Giantess Stories: Leggy Lisa  By BBL  Part 01  Wednesday 3pm

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Leggy Lisa


Part 01

Wednesday 3pm

“oh my god is she alright?”

My heart thumped at the news and I hung onto every word the doctor on

the phone


“Your wife was knocked unconscious Mr Reed by the impact and she was

still out of

it when they brought her in initially. However she seems to be coming

around now

although it's a miracle they both weren't killed on the spot”

“Doctor I've got to see her Ill be there as soon as possible”

I literally ran out of my office and down to the car park and I was

soon cutting

my way through the choking city traffic making my way to the

hospitals emergency


Lisa my wife had been on another catalogue shoot by the coast today

and what I

couldn't fathom was how she and the other model caught up in the

accident had been

struck by lightning on a perfectly sunny day? There was a lot of


apparently according to the doctor. I disbelievingly quizzed him as

he called to

relay the news thinking it was a prank call but however this freak of


occurred it was my Lisa who was in the hospital and I would be racked

with worry

until I saw her condition for myself.

When I arrived outside the hospital ward the Doctor who had spoken to

me on the

phone greeted me.

“You must be Mr Reed, Dr Harper”

We shook hands

“ its ok son your wife is stable and healthy if not a little in shock

from the

experience. Ive got one of my staff just checking her over now so

please just wait

a moment before we let you in to see her”

“Doctor thanks , thanks a million”

I clasped his shoulder

“Do you know what really happened yet Doctor?”

“Im still very vague on that myself the lady over there saw it all”

I spun around to see my wife's agent Victoria and I walked over to


“Hey Simon”

“Hi Vicky what the hell happened today?”

“I don't really know Simon , one minute everything is normal we are

running some

shots with your wife and a younger model in the surf and next minute

there is this

flash of brilliant lightning and Lisa was glowing like a light bulb

for a few

seconds and then there was this massive arc of light that shot from

Lisa to Teresa

and they both collapsed. It was all over in fractions of a second but

none of us

saw it coming there wasn't a cloud in the sky?”

I looked at Vicky she was in her early forties a decent and well

respected woman

who ran a modelling agency who had my wife on her books amongst

hundreds , for the

years I had known her she never seemed the sort to lie her tale was

true as far as

she perceived it but I was still surprised at these fantastic events.

Who ever

heard of a lightning strike in a perfect summers day with totally

clear skies?

“Mr Reed you can see your wife now”

I entered the hospital ward and Lisa was sat up on the bed in a

hospital gown

smiling to see me. She looked perfectly normal except her gorgeous

natural short

blonde hair was not immaculately styled and looking more like she had

just risen

from bed. My eyes scanned her legs still visible beneath the plain

gown they

looked ok still as wonderful and shapely as ever and no sign of any


“Lisa honey you ok?”

We hugged and she smiled back at me reassuringly.

“Im fine just a little dizzy if anything, did they tell you what


”yeh although I didn't quite believe it”

“Its true babe I was struck by lightning and look at me there isn't

even a mark or



“How is Teresa doing?”

”Teresa? Oh she was the girl in the shoot with you wasn't she? Ill


I parted from Lisa to get an update on the fellow model from Dr


“just the same Mr Reed they both survived without a trace its beyond

me. But I

would like to keep them in for the night for observation just in case

although I

see no reason they both cant be discharged in the morning if things

are still


“oh that's wonderful news”

Vicky said as she walked up behind us she had overheard the prognosis

and was

exceptionally pleased.

I went back in to see Lucy and she was equally as happy to receive

the news.

“Im so glad that she's ok as well as me I had been a little off with

her earlier”


”long story but look Im only 26 and yet Vicky is employing girls not

even out of

school they make me feel old”

“babe your not old and im sure they don't compare to your good looks

you're a

women and she a girl”

I was sincere my wife was very pretty hence the career as a catalogue

model, she

was 5ft 5 inches tall and had a very slim but relatively straight

figure, she did

have great legs and a perfect face and complexion making her ideal

for cosmetics

adverts. Her stature with her chosen profession was a restriction as

she would

never be able to get the big rewards the catwalk could offer and her

small bust

kept her from the glamour shoots and men's magazines that she desired

to break

into. I had offered to pay for a breast enlargement for her birthday

next week and

Lisa was over the moon with where this might take her ambitions.

About 2 hours later I was told I had to leave by the nurses much to


disappointment of Lisa who insisted she felt great and wanted to go

back with me.

“can you grab me some clothes for tomorrow Simon”

Lisa requested before I left and kissed her as I made my way home.


I was up early and had called in to my secretary to say I wouldn't be

in this

morning due to picking up Lisa from the hospital assuming she was

fine during the

night and still with no complications.

I went up to her wardrobe and rifled through tons of clothes some I

hadn't seen

her wear in ages “women” I muttered and I selected a pair of her

jeans and a t-

shirt that I liked her in and then I grabbed her a fresh bra and


At the hospital Lisa was waiting for me anxiously.

“thanks honey Ill put these on”

Lisa pulled the curtains around her bed and she untied the

unflattering gown. She

was naked beneath and I savoured the sight of her as I sat on the

edge of the bed

just watching her de robe and put on her bra and panties I had

delivered. She saw

me taking note of her body and smiled.

“Hey handsome fancy a quick one?”

I was surprised at Lisa's offer she wasn't normally so daring , sure

she could be

very sexy behind closed doors but in a public place this was new and

quite a

thrill. Lisa climbed on the bed and as normal I went on top and

didn't waste any

time in slipping my hungry member out of my trousers as we made love.

We had only just finished when a nurse came behind the bed screen

embarrassing us

both as she must have noted what had just occurred as she saw us both


faced flushed with the high of the event.

