Giantess Stories: Just Good Friends     Melanie and Lisa had been friends for years

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Just Good Friends

Melanie and Lisa had been friends for years, ever since the first year at High

School, they had been together, gym, cycling sitting together in class. And that

friendship had stayed strong through to university. Now at 21, both girls had

excelled at there chosen subjects, Lisa at 5ft 10" with her long dark hair, firm

shapely busts and long tanned legs, had the perfect body for modelling. And

Melanie shorter at 5ft 4" also with long dark hair, but smaller busts was now an

accomplished scientist, in the field of chemistry. Both girls new each other

intimately, even though both had, had several boy friends, their relationship

had become passionate a few times, although nothing lasting had come from it.

Melanie had always been jealous of Lisa size. All the boys were attracted to her

5ft 10" frame with her firm ass. Not that Melanie didn't get boys, but she

wished she were taller, and so that's what she set out to do. And for the past

year Melanie had been working on her problem as her chemistry project. At first

she had aimed to grow herself but soon found this to be impossible as all the

test objects simply expanded then shattered. So she decided if she couldn't grow

to everybody else's high she would bring them down to her high. After 6 months

of hard work she had found the formula, a colourless tasteless liquid. The only

trouble was that all the test mice she had tested the solution on had shrunk

then grown back after only a few hours. Melanie decided that she needed a human

test subject.

So that night Melanie asked Pete over to her apartment. Pete was a boy who had

shown some interest in her recently, but she had been too busy with her formula

to take much notice. If he really liked her he wouldn't mind being a few inches

shorter. At 6.30p.m. Melanie got ready, she put on a short red dress, and a pair

of black Mules. Then poured some of the solution in to a bottle of wine. Then at

6.55p.m. the door bell went.

'That must be Pete, he's early' though Melanie, she had told him to come over at

7.00p.m. But she was ready she didn't mind him being a little early. She went to

the door and opened it. She was surprised to she Lisa, Gina and Melanie's

Younger sister Suzy standing on her doorstep. Gina was about 5ft 9" with lovely

tanned skin and perk breasts, she was one of Lisa's modelling friends,

apparently she was a lesbian, but Melanie wasn't sure how true that was. She

also had a sweet scent about her, kind of like tea leaves. Melanie particularly

admired her beautiful painted toenails, which she loved to show off by wearing

opened-toed sandals. Melanie had always been attracted to feet, when Lisa and

her used to mess about she always found some was to touch Lisa's feet, weather

it was just tickling them or something more intimate like kissing or massaging

them. But Lisa either hadn't noticed or decided not to mention it. Suzy was

almost an exact replica of Melanie. She was 4 years younger, she had developed

slower than her older sister, and had only begun to show signs of adulthood in

the last few years. She was wearing a tight fitting dress, and tennis trainers,

Melanie often mocked her for wearing them and not proper high heeled shoes, like

any real lady should. When they were younger and Melanie had lived at home she

was forever making fun of Suzy, and there was still a bit of tension between the

two sisters. Especially when Suzy decided to hang around with Melanie's older

friends, like now.

"Wow girl," said Gina, "What you all dressed up for?"

"err.., nothing, nothing really" Answer Melanie awkwardly, she didn't really

want them to know encase her and Pete didn't work out.

"Good," said Lisa as her and Gina barged in "Cos' we think it's time you held a

party, for once!"

"Hi sis" Suzy said meekly

They all sat down on the couch and started chatting.

"Look girls, I don't really feel like a party tonight, how about some other

night?" Pleaded Melanie.

"Oh that's what you always say, come on have some fun"

"I always say that because I'm busy with my chem project and.."

But she was cut off by another ring at the doorbell.

"Expecting some one are we," Lisa asked sarcastically

Melanie turned and opened the door, only to find Pete standing, on the step,

holding a bunch of flowers.

"For you" He said

"Oh, thanks Pete. Look, I was thinking maybe we should go out somewhere."

