Giantess Stories: Kathy was a high school senior at St

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Kathy was a high school senior at St. Monica's Boarding School for Girls in a

rural town in California about 50 miles outside of Santa Monica. Through her

three years at St. Monica's she was never really popular she just was in the

shadows of the other 1,563 girls who went to the school. It wasn't that she was

a loser nor that she wasn't pretty. She was a 5'8" 115 lb. blond with long

luscious legs and size C breasts. She had tried for years to get in good company

with the cheerleaders who were the popular girls of the school. But being so

uncoordinated she never was able to make the final cut. So Kathy was stuck

trying to become friends with the cheerleaders. She had on several occasions

managed to talk with the triplets on the team. The "triplets" ere actually a set

of twins and their live-in best friend. The twins were Courtney and Ally O'Brien

who were the only children of software tycoon Patrick O'Brien. The O'Brien twins

were 5'5" and 110 lbs. Courtney and Ally both had long curly blonde hair and

they both had possession of B sized breasts. Their live-in friend was Brittney

Gallan a 5'7" 113 lbs. Red head who also had a pair of killer C sized breasts.

She lived with the O'Brien twins after her deadbeat dad ran off with the twin's

mom while her mother was on her deathbed. Mr. O'Brien hurt by what had happened

took Brittney in and raised the girls as a single father. The three were

inseparable. The three practically lived by themselves since the O'Brien's

father was usually out of town on business so they had a huge beach side mansion

a mile from school where they would throw mammoth exclusive parties. Usually it

entailed the 10 cheerleaders, the girls basketball team, ballet club (as well as

being cheerleaders the triplets were also ballet dancers), and on rare occasions

guys from John Paul Jones Academy for Boys 50 miles north in Santa Monica. Well

this was the start of senior year for many of the girls and this year Kathy

vowed to become a member of the "In" crowd.

It was a Thursday morning Kathy was walking down the hall slowly while reading

from a copy of Robert Frost poems not looking where she was going when she

literally ran into Ally and Rachel Fuller a brunette cheerleader on the team.

When they collided Ally dropped all of the books she was carrying and Rachel

seemed to loose something that fell out of her shirt's pocket. Kathy started

helping Ally pick up her books while she saw out of the corner of her eye Rachel

scoop up what looked like a doll off the floor before Kathy could really look at


"Is that a doll?" Kathy asked quickly smiling.

"You could say that I guess." Rachel giggled staring at Ally.

"Hey Kathy I said we should run into each other sometime this morning but not

like this." Ally said smiling.

"I'm really sorry." Stammered Kathy feeling her social standing plummet once


"It's all right. As a matter of fact we were just talking about you. Brittney,

Courtney and I were just thinking what a great addition you could make to the

cheerleading squad this year. After all Courtney, Brittney, and I are

co-captains this year." Ally said her gaze penetrating deep into Kathy's eyes.

"Really I didn't know that you guys were co-captains this year," Kathy lied "But

I would like to be part of the team this year."

"Well then we're having a little get together at my house this afternoon we'd

love for you to come. If you need a ride I'll be glad to give you one, unless

you have a problem riding in hot pink convertibles?"

"No, No problem." Kathy said hardly believing her ears.

"Great just meet us after school in the parking lot. I'll see you later I have

biology with Sr. Margaret Mary." Ally said waving to Kathy. Rachel then gripped

Ally's arm whispered something in her ear and they both started giggling.

Kathy changed out of her uniform and into a tight white cutoff sweater and some

leather pants and high heels she wanted to look cool for the other cheerleaders.

She then walked outside to see the pink convertible parked outside as if it were

a magical chariot that was about to whisk Kathy away to a new social group. She

climbed into the front seat next to Ally who was wearing the same tight leather

pants and a turquoise top and dark sunglasses. The twins received the car on

their 18th birthday and Mr. O'Brien gave Brittney a pink convertible for her

18th birthday a month later.

