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Karen Gets Even

by M. Sherman

He was doing it again, she thought. She couldn't help pouting because she was so

upset. "What the HELL is this SHIT?" her father yelled. Karen felt the sensation

of electricity shoot through her arms from that outburst as warm tears started

to trickle down her flustered cheeks. That outburst really scared her. "No, I'm

not gonna cry" she thought to herself as she wiped the newly formed the tears

away. "But daddy, I had to...I..."

He cut her off mid-sentence, "You WHAT? Had to stay late working at that

pathetic little hole-in-the-wall YOU call a bookstore again? JESUS!! How many

times are we gonna go through this?!?"

"Please don't say that...I'ts a...", "It's a waste! THAT'S what it is. I'm the

one who works all day, slaving at my office to bring home the real money. You

know, the money that I pay the bills with?" As Karen continued to hold back the

tears as she always had, her thoughts started to drift off as her father's

ranting turned into droning sounds. Her head drifted to one side and her eyes

started to wander as she was just about to reach the solice of a nice thought

when something he said pulled her back to reality.

"HELL-O-Ooooo!!! Anybody in there? Karen!! Look at me dammit! I expect some good

food to eat. Not this microwave shit. I deserve better and YOU should show me

more respect! I told you I don't want you staying late at that damn bookstore.

You make shit money there, and the time can be spent more wisely on fixing me my

dinner and doing your other chores!!"

He was standing there, looking down at her, and yelling. Yelling loud and saying

insulting things. Was he trying to break her spirit inten- tionally? "Why can't

he just fix his own dinner a couple of nights a week?" she thought. He

continuted to pound her verbally "You don't expect me to clean the bathrooms and

cook AND do the dishes after I come home from the office do you? That's women's

work. Well? DO YOU?" He paused and then just as she was about to answer, WHAM,

he brought his fist down on her head giving her a jolt that she could feel in

her neck and on her shoulders. She stood there dazed thinking how much she hated

him for being so verbally and physically abusing all of the time.

Karen really wanted to tell him off right then. She felt a force building up

from within her that was driving tears closer to the brink of spilling out of

her eyes and fueling an anger that was just about to explode from within her.

Her mind continuted to wander just for a second, and she breifly envisioned her

mother's comforting embrace. That calmed her, and she replied "no, I guess not."

"Then get your ass in that kitchen and fix me some real food" he yelled as he

slung the tray of food she had prepared through the kithchen door towards the

trash can. "Clean up that mess and fix my dinner while I'm in the shower."

Just as Karen's father had started to walk away, fuming mad, she summoned the

strength to remind him of something. "I have to go to the party tonight Dad. I'm

supposed to be leaving soon. Remember?" "You ain't going to NO fucking party!"

he shouted back at her as he pointed to the kitchen. "Get in there! NOW!!"

The words stung like knives in her heart. He KNEW she had been planning to go to

this party for a week. Her heart sunk, and she felt a lump in her throat that

she tried to swallow as she slowly turned toward the kitchen. She couldn't

resist him because, he might hit her again. As she walked throught the kitchen

door, she paused, and listened back towards the front of the house where the

stairs were. She heard him stomping upstairs. She could also hear some of the

muttering he was doing as he went up, things like "Bitch ain't going to no

fucking party. Didn't even fix my dinner. Little c--t... Just liker her fucking


Karen heard doors slam upstairs and knew he must be in his bedroom preparing to

shower. As she started to pull ingredients out of the cupboards and

refrigerator, the quietness in the kitchen calmed her and once again, her mind

started to wander off. Immediately, she saw her mother in a daydream. It

consoled and warmed her heart. She felt tears of joy welling up insider her at

the thought of being hugged by her mother again. She was such a tower of

strength and Karen missed her to no end. She had little daydreams like this,

once or twice a day, and that's probably what helped her keep her sanity.

Her mother was tall, almost six feet, with dark lucious hair. Brenda was 40 when

she passed away, but she didn't look a day over 30. That was two years ago and

Karen was sixteen then. Her mom was very youthful, athletic, and wise. Karen's

mother Brenda, was very insightful and always fair with her and her step-father

Frank. Brenda and Frank married when Karen was fourteen. Brenda didn't seem to

have good luck with men as this was her second step-father. After the marriage,

they fought constantly. More accurately, Frank fought constantly. He kept

insisting that Brenda should quit her job so she could stay home and take care

of the house. Brenda would have no part of that. She contended that the

housechores would be shared by the three of them, besides, she made a shit-pot

of money (way more than Frank) and she wasn't about to give up her carreer just

to come home and clean the toilet for him.