We left the hospital and Lisa complained about her shoes nearly all

the way to the


“These really rub baby, its no good im gonna have to walk bare foot I

think my

feet are swollen for some reason”

“perhaps Ill rub them for you later babe”

I grinned and she settled into the car as I drove her home.

Later that day I returned from work and found Lisa fussing over what

outfits to

wear for her old friends wedding on Saturday. I often wondered why

women insisted

on parading countless time in front of the mirror and always ending

up in the

outfit they chose in the first place.

“What do you think of this one?”

She draped a long blue skirt over her legs it was sensible and looked

nice on her

as I really liked the split up one side but I also really wanted to

see those legs

of hers.

“darling its summer couldn't you wear a shorter skirt”

“mm guess this is a tad long down to my ankles”

“honey can I buy an two new outfits tomorrow it would save a lot of


deciding what I should wear”

She edged closer to me and I took her in my arms and leaned down to

meet her lips

as we kissed.

“ok but not too expensive eh? Why don't you come with me , take the

day off sick

or something? Keep an eye on the credit cards”

I agreed and she packed her clothes away.

Later that very evening Lisa was dressed for bed in a very sexy and


tight camisole and panties set. She looked awesome as she walked into

the living

room and presented me a major distraction away from the sport on the

box. But

looking into her eyes she wasn't pleased.

“babe have I put on weight?”

My eyes ran down her body starting with her perfect legs to her hips.

Her hips did

seem more emphasized a little bit curvy even but definitely not fat ,

she actually

cut a more attractive shape than normal in her lingerie as her more


hips made her slim waist look smaller. My eyes continued to her top

and her small

breasts jutted out nicely behind that top, did they look a little

larger also? I

saw nothing wrong far from it but knowing Lisa I played things cool

it wasn't

worth saying anything she may take the wrong way.

“no darling you look wonderful”

“I feel heavier and this never used to hug my sides so much its tight”

“tight is good baby, tight is sexy”

I took her hand and pulled her down to the sofa.

“I couldn't do anything with my hair either today its gone a little


I looked at her blonde hair it looked shiny and healthy as normal but

perhaps it

had grown a touch as I ran my fingers through its length.

“but talking of wild Simon im feeling very turned on baby and I want


She pulled off her top and her pert breasts sprung forward and I

reached a hand up

clasping her right breast it felt firm and maybe larger than normal

or was I

imagining this? My hand easily contained it like holding a nice sized

juicy apple

as I caressed her heavenly flesh.

“I cant wait for the operation baby , then Ill give you something to


“How about giving me something to suck”

I looked lustfully at her left breast and she pressed it into my

lips. We ended up

making love again as I turned her over and pushed into her. As normal

Lisa groaned

when my length was fully inside her and we climaxed together. Later

we shared a

shower to cool off and I washed Lisa's back.

“Your hair is longer baby its grown a few inches”

I saw her now thick wet hair sticking just below her shoulder muscles

, I liked

long hair and wasn't aware she was growing it.

”really , two inches I may need it cut and styled for the wedding if

it keeps

growing like this”

“I like it longer babe it suits you”

She turned and smiled at me with her wonderful big eyes

“Ok we will have to see how it looks Saturday but if its not

manageable Im having

it cut and your paying”

After our refreshing shower we settled down in bed.


Morning came and I awoke feeling Lisa under the covers gently placing

her lips

over my morning arousal.

It was the ultimate way to wake up with my gorgeous wife tending to

me from the

word go. I began to moan softly as she pleasured me so well. I wasn't

used to her

being so forward it seemed recently she was up for fun at the drop of

a hat and I

loved it!

I then saw Lisa emerge from the covers her lovely face inches from

mine as she

dragged her long blonde hair over my chest. Did I say long blonde

hair? Her hair

was longer than last night and she looked fabulous with her natural

long locks as

they dangled gently over parts of me. At that point in time I was too

turned on to

contemplate just how her hair grew so much in a few hours but it

certainly wasn't


“morning sexy”

She purred and slid a leg over me and pushed down on my excitement

until I was in

her , as normal I began to shift positions so I was on top and in

control but I

noticed her resisting a little she seemed a challenge today but I did

get my way

and I began to thrust as she held her hands on the bars of the bed. I

looked down

and as I got into my stride I watched her breasts wobble , did they

seem larger

again? Idd never seen them so prominent when she was on her back

before and

normally her small breasts didn't really have the volume to sway like

that. Man

that was a nice view and a nice surprise maybe she was putting on

weight like she

said but in the right places that's for sure. Neither of us lasted

very long as I

rolled off to one side sighing heavily.

“wow, Lisa honey your gonna wear me out that was great”

“mmm, I kept dreaming all night baby I felt horny all night and I

woke up in the

mood for love. I cant remember the last time I had such erotic dreams”

“must have been the cheese last night in that Pizza babe”

I suggested

“remind me to order a grandpan tonight with extra cheese”

Lisa climbed out of bed and she instantly felt her hair tickling her


“what the?”

She turned to look at me stood there naked as the day she was born

and her figure

was even more defined than yesterday, nice pronounced hips and an

almost hour

glass frame beginning to take shape.

“Lisa you look great”

I admired her curves as she held a length of her hair she hadn't

noted her body

until I prompted and she ran her hands down her sides.

“Ive got real hips I am putting on weight , although everything feels

tight and


“Hey weight or not babe it looks good on you”

“and look Simon my hair its longer to”

“I noticed it suits you”

“I haven't had it this long for years , I bet I could make a ponytail

what's with

my body?”

She wandered off to wash and returned sitting on the foot of the bed

as she

reached into her drawers for her underwear.

