Giantess Stories: Kaitlen by Kaitlen    Well my name is kaitlan and i am a few months past my 16th birthday

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by Kaitlen

Well my name is kaitlan and i am a few months past my 16th birthday. I have

always been kinda short which was fine by me I suppose. I am now 5'3' and I

guess I am not gonna grow too much more. I have 2 brothers - a twin kevin and an

older brother michael. I just got dumped by my first real boyfriend, jake. I

think he is going out with another girl in my class, nicole. thats ok though, I

am over it sorta. I think a boy in my science class, tony is real cute. I think

he likes me too but is too shy to say so. Maybe I will get up the nerve and

smile at him. That will make his day!

All those guys are much taller than me, they always have been. My twin brother,

8 minutes younger then me has always called me squirt, affectionately. I dont

mind but sometimes I wondered if he were a little bit shorter, maybe he'd act a

little different! Well the truth of the matter is, my grams told me years ago

that I had a special secret that ran in the family and it would manifest itself

sometime in my teen years. She died years back though and I had completely

forgotten about it until recently.

Well I never minded being short but I have to admit, I have always wondered what

it what be like to have a guy be shorter than me, much shorter. Now its not that

I want to be mean or bossy to the little guy, its just that i think it would be

kinda neat to have him look up at me. To tell the truth, I saw a movie about a

shrinking man a long time ago and the idea of someone becoming so small really

made me think! I mean, how cool would that be to hold a guy in the palm of my

hands! I remember thinking how it would feel to be the little mans wife, having

looked way up to my man for my whole life and then having him live almost like a

dollie in my old dollhouse. And the poor little fella, now no more than a mouse

and totally helpless to whatever his wife asked of him. My goodness that would

have to feel so odd to a man, wouldnt it, I mused. I mean I am sure I would not

do anything too bad to a teeny man but I assure you, the way he bossed her

around from the dollhouse, that so would not happen! I mean really, a 2" tall

man barking demands on a full sized woman? Thats just silli! I am sure the man

in the movie never really got the chance to think out his predicament or he

would have shown her more respect. If it had been me, I would have made the

rules and the expectations much more clear. tee hee, course I would hold the

upper hand. Anyways, it was kinda fun to pretend. I never thought that I would

actually be in such a situation one day.

On my 16th birhday, I woke up like any other day but as I got ready for school,

something felt different. I didnt know at the time but I felt more self assured

than I had in the past. It was weird. When I walked with Amy, my bestest friend

in the whole world to school, she noticed I was somehow different. I remember

how pleased Amy was at the new me, she called me! I had no idea that I had just

begun a new phase in my life and that nothing was going to ever be the same

again. Ha ha, a few of the men in my life I suppose would soon have a much much

tougher transition as their lives were about to take a very dramatic turn for

the smaller....


So the day was weird right from the start. I should have known as soon as I got

to school that things were different. Amy and I were late for class, again and

Mr Palangelo, who was always getting on our case for everything was waiting at

the door as we tried to sneak in.

He never let us get away with anything so I knew we were in for it. He smiled at

us and pointed at his watch. Both Ames and I giggled but he wasnt amused. He

liked to see us squirm a little but was really a softy and usually let us off

the hook. Truth be told, I sorta had a crush of Mr P. But I knew being coy

wouldnt get me anywhere so I apologized. He was kinda annoyed with us and I

wished to myself that we could have been early for a change, and the weidest

thing happened. The room instantly became empty except for me and Amy! Mr

Palangalo's grimace turned to a smile and he congratulated amy and me for our

promptness! How odd! We sat down early and waited for class to begin.

During third period, I got back a biology exam that I hadnt studied very hard

for and the grade was proof of my poor preparation. A C- was an unacceptable

mark and I started to cry. Ms Ryan came over to see why I was so upset and was

amazed that I was sick about my grade. She laughed at me saying that no one got

any higher than 92 and that my grade was the best in the class. Weird stuff

again huh? I had just been thinking how nice it would be to be the smartest girl

in the class. And voila!! This was too good to be true.

And then at lunchtime the strangest thing of all happened, a big bully was

picking on one of the sweetest but timid boys in the class. Geoff and I had

always been pretty good friends but I knew that defending himself had never been

something he was good at. I had once tried to stand up for him but that was even

worse cause the kids made fun of him for being protected by a girl. I knew Geoff

was in for it and I couldnt bear to watch. I hid my eyes just praying that the

Geoff could defend himself but fearing the worst. When I got up the courage to

look, I was amazed. Not only had he defended himself but the bully was running

away with a bloody nose.

