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It was never evident to me that my marriage would ever fail. Hiede was perfect

in every way, I guess too perfect. She finally moved out back to her mother's

house, and was pressuring me for most of my estate, citing some ridiculous past

rulings. I stood put, she left! not me. And no top of it I caught her fooling

around with Carol, an old best friend.

I got a call on Tuesday afternoon from Hiede to come over and resolve the

situation, I was surprised after all the threats and abuse. I declined at first,

but finally agreed, under one condition no lawyers. I went over to meet Hiede at

her mother's house.

"My mom is out of town till Sunday so we'll have privacy." She said. We sat down

in the living room and she brought me a drink to go with hers. We talked about

her needs and wants. After listening to her whining for some time, I started

getting hot and flushed, I excused myself to the bathroom. I washed my face, and

just leaned on the sink as a cramp took hold of me, I then blacked out. I woke

up to everything being blurry, I adjusted my vision, and looked around and

couldn't figure out where I was. Just then I heard a booming voice from above. I

looked up and thought I was dreaming or hallucinating. Hiede was the size of a

skyscraper, she was standing over me with her hands on her hips, and was tapping

her huge foot just a few feet away from my body. She bent over and starting


"You awake now huh? I wanted to wait for you to see me before your end. There's

a stipulation in the state that if your proven missing after 6months I get your

entire estate, since you'll be considered dead. I wanted you awake also so you

can feel the torture as I squash you and wear you all the way over to my trip to

the islands, where I'll finally wash your pasty remains into my hotel room tub


Just then the door opened and she took her attention of me, I saw my chance to

escape. I bolted up and sprinted with all my energy to the 100 yards to the

kitchen door way, where I turned the corner and slid under a china cabinet. I

hid in the upper portions of the woodwork. Hiede was pretty pissed she couldn't

find me. Her visitor Carol assured her that I wouldn't surviive till the end of

the month in the house with no food or water.

"My mom will probably think him as some bug and toss him anyway, oh well good

riddance." After some loading of suitcases outside they left. I climbed out of

my hiding place and walked into the vast kitchen floor. Boy everything was

gigantic. "How did she do this to me?" I thought to myself. "It must have been

that drink, she spiked it with something, the conniving bitch." I started to

roam around the house and scout out what I have to work with to survive until my

stepmother ilka comes home at the end of the month. I went through the entire

main floor before entering Ilka's bedroom. There was no way I'm going into the

basement, I saw the "Incredible Shrinking Man" too many times. Once in her room,

I scanned the bed the size of a warehouse. I then focused my attention to her

closet, I managed to slide my self underneath the closet doors. I looked around

all the massive shoes she had neatly lined up on the floor before me, I could

fit into the toe part of her shoes and still have four people my size

comfortably next to me. I found nothing useful in any rooms so I went back to

the kitchen. I remembered that she had a bread box on the counter she kept

breads and pastries, Ilka's family is Austrian and they like their sweets and

breads. I found a way to climb to he counter, by climbing a shorter bench next

to it, I then gripped the folds in the wood and climbed my way to the counter

top. Once up there I made my way to the bread box. I pried it open with a spoon

I found on the counter. It was all the food I would need. After snacking a bit,

I went searching for water source. I was in extreme luck, in the sink was a shot

glass full of water, as the faucet was leaking droplets of water into it.

I sat pretty on my home the kitchen counter top, biding my time and waiting for

relief in the form of Ilka, or Ursala her sister when they arrive home. Both

women were widowers for some time. Both were in their early fifties. I got along

with both of them. Ilka in fact sought me out for her daughter since I was born

near her home country, Germany. As far as Ursala was concerned she was nice,

just a bit bossy. They were both tall women at 5'10 and 5' 11 respectively. They

were both husky, Ursala noticeably bigger all around.