“are you getting up Mr its nearly 8.30 and you haven't phoned in sick


I looked at her bare back from behind and saw her hair was just

settling on her

shoulder muscles, I also watched her hands come behind her back to

fix her bra

when suddenly she began to “tut” in an annoyed fashion.

“dam I cant make this any looser its killing me”

“sorry babe?”

I looked across and saw her frowning as she turned to me and then I

looked at

where she what she was frowning at following my eyes down her body to

her breasts.

I was a little amazed her breasts definitely looked bigger they

actually defied

the little bra that she was trying to contain them with.

“either my boobs have grown baby or this bra is a size too small”

She managed to hook the bra but her flesh was spilling out of the

cups and it was

by no means comfortable I could tell just by looking at her.

“it looks far to small you haven't picked up someone else's at the

modelling shoot


I tried to think of an explanation as Lisa removed it checking the


“no this is mine and its my size 34 B only it looks like im trying to

stuff C cups

into it. Do my boobs look bigger to you babe?”

She held her hands under her not so modest swells and yes they

definitely looked

larger and my eyes loved what they saw. Before I could comment she

felt it as well

in her own hands.

“god they do feel bigger , fuller “

“I wondered if they were bigger yesterday Lisa but what with you

concerned about

putting on weight babe I decided to keep quiet “

I grinned

“but they sure look good from here”

Lisa smiled I could see she was quite proud of this occurrence which

wasn't a

surprise due to the many conversations we had had about increasing

her breast size

to enable her to chase new modeling arenas.

“it's a good job your taking me shopping today because im gonna need

some new bra

's for sure besides I think you've saved yourself some money already

because its

not so much of a jump to that D cup anymore I can go for smaller

implants ”

“oh so you've decided D cups are the goal then baby”

“well yeh what do you think?”

She decided to leave her bra off and put on a tight pink t-shirt

which I saw her

increased bust made a nice impact behind offering the hint of her


“Darling you know me the bigger the better”

Lisa laughed and whacked me with a pillow as she then put on her

panties and went

to seek the rest of her outfit. She grabbed some faded jeans and then

began to put

them on with difficulty.

“I am putting on weight ill never get my back side into these”

She was getting annoyed

“come on sleepy head shift yourself I need to use the bed”

I reluctantly got up as Lisa parked herself on the bed and laid back

in an attempt

to wriggle into her jeans more easily.

After a quick shower I dressed in my jeans and a casual shirt and all

this time

Lisa was performing various strange actions on the bed in a vain

attempt to make

her jeans fit. It was clear they wouldn't make it over her thighs or

contain her

backside. I tried not to laugh as she was getting more and more

flustered she

wouldn't concede that they seemed to small for her now I guess it was

a model

thing. Finally I let go a snigger as I heard her cussing under her


“thats it ive had it these jeans have obviously shrunk in the wash”

Her conclusion evaded the obvious fact that there was more of her

flesh to shoe

horn into the normally vvery tight jeans but I didn't dare to point

this out.

“dam it ill have to wear a skirt”

I decided to exit the bedroom and made myself some cereals as I

waited for her to

cool down. Lisa came down a few minutes after and she was now fussing

with a white

skirt which im sure was her tennis skirt it did look very short

although I hadnt

seen it on her since last summer.

“You know baby im gonna have to face it my arse is bigger , my

thighs, everything

is bigger , this is the only skirt that fits my waist ill have to go

on a diet

starting today or Vicky is going to put me in the whales section in

the catalogue

before to long”

“well that skirt looks great on you babe and to be honest if you have

put some

weight on well its nicely distributed your still slim and toned”

Part 02

She struggled a smile as she sat at the table with me and tucked into

the cereals.

“thanks baby Im just feeling a little conscious about my body but

your right this

skirt does look pretty good it makes my legs look long for a change I


realise it was so short I bet everyone at the tennis club last year

got an right

show when I bent over, infact it's a little indecent don't you think?”

I smiled in the manor that showed my approval of such things and she

recognised my

delight at such topics.

“trust you , idd be dressed like a tart if you had your way”

Having eaten I grabbed the phone off the wall and contacted the

office feigning

that I was under the weather with a sudden migraine. With my deceit

out of the way

we planned out our shopping trip and I decided I would treat myself

to a new

bowtie to go with my tuxedo for the wedding.

Lisa went upstairs to grab her shoes and I was ready to leave waiting


at the base of the stairs calling her.

“come on honey”

Lisa came down the stairs in a pair of pink trainers and I looked at



“guess what none of my sandals fit! Even my feet seem to be swollen

to top

everything off”

Her pretty face offered another frown and I was starting to think

that this was

all a bit weird.

As she came to stand before me it suddenly struck me she was taller

than usual!.

Almost in synchronous she noticed it too and we both double checked

that we stood

on the same level and that her trainers offered no heel of any


“darling, whats going on? Either you've suddenly got shorter or im


taller than normal”

This seemed impossible but the fact that the top of her blonde head

of hair was

eyelevel to me was surprising to say the least, normally she only

came up to my

lips as I used to me able to kiss her forehead without stooping?

“you are taller but that's not possible”

I levelled off a hand on top her head and shook my head in disbelief

at my eyes.

“you must be 5ft 8 inches tall I don't understand”

“5ft 8 , wow that's 3 inches taller no wonder all my clothes don't

fit im must be

growing out of them”

“hang on Lisa your 26 years old you stop growing years ago are those

trick shoes?”

I began to grin ready to accept a joke but her face was serious.

“these are flat darling ,come on lets measure me”

She suddenly had an enthusiastic tone about her and she pulled me

into the kitchen

whilst she rifled through a drawer for measuring tape.

