Giantess Stories: Little Leann

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“Hi Janey! Whatcha doing?” Leann asked the six

year old as she entered the Johnson's living room from the front porch. She had

just finished her shift at the restaurant waiting tables and was now at her

nanny job. The Johnson's traveled a lot and wanted someone to watch their house

as well as their three children while they were gone. In return, she got her own

room in the huge house, all utilities paid. Plus meals and a small allowance.

Being 25, the pay was good and the work was pretty easy. Her waitress job merely

gave her a little extra cash and something to do while the kids were in school.

She really only had one child to take care of, little Janey. Jade was their

18-year-old daughter. She took college classes in the afternoon. While Leann was

at the restaurant, Jade was supposed to watch Janey. But Jade was a rather

un-ambitious young woman. If it did not involve her having fun, boys or money,

it did not interest her and she would usually ignore it. She was a pretty girl

and tall for her age, nearly six foot. Leann could not figure out why Jade did

not use her height to play volleyball or basketball and get a scholarship. She

was in great shape, but all she wanted to do was get by on her looks. They had a

son, Josh. But he was 19, in college and never came home.

Seeing Janey in her Powerpuff Girl pajamas told

Leann that Jade was probably still in bed. Or worse, going through her stuff. No

matter what Leann did, she would always find Jade trying on her clothes or going

through her drawers. Which did not make sense since Jade was almost a foot

taller then Leann. Leann was a mere five foot one while Jade was five foot

eleven. The only thing Leann had over Jade was breasts size. They wore the same

size bra, but since she was so much shorter then Jade, Leann's breasts looked

bigger. All her clothes were too small for Jade. But that did not stop her from

trying them on.

Leann scowled at the fact that Jade had not

taken care of Janey, but quickly smiled when Janey looked up and grinned at her.

She was cute as a button and playing with a Barbie doll. It looked like she was

making it dance on the television remote. The channel and volume changed with

every dance step. Janey was always playing with remote controls. Leann had to

hide hers or she would never be able to find it. More than once she had to

rescue a remote from Janey and her dancing dolls.

“Where's Jade, sugar?” Leann asked. Janey

pointed up the stairs.“Thanks hon.” Leann brushed the blonde hair from her eyes

that had fallen out of the tight bun on the back of her head and walked past the

little girl towards the stairs. Halfway up, she heard rock music coming from her

room. Jade was at it again. Quietly she opened the door and peeked inside. Jade

was standing in front of a full-length mirror wearing one of Leann's favorite

blouses and skirt. The skirt fell just below Leann's knees, but it looked like a

mini-skirt on Jade. Leann was so mad she threw the door open and glared at Jade.

The young girl merely turned and smiled at her, then looked back in the mirror.

“What the hell do you think

you're doing? Those are MY clothes, not yours. How many times do I have to tell

you to stay out of my things?” yelled Leann. Jade just scrunched her face at her

and smoothed the short skirt on her thighs.

“They look better on me then you.” replied Jade,

rather nonchalantly then turning to face the mirror.

“Take them off right now.” Leann ordered. Jade

hesitated then unbuttoned the blouse and let it drop to the floor. Hitching her

thumb into the waistband of the skirt, she slid the skirt down to the floor, her

eyes never leaving Leann's eyes. “You're getting WAY too big for your britches.”

“Really?” Jade stepped from the discarded

clothes to stand toe-to-toe with Leann. “I think you're getting too SMALL for

yours.” Leann looked up at Jade. Even clad in only a bra and panties the 18 year

old was imposing. The fact that she was so much bigger than Leann became

painfully obvious as Jade stood up straight and thrust her breasts into Leann's


“Get out of here this minute, little lady.”

Leann said pointing out the door and trying to regain control of the situation.

Jade may be bigger, but Leann was still in charge.

“The only little lady here is YOU.” Jade pushed

past Leann, nearly smothering her in her breasts. She whistled rather happily as

she made her way to her room, which made Leann nervous. She watched the tall

teen go then picked up her blouse and hung it up.

“You better change your attitude, too, or your

dad will know about it.” Leann hollered over her shoulder as she turned off the

radio. She bent over to pick up her skirt, but dropped it when she stood up and

saw Jade in the doorway, reflected in the mirror. She was still only wearing her

bra and panties but had a device like a remote control in her hands and a smile

on her face.

“My attitude is about to change. For the

better.” Jade grinned as she stepped into the room. Leann looked at the device.

“Give Janey back the remote then get back to

your room and get dressed for school. You have class in an hour.” Leann said,

her hands on her hips.

“You don't give the orders anymore. I do. You

aren't big enough.” Jade pressed some buttons on the remote.

“Are you insane? Give Janey back the remote and

get back to your room! You must have seriously lost it if you think I won't tell

your father and mother about this. I have had it with you thinking you own the

place.” Leann was so angry she did not even notice her voice was getting higher,

squeakier, Jade only giggled. “What's so funny?” Leann took a step towards Jade

but stopped when she saw Jade coming towards here. And getting bigger. Looking

up at Jade, she saw the girl smiling broadly.

“What's so funny? Why, YOU are little Leann. And

I don't own the place. Just you.” Jade stopped as she nearly stood over Leann.

Leann saw she only came up to just below Jade's breasts and realized that, no

matter how impossible it seemed, she was shrinking. It had to have been that

remote. Somehow it was shrinking her. Leann looked up again at the giantess Jade

was becoming. If she had been imposing before, she seemed downright menacing


Leann started to back up, but Jade stayed right

in front of her. The girl loomed over her as she started to turn and run. But

she did not get very far when she felt her legs get intertwined in some huge

cloth. As she fought to get free, she realized she was trapped in the skirt Jade

had been wearing. It seemed so small on her before. Now it was huge. Leann

managed to extricate herself from the growing skirt and started to run. She went

a few steps and found herself in front of the mirror. She could see herself,

compared to Jade. The sight was mind-boggling. She did not even come up to

Jade's mid-thigh. In seconds, she would only be knee high to the giantess.

