Giantess Stories: KERI Sent by Banfield     Matt awoke to find himself in a jam jar

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Matt awoke to find himself in a jam jar. He was still pretty groggy but quickly

realised what had happened to him. Not only was he imprisoned in a jar but also

naked and, what was worse still, he was only 4 inches tall! It was morning and he

was still in Keri's bedroom, that lovely, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl who, in

his and most other boys, promoted very strong sexual motives...merely by her

looks and the way she dressed and teased.

He found it impossible to get out of the jar because it had a srew-top, but

fortunately was perforated to allow him to breathe. He had only been out with

her once, and at the end of the date, had tried to feel her nice firm breasts,

but she wasn't having it. Her refusal to allow him to touch her up really

infuri- ated him and made him frustrated. She always gave the impression of

being "easy", and the way she flaunted herself...well, all for it. All the chaps

thought that, but then, when he thought he was going to be the first, it really

riled him.

'Oh, all right then, you stuck-up cow, so you're just a bloody prick-teaser!' he

ranted. Keri only smiled:

'See you tomorrow, then?'

'Not bloody likely!' he growled, and sloped off.

Keri asked him to see her the following evening after school. He agreed but

decided he'd tell her he was going out with another girl who wasn't so chaste as

her. Not as good-looking, but still sexy.

Keri was upset and angry, like any girl would be. It's all right if a girl packs

a boy up, but if it's the other way round....well.

As he was about to leave, Keri began reciting a strange passage from a book she

had on her bedside table. As she spoke he remembered feeling queer, lightheaded,

and then he blacked out. Matt didn't know she was into Black Magic, so it was a

shock to find himself under a mysterious spell that caused him to shrink!

Matt examined his glass prison and could see there was no way of escape. He

looked around the room but the girl was nowhere to be seen. He was alarmed and

amazed how everything was so huge, how enormously different everything looked

from his new perspective. The bedroom wasn't all that big before, but now it

appeared gigantic, and the furniture likewise. As he was taking in his

frightening environment he suddenly felt the jar shudder, only slightly, but to

him it was as if there was an earth- quake. The vibrations were caused by Keri

coming into the room. He stared with mixed feelings.

She was wearing a tiny, pink-string bikini that revealed her figure

astoundingly, especially her mid- riff. Her belly-buttom in particular set in

the centre of her gently undulated abdomen. Her pert breasts seemed to be

bursting from the tiny cups of the top-piece. Her waist was narrow and her hips

so curvaceous as they dropped to her long slender legs. He had never seen her

like that before, but also he'd never seen her huge either! From his viewpoint

and miniscule size she looked like a monstrous giantess. He'd seen such

phenomina in fairy-tale books, but nothing so bewilderingly sensuous. So he

found himself struggling with two emotions - one of abject fear, and the other

of sexual excitement.

'Hello, Matt,' she said, her voice sounding like a series of thunder-claps, 'How

do you like your new size? I was really mad last night when you told me you

didn't want to go out with me anymore, just because I wouldn't let you muck

about with me like that. Well, you're the very first boy I've ever shrunk. It's

terrific and a super thrill.' She could see that he was trying to say something

but his voice only came to her pretty ears in a piping sound...because of his

size and the confines of the jam jar.

'Don't bother, Matt. I can't hear you anway. 'Sides, I don't want to, so there.

I was awake all last night thinking about what I can do about you. Your mum's

been 'phoning around to find out where you've got to. My mum told her you left

quite early so I 'spose they're out there searching for you...' She gave a

light, tinkling laugh. 'Anyway, I thought at first I ought to bring you back to

your normal size, but I can't do that now. You'd tell everybody and they'd know

about my spell.... Then I could keep you for ever and my little

prisoner...make you my little slave, and I could play with you every night doing

lots of naughty things...' She smiled at him knowingly, a look of girlish

seduction on her face, 'But my mum might find you and that'll spoil everything

as well. I know you've been wanting to do things with know, get into my

knickers and that. So, really, I 'spose you only wanted me for one thing, like

all the boys...' She giggled again. 'I 'spose that girl you were going to see is

easy, eh? Well, that's tough. You won't be getting in her knicks, not ever. Have

you wondered...I expect you have...what it'd be like in mine? Well, Matt, I'm

going to let you see, but not yet. Later, afterwards, then I 'spose I'll get rid

of you when I feel like it. Want to know how?' Her smile widened shewing her

strong, white teeth. To his terror she began licking her lips and running her

hands over her bare belly.

Matt stared at her, catching every movement from her lips to her stomach through

the glass holding him imprisoned and at her mercy. He guessed what she was

implying. It was so blatantly obvious.