“you can take your trainers off ok”

I tried to set the stage of what would provide us accuracy but I

clearly could see

they offered little lift to her stature.

“here “

she thrust the tape and a pencil in my hand and kicking off her

trainers she

backed up to a suitable wall. I marked off her height pressing down

her hair to

ensure the reading was true.


she enthused

“hang on im checking”

I held back her growing curiosity.

“your exited by this aren't you?”

I began stretching the tape down.

“Simon ive always wanted to be taller It would mean so much to my



“5 ft 8 inches and a bit”

“your joking!”

She beamed and verified the reading for herself

“I am three inches taller than I used to be this is wonderful!”

She almost skipped for joy and I wasn't sure what to think but I kept

a rational


“this inst possible think about what we are saying here you cant have

grown 3

inches there must be an explanation …”

“well am I taller than 5 ft 5 inches tall?”

Lisa squared up to me and grinned

“well yes”

I admitted based on the evidence

“but …”

“but nothing baby aren't you pleased for me? I think this is terrific

, I mean the

simple fact is Im taller and that's why ive had such a hassle with

all my clothes

and stuff im am heavier but for a good reason”

I couldn't challenge her although I seemed less able to accept this


than she was.

We left for the shopping centre and Lisa chatted all the way about

her newly

discovered height.

I looked at her sat beside me it certainly suited her, she did seem

more radiant

somehow and those legs of hers in the passenger foot well actually

appeared longer

to me or was it her skirt was so short, regardless my wife had some

sexy pins on

display today.

“im sorry to break this to you honey bun but I might need more than

just a wedding

outfit I could do with getting measured up for a new wardrobe because

most of my

stuff going to be a tight squeeze.

The pound signs flickered in my head but she did have a point.

“ok baby you can get some new gear but lets not go mad im sure you

cant have

outgrown all your outfits”

Reaching the shopping centre she dragged me around all the usual

women's clothes

shops until we went to a designer boutique who measured her up with

the result

that she had increased a full dress size as well as a shoe size. I


various outfits she presented as she twirled and posed by the

dressing rooms door

and she ended up settling on a very nice strapless knee length black

dress for the

evening reception of the wedding and a smart conventional fairly dark

blue skirt ,

jacket and blouse combination for the day. By this time I was getting

bored as it

isn't really a guys thing to drag through women's shops for hours so

I dismissed

myself and let her use her copy of my credit card to satisfy herself

with her

various accessories and other clothes.

I arranged to meet her later in a small bar in the shopping centre

and I nearly

choked on my cold beer as I saw her approach struggling with her

multitude of


“had a good time dear?”

I was a little sarcastic wondering how much that credit card

statement would be

“I got a little carried away baby but it was great fun”

We made our way home after some lunch and Lisa unpacked her bags. The

rest of the

day went by with us relaxing except when Lisa flirted around with me

outside in

the garden and I ended up making love to her from behind as she bent

over the

garden bench. Again this was an unusual experience, with her new

inches I didn't

have to compensate for her size so much to take her this way. Lisa

also noticed

this and commented that she had an additional two inches longer

inside leg

measurement according to the shop today.

Later that evening we packed up some suit cases and jumped in the car

to head for

a hotel not far from the church we had to attend. On the journey Lisa

and I

discussed her new shape.

“You know I could almost go pro catwalk baby”

”Lisa catwalk models are very tall I mean your not short by

distinction now but

those girls are like a good 5ft ten regions you'd still be short

compared to them”

“oh I know but even being 5ft 8 im open to a lot more model


We continued to chat and ended up discussing little else before we

went to bed in

the hotel.


The hotel room had thin walls we both woke up early listening to a

chorus of

thumping and banging the shower unit in the room next door was not

very well

maintained. Lisa told me again she had experienced some sexual dreams

and almost

in a repeat of yesterday we made love. But this time she was more

resistant in a

nice play fighting type of way to me going on top and I found that

her strength

did actually require me to exert more force to win our love battle

and for me to

remain on top.

“I nearly had you that time big boy I must have got a little stronger

with those

extra inches of height”

“I let you think that babe I was playing with you”

I tried to act confident but who was I kidding she was a little

fighter now.

Afterwards she cleaned up and then sat at the small table styling her

hair dressed

in a hotel robe.

“I wish I had got this cut baby look at it”

She held up a large amount of her beautiful blonde hair and I smiled

as she pulled

it off her face and let it fall behind her back. I dressed whilst she


applied what little make up she needed and then I sat in a chair and

flicked on

the breakfast news whilst I waited for her to be ready to go to

breakfast with me.

“you know I bought some very sexy underwear yesterday look…”

She distracted me as she held in her fingers a lace g-string.

“mmm very nice baby”

I complimented

“and the matching bra”

I looked again as she dangled her bra.

“Its one of those push up bras with padding I thought Idd create some


with my new boobs”

“im all for cleavage darling”

I gave a lustful grin and she smiled and then began to put on her

underwear. I

began to watch the sports update when Lisa piped up.

“I don't believe it”

My attention diverted back to my lovely wife and what a sight she was

in her new

underwear and she looked hot very hot. In her side profile to the

mirror her

breasts in that padded bra looked full and heavy and pushed out

several inches

from her slim curvy frame and I was transfixed for a second.

“now that's what I call sexy”

I wolf whistled at her and she smiled back turning to show some real


something Lisa hadn't really had before to her womanly armoury.

“god these look huge”

she beamed looking down at the dramatic line created by her breasts



“wow I love that bra baby you look positively busty”

“and its all me in there I had to take these out”

She held up two almost circular pieces of thick gel in her hand

designed to line

her bra cups.

“no way!”