Leann turned and backed up to the mirror,

pressing her back against it as Jade began to approach her. The girl stood up,

huge next to her. Leann looked down to see her tiny toes right in front of

Jade's, whose big toe was as big as a beach ball. Hearing a loud giggle, Leann

looked up again, her gaze following up Jade's legs, past her huge breasts to her

growing face. She had set the remote down and had her hands on her hips,

grinning down at the dwindling Leann.

“Like I said, you aren't in charge anymore,

Leann. Now I am.” Jade giggled as she lifted one foot and set the ball of her

foot on Leann's chest. With no effort, she pushed the shrinking woman onto her

back and held her down. Leann flailed her arms and legs, hitting Jade's sole in

a futile effort to get out from underneath it. Jade just held her in place,


“Don't worry, I'll let you up as soon as you are

through shrinking. Then we can have some fun.” Jade smiled at her. Leann tried

once more to lift Jade's foot off of her, but it was useless. Jade had more

strength in her foot then Leann had in her whole body. She looked past Jade's

toes, which seemed to be getting bigger by the second. Jade's face was getting

further and further away. But Leann did notice that as she shrank, the space

between her body and Jade's sole was getting bigger. She thought that maybe if

she could get some information, she might be able to slide out from under the

giant girl's foot and somehow get back to normal. Leann put her hands on Jade's

sole, pressing up so hopefully the giantess would not notice the space was


“Why are you doing this? HOW are you doing

this?” Leann yelled up at Jade.

“Why? Because I'm tired of your shit. You have

no right to tell me what to do. You're not my mother. As for how ” Jade lifted

the device and dangled it from her fingertips. “This is a little toy I


“From where?” Leann felt she had stopped

shrinking. She wiggled her tiny body a little, testing the space she had. There

was enough room for her to escape. She looked side to side for a place to run.

The place that best presented itself was underneath the bed. She figured out

that she could make it under the bed before giantess Jade could catch her.

Judging by how big Jade's foot was compared to her, Leann figured she was about

ten inches tall or so.

“Don't worry about where I got it from. Just

know that you aren't in charge now. I am. You are mine and I plan on having a

lot of fun with you. To me, you're nothing but a toy now.” Jade continued to

smile down at Leann.

“You can't do this, Jade!” Leann pleaded, fear

starting to take her over.

“Yes I can. And I already have.” This made Jade

laugh. A voice behind her cut her off and made her look behind her.

“Where's Leann?” Janey asked, peeking around the

corner. Jade turned to look at her. When she did, Leann rolled out from under

the giant girl's foot and began running for the underside of the bed. She had

almost made it when she felt a soft weight drop onto her, dropping her to her

knees and surrounding her in darkness. The object was huge and soft, but far to

heavy for Leann to even attempt to move. She was trying to stand up when the

weight was suddenly lifted off her. She overcompensated when the pillow (she

discovered what it was) was removed and she fell backwards. She found herself

lying on her back, looking up at the young giantess. Before she could move, Jade

reached down and wrapped her fingers around Leann's waist, just below her

breasts. It felt like a vice to Leann, clamped around her waist and chest. She

tried to get her breath back, but found it stolen once more as vertigo suddenly

over took her. The world blurred around Leann as Jade lifted the tiny woman off

the floor. When her vision cleared and she got her breath and bearings, she was

surprised to find herself trapped in Jade's hand, held close to her body. Leann

tried to look up, but only succeeded in brushing her face against the underside

of Jade's breast. She looked at it and gasped. Just one of Jade's breasts was

bigger than Leann's body. She quickly looked back down at her own breasts, now

small in comparison, resting on the giantess' thumb.

“Leann sort of has her hands full right now

Janey.” Jade's voice boomed above Leann. Her whole world shook and blurred as

Jade began to walk towards the door. “Why don't you stay in here and watch TV

until she gets back? The remote is on the dresser.” At the mention of the

remote, Janey smiled and ran over to the dresser, picking up the remote and

playing with it.

“Okay!” Janey giggled. Leann heard the young

girl jump onto her bed then heard a click as Janey made her doll dance on the

remote, turning the power off and on to the TV.

“I'm going to be in my room, playing, so don't

bother me for a while, ok?” Jade asked her sister. Janey just nodded and went

back to watching television and playing with the remote.

Leann could barely make out features of her now

gigantic world, which was her house as she was quickly carried down the hall and

into Jade's room. The blurring stopped momentarily as Jade stopped to close and

lock her door. Then the movement started again. Leann had to keep her head

ducked so as not to hit the underside of Jade's huge breast. She knew Jade was

well endowed, but to have her whole body smaller than one of the teen's breasts

was just too much. She needed to get away and get back to normal size. She was

feverishly trying to figure a way out of this when she felt Jade stop. Leann

looked down to see Jade's desk below her. Her stomach felt like it left her, as

she was set downward onto the desk. The pressure around her midsection was

released when Jade opened her hand and let her go. Turning, Leann saw the

mountain that was Jade sit at the desk. Her huge breasts rested on the desk a

few feet in front of Leann, elbows framing them on either side. She rested her

chin in her palms and looked down at the shrunken woman. Leann looked up to see

Jade's pretty face smiling down at her.

“Get undressed.” Jade said calmly. Leann looked

up at her, confused. “Get undressed right now or I will do it for you.” Jade

reached past Leann and produced a pair of scissors, setting them down near her.

They were huge, like swords, only bigger. Deciding to save her clothes instead

of letting Jade cut them up Leann began to undress. She looked up at Jade, who

was smiling and reaching behind her back. As Leann stepped out of her skirt and

slipped her blouse over her head, she gasped. Jade was undoing her bra and

slipping out of it. She set it on the desk not too far from the scissors. Leann

backed up, stepping away from her clothes and the nearly nude giantess. But Jade

lifted her arm and set it behind Leann, curling it around her and forming a

waist-high barrier. Jade smiled even wider and poked a finger at her tiny


“Ah, ah, ah, all the way little Leann doll. I'm

almost naked. No reason you can't be.” Jade grinned even wider as she softly

brushed her finger down Leann's front, rubbing her breasts.

“Now who has the bigger tits?” she laughed as

she thrust her ample bosom forward toward Leann.