'No, Keri, not that! You can't! You won't get away with it!' Keri must have just

heard his squeaky voice: 'Yes, Matt, you're right. I'm really going to eat you

up, but not before I play with you a bit...shew you what you wanted to feel and

where you wanted to stick that thing into...' She demonstrated the action by

moving her hand down from her belly to the tiny gusset of her bikini and touched

the mound beneath the flimsy material. Matt gaped. It was too much for his young

mind to really comprehend or appreciate, byt he felt his manhood stir and

quickly put his hands down there to cover his embarrass- ment. 'It'll be such

fun for me,' she continued in a soft, silky tone which comes so naturally to

girls, 'I'll do anything I like and only we would know about it, but it won't

matter to you, 'cause I'm going to kill you after...gobble you up. Might just

swallow you in one piece, or I might bite you up bit by little bit....' She

thought for a moment, considering something. 'Hmm...yes, probably will swallow

you and feel you all struggling as you go down into my tummy... Look, I'm going

out onto the patio. Going to sunbathe for abit. I'll be back and have a little

game with you, and then...' She grinned and licked her lips suggestively, her

devious, evil thoughts such a vast contrast to her young, attractive face.

Matt could stare as she moved to the door. He gazed at her delightful behind,

the seat of her bikini settling tight and snug between those delicious-looking

cheeks that resembled ripe peaches yet were gently tanned; but such aesthetics

were far from his mind. 'Keri!' he screamed as she disappeared, the door closing

behind her.

Matt was in a terrible state. He couldn't believe he was so small, nor that such

a girl, so awfully pretty, could even think about those dreadful things...about

playing with him, about eating him! Was this just a fantastic dream, a

nightmare? He had really fancied that girl, had dreamed about her, fantasised

making love, feeling those darling buds of hers which she had teasingly flaunted

but never bared of course. All the things he had imagined doing to her, she will

be doing to him! But what was more awful, she said she was going to.... Oh no,

surely not, not bite me up, maybe swallow me! Be in her stomach! Tears began to

flow as his imagination hurtled from corner to corner of his feverish mind.

The time went swiftly by. He heard the girl's footfalls on the stairs. He

desperately reached up to remove the metal lid of the jar but was unsuccessful.

It was a screw-lid and too tight to turn. Keri looked down at him, picked up the

jar and grinned at him wolfishly. The torment was about to begin. To his

surprise, a mixture of fear and excitement, she slowly drew one of the cups of

her bikini-top down to expose her firm, medium-sized breasts. Immediately he

could see that she regualarly sunbathed topless, for the orb was as evenly

tanned as the rest of her exposed body.

'You like?' she asked, touching the pink nipple with the tip of her

index-finger. Unaware of the cause, Matt saw that the nub was filling out losing

its crinkled surface. 'Hmm...I bet you really wanted to get your grubby hands on

these, didn't you?' she asked archly. Her hand caressed the tempting orb

sensuously, and then, to exacerbate his emtions, she removed the other cup. She

placed the jar back onto the table and used both hands to fondle and caress her

young mammae. It came as no surprise that the boy's impression became revealed.

She giggled as his tiny penis came to attention. Matt quickly, blushingly hid it

under his hands. Keri then unclipped the bikini-top and threw onto her bed. 'I

bet you wanted to feel something else,' she murmured, and to his further

amazement, confused and bewildered, she untied the string at her side holding

the bottom half of her bikini.

Matt gave a stifled groan as the tiny garment was drawn aside and allowed to

drop down one long leg to fall in a small puddle at her foot. His eyes went from

the sparse, adolescent pubis to her face questioningly and returned in

fascination to her groin.

As though hypnotised, he gazed as she touched her plump labia, a pronounced

mound of mouthwatering fruit. For the inexperienced, naive youth, the sight

could only confuse him, his mind battled with distaste and the as-yet dormant

appreciation. He watched spellbound as she ran her finger-tip over the fatty

lips and then began entering the coral folds. First the closest knuckle then the

second disappeared into the fleshy slit and remained therein for a moment. When

she slowly withdrew the digit, it was covered with a layer of viscous fluid.

Matt let out a gasp: 'Keri,' he wimpered, 'please get me back to my normal size.

I promise I won't tell a soul. I'll never....' Keri merely smiled, partly

amused, partly sadistic. She reached out and carefully unscrewed the jar top.

'Keri?' he exclaimed hopefully. She grasped the jar and tilted it, catching him

in her other hand as he fell from his prison. He winced as she gripped him

tightly. The aroma on her finger wafted to his nostrils. His eyes bulged in

terror as she lifted him up to her smiling, pretty face. He stared fearfully at

her huge sweet lips, her nostrils and her big blue eyes.

