Giantess Stories: Kournikova Kronicles

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Kournikova Kronicles: The Stalker


I turned around just in time to see a blue laser engulf my

body, then everything around my started to expand and grow to immense

proportions. I struggle to remember the last thoughts I had. I remember spying

outside of Anna's house then the laser. What happened before the laser? I don't

know? What's that sound?


            I spin around trying to see where the noise is

coming form. It sounds like it's from everywhere. My body quivers and shakes

like hello. A small puddle at my feet starts to stir like the cup of water in

Jurassic park.


            Long shadows stretched over and around as far

as I could see. Blades of grass stood towering above me like trees. The ground

shakes and rumbles almost as if I am standing directly on the San Andrea's

fault. The corner of my eye catches something above me.  I look up and over to

see the largest pair of Adidas tennis shoes in my life.


            I stand in place paralyzed by a colossal Anna

Kournikova.  I find myself shivering on the floor standing before her. As she

crouches down I still struggle to see her face. She smiles warmly down on me.

Her hand starts to move towards me and I can only watch as I stand in fear as my

stalking victim has gone Daryl Hannah on me.


Her warm fingers wrap around my

body. I try to fight her grip away but it's no use as she fingers wrap around me

I struggle to free myself from her grip. I immediately notice how futile this is

all is. She is applying no pressure to me at all and I still can't escape. Her

index finger from her opposite hand moves towards me. Anna casually starts to

pet me as she moves back into her house. Her index finger runs down the length

of my body. Her soft and slender fingers warming my cold body as they run down

my body massaging and relaxing me.  As she sits down she takes the tip of her

index finger slices my clothes off of me intently watching my body shiver.


The hand I am contained in starts

to gently move and I feel a rocking motion similar to that of a cruise ship as I

move under a nozzle of some sorts. The shape of it looks familiar but it's not

until she presses down on it and a white substance covers my body I realize that

its lotion. The smell of peach is now everywhere as the cold lotion runs down my



“S,s,so cold, P, p, pleeeaasseee

help me.”


Her palm flattens out as I lay

across it now like a bed. Her other hand appears above me and lowers down on top

of me. She rubs her hands all over me massaging and pressing the lotion into me.

As she rubs the lotion around my body I scream for mercy as my dick stands

painfully at attention. She squeezes me through her fingers and as she now

starts to rub lotion from my body onto her hands. The peach scented lotion

encompasses everything as her clasps her hands into fist around me.


Darkness is all that I can see

now. The strong peach scent starts to drive me crazy. I can hear her mention how

could I smell as she starts to open up her hands and look down on me. Her

luscious full lips, athletic and slender body, I can't keep my eyes off of her

as I stare up at her. She only smiles down at me as we once again get up. We

seem to walk for a long time and then I feel her fall and bounce into the air

and the eventually settle atop of her bed. I am then placed onto her back and I

look down to see her naked accept for her top.


I already know what I am to do so

I move across her soft back. As I walk along her back my feet sink into warm

soft skin. Her skin runs between my toes like sand on a beach. As I reach a

gigantic tied loop I start tugging at it trying to get it to budge. I fall

backwards on my ass the loop finally breaks and the cotton straps fall down her

sides and onto her bed.


Anna starts to stand up and I am

forced to take off running up her back and clasp onto her hair as she walks

towards an unknown destination. I can hear her tell me that I did good as she

turns around and starts to crouch down. The walls of a glass cage rise above me

as her hair falls into the cage. Her voice booms above me telling me to let go

of her hair. I frightfully do so and she stands back up. She smirks down at me

superiorly. I turn look around to see another man in the corner of cage

sleeping. I then look back up for Anna but she is gone. I hear click of the

lights and everything around me is pitch black. I walk to the corner of the cage

and drift off to sleep knowing that I now have no choice I am a slave to Anna




Giantess Stories: Kournikova Kronicles

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