“This isn't funny Jade. You get me back to

normal size right now or else I'll ” she began. Jade's smiled faded as she cut

Leann off.

“Or you'll what? Tell my dad? I'm sure he'd LOVE

to get his hands on a shrunken little cutie like you. He could do whatever he

wanted to do with you. Hell, Janey can do whatever she wants to with you if I

let her have you.” Jade scowled as she pulled her arm closer to her body. Leann

had no choice but to be pushed forward towards Jade's mattress-sized breasts. As

Leann got closer, Jade's scowl softened to a smile. Leann was with arm's reach

of one breast when she felt jade stop drawing her forward. She looked up past

Jade's neck, black hair poking over her shoulder to her face. It looked like a

billboard. Her teeth were the size of hubcaps. Leann was about to say something

when Jade pursed her lips and blew down on her. Her breath was like a strong

wind Leann could not fight. It blew her hair back and forced her against Jade's


“I said all the way doll. Or do I get to do it?”

Jade giggled. Leann stood up and glared at Jade, slowly removing her bra. Jade

reached down and picked up the tiny doll-like clothes between her thumb and

forefinger nails. “It's so little! And we wear the same size bra! Or at least we

used to. But this little thing would never fit me.” Jade draped the tiny bra

across one nipple. It did nothing to cover it. Leann looked down and slowly

slipped her panties down, feeling completely humiliated.

“And I bet mine will NEVER fit you!” Leann was

caught totally off guard when Jade's hand softly wrapped around her middle,

pining her arms to her side, and lifted her. The whole world seemed to spin as

Jade tilted her sideways then dropped her onto the desk. Leann found herself

lying on a white cloth. It was warm and smelled like perfume. She was about to

stand up when she felt the floor slide out from underneath her and shift

suddenly. She fell back and slid down to the middle of the cloth. But as Leann

righted herself and looked over the edge of her cloth prison, she realized where

she was. She was lying in one of the cups of Jade's bra. She was suddenly forced

into the lowest part of the cup as she slid down the side. Jade lifted the cup

up to her eye level. Leann rolled over and looked up, seeing Jade's face smiling

down at her.

“Nope. Mine's a little too big for you.” Jade

laughed, Making Leann feel even smaller than she was. Jade lowered the bra back

down to the desk and tipped it, spilling Leann out onto the desk and towards her

breasts. Leann stumbled forward and reached out a hand to stop herself from

falling. She quickly pulled her hands away when she realized she had used one of

Jade's breasts to brace herself. Jade just giggled and set one of her fingertips

against Leann's tiny bare bottom, forcing her forward and to climb onto the huge

mound in front of her.

“You have the right idea Leann doll. Climb up

and hold on tight. You're going for a ride.” Jade said, dropping Leann's tiny

bra to the desk. Leann squeezed her arms and legs as tightly as she could around

Jade's massive breast as the woman stood up. Jade must have liked it as she let

out a small moan every time Leann moved. And it seemed to Leann that Jade was

trying very hard to make Leann's little body move, for with each step, Jade made

sure her breasts jiggled, causing little Leann to scramble for a tighter hold.

Leann barely managed to hang on for the trip from the desk to the bed. Jade

turned around and sat on the bed, bouncing and causing Leann to claw at the

enormous breast she was on even more.

“Oh yes Leann, keep it up! You don't know how

good that feels!” Jade moaned as she swung her legs up onto the bed and

stretched them out, slightly apart. As the giantess lay back against the

headboard, little Leann's arms finally gave out. She could hold on no longer.

She felt her arms let loose of the gigantic breast and the next thing she knew,

she was tumbling down the front of giantess Jade. She went head over heels,

rolling down the giant young woman. When she finally stopped rolling and

sliding, she found herself in front of a sheer white wall. Walls of flesh rose

up on either side of her. Leann looked up and discovered she had fallen between

Jade's legs. The huge girl was laughing at Leann. Leann stood up and was about

to say something when Jade suddenly clamped her legs closed around her. Leann

felt the soft flesh of her giant thighs crushing into her. The pressure was not

too bad, but it was very confining. Leann could not lift her arms or force

Jade's thighs apart. But by squirming around, Leann discovered that she could

move forward. It was getting very warm between Jade's thighs and she could tell

Jade was getting hot too. Her laughter had turned into moans of ‘ooos and ahhs'.

Jade had her eyes closed and was pinching and teasing her nipples. At last Leann

found herself pressed against the soft white fabric of Jade's panties. They were

warm and wet. As Leann pressed against the nexus of Jade's legs, the giantess

moaned long and loud. Apparently, Jade liked the feeling of Leann crushed

against her womanhood. Leann looked up and saw Jade was moving one hand towards

her. Being trapped between Jade's thighs, Leann could not move to get out of the

way of Jade's oncoming hand. She closed her eyes as the giantess placed her palm

against Leann's back and pressed her even tighter against her panty covered

womanhood. Slowly, she began sliding Leann up and down. Leann could feel her

body rubbing against Jade's clit through the fabric of the panty. Even though

she was terrified, the feeling of her breasts rubbing against the smooth fabric

was stimulating. 

As Leann was slid up and down Jade's panties,

she was surprised when Jade slid her up her tight tummy and up between her

tremendous breasts. Jade smiled down at the tiny woman she was controlling.

Leann was suddenly shaken and had to cling tightly to Jade's huge breast as she

removed her hand from holding Leann in place. Jade began moving, shimming her

backside more against the headboard. Leann looked down the girl's gigantic body

to see her slipping her panties off. She had and idea what was going to happen

and had a bad feeling about what was to come. Jade began giggling as she lifted

Leann off her body, pinching her tiny body between her thumb and forefinger. She

raised her to her face and gave a quick lick to her naked body.

“I guess you're good for something after all.”

Jade purred, running the tip of her finger down Leann's front, playing with her

marble-sized breasts. Leann tried to push her finger away, but it was useless.

Jade's one finger was stronger then her entire little body.

“Don't do this Jade. Please. Make me big again

and we can forget this ever happened. I'll even let you borrow my clothes.”

Leann begged Jade, looking up into her huge green eyes.