"Who is it Mel" asked Gina as her, Lisa and Suzy walked to the front door.

"Pete" smiled Lisa "how are you?"

"I'm fine thanks"

Gina smiled at him, "we were just going to have a party, why don't you join us?"

she asked.

"Actually we were just going out, weren't we Pete" Melanie urged

"Well a party sounds fun, lets join in" he replied, thinking of what could

happen with 4 drunk young ladies.

So they all went in and sat on the couch again.

"I'll get some wine," Melanie shouted as she kicked off her shoes. 'I'll show

them' she thought grabbing the bottle of wine, she had tampered with earlier and

pored the rest of the formula in. She picked up 4 glasses and took it in to the

living room where Lisa, Gina, Suzy and Pete all sat talking.

"Here we go," said Melanie as she pored 4 glasses of wine.

Just out the corner of her eye she saw Gina staring at her bare feet 'So she

likes my feet does she' Melanie thought 'Well I'll have some fun with her', she

finished poring and put the wine on the little table, then tuned to go in to the


"You not having any?" Gina Questioned as she sipped the wine.

"Maybe later, I'll just go get changed" even now Melanie noticed a slight change

in their size, as their sweatshirts started to hang loosely around their slowly

shrinking bodies. 'Not long now' she thought

Melanie walked in to her bedroom and took her dress off she heard Gina Scream

and decided it was time for a little fun as she walked though the kitchen she

picked up one of her shoes then walked in to the living room. Pete, Lisa, Suzy

and Gina were all huddled together on the floor with 4 separate piles of clothes

around then. Lisa waked over and slammed her shoe on the table, making her 4

doll sized friends jump. Then she picked them up and also put them on the table.

"Wha.., What have you done to us?" yelled Pete.

"I've shrunk you, down to 1/12 of your original height, about 6 inches"

"Why?" asked Lisa.

"Wait till mum hears about this!" shouted Suzy.

"Oh mum's not going to about this" Melanie replied, flicking her sister on the

ass "Is she"

"Ow, ow, no, no, please, I won't tell" squealed Suzy.

"Because I needed a few test subjects for my chem. project"

"You bitch" Shouted Gina.

"Oh little Gina, don't be nasty or I'll have to squash you" Melanie said as she

put her Gigantic foot on Gina's entire body, she spread her toes and could see

little Gina's head between her big toe and next toe.

"Now, do you understand?"

After being silent for a few seconds Gina's managed to squeak out a little "Yes,

I understand"

"Good, little one, now I want you and Lisa to please my feet, you'll like that

won't you, I noticed the way you stared at them earlier!"

Melanie sat down on the couch and put her feet on the table. Lisa and Gina

nervously walked to them and started to lick and massage the soles of Melanie's


Melanie had been right, Gina did have a foot fetish and had been staring at her

feet, and she was starting to get off on this situation, as she slowly ran her

tongue from the ball of Melanie's foot to her toes.

Pete was standing next to Suzy on the edge of the table staring at the two doll

sized girls, when Melanie's huge hand grabbed them both around the waist. And

set him between her breasts, and Suzy on her flat stomach

"Well Pete, I need a little help undoing my bra, do you think you can manage


Pete looked at her and grabbed a hand full of cloth each side of the huge

buckle, then pulled. He felt the ground shake beneath him as Melanie let out a

little giggle.

"Has little Pete never undone a bra before?" She giggled

Now with more determination he pulled with all his might and after a few seconds

felt the buckle give way. With a snap he went flying as the bra came undone. He

landed next to Suzy on Melanie's soft stomach, then they fell between her lap,

as she sat up to remove the now undone bra. They were lying on her cotton white

panties and could smell a sweet aroma, Pete realised that this was Melanie

getting horny. He had a ragging hard on now. But before he could enjoy it

Melanie sat back again and put them both between her breasts. Her breasts

weren't that big usually but now they were huge.