My jaw dropped a little her boobs looked even larger than yesterday.

“This is supposed to be a C cup bra that super boosts me to a D cup

with these

things but I must be a D cup because there's no room in these cups

except for me.

I walked over to her and sat on the bed beside the stool she was sat

on and she

turned around pushing her chest forward.

“tell me if they are real I must be dreaming”

I reached out eagerly and my hands felt the firm curve of each breast

, each

lovely heavy breast that filled my hands and more! I couldn't contain

them , idd

always been able to hold her breasts cover them in my hands but those


apples she used to have had blossomed into small melons. My hand came

under one of

the cups and satisfied itself that this really was Lisa , man my wife

had big tits

I thought to myself and I became instantly aroused as I played with


“Lisa this is awesome they are big , girl you are really busty babe



“its wonderful , and look im no longer a handful for you anymore do

you like


“Like them, baby I love them!”

We kissed and Lisa pulled away giggling.

“this will have to wait darling you'll ruin my hair and makeup”

What a tease, Lisa blew me a kiss and re-applied her lipstick and as

my manhood

tried to forget her assets and return to normal I began to have

questions in my

mind again.

“Lisa your boobs have grown another cup size overnight and your hair

is longer

again something is up here”

”Its like im finally filling out becoming the shape Ive always

dreamed of being

and I wont be needing that boob job anymore I couldn't be happier”

I didn't have the heart to rain on her happiness especially before

the wedding so

I turned off trying to figure things out, she was right her body was

fabulous even

more so than before which provoked another thought.

“Lisa if your breasts and hair has grown overnight what about you?”

She looked back at me and put her lipstick down with a wide eyed


“you don't think…”

She stood up and from my seated position her legs looked long

especially with all

of them exposed in the smallest of g –strings.

“I don't feel any different but why don't you stand up”

Slowly I stood up and Lisa didn't seem to get any shorter as I did.

When I stood

straight my wife's head was almost level with mine , her eyes for the

first time

in our marriage looked me straight in mine and we both stood there

silent for a

long second.

“oh my god im nearly as tall as your are!”

“your not kidding look at you, look at those legs of yours”

She bit her lip sort of excited by this

“I must be 5ft 10 or even 11 inches tall!”

I couldn't counter her conclusion

“Lisa this is beyond strange now this is getting a little worrying”

Lisa looked down at herself and then at me repeatedly and couldn't

shrug the wide

smile on her face.

“im tall, Simon im actually tall”

“baby you are tall but its not right”

“what's not right look at me Simon im leggy don't tell me you don't

like me this

way, men always like leggy blondes and especially busty blondes”

She shimmied her breasts and my eyes had a job to believe that it

wasn't me who

had shrunk , my little wife wasn't so little anymore.

“you sure do look sexy but…”

She held a solitary finger to my lips and shook her head

“I know something is strange here baby of course I do but its

exciting cant we

just enjoy it today please, tomorrow Ill speak to a doctor and we can

find out

whats going on but for today I wanna enjoy being tall!”

I kissed her as we stood facing one another and Lisa smirked.

“that's the first time Ive ever seen you not lean down or me on my

tip toes , I

liked that”

I smiled and let her continue to dress as I sat back in the chair and

turned the

channel over to catch the back end of the breakfast news highlights.

But I was far

from being able to concentrate thinking about Lisa.

“im ready!”

She leaned over the back of the chair and blew in my ear. I got up

and she looked

stunning. Her now long shapely legs in that blue skirt begged

attention and her

white blouse positively hugged her new charms below cutting a

breathtaking curve.

“this skirt was supposed to be just above me knees but it's a lot

shorter today

and I shouldn't of bought a

fittedblouse Im only just inside it, is it gaping honey?”

The buttons looked like they hinted some tension beneath but I liked

the look.

“unfortunately not but Idd love to ease the pressure”

Lisa grabbed her matching jacket and slipped it on however she didn't

get away

with it as easy the arms came up an inch short and it looked odd.

Luckily her

blouse was short sleeved so that looked fine.

“oh no I cant wear this its to small”

I glanced out of the window as the sun beamed bright diffused by the

net curtains

“it'll be warm enough don't worry”

We headed to the door and I stepped out into the corridor , Lisa took

her time

following shouting

“hang on babe I forgot….”

I looked at her stepping out before me

“…I forgot my heels”

Lisa was taller than me! A good 3 inches taller than me and I stood

there a little

surprised as I looked up into her eyes and then down at her sexy high

heeled shoes

that matched her outfit.

“my high heels”

She grinned amused that she was suddenly looking down at me her 6ft


“you look short”

I was speechless I hadn't anticipated her selecting high heels but

then she always

did wear them when she was 5ft 5inches and to think of it I always

encouraged her

to buy them as they looked so great with her legs. They still looked

great with

her legs only I suddenly felt a little awkward before her.

“Lisa now you look really tall honey people are gonna stare”

“guess I shouldn't have gone for the 4 inch heels but you normally

like them and I

thought at 5ft 8inches tall I would be your size I never dreamed I

would be this

much taller in them. Do you mind because I really don't have anything

else with


Did I mind , well no frankly she looked a million dollars as tall as


supermodel and with a shape in that blouse and skirt like she had she


stunning. But her being taller than me would take a lot of getting

used to.

At breakfast I had other concerns.