Weird day as I said. But the strangest was yet to come. Just after soccer

practice, Amy and I ran into Jake and Nicole in the hallway. He was the last

person I wanted to see. He barely even noticed me because he and his new

girlfriend were having a fight. Jake towered over her the same way he did me. In

fact, Nicole was one of the few girls that was shorter than me, Id guess she was

just about 5' tall, if that! Jake obviously liked small women. Well Amy really

didnt like Jake all that much, cause of the way he had treated me and when she

saw him going at it with Nicole, she went after him. Honestly, Nicole and I were

cool with each other, I didnt blame her for Jake's actions. She was really nice

and was sorta taken on by jakes deceptions as much as I had been. So Ames

started in on jake kinda ganging up on my ex, which I thought was pretty

amusing. What happened next was not at all funny. Jake knocked down Nicole and

made her cry. Then he took Amy by the arm and shoved her against the locker. He

warned her to mind her own business and that this was not her problem.

I had never seen Jake lose his temper with girls before. Sure I knew he had a

angry side but this made me both frightened and disturbed. I jumped in to the

mess to add my two cents and Jake insulted me. He was over a foot taller then me

and he laughed with the ease that he subdued me and the others. He warned me

that he didnt want to hurt me but that I should look at our size discrepency

before I butted into private arguments! I wanted to slap him! I had been so good

about things and he was going to talk to me like this! I had never wanted to be

taller so much in my life. I looked at nicole and amy and helped them up and

yelled at jake for being such a big jerk. I warned him that some day he would be

sorry for treating girls that way and that he would get his when he picked on

someone taller than himself. He laughed it off, acting like I was crazy for

saying something so absurd. He took Nicole off with him, like she was his

possession or something! It made me so mad inside and I was sure Nicole was

scared to resist him.

Amy and I walked away thinking that guys like shouldnt be so darn tall. It just

isnt right that people who treat others so agressively should have such a height

advantage on them. We both agreed that a man like jake should be much smaller so

that he cant hurt anyone with his phsical strength.

Its funny, the other odd events of the days vanished from my head as I

considered all the tall guys in the world who think that their size gives them

the right to take it out on others. When I went to bed that night, I kept

thinking how nice it would be if guys like jake could only learn their lesson,

it would make me so happy. I fell asleep that night smiling, and I dreamed about

a very enchanting place where bullies learn their lesson.... The hard way! The

day after my very odd birthday made the previous day look tame by comparison. I

mean, for most girls, its not everyday that the day ends up with their twin

brother in their dollhouse and their ex in a hamster cage! but I am getting

ahead of myself...


I woke up with a grin on my face and I couldnt figure out why. Then I realized I

had just had a very strange dream where everyone that had been mean to me was

now trying to please me! I recalled with some humor that I had been very

difficult and wasnt really making it easy on the men that I now controlled. I

had never thought of myself as being all that domineering but I had to admit to

myself that this dream felt sooooo nice. If only, I thought to myself as I

entered the hallway. Oh rats, my twin kev beat me to the bathroom. It was gonna

be a long wait. He peeked out laughing 'late again squirt, haha. Your welcome to

share with me if you like sis. Im gonna be here for awhile!'

Kevin knew I was never gonna agree to that. He often taunted me on being so

little and besides, he was a guy and I didnt want him looking at me, even if he

was my twin brother. 'I'll wait' I huffed 'But will ya try to hurry it up

please? I dont want to be late okay?'

He looked out again, ' sure. Anything for my cute little sis' he rubbed my head

like he often liked to do. It was a little demeaning but I had never had any

choice so I put up with it.

Finally after he came out, I was able to use the bathroom. A few minutes later,

I hurried down the stairs for a quick breakfast. Both my brothers were already

eating and they were obviously talking bout me when I entered the room. They

continued to make fun of me when I sat down with my bowl of corn flakes. I

looked at them angrily, I wasnt really in the mood for this. 'What?' I demanded.

Kevin just laughed. ' we were just wondering what it was like to be such a

little squirt sis. I mean, you kind of have to do whatever anyone tells you

cause you are so tiny and helpless, right?'

