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Kori's Enchanted Pizza


Micro Ozzy

Kori was getting dressed for class. As a new college

freshman, she didn't have much focus about her classes. She

absentmindedly munched on a buttered English muffin as she brushed

her brown hair. She was five foot one, rather plump and cute, much

like a hobbit. She thought she liked girls, but her lack of

experience with either sex made her unsure. She didn't have the

confidence to ask anyone out romantically, but she made herself as

cute as possible and waited. Unfortunately, her small size and

shyness made it difficult for others to notice her. She pulled her

jeans over her healthy butt and fastened them with a slight effort.

She would like to be noticed more, she thought as she put on her

white blouse and thick glasses. She crammed the rest of her muffin

into her mouth, grabbed her bag and left for her first class.

In class, she sat next to Rachel, a girl she knew on the swim

team. Rachel was a petite Chinese girl, and Kori liked her a lot.

Too bad Rachel had a boyfriend that she spent most of her free time

with. Kori popped a chocolate covered peanut into her mouth and

happily enjoyed its flavor. During class, she listened to Rachel

quietly talk about her boyfriend Dave and the amazing sex they had

last night. Kori was jealous, but she listened attentively.

After class, Rachel and Kori went to the dining hall and sat

at their usual table. Kori loved the dining hall. Lunch was

spaghetti and Kori got an extra large plate of it with extra cheese.

Sometimes she thought about losing weight, but her diets would never

last longer than a few days. “Hey, there's Jane.” Said Rachel

Jane was an incredibly athletic Senior. She was five-ten,

brunette and wore an ROTC uniform most of the time She ran at least

four miles a day, had a black belt in Judo and could stand on one

hand. As she approached, she radiated physical confidence with every

movement. She had broken the arm of a rapist who had been

terrorizing the college when she was a sophomore. She sat across

from Rachel, next to Kori. “Hi Rachel,” she glanced at Kori and said


Kori smiled at Jane and then resumed eating.

Jane and Rachel talked about an upcoming swimming meet. As

usual, Kori listened but didn't have much to say.

Kori spent the rest of the day doing her usual routine. At

dinner, they served chicken a la king. The flavor was too weak and

they got the spices wrong. Kori opted for a huge bowl of granola


After dinner Kori lifted hand weights in her room. She had

the room to herself and slowly lifted weights in front of a mirror.

This exercise prevented her full figure from sagging. She removed

her clothes and hopped up and down to watch her breasts jiggle. She

then took a shower. Later she was wearing shorts and a nightshirt

and watching TV, eating popcorn.

There was a knock on the door.

Kori opened the door and a pizza, carried by a smiling

green-eyed redheaded beauty in a red pizza delivery uniform, was

standing there. Her cap had “PANTHEON PIZZA” embroidered on it.

“Did you order a pizza?” she inquired.

“Yes,” Kori lied. She hadn't and she had never heard of this

place, but she could go for a pizza right now.

“I am Eris, goddess of chaos. I have come to meddle in the

affairs of mortals once again, bringing mischief.” Kori didn't know

what to think.

“Actually I'm technically grounded,” Eris continued, “but

Zeus himself cannot keep the Goddess of Discord grounded for long!

Ha Ha HA HA!!!”

There was an awkward silence.

“Ten dollars please.”

Kori gave her twelve and took the pizza. Eris ran down the

hallway giggling like a madwoman. She tore a clock off the dorm wall

on her way out.

Kori was a little dejected. It wasn't the first time that strangers

used her weakness for delicious food to make fun of her. She opened

the box. The pizza was covered with cheese, very strange looking

mushrooms, and EXTRA cheese.

When the pizza was finished, Kori began to feel strange. She became

dizzy, but a certain clarity came over her. She was filled with a

sense of purpose. She found herself picking a dozen locks (something

she had no conscious idea how to do) and stealing something called an

“intrinsic field generator” from the Physics lab, a “bio-electric

imager” from the Biochemistry lab and that clear quartz crystal from

Bob “Marley” Travis's room.

