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Life Socks



A PSO Production


I came home from like I had a

thousand other times however the second I walked in the door my entire body

jolted and I hit the floor. I awoke a few minutes later surrounded by my low

shag carpet. I was a bit groggy but as I stood up I realized something was wrong

when I stood up and my sofa loomed in front of me


“Hi Jared”


“J,J,Judy? Your huge?”


“Do you like it?”


“You mean you did this? Why?”


“I was bored with you Jared and this way I get the kids,

the house, everything”


“You bitch”


“Watch your mouth, in fact work your mouth and enjoy your

new place in life. I want you to lick my nylon covered foot.”


           I watched in awe as one of her feet came off of

the sofa and landed mere inches from me. I back pedaled but her other foot

knocked me over.


“Not so fast Jared. I have had a hard day and I think my

feet deserve a little TLC don't you?”


“Get the fuck away from me. Just change me back now.”


“You are a riot dear. Now get licking before my patience

wears off”


           Judy's foot stomped down in front of me sending

me onto my knees, with her foot in front of me I looked up at her and Judy's

phone rang. She made a motion to her feet and I lowered my face towards her

foot. The strong smell of sweat wafted through the air around me. My stomach

clenched and I wanted to die as I couldn't seem to escape the miserable stench

emitting from her foot. As I lowered my face so it touched my wife's foot I

didn't once open my mouth. I just held it there. I could feel the sweat seeping

into through the small crack where my lower lip met my upper. The smallest

droplet of sweat made it through my lips and I pulled away coughing and gagging.

This only brought a round of laughter from Judy who then returned to talking to

one of her clients.


“Well Jared, I have to get up early tomorrow, so I guess

it's off to bed for us”


“Change me back, I mean now! Look we can talk about this”


           Judy bent down and grabbed me. The room went by

in a blur but it didn't matter. I knew what was on these walls. I could hear the

clacking of her shoes hitting the wood stairs which I didn't understand because

that meant we were going downstairs to the family room.


           As we traveled down the stairs Judy's sweaty

hand remained around me tightly blocking out all the light. I could still taste

the horrible droplets of sweat that pierced my tightly clenched lips. I felt

Judy pause at the end of the stairway and then turn sharply. A scraping noise

passed through the room and finally I felt myself leave Judy's hands. I fell

through the air unable to stop myself until I hit the floor. I looked around to

see a glass floor and then back up at Judy. She smiled at me a she put the lid

back on. I could only cry myself to sleep as I slept in a glass aquarium in the

family rec. room.


           I awoke the next day cold. I reached over for

the blankets and it all came back to me. I opened my eyes to see that I was

still in the glass aquarium.  I looked across the room and saw that the vcr

clock only read 7am, which meant Judy had already gone too work.  I spent much

of the morning lying around there was nothing else I really could do. It wasn't

until I head the booming voice of my daughter Michelle that I bolted up from the



“I think I left them in rec. room Karen, let me grab them

and I will meet you down stairs.”




           The footsteps grew louder as my daughter

Michelle came into full view, her blonde wavy hair, her black pants and blue

top. I couldn't believe how huge she looked. Her eyes scanned the room and

fixated on a small box on the coffee table. She grabbed it quickly hugging it to

her chest. She started to run back towards the stairs when she spotted the

aquarium. Michelle gracefully moved forward becoming larger and larger into

view. She crouched down so her face was level with the tank. I backed up as far

as I could but my back was firmly against the hind glass all too quick.


“Dad? Is that you?”


“Your mom, she, she”

“You mean she really did it huh? Wow, it looks like your

coming with me for awhile.”


“What? No”


“I don't think you have much say in the matter.”


           She set down the box on the table in front of

the aquarium. Marlboro reflected on the glass of the aquarium. My face turned

from trepid fear to anger. My family knew how I felt about smoking and I

instilled certain values.


“Michelle Judith Scott! Just what are those?”


“I smoke dad, I use to hide it from you but now you're just

a little man! You don't scare me anymore”


“You listen here”


“No you listen”


           I could only watch as she easily lifted the lid

off the aquarium that surely was a few tons to me. I didn't even fight anymore

as her hand lowered as there was no point. She easily grasped me and lifted me

up to her face.