"Wow Kathy I love your sweater." Brittney said.

"And look at her pants it's like we're twins." Ally said.

"Maybe they should call us the quintuplets now." Courtney said laughing.

When they got to the house they were greeted by Sarah Dillen a knockout blonde

at 5'3" 120 lbs. and huge breasts and Amy Quillin a girl who has been described

as light-brown haired goddess standing at 5'10 with long brown haired curls and

breasts that would put most women to shame. The three cheerleaders told the

three girls to go downstairs into the room in the basement and they would be

downstairs with them in just a minute. The three would be cheerleaders walked

down the winding staircase into a modestly sized room where they sat on several

beanbag chairs and talked for awhile suddenly they saw a bright flash and then

everything went dark. When they came to they saw a huge cream colored object on

either side of them. The object moved a little bit and then they gasped. They

were looking at a massive foot that stretched up into a creamy white calve

towards a short skirt and up higher towards twin mountains. There in between

those twin mountains appeared the gigantic face of Courtney. Suddenly they saw

in horror as Brittney and Ally appeared behind Courtney who knelt down toward

the shrunken girls. The cheerleaders were all smiling as huge giantesses at

least 60' in height. They were all standing except for Rachel who was sitting

down on a massive chair with what appeared to be a shrunken woman on her lap,

which she stroked gently. "Well you wanted to be a part of the team." Rachel


"Girls pick up your new pets remember only the girl that you selected to come."

Courtney said as she reached down and plucked Sarah out of the three shrunken

women and brought her to her chest. All the girls reached down and picked up

their dolls as they began to run from their giant captors towards the safety of

the corner of the room. Brittney's foot slammed down on the floor right in front

of Amy causing little Amy to run smack dab into the huge foot. Amy was then

scooped up by Brittney and immediately placed in between the massive blonde's

breasts. Amiss the screaming from Amy and Sarah, Kathy suddenly felt her body

leave the ground as she saw her torso held in the massive right hand of Ally.

Ally brought Kathy up to her breasts and smiled down at her. Rachel then left

with an odd looking laser-machine leaving Courtney, Brittney, Ally, Kathy, Amy,

and Sarah alone in the house. Ally carried Kathy into her bedroom and lay back

on her bed with Kathy still in her palm. She set Kathy down on her left breast

and regarded her shrunken captive.

"What did you do to me?" Kathy asked in a tiny squeaky voice.

"I've shrunken you to about 6" tall."

"How!? Change me back!"

"Sorry Kath no can do." Ally answered "The effects are permanent but I can tell

you how we did it. Rachel's dad works for my dad and came across a way to

somehow shrink ordinary objects then one day at the lab Rachel's dad's lab

assistant got in front of the beam of the machine and she was shrunk. Rachel

happened to be at the lab that day and saw what happened. She was the only one

and she took her home with her. She still has her. She came upon the suggestion

that the captains each shrink a girl to be our personal pet to keep and possibly

share with the rest of the squad. I chose you because you are just so beautiful

and sexy. Well now you know the past let's focus on current events. Strip!"

"Excuse me?"

"Well you're my pet and I think it would be better if you were naked now strip!

Or do I have to do it for you. Ally said as her hands appeared on either side of

Kathy. Kathy stood up on the firm tit sinking a little bit as she took off her

sweater and pants leaving her in just her bra and panties.

"All the way." Commanded Ally as Kathy took off her underwear and tossed in the

pile of clothes. Ally scooped up the pile of clothes and set it on her tongue

she winked at Kathy and then swallowed the pile whole licking her lips. "Mmmm.

Tasty." She said with a smile.

"Put this on." Ally said handing Kathy a small box barely bigger than her pinkie

nail. Kathy opened the box spying a shrunken blue dog collar, which she

helplessly put around her neck. She stared up at Ally helplessly saddened by her

new fate.