I was so not in the mood for this teasing. 'Thats enough kevin, cut it out.' He

persisted which really frustrated me. Not only did he keep it up verbally but he

decided to prove my weakness in strength by physically demonstrating the ease Desaconsejan viajar a Egipto y las principales aerolíneas cancelan sus vuelos

with which he could control me. When he lifted me against my will and wouldnt

let go, i had enough. Not sure if it was the way jake had acted the day before

or just the new me, I struggled to free myself from his grasp. Being over almost

a foot shorter and a good 70 pounds lighter, as much as I resisted, I couldnt

get free. This made the boys laugh even harder.

'Cut it out right now you guys or I'll...' I threatened trying to get away.

Kevin thought my futile protestations to be silly and let go. Then he pretended

to be all scared. ' what you gonna do squirt, teach me a lesson?' He was looking

down on me which really really irritated me.

'you know guys like you and jake should count yourselves lucky that you are so

tall kevin! If I had my wish, the two of you would be much much smaller so that

I could teach you some obediance lessons.'

Kevin again acted all scared.'Ohhhhh please dont say that little girl. You are

scaring me. Im so frightened of what you'd do to me if I were shorter than you.'

He started to giggle hysterically. 'yeah like even if you were taller, youd

still never be able to scare me.'

I was so mad I told him so. 'I sure wish I had the chance to have you shorter

than me, much shorter! Then you would realize just how small a man you really

are. I think you and jake so need a lesson in humility big brother and i dont

know why, but I think that opportunity may be coming and real soon.' I skirted

out amused at myself, wishing that my feelings could actually come to pass. I

had no idea just how real my sentiments would become in the next few hours....

On my way to school, I realy started to get into the whole silly fantasy. I

thought about jake and kevin being smaller then me! at first, I pictured them

about 4' tall and then I decided what the heck, the only way the would really

get it would be if they were really really little so I pictured them becoming so

tiny that they could fit into my pocket- like the guy in the shrinking man

movie. 'That would teach em,' I laughed to myself! I even imagined the kinds of

things I would do with them at that size. I was sure that it would take some

time, but that eventually I could make them see that even a little girl like

myself could be pretty darn tough to a three inch tall man anyways. I decided

that I was up for the challenege even if took weeks, months or even years. I

even convinced myself that in long the run, jake and kevin might come to like

their new lives and that maybe I would bring others like Amy and Nicole into the

fun! As I got to school, I was really beginning to enjoy my fantasy. Then I saw

jake, as tall as ever and being just as mean to Nicole as he had been the day


When I approched them, I was pissed. The meaness with kevin had upset me more

than I realized and I went right after my ex who was pushing around little

nicole. Jake knocked me down, the same way he had abused Amy yesterday. 'You

have gone too far, you jerk.' I got up and brushed myself off. Straightening my

skirt and blouse, I looked furiously at the big bully. 'Dont you know that you

arent supposed to treat a lady that way jake? Some men are born to be losers and

you are obviously one of them.' I helped up Nicole who was now in tears. 'Go get

some help, Nicole. I can handle this little man.'

Nicole ran away to find some help and Jake angry at my interference came after

me again. 'So you want to butt in do you? Well fine then, you will be sorry. I

will teach you what happens when silly girls dont mind their own business


He grabbed me hard and started pulling my hair. Then he forced me to go outside

to a private place where he knocked me to the ground and hard. I couldnt believe

this was happening to me. I didnt know jake had this much anger in him. At this

point I was both furious and frightened and I wished with all my might that my

fantasy of earlier could become reality and sure enough...

Just like the day before, the weirdest thing happened. Jake let go of me. Not

because he chose to be nicer, not at all. He couldnt hold me! In seconds, my ex

brute of a bf went from being broad and 6 feet tall to doll sized! We were both

amazed by the transformation as jake looked more like a small pet than a big

bully. I smiled at him as he knew instantly that he had better get away and

fast. He tried to scamper away like a mouse but where was he to go? He was

helpless and I easily scooped him up in my skirt and none too gently either! Now

where do you think you are going off to my little man. I smiled down on him? You

have many lessons to learn little jake. Get ready for a very very new life.

I popped him in my pocket as I looked around to make sure we hadnt drawn any

attention. We hadn't. I couldnt wait to show off my new little man to Amy. She

was gonna love having jake like this too, I was sure. I looked in at him and he

was obviously scared. 'Not feeling so big now are we little jake? Wait till

Nicole, Amy and your kid sister Heather get a hold of you. We are all gonna love

having a little jake to do whatever we ask of him!' I giggled as jake struggled

in my blouse pocket. I had never imagined just how nice and warm it would feel

to have a man sitting in there. I realized very quickly that I was going to

enjoy having a little man of my own so so much. I never even considered that I

had caused not only jake to become little but brother kevin too! It would be

hours before I discovered that kev had shrunk to the same miniscule height as my

ex boyfriend. My poor brother was trapped at that teeny size trying to get some

help but unable to get anyones attention. I suppose being a few inches tall

makes it tough to get around without your owner- tee hee!!!


