Giantess Stories: Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk  By  The Human Pen    A new craze was sweeping the country and terrifying the men of the world

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Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk


The Human Pen

A new craze was sweeping the country and terrifying the men of the world. A new

shrinking technology has been put into the court system. Now if you commit a

crime you are shrunk down and then committed to a sentence. This left the males

of the world dwindling in size and number.

I was a good teacher. I taught the 6th grade.I mean I was strict yet fair. I

enforced the rules and was stickler for them but rules were meant to be

followed. I was raised by strict parents who thought that way and I guess it

just rubbed off on me.

The entire story starts on a Friday. We just had a major test Wednesday and the

students got them back today. One of my students Katie was quite upset with her

scores but fair is fair.

'Mr. Littlestar I don't agree with my test score.'

'Well you got what you deserved I'm sorry.'

'I want a C it's not fair that you failed me!'

That night I went home and started making some macaroni and cheese when there

was a knock at the door.


I looked over at my computer and then at the door and I knew that I didn't have

time too shut it off so I ran to the door leaving my Nude Jamie Lynn Spears

picture on screen.

The moment I opened the door I was tackled to the ground and cuffed. The FBI

began searching through my apartment. The first thing they saw was my computer

and 12 year old Jamie Lynn Spears on the screen in all her glory.

'You fucking sicko! You are a rapist aren't you!'

'A what? No, you got the wrong guy'

'You are under arrest for the raping of Katie Larson.'

The case went through the courts quickly and the judge showed me no mercy. Katie

Larson put up quite a show. She had tears and all. The sympathy of the people

were on her side. I knew I couldn't compete.

'Ken Littlestar you are sentenced too life as the trinket of Katie Larson.'

My life past before my eyes. I remember this rich brat crushing many a trinkets

on my floor. After class there would only be the remains that janitor would have

to pick up. I didn't want to end up the property of this brat so I took off

running. I had barely made it 3 steps when I was engulfed by the Shrinkalizer.

My body began to dwindle smaller and smaller. I then saw Andrea standing over


'By the power entrusted in me by the state of ohio, I remove all rights of

citizenship from Ken Littlestar. He is now the exclusive property of Katie


I could only scream as my life flash before my eyes. I had been made subhuman by

this rich brat. She pulled her foot out of her Sketcher. A massive smirk crossed

her young 12 year old face. I already knew what was coming. My now

indestructible body went into a state of freefall with her shoe growing closer

and closer by the moment. I impacted the insole with a firm squish like falling

on a sponge. I could hear the entire court room erupt in laughter at my plight

and there so called justice. I looked up to see her dark black cotton sock

coming towards the sketcher. I ran off towards the toe section of the shoe. I

kept looking back to see where her foot was and each time it was closer and

closer. I could swear that I can hear the jaws music playing as her foot stalks

me like a lion does it prey.

Her foot finally passed over me and stopped a few moments later. My face was

pressed up against the black cotton sock. I could see her baby toe resting on my

face. The shoe began to rise up into the air then with a deafening force I was

slammed against the earth. Her foot pressed me into the insole. I could feel her

sweat pouring over my body now weak yet unbreakable body. I wanted to scream as

I felt her foot began to manipulate my body. Each step she would take her she

would squish my body against her foot rubbing the sweaty cotton sock along my

body ripping my clothes to shreds. The weight of her foot had me utterly pinned

beneath her. I wanted to cry as I learned that all this was just one step. She

would keep repeating process over and over again with every step. I could feel

her sweat clinging to my foot.

'Katie, Katie Larson, hi this is Mike Simpson of CNN news. How does it feel to

this all behind you and finally able to move on.'

'I am just so happy justice was served and no one else has to go through what I

did. One more criminal is off the streets thanks to United States of America

Justice system.'

My voice is completely muffled out by her foot. As time passed by I concentrated

solely on breathing and trying to get as comfortable as possible as opposed to

escape as I know that there is none. I am now a slave to Katie Larson.

'I think I am gonna go on a jog before I go home'

As she began to run everything happened quicker and quicker. It felt like

someone turned on a water faucet of sweat as I could no longer stop it from

entering my mouth. I just couldn't seem to hold my lips tight enough. Her warm,

sticky sweat ran across my tongue which made me gag so my mouth would open up

wide which only let more of her nasty sweat slide down my throat. I felt sick

and each passing moment I would only feel sicker.

By the time she made it home and into her room I was a mess. I could hear her

sit down and began to dangle her foot. She tilted her shoe enough so I slid down

the sweaty insole into the heel section. The vinegar smell wasn't nearly as

strong down here but still in full force. Katie began press the heel section

away from her foot and then let it slap back against her heel. I would feel

myself being ripped off of her sweaty, grimy sock and fresh clean air would

enter my lungs and cool my hot body as her shoe felt like it was hundreds of

degrees. I welcomed the cool air but then as the shoe snapped back against her

heel all the clean, fresh, pure air was ripped from my body and upon impact and

I breathed in the raunchy air. The air of her shoe almost pained my lungs to

breathe in. Her sweat would cascade across my body sealing me too her sock then

I would be painfully ripped off of her sock as she pushed the heel end away from

the shoe. This went on for quite sometime until finally I saw the smiling face

of Katie appear above me.

'Hi Mr. Littlestar or I guess Littleshit as you are known from this day forth.

We are going to have so much fun.'

'Why did you do this to me'

'I told you. You would be sorry for that test and I bet you are. You're mine

forever and ever and ever and ever!!!'

I wanted to cry as she peeled me out of her shoe and dropped me on her silky

smooth carpet. Just by the feel of carpet I knew her family must have been

loaded. I rolled over onto my back to see the Godzilla sized Katie standing in

front of me. She raised her foot about me and I began to run not wanting to be

trapped back under her sock but I was much to slow. Using her full power she

slammed her foot on top of me completely engulfing me. My body began to crack

and break. It felt like every part of me was being crushed. I thought I was

indestructible!! I didn't want to die like this. I just felt my self further

break and then her foot was pulled off of me.