"I want you both to make me hot!"

"What? How?" asked Pete.

"Rub my nipples, bite then, suck them, play with them." Pete hesitated for a few

seconds, not knowing weather this was a godsend or not. But after a quick "NOW"

by Melanie soon got him going. First he put her huge nipple in his mouth it but

he had a hard time copping so he made do with small portions, slowly working his

way around the edge. He rubbed his erect dick all over the huge nipple. Making

Melanie moan loudly.

Suzy was a little less ambition, she nervously stroked and fondled her sisters

giant nipple. She had never really been in to other woman, although she did want

to see what it would be like one day, maybe.

"Gina" whispered Lisa "Gina"

"Huh...What?" replied Gina in a dazed voice.

"I've been thinking, it must have been something in the wine that shrank us. It

was the only thing the 4 of use drank and Melanie didn't"

"Yeah, probably. So what?"

"So, the tops still of!" She pointed "Trust me, when I say go, I want you to run

off the table and under the couch"

"But won't Melanie, come and look for me?"

"I'm counting on it!" Lisa said with a smile.

Pete looked up to see Melanie was in a dreamy state with a smile on her face. He

looked down and saw that her hand had move across and down to her waist, she was

now playing with her self through her panties. 'Wow I must be good' he thought.

He also saw Lisa and Gina still licking and massaging her foot, they were also

talking about something but there was no way he could hear. All of a sudden he

saw Gina run from Melanie's feet, off the table and under the couch.

Melanie looked down and saw Gina run off 'Damn, I was starting to enjoy that,

why did she have to spoil it' thought Melanie, She picked Pete and Suzy off her

chest and put them on the table. Then knelt down and looked under the couch for


Pete stood on the table again looking at Melanie's Giantess ass in front of him.

It was a picture of perfection, to him. The he heard Lisa shouting to him and

Suzy, he looked over and saw her waving her arms, and They ran over to her.

"I need both of you to help me tip this bottle of wine over"

"Why?" Asked Suzy

"I'll explain later, just do it"

Pete, Lisa and Suzy pushed on the side of the glass bottle but it didn't budge,

it was to heavy.

"Start to rock it" said Lisa

They both rocked the bottle and after a few seconds it started to topple, with

one almighty push they managed to send it over on its side, so that it didn't

fall off the table but lay rocking. With the neck hanging over the table gushing

its magical contents on Melanie below.

Melanie had managed to grab poor Gina and was shouting at her when she felt a

shower of liquid on her back, some glanced of and splashed Gina too. When

Melanie stood up, as she did her panties fell around her ankles. She looked down

to see the table and floor slowly advancing towards her, she looked at the

bottle of wine and saw it lying on its side.

"Why you little freaks," she shouted at Pete, Lisa and Suzy.

Melanie realised that Gina was shrinking too but not as fast. She now had to

hold her with both hands. She pulled her self up on to the table. Then she

walked over to Lisa and was about to slap her when she noticed she was eye to

eye with her, but not for long she soon passed Lisa pretty face, then her

breasts, flat soft stomach, neatly trimmed pussy, and knee caps. All the while

with Gina growing in her hands she turned to her and realised that she was no

longer holding her in her hands but instead holding her hips standing next to

her, at eye level again. But instead of stopping like Gina she carried on

shrinking, once again she passed Gina's firm, perk breasts, flat tanned stomach,

her neatly shaved pussy and stopped at about quarter Gina's height in front of

her knees. Because Gina had only been splashed with the wine she stood at about

1/6 of her previous height around 1 inch, but because Melanie had been covered

in the wine she had shrunk much, much more, and now stood at around ¼ of an

inch. With everybody else towering above her at 6 inches

"Now, lick me" Gina said with an evil smile on her face as she squatted down,

legs open. Melanie looked up at her nervously. "Now" Gina shouted putting her

hand around the back of Melanie's head and grinding it in to her cunt. Melanie

gently started licking Gina's clit. She could smell that sweet tea scent even

more now. She felt a shiver run through Gina's body, and started to run her

tongue back and forth faster, she could taste Gina, as she became increasingly

wet, Melanie slipped her tongue between the lips of Gina's vagina and gently

began running it in and out.

