Giantess Stories: Kristen    I got home from work early and was feeling pretty tired

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I got home from work early and was feeling pretty tired. My new girlfriend Toi

still had not called me, and I figured that I could catch a short nap, since the

phone ringer would awaken me in time to catch her call. I had barely shut my

eyes when the phone rang. Great, it must be her, I thought.

Was I in for a surprise though.

"Hello, Brian?" said the sweet sounding female voice on the other end.

"Kristen?" My eyes went wide with disbelief. This was a girl I was once very

attracted to, but yet broke my heart more than once by her unwillingness to

fully commit in our three attempts to get a relationship going. Our last breakup

did not fare too well. The day after she and I made love, she barely spoke to me

the next day. When I confronted her about it out of bewilderment, she said that

I was not the guy she thought I was and that it was over between us. I felt

cheated and used, and the way she broke it off left my heart in pieces. I did

not hear from her but once, apologizing for the way things ended a month later,

and now three months later, she pops into my life again without warning. I had

hoped I had put this heartache behind me, and the bitter memories of what she

did to me, but it seems destiny had fated our paths to meet again.

"Yes, Brian, how are you?" she asked.

"I'm doing fine, Kristen. What is it that you want?" I replied, wanting to get

to the bottom of this.

"Brian, I... I have had a change of heart. You.. you were right. I, I treated

you unfairly and it wasn't right. I want us to be together again," she said.

"Why do you keep doing this to me? Haven't you broken my heart enough already?

You stayed out of my life barely speaking a word to me, treating me like I was

some stranger after being friends for two years! Now, you expect me to just drop

everything and come running back to you?" I protested.

"Brian, I can understand why you would be angry with me. But please understand.

I was scared. I was worried it wasn't going to work out between us, and like a

coward I ran. I am so sorry," she pleaded.

I calmed down. It always was hard for me to stay angry with her, and I feared I

was falling for her charms again. But at the same time, she needed to understand


"Look, I'm sorry I got angry ok? But, this is kind of a bad time for me. You

see, I'm kind of already involved with someone," I revealed.

"Let's talk about it OK? I'm sure we can work things out," Kristen offered.

I was astonished that she didn't seem to be getting the message that I finally

had a chance to achieve lasting happiness with someone. Lord, please tell me she

isn't this dense.

"Kristen, I really can't. I have a girlfriend right now. You waited much too

long to mend fences like this," I explained.

I heard her talking to someone else on the other end, and then a car door slam.

"Sorry, Brian. I'm calling you from my cellphone, Brian. The cabdriver dropped

me off at your place and I am coming up to the door," she returned.

I was in shock! She was already here?? She flew from Dallas to New Orleans again

to see me?

"You're here?? For crying out loud Kristen what are you doing here?" I


"Like I said Brian, I came here to work things out with you," Kristen repeated.

I heard my doorbell ring.

Aw nuts, that's Kristen. I paced around in my apartment in frustration, when

another part of me just crumbled. I can't leave her out there, especially since

she came all the way out here to talk. I... I guess it couldn't hurt to let her


It would be the most fateful mistake of my life.

I opened the front door and there she was. Kristen was 5'6, dark brown skin,

even darker eyes, and black hair, with a full 36c bust. She was wearing a dark

blue dress with a low cut collar, revealing her ample bust. She was wearing this

perfume that smelled expensive and classy. She threw her arms around me and

kissed me. Falling to the knife of temptation cutting me in two, I returned the

kiss. She and I then up the stairs to my apartment. I offered her some iced tea

and she declined it. We sat on my bed together, ironically the same one we made

love on five months before.

"Well, Kristen, I..I'm surprised you came out here so unexpectedly. I.. I kind

of feel bad that you came all this way out here to find out that I am already

involved with someone," I consoled. I sipped some of my ice tea and set it on my

desk behind me.

"Like I said, Brian. We can talk about that." She leaned forward and kissed me

again. Perhaps if I had been looking behind me, I would have noticed her slip a

small clear fluid into my glass of tea. Oblivious to what she was doing, I found

myself kissing her more, being drawn further and further under the spell of her

beauty and sensuality. I could feel myself getting hot. I broke off the kiss and

reached for my tea, draining it.

