Giantess Stories: Justice

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by:Alexandria & Rowan

        Lightning split the dark, moonless night. A crackling bolt of light


sound revealed a form almost darker than the shadows in which it stood. A

woman dressed in the night's colours strode purposefully down the

rainsoaked alleyway. The night's storm left the black gloss of her latex

bodysuit shimmering with captured raindrops. Knee-high boots and

elbow-length gloves of black leather completed an outfit that the wearer

prized for its protection and functionality. Rain-matted black hair framed

a face that looked skyward into the darkness. A darkness echoed in the

screams that split the night as had the lightning.

        "Time to hunt," Michelle, the night-clad woman, thought to herself.

        Preternatural senses locked onto the source of that scream, and the

gutteral grunts and coarse laughter that accompanied the frightened noises

made by a woman afraid for her life. Scents reached her nose; the rank odor

of lust about to be sated with forbidden fruit; the terror of one about to

be violated. It all mingled with her own rising passions as her power

stirred within her.

        She took her time to stride slowly down that rain-drenched side street.


the dim light, heightened vision saw five men huddled over a woman rudely

shoved to the ground. A ripping sound accompanied the sight of a skirt

being ripped asunder and rude comments were made among the men over their

night's prize. Another flash of lightning drew one man's attention back

towards where Michelle stood. Seeing either an opportunity, or sensing an

opponent, he grabbed up the lead pipe that was his weapon and headed

towards the slim figure. Another actinic flash revealed rubber-clad curves

and he smiled wide, "Wanna join our party, chickie?"

        "You don't have anything worthwhile for me to play with," Michelle

replied, deliberately riling him to rash action.

        "Stupid bitch!" The would-be rapist spat as he rushed the remaining feet

between himself and his target; he'd teach this slut just like he'd teach

the one his buddies already had pinned down.

        "Such language," She smiled in return; her smile slowly turning sinister

as he reached back and let fly with the lead weapon. He had only a second

to realize his error as he felt his body go numb and the pipe stop inches

short of its mark. A coldness raced through his body and panic rapidly

replaced rage.

        "Wha-what are you?" He asked, wanting to run away screaming from the

maleficent creature that leaned towards him, bringing glistening lips close

to his cheek; tongue darting out to taste the fear-sweat that had broken

out. She leaned closer still, whiserping into an ear that would never hear

her words.

        "Michelle, but, tonight, you may call me Justice." And she gently kissed

the cheek of the pipe-wielding marble statue. Then she turned her attention

back to the woman and her remaining assailants. They had succeeded in

revealing the prize they sought and even now, one man, considering himself

lucky, was thrusting into her unwilling sex to the encouragements of the

other three.

        "Oh, boys," Michelle called out musically, "There are much gentler ways

for you to touch a woman down there; let me show you." A gesture,

needlessly theatric, and the scene became a frozen tableau. Another gesture

towards the three men holding onto their victim and they vanished in bright

silver flashes and falling piles of empty garments. Yet a third gesture had

a similar affect on the man who had impaled himself into the helpless


        "Perhaps you will learn the error of your ways. If not, I'm sure your

'friend' will enjoy your company much more this way." A black-gloved hand

rummaged within the empty sets of clothing, fishing out three pairs of

lacey panties and a large dildo. "I do so love poetic justice."

        Michelle reached out once again with her power, this time into the mind


the still-frozen woman. She found the image of the apartment the woman

called home and a mental command teleported them there. She placed the

woman upon the bed and placed the dildo in her hand. The panties were

placed atop a dresser to be found later. A mental nudge adjusted memories

to eliminate the terror's the woman had endured; replacing them with

memories of a late-night trip to a rather naughty lingerie store and an

eagerness to try out her new toy. A kiss on the sleeping woman's forehead

and Michelle vanished from the room, lifting her power's hold over the


        She watched from outside the apartment's window as the woman she had

helped enjoyed herself....






Giantess Stories: Justice

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