"Oh it won't be that bad we'll have fun like this." Ally said bringing Kathy to

her huge face. She licked her lips and then brought Kathy to her lips and

opening her mouth she slid Kathy inside. Kathy felt Ally's lips clamp down her

leaving only stomach and upper body hanging outside of Ally's mouth. Her small

feet kicked at Ally's tongue as it assaulted her body. Kathy held her legs

together with all her might but the massive tongue slipped easily between the

legs separating them allowing her to taste Kathy's miniature pussy. The tongue

struck Kathy's clit causing her an amazing new pleasure sensation. The tongue

rubbed up and down both legs and then massaged Kathy's pussy. Ally slipped her

hand down the front of her pants and began fingering herself. Suddenly Kathy

climaxed arching her back and squirming kicking Ally's tongue a couple of times

until it subsided. That caused Ally to climax allowing her juices to trickle

down her hand. She took Kathy out of her mouth and then wiped her cum across

Kathy's front starting at her belly up to her breasts.

"Now you are marked my pet. You are now truly mine. Of course I will have to

share you probably with my sisters. You understand don't you? I mean sisters

share everything."

Kathy nodded slowly as she fell asleep right there in Ally's hand. Ally propped

Kathy up with her thumb so she was in a sitting position on her hand with both

legs dangling off the sides. She marveled at how light the small girl was

weighing less than a pound and her skin was so soft and smooth. The warmth

generated from her skin when Ally rubbed a finger across was delightful. Ally

used her free hand and squeezed both of Kathy's now diminutive breasts causing

her to moan softly. "My dream come true," Ally thought "To own something so very

beautiful and one that hardly anyone else has." Ally set Kathy on her pillow and

went to do her homework.

When Kathy woke up the next morning she found herself lying between two mammoth

breasts that both dwarfed the shrunken Kathy. They were huge and pillow-soft as

she climbed up Ally's bra onto the huge tit to gaze across the landscape of the

giant woman. She turned towards Ally's face and seeing that she was awake she

felt scared. Ally was beaming down on her with a huge smile. Ally picked Kathy

up and took her to the bathroom where she set her on the soapdish in the shower.

Then Ally began taking off her bra allowing her massive cleavage to spring free.

Kathy was shocked to see Ally stripping naked right in front of her eyes but she

then realized that she in her shrunken state was no more than a pet to gigantic

Ally. Ally stepped into the shower turned on the water and then scooped Kathy up

into her hand and clutched her pet to her breasts while standing underneath the

hot shower. Ally soaped up body as well as Kathy's and then stepped under the

powerful jet of the shower.

When they were done showering Ally carried Kathy down into the kitchen where

they joined Courtney, Brittney, Amy, and Sarah. Ally sat Kathy down on the table

then Amy and Sarah all ran towards each other. All three naked girls hugged each

other close in a ball of feminine flesh and breasts. Brittney smiled at the ball

of girls and reached out and pinched one of their asses causing them to squeal

and move in closer. The three giantesses were eating strawberry jam and toast.

Ally picked up a piece of toast and spread jam on the top, she then had a funny

look in her eye and she picked up Kathy and sat her on the piece of toast and

then took the knife and spread the jelly over the bread and her. Amy and Sarah

were shouting at Ally to leave Kathy alone. But all Ally did was lick the jelly

off Kathy's skin carefully causing Kathy to once again moan in pleasure. The

giantesses then fed the tiny girls by dropping them all in the jar of jam where

they playfully ate their fill. When they were done they were washed off in the


"Hey Ally do mind if I borrowed Kathy I have a 'special need'?" asked Courtney.

"Sure go ahead but I need her in gym class OK and be careful." Ally said handing

Kathy to her twin sister.

Courtney carried Sarah and Kathy into her bedroom where she put on her uniform

except her shoes.

"You see gals I broke part of my left foot last year and it needs attention but

I'm afraid my other foot might feel lonely if it doesn't have a companion so..."