Brenda's height, in Karen's mind, intimidated Frank. He was a couple of inches

shorter than her, and when she'd come home from the office, wearing heels and

one of those smart business outfits she looked so good in, Frank actually had to

look up at her when he started his yelling fits. Brenda would normally drop her

breifcase, stand cocked to one side with her hands on her hips and just look

down at him while he raved. Then she'd respond with some very logical and

reasonable answer that basically pulled the rug out from under his flimsy

argument and he's walk off fuming. Once, while Karen was sitting at the dining

room table doing her homework, they had an really bad argument that led to Frank

storming out the back door yelling in a rage. Brenda turned toward Karen, but

motioned toward Frank and made a jesture of steam coming out of his ears, while

making a really funny, goofy face. Brenda then picked up her breifcase, smiled

like nothing happened, and walked upstairs. The argument, and Frank's yelling

really scared Karen, but the jestures her mother made, and the smile on her face

calmed her and let her know that her mom was totally in control of the

situation. That consoled Karen, as Frank was trounced again.

"Oh mommy, why did you leave me?" Karen thought. "I need you now. I need your

strength. I can't do this alone. It's like you started something with me, but

you didn't stick around to finish it." Her mind continued through this

conversaiton "You passed away and...." She paused and thought "Passed away my

ASS!" Anger swelled up within her because deep down, she didn't think her mom

'just passed away'.

As Frank and Brenda's short lived marriage wore on, and his yelling fits got

worse and worse, Brenda thought maybe it was because they didn't spend enough

time together (what with work and all). Brenda, decided that the two of them

should go away for the weekend, to try to patch things up. As soon as her mom

said "the Bahamas", Frank got real quiet. "uh, yeah.... sure..." was his

reaction. He was especially quiet in the few days before they left. Brenda

confided in Karen that she thought this was a good sign and may be a turning

point for them, and that things were going to get better. She said it with such

confidence, that Karen could not but believe her. The turning point for Karen

was when Frank arrived home alone a week after they left with the news. Her mom

had passed away in the Bahamas. A car wreck, on Saturday, one night after their

arrival. No one even called to let Karen know about it. She was worried sick all

week, especially since neither of them were in the hotel room she had a number

for after Sunday. Karen tried to convince herself early in the week that things

had gone so well that they moved to another hotel on Monday and decided to stay

the rest of the week. But no phone call?

Anger was swelling up in her again. She looked deep into her daydream to find

her mom but she wasn't there. Then, she heard the kitchen door open behind her.

She thought it might be her father, so she knew she should turn around to

acknowledge his presence, but since she was still half-deep in thought, her body

just wasn't in synch with her mind. She heard her mom say in a soft voice,

"Dear, you can do it. You have my strength inside you."

"Wait a minute!!!" Karen thought. "That's HER!!! She's really there right behind

me!" Joy burst from her heart as she suddenly snapped back to reality and

whipped around to see her mom standing there in the flesh. Brenda was leaning on

the kitchen door with a confident smile on her face. Brenda's expression quickly

turned to one of, obviously yearning to hold her daughter. Karen couldn't belive

it. Her mother was standing there, tall as ever, proud, and she wanted to hold

her daughter. "MOMMY!!!" she cried out "It's YOU!!!". Karen was in shock, and

simply couldn't belive what she was seeing. She started to move toward the door,

and rubbed tears out of her eyes with both hands. With blury vision she thrust

out her hands to hug her mother. Her right hand slammed into the door frame. She

jammed her middle finger and pain exploded in her knuckle. Sight returned to her

instantly, and she saw that no one was there.

"NO NO NO!!!" she screamed. "MOMMY!! Don't leave me again, PLEASE!!!"


She whipped back around to look behind her. She saw a fully prepared dinner on a

tray. It was her favorite. Spaghetti with fresh vegetables, chicken, and cheese

in the sauce. Garlic bread had just been taken out of the oven, and the pot with

the remainder of the sauce, was simmering away gently. Cold chills shot down her

spine and then in contrast her stomach felt sick as she broke out into a warm

sweat. She heard her mom's voice again. "I'm sorry honey. I could only stay for

a second. Let go dear, let it out. You're my daughter and you have my power.

