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Ladies Club

Donna was just settling down with a glass of wine to watch her video. She had

long anticipated it and waited, baited breath, every morning for the post to

arrive. Finally it had come. Her blood was tingling with excitement and she

could hardly sit still.

She drew the curtains, turned out the lights, and let the scented candles

warm glow bathe the room. She tore it out of it's packaging, usually graceful

hands made clumsy in their rush. She paused for a split second to take in the

label and smile. The tape had a "friends" sticker on it. It said volume "69",

with the "6" much larger than the "9".

She pressed play, took a nervous swig of her wine and sprawled back in the

arm chair, legs spread and short skirt riding up to reveal white cotton panties.

The TV showed black, with flecks of light screaming across, which gradually

became more active as the background hum decreased and a woman's voice could be

heard over the slowly focusing picture.

"Welcome to Ladies Club. To a world quite outside the realms of normal

experience. To receive this video you must have already been deemed worthy and

ready to sample our many unique delights. Welcome to an unapologetic and

ruthlessly hedonistic exploration of unrestrained female fantasy, where our sex

takes it's rightful dominant place.. and men are. well, at their luckiest,

nothing but a ."

There was a sudden frantic knock at the door.

".squirming sex toy." The TV continued.

"Bugger, bugger, bugger!" Donna muttered, and turned up the volume. But the

knocking came again and again, and finally a sobbing female voice cried out in

despair. With great restraint Donna got up and paused the video, and positively

stomped to her door.

"Yes, what?" she managed as sympathetically as she could.

"It's me, Wendy. Please let me in!" Donna sighed. Wendy was a pathetic,

overly romantic creature who belonged in the stone age. She let men walk all

over her, refused to stand up for herself or simply leave, and then came crying

in a self pitying heap to anyone who would listen. It wasn't usually Donna. The

last man who had tried to walk all over Donna had his nose broken, his shoulder

dislocated and the fingers on his right hand broken one by one. And, little did

he appreciate it, but he had been lucky. This wasn't because Donna was built

like the preverbal @!#$ house, on the contrary, although she was tall and

strong, she was still conventionally shaped and pretty. It was because she was a

black-belt and if attitude could be similarly classified, hers would be

registered as a lethal weapon.

"I suppose you'd better come in" she grumbled as she opened the door. Wendy

sniffed her way into the lounge. Donna was about to go into her usual spiel of

"why on Earth to you let them.." when she saw Wendy's black eye. She thought for

a moment.

"Listen, I can see you're upset, but I'm in kind of a hurry. Would like me to

go round break his legs and pull his dick off. I could be done in half an hour

and to be frank that's about as much time as I can spare."

Wendy smiled. "I'm sorry if I've caught you at a bad time." Donna sat on the

sofa beside her. "Never mind" she said resignedly.

Wendy poured out the story. It was nothing new, accept for the part where he

had hit her for finally standing up to him. As Wendy sobbed it all out Donna

cradled her with surprising tenderness, and stroked her long red hair. Wendy

finally opened her eyes, which were fairly snugly in Donna's bosom, and noticed

her necklace for the first time. It stopped her dead, surprised and curious.

The necklace consisted of a simple silver chain, but on the end of it was a

narrow cage, made of incredibly thin, almost invisible strands, and inside the

cage was a skeleton, down on its knees, it's arms raised beseechingly. The

skeleton itself couldn't of been more than 2cm's tall.

"My God, it looks like a little man in there. Where did you get it?"

"I made it. Well with help from some little friends. Apparently the skeleton

was hard to keep in that position, but I persuaded them to persevere."

"Does it symbolise something?"

Donna smiled, her twinkling eyes overflowing with smuggness and mischief. "It

symbolises my divorce."

Wendy, as if suddenly caught in a spell, looked around the room for the first

time. She noticed the paused image on the VCR. It looked like the view of a

woman's pants, as if seen through fluttering skirts from a camera on the ground

that she was standing over. But the image flickered and was blurred.