Courtney said smiling playfully while rubbing Sarah's and Kathy's breasts. She

then dropped each into an Adidas tennis shoe. Kathy landed on her stomach turned

over only to see Courtney's large pink colored toenails coming towards her. She

felt herself being covered by Courtney's soft foot with her head and torso

sticking out between Courtney's large toes. Kathy felt her breasts being

squeezed by Courtney's toes. "Get licking down there ladies!" Courtney

commanded. Kathy started licking the soft flesh of Courtney's toes which had a

salty taste not unpleasant but not good either. She found she could breath a

little bit through the small air holes in the sneaker but mostly the air was

still mostly contaminated with the must of Courtney's feet. Suddenly she felt

herself rise up and then plummet as Courtney walked. Kathy couldn't believe all

the dynamics that went into walking as Courtney and the others went to school.

At school the cheerleaders calmed the other students by spreading rumors of the

three missing girls saying that they were going to run away back home. To verify

their claims Rachel had already taken all the belongings out of the now shrunken

girls making it appear that the rumors were true. Kathy could even hear people

talking about her disappearance with Courtney. Courtney always said that Kathy

would turn up somewhere and give Kathy a playful squeeze with her toes. Kathy

found herself in an unpleasant situation with the foot musk overtaking the air

in the shoe and the foot sweat covering her body it felt like an eternity of

classes before third period. Gym class. This was one of the few classes that

Kathy shared with the twins when she was normal sized. Suddenly Courtney's foot

was removed from the shoe and Kathy climbed towards the opening in the shoe only

to see Ally and Courtney smiling down at her.

"Did you have fun?" asked Ally smiling down at little Kathy.

"I'm sure she did." Courtney replied flexing her toes above Kathy's head and

winking down at her. Courtney then reached down with her foot and picked Kathy

up between her toes and held her up and then handed her off into Ally's waiting

hands. Ally brought Kathy up to her chest and then leaned over and licked her

twin sister's foot slowly as Courtney moaned softly. Ally placed Kathy on the

bench and grabbed Courtney's foot and began licking the top all the way down to

the sole. Coutrtney closed her eyes moaning "Not now. Later!" and then the

licking stopped. Ally and Courtney glanced around seeing that no one was there

slowly got into their gym clothes. Ally put on a sportsbra and a red and blue

sleeveless T-shirt that read "St. Monica's Cheerleading Captain". She then

pulled on some short shorts and put on her shoes. Ally then grabbed Kathy and

placed her and Sarah gently in her locker on the top shelf in the cup of her bra

and shut the door as she ran off to gym glass. Knowing that today they were

playing basketball Kathy felt like Ally cared for her not to carry her onto such

a dangerous situation where she could get crushed.

Kathy and Sarah were alone in the locker gripping each other close to keep warm

in the massive locker. They were bored waiting for the 45 minute class to be

over so they began exploring the top shelf of the locker. They found personal

objects of all kinds and briefly just admired how small they now were next to

ordinary everyday items. They then went back and sat in the cup of the lacy blue


"So what happened with you and Courtney last night?" Kathy asked breaking the


"She sucked on my tits then used me as a dildo. It wasn't that pleasant. What

about you?"

"Ally licked me off. She's been nice to me."

"Courtney has been pretty nice to us too. Except for the shoe part."

"Yeah that was pretty uncomfortable. Gosh I hope Amy's OK."

Suddenly the door opened and the two women were greeted by Ally's smiling face.

She removed her top and sports bra showing off her huge tits to the shrunken


"You like them?" she asked cupping her hands under the huge tits "You gals might

be able to climb mount Ally tonight." She laughed. She quickly shoed the girls

out of her bra and put it on. After she was fully dressed she picked up Kathy

and placed her in-between her breasts that were securely held by the massive

breasts. Kathy found she couldn't really move because of the weight of the huge

boobs holding her in place. Kathy felt the firm boob give way a little every

time she moved causing her thrashing arms and legs sink into the tit. Ally put

on her uniform shirt hiding the miniature Kathy from sight. Every step that Ally

took shook Kathy and caused her massive cleavage to rub all over the nude body

of the doll-woman. Kathy could only really breathe whenever Ally took a breath,

Kathy felt so safe and secure within the cheerleader's cleavage. The warmth was

unimaginable and the soothing heartbeat was almost hypnotic.

