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Karina and Calunaby6sic6::If you guys like the story, I'll continue from the ending::

This is the story of Carlos.

Carlos, a high school drop out who lived in the town of ashfield,

Arizona. He had finnally moved from his parent's place and was quite

proud to have a place of his own. He lived in a buetiful apartment

complex, called "Winter Gardens".

Next door to Carlos lived two buetiful women. One, was a tall Latino

girl named Karina. The other, a girl of some middle eastern or Indian

background, he wasn't quite sure He guessed they were either really

good friends, or lesbians.

One day, as carlos was admiring his new place after his stuff was all

moved in, he noticed a dime sized hole in the wall of his bedroom.

" Ah man, they charge me $900 dollars for rent, and they cant

even keep the place in one piece!" He thought to himself as he

looked at the hole. Upon closer examination, he noticed that there

was light coming from the hole. He kneeled down and took a peek into


It was a bedroom. His nieghbor's bedroom! The lesbians!

"Holy shit!" he thought to himself. as he peered though

the hole he noticed some movement. It was the latino girl. From what

he could see, she was stunning. Her long black hair was tied back,

and was bouncing quite sensually. She was wearing the hip hugging,

bellbottom jeans most girls wear nowadays, a red top with some sort

of writing he couldent make out, and a blue pair of sketcher-ish


"Damn that bitch is fine", Carlos wispered aloud.

About 2 minutes after watching the latino girl, Karina, in walked the

most buetiful woman he had ever seen in his life. She was about

5'3'', caramel skinned, and had the body of a goddess. She was

wearing a brown top with more writing, but Carlos still coulden't

make it out. He could also see she was wearing a knee length, blue

denom skirt with floral designs stiched with the same color brown as

her shirt.

He could also see her ankel bracelet shining in the light. Her

toenails were colored blue, with visible sparkles. She wore a

brownish - tan colored pair of sandles.

"Now that fucking bitch is fine like no other!!!" Carlos

once agian said aloud. Then he noticed her face. She looked like a

goddess to him. She had the most lush lips he had ever seen. Her big,

brown eyes were very pouty. Her hair was shoulder length and she let

it fall freely around her head. Her hair was black, although she

covered it in blonde highlights. She began to speak.

"Have you called Tammy, yet?" She said to Karina. She

speaked perfect english.

" No, I was fixing my hair, hold on." She replied. The

Indian girl just nodded, and turned to leave the room, but Karina

began to tell her something.

"Oh, Caluna! Jamie called, she said that she wanted you to meet

her at the park at 7:00 instead of 9:00. Some sort of job interview,

or something." She said, a bit loudly.

"Ok, thanks Kari!" Caluna replyed.


"See you later, Kari!"

"Caluna and Karina..." Carlos said, as he got up from

peering into the hole. He looked at the clock on the walland realized

he had been watching them for nearly 10 minutes! He felt a blush fall

over his face. He's never been too much into voyuerism. But those

women were so damn hot! He had to see them naked, he thought.. As he

stood in the middle of the room, he said aloud:

"If I could only get close enough to them, maybe i could achieve

that goal. Man, I would do anything for that." As sooon as he

said those words, he began to feel sleepy. He had been unpacking all

day... He decided to hit the sack.

When he awoke from his slumber, his entire body seemed to be

tingling. His bed seemed to have turned into a cold, hard surface. He

at first thought he was dreaming still, and stood up. Man, was he in

for a shock.

He looked all around him, but all he could see was darkness. He began

to panic.

" Yo!!! Antbody there? Where the hell am I?" He screamed.

Nothing. Not even an echo.

Out of nowhere, he felt the ground begin to viberate. A banging sound

was heard in the distance, and it was getting closer. And closer...

Suddenly, a huge light flooded into the room. Carlos' eyes burned

from the light, and the booming sound was dangeruosly close. Carlos

almost passed out from fear.

But, amazingly, he was able to open his eyes, and what he saw, he

shall never forget.

A giant blue shoe. A.... Sketcherish shoe. He began to look up. He

saw the hip hugging jeans, the red shirt... The black hair.

Everything began to fall together in Carlos' mind. He was tiny. Damn

fucking tiny, too! He couldent be bigger than an ant! He looked

around at his surroundings. It was a huge bathroom. And the giant was

no other than... Karina! She was appying some sort of make - up. But

that didn't matter now, Carlos' had to get her attention!

He began screaming her name, but to no avail. He was only about the

size of a grain of rice, who was gonna hear him? He had a sly idea,

then. He began to run towards her massive foot. If he was able to

cuase an itch on her leg, then she would notice him and she would

help him! It had to work, he thought.

But as soon as he got close to her foot, it began to move.

"Shit, she's leaving!" He immedianly thought. But she was

turning towards him....

As he looked up in horror, her shoe was begining to swallow his view

as it slowly came down, until all he could see was darkness.

Carlos isn't dead, later that day, after Karina got off work, our

protagonist has woke up after hours of being stuck in one of the

grooves on the sole of karina's shoe.

Carlos awoke in another strange place. From his back and sides he

could feel what seemed like rubber. He also discovered that he

couldn't move an inch.

But, Carlos was still puzzled. He should have been crushed like an

ant under Karina's foot, but he was still alive? He must have passed

out from fear when he got stepped on.

Suddenly, he felt himself rise. Then, just as quickly, fall. What the

hell was going on?

After Caluna left, Karina had to go to work about 30 minutes later.

She hated her job at Borders... Shelving books, making coffee... But

it was a living.

