Giantess Stories: Little Sister  part 1  By The Unsung Hero

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Little Sister

By The Unsung Hero

Lisa was a popular girl. All the kids at school loved her, worshipped her.

She was the most fantastic girl ever. At least, in her eyes. She was tall and

thin, with beautiful long brown hair. Her face was the portrait of perfection,

her skin creamy and white. Her eyes were the deepest of hazel. She lived with a

beautiful single Mother, Judy, who worked a secretary job in the city. She had

two sisters, one an older sister(Melodie) who had graduated high school, and a

younger doll obsessed brat kid sister(Jessica), and one

brother- the freshman jock Gregory. Lisa was a cheerleader, the captain to be

exact. She did good in her studies, a top student in her class.

On this particular day of school, Lisa was wearing a halter top and a short

purple skirt, and a pair of pedal pushers. Her books were gathered in her arms,

pressed against

her ample chest. Her hair was tied back into a pony tail. She walked along,

whistling a tune as she ran into Devi, the local goth chick. Lisa looked at her,

disgusted. “Geez.....get the hell outta my way, freak!” Now a crowd had


“Y-you shouldn't t-t-talk like that to people y-you know.” Devi said, pushing

her dark hair out of the way of her face.

“I-I-I- I shouldn't?” Lisa mocked. “Get a life! Friggin' loser.” she pushed her

down. Devi looked up at her, so big and powerful.

“You're a SMALL person, Lisa.” She said, her voice becoming strong “A little


“Uh-huh. Whatever.” Lisa walked past, stepping over the fallen girl, her foot

trodding upon Devi's things. Devi stared after her, her eyes gleaming.


“Jessica!” Lisa yelled, stomping down the hall to the bathroom. “Jessica, you

open the door this instant!” she banged on it. The door opened slightly, but

Lisa pushed it open more. She then grabbed her sister by the hair and dragged

her down the hall. She ignored her sisters' cries of pain and dumped her on the

floor of her room. “Look at the mess you made playing in my room? My clothes are

all over the floor!”

“I-I'm sorry Lisa...I just.....I just wanted to be pretty like you.” Jessica

said, looking up at her sister in adoration.

“I don't care!” Lisa said “Clean it, now. God, little girls are such a pain!”

“One day I'm gonna be big, you know!” Jessica cried.

“Yeah yeah.” She grabbed a magazine and went to the door “This better be cleaned

up, and fast. I'm going to watch TV.” and with that she stomped off.


Lisa had her feet up on the coffee table, and read her magazine. The Tv was on,

but she wasn't paying much attention. She then heard jessica yelling to her up

the stairs, and then a bizarre nauseous feeling. Lisa got to her feet and ran,

her flip flops slapping against her heels, to the bathroom. She opened the door,

the feeling of dizzyness getting worse and worse. She watched as things got

distorted, the sink...was getting bigger? Suddenly she couldn't see anymore. She

blacked out for a second, and then awoke again

on a hard surface. She crawled forward, unable to see. She seemed to be covered

by fabric....she saw a large rainbow colored arch above her.... “Oh my god.” she

said, as she realised where she was.

She was standing on the sole of her own wooden sandal.

She heard some pounding coming towards her, the floor was shaking. She looked

up at the giant bathroom door and screamed as it opened. Standing above her was

her Mother, her giant feet(still adorned in thier hose) stomping down. Her long

hair swung disconcertinly, and it made Lisa dizzy to watch. Her Mother still had

her brown work suit on, and then heard the loud speaker voice of her Mother

blast into the room.

“Lisa.......leaving your clothes around! Little brat.” She looked down.

“Brat!?” Lisa shouted. “Mom! Please! Down here on the sandal! You have to see

me! Please!” but her voice wasn't loud enough. Her Mother bent down and

collected the clothes and sandals into a pile and began to carry them off, but

not Lisa. Lisa fell off and

landed near her Mothers' foot. Lisa coughed at the rankness of the foot, and

then realised she was now in the living room, surrounded by carpet. Her Mothers'

foot stood there enormous, the toes wiggling. her Mother had stopped to pick up

the phone! Lisa looked at the foot. It was gross and smelly! How......awful! And

it was her Mom's feet......but she had to get help. Someone had to make her big

again. She ran and climbed the stocking and sat at the base of her Mothers' toes

and held on. The feet moved on, her Mother talking to a friend. She listened for

a while.