“You're clothes don't fit you anymore anyways,

tiny. So I'll just take what I want from you. Including your cute little body.”

Jade smiled at Leann, who barely stifled a scream as she felt herself suddenly

lowered. Jade's immense body passed by like a huge landscape; the mountains of

her breasts, the flat plains of her tummy down to the valley between her legs.

Leann was barely able to catch her breath when Jade pressed her against her

neatly trimmed lips. Jade's clit fit nicely between Leann's breasts, at least

nicely for Jade. Leann tried to push herself away but felt Jade ‘s palm press

her even closer. She was startled when she felt Jade poke a finger between her

tiny legs and then insert it into her huge womanhood. Leann was riding Jade's

finger, being forced to massage the giant woman's clit between her breasts. As

Jade slid her finger in and out of herself, the motion also rubbed Leann's tiny

clit. As scared and helpless as she was, the sensations of the huge finger were

too much for Leann to ignore. Her tiny moans echoed the giant moans of Jade.

Leann began pressing her breasts together, squeezing Jade's clit tightly between

them. She let herself forget the terrifying situation she was in and just

enjoyed the pleasure she was receiving from Jade's giant finger. She bucked

against Jade's knuckle each time it was slid forward and backward between her

thighs, trying to squeeze it and draw it deeper into herself. As she came on

Jade's finger, she rested her face against Jade's immense body, feeling the

warmth panting and unable to move. She imagined she was lying against her

boyfriend, his arms around her, protecting her. But the illusion was quickly

shattered as Jade pressed Leann even tighter against her, moaning loudly. Leann

could feel the wetness on Jade's finger, far too much to be just hers. She knew

Jade was climaxing, she could feel the giant girl's heartbeat racing. Running

out of breath, Leann thought she would die, either from lack of oxygen or being

crushed against Jade's massive body. But when the pressure was relieved, Leann

collapsed, falling into Jade's waiting palm. As she felt herself being lifted,

she saw Jade's gigantic breasts, heaving up and down. It was nice to know

someone was as out of breath as she was. Further up she saw jade's face,


           “I knew…you were good…for something.”

Jade managed between breaths. “I've…never been…with another…woman before. I

may…have do it… more…often.” The young giantess smiled evilly at Leann, sprawled

out in her palm. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what Jade

meant. “Especially now…that I have a…live little doll like you…Leann.”

           Leann felt like she had been through

the ringer. She could barely sit up and her arms and legs were sore. If they did

not bruise, she would be surprised. And she did not like the way Jade was

talking. There was no way she would keep her like this. It would wear off or

something. People just do not get shrunk and kept as sex toys for horny coeds.

That does not happen in real life. There's no way. Someone would come looking

for her and rescue her. Or else she would find a way to escape. She was

determined not to spend the rest of her life as a living doll for that giant

bitch Jade to play with as she wanted. That was not going to happen. She was a

person, and a smart one at that. Jade did not own her. She was her own person.

           Jade moving brought Leann out of her

thoughts. As the young woman closed her fingers around Leann's tiny body, she

realized that for the time being, she WAS Jade's toy. But that would change. It

had too. She fought futilely against the huge fingers as they wrapped around her

waist and chest. But all that did was cause Jade to laugh. The world spun around

Leann and blurred as Jade stood up and carried her across the room. She again

had to duck as  Jade seemingly tried to stuff her under her huge breasts. It was

impossible to avoid them bouncing into her as Jade made sure she bounced her

tits against her plaything's tiny head.

           “Let's get cleaned up so I can get to

school. If I miss class again, Professor Hynes will have my ass. By the way, I'm

bringing some friends home tonight for the weekend, so get some rest. We are

gonna have some SERIOUS fun with you.” Jade said, entering the bathroom.

           “You can't! I forbid a party!” Leann

screamed, trying again to regain control. Jade only snorted and laughed.

           “You forget. You don't make the rules

anymore. I do.” Jade smiled down at Leann, ducked under her breasts. “Besides,

if you're good, I may even find that boyfriend of yours and shrink him too.

Wouldn't you like to watch me slide his tiny body in and out of me, listening to

him yell my name over and over and over?” She set Leann on the sink. Leann

clenched her fists and stomped her foot. She wanted to tell Jade exactly what

she thought, but decided not to antagonize the young giantess. No telling what

she might do. She might even be serious about finding Andy and shrinking him.

She watched Jade's huge backside as she bent

over and turned on the shower, setting it to the right temperature. Suddenly,

Jade began backing up, shoving her bare bottom towards little Leann. Leann

stopped when she found herself standing on the lip of the sink bowl, not wanting

to fall into the bowl. But Jade did not stop. Not until she could feel tiny

Leann beating her fists ineffectually against one of her butt cheeksand yelling

for her to stop. Jade looked back at where Leann was, hidden by her butt.

“Ask me to use you as my sponge and I'll stop,

doll girl.” Jade said, loving the control she was having over Leann. Leann

looked into the sink, not sure if she would get hurt from the fall or not. But

she did not want to take the chance.

“Jade, please…” the tiny woman implored the


“Please what, little Leann doll?” Jade slowly

shook her butt side to side, rubbing it against Leann.

“Please…” Leann gulped. “Please…, Jade, please

use me as your sponge.” Leann was not sure how much more she could take of

Jade's humiliation. At least she had not really hurt her yet. And Leann was

afraid that if she DID push Jade, the giantess might actually hurt her.

“Well, since you asked me SOOOOOO nicely…” Jade

stood up and removed her butt from Leann's body. Turning around, she reached for

the tiny girl on the sink, carefully wrapping her fingers around the soft form

and lifting her off and into the air. She smiled to herself when she saw Leann

cringing in her hand. She was so little and soft, a perfect living doll. Even

better than Janey's Barbie dolls. But Leann had pissed her off, once too many

times. Jade was going to LOVE having her as her tiny little love doll. “Besides,

how can I resist such a cute little dolly?” Jade laughed out loud as she stepped

into the shower. She shielded Leann from the torrent of water, which must have

seemed like a monsoon to the shrunken woman. Jade turned, letting the hot water

hit her back. A fine mist sprayed over her shoulders and began to get Leann wet.

