As he got next to her, Julie stood up. "I have a surprise for you."

Opening her coat she was dressed in a very sexy leather dominatrix outfit.

Spiked black leather boots with matching skin tight body suit, large leather bra

cups with Julie's breasts spilling out over the rims, and her new necklace

squeezed tight between her creamy deep cleavage.

Phil's mouth hung open as she teasingly musea "Like what you see?". With his

short robe on, he was unable to hide his now raging hard on. Julie looked down

at him trying to cover himself and smiled, "Oh yes, didn't you say earlier that

you had a special way I could make up everything to you?" Stumbling for words,

Phil sat there dumbfounded as Julie went to her knees in front of him and moved

his hands aside.

Opening the robe, she lowered her head and began taking Phil's throbbing cock

into her mouth for the sucking he would never forget. Slow moans of total

ecstasy come from Phil as Julie could feel his body become relaxed. Phil closed

his eyes and let his head rest on the back of the couch. Julie stopped only for

a second to see if her plan was working, then quickly returned to her task of

revenge. Thinking to herself "this is great", with each stroke of her tongue and

bob of her head, Phil is shrinking a couple of inches. Lost in the total sexual

experience, Phil had not opened his eyes to see what was happening to him.

Stopping again for a moment, Julie purrs, "feel good lover?"

Phil cries, "oh god, don't stop pleasese."

"Anything you say lover," as Julie bites her lips of a second to keep from

laughing, and returns to her devilish task. After a few last strokes she

abruptly stops and takes her head away. Phil begs, "Please don't stop, I'm

almost ready!"

A complete change of tone in her voice she answers, "I have to stop, I choke on

small bones," she laughs cruelly.

Opening his eyes for the first time, he sees Julie's big face in front of him

and watches as she stands up. Regaining his senses he mutters, "What the hell...

what happened to you!"

"Nothing happened to me, but something certainly happened to you, little man.

Wiggling to the front of the couch, his feet fall to touch the floor and he

stands in front of Julie who takes a couple of steps back to enjoy the full

effect of her work. He is now eye level with her thighs. In a broken voice Phil

asks, "What have you done to me, I'm only three feet tall!"

Julie answers, "I am beginning to put you in your place," staring down with an

evil grin on her face. Lifting her right spiked heel boot, she places it in the

middle of his chest and straightens her leg sending Phil crashing to the floor

and tumbling backwards. Laughing, Julie walks to the center of the room and

watches as Phil tries to get to his knees. "Stop," she barks, "Stay where you


Holding his chest Phil begins to plea to this leather Giantess towering in front

of him. "Please Julie, make me big again."

"Oh I'm afraid you're as big as you'll ever be little man. From now on you will

only get smaller as it pleases me, but you will never get bigger."

"Is there no way I can return to normal height," he cries!

"You mean like this," Julie toys with him and snaps her fingers. Instantly he is

his old size again. Phil yells for joy "I'm back!"

Julie dramatically shakes her head and smiles, "No" and again he is three feet

tall again. Phil hangs his head and cries. "Get use to disappointment little

man, because from now on you exist only to serve me. "Winking at him as he looks

up through tear stained eyes, "you know how fickled I am."

"From now on you will shrink whenever you displease me, and I am going to make

it very hard to please me. What I like one day, I may not like the next. You had

better learn to be as flexible as my moods if you don't want to end up a one

inch grease stain in the carpet. "

"Now you worthless twerp, I want you to crawl to me on your hands and knees....

mnunmm how appropriate, and lick my boots."

Phil's eyes widened. Pointing a sharp red nailed finger at him, she emphasized,

"If you make the slightest hesitation to obey me now, you will be two feet tall

by the time you reach the tips of my toes."

Like being hit with a jolt of electricity, Phil scrambled across the floor on

his little hands and knees looking up at Julie the whole time. Quickly sticking

his tongue out as he neared the shinny leather boots, he had not even stopped

moving when his tongue went to work on the hard pointed toe of JuIie's left


A few seconds went by when Julie tapped his teeth with the boot and said, "don't

stop until I give you permission, understand worm?" A meek "yes Julie" was all

that could be heard. Sliding her left foot under his chest and stomach, she

lifted him in the air landing him on his back a couple of feet away. Landing

with a loud thud, the air knocked out of him, he looks up at her and he is now


"'You will address me as Mistress from now on and that is the only way I permit

you to address me, is that clear?" Phil forced out a "yes Mistress" as he laid

there frozen, afraid to move.