"I can't imagine what we can arrange about that, since it's kind of out of your

hands, Kristen. I tried three times in two years to build something with you,

and you would always break it off a month later and run off, then I wouldn't see

or hear from you for another couple of... months..." I started to feel really

dizzy. The room was spinning around me, and I was feeling as if my strength were

just draining out of me.

"Brian, are you OK?" she asked, feigning ignorance of the cause of my trouble.

I laid back on the bed, and she propped my legs up on it it, kneeling over me..

smiling down at me. I was feeling as if I were falling, and was stunned to see

her and everything else getting larger and larger! Oh my God what is happening

to me?




PEOPLE," she boomed.

I kept on shrinking. "How could you do this to me!" I shouted from my dwindling

voice as she grew larger and larger around me. Finally I stopped shrinking after

several minutes, laying naked on my former clothes, which remained the same

size. My heart pounded with pure fear as her enormous, soft fingers reached down

for me, holding me by my waist in her fingers, dropping me gently into her vast

pillowy soft palm.

I shouted, "Kristen! Why did you do this to me!"

Kristen brought me closer to her enormous face, her eyes like shimmering dark

mirrors reflecting back at me. "BECAUSE I WANT YOU BRIAN AND I WANT US ALWAYS TO


I gasped as my body lurched forward in her hand, my heart and breath racing as

her other fingers parted open her collar, depositing me within those gargantuan,

silky smooth firm breasts of hers. I found myself suddenly pressed between two

enormous, chocolate black, firm walls of her bust. I was jostled down there as

she was doing something (I realized later she was undressing).

Suddenly the darkness parted, and I found myself kneeling between her two twin

mountains. She smiled as she looked down at me.. lifting me up again between her

fingers, placing me at the very top of the titanic peak, her nipples and areolas

a darker shade of brown, stiffening almost immediately as they felt my tiny body

moving around the tip. Despite my fear, my tiny little rod was standing erect

immediately, oddly oblivious to the potential danger I was in. Kristen laughed

as she felt my tingling movements, and apparently she underestimated the force

of her movements as the tremors knocked me from her peak and I tumbled down

between her giant warm breasts.

"Kristen!!!" I shouted in panic as her hands gently pressed her breasts against

me, churning me gently between two huge walls of bust as they squeezed and

released around me.

"OH BRIAN!" she giggled, her laughs feeling like more tremors below me. "PERHAPS



Those gigantic fingers reached down for me again, holding me between her

forefinger and thumb around my waist, lifting me about 20 feet in the air,

hovering me around her massive red haired pussy. The scent coming from within

her was pungent, powerfully musky, but delightfully feminine as well. Seeing it

so gigantic from my perspective was equal parts awe inspiring and terrifying.

She reached down with her other hand, parting her walls with her fingers as if

they were nothing. I hung between her other fingers watching her peel back

gargantuan rolls of pink inner flesh, revealing a hot slick churning mass of her

inner doorway to her womanly core. I screamed as she lowered me inside with her

fingers, my arms flailing wildly and my legs kicking as I was inserted into her

boiling hot, squirming quivering feminine tunnel.

Now in pitch darkness, being pushed through engorged masses of her sliding,

undulating rhythmic muscular walls. Her fingers suddenly opened, withdrawing

from my vast, fiery hot churning prison of her femininity, leaving me trapped in


I futilely tried to navigate my way around in the pitch dark depths of her

vagina, but her multiple layers of flesh kept moving, shifting and changing all

around me, squeezing, rising and falling and contracting and relaxing all at

once. I couldn't even see where I was going, let alone possibly navigate my way

around inside this moving sea of her womanhood.

Outside, Kristen put on her clothing again, and took care to wash thoroughly the

cup I had drank out of, replacing it while it was wrapped around a napkin. She

then used my phone and called a taxi to take her to the airport, even calling to

confirm that her flight to Dallas was still going to leave ontime.

She gathered her things, taking care to turn off the light and locking the door

behind her. Her cab was downstairs already. She got inside and the cab sped off.

No one else I knew ever saw me again.


Giantess Stories: Kristen    I got home from work early and was feeling pretty tired

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