The rest of the day went along sorta normal, for me

anyways. I suppose jake and kevin had a different take on things! I couldnt wait

for the day to end so that aimee and I could show off the little man in my purse

to nicole. I was amazed at how it felt to have a little man helpless , totally

scared of me, his all powerful owner! I was enjoying it more and more every

second and I didnt know if I could wait for the day to end.

Finally lunchtime came and I got the opportunity to take out jake. 'so whats it

like spending the day in a girl's purse, huh teeny?' I giggled as I dropped him

out and into my hand.

'Kaitlan, please dont make me stay like this any more.' He begged me. 'I will do

whatever you say just make me big again please!'

He was humiliated and I felt a little bad for the insect sized man. It must have

been horrifying for him to imagine what all the girls in his life could now do

to him at his puny size. Smiling at him, I shrugged my shoulders. 'I dont know

why you are that little jake. Maybe you are supposed to learn some lessons on

how to treat people smaller than you. I think you are gonna have the chance

cause you prolly are gonna be little for awhile. Besides I think you are cute

that way.' I tickled him which made him cringe.

I had been thinking all morning and I had a place in mind for him to stay- my

dollhouse. I thought that would be perfect if he were a good doll. Otherwise,

he'd have to get used to a hamster cage! I told him about it and he was none to

happy. I reminded him that as long as were that size, he belonged to me. I

recommended that if he obeyed me, he'd have it pretty good, for a 3' tall man

that is! He tried to put up a fuss and so I decided he needed a lesson and I

fastened him onto my necklace like he was a little charm. It was so cute the way

he slid down my neck and rested inside my bra. I could look down and see him

dangling there helpless to do anything but wait for me to remove him. I have to

admit, keeping him like that felt really cool and a little bit arousing. I mean

having a man trapped in there, well, most girls dont get to feel that sensation

and let me assure you, its a a very erotic pleasure for a woman both sexually

and power wise. Every time I looked down at him in there, he had an embarrassed

look on face, helpless to do anything but dangle there. I let him hang there all

day and couldnt wait to get him home to his new dollhouse. It must have been

quite the afternoon for little jake! what it must have looked like from his

perspective. I am sure he was going to have a very very tough time getting used

to the changes in his life.


As for kevin, he was not so lucky. He awakened to the noise of loud movement. It

was all the kids getting out of class preparing for their next one. What it must

sound like when you are only a few inches tall to have teenagers running about,

talking loudly, hustling and bustling just feet away from your insect sized

body. I am sure it is a horrfying sound from that perspective, one that I would

never want to experience. My poor little brother was discovering the dangers of

his new height very fast.

Stuck in jennifer's bookbag, he was safe for the time being. From his spot he

could see giant teenagers going by one by one. If he had not been inside her

bag, no doubt he would have been stomped on by the shoes of one of the passerbys.

Then he felt himself being lifeted. Jennifer was lifting up her bag in order to

get her chemisrty books. Her enormous hand reached in and nearly grabbed him but

instead found her hairbrush. Kevin must have found her hand to be monstrous the

first time he saw something that size that had formerly been so little to him.

He would get used to stuff like that in time. Jenn carried her bag with her to

class rather than removing the enormous lab books that towered over my brother's

tiny body.

As jennifer carried the bag and my brother to the lab, he bounced around back

and forth, as jenn had trouble balancing the large bag as she walked. Finally

she sat down and looked into the bag to remove her books. I wish I could have

seen the look on her face, or on my 3' tall brothers when they each laid eyes on

each other! All I know for sure is, jennifer reached in, picked up kevin and

stuck him in her blouse pocket. She told me afterwords she had to get a better

look at him so she went to the teacher and told her that she needed to go to the

nurse. Jennifer took my brother out of the room excitedley, not being able to

contain her enthusiasm for what she had just discovered. Kevin, inside jen's

blouse feared how could thing get any worse for him? He was going to find out

that things could get alot worse.....


Giantess Stories: Kaitlen by Kaitlen    Well my name is kaitlan and i am a few months past my 16th birthday

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