“Lisa people that know you at the wedding they'll think this is more

than a bit

strange I mean people don't just suddenly grow six inches taller how

are you gonna

explain this? Perhaps we should give it a miss”

“No, Simon I want to go I feel great, hell I feel really sexy and

tall I want to

show off to the world. I want to see how people react around me , see

what its

like from this point of view. Anyhow its Tamara's wedding and I

haven't seen her

since we worked out in Barbados on that shoot together and that was 6

years ago ,

remember she stayed out their with Martin and ive been meaning to get

out there

ever since. Look im blabbing on but its unlikely ill even know anyone

else its

just her family and I don't know her friends”

“if your sure babe”

I looked across the breakfast table at the excitement in her eyes and

she then

gave me a curious look

“Is this about people noticing me or is it that you feel embarrassed

that your

wife's taller than you In her

heels and you don't want to be seen in public with me?”

I reassured her in an instant

“Lisa you look gorgeous today Idd be proud to have you on my arm”

In the back of my mind I did wonder how it was going to feel today

with her so

tall it was a new experience

for us both.

We arrived at the church on time and settled in to an aisle seat ,

the service was

short but pleasant and her

friend Tamara looked pretty in her white dress. When the main

ceremony was over we

drove back to the hotel

before the evening and no one seemed to have recognised my wife who

attended the

morning affair and she

confirmed she didn't know anyone so I was relieved . As the bride was

busy she

hadn't noticed Lisa's

presence either or was it that she didn't know who was the tall

blonde in the

crowd? I on the other hand did

notice the attention that some of the men gave Lisa , lots of second

glances but

who could blame them.

As we entered our hotel room Lisa shut the door behind me and almost

pounced on me

as she hugged me with my forehead now at her eye level.

“didn't she look great!”

“yeh your friend looked very pretty”

Part 03

“but she also looked so short”

Lisa smiled

“everyone looked short to me today including you. I think I was the

tallest woman

infact the tallest person there it was great!”

“did you notice the two young ushers checking your legs out?”

Lisa smiled a sexy grin as she recalled the young teenage ushers.

“yes I did but did you see the really short one when he showed us to

our seats my

tits were almost in his face he was so short compared to me”

”I know I saw him staring and I think he even got excited when you

squeezed past

him like you did , you did that on purpose didn't you”

I looked up into her not so innocent blue eyes as she gave continued

her sexy


“I couldn't resist I mean what was he like 5ft tall or something he

didn't seem to

be able to look me in the eyes so I purposely gave him a little

thrill as I

brushed past”

“Lisa that was naughty”

My mind replayed the scene of this short teenager gawping at Lisa as

her blouse

almost smothered his face for a second with her breasts. He coloured

up instantly

and Im sure I saw him walk off very uncomfortable with a his third

leg rising. It

turned me on to see her flirting this way she was far more confident

than I had

ever seen her before.

“but you liked it didn't you hun?”

“what do you mean?”

“I bet you wished that little guy was you at that moment as some

great big busty

blonde gave you a close up”

Lisa began to loosen my tie and my shirt her hands reaching into my

chest beneath

as she unbuttoned me.

“I wished that guy was you for a second it was so sexy to be so tall

to a man,

such a rush”

She pulled my shirt off and then my hands slipped behind her waist

which felt so

high up as my fingers discovered the button and zip to her skirt and

it slid down

those long legs into a pool at her feet.

“I had more erotic dreams again last night baby I dreamt that I was a

lap dancer

and you called me for a private session only I drove you crazy with

my gyrations

and we ended up making love”

I was harder than a rock and she knew it , she opened my trousers and

let them

fall and I stepped out of my shoes. My hands reached up under the

inside of that

blouse and met with her breasts but slowly Lisa stepped back and

edged away. She

turned her back to me and I watched her blouse glide off her

shoulders down her

arms and to the floor. Then I took off my boxers they struggled to

contain my

eagerness by now and I walked towards her and reached up to her bra

clips from

behind. I unfastened them and then she took the bra off shaking her

long blonde

hair. She looked over her shoulder as she put her hands on the wall

as if waiting

to be frisked by a police man and I took the top of her lace g string

in my teeth

and edged it down those long limbs of hers whilst my hands ran down

the sides of

those legs in wonderment at their length. God she felt so different

so much

different. I knew what she wanted and my arms came around her from

behind to cup

those bare breasts. They felt so big so exciting like I was fondling

another woman

but this was Lisa and that turned me on even more. I edged my

excitement between

her legs and went to find her only it could barely reach from behind!

She was too

tall , stood naked in those 4 inch heels I needed my tip toes to push

into her

welcoming flesh and Lisa realised this.

“am I a bit too tall shorty”

She teased

“here let me help”

She leaned down a little shifting to the chair and I pushed home. For

the first

time ever I entered her completely and with no struggle she took all

of my bigger

than average manhood in her stride.

“ooh that's good , that's so good so deep”

She cried and I made love to her like never before images rushing

into my mind of

how tall she was , her legs and oh her breasts.

An hour later I was just in my boxers laid out on the bed whilst she

bathed in the

bath remarking on how she had a job to fit her legs into it compared

to normal.

“you know if this happens again im going to be taller than you are


Her words struck me , taller than me? My little Lisa , my wife taller

than me it

was hard to contemplate.

“that would be different”

I commented not sure what or how I would react to her if she passed

my own 6ft.

“Idd like to be taller than you”

“you would?”

”well you've always towered over me darling it would be nice to look

down on you

like I did in my heels today only for real, would you like it if I

was taller than


“Im not sure it would take some getting used to”

“mmm I think it would be sexy”

We had 4 hours to kill before the evening do so I dressed temporarily

in my

casuals and said I would take a look at the hi-fi shop we noticed on

the journey

in whilst we waited. Lisa decided she wouldn't join me she was tired

and saving

her energy for later. In the shop I had chance to think things

through whilst I

browsed it was essential that we found out what was happening to Lisa

as much as

we currently had been enjoying it , my only theory was the incident

with the

lightning it all stemmed from that moment she was pretty normal up

until that

point in time. I left the shop after the sales man gave up on selling

me his

latest surround sound unit and I decided to grab a beer in one of the

local bars.