Remember, I love you and miss you so much..." The voice trailed off. Karen

couldn't tell where the voice was coming from. It surrounded her. She sqeezed

her eyes shut to keep from looking for her mom. Karen knew she would never see

her again.

She stepped toward tray of food on the counter. She didn't even remember

preparing this meal. This scared her. She was doing things like this more

frequently than she cared to admit. Starting something, drifting off, and

re-awakening to find the chore completed. She reached out her frail hands to

take hold of the tray, but they were trembling. She shook them, and then shook

her arms to try to stop the trembling. She felt light headed and queazy. As the

room just started to rotate around her, she angrily gave one last massive shake

to both hands to try and subside these feelings. She saw a tiny man fly out from

the palm of her hand. He went sailing throught the air toward the simmering pot

of spaghetti sauce. As he flew, almost in slow motion, he screamed "AAAHHHhhh

NO!!! AAAHHHHhhhhhh...." and disappeared into the hot mixture with a tiny plunk.

Karen jumped over to the pot and immed- iately grabbed a ladle to fish him out.

She could hear him screaming for his life. She stirred and stirred, but nothing

turned up in the ladle, except chicken and vegetables. "I'm going nuts" she

exclaimed to herself. With a sigh, she dropped the ladle in the pot, and reached

for the tray. Her hands still shaking, she walked it upstairs to Franks room

where she figured he must certainly be waiting for his dinner.

As she reached the top of the stairs, she could hear a voice coming from behind

Franks closed door. "Yeah, it felt good" she heard from inside. She set the tray

down on the floor, and raised her hand to knock on the door, but decided to

eavesdrop for just a moment. "What did he say?" she thought to herself. "No, no,

not hard or anything. Just enough to scare her a little. Yeah? Uh huh. Okay,

okay. Yeah I'm sure it hurt. I don't care. She's a little bitch!" She thought

about it for a second and realized she was hearing a phone conversation. He was

talking about her. She couldn't believe what she was saying. He continued "Yeah

Uh huh Well she had better get her ass up here soon with my dinner or I'm REALLY

gonna beat her. Yes it does. I can't help it. Uh huh Well for one, I don't need

another fuckin' Brenda, gonna curve that shit real quick, and two, I get off on


"Get off on it?!?" Karen thought to herself. "What is this? He LIKES hitting

me?" She was appalled and started feeling knots in her stomach again. Adrenaline

started rushing through her veins. She listened to more "Yeah! Oh yeah! You know

it man! I'd make her suck it so hard, she'd have poke holes on the back of her

kneck! WAH HEE-YA HA HA Ha!!!"

This was too much for her. All this time. "Holy Jesus!" She thought. She started

getting dizzy and that warm sweat broke out on her arms again. A churn erupted

in her stomach. She started to fall backward to the door to her room directly

behind her. Karen caught herself, by placing a leg back behind her for support

and as she did, she heard a faint scream below her "NO! Please! Don't step on

me! EEEYYAAAAGGHH!!" She immediately thought about the little man that flew out

of her palm just minutes ago and looked down to her feet. She saw the small form

of a man run back behind her right ankle. She whipped around awkwardly, but no

one was there. Then she was distracted by Frank's conversation again "Oh Yeah.

You should see what she has on tonight. She's wearing black spandex biker shorts

and a white cut-off T-shirt. WOW!! What a set of knockers. Uh huh. Just LIKE her

mom. They gotta be at LEAST forty inches. Yeah. Someday. You will. I promise.

Yeah. I know. Slip it in between them boobs and OOOhhh.... TOO Sweet!!!!! Heh

Heh Heh!!!"

She spun around and walked into her room with her hands over her ears. She was

disgusted and felt humiliated. Karen closed her door silently and locked it. Out

of the corner of her eye she saw herself in the mirror on her dressing table.

She stood facing herself in the mirror replacing her hands over her ears, elbows

parallel to her head. Standing like this, her breasts looked so huge. The

t-shirt barely lay over the edge of them, concealing them. Lifting her elbows a

little higher, she could see the bottoms of each firm, fleshy orb. Her tummy was

smooth, not a lot of muscle, but not fat either. She had such nice skin tone, it

was so soft and supple. What ever guy landed her was going to be lucky indeed.

Karen began to resent having such a nice body considering the thoughts Frank had

of her.

Frank's door opened across the hall, and she heard him yell "What the FUCK?!?

