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Little Man




Nicola lay on the bed, on

her stomach reading. In the soft glow of the lamp she idly turned the pages of a

magazine, allowing her imagination to float away on the tide of the words,

oblivious to the world around her. She was a very pretty girl, never short of

admirers, and seemed subconsciously aware of her sexuality. The door swooshed

open over the now faded carpet and her sister Kelly came in, muttering about her

college homework. Nicola glanced at her as kelly kicked off her training shoes

and socks, pushing each sock into the neck of each shoe. The girls didn't speak.

Kelly left the room, and Nicola swiftly returned to the story she was reading.

Then, slipping off the bed she stretched and walked out, heading for the toilet.

When she came back into room only a few minutes later she noticed that one of

Lisa's socks had plopped out of her shoe onto the cluttered bedroom floor.

'Hmmm', she thought, 'odd.' Still, she didn't think it was important. Padding

back toward the bed she planted her heel on the carpeted floor, and felt

something solid pinned underneath. Thinking it was robably one of Kelly's

lipsticks or more likely an eyebrow pencil, she pressed her heel down hard,

deliberately breaking it. The faint snapping sound from beneath her heel, was

accompanied by a noise like a tiny scream. Lifting her foot she glanced down and

gasped in surprise. A little man lay on the floor, his left leg broken by her

heel. She crouched down, balancing on the balls of her feet. To the little man

she was huge and terrifying, looming over him like a house. 'Please, please,

please goddess, please don't crush me, please.' Nicola's face was creased up in

concern. 'Don't worry don't worry. I'm not going to crush you. I'm sorry I

crushed your leg, I honestly didn't know.' The little man stared up at her, eyes

beseeching. 'You aren't going to crush me?' She shook her head and smiled. I'll

try and help you if you like.'. He nodded. Over the next hour, she splinted his

leg with match sticks, wrapped round with sellotape. She ground up some

paracetamol and gave this to him, along with some alcohol, to kill his pain. He

passed out for a while, but finally awoke to find himself lying on some bunched

up tissues. 'Hi,' she said. 'Feel better?' He nodded and smiled at her

gratefully 'How did you end up in here?' He smiled, paused, and thought for a


He began to speak, haltingly at first, then with a fluidity and style that

amazed him and surprised her. Soon he was telling her his story, and she was

rapt with interest.

'My name is Anthony, I am a rnini-man, geneticaly engineered for laboratory

testing, and me and my mates love girls, real girls, giant girls. For some

unknown reason, we all love women's feet, despite, or maybe because of, the

obvious threat of being trodden on. Once we'd escaped from the laboratories

where we were made, we set about living it up, hiding in schools, offices,

apartment blocks, anslwhere babes are likely to go.

'Only a week ago, me and a load of friends were sneaking around an exclusive

college for girls. We managed to find our way into the changing rooms. Piles of

clothes sat neatly on benches, shoes, socks, stockings and tights were on the

floor. We quickly split up, scampering across the hard concrete floor toward

boots, trainers, sandals and other shoes. I remember my heart was hammering and

my mouth was dry. I reached a pair of dirty, scuffed training shoes each with a

sock roughly balled up and stuffed into the neck.

'I jumped up, grabbing hold of the rim, and boosted myself up. I pressed my face

into the dark, sweat stained cotton and inhaled deeply. The sock smelt gorgeous,

heady, overwhelming. I leant against it, taking deep, greedy breaths, and

slipped. I remember shouting, flailing my arms, my face slipping past the sock,

then landing on my back. The bottom of the shoe was faintly warm, moist, sticky

and smelly. The wonderful aroma of this girl's foot sweat was everywhere.

Despite the danger of my location, I revelled in it. There, in the dark, inside

her shoe, I licked the innersole and sides carefully.