'Hehehe, I heard your little bones break. I wonder how long it will take them to

heal back. Oh well who cares lets play some more'

I was scooped up in her hands and carried down the hall going through a series

of corridors till we entered a room with all wood floors. She dropped me in a

pair of what looked like tap shoes. My body painfully crunched as she dropped me

from what felt like 100's of feet to me. Almost instantaneously I saw the same

sweaty sock as before above me. It began to lower towards me and my body

quivered and shrieked with fear. The sweat was now damp and cold. My body

shivered as her freezing cold foot, and sweat ran over me. I heard some music

start on and she began to practice her taps. The sound was deafening to me. It

was like my ears pressed up against the speakers of a Korn concert. My ear drums

were painfully ringing and her foot was growing hotter and hotter. The musty

smell of before began to return gradually getting worse and worse. My arms and

limbs began to get caught in the woven sock and were pressed against her bare


As Katie went to pull her feet out my arms and legs were stuck in the tiny holes

of her sock. I screamed for her to take me off but I don't think she heard or

saw me. As she slammed her foot against the hardwood floor I could hear her tilt

the shoe expecting me to drop out.

'Where did you go? I know you couldn't have escaped? Hmmm'

I then felt her lift her foot up and tilt it so she could see the bottom of her

foot. A squeal of delight rang through the air

'There you are LittleShit! I knew you loved my feet your just giving them a big

ol hug aren't you. Well lets go back to my room and play some more.'

Without even bothering to take me off her sock she walked down the hallway with

her every step pounding my already broken body to near pieces. I was crying like

a baby unable to take the pain anymore as she made it to her room and laid down

on her bed. She easily pulled me off her sock and dropped into her the same

sketcher I was in earlier. A few moments later she plunged her sock in trapping

me beneath her sock in her shoe.

'I think you have detention till morning. If you're good I may let you out and

come to school with me.'

It was a long night and morning didn't come soon enough. I knew that katie had

gotten up earlier but I didn't even care how long I been in here when I felt the

smelly now freezing cold sock being pulled off of me. Without a thought She

picked me up and shoved me against her ass. A moment later she pulled her

panties up. She pulled up some really tight pants and walked of the room

happily. I screamed for all my life was worth but nothing. The smell of bacon

and eggs entered as I knew she must have been in the kitchen. With her every

step I could feel the suction of her ass pulling me in but luckily I have been

able to resist but as I feel her ass start to lower I scream for Katie to stop

as I know what is about to happen. The second she makes contact with the wood

seat I am shot into Katie's ass. You can only scream as you pressed deeper and

deeper in and finally deposited in her rectum. You push against he walls of her

ass but your hands come back covered in slimy disgustingly scented gunk. Knowing

you don't have much a choice you press with all your might against the walls but

you don't have the power to move her mighty ass walls. The smell is intense as

you sealed in 12 year old Katie's ass. You can only hear muffled voices as she

talks to her family. Finally finishing you expect her to take you out but you

faintly hear her yell goodbye to her mom and run out towards the bus.

'Hey Katie, what did you do with Mr. Littlestar?'

'Oh you mean Littleshit. We played………………'

'Really, all that! You're so mean'

'What can I say? I'm a bitch'

'HAHA yeah'

Her walls grew sticker and sticker and I heard a low rumble coming from her

intestine. I frantically pounded against Katie's but nothing was working. I

could only hear her continue talk while trying to stifle giggles. You then began

to get jostled around being shot against her slimy walls of her intestine. The

bell rings and you feel Katie plop down in her seat. You can hardly believe you

are stuck in a intestine.

'Hi Class, Since Mr. Littlestar's accident I am going to take over since I was

his student teacher.'

'No, hell no, there is no way that College bitch Ms. Simmons is gonna take my


'That is when the low rumble began to get louder and louder'

'Ms. Simmons may I go to the bathroom it's a emergency'

'Alright but make it quick Katie'

I was once again thrown against the slimy intestine walls. I looked back to see

a gigantic shit coming towards me. I began to run as best I could to the

furthest wall. As I ran the once closed wall began to open up. I felt my self

being pulled outward. What's going on is all I could think. The pink walls of

Katie's anus came into view and I was shot into some cold water. I looked up and

began treading water as I saw mammoth tonnage of shit splash into water again

and again. By the time it was all said and done the murky brown waters which I

was in began to make me feel more and more humiliation. I looked up to see wads

of toilet paper began to cover the waters. I clung to one of them looking up at

the now standing Katie Larson.

'I think this is exactly what you deserve Little K. That can be your new name

for your last few moments with me. Little K for little Ken. I think you can just

stay there and if your still here at the end of the day I may take you out no ,

no I wont. Bye bye'


She was already gone and not to much later I saw a student walk in. I tried

yelling to her but she just looked at me in an uncaring sort of way.

'Your damn trinkets are everywhere. That's just gross.'

I saw her press the handle in and the whirlpool began to pull me under. I was

shot through the pipe works not knowing where I was going or where I would end

up. I just knew that it wouldn't be good.

The End



Giantess Stories: Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk  By  The Human Pen    A new craze was sweeping the country and terrifying the men of the world

A new craze was sweeping the country and terrifying the men of the world. A new The Human Pen The Human Pen By By Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk Ken Littlest



Giantess Stories: Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk  By  The Human Pen    A new craze was sweeping the country and terrifying the men of the world

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Giantess Stories: Ken Littlestar Gets Shrunk  By  The Human Pen    A new craze was sweeping the country and terrifying the men of the world

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