After three weeks past I started becoming concerned on the variables. What they

come home and find me upsetting, will they kill me, will they mistaken me for a

bug, like Hiede said and crush me. I am going to have to chance it. The day came

when I was awoken by the sound of loud talking and banging and stomping. I got

up and quickly ran to the counter edge, I figured no time like the present. When

either Ilka or Ursala would come into view I would jump and wave like crazy. I

did this for 20 minutes to no avail. They got their stuff put away and settled

down on the dining room table for coffee. Again I jumped and waved while Ilka

made coffee, but she didn't even look in my direction. I sat trying to think up

some new way of getting their attention. Then came up with the idea of going

down to them and producing myself, but thought different of it due to being

mistaken for a bug. I stayed put and sat and waited they have to come to the

sink eventually. After an hour of talking of their trip they finally came into

the kitchen with their coffee cups and saucers. While putting their dirty dishes

into the sink, Ilk noticed the bread box open and bits of crumbs on the

collapsed lid. " Vat it das" Ilka said in her strong accent. She leaned to

investigate when she came across me jumping up and down. Ilka jumped back with

her hands to her face. "Oh myh ghod." Look Ursala vat is dat?" Ursala being

always the brave one, reached over and plucked me up in her huge hand. She held

me in her palm and rose it up so her and Ilka could study me. "Is it toy or

zomething?" Ilka said. " It looks alive" I reached over to her thump and tapped

it for attention, Ursala flinched to my sudden movement and dropped me. I hit

the cushioned bench next to the counter before rolling onto the soft kitchen

rug. There I laid looking up at the two gigantic women looking down at me.

Ursala raised her 300 sq. foot over me, and I thought that was it lights out, I

could never get out in enough time. She then brought her toe closer to me and

flicked me over on my side. I rolled over back again to show that yes I was

real. Ursala then rapped her huge toes around me and lifted me up to her waiting

hand. Once in her palm again Ilka looked closer at me and recognized me

finally." Mi Ghodt, it's Peter" Ursala looked closer too and acknowledged her

statement. "What happened here? Why are you so tiny?" I then recited the story

to the two of them until I was horse from screaming. The two of them didn't know

what to think of all of this and argued in German or something, all the while

swinging my body up and down in Ursula hand as she gestured with each word.

Finally they came to terms that they would keep me and protect me. Ursala was

not pleased at the compromise to much as she tossed me into Ilka's hands. I

gathered she wanted to exploit my situation for money or something to that


Time went on and things seemed to normal in the household except for the fact

that a tiny person was living with two widowed women. Ilka often made sure that

I was always fed to my liking. She even let me sleep next to her bed on the

night stand in a cloth covered box sleave. I even got used to the fact that by

now which was 9 months later that all my worldly possessions and money was now

gone to Hiede. And that I was here in this state forever. Ilka couldn't tell the

authorities who would believe her.