Gina was in pure ecstasy as she looked up to see, Lisa lying on her stomach with

Pete mounting her, hands on her breasts, and Suzy knelling down staring at her

big or should that be little sister, smiling. Every now and again Pete would

squeeze Lisa firm breasts and rub himself harder up and down her, she would then

moan in pleasure.

"What you looking at?" shouted Gina smirking at the giant and giantess.

"Two lovebugs, why?" replied Lisa with a smile

"It's the best peep show I've had for ages" Pete whispered

"Umm. Yeah but their not small enough!" Suzy stood up. She walked over to the

wine bottle just managed to drag it over to the two young women. Then she

grabbed the neck of the bottle and pulled it down, so that a little more of the

liquid splashed on the love makers below. Pete and Lisa stopped their orgy for a

minute and watched as Gina and Melanie began to shrink again, the two were so

lost in ecstasy that they didn't even seem to notice. Suzy had only let a drop

fall so they weren't shrinking as much. Gina now stood at 1/8 of an inch with

Melanie at 1/32

"Why'd you do that for?" asked Pete as he pulled out of Lisa and kneeled closer

to see the two women. "You can hardly see them. We'd need a microscope"

"Or you could get smaller!" Suzy giggled as she let another drop fall, this time

on to Pete's head. She watched as the man who had, had his dick in Lisa moments

before, now stood only at about twice the height his dick was then.

"Hey" he shouted up. Suzy had an evil smile on her face as she looked down at

the tiny squeaking man.

"Hey" shouted Lisa angrily "I wasn't finished with him yet" She knelt down next

to the now 1ft in scale man.

"Well you can join him then!" Suzy giggled as she grabbed the neck of the bottle

and let some of the liquid pour over Lisa. She quickly shrank down to the same 1

inch high as Pete. She ran to Him and embraced him, only to find Suzy letting

another drip of wine wash over them. Again they both shrank instantaneously.

Suzy laughed and clapped in joy as she looked around to see herself the largest

at 6 inches. Pete, Lisa and Gina at 1 ½ inches to her scale but really 1/8 of an

inch and her sister Melanie who to her was about 1/3 an inch would really be


Suzy picked up the 4 tiny dolls and walked over to her sister's black mules that

had been left on the table.

"Well the table is cold and hard, there's nothing softer to lye on!" she scaled

the front of it and jumped in. The smell of her sisters sweaty feet came from

all around but Suzy didn't mind, so she lay down on her back, her head at the

toe end. She picked up Pete and Lisa, who had already started making love again,

placing them in her belly button, which was like a huge pit to them, they were

so entangled with each other that they hardly noticed. Then she picked up Gina

and Melanie just as Gina reached her orgasm, her hot thick juices ran all over

Suzy's hand, so Suzy lick the small puddle off then parted Melanie and Gina,

they both looked disappointed.

"I am impressed sister, I never thought you had it in you, but now its time for

you to make me hot, like I had to do to you." She placed her tiny sister on her

erect nipple and ordered to please it. Then she turned to Gina.

"Don't worry Gina, I have somewhere much nicer for you to play!" She then spread

her legs and placed Gina in front of her giant cunt.

"Gina I need you inside of me now! Climb in" she ordered. Gina walked up to her

huge clit and gently started to rub it, she felt it grow wetter and wetter then

she started to lick and bite it, and then rub her hard nipples around Suzy's

huge vagina lips. Suzy parted those lips for Gina, with her fingers, and she

immediately crawled in, rubbing her self up and down the walls of Suzy's love

tunnel. She felt Suzy tremble as she was brought nearer and nearer to her

orgasm. Then Gina found Suzy's Giant labia and gently started to caress it, then

kiss and fondle it.