When I returned to our room I found Lisa was crashed out on the bed


naked and fast asleep. Even lying down she looked tall now as her

long legs

stretched across the covers , I glanced at my watch and knew I had to

wake her so

that she could get ready but I let her sleep some more whilst I took

a shower and

I then dressed in my tuxedo. I sat on the bed and ran my fingers

through her long

hair it was silky and gorgeous and in the space of just over a day

many inches

longer than before. Her breasts rose proudly even laid like she was

and they

looked so big , begging me as a man to touch them. I noticed even her

nipples had

increased in size she was in no need of implants that was for certain.

“hey sleeping beauty time to get up”

I softly spoke and she woke up and smiled at my attentions to her.

“must have dozed off after my shower, hey you look very handsome


Lisa stretched and my eyes darted to her jiggling bare breasts I

hadn't seen them

so animated before as she had never been so large. Out of a bra they

moved with

her every motion.

“Shall I go and arrange a cab whilst you chance baby?”

“sure, im ready for some really good fun tonight”

She flashed her white teeth at me and I walked out to the reception

area to book

our transport so we could both drink. When I returned to the room

Lisa was in the

bathroom and heard me come in.

“Simon you'll never guess what happened”

She sounded excited

“what babe?”

”Im taller again”

Her words began to ring alarm bells in my head.

“taller? Are you sure?”

“well if this dress is anything to go by and the fact my new bra

doesn't fit

anymore…. , well see for yourself darling but I think im actually

taller than you


My heart thumped a little in my chest as she said those words and I

walked across

to the bathroom as she stood there to face me in the doorway. Inches

away from me

was an amazon version of Lisa , stood on the cold bathroom tiles in

her stocking

covered feet. Her legs looked longer than earlier and only partially

hidden by

this tight black clingy dress that was now so short that it rode up

her gorgeous

thighs enough that a hint of the tops of the suspender belts she was

wearing could

be seen and the lacy stocking tops that they held. This black dress

was like a

second skin upon my wife's curves her hips and backside looked very


beneath it creating an awesome and distracting end to those long legs

and in utter

contrast to her small waist and flat stomach there was an eruption of

her bosoms

above pushing forward the material in a mass demonstration of their


size. This shoulder less dress plunged into her more than distracting


of cleavage and her long blonde hair now hung in a very long ponytail

down her

back. I gasped at the vision that was my wife. She stepped towards me

her breasts

moving noticeably behind the material and she was taller than me!

Lisa laughed out loud as she placed her hands down on my shoulder and

pulled me

closer . My eyes came level with her nose area and I had to tilt my

head to look

her in the eyes.

“I am taller than you, shorty”

She giggled in a teasing manor.

“oh man you've grown again you must be over 6ft 3inches tall”

“does it suit me?”

What could I say she looked sensational in that little dress and her

body was just


“Honey your exceedingly hot like this but baby this is really

beginning to worry


“Simon “

She kissed my forehead with ease and looked down into my eyes

“Please I promise we'll get serious tomorrow baby but im fine really

I am. Look at

me ive never looked better In my life this is a good thing that's

happening to me

im getting to see the world as you do up here rather than down there

with the

short women ,come on I know you like the changes in me as well lets

just enjoy

tonight and speak to the doctors first thing ok?”

Again I crumbled to her argument and Lisa walked out of the bath room

and checked

herself out in the full length mirror on the inside of the main door

to our room.

“have I got curves or what?”

She posed this way and that delighted with her shape.

“Simon , when Vicky next sees me she's gonna flip and get me those


modeling projects for sure im bustier than big Bella”

She referred to a model that dominated the Sunday papers with her

topless page

spreads Lisa was right she had a lot more to offer now and a much

better chassis

than any girl Idd seen gracing the tabloid page 3 sections.

“Oh dam my shoes”

She recalled her growth and fished out her black high heels court

shoes that went

with her dress.

I watched her try and squeeze into them but found myself a little

relieved that

her foot was too large by now.

“Simon look im not a size 8 any more”

I took a shoe from her it had a 5 inch heel upon it!

“Lisa , look at the heel on this what on earth were you thinking its

bigger than

the ones you wore earlier today”

She grinned and flushed a little red.

“well you know I like high heels and I bought them yesterday when I

was 5ft 8

remember I couldn't resist them because I knew they'd make me taller

than you only

now I im already there without them”

“man you would have been enormous in these im kind of glad they don't


“aww are you getting a little sensitive about your wife being taller

than you


She sat down and looked at the other heel.

“dam Simon ive got nothing else to wear on my feet where on earth am

I gonna get

some shoes from?”

I read the label

“these are from Style council your in luck I passed a store on my

little trip this

afternoon its five minutes from here”


She was instantly happy again

“would you go and exchange them for some size tens pretty please? I

still have the

receipt and another store should take them back”

Ten minutes later I was in a womans shoe shop and had negotiated the

exchange I

lied that my wife had them for a present from a relative and they

didn't know her

real size. As for taking them back they did so without hesitation

they hadn't been

worn or damaged.

“Do you have these with a smaller heel?”

I found myself asking

“maybe 2 inches?”

The assistant searched the boxes on the shelves and drew a blank. I

looked at my

watch the cab would pull up in less than ten minutes I had to be fast.

“we do have these sir”

Back in the hotel room Lisa smiled as she pulled the replacement

shoes from the


“6 inch heels, I cant believe you went for larger ones baby you must

really love

looking up to me!”

She knew I hadn't chosen them but teased me all the same. As she

wobbled into them

my wife towered over me by 9 inches in height and I faced her lovely

neck she was

a full head taller than me!

