Giantess Stories: Laundry Day

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Laundry Day



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Chapter One:


           I had lived in Hoitt Hall for 2 years now. I

enjoyed living here because it was a coed dorm. One of the main reasoning's

behind me wanting to go to college was girls, girls and well girls. I like to

think of myself as a connoisseur of fine women. I just can't help myself. The

ironic thing is for someone who likes girls as much as I do I haven't had a

whole lot of dates. It's not really that I am a loser, or ugly its just I don't

know what to say around them. My heart starts to race and my tongue feels like

its to big for my mouth as I stumble out sentence fragments. This is why an

attractive well at least that's what I am told that I am attractive. So anyways

that's why a guy like me is single.

           However, things changed one day when I was in

laundry room. You see I did load of laundry just so I could go into the laundry

room. As I was walking into the laundry room I saw a beautiful girl that had

deep sea blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair with angel tips, the roots were

dark brown and just starting to show, athletic toned legs that were obviously

the by product of hours in the gym and weeks of tanning as her tan offset her

eyes perfectly. I was thinking to myself how I wished I could see the front of

her but her ass could win awards. I recognized her as Sally Tristel from the

soccer team, unfortunately she had no clue whatsoever who I was.

           Lady luck shined down at me as I heard one of

her friends call Sally. She looked back at her load of laundry and then ran out

into the hall. I hated to see her go but I loved to watch her leave. As she left

I tossed my stuff into the washer and then started to wander towards the change

machine all the while keeping my eyes locked on the hallway. I watched her

friend drag her into a room. I then did a quick scan across the laundry room and

ran seeing no one I walked over to Sally's laundry basket. It was a whicker

basket filled bra's and panties. I could no longer contain my smile as I reached

down grabbed a pair of her panties. I inhaled deeply the mixed scent of sweat

and her natural smell. It was heavenly; I could feel my member springing to

life. I desperately wanted to jack off right then and there.

           “HEY” echoed throughout the room. My heart

jumped and my body froze. I had just lost ten years of my life as I turned

slowly turned around cringing as I already knew what was already coming.

However, much to my surprise no one was there, I wiped the sweat from my brow

relieved that I was just some noisy people in the hall. I set the light green

panties back down into the basket began to walk back towards my washer when I

stepped into a puddle. If I had looked down before I stepped I would have saw

the fringed wire setting in the puddle but I didn't so I stepped into the puddle

which sent shockwaves through my body. I fell backwards onto something soft.

           I felt around my body surprised that everything

still worked. I just wanted to just lie here but I knew that I had had enough

excitement for one day. I sat up seeing brown walls made up of what looked like

polished twigs running horizontally all around me. I had a sinking feeling that

something was terribly wrong. I hated to look down but I knew it was the only

way to confirm what I already suspected. I slowly tilted my head downward seeing

a sea of colors. All around me were undergarments which looked more like over

sized blankets or parachutes. I couldn't believe what had happened. I knew I had

shrunk but I couldn't accept it. I kept waiting for someone to run in laughing

saying fooled you, or TV camera's to appear saying it was some reality

television show, or that I was just on MTV's Punked, but none of that happened.

           A few minutes had passed which only caused me be

more thoroughly freaked out. I could feel some low tremors run across the ground

getting ever stronger as the moments passed. The strength of them increased more

and more seemingly with each blink of the eye. I fell backwards into the very

pair of light green panties I just smelled minutes earlier. The smell was no

longer quaint and pleasing but overpowering and made my stomach churn. Above the

rim of the whicker walls the legs I had so eagerly admired had appeared. I

wanted to scream for help but I knew better then that as I would never be able

to explain my presence in here. I crawled into cotton light green panties hoping

to conceal myself. Luckily for me, it sounded like she was talking to someone; I

couldn't believe though that Sally's usually soft and pleasant sounding voice

had turned into this intense omnipotent sounding voice.

           Everything around me begin to stir, I tumbled

end over end inside the green panties. I could feel the smell of the panties

rubbing off and onto me. The sound of water began to grow louder and louder. I

looked through one of the leg holes gulped as I saw Sally bending over, her

diminutive chest now looked something that made Pamela Anderson in her prime

look like she was nothing but a underdeveloped grade schooler, her shoulder

length blonde hair was falling down towards me like vines hanging from a tree in

forest, her hair looked more like the thick rope you see on ocean liners then

simple hair strands.

           With a heavy thud the basket was set down for

only but a moment before it was tilted on its side. I was helpless to do

anything but cower inside these panties as they fell into the washer. As soon as

the panties hit he water I swam out from them and dove underneath them lifting

them up only enough so I could breathe. 

           I began to cough and hack as the smell of tide

engulfed my lungs. The tide made the air toxic and hard to breathe. I struggled

to keep the now thoroughly soaked panties up enough to create an air hole while

I tread water. The slam of the washer lid almost sounded like it was sealing my

fate, locking me away. The powerful motor of the washer kicked on. I began to

feel the undertow suck me under. I let the damp material of the panties slink

back into the water which forced my head under. I was hoping to swim to the edge

of the panties and hold on the side for support but as I felt whirling motor

pull me under I knew it was useless. I silently cried a tear as I was

effortlessly tugged under.