'Please!' he shouted. In reply she merely licked her lips. So close was he that

he could feel her warm breath exuding from her mouth and nostrils. He then Tutankhamon exposicion

cringed in her fist when she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. It must

have been a frightening sight to look into her fearsome mouth and to see the

double row of glistening, pearly-white teeth. What was perhaps more terrifying

was the sudden sight of the dark hole right at the back of that cavern, waiting

there beyond the curving red tongue. For there he believed he would eventually

go, slipping slowly down that tunnel never to be seen or heard of again.

To some relief she lowered him down to one of her sweet buds, brushing his face

over the rubbery nub

'Go on then, suck it,' she ordered. He opened his wide and was just able to take

the nipple between his stretched lips. She giggled and sighed, pressing his face

tighter against her breast. She took him to her other breast leaving the former

glistening with his saliva. Back and forth she took him, enjoying the novelty of

a real-life doll sucking her nipples.

After a while she decided to introduce him to that place that all youngsters

detest - other than to feel with clumsy, inept fingers, and the stem of their

manhood. First, though, she pressed his face into the soft resilience of her

stomach, then at the indentation in its centre. When he went lower he gave out a

despairing howl as his face passed over the few hairs surmounting her vulva,

then a groan came from him when he was shockingly confronted by that

perpendicular cleft in which she had earlier slipped her finger. For Matt, it

must have been an awful experience...a huge, monstrous female slit exuding an

aromatic warmth, an odour he was not familiar with and disliked intensely.

He uttered a smothered scream as Keri, seating herself on the edge of her bed

with her legs wide apart,

impetuously forced his head against her spongy quim and worked it into the soft

squishy mouth. She gripped him harder as he fought against the frightful

insertion. His arms were caught at his sides in her clenched fist so that he

could only twist and turn his head, but it was useless. The girl, feeling the

excitement bubbling up in her loins, rammed him inside, first his head then his

shoulders and almost to his waist. She fell back on her bed, her knees spead

wide apart, her eyes fluttering, her rosy lips pursed and her tongue flickering

from corner to corner gathering up the dribbles of saliva. A few quick jerks,

then resting and then she drew him out of her clinging vulva. He was coughing

and spluttering.

'Keri!' he cried, covered with her mucus, 'You could have suffocated me!' She

raised him and gazed at him with a sinister delight. Without warning she plunged

him back into her quim uttering a tiny squeal of decadent pleasure. All that

could be heard in that girl's bedroom was her intermittent grunts as she pumped

the little Matt in quick jerks, using him as a means of masturbation.

After a while, her naked body glistening with sweat, she pulled him out from her

vagina and, raising her knees to her young breasts, positioned him to her tiny,

clenched anus. His piping screams rose frantically and were quickly stifled when

she drove his head to the tightly closed hole. The slimy sub- stance coating him

made the entry fairly easy once the strong barrier of her sphincter gave way.

The interior was like a squeezing tube of moist, firm latex, the walls clamping

around him like Keri's fist. The atmosphere was overpowering with its strong

metallic pungency. Keri urged him further in to get the full benefit of her

rectal passage and the contents of her bowel.

When he thought he was about to succumb she slowly pulled him out, satisfied by

her little experiment

the anal muscle clung fitfully around his neck and he thought in a wild panic

that his head would be torn from his body and left inside until she went to the


'Eeeeh!' Keri grunted, her voice booming, 'You'll need a wash now!' She got up

and took him to the bathroom. Expecting to be rinsed under a tap, Matt saw that

she was stepping towards the lavatory. She stood astride the bowl, and to his

utter horror, held him beneath her crotch. In seconds the warm deluge commenced,

her piss cascaded over him like a mini-waterfall. She turned him around and

around, splashing his face and giggling as he squirmed, gasped and gurgled.

When she finished pissing over him she held him away from herself. 'Can't eat

you like that,' she murmured, 'Not soaked like that.' She straightened up and

took him to the handbasin and doused him thoroughly under the warm tap. He

screeched when the water became hot, but she kept him under the steaming flow

until he became a bright pink.

'Right, you're all right now, all nice and clean. 'Spose I could boil you up

first, make you all nice and soft like. I'm really hungry, Matt, I mean,


'Keri!' he sqeaked, 'For God's sake, don't...please! I'll go out with you, I

promise. I'll be your boyfriend and that. I'm really sorry know, the

things I said. I didn't know you liked me that much. You're a nice girl, all us

boys really like you....'

'Stop it!' she snapped, 'I know I'm pretty. I'm going to be a model or on the

stage or something, but it's no good, Matt. You really upset me. 'Sides, I'm

hungry. Mum won't be back 'til late and I'm not going to make anything to eat. I

hate cooking, so there. Anyway, you'll do nicely. I really want to eat you; but

I can't decide whether I ought to just swallow you whole or bite you up.'