You weren't even going to tell me it was here?!? Karen!! Get out here Goddamit!!"

Fear raced through her heart. She spun around watching the door, half expecting

him to beat it down. Considering his conversation on the phone, to whoever that

was, she didn't know what he was capable of. The door knob clicked violently as

Frank twisted it back and forth trying to open the door.

The sick feeling returned to her stomach. She felt like she was going to puke.

This coupled with fear brought her down on one knee. Fank yelled from the other

side of the door "Open the door Karen!! NOW!!" Suddenly anger welled up inside

her. Two years of bottled emotions were beginning to erupt. It scared her to be

feeling fear, sickness, and anger all at the same time.

Something odd happened.

Her right knee started to burn fircely. She started to get up from the floor,

and her right foot was caught by something hard. She knew she really wasn't

anywhere near the dressing table, so what was it? Upon turning around, it turned

out to be the leg of the table. Her foot was half way under the table and it got

caught when she tried to pull it out. She repositioned her foot to pull it out

when BLAM!! Frank pounded on the door and yelled "Karen! Open this DOOR!" She

let out a skriek and quickly stood up. When she did, she almost hit the ceiling.

She threw up her arms as a natural instact to block her face and they slammed

into the celing putting a crack in it. She was too scared to realize what was

happening to her. She was growing larger very fast.

Her head hit the celing and made a loud thumping noise and that's when she

realized what was happening. She crouched down, still growing larger, and

started to turn around on her knees to get her bearings. As she did so, her

right foot struck her tall dresser toppling it over. She barely felt it when she

smashed the bottom of it's side with her foot. She looked at the hole she

punched in it and was flabbergasted. She loved that mahoganny dresser. She

started to feel trapped because Frank was outside, pounding the door to get in

and she was running out of space fast. She assessed her situation quickly and

observed that her right hand on the bed was just about crushing it, and her left

hand was between the dressing table and her bed. Right next to her left hand was

the small metal trash can she used to throw tissues away in. It was so small!

She grabbed it with her left hand and gave it a squeeze. It started to crumple

like an aluminum soda can. "Wow!" she thought as her feet struck the wall behind


"What the FUCK is going on in there!!!" Frank yelled from outside. She had to

make a decision fast. No more room. Her body filled what used to be a rather

large bedroom. She felt a large POP below her and realized the floor was going

to cave in from her weight. "No where to go but out" she thought. She turned

slightly to her right and pressed the wall on the far side of the bedroom where

the window was with her shin and foot. She heard it crack, and then CRASH as the

wall gave way from the immense pressure of her legs. Half of the huge wall fell

simply fell srtraight down, but the half that she pressed with her leg broke

into several large chunks of drywall and splinters of wood. All if it fell with

a tremendous crash. She then backed out of the room, stepping down to the

ground, accidentally pushing the dressing table out to the ground below with her

left foot. After placing both feet on the ground, she backed up pulling her head

out of what was left of her shambled room. Backing out of her bedroom seemed as

simple as backing down off of a dining room table. Karen couldn't believe how

much she'd grown, and she could tell she was still growning, because the house

was slowly sinking down beside her. Karen's hips were even with the floor of her

bedroom and her massive breasts were as high as the roof.

Frank couldn't believe the noises he was hearing in her room and decided he was

going to break in to see. With a couple of heaves against the door, he busted it

open and stumbled into the room. He couldn't belive his eyes as he saw from

across the bed, that the room was reduced to a clutter of wood and piles of

drywall. The ceiling had a huge crack in it and all of Karen's furniture was

either torn apart or missing. He felt his jaw drop as he stared out into the

dark night where the far wall of the bedroom used to be. He could see the lights

in the house behind his coming on and his neighbors were at their window

pointing. He rushed over to the edge of the house to see what they were looking


Karen had stepped back, to one side of her bedroom, to look around and get her

bearings. She was a litle woozy, she felt unnaturally large and awkward. She

noticed that she was still fully clothed and determined that whatever these

weird goings on were, the clothes must also be a part of it. She heard yelling

from behind her. She looked back over her right shoulder to see the neighbors in

the house behind hers were at the window pointing at her. Other houses had

lights on as well. The whole neighborhood was coming to life due to the rucus

she had caused. She heard a yell from below her and looked down to see Frank

standing at the edge of her bedroom looking up at her. His eyes were wide with

disbeleif. For a few moments, they simply stood there staring at each other in

astonishment as she continued to grow larger.