Bending slightly, Jade picked up the soap and held it next to Leann. It was

nearly half her size.

“Now, you had better keep your mouth closed

unless you want it full of soap. And try to enjoy this. I know I will.” Jade

snickered at Leann. She turned the tiny woman over in her hand and began running

the bar of soap up and down Leann's back and legs. Leann winced as the soap bar

was pushed up her back and dragged back down again. It was like having the

corner of a mattress rubbed across her back. But as lather began to build on her

body, the rubbing hurt less. Leann watched a Jade put the soap back into its

holder. Then the world spun and blurred as Jade turned her right side up again,

so they faced each other. Jade began rubbing her hands gently yet firmly all

over Leann's body. At first she could not figure out why. But as her whole body

became soapy, as well as Jade's hands, she realized that Jade had not been

kidding. The soap was lathering up nicely and was up to her throat. The tiny

woman could no longer see her body it was so lathered up. She closed her mouth

so she would not swallow any, though Jade seemed to actually be trying to keep

it out of her face as well. When Jade had Leann lathered up enough, she lifted

her to her face.

“Any preference on where to start doll?” giggled

Jade, still shielding Leann from the water.

“You can start by making me big again.” Leann

said, being careful not to get any soap in her mouth. She knew Jade's answer,

but had to ask anyway. The giantess laughed at her.

“I may keep you just for your sense of humor

Leann. That was hysterical.” Leann felt Jade's thumbs and fingers sliding all

across her body. She placed her thumbs on Leann's breasts and seemed to be using

them as a purchase to hold on to the tiny woman. All Leann could do was look up

at the giant girl and pray she did not get dropped.

“Then I'll pick where we start. Ready?” Before

Leann could answer, she felt herself plastered against Jade's huge, soft body.

She could not tell where she was because as soon as she felt skin beneath her,

she was slid down Jade's body and soap obscured her vision. For fifteen minutes

she endured being rubbed all over the body of the young giantess. Every once in

a while, she could tell where she was; like when she was slid over a nipple or

down a breast. Sometimes the curve of Jade's body told Leann where she was, the

swell of a hip or the smooth roundness of a butt cheek. And when she felt a

small patch of hair and those familiar lips, Leann had a pretty good idea where

she was. And Jade seemed to be taking her time with her there too. The only

really bad part of the bath, besides being blinding and not able to say anything

for fear of swallowing soap, was when Leann knew Jade was sliding her between

her butt cheeks and using her tiny body to clean her ass. Jade seemed to take a

perverse delight in slipping Jade up and down between her butt cheeks. She

moaned and shook slightly. And even over the soap, Leann could smell Jade's

musky scent. She was getting turned on.

“It's like going through a car wash without a

car.” Leann thought to herself as Jade brought herself to climax. She was sure

there would be more bruises from the muscles squeezing and contracting around

her body. She just gave thanks to whoever was listening that Jade had not

dropped her. Finally the world spun and Leann found herself in the worst

rainstorm she had ever been witness to. The only thing that kept her from being

dashed to the floor of the shower and killed was Jade's huge fingers. They held

her tightly, but gently. ‘Did not want to break her new toy.' Leann mused to

herself. The soap was quickly rinsed away and Leann could see again. She took a

huge gulp of air as the soap left her face.

“Okay, that was wonderful! But it's time for me

to rinse and wash my hair. Let's see, where can I put you until I'm done?” Jade

looked around the shower and spied her waterproof radio hanging from the

showerhead. She smiled and lifted little Leann up. Making sure the tiny woman

had a good hold of the cord, she set her on the radio then turned it on. As Jade

rinsed herself, Leann got a show of the giantess dancing in the shower. Her

breasts swayed in time with the music, moving enough to knock Leann out for a

week. Jade made a kissie face at Leann and smiled. Once the soap was gone, she

turned and wet her hair. With the giantess not paying attention, Leann looked

for a way to escape, but there was nothing. There was no way she could jump to

the shower curtain. And even if she could, what was she going to do? Slide down

the curtain? The bathroom door was closed and there was no way she could open it

or squeeze under it. She sat on the edge of the radio, shook her head and

watched as the giantess in front of her washed and rinsed her hair, singing and


Leann began to notice she was getting cold.

Sitting on the radio, she was only getting a bit of spray of the hot water. Cold

air was coming around the curtain. She wrapped her arms around her self and

shivered, hoping Jade would hurry up and finish her shower. She was almost

thankful when Jade finally turned the water off and reached up to pluck her

shivering body off the radio. Leann curled up into the giant girl's hand,

grateful for the warmth.

“Aww, is my poor little doll cold?” asked the

giantess mockingly. Leann could only look up at her, teeth chattering. “Well

don't worry. I have someplace nice and warm for you to stay while I'm at class.

I think you'll like it.” Jade sat Leann down on the sink and handed her a dry

washcloth to dry off with while she toweled herself off with what looked like a

purple tent to Leann.

“So you aren't going to enlarge me?” asked

Leann, looking up at Jade. The giantess only laughed at her again.

“You really need to forget about getting big

again, because it isn't going to happen. You're mine now and I own you. Got it?”

Jade hung her towel up and lifted Leann up, only to set her on the floor near

her feet. Jade rested her hands on her hips and looked down her naked body at

the tiny doll-sized woman at her feet. Leann looked up, noting just how big Jade

was to her. A giantess, a mountain! Leann figured Jade did it just to show how

much power and control she had over her. It was starting to work. Leann was

beginning to doubt she would ever escape the nightmare of being a plaything for

a spoiled-rotten brat giantess.

“Wait here, I'll be right back.” Said Jade as

she opened the bathroom door and stepped out. Leann started to make a dash for

the door, but it was closed before she could get to it.  Leann wrapped herself

in the face cloth and shivered into it. As it got wet, it let cold air onto her

skin. Dropping it, Leann figured she would be warmer without the cold cloth.

Then she got an idea. She ran to the door and stood near the jam, hiding behind

the wooden molding. She figured when Jade opened the door, she could run out and

hide from her. If she could somehow get to the shrinking device, she might be

able to enlarge herself.

