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Lanna Lez




   Linda was running her cash register, bored. The radio

played country music in the back ground. The janitor was named Earl. He came by

with a full garbage bag.

   The bored overweight cashier looked at the younger man

with consideration. "You found you a woman yet Earl?" She barked past her

smouldering cigarette. The younger man was still in his fourties. He stopped to

think about the question.

   "Nope. Don't recon." He took off his ball cap to scratch

his head, then picked up his garbage bag and continued on his duties.

   Linda rolled her eyes. No one was even considering her

for a date.

   She blew out a thick wad of smoke and crushed the

cigarette butt in her overflowing ash tray. Time to eat again.

   Pulling out her drawer of snacks, Linda took a few of

the closest ones and shoved them into her mouth. They were tasty. She'd totally

thrown the idea of a diet out the window when she tasted her first shrinkie.


   She had a few more customers come in and buy gas. She

was still bored. Every country song on the radio was a repeat. Two more

shrinkies went into her mouth to get chewed. It was the only high point of her

day. One of the customers was a young man younger than her son. He gave her the

money for his gas and suddenly looked at her mouth.

   "What?" She humphed.

   "Is that an arm?" He asked pointing at her mouth. Linda

wiped her mouth and had a teeny arm on her fingers.

   "Oh, yea." She dropped the arm into the garbage can

beside the counter. "Have a nice day." She grumped and lit up another cigarette.

   The guy was the only customer left in the store. He

looked to check and leaned over the counter a bit. "You... ah... got any more?"

He asked. Linda just stared at him as if he were totally dumb.

   "They're MINE. Got it? Go get yer own!" She grumped

puffing her cigarette big and blowing smoke at him to ward him off. The guy

coughed on her smoke and blinked at her.

   "Uh... Er... I was wondering... Ya know... If you'd like

me to fix up your stock. You know... Educate 'em a little. Do they still speak

English?" He asked hopefully. Linda thought about it. Her shrinkies were

descendents of a pair she got from a lesbian friend a loooong time back.

   "Hmmph. Nope. They don't talk." She admitted.

   "I could educate them for you! You know? Liven up your

stock with a little fresh DNA?"

   "What? You want to screw around with my shrinkies?"

Linda looked at him as if he were totally daft. The guy leaned over the counter

even furhter.

   "Let me see one. I could help you out." He offered.

Linda cautiously pulled open her drawer. She had bred them to such numbers, that

she'd already have a life time supply. They were all blonde and blue eyed just

like their first ancestors. So there was really no variety. She picked out an

adult woman and handed her over expecting him to run off and steal her.

   Instead, he looked over the shrinkie as if she were the

finest jewel on the planet.

   "Ah. She IS a nice one." He looked her over rolling her

over in his palm. He looked at Linda with a big smile.

   "I'd LOVE to help you out with your stock. You have a

public size gate around here?"

   "Yea. The trucker gate out back. But It only does

halvsies." She told him. He worked it out in his head.

   "I'll just go through several times. You'll have to help


   "Suit yerself." The overweight woman put the teeny

blonde in her mouth and chewed her like a piece of gum while she followed the

young man out behind the truck stop. The trucker gate was big enough for a big

rig to roll through and become half sized out the other side so that it could

pass the legal state weight limit, then once behind the state line, it could be

grown in another trucker gate to full size.

   The young man walked through it just fine the first

time. Then jogged back to the beginning again as a half sized man.

   Linda was used to half sized truckers coming into the

store all the time to buy cups of coffee before going through the size gate. She

watched him jog back through it again. This time, he was a quarter size when he

came out. She watched the quarter sized man jog back around to the beginnning.

It took him twice as long this time.

   "You may want to get me when I go through again to speed

it up." He told the woman who was now a leviathan to him. She shrugged and

walked to the output side. He came out one eighth of his normal size. She

reached down and picked  up the doll size man and carried him to the input side

again. He was panting from all the jogging. When she put him down again, he

jogged through it again. This time it took him twice as long to reach the end.

   He was getting even tireder now.

   "I got a better idea." She told him when he finally

emerged on sixteenth of his original size. She picked  him up now. He was only

slightly longer than her hand. She walked through the gate with him in her hand

and put him down on the other side and walked back through it to regain her

normal size. When he saw her come around the corner again, he was one thirty

second of his normal size.  He was barely over two inches tall standing on the

concrete while Linda was towering way over his head. He gupled as the giant

ogress of a woman picked him up and carried him back into the air conditioned


   She didn't even talk to him, just opened her drawer and

dropped him in.