'When I reached the indented section where her lovely toes had rested, the smell

and taste decreased slightly. Also I could

now look out through the ventilation holes. Suddenly, there was a huge

commotion. I heard squeals, shouts and girlish screams of excitement. In my

mind, I pictured the scene, girls in gym kits, short skirts, long legs, tight

tops, hair tied back, walking purposefully, bodies sheened with sweat. They

would be getting undressed before showering. 'We all panicked. Jumping out of

shoes and running across the floor at the the teenage girls' feet. We were easy

prey. I saw girls barefoot, or in socks and trainers, screaming, shouting,

laughing, pursuing us with toe and heel. I remember running, just behind my best

friend. I screeched to a halt as a girl's bare foot slammed down inches in front

of my face, crushing him. I saw my friend's body knocked to the floor then

squashed beneath the sole of this grinning girl's foot. I heard his bones crunch

and crack and turned away in horror at the messy pulp that remained. The giddy

teenager stamped on him twice more, twisting her foot on him, deliberately

showing me her power. The floor was treacherous, slick and slippery all of a

sudden, and I fell backwards.

'The girl grinned, overjoyed at my helplessness. She quickly brought her foot up

and over me, covering me with its monstrous shadow. I stared at her bare foot.

Normally I love a girls footsole, but now it was full of deadly promise. The

soft, beautiful, crinkled skin, each toe in fact, filled me with dread.

Savouring her power over me the young girl began to lower her foot. I could only

watch in fascinafion, when all of a sudden, another girl accidentally kicked me

across the slippery floor. I found myself under a heater in the corner of the

room. My side ached, but otherwise I was fine. 'Creeping forward to the edge of

the box I watched the spectacle before me. John, another friend, spotted my

hiding place and headed for me. He was running straight for me, arms pumping,

head angled back, mouth open gulping in air, but he was no match for his

pursuer. A tall, thin, beautiful girl, barefoot, but still in her gym kit,

planted her size six foot on his back and pressed him to the floor.As I watched,

mesmerised, she pumped her foot down on him, crushing the breath from his body.

I saw his face in horrid close-up as she raised her heel and slammed it down on

his back. Incredibly, he smiled at me as he burst, then fell still as she

crunched him. She broke him under her huge black wonderfully sexy heel, twisting

it side to side. I stared at her face, her legs, her ankles and finally her

heel, grinding down on my friend. I knew that could be me, and, strangely, I

realised, the thought served only to excite me.'place and headed for me.

'The girl smiled, a self satisfied smile of joy and amusement. I watched her

looking round, twisting her body as she raised herself up on those lovely,

dainty, feet. I saw, and she saw another of my friends crawling on his hands and

knees to the left of her. He thought she hadn't seen hm and she stood stock

still to keep him believing that. Just as he got past her, she raised her foot

high and stomped on hin as hard as she could. One second there was a friend of

mine, the next there was a splattered stain. Her expression of wicked delight

showed the fun she was having. At the same time I was realising more strongly

that this whole situation was turning me on. 'I looked around the room, someone

had shut the door. I realised some of the girls had gone to shower, when I saw a

tall muscularcular ebony coloured girl, padding, wet and naked, across the

floor. Her beautiful legs and feet moved with a sly, seductive grace. Each

footfall left a lovely wet reminder. She paused in mid stride, observing the

other girls toying with my friends. A slight smile played at the corners of her

lips. I noted her bright red painted toenails, and my cock stifened more. 'She

stood stock still as three of my little friends ran toward her. She seemed to

know they were too panicked to see her. I looked up to her smirking face, then

down her body. I saw her weight shift subtly, her muscles bunching. Only when

they were very close did she move at all. She swiftly stamped down on them one

after the other."Got you, got you, got you!" she announced gleefully. I felt

sick, dizzy incrediblyaroused, yet afraid as her huge blck foot trod and trod

and trod. With ingongruos delicacy she knocked my friends to the floor, stunning

them, then she flipped them over onto their backswith the tips of her toes. She

placed the pad of her big toe on the first one's chest,swamping it. Arching her

foot deliciously she pressed her weight down on just that toe. I heard his body

crunching and cracking as her toe reached the floor. I stared open mouthed as

she wriggled all her toes oin his remains, thenkicked them away.With playful but

deadly intent she pushed the othertwo little men togetherwith the side of her

foot. A tall, blonde girl, in strappy sandals and with pink painted nails came

over to watch. They spoke briefly, and the two laughed throatily. The blonde

pinned one little man's legs under her toes, then squashed them. I watched her

movements, fascinated by her beauty and cruelty. I could see his face and hear

his cries, but she either couldn't hear or didn't care. She just calmly carried

on. With him helpless and immobilised she lifted her foot, planted her heel, and

hovered the sole over his chest and head. She smiled and lowered that sole to

trap him. I studied her pale skin, the crinkles bent underneath her foot to the

sole, the shape of her toes, her bones and tendons, her ankles, even the slight

chips in her varnish.