“Yeah, louise.....she can be such a pain in my ####. I swear, that girl thinks

she's the queen of the earth and everyone exists to serve her. She thinks she's

so big. Someone should cut her down to size.”

“Mom...?” Lisa said quietly, tears coming to her eyes. “Fine...” she said,

wiping her tears. “Fine. I'm leaving you. See how you like it.” and with that

she leapt off the foot onto the carpet of the hallway. Her gigantic mother moved

off down the hall, leaving Lisa weeping alone in the hall. She was near the door

to her room. She didn't feel the pounding right away, but she turned to see a

pair of sandaled feet. Small sandaled feet. She looked up at the grinning face

of her pretty little sister, Jessica.

“Lisa......You're a dolly now...” Jessica said, and reached for her......

Jessica's big hand came down, the lines in her palm becoming clearer and


to the terrifyed Lisa, who screamed as the hand came closer. Jessica giggled and


her fingers around her, and lifted her screaming into the air. She was brought

in front of

her sisters' gigantic face, who was still giggling. Her blue eyes stared at her,

the smile

getting bigger and bigger. Her blonde hair looked beautiful at this size, Lisa

noticed, the

mini-perfection of her sister suddenly becoming clearer to her. Jessica grabbed

one of

Lisa's hands between her thumb and forefinger and dangled her, laughing. “You're


small!” she said softly, laughing. Lisa screamed in pain and terror as gravity

threatened to

pull her the hundreds of feet down at her sisters' feet where she would surely



“Jessica! Please don't drop me! I'm so sorry I hurt you earlier!” Lisa pleaded,


jessica lowered her hand quickly, making Lisa scream. “Please! NO!” jessica laid

her in her

other palm then, and poked her with her finger several times. “Stop that!” lisa

cried “This

is inhumane! I'm your older sister!”

“You're a toy now.” Jessica said “A little teeny tiny toy. I told you I would be

bigger someday.”

“What have you got there, honey?” Her Mother said. Jessica turned around and

stuffed her doll sister into her pocket.

“Nothing, Mom. Just a doll.” jessica said. Lisa wept, crying out to her Mother.

“Mom! Mom, please help me!” Lisa cried. She could see her out there, over the

top of the pocket, smiling at her little sister. her Mothers' massive arms

wrapped around

the girl, and Lisa was shoved forward and fell down onto a quarter, scraping her


“Mommy!” Lisa screamed “Mommy, help me! Please!”

“Well, you have fun with your doll.” Her Mom said, and walked away. Lisa wept


“I am just a doll.” She cried “I am.....” then huge fingers with green


ripped her from the pocket and she was once more presented in the palm of her


sister. BIG sister, now. Lisa got to her feet. “Please, jessica.......please,

you have to help


“No I don't.” Jessica said, grinning “You're mine now, like Mommy said. My new


“I'm not a doll.” Lisa said, looking up at her Goddess sister. She dropped to


knees “Please, I'll do anything you say! Help me!” Jessica ignored her and went

into her

room, dropping her sister onto the floor. She was on her knees and looked over

next to

her as her sisters left big toe brushed against her. She looked up past her

sister's skirt, and

then to her giant grinning face.

“Remember how you used to make me take your Sandals off?” Jessica asked. Lisa

looked up at her, shaking her head rapidly. “You used to sit down and make me

undo the

straps. You have to do that. Now.”

“I'm too small!” Lisa said “I can't! Help me get big, I'll do anything! I'll be


slave for life, Jessica! Help me!!!!”

“Do it!” Jessica commanded “Or I'll squash you like a bug!” and she lifted her

huge sandal over her tiny sister. Lisa cowered under the sole of her little

sisters' foot.

“Ok!” Lisa said “Please don't squish me!” Jessica's foot went back to the way it

was. She crossed her arms expectently. Lisa went to work, fiddling with the huge


She pulled the first one off after some struggle, but started to pull at the

huge straps but

couldn't pull it free. “Jessica.......I can't! I'm trying!” Jessica laughed.