I started to find my owners appealing in that I hadn't had a sexual thought for

a while since this happened. And now these women were the only sexual

counterparts I would ever see. Ilka in particular made sure I was fed and

protected from the outside world, she would never allow me outside, or seen by

outsiders. Ursala on the other hand woluld torment me whenever she could. She

would purposely stomp her feet near me narrowly missing me, she would chase me

around the house when Ilka wasn't home, and when she caught me she would squeeze

me in her grip. Ursala started using me in the bathtub. She would catch me then

take me with her to her bath. She stuff me into her lufa sponge and wash her

enormous body with me. Caressing her breasts, she'd then scrub her legs and

feet, before sticking me in my captive state into her crotch area and scrub her

lips, bush and inner thighs. She would even stick the whole sponge with me

inside her ass and rub firmly and deep until she felt clean. By the time she was

finished, her vagina was in a stench from having several orgasms. She would then

wash her clit with the sponge again. She would then drop me into the shallow

water below and mock stomping me into the porcelain floor. Ursala would then

smother me completely, causing me to almost drown. On occasions Ursala would

catch me and force me to perform a dangerous foot rub while detained inside her

stockings. My movements would be to a minimum and was apt to always slid down to

her heel everytime she would move her foot. She would also suddenly get up and

start walking around the room, not giving me that much time to adjust my

position and scramble up her to foot to the top. I would look up at her trapped

beneath her nylons and see on her face that she was extremely living out some

violent fanatasy. It often appeared to me that when they were young girls

growing up back in Austria, that they were two different extremes. Ursala would

probably be the type to torment and torture small creatures, like pulling wings

of flies, crushing aints, that sort of thing. While Ilke was probably the

nursing type. That night as I laid down in my makeshift bed, I found my self

looking at Ilke's shadow as she got undressed in her powder room, as she entered

I looked with hunger at those huge breasts knocking back and forth as she

walked, I scanned her body down, noticing her robust figure, her huge thick legs

and her ass I could easily get lost inside it was grand. While we slept, the

door opened and in the darkness I could see Ursala was creeping into the room

and searching, she found it when she laid eyes on me in my bed. She reached over

gently and swooped me up held me close to her cheek in her hands, and tip toed

out, back to her room. She put me down on the night stand next to her bed while

she locked her door, then turned around at me. " You are going to please me

tonight, Yes? Not all the time Ilka! She said huskily. I made a move to explain

to her that she never touched me, but no ears were these words met, as she

lifted off her night gown. Revealing her entire body gave me a supreme chunky,

Her breasts were even more gigantic than Like's and with the extra flab on her

body she looked like some Renaissance fat angel. In the night light she even

looked younger. Ursala came over to me and looked at me stroking my body with

her finger and smiling, " I will show you great wonders of pleasure too" She

said. And with that she lifted me to her breasts and cupped me against her vast

nipple. " You enjoyed all those things I did you, yes?." She asked. I simply

nodded, it was all I could do with my face stuffed inside flesh so huge. She

rotated me a while on her nipple before switching sides and repeating the

process, she then stuck me inside both breasts and pressed them against each

other smothering me in between. " I could crush you so easy, Yes, I am very

huge, and you so little." She then stroked her belly with me, holding my legs

together and using my face and head as a Q-tip. Across her belly I was pulled,

then she stuffed me into her belly button, and poked me in and out a number of

times. Ursala then moved over to her bed and sat down, she spread her meaty legs

and placed me smack in the center of her girth, her vagina smelled so strong

from where I stood, I could see droplets of cum streaming out in little drools.

I looked around myself and all the eyes could see was a mountain of fleshy legs,

then I took a look upward at my giantess. Her belly loomed huge over her bush,

her breasts stretched out and hung like some huge plume of meaty clouds. " I

hope not to lose you inside" She said while chuckling. Ursala then picked me up

and slid me into her juicy lips, she circled my body around like she was laying

on some kind of lip gloss. She then forced me into her cavernous clit. Once

inside she lost her grip on me and I started to move around pushing up against

the walls around me, I looked back and couldn't see where I came in through or

was going to. The walls started to compress in on me as she tightened her

muscles, I crawled backwards to find the opening, I needed air badly. Once my

feet felt the folds, I turned around and pushed my head out. Outside I was

looking straight up at her belly, breasts and face. " Hard to breath isn't it?

You can keep coming for air, just go back in now" and with that she pushed my

head back in with her finger. Her finger disappeared from the opening, once I

was in. and started to flip around and bang around to help her get off, so she

will let me out more often. The pressure was intense, and a few times I thought

I was going to pass out. Her fingers came in and forced me in deeper. I kept it

up, getting air every minute or so. Things stopped all of a sudden, and I let my

self be poured out by her streaming cum juice. I got as far as her lips, and was

hanging over with my feet still inside. Urasala then grabbed me with her

forefinger and thumb, and twisted my body around, she then slid my legs up and

down the folds of her inner thighs. She then rolled over and switch me to her

left hand. She held me facing straight into massive ass. With her right hand she

split her cheeks, and proceeded to stuff me whole into her anus. Just my feet

were sticking out as she rolled onto her belly and shook violently with my body

piercing her insides. She kept this up for 2 minutes. Then pulled me out gently.

She farted lightly as my body popped out. The stench was awful, all that ethnic

cooking. She pulled me up to her face and sniffed me. " You shmell like my kulo"

She noted. I wiped my face of the stench and film. She then snapped me up into

her mouth and licked me clean with her tong. She then produced a large amount of

saliva an d submerged me in it, then while holding me against the roof of her

mouth with her tong, she sucked the saliva down her throat. I was spat out into

the palm of her hand. " I will take you back before that bitch missing her

toy"She crept back into Ilke's room , and put me back in my bed. She leaned over

and whispered. " Say a word and I will crush you without a thought." With that

she rubbed my face with her pinky, then fled the scene. I laid there sore, but

realized that I actually got off for the first time in a long time. It was worth

the pain.

This went on for some time, Ursala sneaking me off at night for her sexual

needs, it got more elaborate and longer each time.

With Ilke it happened slower. A example was once when she came home late and I

was in the living room sitting on the floor watching the television. She came in

the room and sat on the couch directly behind me. I felt a nudge behind me, I

turned and saw her stocking foot right behind me, the toes stretched upwards. "

Rub my feet petie they so soar, do good job, yes you do now." I crawled over to

the space she left me to work with, I started rubbing and messaging, it took

long to cover so large an area. She then pulled them back, reached down and

picked me up. She then laid down on her side on the couch, and put me directly

behind both her feet nestled on top of each other. " Please continue" she

ordered. I started on the bottom one first, then climbed to get to the top one.