Lisa was in heaven Pete had licked bitten and sucked ever part of her anatomy,

and she had done the same to him. Now he lay on top of her rubbing himself up

and down rhythmically to Suzy's pulse, he gently bit and kissed Lisa's ear as he

did so. All at once they felt a huge tremble below them, as Suzy had her first

Lesbian induced orgasm.

Melanie stood on her sister's hard nipple, she had given up long ago on trying

to please it, and she could she that Gina was doing that anyway. Now she looked

across the vast landscape of her sister's soft flat stomach and saw in the

distance the Giantess Lisa having hot and passionate sex with the man Melanie

had invited over to hers in the first place. She felt the ground tremble and

grabbed hold of the base of the nipple, she looked back and saw her sister's

hand caressing her forgotten clit. She felt her sister start to buck, as she

began to orgasm, then she remembered Pete and Lisa in her sisters belly button.

'Why should they have all the fun' though Melanie. So she grabbed her sister's

nipple and started to run it's rough surface again her tiny clit. After Suzy had

her orgasm Melanie felt the trembling stop, and every thing seemed to calm down,

she didn't notice her sister smiling at her, not until the giantess's hand

picked her up.

"Oh does little sister want some attention?" She cooed. Melanie kick and punched

but she was so tiny, Suzy hardly felt them. Suzy opened her mouth and held

Melanie above it.

"Umm.. You look tasty sis, I could just eat you alive."

"NO, NO, PLEASE.." screamed Melanie, as her sister lowered her towards her

mouth. Suzy placed Melanie between her lips, and held her there, then she

started to work her tongue around her sister's feet, then up her legs and then

around her tiny pretty shaved pussy. Melanie screamed but there was nothing she

could do as Suzy opened her sister's legs with her tongue, and slowly worked it

across her Melanie's tiny clit. Melanie could feel her self becoming hot, she

tried not to but the rough surface of Suzy's tongue was to much, she started to

moan loudly as she became lost in ecstasy.

By now Lisa and Pete had recovered enough from the fun and games to walk the

distance between Suzy's belly button to between her breasts now they stood and

watched as Melanie bucked and squirmed between her sisters lips. Gina had also

gathered up enough strength to climb out of Suzy, she looked up the colossal

figure that was Suzy and saw Pete and Lisa looking at something but she couldn't

tell what. She looked around and saw Suzy's huge feet. Gina loved feet even more

than she let on, and these were the biggest and most beautiful pair of feet she

had seen. She walked sown Suzy's long leg until she came to the soft white sole.

She gently touched them, then rubbed her face against it, finally she started to

lick and rub them, she started to feel very hot, so she decided to scale the

massive mound that was Suzy's left leg. Then she climbed the top of Suzy's foot,

to her toes. She started to lick in between each sweaty toe then she stood up

and gently lowered herself on Suzy's smallest toe, and used it like dick. Gina

started to rub herself up and down it faster and faster she began to buck back

and forth. Until she let out a loud scream then a "YES, YES, OH YES" her juices

exploded all over the toe, and ran down Suzy's foot. Then she slipped down the

foot and lay there.

Mean while Suzy's tongue was all too much for Melanie, she bucked harder and

faster than ever before. Then had her biggest orgasm in her sister's mouth,

although Suzy hardly noticed, she removed her sister with her free hand.

"Umm. I was right you do taste good" The she noticed Gina lying on her foot, she

picked Gina off then noticed the mess running down her foot. So she lifted her

foot to her mouth and licked off Gina's sweet juices. "Umm. Your tasty too Gina"

Gina looked up and smiled. It was then that Pete and Lisa knew these two would

be friends for a long time.