Frank snapped out of his daze and chills ran down his arms and spine. He knew

Karen hated him, and he suddenly regretted treating her badly for so long. He

spun around and started to run back further into the house. Karen was too quick

for him. She leaned over, supporting her self with her right hand on the roof,

and reached in with her left hand to grab Frank. Her hand enveloped his small

body around the chest and he shrieked loudly. His body felt so delicate and

warm. As she removed him from her room, she thought to herself "I could crush

his chest with a squeeze of my hand." This gave her a great sense of power as

waves of erotic pleasure rushed all through her body. In one fluid motion, she

elevated his small form up to her face while standing up straight. She looked

down at him, then focused beyond him toward the house. The roof was now level

with her crotch and she felt that the growing had stopped.

She refocused her attention to the small form she held in her left hand. "So..."

she said "what have we here?" To Frank, the voice sounded like thunder. He

screamed and pleaded with her "P-P-Please.....put me down. Your'e hurting me!!!"

"I'm hurting you?" she replied. "Well I'm only holding you, little man. I could

put some pressure on you, and then you'd really know what 'hurting' was." She

tightened her grip on his chest, and his legs, dangling down below the bottom of

her left hand started flailing violently. His face contorted as the flow of air

was restricted from his lungs. She held him like that for a minute, and then

released the pressure from his chest, which was really only a gentle squeeze to

her, and his body relaxed and hung limp from her hand. "I LIKE this!!!" she

boomed and a wide smile appeared on her face as she looked down on his small

form. "I take it you can't go for long without air, huh, little man?"

"K-Karen, Please! Don't hurt me! P-Put me down!!" he pleaded. "Okay, " she

replied "How about, ummm, in the POOL!" She turned around to the pool behind her

and lowered herself to her knees, supporting herself with her right hand on the

deck. Frank screamed as she held and thrust him into the deep end of the pool,

which looked more like a large bathtub from her perspective "NO! Please don't

put " Sploosh! She thrust him into the water cutting his words off mid-sentence.

She felt his little hands hitting her's as she held him under the water. From

the house behind her she heard a woman scream "Karen! Let him go! You'll kill


"Not just yet, dear, but soon I promise" Karen replied with a smile. She liked

the feeling of holding Frank under the water. There was nothing he could do to

resist her. She started swishing him around in it, just in case he was holding

his breath. Frank felt waves of water streaming by his face and body. He felt as

if his was being towed behind a speeding boat in the water with no ability to

come up for air, and his arms and legs flailed helplessly. She lifted him out

after a minute or so and stood up. He gasped for air. She set him down on the

roof and his body lay there limp and life- less.

Reaching down into her room with her right hand, she gouged a wall with her

fingernails. She ripped out a massive chunk of wall exposing the linen closet

that was on the other side. She reached in and grabbed a hand- full of towels

and blankets. Standing up again she tossed the pile of assorted cloths on top of

him. "Dry off you puny little man. I have plans for you, now that your'e clean."

Frank was so frozen with terror he couldn't move. He feigned death hoping she'd

leave him. "Do it NOW!! I said.." Karen exclaimed as her hand beat down on the

roof just a couple of feet away from him. The shock of her hand pounding the

roof bounced him up in the air about foot. He scrambled to his feet and grabbed

several towels and started wiping himself dry. "And take those clothes off. You

won't be needing them anymore."

The neighbors had started to come over to the house to get a good look at what

was happening. She looked down and turned her attention to them. There were six

people standing down below her in different places in the yard. They were all

looking up at her titantic form in amazement. One man was right below her. She

didn't notice him when he walked up so close. He was standing right beside her

left leg looking up at her. His height was only perhaps half-way up her calf. As

she peered over her breast down at him, she noticed how full and robust her calf

looked next to his tiny form. Her calf was bigger around than he was. She asked

her neighbor "Copping a good stare little man?"

"Karen.." he said in a firm tone "Let Frank go. Don't do this." She turned to

face him squarely and glared down at him, peering over her humugous breasts. She

leaned forward and he stepped backward with a fearful look on his face. "Go away

little man. This doesn't concern you!" and she stood back up straight. She felt

so powerful talking down to his small form, she was realling getting off on this

concept and liked her new height. She was so large compared to everything else

and was so incredibly strong. He started to say something, but she didn't want

to hear it so she simply lifted her left foot forward, and with it, swept his

body through the air, sending it sailing into the pool. Two of the neighbors,

women, screamed and ran further away from her. The other men backed away

cautiously because they were closer. She redirected her attention back to Frank.