Her sandal seemed to be caressing her foot possessively. At that moment,

studying that scene, I found myself envying my friend more than anything else. I

wished she were about to crush me. Slowly she pressed her whole 1251bs onto

crushing him to the floor. The coloured girl raised her bare foot and covered

the other little man. With no pause or mercy, she stomped him hard. His dazed

body and mind, had no chance to move or escape. Anyway, his closeness to the

demise of his mates had struck him hard. As she lifted her foot, I could see the

little flattened body clinging to her skin.

'I began to take in only glimpses then, a man impaled on a stiletto heel, little

men being dropped inside loafers and court shoes, before the laughing girls

broke them wiggling their feet inside determinedly. Men under massive heavy

shoes being crushed as the girls put them on. One girl squeezed a friend between

her big toe and the next. 'I remember someone plucked me out of hiding. It must

have been Kelly. She dropped me in her trainer. With her sock on, the foot would

soon be coming in. I tried to make for the opening. She lifted the shoe, and 1

tumbled back down to the toe. I grabbed hold of the lining, finding small tears

to tuck my hands and legs into. Through the ventilation holes I could see your

sister. At the time, all I saw was a pretty blonde haired teenager. She was

chatting, smiling and laughing with friends. She spoke to her friend, "Go on,

squish him, you'll love the way it feels." I saw her friend's leg move, but then

my world shifted as Kelly slipped her foot inside the shoe. "That's it, I'm a

goner." I thought, but her foot stopped its progress an inch behind me. Her feet

are wide not long, and 1 was safe for the moment. Already my arms were aching,

already the presence of her hot foot was making me uncomfortable. Impending doom

terrified and excited me. And I loved the smell of her foot. The rest of the day

was the most incredible I've ever spent. Being so close to her toes, being her

prisoner, always in danger, always breathing the scent of her toes, it was

intoxicating.' He stopped then, looking up at Nicola with eyes eager for

approval. Her eyes looked odd, heavy lidded somehow, and she was breathing

heavily. He saw her hands caressing her breasts and realised she was very turned

on by his story. 'So, you liked being in my sister's shoe?' Her voice was deep,

husky and breathy. He nodded warily. 'And you liked seeing your little friends

being crushed?' Again he was forced to agree. 'So if I was to put you on the

floor and crush you under my foot, that would be your ultimate fantasy?' He

didn't know what to say. It was true, part of him wanted her to crush him.

Incredibly, insanely, he nodded vigorous ly. His heart was pounding in his chest

as she lifted him out of the box and placed him on the floor. Lying there,

looking up at this giant girl, knowing she was about to crush him, he was amazed

to feel his erection tenting his clothes. Nicola stood over him, allowing him to

stare up at her body. Fear and arousal mixed into an incredibly heady mixture,

would he be able to fullfil his dream of coming the same time as being squashed.

Her bare foot came up to cover his little body, then down until she was pinning

him to the floor. Struck by his impending fate, he started to struggle. He

tried, uselessly, to worm his way out from beneath her foot. His broken leg was

giving off waves of pain. He could barely breathe with the pressure of her

footsole on his stomach and chest. She began to shimmy her foot side to side,

wobbling him against the floor. He realised he was totally trapped and helpless

and he adored her for it. Her foot lifted slightly and he knew his end was near.

The sole was inches above him, then it came down hard, she let all her weight

come down on that one foot and crushed him out of existence. 'Hmmm, that was

lovely' she said out loud. 'Now I know what Kelly meant. It is a great turn on.

Next time I meet any little men I'll know exactly what to do, it's a shame I

didn't let him come first though. Mum and Dad are always telling me to be more

assertive. In future I'll just put my foot down.' Her giddy, intoxicated

laughter was like a tinkling bell that floated through the house.This was going

to be fun.


Giantess Stories: Little Man Story

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