Lunchtime arrived and Kathy saw Ally's massive hand reach into the shirt and

separated the cleavage apart and grab a hold of Kathy and set her on what

appeared to be a massive bench inside the locker room where no one was around.

Once she was set down on the hard bench she saw Brittney, Courtney and Ally

smiling down on her while Sarah and Amy sat on a huge sandwich munching away.

Ally picked up Kathy and set her on the sandwich with the two other shrunken

women while the giantesses munched on their own sandwiches. Kathy almost envied

the two other girls for they had only had been stripped of their clothes, their

mistresses' did not force them to where a degrading dog collar around their

neck. She glanced at Amy's legs which were held in the same pair of nylons and

high heels she wore when she came to the house. It wasn't much but at least she

was able to wear clothing. Then again she felt really bad for Sarah who was now

"owned" by Courtney who probably had her share of shameful acts to fulfill for

her giant mistress. When the shrunken women had finished eating they saw that

they hadn't even consumed half of the sandwich which was then divided among the

three giantesses. The giantesses hadn't finished the entirety of their lunches

when Brittney said; "We need some live entertainment." She picked up Amy and set

her on her bare thigh and stroked the miniature girl with her gently with her

free hand.

"I know!" Courtney said "Sarah, Kathy start making out."

Kathy was horrified. Ally was actually ordering her to make out with her friend.

Ally picked up both girls onto her palm and raised them up to her huge face.

Courtney and Brittney moved in closer to get a better look at the shrunken


"Girls you don't seem to understand. When I tell you to do something you answer

by saying 'yes mistress'. If you don't I promise to crush you underneath my

foot." Ally said smiling down at the little women.

"That goes the same for me." Courtney said.

Now both of the shrunken women knew that the two giantesses wouldn't kill them

but the threat still made the point of how incredibly fragile they now were.

Sarah grabbed Kathy's face in her hands and began French-kissing her friends.

Kathy responded to her friend's tongue in her mouth by fondling her friend's

breasts. There they were making out in Ally's huge palm being watched by their

three giant captors.

"I can't see too well." Brittney stated. Ally laid the two women on the bench

and they all crowded around the couple as the rubbed their pussies against each

other rubbing, licking, and kissing each other's breasts. Brittney placed Amy

onto the bench and ordered her to join in the orgy so Amy walked up to the pile

of women and grabbed Sarah's head and forced her to lick her cunt while she

grabbed Kathy and started licking her breasts. The thrashing and moaning from

the shrunken women was exciting the giantesses. The pile of women-flesh rubbing

sensually against each other began rolling and rolled underneath Ally's skirt

until they ran into the giantess's crotch. Ally carefully scooped up the

shrunken orgy's participants and laid them out onto the bench once again. Thy

traded positions and partners until they were interrupted by the sound of the

huge bell. The giantesses stood up and gathered their things while the shrunken

women continued their sexual orgy determined to drive the other to orgasm.

"Break it up, break it up." Courtney said pinching the tiny shrunken rear the

poked out of the pile causing Amy to squeal. Each giantess scooped up their pet

and walked out of class. Before she left the locker room Ally brought the little

doll up to her lips and licked and kissed her pet's breasts and said: "I love

you little one. You were great." and stuck Kathy once again between her cleavage

and walked off to class smiling as her little doll began happily licking the

sides of her captor's mammoth breasts without even being told to. Ally walked

down the hall carefully squeezing her breasts together against the soft skin of

her little captive.

Giantess Stories: Kathy was a high school senior at St

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