Stamping the foot, that just kicked him, she hissed through clenched teeth, "get

back here" Fumbling to roll over back onto his hands and knees he rushes back to

the two leather covered feet and began licking them again.

"You look so pathetic and small at me feet having to worship me. What's left of

your insignificant life is up to me now, you pig. How does it feel to be used!"

Taking her right boot heel she presses it down in the small of his back and

forces him to the ground. A whimper comes from under her boot, "please don't

kill me!" Taking the toe of her boot, she spins his body so his head is where

his feet were, then rolls him over. Placing the entire sole & and heel on his

tiny chest and stomach, she steps down slightly enough to enjoy his suffering.

"Oh I'm not going to kill you, at least not right now. I plan on you suffering

for a very long time and I am going to enjoy punishing you and your helpless to

stop me."

Just when he thought he could not take anymore of her crushing weight, she

stopped and removed her foot. Slowly stepping over his face so he could get a

view of how easily she could squash him, she walked to the couch and sat down.

Crossing her sexy legs, she leaned back in the same spot he had been sitting in

earlier. "Bring me a glass of wine, slave."

It was the first time he had been called slave and it pierced his ego like a

bullet. Slowly getting up, he walked towards the end table. He had to reach up

and stand on his toes to touch the bottle. Forgetting himself, he spun around

and looked at Julie with anger in his eyes.

"You shrunk me again didn't you" he yelled through clenched teeth. Julie's voice

teased "aren't you forgetting to say something like Mistress."

"Fuck you, you bitch. I demand you return me to my height at once, do you


Jumping to her feet and without saying a word, Julie took a step towards him and

with her other foot kicked little Phil in the stomach sending him flying through

the air almost eight feet before landing and rolling another three. Barely able

to move, he props himself up by his elbows and groans. Julie reaches into her

purse and takes out something but is blocked from Phil's view. Walking over and

standing in front of the helpless two foot man, she bends over and hands him the

six inch toy in her hand.

Phil looked puzzled, "a toy car?" he squeaks. "No stupid, it is your cherished

Porsche, the car you love more than anything else in the world."

Recognizing that it truly was his car as he carefully looked it over, Julie

snatches it from him. Rising to her full height again, she then cocks an eyebrow

with a wicked smile on her face. "Watch" was all she said.

Dropping the car to the floor, she places her right boot sole on the roof. Phil

started to see her leg muscles tighten as he cries for her to stop.

"Please, I'll do anything you want, I'm begging you, but don't destroy my car."

"I told you that whenever you angered me little man, it would cost you dearly,

so shut up and watch before I decide to shrink you down further and put you


With a great look of satisfaction on her face, she began to apply pressure as he

hears the roof metal creak under the enormous pressure and watches as the

windshield, as though in slow motion, explodes sending tiny pieces of glass

everywhere. The body and hood are intact for only a moment then collapse like a

grape giving no resistance. The giant black leather foot was still for only a

second or two before it started twisting from side to side grinding the metal

into the carpet. When Julie felt no more lump under her pretty foot, she slowly

picked up her foot to see the damage. There was no need, Phil's tears told her

all she needed, and his sobs were music to her ears.

"Get up and get me a glass of wine. Now!" Julie barked. She returned to the

couch and watched as Phil scurried to the end table where the bottle of wine and

glasses were. Snickering to herself, she was amused as her tiny slave strained

to cater to her every whim. She, who catered to him for so many wasted months

loved watching him use all his life's energy to serve her like the queen, nay

Goddess, that she now was to him.

Managing to finally fill the glass full of wine, he slowly turned and carried it

to her using his hands and arms to support the heavy glass. She reveled as she

watched him holding out the glass to her with both hands and straining from the

weight. Purposely waiting a moment before taking the glass from his offering

hands, was a silent victory for her. Taking a sip as she watched him

uncomfortably standing before her naked and very much aware of how embarrassing

it is to him.