“Michelle, please I'm sorry but, you have to help me”


“I don't have to do anything you say anymore”


           Michelle tossed me up into the air and then

caught me. she continued to do this as she walked up the stairs and through the

kitchen and into the basement. I was starting to feel sick from the constant up

and down motions


           The room is still spinning as Michelle carries

me across the room. I can't believe my own daughter knew this was going to

happen to me and didn't care. Once I regained my senses I found myself falling

onto the cement floor of the basement. Just behind me was a giant ash tray  and

on either side of me were two giants, one of which being my daughter and the

other her best friend.


“what's that? Some fancy lighter?”


           Karen's hand swept towards me at insanely quick

speeds. She shoved my face against a long rod. My left eye was over far enough

so that I could still see. I concentrated on the rod trying to figure out what

it was but it was my nose that identified it. It was a cigarette, her hands

squeezed me tight and passed around my whole body.


“Where's the switch? This is a wicked lighter, it feels

squishy and warm”


“That's because it's my dad”


“HAHA yeah right”


           Karen lifted me up to her face and just stared

at me intently for a few moments slowly realizing the truth.


“It really is you isn't it Mr. Sco err Jared”


“What'd you guys do to him?”


“Mom shrunk him, ain't he cool”


“So your not grounded anymore right?”


“Oh I had forgotten about that.”



“Aww look he is covering up, I think he is afraid Michelle”


“Well dad, I think it's only fair if you fill out the rest

of my punishment”


“You can't be serious”


“I think you can start off rubbing Karen's feet.”




“I didn't ask for back talk, just do it dad”


“I am still your father young lady and I will not be

treated like this”


           Michelle lowered her cigarette down. She tipped

the end dropping a few of the ashes into the tray and then she shoved it into my

bare stomach. I screamed and yelped in pain as she pushed it in deeper and

deeper. I tumbled backwards onto my back as Michelle's cigarette burned into my



“HAHA your evil Michelle, this almost as bad as when you

started that Kitten on fire”


“Now dad, are you going to massage Karen's feet?”


“yes, yes please anything just get it off” screams Jared



           With a smirk from Michelle and a grin from Karen

Michelle pulls the cigarette away from her dad puts it back in her mouth.


           I look down at chest which feels like its

smoldering. I struggle to my feet and make way over to Karen with my breathing

heavily labored. She lifts her foot up as a look of awe passes over my face as

her foot is a bit bigger then me. I take a deep breath and grab the rough sole

of Karen.


“Why don't you lick my calluses little Jared”


“Fuck that, your lucky I am massaging your..”

”You show respect to Karen dad, We are in charge, in fact you should address

Karen as Mistress Hathaway, or Goddess Hathaway, understood?”


           I had to bite my lip to keep from saying

anything. I can feel there eyes prying at me as I move my face closer and closer

to Karen's monstrous foot. They don't smell too bad. They have a Kiwi Mango

smell that is quite overpowering.


“Hurry it up down there”


           I don't reply but I do nod to acknowledge Karen.

I refuse to call her mistress or goddess Hathaway. As my tongue hits her

calluses I feel different. I continue licking away as the girls talk I am forced

to continually lick the calluses on Karens foot.


“Look at him go, he is like human lotion, revitalizing my

sole. My feet feel amazing”


“Just make sure you don't step on him, I want to die”


“but you said he couldn't be..:”


“Karen shut up about that”




           The bottom of Karen's foot was rough and Kiwi

mango smell was toxic. As my tongue hit her rough skin it felt like I was

licking a brick wall. Her rough rough skin tore away at my tongue. I grimaced in

pain but was forced to continue on. The oils from her lotion mixed in with her

foot sweat landed on my tongue causing a stinging pain to pass through me.


“Dad get over here, I want you to suck on my toe.”


“Don't keep your goddess waiting Jared” giggles Karen


“Come on, Michelle you can't”


“You can't yap and suck at the same time”


           I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs.


“shit who could it be”


“Wait, Michelle no”


           Her monstrous foot comes over head. I can smell

the fumes radiating off of her sock.  I barely get a scream out before her sock

is on top of me, her foot has my arms pinned at my sides and I find myself

unable to move. The sock has a strong sweaty smell emitting from it. I struggle

beneath her foot but its not use. It was like I was buried alive by a ton of

garbage and wasn't allowed the mercy of death. The smell was worse then I could

ever imagine. I can feel my body being crushed. I painfully cry out but it's

muffled by Michelle's foot. In a matter of moments I find my entire being paper

thin. Michelle lifts my now thin body up into the air smiles.