She returned to her room and placed all that stuff on the floor,

along with her laptop, Foreman Grill, cell phone, and wood glue. She

worked tirelessly all night, doing but not understanding. In the

morning her laptop and cell phone were gone, but she had a small

metal object that looked just a small cattle prod. It was heavier

than it looked though, 2 pounds and eight inches long.

Kori at this point was more exhausted than she had ever been in her

entire life. She fixed herself a stack of pancakes, washed them down

with a pint of chocolate milk, and passed out on her bed.

She slept 12 hours and missed all her classes the next day. She woke

up and saw the device on her desk along with a note. The note read:

Dear Kori,

I predicted that you wouldn't remember so I wrote you a note.

This device reduces living matter to one eighth it's size. You

press the two prongs against someone and press the REDUCE button to

shrink them. The enlarge button reverses it. There is a tiny

enlarge button on the bottom for tiny people to use. Pretty cool,

Eh? I finished all the cheese. We're out.

Your Pal,


Kori was confused. She thought it was all a dream. She picked it up

and clicked the REDUCE button into the air. Nothing happened. It

was already late afternoon. She would test it out on Rachel. After

Kori ate a bowl of pasta and showered, she headed over to Rachel's


She knocked on Rachel's door. Rachel opened the door. Kori had been

in this room before. It had a fluffy couch, a kitchenette and

Rachel's recent artwork hung on the walls.

“Hey Kori, how are you? Dave will back from his Yoga class in a

little while, but I have time to hang out.”

“Hi Rachel,” Kori said, “I've got something to show you, but it

might be weird…”

“What do you mean?”

“Here, sit on the couch and I'll show you.”

“Okay.” Rachel sat on the couch. Kori sat next to her, took out the

device and pressed it against Rachel's arm.

“Here goes…” Kori pressed the button.

Within moments Rachel had dwindled out of her sweater, shorts and

panties. She crawled out of her clothes and sat nude on the couch,


Kori was delighted by the tiny naked Asian girl. She was only eight

and a quarter inches tall. Kori picked Rachel up and held her in

front of her face. She became so turned on, as she examined the tiny

naked body that her fingers began caressing the doll girl.

“What's going on?” Rachel squeaked and looked up at Kori, “Don't eat


“Don't worry, I'll make you big again, just relax.” Kori's strong

fingers kneaded Rachel's smooth butt. Rachel tried to struggle, but

it was no use.

“Wow,” mused Kori as she sniffed slowly at the back of Rachel's neck,

“it works.”

“Make me big, now, please.”

“Let me look at you first.” Kori pried Rachel's legs apart and

gently pressed her fingertip between her thighs. Kori giggled as

Rachel gasped at Kori's audacity. Her shy mousy friend was now in

complete control of her. But it felt nice.

Kori then brought Rachel to her face and began licking her clit with

the tip of her tongue. After some time Rachel squealed in delight.

Rachel, exhausted, lay in the palm of Kori's hand. “That was

amazing,” she finally gasped.

Kori's glasses had fogged up. She wiped them off. There was a knock

at the door. Kori held Rachel behind her back and opened it. It was


“Hey Kori,” he said, “is Rachel around?”

“Here she is, Dave,” said Kori, dangling Rachel by one leg in

front of his face and then tossing tiny naked girl onto the couch.

“Thanks, Dude,” said Dave.

“I'll be by tomorrow morning to enlarge her,” Kori warned,

“so be nice or you're next.” Kori grabbed a half eaten bag of chips

on her way out.

Kori went back to her room to think. It was fun to be in

control. She fixed herself a sandwich and ate happily.

There was a knock on the door. Kori held the device behind

her back with one hand and opened her door with the other. It was

Jane. Jane stood nine inches taller than Kori and was wearing that

uniform she always wore.

“You weren't at lunch and your phone wasn't responding,” said

Jane, “I thought I'd make sure everything was okay.”