"I'm exhausted, Pete look after little Melanie for me please I don't want to

squash her she's to precious." Pete took Melanie off of Suzy as she lay back in

her sister's shoe and went to sleep. Pete, Lisa and Gina laid between Suzy's

breasts chatting for a while, Pete laid tiny Melanie between Lisa's breasts and

every now and again one of them would stroke her back as she drifted off to


After a while Lisa began to feel very trapped she looked around to see the roof

of the shoe getting closer.


"Huh. What? Where?"

"Pete, we're growing, we have to get out of here" Lisa grabbed Melanie and shook

Gina awake. They went to Suzy's face and yelled her.


"What is it my little pets"

"Suzy, we're growing" Suzy looked around and saw the shoe getting smaller.

"We have to get out of here," said Suzy has she picked up the 3 tiny dolled.

"Lisa do you have my sister"

"Yes, here" Lisa replied waving tiny Melanie at her. Suzy climbed out of the

shoe and on the table. They had all doubled it height, in just a few seconds.

After a few more minutes Suzy was back to her original 5ft. Followed by Pete,

Lisa and Gina. They all looked at them selves and each other.

"We're all normal again," Gina said joyfully

"Not all of us!" said Lisa as she opened her hand to exposed a 1 inch naked

Melanie. They all stared at her. As she tried to back away from her huge


"Why didn't she grow?" asked Pete to no one in particular

"Oh she did" Suzy, "See she's bigger than she was"

"Yeah but not as tall as us" replied Lisa

"I'm not as good a scientist as Melanie but I have dabbled and I think it has

some thing to do with the way we were shrunk!" explained Suzy. "We all shrank

slowly, first to 6 inches, then you all to 1/8 inch. But, Melanie went from

normal to ¼ of an inch all at once, she was exposed to a much higher dose." As

Suzy explained this, Melanie realised she was right and started to sob, Lisa

stroked her with her finger. She placed the tiny Melanie in her shoe on the

table so she wouldn't run. Then they all picked up their cloths and got dressed.

"Well we can't leave her here, some one needs to look after her." Said Gina.

"Oh don't worry about her!" said Suzy, "I'll take good care of her, won't I Mel.

I don't have any pockets on this dress, where should I put her…I know!" with

that Suzy slipped her trainer off of her bare foot, picked Melanie up between

her first and second toe.

"NO, PLEASE, NO" screamed Melanie as Suzy put her trainer back on. She bent over

and ordered.

"You're not making fun of my trainers any more are you. Now little one I want

you to please, my toes, if you do a good job I will let you please some where

much hotter and wetter."

"You will take care of her won't you, Suzy" asked Lisa. "She was my best friend,

before she tried to shrink me"

"Oh yeah, after all we wouldn't have any one to play with if something happened

to her would we?" she said evilly.

They all knelt down and listened to Melanie's cries for help. Gina could smell

the sweaty odour coming from Suzy's feet, and was getting turned on, she kissed

the shoe and started to run her hands around Suzy's ankle then up her calf to

her knee and kissed it.

"I hope I can see you again! Said Gina.

"So do I" replied Suzy as she stroked Gina's face, she stood up and they

embraced in a passionate lingering kiss. Pete turned to Lisa.

"Well its been fun hasn't it" he said

"Umm Yeah, I was thinking, if you want, maybe we could, go see a movie some


"Why don't we by pass the movie and move on to other things?" he said as he put

his arm around her waist and they embraced. He slowly moved his hands around to

her firm ass, and gently ran his fingers between her two cheeks.

Mean while Melanie was lying on her back trapped under her sister's giant hot

sweaty toes, she was drenched in the sweat from her sister's feet. She kissed,

licked and rubbed them. Every now and again her sister would flex her middle toe

which was on top of Mel's tiny pussy to make sure she kept up the good work.

Melanie started to cry as she realised that she would spend the rest of her

life, as her sister's personal foot slave.

The End

Giantess Stories: Just Good Friends     Melanie and Lisa had been friends for years

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