Plans of escape and return to her normal height

were running through her head when the door opened up. Leann put her plan into

motion and ran out the open door. Unfortunately, her plans were cut short when

she ran into jade's huge, bare foot. She staggered backwards and fell onto her

butt. High above her, she could her Jade laughing like she had just heard the

funniest joke in the world. Probably to Jade, this WAS the funniest joke.

“I knew you would try something like that Leann

doll,” mocked the giantess Jade. Bending down she carefully picked up the dazed

woman and set her on the sink. She dropped something near Leann. “Here.” Leann

looked at the small bundle and recognized her bra and panties. As she reached

for them, she saw Jade plugging in her hair dryer. Jade was still naked and

Leann's plight was made even more obvious when the giantess stretched across the

sink for her hairbrush and almost knocked Leann over with just one of her

massive breasts. Had Leann not leapt out of the way, the girl's mammoth mammary

would have knocked her into the sink, and probably unconscious, instead of just

grazing her and pushing her down. Jade stood back up, giggling and began

brushing her hair, but looked down to see Leann staring up at her, anger in her


“Go ahead and get dressed, doll. And don't think

I'm doing this because I like you or feel sorry for you. I wanted to shrink you

‘cause I'm tired of your bullshit, thinking you can order me around.” Jade

talked while she brushed a small knot out of her hair.

“But that's what I get paid for by your mom and

dad, Jade. To make sure you get to school and not destroy the house.” retorted


“Yeah, whatever. I didn't want to lose your tiny

little clothes and have Janey finding them, thinking they belong to one of her

stupid dolls. I plan on playing with you all weekend and I'm even bringing a few

friends over. I'm going to let them play with you too. I bet mom and dad don't

pay you for that. And can you imagine if I bring Rodney over and let him do

whatever he wants to with you? He's always had a crush on you, ya know.” Jade

kept on brushing her hair, finally freeing the tangle and smiled at the fear she

had just put tiny Leann through. As Leann got dressed, she thought about Rodney

and what he might do. Jade was always talking about how big and well endowed he

was. And when he had come over to the house once for a pool party, he wore the

skimpiest of Speedos. And it was straining to contain him. She thought about how

big he would be to her now. She shuddered at the thought. She imagined herself

standing next to his fully erect member, it nearly as tall as she was. Leann was

startled back to reality when Jade turned the hair dryer on the shrunken woman.

The air was incredibly hot and the wind was irresistible, threatening to blow

her into the sink bowl or worse, off the sink counter.

“Jade! Please stop!” screamed Leann over the

roar of the small appliance. It was louder then a jet and hotter then a furnace.

The wind was nearly forcing her into the sink when Jade finally stopped aiming

it at her toy and back at her own hair.  While the giantess finished drying and

brushing her hair, all Lean could do was stand near her massive body and wait.

When Jade did finish, she put her hairbrush down near Leann and unplugged the

hair dryer. Leann looked at the hair in the brush. She could easily take four of

the hairs and weave them into a heavy rope. Bending down, Jade put the hair

dryer back under the sink, then she turned her attention back to her little


“Hop on doll. Time for me to get dressed.” Jade

said. Leann looked at the massive mounds that were Jade's breasts. They were

even with the sink counter and heaving slightly. Knowing she had no choice,

Leann cautiously approached the huge hills of flesh before her. Seeing Jade only

smiling, she slowly climbed onto Jade's breast. Her nipple instantly began to

harden as the tiny woman crawled on and scrambled on her perch for a handhold.

“I think I like you there, Leann doll.” said

Jade. She stood up as soon as she was sure Leann had a tight grip and had quit

moving. Leann was pretty sure that Jade was bouncing on purpose as much as she

could to make her scramble continually for a better hold on the large, soft,

fleshy mound. Leann closed her eyes as they traveled from the bathroom to Jade's

bedroom. It was a short walk, but the room blurring around her was making her

motion sick. When she felt Jade stop, she opened her eyes and heard a grating

sound. Craning her neck backwards, Leann saw they were standing in front of

colossal Jade's dresser. She had opened the top drawer and pulled something out.

But before Leann could see what it was, Jade lifted her and brought up to Jade's

soft, warm lips. Jade kissed her tiny body, covering the shrunken woman's face

and chest.

“Have fun while I'm at school, doll. I'll be

thinking of you. I should be gone for only three or four hours. Then we can

spend some…quality time together.” Jade laughed. Leann was about to say

something when Jade lifted her over the opening of the drawer and dropped in

inside. She screamed until she landed on a soft pile of white cloth. It took her

a few seconds to figure out where she was. Then she saw a label, big as a

magazine. It read ‘Hanes Her Way'. Then she recognized the huge panties ad bras.

“You're not going to leave me in your underwear

drawer are you?” Leann just could not believe the humiliation this giant

teenager was piling on her.

“Of course I am. Or would you prefer socks? If

you see anything you like, go ahead and borrow it, though I'm sure it will be a

little big.” Jade laughed as she closed the drawer. Leann tried to scream, but

Jade was not listening. In seconds, Jade found herself in complete darkness.

Although sounds from outside of the drawer were muffled, she could hear Jade

singing and moving around. Probably getting dressed.

“Bye Leann doll,” Jade called as she left. “Have

a good time.”

“No! Wait! Don't leave me in here!” Leann

screamed until she was hoarse, but it was useless. Jade had again showed she had

control of Leann's life. She tried to open the drawer, but it would not budge

and was too heavy. After what she guessed was about an hour of trying to get out

of the drawer, she gave up and made herself a comfortable bed out of a pair of

white panties and used a black lace thong as a pillow. Pulling a bra over her as

a blanket, Leann soon fell asleep.