Lisa walked around me fascinated by her new height and how I must

have looked to

her now.

“you know baby I swear if I didn't know it was me growing bigger here

I would say

that you look about 4ft tall”

She sniggered before finishing

“half pint”

“hey cut it out im 6ft tall im no half pint”

Lisa put her hands on my shoulders and walked forward so her chest

pressed under

my chin and my head was tall enough for her to rest her chin down on


“you may be six foot tall darling but in these heels I can definitely

call you

half pint”

Lisa seemed to get such a kick out of her little teasing of me I

guess it was

because this all was so novel to her to be so much taller than a guy

and part of

me liked it alone just the two of us in this room but there was a

side of me that

felt just a little intimidated and hoped she wouldn't embarrass me at

this evening

reception whether I knew the people or not.

As the taxi drove us to the mansion that the reception was based in

Lisa was in

the back of the vehicle sat beside me and I could see her constantly

shifting and

studying her legs.

“whats with you?”

I asked and Lisa had a wide grin as she whispered in my ear

“Ive just noticed my legs are a lot longer than yours shorty”

I offered a smirk back and ran a hand on top her more generous thigh

and squeezed

it gently as she whispered again

“more inches to wrap around you later eh?”

I was hard and she noticed it in my tux as my trousers pitched a


The mansion was a grand place with sweeping staircases and huge

chandeliers and

the best of old england fixtures and fittings . We mingled in a huge

room which

offered a dance floor and a live band. At the side of the room was

some buffet

food but everything top notch and well presented. Lisa was a lapping

up the

attention her now striking height and figure made as most of the guys

in the room

took notice of her as we walked past and I felt a little insecure

that she was

drawing such attention. Sure before her recent transformation she was


but now and especially now with those curves in that dress her body


advertising to every red blooded male. I also noticed her confidence


she was now able to approach total strangers and start conversation.

When we

reached one of the free bars set up in the corners of the room a tall

guy tapped

her on the shoulder.

“excuse me miss , I couldn't help but notice how tall you are”

Lisa smiled and turned to face him he was shorter than her, by only a

few inches.

“oh me, yeh Im pretty tall”

Lisa was loving this I could see it in her face.

“Names Larry I run a local gym in Harberry , but im also a part time

coach for an

amateur league I just have two things to ask. Do you live local and

how would you

like to join an all women's basket ball team?”

This comment caused a huge laugh from Lisa and I was also a little

taken back ,

but who could blame the guy she was tall.

“Pleased to meet you Larry, Im Lisa and this is my husband Simon , im

not a local

Im afraid and I was never any good at Netball at school but thanks

for asking”

“That's a shame Im sure your wife would be a natural at her height

don't you?”

Larry looked at me and I nodded

“Yeh she's definitely got the legs for it”

I smiled and Larry moved on after some more idle chatter.

Lisa and I walked away from the bar with fresh glasses of champagne

in hand and

was very amused by the conversation with Larry.

“me a basket ball player I don't think he'd be so keen if old 5 foot

5 Lisa was

standing here this evening”

“I guess not”

I replied and took note as I watched her cut through the hordes of

people around

us towards the balcony and there was no one who evened her size. None

of the guys

came close and Lisa was head and shoulders above almost every body in

those heels.

It was weird to see as she dominated the scene. We found the balcony

a huge stone

structure clear from most of the people except for another couple a

fair distance

away who had started to kiss with a passion.

“You know Simon back in that room I was able to look over everybody

and see where

I was going its great being this tall normally I would have fighting

to get past

but most people seem to let me through like this its quite different,

quite nice

actually having no one looking down at me”

“well you are quite impressive at this size baby and you should see

the looks some

of the guys are giving you”

“I know the little waiter back there carrying the chocolates his eyes

were on

stalks staring at my legs he could barely speak to me”

“honey who could blame the guy you must look like a huge pair of legs

to him he

wasn't much taller than your waist”

Lisa laughed

“hey what size do you think my inside leg is now baby 40 inches?”

“Longer than mine that's for sure”

We both looked at the other couple kissing for a second and I looked

up at Lisa

instinctively, she then took her arms around me and I knew she was

waiting for me

to kiss her. My lips seemed so far from hers and I could see Lisa

wasn't going to

tilt her head instead much like I always did with her in the past she

waited until

I raised on my tip toes. My actions created a huge smile as she

kissed me back .

That was different I thought to myself it was like a role reversal

making me feel

a little weak compared to Lisa but her kiss was sensational and Im

sure even her

lips had enlarged as they pressed against mine. We finished our

drinks and went

back inside and Lisa begged me to dance with her. The band was lively

and I put my

jacket down and we both strutted our stuff to the music. As I danced

I couldn't

help but notice the display Lisa's body was offering as her natural

charms bounced

and jiggled to every movement and I started to look away because she

was getting

me going just by her gyrations and moves. Then the music tempo

changed and a slow

ballad came on and I was about to sit down when Lisa grabbed my hand

in hers. Was

her hand as big as mine? Bigger maybe?

Part 04

I ended up dancing with her as Lisa ensured she pulled me into her

body very close

in a romantic embrace. I felt so short as I danced with my own wife

my head was

able to rest above her breasts and on the slope of her neck. Apart

from her sheer

height I also noted felt it was harder to get as close to her as

normal because

she had so much sexy flesh in the way with her bust pushing against

my lower neck

and the very top of my chest. When the song finished we took a break

and sat down

and at that very moment the bride who was doing the rounds to ensure

she had met

everyone came across Lisa.

Giantess Stories: Leggy Lisa  By BBL  Part 01  Wednesday 3pm

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