"What were you watching?"

"Wendy, do you hate men?"

"Yes. I guess."

"I mean do you hate men enough at this moment, even if you don't always feel

so, to enjoy a. 'fantasy' story about women dominating and destroying them?"

"Well. we could give it a try."

Donna needed no more encouragement to flick play. Of course, she couldn't

masturbate gently to it, like she had planned, but watching little squeamish

Wendy being both appalled, fascinated (perhaps even excited) by it would have to


It opened on a scene of some men in a waiting room. An unseen woman was

asking questions.

"We're making a promo video, hope you don't mind us asking you some

questions. So, are you looking forward to your first night in Ladies Club?"

"Oh yeah!" said the first man. The lust almost sweating off him. "I mean, it

says in black and white here where I signed up - locked up for 12 hours with

lots of young, sexy women, and no rules."

"No rules?" questions the interviewer.

"Yeah no rules. Anybody can do anything they want to anyone. We all sign this

thing before we go in stating just that. Everyone does what they want to who

they want to, when they want to. If two people want different things, well. I

guess they just have to sort it out between them."

"You wouldn't be implying that the strongest will just get there way?"

"Hey, it's in the rules, no rules, anything goes, everything allowed. And

them girls in there, they've all signed the same forms waving their rights to

complain about anything done to them right?"

"Yes" replied the woman.

"And the door to the club gets locked and nobody comes out for 12 hours, no

questions asked, no recriminations for anything done during that time right? And

all them girlies have signed it." He could hardly spit the words out with his


"And so have you" said the woman in a warm happy voice.

Just then the video jumps to a black and white scene, with a flowery border

drawn in round the edges of each frame. The music is "El fortuna" and as it's

dramatic notes sing out a terrified man runs naked across a floor covered in

impossibly large tiles. A smiling female face takes up the who picture and then

the man is cowering, screaming, pleading as a huge bare foot comes down slowly

and smears his tiny pathetic form over the nice clean tiles.

The video jumps back to the two men being interviewed.

"My God" says Wendy. "What kind of weird sick film is this?"

"Well, it's time to go in." says the interviewer. "I 'm so looking forward to


The camera pans back to see the two men walking through a door marked

"entrance", patting each other happily on the back and making "Wahooo!" noises.

Then the door closes behind them and a whirring sound, like the old Tardis on

Doctor Who, fills the air. Just audible a little voice squeaks "What's


From inside the room two men lie prone and naked on the floor. They begin to

stir. "Ouch my head!"

"Christ! Where are we?.. it looks like a hanger of some kind this place is huge.

I can't believe how high the ceiling is."

"Hey! Where are my clothes!"

"Maybe we all have to be naked from the start. Suits me, but where are the


"@!#$! Look at that door, it must be 60 foot high or more!"

"It's opening! Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh!"

Out of the door steps a scantily glad giantess. Or at least, so she appeared.

The two men being shrunken to four inches high.

"Hello little men. I am your host for your brief visit to Ladies Club. Take a

few minutes to take in the full horror of your situation. How unfortunate to be

so small and defenceless in a club where anything goes. In a few minutes I'll be

taking you to meet your dates for the evening."

"What will happen to us" one asked nervously.

"I can barely hear you. But I guess you're wondering what will happen to you.

Some men survive. But I don't think you will having seen your pre-entrance

interview! But how will you go?"

She smiled and stood astride the trembling insects. She slowly licked her

lips, enjoying their terror. Then she slid her hands provocatively over her

body, rubbing her belly, her breasts and her thighs.

"There are so many ways. so many ways.."

The video cut to inside the club. It was huge and dimly lit. A bar sat beside

a tall wooden staircase. Beautiful women in various states of undress wandered

in and out, smiling and laughing. Occasionally faint squeaky cries could be

heard above their talk.

A short busty gothic woman sat at round bar table by herself. A woman came up

to her and said, "hello Emma. I'd like you to meet Josh."