Raising a leg and laying in on the couch with the spike heel inches from his

face, Phil was entranced at the sharp point so close to his eye. Julie watched

him staring at it and then slid it towards him about an inch from his face

noticing that he had not tried to move back.

Looking at his confused face, she started to get a big grin on her lips and

commanded with just a word, "suck!" There was no point for Phil to pretend he

didn't understand, and he looked up for only a second as to say something, but

just as quickly brought his head back down and opened his mouth to take in the

dangerous stiletto heel. He cautiously closed his mouth over the long heel and

gently slid his tongue around the unwanted object before starting to suck the


Reaching up with his tiny hands to cradle the base of the heel, Julie ordered,

"Put your hands down. I want to enjoy this and I detest you putting your hands

on me."

Now looking even more stupid, if that were possible, Phil stood with his hands

by his sides and tried to maneuver his head around the bottom of the boot while

sucking the sharp heel. Teasingly, Julie began to move her foot toward his face

sending the heel deeper down his throat making him gag and fall to the floor.

"Was I too big for you, slut," Julie laughed uncontrollably. Finally getting

control of his choking, Phil laid there looking up at the cruel bitch as she

shifted her weight putting the foot he just disgustingly made love to on the

floor, and rises her other foot and shoves it in his face.

"Unlike you, I have two... start again." Humiliatingly he moves his head forward

slightly and takes in the heel of her other boot. After five minutes of enjoying

his misery, Julie, removed her sharp heel from his mouth and placed her feet on

each side of his pitiful body.

Smiling, she stares down at Phil. "What is it Mistress," he squeaks. Before the

words could leave his mouth he realized it was happening again. Julie's leather

black boots seemed to be growing bigger and bigger, but he knew it was him

shrinking again.

Screaming "please noooo" his voice weakened with his size. Stopping at six

inches she enjoyed the view of the squirming little animal between her now huge

leather feet-

Phil cried "why have you shrunk me again?" Leaning forward, Julie turned her

head and told him she couldn't hear him. "You're so tiny I can barely hear you,

as though you are worth listening to anyway."

Again, "why did you make me so small," he yelled.

"Because I am getting bored with you, jerk. Funny, I thought torturing you for a

few weeks would be exciting, or at least for a few days, but you are to pathetic

to bother with. I've decided to simply do away with you and find myself

something new to amuse me. I really have wasted to much of my time on you


Julie picked up her right foot and removed her boot, and then placed her foot

back where it was, then did the same with the other foot. Now trapped between

two walls of sweaty feet, Phil watched as Julie pondered his fate. Rocking her

right foot back on it's heel. she then leaned her foot forward again and trapped

Phil between the big and second toes of her foot. Cruelly she started rubbing

him back and forth on the rug burning the skin off his back. After a few seconds

of inflicting pure hell, she stopped and squeezed her toes together like a vice.

Enjoying his pleas of mercy, she teased, "does it burn that bad little man?"

'Yes," he screamed. Picking up her foot with him tightly in her toe grip, she

extended her foot over to where her wine glass was sitting on the coffee table.

When he was over the rim, she unclenched her toes and dropped him in the full

glass. Splashing and sputtering, he bobbed for dear life to grab the inside rim

of the glass.

Another two inches should make it a little more difficult she chuckles out loud

so he can hear. As Phil shrinks, his hands loose their grip and he thrashes

about drowning in her wine. Julie picked up the glass and watched him twirl

around in the spin of the wine caused by her movement of the glass. Submerging a

couple of times, Phil pops up and tries to breathe.

"Here, let me help you," Julie toys with him. Putting the glass to her lips, she

sips a large swallow and feels his tiny hands press against her tip lip.

Swallowing the wine, she moves the glass away from her face and watches him now

kneeling in waist deep red wine.

"Is that better," she softly laughs with her eyes ablaze. Shaking with mortal

fear, Phil watches her mouth with huge pearl white teeth the size of doors

getting closer as she brings the glass with her victim, back towards her sensual


Helplessly sliding into what Phil could only relate to as the mouth of a great

white shark, he screamed as his hands slid along the glass with nothing to grab

onto and watched as the wine around him disappears. The hot breath of Julie

engulfs him as his feet touched her tongue. Screaming, he was now completely

covered by her mouth and desperately grabbed onto her front teeth as he is

dumped in her mouth trying not to drown in the wine as it passes by and down her

throat. Closing her mouth, he is pressed against the roof, and Julie enjoys

applying pressure to his struggling body with her soft pink tongue.

