Giantess Stories: Let me tell you something

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Let me tell you something.To be a tiny, little

shrunk person is no joy or fun.Most of us are into giant or giantess thing and

we are craving to get an opportunity to be shrunk and kiss our owner's feet.But

in reality,it is ,well,hell indeed.

How do I know it?Am I a tiny person?God forbid no!Even I didn't know such a

fetish exist.After I saw with my own eyes,I realized that hundreds of thousands

people were into that.Let me tell you how it all begun.

We have not been getting along well with my long time girlfriend Sacha about

more than a year.Our relationship was in its 10th year.I had been fired and was

jobless for a long time.She was a supermarket cashier.We had little money when

my girlfriend begun to act strangely.She dad begun to come home at late hours

after her job ends.We weren't talking much.She was mostly sleeping apart from me

in a seperate room.

One night at late she got a telephone call.It was strange,because she was

talking so polite and respectful like she never done before.I heard some words

like'Yes Mam,I will do right away Madam'.Then she left without saying

anything.When she came back at very late I was already asleep.One day I came

home early and got some sleep at afternoon.I heard the opening of front door.It

was early for Sacha to come home.I opened the door of the room a bit and look at

to front door and the thing I saw shocked me.There was a mature lady about late

40's with short black hair wearing knee high black boots.What was so incredible

is Sacha had kneeled down in front of her kissing her boots.Sure she

wasnt'expecting me this early at home so she wasn't aware of me,neither the

other lady.She took of the lady's boots and they entered into our computer

room.I was so worried and stay for a couple minutes in my room.Then I slowly

went to computer room and gazed in.The woman had sat the chair looking into

internet.First I could't comprehend what I saw.She had sat with her blouse off

and her gorgeous breasts freely dangling.Then I saw Sasha,well just her

butts.She had kneeled down naked on all her fours,Woman's feet resting on her

back.I can2t tell you how I dissapointed and surprised to see my long time

girlfriend in such a humiliating situation.I left the house before they realized


I walked all afternoon and when I got home there was noone there.Sacha came two

hours later.I was very determined to talk about matter and I was even

considering to leave her.But first I thought the woman had come again,becouse

there was voices in Sacha's room.But other voice was seemed to belong to a

man.It was like whisper or very very low.Sacha was

saying'No,No'continiously.Thinking she was cheating me I opened her door with

and anger and freezed at very moment.She was sitting on her chair looking down

to something.It was a person!No more taller than a toy,a real man,a shrunk

one,just over 10 inches.He turned to me and tried to hide himself with hands

because he was totaly naked.With pleading eyes,this 30 year old guy was begging


'Sit on bed,Dave'Sacha said.I did what she told me.

'Relax Dave,relax.It could be you and me instead of him,think about it and


'What is happening Sacha,what is this?What is he?'

'Well,he is someone got shrunk and waiting to be owned.That's it,simple as

it.'She said.

'What are you talking about?Who did this to him,why?'I asked stupidly.

'Dave,Oh My Dave.I met with a woman last month at a store.She invited me at her

home because she told me she thought I was one of her old friend's doughter.It

was a lie.As soon as whe arrived her home in a rural area,with some spell she

shrunk me to the same size of this man.Remember,I wasn't at home for two days at

some weekend.I spent 2 days begging to her to return me my normal size like he Fitbit Flex 2

begs me now.Then we had an agreement.Me and you,yes,You would be her slaves for

life.Because she told me that if I try to escape or talk about her she would

shrink me and you forever.Now,we will do whatever she orders us.She is a witch

and have clients all over world craving for shrunken or transformed slaves.She

markets them secretly over the net.If say some client from Africa wants to buy a

shrunken slave he/or she pays her lots of money.Some people just orders

transformed slaves.She just sold a couple of transformed women to an Asian

woman.She picked two young women about 25 years old from a nightclub.They were

drunk and realized nothing until next morning.Yuo had to see them.Each forming

one of a pair slippers ready to be weared.I saw the terror in their

eyes,ordinary slippers with live eyes,nose,mouth and a little tongue.Next time I

saw them at the feet of a young Asian woman live at a web cam.She thanked

Mistress for a wonderful job.Slippers had fit nicely to her little Asian

feet.The slightly wet eyes of slippers were looking directly to the cam.Ohh,they

were looking like very stupidly.Their mistress were wearing them all morning and

evenings after long working days.It was the last time that I saw them.'

'Sasha,look,I can't be a slave and I will not.'I


'Dave,I see you don't see the situation.Don't you see the man at the floor?He is

ready to be sold.We are lucky she didn't shrunk us.'

'Noooo!!!'The little man cried.'You can't sell me some Asian or else.Please

please take me to the Police.'

Sasha screamed suddenly.'Shut up,little slave.You will be sold and transported

this very night.You be happy,you will not transform to an object.Be quiet.You

don't want to be transformed to a toilet brush,do you?'

He silenced.

'Dave,why don't we have some fun before Mistress arrives?'

'What fun Sasha?I can't see any fun in it.We have to flee immediately.'

'Calm down Dave.Take it easy.We will be powerful together with Mistress.We can

be a slave to someone but in return we will have many slaves like this small

man.Don't you want to have the power of Mistress and shrink whoever you wish

with her powers?I bet you want.I want at least.If you try to escape you can

endep up like him.I warn you.Now relax and try to enjoy.'

She bended and took off my socks.

'What are you doing Sasha?'I asked.

She didn't answered me.Instead make a hand gesture to the little man.

'No,no.Don't make me.'He objected.

Than suddenly from nowhere Sasha brought out a short small whip and strike him

from the back.His small eyes widened from the hit he got at his back,mostly

butts.He crawled to my feet and I felt a warm touch at my feet.

'Lick my boyfriend's feet.Slowly and passionately you little thing.'She


'No,I don't want.'I objectedd too.But in a moment I felt so powerful over this

little guy.I sat and extended my feet thinking to have little female slaves.How

much I would enjoy having a tight ass blonde licking my feet,body.But for now,a

warm tongue between my toes was wonderful.Suddenly I found myself saying to

him,'take the little toe to your mouth and wait.'He did so.With crying eyes he

was looking to me.I saw Sasha stick her big toe's long blue painted toenail to

his butts.

'Enough.'I shouted suprised by my own voice.

'Lick Sasha's feet,back and forth,back and forth.'I continued.

Poor man did so.She laid on floor her face downward.Now her feet were wrinkled

more than ever.Small guy was licking the wrinkles like waves of an ocean.I was

so hard and we made love with Sasha then.

Sasha ordered the small man once.

'Lick my feet while he is on me.'



Giantess Stories: Let me tell you something

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