She handed him a small naked wriggling thing.

"Hello Josh." She purred "I'm Emma. It's very nice to meet you. Do you come

here often? Oh, silly question. Men are lucky if they get to cum her once!" She


Josh screamed for mercy, but Emma with a beautiful smile that dwarfed him,

slid a crisp into her mouth and crunched it noisily. She opened her lips to show

the soggy crushed pieces of what had once been a crisp larger than him.

"Do you like to get oral on a first date Josh?" she said in a low husky voice.

The only thing stopping her gobbling him right up was the enjoyment of his

terror. He sat on the table, shivering and gibbering as she started to fondle

her massive breasts through their tight PVC top. He could see the huge

mountainous breasts being pummelled above him with forces he could not imagine.

The pale top of her breasts transfixed him as she bent over to give him a better

look at a cleavage that he could get lost in.

"You little naked guys really get my juices going. I never know what to do

with you. my last date, now.. he went in here" She rubbed her breasts together

again. "I just loved to feel his tiny nakedness squirm and fight against my soft

white flesh. Can you see the stain he left? I ate his body, but you know.."

She leaned closer so her huge mouth smiled a few feet away from his minuscule

form. "eating dead men just isn't as much fun as eating live ones!"

She picked him up, "But darling. I've only been speaking about myself. So

tell me about you!" She held him close to her ear. He was small and terribly

pathetic in her giant palm.

"What's that - you don't want to die?.. Really I'd hoped for more interesting

conversation. You see if you know a little bit about the life your extinguishing

it makes it all the more special. After all, soon there will be no more Josh.."

She paused to listen a bit more "So you're a computer geek, about 30, no

children and you like science fiction. That's plenty."

She lifted the terrified morsel to her all-engulfing mouth. "Bye - bye Josh.

Thank you for the date. I really enjoyed it."

She lowered him slowly in. Licking his little body. Teasing his manhood.

Again and again she washed him and gently sucked as if he was the most exotic

and delicate of sexual delicacies.

"My my, little Joshy, is that salt I can taste. I'm glad you're having so

much fun.." She closed her lips over him, and brushed him around her mouth with

her tongue, no longer particularly caring what she broke or damaged. Eventually

he ended up twitching and moaning, lying face down along her back molars. She

held him there gently trying desperately to resist the urge to crunch. Should I

swallow him hole or in pieces? She flicked at his limbs with her tongue, but the

response was so feeble she guessed he was already semi conscious or fainted. So

taking a swig of ice cold water to wake him up, she slowly bit down on his now

thrashing and resisting form. She could feel the warmth in her womanhood as her

juices began to flow and his began to spill with a joyful finality. She just

loved to do this. She idly stretched down her un-buttoned jeans and played with

her clitoris through her silky pants. I wonder where my next date should go?

"You can open your eyes now Wendy, he's gone." Said Donna. Wendy looked

white. But there was a strange flush to her checks.

"Stop pretending girl. I know you were watching all the way through." Donna

laughed. "I bet that rouge spreading on your checks isn't 'cause you're


"It's because I'm horrified!" protested Wendy in a high voice.

"Really, if I didn't know better I'd swear you were turned on."

Wendy hid her face in embarrassment as Donna laughed loudly.

"Look, look" she said, "the camera's going to the lesbian room." The video

changed scenes and went into a back room marked "members only."

"This is always great for a laugh." She said.

The video continued. Two women were talking animatedly. The first was

amazingly tall, over 6 foot, with long blond hair and large breasts. Her

companion was shorter with black hair. They were skimpily clad, very sexy and

very excited.

The blond reached into a box marked "exotic sex toys" and pulled out a tiny

screaming man.

"The label in the box said this one is called Jonathan. Hello Jonathan."

"What did he put on his dating form?"