Feeling him no longer moving, she grabs a cushion from the couch and throws it

to the middle of the living room floor. Opening her mouth slightly, she allows

his head and shoulders to emerge from between her teeth and his tiny head

protrudes from her lips. Taking a couple of playful bites and allowing the rough

edges of her front teeth to scrape her little captive, she takes aim at the

pillow several feet away and spits Phil out toward the pillow.

Watching, his arms and legs flailing about, and listening to his weak scream as

he sails across the room and lands on the corner of the pillow he rolls onto the

floor. Roaring with laughter, the Giantess gets up slowly and walks toward the

naked tiny male helpless on the floor.

"Crawl to my feet and thank me for allowing you to live for a few more minutes,


Phil, barely able to move, got on all fours and went to her toes and without any

reminding began kissing the still sweaty feet. Julie turned around and walked

back toward the couch. She turned around and watched his tiny eyes as she

reached for her wine glass. He began to shake uncontrollably and started to cry,

"Please no Mistress, no."

She enjoyed the psychological game she was playing and brought the glass to her

lips allowing it to make a slight "click" sound as it touched her teeth. Then

not able to hold the laughter any longer, her legs went out from under her and

she laughed for a full two minutes as she sat on the couch with the pitiful Phil

feeling even more ashamed and smaller than before.

When she finished and regained her composure, she picked up her wine glass again

with her left hand and without a word pointed to her feet with her right. Phil

didn't have to be told what that meant. He crawled over to her feet and

immediately began to worship her toes. Enjoying his small tongue on her feet for

about twenty minutes as she sipped her wine and watched him with a controlling

eye, she knew this had to come to an end.

"Your Mistress has decided to hear your pleas for mercy for five minutes slave,

to see if you can convince me to spare you and perhaps return you to your

natural height. If you can prove to me that you have changed and are worthy, you

will live." Leaning toward him, 'but if you can not convince me, then I will

crush you under my foot like an insect and enjoy your demise."

Immediately, Phil went into his apologizing, begging, foot kissing, everything

he could think of to spare his life and made every promise to her he could think

of and more. The time quickly ran out and Julie just looked at him kneeling

there now in silence when she said "Stop"

Waiting for her first words, which seemed like hours instead of only seconds,

Julie finally spoke. "Now you know how it feels to wait for something that never

comes, much like you did to me. I never had any intention of letting you live

little man. Even though I could kill you with just a thought, I hate you so much

that is only fitting that you die squashed under my foot like the insignificant

insect you are to me. My revenge on you will be with great prejudice and I am

only sorry that I can't inflict even more pain during the final seconds of your

miserable life. Maybe just knowing a woman who you have had such contempt for is

the object of your death, will make you suffer that much more."

Dramatically Julie stands and places her hands on her hips and enjoys the

feeling of towering over his helpless form. Unable to think, Phil tried to run

from her, but he was quickly knocked down with her right foot and rolled onto

his back. Slowly and without saying a word, Julie applies pressure to her foot

and feels him struggle against the bottom of her sensitive sole. His tiny head

wiggled as it may between her second and third toes just in time to catch a

final glimpse of the Giantess who is killing him. A look of intense pleasure on

her beautiful face is his last vision before his body explodes from the titanic

pressure of Julie's soft bare foot. An incredible orgasm is felt as Phil's body

under her pops like a ripe tomato.

After a few deep breaths, Julie removes her foot to see the spot on the floor

that is all that remains of Phil. She then playfully dips her toes in him and

wiggles them. Wiping his remains on the rug with the sweep of her foot, she

spills some of the wine over his unrecognizable body She put on her boots and

coat, then leaves Phil's apartment. Thinking to herself, there are millions of

men I can use and control as I wish and anything I want is mine for the thought.

When Helisea come for me I will feel right at home on her planet.


Giantess Stories: JULIE

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