Leann Chapter II


A loud

rumbling and the world shaking woke Leann up rather abruptly. Light streamed in

as the drawer she was in was slid open. She shielded her eyes from the sudden


“Jade, are you

going to make me big now?” Leann still could not see, but her vision was

returning. She suddenly felt herself pushed aside and saw a leopard-print bikini

brief get lifted out. She looked up at who had grabbed them. But it was not

Jade. It was her brother Josh  He was running his hands over Jade's panties and

rubbing them against his cheek. There was a strange look on his face as he

fondled the under garment. Leann had always thought Josh was a good-looking kid,

but seeing him like this gave her the creeps. He was playing with his sister's

panties  She contemplated yelling at him to stop him but remembered where she

was and how small she was. She tried to hide under the white panties she had

been sleeping on, hoping Josh would go away before he found her. But luck was

not with Leann yet again. As she huddled under the bikini briefs, she felt her

hiding place suddenly removed. She was exposed  She dared not move as she heard

Josh gasp.

“I didn't know

brain-dead was collecting dolls now.” he said as he reached for Leann.

Brain-dead was his ‘pet name' for Jade. But his words gave her sudden

inspiration. Maybe if she acted like a doll and held completely still, Josh

would look at her for a few minutes then put her down. She might even be able to

get away  Josh gingerly grabbed Leann about the waist and lifted her out of the

drawer. His grip was strong and tight. It was hard not to move with Josh looking

at her so intently. He turned her around and over in his hands, running his

hands all over her body, lingering particularly on her breasts and butt. After

what seemed like an eternity, Josh brought her close to his face.

“You look real

familiar dolly.” Josh said, running his thumb over the front of Leann's tiny

panties. He did not remember her  Or else she was too small for him to recognize

her. “And you feel so real. Jade must have paid a lot for you. These little

titties of yours feel real too. So does this.” He rubbed her panties, front and

back again, running his finger between her thighs. Despite her predicament,

Leann was finding it hard to not get turned on.

“Let's see how

real you are under these cute little doll clothes.” Josh grasped Leann's right

leg in his hand and fondled it, from her thigh down to her ankle and back up

again. Leann could not believe Josh was trying to seduce a doll  She was not

sure she wanted to be undressed again. Especially by Josh. But then again she

did not want him to know that Jade had shrunk her and she was anything but a

doll. Leann bit her lower lip and held perfectly still as Josh slipped his

fingertip into the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them down her

thighs. She was surprised that they did not rip. As her womanhood came into

view, Josh let out a low whistle.

“Very nice

little doll. Do you like it when I do this?” Josh finished removing Leann's

panties and hung them off the tip of his index finger. Bringing them under his

nose, he inhaled deeply and smiled. Then his brow furrowed and he looked at his

finger. He sniffed the panties again.

‘Oh no ' Leann

thought to herself. ‘He probably smells me on them  Jade never washed them or

anything after she played with me.' Josh looked at her.

“Talk about

realistic. These even smell real.” After sniffing Leann's panties once more, he

set them on top of Jade's dresser. He brought her close to his face again and

sniffed her. He smiled. “I should keep you for myself. Brain-dead will never

know I took you. I can always blame Janey if she asks me.” Josh was absently

running his fingers over Leann's front, rubbing his huge fingertips over her

breasts and massaging her exposed womanhood with his thumb as he contemplated

stealing her from Jade. It was finally too much for Leann. She let out a loud

moan and slumped forward onto Josh's thumb. She climaxed on it and shuddered.

Josh could only watch in complete surprise as this tiny doll suddenly came to

life and moaned in his hands.

“Wow, talk

about realistic ” Josh took a closer look at the tiny doll in his hands. “Hey,

wait a sec. Now I know you. You're Leann, the house sitter  How did Jade get a

doll of you?” Leann could not believe it. Josh still thought she was a doll  She

might get out of this yet

“I've wanted

to do things to you for quite a while now  Well, a doll's better than nothing if

I can't have the real thing.” Josh grinned at Leann as he carried her out of

Jade's room. Crossing the hall, he went into his old room, which had been

converted into a study. A desk and bookshelf stacked with books graced one

corner while a small bed was pushed against the opposite wall. When Josh turned

to close the door, Leann heard the telltale ‘click' of the door being locked.

Leann was pretty sure this did not mean good news for her. Especially when she

saw the tell-tale bulge in Josh's pants.

Josh set Leann

on the arm of the couch and looked down at her. She certainly looked real, but

something was wrong. Ah yes, he knew what it was. Leann was sorely tempted to

run when Josh set her down, but did not move a muscle, even when he knelt down

and reached behind her. She felt him fiddling with her bra and was actually

surprised when it came undone and dropped to her feet. She watched him pick it

up and begin sniffing it. Leann wondered if Jade knew about this side of her

older brother.

“I wonder if

the real Leann is as good as I know you're going to be little doll.” Josh said,

standing up. Leann let her eyes go up to where Josh was undoing his belt. When

his pants fell to the floor and she saw he was not wearing any underwear, she

knew what he had in mind. His member was stiff and pointing up at a 45-degree

angle. He leered down at her and never let his eyes leave her as he lay down on

the couch. Leann could feel his eyes on her as he got himself comfortable behind

her. When he grabbed her from behind, Leann gave a little start, but maintained

her ruse. Josh brought her up to his face and looked very closely at her,

especially her breasts.

“If the real

things look as good as these, I HAVE to get with Leann. These are the biggest

I've seen in a LONG time ” Josh reached out a fingertip and ran it over her bare

breasts, rubbing her nipples and causing them to harden. Hopefully he would not

notice. “And since I haven't seen any for almost ever, yours are the best I've

seen.” Leann could feel motion besides the swaying of her in Josh's hand.

Chancing a peek out of the corner of her eye, she saw that he had one hand

wrapped around her and the other firmly around his manhood, Jade's leopard print

panty covering it. He was going to use her to get off  â€˜He wouldn't.' she

thought. But suddenly she felt herself lowered between Josh's legs. His member

was huge  Nearly her height but thicker than she was. There was no way she was

going to go through with this. She was not going to let Josh use her to jack off

with. But what choice did she have? If she said anything he would know, then

where would she be? But if she said nothing, then she would wind up in Josh's

pants for who knew how long? Leann's mind whirled with thoughts on what to do

when she felt Josh pushing her from behind. He pressed her breasts against the

head of his erection and moaned. Leann had to stop this.

“Josh  You let

me go right now ” she screamed. Josh stopped for a moment and looked down at


“Did you just

yell at me doll?” He looked more closely at her.