Karina went around the apartment collecting the things she usually

takes with her to work. Her purse, hair brush, keys... Well, she lost 6€ de descuento en Royal Canin

her keys, again.

' Damn, where the hell is my keys?' she said aloud. She stood in the

living room trying to remember.

Then it came to her, she left them in the bathroom when she was

brushing her hair!

Quickly she opened the bathroom door, and flipped on the light

switch. Karina scanned the counter, but they weren't there. Her eyes

also scanned the floor, but there was nothing. Except an ant she

noticed running towards her foot.... Karina doesn't like ants.

' Stupid ant.... I bet you took my keys.' She thought to herself,

jokingly. She then stepped on it, left the room, and went to work.

All without knowing that there was a person under her feet the entire


:::::Later, after Karina is off work, and arrives at home::::::

After Karina walked in, she immediantly grabbed an extra set of

clothes, took off her shoes in the hallway , and showered.

But, she had no idea that someone was in the hallway, our main

character, Carlos.

Carlos was beginning to get very claustrophobic in the groove of

Karina's shoe, and he had to find a way out. Jiggling his way out

seemed the best approach.

After what seemed an eternity, he was finally able to get out, but he

was not anticipating the long fall to the floor, as the shoe was on

it's side.

Carlos hit the ground hard, but he was not hurt. He got up and looked

again at his surroundings.

The floor seemed to be made from hardwood... that's funny, his

apartment was carpeted... He guessed it varied from apartment to

apartment. There seemed to be what looked like an earring about what

seemed a mile away. He looked up at the colossal shoe, from which he

was stuck under. It seemed to be as tall as two skyscrapers.. and it

was just on it's side! From the distance he could hear running

water.. a shower? Yes, Karina was taking a shower, he knew that. He

also knew that he had to get to the side of the walls so she doesn't

step on him again. From where he was, the middle of the floor, it

seemed a ways off. About equivalent to two miles.

Suddenly, he heard the shower go off. He had to move - now.

Carlos broke into a run to the wall, but it was so far away... He was

only halfway towards the earring. Before he knew it, Karina was out

of the bathroom.

For the first time, Carlos got a good view of Karina in his current

state. She was taller that he could fathom. Now she was dressed in a

short, black skirt and a white top. He looked towards her feet, which

were bare. Her toenails were painted a very dark red/ brownish color.

He would have found her figure sexy, if it wasn't as tall as 2

mountains stacked on top of each other.

Carlos looked up to her face, which was very beautiful, but was

looking at him... His heart sank in fear, because if she stepped on

him again, he wouldn't survive Now that she was barefoot.

She took a step towards him. And another. Carlos was so scared he had

no idea that he peed his pants. Finally, her foot stopped right in

front of him. To Carlos' surprise, she bent down and grabbed the

earring! She didn't see him at all.

Carlos thought that this would be the best time to scream, but before

he knew it, she was already walking away.

So now that Karina was gone, Carlos' journey to the wall once again

commenced. It took a very long time for him... being only about 1/8

of an inch tall. Eventually he did, and made his way along the wall.


After house of walking carlos reached... a big white room. He had to

look around for a while to figure out where he was. Then it hit

hit... A kitchen! He saw to his right a huge table.

' Damn fool, my ass is pretty hungry.' He thought to himself. Of

course, he knew that there was no way he could get some at his

height, so he just sat down and thought for a bit. But as soon as he

sat down, he heard a door open in the distance. And a familiar


' Hi Caluna!' Carlos heard Karina say far off. He completely forgot

about her... She was the Indian girl! The really hot one! Well, it

was no matter to him now, he was a bit.. short coming in the sexual

department right now...

He then saw her walk into the kitchen from the hallway and sit down

at the table.. it seemed she was writing something. He decided it was

time to scream for help. He ran as fast as he could to the table...

But a quarter of the way through, he became fatigued and had to sit.

At least he could admire her from here... she was quite hot. He saw

that her sandals, the tan ones, now lay at the mouth of the hallway.

They were equally as big as Karina's shoes... He wondered where she


After Carlos regained his energy, he got up and began walking. And at

the same time, Caluna got up as well.

:::A bit earlier:::

Caluna, while visiting her friend jamie, was asked by her to fill out

some form that registered as a reference for her new employer, as she

used to work with her. She agreed, and stuck it in her purse.

Later that night, she came home, and went to the kitchen, a quite

place, to fill out Jamie's form. But there was a question that

confused her a bit and went to the phone to call jamie.

As she walked towards the phone, She noticed an ant on the floor.

Caluna feels the same way about ants as Karina does... she hates


Caluna yelled to Karina,

' Karina?'


Yes hon?'She Karina replied.


Have you seen a lot of ants in the apartment? There's one in here...'

Said Caluna

' Ummmm, yeah, I saw one earlier in the bathroom. I hope were not


' Damn, did you kill it?' asked Caluna.

' Yeah, I squished it with my feet.' Karina replied again.

' I'm going To do the same with this one. Make sure you step on these

ants.. the less the better.' Said Caluna.

Karina only said ' Alright', from the other room.

When Carlos heard Caluna say ' I'm Going To do the same with this

one' He immeadianly turned around and started running away. As he

ran, the floor around him was overshadowed. He stopped and looked up

to see the bottom of Caluna's bare foot descending upon him. As soon

as the soft, warm flesh of the ball of her foot hit him, be blacked


Caluna Dragged her foot across the floor to make sure it was

squished. Strangely enough, it just left a red smear.

Caluna grabbed the phone, and dialed Jamie's' number.

Giantess Stories: Karina and Caluna

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