“Thanks,” said Kori, “do you want to come in for a little while?”

“All right.”

Kori shrunk Jane down to nine inches tall. She stood up out

of her uniform and looked around. Kori gasped in lust as she stared

at the tiny naked woman looking up at her. Her slim nude body stared

up at Kori. Kori had suddenly changed from a small cute girl into an

imposing giantess. She instinctively assumed a defensive judo


“Kori, what's going on? you're so big.,” she squeaked.

Kori's eyes danced over the tiny girl. Her hands reached out

to grab and Jane turned, (revealing adorable little butt dimples) and

dashed under the bed between two of Kori's sandals.

Jane collected her senses and examined the situation. There

wasn't much for a Barbie doll to hide behind under this bed. She

felt a chill of pure horror. “You aren't going to eat me, are you?”

she ventured.

Kori rolled her eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse. Why did

everyone think that? “I'm not going to eat you, we are just going to

play,” she said as she felt her confidence rise with her lust. She

removed all her clothes except her panties and got down to peer under

the bed.

Jane watched the giant clothes fall to the floor. She could

only see Kori from the ankles down because she was hiding. Her feet

had had been small and cute before, but now they were as long as she

was. It exited her a little bit. The thought of finally finding a

strong feminine woman intrigued her. She had found Kori quite

attractive during the times she saw her and it was just adorable how

she ate like a chipmunk all the time. Kori got down to her hands and

knees. Jane looked at her plump smooth rear, her full breasts and

her straight black hair. She marveled at the childlike delight in

Kori's eyes. “Just to be fair, I'll take off my glasses.” Kori

neatly placed her glasses on the bed.

Immediately, her greedy fingers grabbed under the bed. Jane

deftly rolled over Kori's wrist and she made a dash across the room

and under Kori's desk. Kori rolled sideways onto her back to reach

under the desk. Jane was able to stay out of Kori's reach and then

dashed across the floor again. Kori swung her leg sideways and

accidentally knocked Jane over. Finally, Kori's giant hand grabbed

the 9 inch tall woman as she tried to get up.

“Now that I have you, I shall put my glasses back on,” the

Giantess declared. She then held Jane in front of her face by

holding onto the tiny woman's wrists. Jane kicked wildly at Kori's

face. Kori smiled and went to her bed.

Kori lay on her stomach and held Jane down on the bed with

one hand. She examined every inch of the lithe doll girl. She then

brought her face right over her struggling little toy and inhaled

deeply. The scent of Jane turned her on.

Kori began meticulously licking and sucking the doll girl all

over. Soon Jane gave in to the pleasure and stopped struggling.

Afterwards, Kori turned onto her back and spread her large

thighs apart. She lifted the front of her panties forward and then

inserted Jane feet first between her lips. Jane was now confronted

with Kori's pussy and began to scramble out, but Kori's fingers

forced her back down. As Jane struggled, the massive clit became wet

and slippery. Her struggles brought Kori intense pleasure and she

inserted Jane hip deep inside her, and enjoyed the motion of the tiny

woman trying to kick her way out.

After some minutes of flexing, struggling and squirming, Kori

climaxed. Kori stared at her ceiling and smiled. Kori removed the

exhausted girl from between her legs, then got up and lay the damp

girl on the bed. Kori decided that the it would be best to bring her

back to normal while she was tired. She picked up the device and

touched the tiny girl and pressed the enlarge button. Soon Jane was

back to her imposing 5'10”, though still nude and exhausted.

“Uh….” Jane gasped.

“Sorry, I guess I got carried away.”

“What happened?”

Kori made some grilled cheese sandwiches as she explained

about the magic pizza and the device. Jane listened attentively as

she came to her senses.

Kori and Jane became great friends and eventually became

wealthy by helping rich people indulge in otherwise impossible

fantasies. Occasionally, Jane would don a costume and fight crime,

with help from the device, but Kori never figured that out.

Hail Eris.

Giantess Stories: Kori

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