“What do you think dad? You're about as thick as paper,

only more rectangular”


“Karen do you have still have that kit in your purse”




           My vision was more spread out now that I was

flat. Michelle was nothing but smiles as she pulled her black sock off of her

foot. My back is pressed against her damp sock and I could feel her sweat

socking through me. I begin to feel all crusty inside. A few moments later

Michelle shoved a needle through me. I cry out in pain but I find that I have no

voice when I am in this form. Internally, I scream and am near tears as Michelle

continues to sew me onto her sock.


“wow that's cool”

”yeah, I think dad is gonna be spending some quality time with me”


           As she finishes I can feel myself lifted up and

I am dangling in front of her face.


“I know you didn't know I smoked, but there isn't much you

can do about it now, well I think Karen and I are going out so smell ya later



“what, you can't leave me right here.”

”you are right, here let me give you a hand”


           I feel Michelle's warm fingers lift me up off

the cold floor. Everything went whizzing by as she and Karen up the stairs. I

felt light and airy as everything whizzed by. I was strangely cold and

Michelle's fingers warmed me slightly but I found myself drifting to the ground.

I fell into something dark Michelle looked to be hundreds of miles away as she

smiled down at me. Both her and Karen blew a puff of smoke at me and walked



           I was alone again, it felt good to be alone but

I needed to escape. I tried to sit up but I couldn't seem to move. It was like I

was paralyzed. I could feel my muscles moving only nothing happened.

           Time passed by slowly but I finally hear

something stirring. Tremors roll across the ground like waves onto the beach.

The voice is distant and hard to make out but whatever I am its being picked up.

A gigantic shoe rolls over onto the top of me, forgetting my state I go to push

it off but I have no hands. Just great I think to myself. The bag rocks from

side to side and the muddy and dusty tread of the shoe is scraping against me as

the bag rocks and I find myself getting dusty and dirty.


           Light finally shines in and I see the face of

eldest daughter Stacie, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. She wore tight

black spandex pants and a white top. As she grabbed onto the sock I was attached

to I prayed that I would be seen but I wasn't I felt her foot slide into the

sock and press firmly against my back. The floor, was everywhere, it was a

locker room tiled floor. My face, my body was pressed against the cold tile

floor. I could smell the strong scent of sweat on Stacie's foot. I was then

lifted up and off the floor for only but a moment but here workout shoes came

into view. The mouth of the shoe was huge. As she moved her foot forward I could

do nothing to stop it. I was a merely a long for the ride as she pushed her foot

into her shoes. The smell of old sweat was everywhere. My face was pressed into

her still damp insole. The pressure was immense as Stacie walked around I felt

he foot press me deeper and deeper into her insole. I prayed for suffocation but

I found myself not needing air. Stacie's movements grew quicker and quicker and

as the movements quickened.


           As Stacie's footfalls quickened her foot would

rise to the top of the shoe ripping me from the insole and then on the down step

squashing me back into damp insole. I could feel the musty heat coming off her

foot warming my flat body. I scream internally knowing there is no escape from

this hell. As Stacie continues her work out the heat in her shoe rises more and

more, soon each step she takes painfully rips me off of the insole. As she

continues her work out, I can feel the thread holding me to the insole start

wane in its strength.


is slowly becomes a blur until finally I feel myself ripped off of the sock as

during one of her steps. The next steps are painful. I start to wonder if this

will ever end but finally I can feel Stacie's foot pull away from my body. As

her foot leaves me I can feel air start to enter my lungs and my body start to

re-inflate. I still felt sick and sweaty but slowly I am re-flating, I can hear

Stacie changing so I know that I don't have a lot of time left.


           Finally I can feel my legs and move them. I

painfully make my way up to my feet. My knees wobble as I stand up.  Stacie

looks just plain huge.


“Stacie! Stacie”


“Huh? Who said that? Who is there”

           Her eyes make there way down and focus on me. An

all too familiar grin crosses her face as she grabs me.


“Daddy look you're so small, but you smell like my feet

haha. I never knew you were a foot man.”


“honey, your mom did this to me. Please help me”


“I suppose I can take you home in my bag, I know you are

just itching to get back in that little cage of yours”


“We can talk more at home.”


           I kick wildly as I am lowered back down into her

bag along with her shoes. I look down seeing her sweaty spandex pants and her

shirt already in there. The shoes tumble over and I fall onto the spandex

shorts, before I can roll over I hear the zipping of the bag. Darkness engulfs

my confines and the swaying begins once again. I lie in a wet sweat stain on my

daughter's spandex pants as she walks home, forever sealing my fate as a pet to

my wife and kids.








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