I kept slipping on my footing and falling back down. After an hour, I heard

snoring from her, and figured I just as well rest too. When I woke I was in my

bed, with her in her bed snoring up a storm. It's extremely loud when a giantess

snores. A short time later, the same sort of thing happened, only I was on the

couch, this time. When she sat down, this time she didn't see me and sat over

me, barely missing my whole body, she managed to sit completely surround me with

her stocking legs. She then adjusted herself on the couch, and I then started

falling back on the downgraded cushion she had formed between her legs now. I

rolled all the way in her crotch area. It was warm, and smelled sweet sweat. I

pushed with my feet against her crotch part of her pantyhose to get myself back

to standing. I leaned on her crotch as I lifted myself. All a sudden her legs

spread open more and I looked up to see her huge upside down face looking down

on me. " You vere there, I didn't see you" She commented almost to herself. Then

without warning she started to stroke my body with her finger, she then pushed

me against her crotch softly, and let out a moan. Then she started to rub me

against it harder and harder. The moaning progressed in volume and rhythm. She

then moved me over and stuck a long finger nail into her crotch area and slashed

a open gap in her hosiery. That revealed a nice pink pussy. I couldn't believe

it she wasn't wearing panties. She then held me with her two fingers and rubbed

me against her lips. Circling wide paths around her lips, she would also stop to

poke my head inside her clit. Ilka smoothly dragged my body around her bush,

before finally bringing me back to her cunt. This time she stuck me inside in

one motion. Once inside I got to thinking how huge these Austrian women's pussy

were. I felt the walls closing and opening on me, Pressure again was pining me

and releasing me. All along moisture and pre cum juice whisked through me. I

managed to pull my head out without interrupting the action, I got a lot of

practice through Ursala. Once she reached orgasm, she laid perfectly still. I

found my cue and pulled myself out. I slithered out of her lips like some hunk

of cum she discarded. I wiped my face and looked up at her. She was smiling to

herself with her eyes closed. She then found herself again, and looked directly

down for me. She picked me up and drew me to her chest. She then undid her

buttons on her blouse and unhitched her bra. And proceeded to stuff me against

her ample breast. She smothered me, toyed with me against her nipples and in

between her slabs. Pulling me out and holding me in her palm she whispered " I

tink I found a good use for you" I was finding out something new about her,

always thinking of her as some kindly older woman. But now I see the lust for

power and control, she found it now and wasn't going change it. " For now, you

will be in my more box, and I expect a lot of dis, don't disappoint ok

petie. I vant you to be good healthy. Ilke big women now, and needs a lot from

little petie" all I could do was nod my head in agreement, what else could I do.

She put me on the floor and covered me under her foot, and started to slowly

roll me back and forth. She then pulled it off and leaned over. " See how easy

Ilke's feet can mush little petie. Make me happy not mad, yes." She then

continued to roll me under her other foot now. Standing up she then lifted me up

with her toes around my body and through her legs onto the couch and held me

between her stocking toes and simply wiggled me around for a while, for her own

delight. She like the look and feel. She never got this kind of feeling from her

own husband so many years ago. Love was too traditional. Now she was the boss

and loved it. " Thank you Hiede." She bellowed.

That night she took me into her bed and shook my little world with her demands.

She had me sit still while she carefully hoped up and down on my body with her

vagina. Every once and a while I stick to her inside and would be pulled up,

then my legs would be mashed on her drop down. She would then pull me out and go

at it again. Later she laid back on her bed and spread her legs. With me sitting

between her, she ordered me to stick my cock into her vagina. I moved in on her

wall of gash. leaning on her clit. I inserted my cock as far as it would go into

her. With circle motions I moved my cock around inside her lips, I would jab

inwards and even jump up and down for effect. Her hand came down behind me and

pushed my whole body inside her. I went to work again, surviving the big crush.

Once reaching multiple orgasms, was washed out of her cunt into her sink. The

light was bright in her bathroom. " I thot I lost you, I was unable to find you

out" she said. She had to resort to using a douche to flush me out. After

washing her hands she reached for me and said. " no scared now I try something

else, want experience" she then sat at her toilet and held me inside her vagina

while she pissed. A strong smelling stream was washing over me. She then pulled

me across her ass and wiped her ass with me, she didn't defecate but I guess she

was experiencing. I hope she doesn't experience for real some day. Washing me

off , she then dried me on her gown and took me to bed. She strapped a garter

belt across her left foot and put me inside against her bottom foot. We went to

sleep, mine was interrupted every time she made a big movement. I dreaded she

wake up and forget I was down there. I was be instantly made into a grease spot

under those huge feet.

My life was compromised of being at the beck and call of these two giantess.

This lasted until I was found by one of her daughters girls. That is another


To be continued


Giantess Stories: LITTLE PETE

It was never evident to me that my marriage would ever fail. Hiede was perfect BY TALISMAN BY TALISMAN LITTLE PETE'S BIG ADVENTURE LITTLE PETE'S BIG ADVENT



Giantess Stories: LITTLE PETE

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Giantess Stories: LITTLE PETE


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