Chapter Two:


           I awoke surrounded by warmth, it was dark and

the air smelled downy fresh. I must have been in dryer but I was more surprised

to be alive. The last thing I remembered was colliding with a giant bra then

falling unconscious. I felt sick to my stomach as I lied here; I realized fully

that was I trapped. I was under a bra with clothes under me and clothes over me.

I wondered if this is what being buried alive would feel like. I was sick to my

stomach as I pushed against the walls futilely hoping to free myself but I

couldn't even budge this meager pile of clothes enough to escape. I slouched

against the wall dropping my head into my lap pouting.

           The sound of the door opening caused me to jump

to attention. The inevitability of it all hit me like a sack of potatoes. It

seemed to take forever before I felt the load that was bearing down on the roof

of the bra was removed. I lifted up the side of the cup and peeked out at Sally.

She was folding some panties before setting them into the whicker basket while

talking on her cell phone. I watched her hands lower towards the bra. I knew I

had to keep myself concealed. I clung to the bra as she lifted it up. I could

hear her commanding voice grow louder and louder as she continued to talk on the

phone. She dropped the bra and I into a rucksack. I rolled out of the bra cup

and into another. I looked around at the seemingly endless sea of bras. I

crawled my way under the first layer of bras to insure myself a safe hiding

place, but I wanted to still be able to see out of the bag. As I crawled beneath

one of the cups and into the other my eyes caught the tag of her bra. My eyes

pulled over towards the tag like they had a mind of there own.34b, they seem a

lot bigger now I thought to myself as I slid down the wall of the bra and into

the bottom.

           Perfect I thought, I could easily see out

through the top of the bag and yet I was virtually concealed to Sally. My plan

worked for once.  She looked so beautiful I thought to myself. What I wouldn't

give to hold her, kiss her, touch her, I longed for her to lay her head on my

shoulder as I play with her and kiss her gently. A couple more bras dropped down

into the knapsack sullying my view, her hand then glided down towards the bag. I

could only watch as I watched her hand grip a string, as she pulled the string

the opening grew smaller and smaller till only a single bead of light was

shining in. Sally unceremoniously slung the bag into her laundry basket, then

lifted the basket causing my world to shake from side to side. I struggled to

maintain any form of composure as I was tossed like around like a rag doll.

           Everything around me rumbled to a stop, I then

heard some music which sounded like Michelle Branch but it was hard to make out

as the voice like Sally's was loud omnipotent sounding. The rucksack was then

lifted and the full spread of light illuminated the world around me. I looked up

between the cracks between bras at the gigantic Sally. I cringed as she reached

into the rucksack and pulled out three or four of the bras then walked away. I

breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't noticed me, I began to bury myself

deeper into the rucksack as I hoped not to be noticed however I hadn't noticed

the fact that Sally had already returned and was watching me.

           “What do we have here?” She says, the sound of

her voice froze my entire being. I looked up at her unable to think or move. It

was like she had full power over me. I kept closing my eyes hoping that when I

reopened them that Sally would be gone but each time I was let down.

           I nervously waved to her unsure of what to do.

Sally reached down towards me, I could feel the heat radiating off of her hand

as I looked up at her near flawless face, the palm of her hand soon blocked out

my view of everything as Sally's hand lowered like a ceiling towards my body. I

didn't know what to do or think. My mind was reeling and my body was froze in

fear, her hand fell down onto me like a blanket.

           Darkness ensued as I felt myself continue to

rise in her hand. The heat was intense however as opened her clenched fist her

eyes burrowed down onto me.


“Just what do you think you were

doing in my laundry? You aren't that panty stealer are you?” quizzically asks

Sally. I look up at her looming face unsure of what to do, or what to say so I

told her everything, like an idiot.

           I don't know what I was expecting but her age

was unparalleled. I felt myself dropping down to the floor. I crashed roughly

onto the short low shag carpeting. I struggled to stand up when her feet crashed

down on either side of me. I tried to beg her off of me but her foot rose above

me in the form of a dark shadow. I blinked and her foot was speeding towards me

then it stopped mere centimeters from me.

           I looked up at the angered eyes of Sally,

without saying a word she scooped me up pushing the air out of my lungs. I heard

her yell down to me so you like my panties and then for the second time in a

matter of a minute I was dropping to the floor with my life flashing before my

eyes but I feel something soft and smooth all around me. I see the pair of light

green panties I was smelling before only this time they are opened up and I am

lying in the crotch area. I gulp as I see Sally smiling down at me with a needle

and thread in hand. I try begging and pleading but she jabs the needle through

my side and then tugs the thread through. This happens again and again all the

way along my body. Tears well in my eyes from the immense pain, by the time

Sally is done I am completely immobilized. I try to pull my arm and legs free

but the sewing and thread is much to strong for my diminutive body.

           “Into the drawer you go” Sally coldly states as

she folds the light green panties up setting them neatly in her drawer amongst

her others.




           Two years have gone by and I haven't yet left

the light green panties which I have grown to call home. I am left pleading

hoping that someday I will pass away.



Giantess Stories: Laundry Day

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