"Lets see. "Wants to be the meat in a lesbian sandwich", and (laugh). he

likes a girl that will swallow" They both rocked backwards with laughter and the

blond nearly dropped her toy. She brought him up close to her huge full lips,

still shaking with mirth.

"Well little man, I dare say I could swallow. And you certainly could be the

meat in my sandwich, don't know if you'd be very filling though. Would you like

that?" She lent forward as if to eat him off her palm, and her thick dark red

lips parted to show giant gnashing teeth.

He was on his knees in the palm of her hand, begging and crying.

"What else did it say, what else did it say?" shrieked her friend.

"Lets see. Oh great, he likes anal sex. Well, I've never been that fond of it


"Oh don't be such a spoil sport. He came here to have his wishes fulfilled

and we can't let him get all disappointed, can we? Besides (giggle) you only

don't like big things up your arse and he's thinner than my little finger."

"That's true," she said, blowing the trembling insect a kiss, "I could push

him right up there and barely feel a thing. You know I bet I'd forget he was


"That's quite enough about this insect." Her friend said in a husky voice,

and she began to stroke the blonde's breasts through her thin skimpy top.

Smiling the blonde lifted it up to reveal her huge left breast and placed the

terrified toy on her nipple where he gripped with all his might. He glanced down

at the long, long fall to the floor, past her belly and the rope like wiry pubes

sprouting from the side of her pants, and whimpered. No escape that way, except

to splat with a bone crunching impact.

The shorter woman's face filled his view. A shadow fell over him, dwarfing

his body and the flesh he clung to shivered as a huge tongue licked the breast,

10 feet (from his scale) above where he clung. Then the tongue withdrew and

giant teeth appeared above and below him. The whole nipple was in her open mouth

and the tongue above him like a huge boulder, ready to squash him flat. His

faint screams echoed out from between those huge lips and reached the ears of

the blond lady. She closed her eyes in pleasure and started to play with her

clitoris as the first dampness glistened on her womanhood.

"Oh do it" she moaned "eat him, eat him" She stroked her friends hair with

her other hand, "but don't make it too quick, I love his screams, and he's so

frightened I can feel his naked body grip and tremble against my nipple."

Her friend closed her lips slowly, seductively. Her tongue rolled gently

round to push into the breast below he next snack. She started suck. He could

feel his body lifted up and cried out even louder and tried to hold on. For an

instant he whole body was off her breast and he only clung on by his hands. Then

the suction eased, and he hit the breast hard as she blew. He let go for a

second and thrashed around, causing both women to shiver in excitement. But she

didn't take him just yet. Her tongue rose with its tiny shaking passenger so

that he could again ride the nipple.

Then more suction, but this time the huge tip of the giantess's tongue pushed

under his spread legs and roughly rubbed his miniscule penis. In spite of his

terror it sprung to life. His whole world shook as both giantesses giggled. The

blond said in a hoarse whisper "How sweet of you my dear. To give him a moments

pleasure before his little body dissolves in your gorgeous tummy."

The tongue went to work as gently as possible, after all the idea was for him

to cum, not have his manhood ripped off or crushed. A few cracked ribs and

bruises later and he was near to orgasm. Seeming to sense this she increased the

suction until he was again holding on desperately as his body, and erect penis

were suspended in air and pointing into the depths of her huge throat. The last

gasp of his excitement was achieved by pure suction and his wad shot into the

gaping blackness, like spit into a wind tunnel. He gasped and then screamed as

he was sucked after, bouncing off her tongue and into the wet, saliva filled

darkness. Her throat rippled and he was gone. A warm sensation spread through

her at the thought and she almost imagined she could feel his dark final journey

to the unimaginable torment beyond. Then he was gone from her mind as she

continued to play with the wonderful, awesome breasts before her. Truly tits to

die for.

"Oh come on", said Wendy, "doesn't anybody do anything in this stupid video

accept eat frightened little men?"

Donna laughed. "Oh yes", she said, "keep watching."


Giantess Stories: Ladies Club

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