Frank was still drying himself off vigorously, but his clothes were still on.

"You ain't done YET?!?" she exclaimed. "I told you to take them clothes off and

I MEANT it!!" her voice thundered. Frank was horrified and stepped back away

further from the edge of the roof. "I guess you need some help, huh?" she asked.

She plucked him from the roof holding him by his waist in her left hand. She

pinched his shirt with her index fingernail and thumb and started tugging on it.

Frank didn't know what she was going to do so he lifted his arms and let out a

shriek. This caused some of the other neighbors to scream as well. Karen pulled

off his shirt with zero effort. It tore away from his body like tissue paper.

She then grabbed his chest with her left hand and let go of his waist with her

right hand. She slipped her right index fingernail under his pants and pulled

down on them. To frank, it felt like an ironing board sliding into his pants and

he watched helplessly as they were ripped off of is body, underwear and all, in

a flash.

"There, that's better. But your'e still wet." she said. "I thought I told you to

dry off. Do I have to help you with that too? Goodness!!!" She snatched up one

of the blankets from the roof with her left hand and holding it like a

hankerchief in the palm of her hand, transferred Frank there from her right

hand. She grabbed all four corners and formed a large cloth sack from which

Frank hung helplessly when she let go with her left hand. As she squezed him,

drying him off, she could feel him squrim and wiggle inside, and she could hear

him pleading not to hurt him. Having him in that make- shift sack really turned

her on. She raised the sack to be level with her chest and started swaying it

back and forth. It bounced into her right breast and Frank let out a yelp. Waves

of pleasure rushed through Karen's massive body as she kept bouncing Frank off

of her humungous boob. Her nipple swelled up to gargantuan proportions

underneath her shirt and Frank could feel himself bumping into the firm, large

nipple as he swayed back and forth helplessly. "MMMmm....that feels SO good" she

said. "We're going to have such fun."

She lowered the sack into her left palm and letting the corners of the blanket

fall free, grabbed Frank with her right hand. She deposited him onto the roof

again as she started to take off her shirt before him. Her breasts rose way

above his head as she reached over her own to remove the t-shirt. He looked up

with a combination of fear and awe at her titantic, firm breasts. They were so

huge and firm. From his perspective, they looked so round and soft. Her pink

nipples were almost as big as his head, and they were firm. She placed her hands

on the edge of the roof for support and leaned toward him, letting her pendulous

breasts hang right in front of him. Each breast was larger than he was. Looking

down at him starting at her breasts Karen asked "You LIKE that huh, horny little


"Wanna play with them?" Karen moved her shoulders and the breasts began to sway

back and forth. She leaned forward a bit and her pendulous breasts slammed into

Frank sending him reeling to one side and he fell on his back. He had the wind

knocked out of him so he laid there as Karen repositioned herself above him.

"Oh, little Frank fell down. Guess my boobs are just too much for him to handle"

she said teasingly. Frank started to scramble away as she let her breasts fall

down on top of him, smothering him in a mass of firm flesh. He tried to slide

himself out from under her breasts, but they were too heavy. He couldn't budge.

He could hear her muffled laughing as he squrimed helplessly. Karen could feel

his squirming and it turned her on immensely. Waves of pleasure erupted from her

loins and sent erotic feelings all through her body. She jiggled her orbs on top

of him, and that made it feel even better. It was getting hot and sweaty under

there and he thought maybe she was going to suffocate him, so he squirmed and

squirmed until he had no energy left from lack of oxygen.

She released him from the fleshy prison by standing up again. Cold air whipped

across his naked body from being trapped under the warm fleshy mounds and his

arms stung with chills because they were wet with her sweat. She watched as he

rubbed his arms with his hands to warm them, and a great idea hit her. "Are you

cold little man? I have some place warm you can stay."

As she grabbed him with her right hand he screamed for mercy "W-What are you

doing? P-Please....put me down!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!" She elevated him to her face and

looked him in the eye, "Boy do I have something nice planned for you. You're

really gonna like it."