She flopped down on her bed and held him high above her grinning face.

' do look nice and tasty, Matt.'

He looked down at her naked body. Sex was out of the question, only terror

filled his mind. 'No, Keri,' he wailed.

Instead of replying, she opened her sensuous mouth wide presenting ahain her

gaping maw, letting him see her reddish-pink tongue sweeping down like a fleshy

slide into the dark recess of her throat, and he looked in trepidation at the

two rows of sparkling teeth. He wimpered as she lowered him down and closed her

lips over his head. Her tongue began lapping at him, saliva gathering in her

mouth. She sucked his head like a lollipop then closed her teeth around his

neck. He screamed down her throat as he guessed she was about to nip off his

head, but she resisted the temptation and lifted his slime-covered head out. She

grinned, seeing his distraught features, making him suffer for going out with

that other girl who wasn't half as pretty as she. She felt her stomach rumble,

the sign that she was indeed quite hungry. She released one of his arms from her

grip and guided it into her mouth. She curled out her tongue and caught the limb

by the shoulder between her teeth. With a quick bite she took the arm into her

mouth. Matt screamed.

She gazed at him callously as she started to chew on his arm, the bones

crunching like potato crisps.

'Mmmm...nice,' she mumbled and swallowed. She then turned to his other arm and

bit it off without any conscience or pity. Matt was weeping fitfully and crying

for his mother.

'She can't help you now, Matt,' she declared sadistically, 'She won't ever see

you again. She'll never guess that I've eaten you. No one will.' She masticated

the second arm, again he could hear his bones being mashed up with tiny cracks

as her strong teeth crunched them up. She uttered moans of relish as she

swallowed the pulp of flesh, bones and blood. She flicked her tongue at each

shoulder to catch the red liquid from each stump.

Shewing that she was sexually affected by her inhuman indulgence, she reached

down to feel her dribbling quim. 'I think this is better that sex,' she murmured

softly. 'I haven't had it but I bet it is.'

She then took each of his legs in turn. Far more blood gushed when she bit them

from his helpless body so she held him above her mouth the catch the flow. Now

he was limbless. She gazed at his re- maining appendage. She grinned salaciously

into his tearful eyes. 'Now these, Matt.' She licked the tiny penis and

testicles playfully, knocking them from side to side. Matt could hardly look as

she took them between her vicious teeth. Her lips closed over them and she gave

them a little suck before clamping her teeth shut. His genitals fell into her

mouth. She hummed with pleasure as she chewed them to a tiny pulp. Her throat

gave a bob as she swallowed, her hand between her young thighs moved faster, her

fingers coated with her glistening emissions.

'Now for the rest of you, Matt, I think I can manage you. Goodbye, enjoy your

stay in my belly.'

He went headfirst. She sucked on him as, bit by bit, she pushed him deeper and

deeper into her raven- ous mouth. Matt reached the back of her throat and stared

terrified down the dark tunnel. He slithered fairly easily through the girl's

oesophagus tube although it was tight, and down into her stomach. He lived as he

arrived in that muscular bag, dying, of course, but forced to endure the slow

death as her digestive system began its work with the enzymes and acid

secretions in preparation of spreading him to all of her body - including the

bowel - and then be expelled the following day or so from her delight- ful

bottom. What is kept, the nutrients, will be everywhere on that pretty girl,

enhancing her young, vigorous body.

Even as he gradually dissolved, Matt had visions of her vibrant breasts, her

lovely legs, her heavenly bottom, but most of all, the very place he was

disintergrating in, her belly, the part all girls now like to expose as fashion


Keri lay relaxed on her bed, her legs splayed apart as she dreamily fingered

herself. She thrilled with the sensation of Matt's body being digested, could

feel his minute squirming as he was being digested. She placed one hand gently

on her abdomen to feel his final, feeble movements. She knew it would take

twelve to twenty-four hours for the complete absorbtion, and then, hopefully not

much, it'll be time to expel some of him from her anus. She wondered whether his

sketetal structure will be intact when she relieves herself. I really must see

if it is, she thought to herself. He's still alive in there. I hope it takes a

long time.

She felt something else in motion...further down. It was the sign of a

forthcoming orgasm, something she loved. She fingered her little clit and

squeezed her legs together and gasped into the soft pillow as it struck.

After the heady waves had passed and she lay in that euphoric aftermath, she

began thinking seriously of doing it again - but next, she decided, I'll shrink

the boy to a bigger size; and visions of an erect penis entered her mind.

The end


Giantess Stories: KERI Sent by Banfield     Matt awoke to find himself in a jam jar

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