Giantess Stories: Just big enough to care

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Just big enough to care



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           My eyes stared up at the sky as my heart

stopped, sweat dripped off my forehead to the ground below me. I couldn't think,

I couldn't move. My muscles tightened, as I looked up at her. She had to be a

million feet tall as I started to back pedal my muscles locked as I tumbled to

the ground. My head banged against the ground as I stared in awe while the

ground shook violently.


           I struggled to my feet only to be knocked down

to the ground again, this time the fall jarred one of my teeth loose. I watched

my tooth bounce across the ground as I looked back up at her through the grass

which towered above me like giant California redwoods.


           I gulped as her black tennis shoes rose into the

air, I could see pebbles which looked like boulders plowed into the grooves of

her shoe along with a piece of gum which mashed in between the tread.


           My body bounced off the ground this time as her

shoe impacted the ground much closer. I knew I had to get out of her path or I

would be crushed to death. I grabbed my makeshift machete and started swinging

it haphazardly clearing a path for myself as I struggled to get out of the way,

however I kept looking back and it almost appeared as if I wasn't moving at all.

The more I tried the closer she seemed to get.


           My heart was now pounding nearly out of my chest

as my mind was in a frenzy about how this could be happening. People aren't

supposed to be this big, but I never thought anyone could be this small either.


           I turned around and looked up as darkness

swelled over me as I ran faster then I ever had imagined, my adrenaline was

pumping, my legs were burning with pain as the entire world shook as her foot

slammed down into the ground flattening everything for seemingly miles. I turned

my head slowly unable to believe that her foot landed beside me. The dark black

rubber sole of her shoe was as tall as a house, it hurt my head to look past her

ankles. I had survived, I thought to myself as I slumped down onto the ground



           “I'm alive!! I'm alive” I laughed as I dug my

fingers into the ground and tossed the dirt up into the air.


           My body then froze as the world around me became

darker then darkest black, a sky so midnight in black that a single star could

not even shine, the darkness was everywhere as her I felt the rubber tread of

her opposite press down me. She has two feet was all I could think as my ribs

burst from my skin and shatter to dust, followed by my hips and skull.


           I never even saw her face was my last thought as

my entire being gave out beneath her shoe.

Giantess Stories: Just big enough to care

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