"W-What? W-What are you doing? D-Don't hurt me, PLEASE don't hurt me!!" he

cried. What a pathetic wimp she thought as she lowered him to her crotch. He saw

her fingering herself through the spandex pants and shrieked. "AAAHHGGGH!!! NO,

Karen, dont' do it!!!" Hearing his pleas made her laugh, and she roared loudly,

"Oh YES Frank, I have just the place to keep you warm, and you are going to make

me feel SOOOooo good, little man." The neighbors were still there, in fact they

had grown in numbers, but Karen simply tuned them out. She decided she'd have

fun with them later. She knew that at her new height, she was going to have a

lot of fun. But first, Frank. She pulled out on her spandex biker shorts with

her left hand. She repositioned her grip on Frank with her right thumb on his

chest and her fingers on his back. He grabbed onto her fingers with both hands

to try and hang on when she let go. He hung there for a second screaming "No!

Karen Please!!!" but when she shook her hand a little, he lost his grip and fell

down into her shorts below.

As soon as he landed there, he realized she wasn't wearing any panties. He sat

there, kind of crumpled on his knees, with his face and hands against her bush

of hair the smell of her womanhood assaulted his nose. He looked up. She was

still holding her pants open with her left hand and was looking down at him from

between her breasts. He looked up at her fabulous tummy. It was so smooth, and

her breasts loomed above him like balloons. "Have fun little man. I know I

WILL!!" she chirped at him, then SNAP she let go of the waist band of the

shorts, they closed and it was dark. He was horrified and could feel her

prodding him with her fingers from the other side of the fabric.

Karen leanded forward slightly and repositioned Frank, sliding him down between

her legs. Frank screamed and pleaded with her as he sqirmed and tried to climb

back up, but Karen kept pushing him down, and he could not resist her strength.

The squirming against her lips between her legs felt so good "OHhhhh OHHHhhh

Frank! That feels so GOOD!!! Your'e wonderful!!!" She toyed with him there,

knowing he was helpless against her power, pressing him firmly against her lips.

He struggled with all of his might to get free, but she simply clamped him in

place by closing her legs and trapping him between her massive thighs, tight up

against her pussy. She stood there towering over her house, with Frank between

her legs, and ran her fingers through her hair, and down around her massive

boobs. Frank quickly ran out of air. He was suffocating and frozen with terror.

In a desparate attempt he sqirmed violently to break free of Karen's gargantuan

grip. She heard muffled screams and felt his squirming wich made hot juices pour

out from her pussy enveloping Frank's tiny body. "OOHHHhh FRANK!!! Do that

again!!" she exclaimed as she raised one of her huge boobs to lick the nipple.

She licked it and licked it until it was rock hard. Waves of erotic pleasure

were pouring all over her body from her hot pussy and massive fleshy orbs. Karen

knew she was going to cum any minute, but Frank simply stopped moving. She

thought he might be running out of air, and quickly opened up her pants to let

some precious oxygen in. She heard him gasp for air and he instan- taneously

came to life and started to squirm up toward her tummy.

"Oh no you don't" she responded "I'm not done yet. You have to make me cum

little man." and she reached into her shorts and pressed him back down between

her legs. He screamed "STOP!! Your hurt-" but she cut him off mid- sentence

again as he was plunged down once more to finish his task. Karen held him from

underneath, in her pants, and started grinding him against her clit. "OOOHHH!!!

YES!!!! YES!!!! OOHHHHhhhhh" she exclaimed as she pressed him hard against

herself. She kept pressing and rubbing his small form aganst her pussy and

juices were flowing from it which made him slimy. That sensation along with his

desparate squirming drove her over the top. All of a sudden, her hips bucked and

eruptions of pleasure burst forth from within her and filled every part of her

titantic body. As she came, she pressed harder and harder, and ground Frank

deeper and deeper into herself. She felt something crunching and snapping

between her fingers as she pressed him, but had no desire to stop and find out

what it was. She just kept grinding him against her lips until the orgasmic

eruptions stopped.

When she finally came down from what had to be the most intense orgasm she ever

had, she pulled Frank out from between her legs. He lay limp in her hands, and

she knew that as he helped her climax, he expired. She looked at the tiny form

draped across the palm of her hand and chuckled to herself. "Oh well," she

thought. "I can always find another volunteer."

"Volunteer?" she thought to herself. "Hell! I can just TAKE whoever I want." Her

newfound height had made her powerful and strong. She feared no one and no

thing. Looking down at the neighbors, who were looking up at her in fear, she

grinned evily and chirped "Okay, who's next?"


Giantess Stories: Karen Gets Even by M

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