   Immediately he saw that he was surrounded by barbaric

shrinkies. They were running around wild. They had no idea what was going on,

only that their captor was going to eat them all. All they did was eat, sleep,

and fuck.

   He approached a woman who wasn't pregnant and began

talking to her. She didn't know a thing he was saying. Just that she wanted to

fuck. He began fucking her on the floor while nearby another woman was giving

birth to a baby. He couldn't watch the child birth while fucking the cute

blonde. Instead he watched two other people fucking. And another woman had TWO


   One only a few months older than the other. The baby was

on one breast, and the toddler was on the other. He watched them breast feed

while he fucked the blonde girl and came inside her.

   Then he was approached by an older blonde woman. She

could speak a couple of words. "Linda. Linda knows." She said.

   "You speak english?" He asked. The older blonde only

knew a bare couple of words. Some passed down from gereration to generation.

"Linda knows" She said again.

   Suddenly the drawer opened again. Mark was used to the

people around him. Seeing Linda again made him wince as she lowered her fat

wrinkly fingers down and plucked up two pregnant girls and put both into her

mouth. She chewed and scratched her fat saggy tit while waiting for another

customer. Her bored eyes only glanced down at her stock when she would grab up a

hand full and put them all in her mouth. The two inch tall people had no chance

against her.

   Mark's dick got hard looking up at the titanic fat old

woman. She reached in for more shrinkies to eat. Mark began fucking the nearest

blonde woman. She was in great shape and was very athletic. He fucked her doggy

style while watching the gargantuan Linda eat her cousins. Mark liked the tight

woman's pussy as he fucked her. But then he was surprised when Linda's hand came

down and grabbed up five people, INCLUDING HIM!

   He yelled out. But so did all the other shrinkies. His

wet hard dick ploped out of the woman's pussy as she tried to climb between

Linda's fingers and escape. Mark tried to crawl forward too, but it was too

late. The hand was openeing over a fat wrinkle lipped mouth. He yelled out as

Linda's hand opened and all five of them fell into her gaping maw.

   Mark tried to squirm free of the tangle of arms and legs

as Linda's mouth closed, but he heard bones crunching near by. When Linda's

wrinkly lips popped back open, he could see a guy was cut in half by her giant

chomping teeth already. And the jaws were closing again. The immense tounge

under him undulated and he fell over in the saliva as the lips closed them into

blackness again and the teeth chomped another person to hamburger. A woman this


   Mark screamed out Linda's name again hoping that she

would hear him. He looked out between the parted lips between chews and saw

something that stopped his heart. His wife, Lanna, was standing at the cash

register asking about him.

   She was saying his car was there, but she couldn't find

him anywhere. He screamed out Lanna's name, but the lips closed again. The mouth

closed and bones crunched all around him. When the mouth partially opened

again., there was a legless torso lying next to him. The pussy was flailed open

when the body had been mashed between the boulder sized teeth. He pushed the

bloody torso away and saw a head under it. It had been the woman he'd been


   He looked again at his wife's face and cleavage wishing

he was with her. "Lannnnaaaa!" He screamed. The mouth closed again.

   Linda felt the last wiggling stop in her mouth and

swallowed. The busty woman before her looked unnerved.

   "Well. If you see him, tell him I'm looking for him."

She told the fat old woman.

   "Sure thing sweetie." Linda took more shrinkies out of

her drawer and tossed them in her mouth.

   "Were those shrinkies you're eating?" Lanna suddenly

asked. Linda shrugged.

   "Mine. 'Ya can't have 'em." She told the young woman.

Lanna blushed and looked over the counter to see the partially open drawer.

   "Well... I could... You know... Help ya..." She offered.

Linda just scoffed.

   "Help how?" She barked lighting up a cigarette.

   "You know... " Lanna offered to come around the counter.

Linda just shrugged. The younger woman was tall and thin with very large

breasts. She kissed Linda full on the mouth to test her reaction. The older

woman smiled and kissed back. Lanna was stealing little remnants of people with

her tounge from the older woman's mouth. A head, a leg, and the teeny penis from

her husband that was still sustained in Linda's thick saliva.

   Lanna didn't even know she'd gotten to eat Mark's cock

as she french kissed Linda and they began taking more shrinkies from the drawer

and sharing one by one as they lesbian played.





Giantess Stories: Lanna Lez

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