“Yes I did,

Josh. And I'm not a doll. I'm really Leann. Jade somehow shrunk me and won't

make me big again. She used some kind of device. She said she was going to keep

me this way. You have to help me.” Hopefully pleading with Josh would help. He

was always helpful before. Josh thought about this for a few seconds then smiled

at her.

“I don't have

to help you. As a matter of fact, I think I'll keep you for MYSELF  Let

brain-dead find a new doll to play with.” Josh smiled smugly, feeling pretty

proud of himself. Leann glared at him.

“Use your head

Josh. She's going to know it was you that took me out of her room. Janey will

tell her everything. She always does.” Leann said. “And what do you think she'll

do to you if she finds out that you took me? Huh?”


well…she'll probably, ah…” Josh started. His pride quickly went away.


probably shrink you too. Then where will you be? I'll tell you. She'll give you

to Janey to play with. Do you know what that means?” She gave him a few minutes

to think about it then started in on him again. “You know how careful Janey is

with her dolls. How long do you think you'll last, huh?”

Josh could

only stammer for a few moments. The thought of Janey pulling his arms, legs and

head off did not really appeal to him. He looked back down at Leann.

“So what do we

do?” Josh asked the tiny woman between his legs.

“You have to

help me find the device she shrank me with so I can get back to normal.”

“What does it

look like?” asked Josh. Maybe she would get out of this yet. Then she would take

care of Jade.

“It's sort of

a remote control. It looks a lot like a remote.” Leann said. Josh started to

frown. “Why do you not look happy?” The sudden happy feeling Leann had fizzled


“I saw Jade

walk out with it when she left. She actually waved to me with it.” Josh said.

“It was black with red and yellow buttons. And there were only a few buttons.”

Leann scowled and stamped her tiny foot.

“Damn  I am

really starting to hate your sister.” Leann began pacing, but stopped when she

almost walked into Josh's balls. She looked up to see Josh smiling down at her.

“What are you looking at?” He only continued to smile.

“I have an

idea.” Josh said rather smugly. Leann groaned. Josh was not exactly a cerebral

giant, no matter how well endowed he was. If he had a plan, she was probably in

trouble. She waited a few seconds, but Josh just sat there and grinned like an


“Well? Are you

going to share it or do I have to guess?” Leann said. She was actually surprised

she was in control for a change, even though she was no more than a doll to


“Well, since I

can't help you to get the shrinker-thingee and get you back to normal size, I'll

make you a deal. I will help to make it look like you escaped from Jade's room

if you don't tell her about the panty sniffing, and...” He looked at her. She

did not like the way he was staring at her.

“And what,

Josh? I won't be your personal love doll and you can't keep me. I will get back

to normal size.” Leann was firm with him. And she could tell by the way his

manhood was growing, he was getting firm too.

“Oh no. I

wasn't thinking that. But that would be cool.” He smiled. “No, what I was going

to say was, I'll help you to escape if you don't tell and you, well,” he

stammered for a moment. “You get me off right now.” He blurted it out so fast,

Leann was not sure she had heard him right. She stared at Josh for a few long

seconds, somewhat stunned at his request. The panty thing she could forget. But

to get him off? And at this size? She looked at Josh's huge, stiff manhood. The

tip was glistening. He was close so it probably would not take too much to push

him over the edge. And she would be free. There was still the problem of getting

back to normal size, but at least she would be away from Jade and have a chance.

“You will put

me in my room with my clothes and we call it even, right?” Leann asked. Josh

nearly swallowed his tongue and grinned.

“I'll even tie

some of Jade's clothes together so it looks like you climbed out.” Josh's grin

could not possibly have gotten any bigger, but somehow it did. Leann was

hesitant, but this was the best offer she had been given all day. Once she was

free, she would call Andrew and get him to help restore her height.

“Ok, You have

a deal. How do you want to...” Leann began. Josh quickly scooped Leann up,

surprising her. He lay back on the couch and brought tiny Leann up to his face,

giving her a quick kiss. Still grinning, he set Leann on his stomach near his

waist. Leann took one last look at Josh and his goofy grin then turned to face

the task before her.

Jades leopard

skin panties were laying crumpled around the base of Josh's shaft, which was

standing tall and throbbing. She cautiously approached it and reached out a hand

to touch it. As her hand softly touched it, Josh uttered a low moan and

flinched, nearly throwing Leann off of him. Instead, the movement only served to

move Leann closer to Josh's cock. She found herself pressed against it, her

cheek against the warn soft flesh. Josh moaned even louder.

“Oh yes Leann

 Yes ” he said, writhing with pleasure. The feel of Leann's body pressed against

his manhood was overwhelming. Her arms were wrapped around it to keep her from

falling. Her little breasts were grinding into the soft flesh of his cock, and

he could feel her nipples getting hard. It was heaven. She was rubbing herself

up and down him to try and remain standing as he bucked his hips, almost ready

to climax.

“This is

easier than I thought. I don't even have to work at this. Except to try and stay

on without getting ...” Leann thought to herself. But her thought was cut short

when she felt one of Josh's fingers slid between her thighs and lift her a tiny

bit. Suddenly she felt him wrapped his fingers around her. Before she could

protest, she was shoved up against the huge cock in front of her, pressed

between the member and Josh's hand. Leann could only close her eyes as Josh

began to force her up and down against his erection, using her body to get

himself off. She did not think she could take anymore when she felt a pulse from

Josh's manhood and felt moisture on top of her head. His body stiffened. Josh

held her in place, squeezing her tightly to his erection. He was cumming  And he

was cumming on her  She grimaced and closed her mouth. She did not want to get a

sample of Josh's semen in her mouth. For what seemed like an eternity, she held

on until she felt Josh's body relax and his grip on her was released as well.

Quite a few seconds passed until Josh moved again. He lifted Leann up to his

face and had the goofiest look. He saw the wetness in her hair. Picking up

Jade's panties, he softly wiped off Leann's head, getting most of the moisture

off of her. Then he wiped himself with the bikini briefs. He kissed Leann again.


Leann.” he said. Leann thought she detected actual sincerity in his vo

Giantess Stories: Little Leann

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