“You can't even undo my sandals, dolly!” jessica said, laughing. Lisa dropped to

her knees on her sisters foot, exhausted. She went on all fours on top of the

foot and

lowered her head down. Jessica laughed. “Kiss my feet!” She giggled. “Yeah!”


looked at the foot, and then gave it a peck. Her sister loomed over her. She

didn't feel it.

Lisa closed her eyes and kissed it as hard as she could, pressing down. The foot


some, but she forced herself. “Good slave!” Jessica said. Lisa was humilated.

Her life was

now a tiny slave to her little sister. If the kids at school knew she kissed her


feet....she was snapped out of it as the foot moved suddenly, dropping her to

the carpet.

Jessicas' massive hand came down and enveloped her, carrying her to a small


“You're naked, barbie!” Jessica said.

“Barbie?!” Lisa cried, outraged. Jessica laughed.

“Little tiny Lisa.......” Jessica said, touching her #### with big fingers

“You're, let's get some clothes for you.” She grabbed some doll clothes and

wrapped it

on the doll girl. Lisa was humilated further. She could fit in doll clothes! Her


laughed and picked her up, fondling her in her fingers. “You are so cute.”

Jessica said

gleefully. She kissed her on the head. “Good little doll lisa......” she put her

on the bed and

put her feet up next to her. She removed her sandals and displayed her big feet

in front of

her. “ always made me paint your nails. Your turn.” She handed her a


and some polish.

“Please don't make me do this! It's degrading!” Lisa said. Jessica grabbed her

roughly and shook her.

“You're mine now, Lisa! My slave, doll, toy, pet... whatever I want! You're all

tiny! Now paint my toes!” and she tossed her onto the bed. She rolled into the


her foot made and landed face down on her toes. She looked up at Lisa and kissed


toes, hoping to be forgiven before she was killed. Jessica smiled and nodded.

Lisa set to



Part 3

it took hours. Jessica amused herself by reading, listening to those awful


boys, or talking on the phone. Lisa finished and fell down onto the toes,

covering herself

with toenail polish. Jessica laughed and picked her up. “Ok, tiny've

earned rest.

I'll go get you something to eat. You can stay in the dollhouse.” and with that

Lisa was

placed in the dollhouse and her enormous sister left the room in a hurry, her

bare feet

thudding as she went. Lisa sat, looking around. She needed help. Who could she


on? Melodie! Her older sister. She just had to get to her. Jessica came in and

dropped a

little bit of bread and a thimble of water in front of her. “eat up, lil' lisa.”

she said with a

laugh. Lisa ate and feigned sleep. Jessica fell asleep fast, leaving Lisa to

escape. The

dollhouse luckily was on the floor, and she snuck out. She nervously watcher her


sister on the bed, just next to the dollhouse as she slowly and quietly snuck

out. She

passed the enormous sandals and finally got into the hall. It was dark there,

the hallway

empty. She walked slowly when she heard a noise. Oh,no. Not that. Baby, the


kitten, walked over. The enormous cat stared down at her, and reached out a paw.


kitten smacked her, sending her back. She looked around for escape.

“Baby, No!” but the cat wasn't listening. It was on the hunt. Lisa took off,


as fast as she could to escape the ferocious beast. She ran for the nearest

door....the cat

roared and the door opened. Gregory looked out of it.

“Baby, what the hell?” he said. Lisa scampered over his bare feet and into his

room. She ran under the bed as she shut the door in the cats face. She looked

around at

the enormous room of her brother. His big bare feet walked over next to the bed

and then

sat down in his chair. He was on the computer. Lisa looked down at her doll


covered in nail polish and at the nasty bruise caused by that damned cat.

“I'm gonna have you nutered!” Lisa roared at the door. She turned around and

walked into a big smelly sock. She coughed and backed away. “Clean your room,


she screamed at her Brother. She ventured out into the room, past dirty clothes


random items spilled around walking towards her brother. She finally made it to

his big

bare smelly feet. She looked up past his bare legs and boxers to his face,

examining his

screen. “Greg!” she screamed, jumping up and down. “Greg, I'm down here!” she


up and kicked his big toe.

“ow!” he said, looking down. “So that's what she was chasing. Stupid bugs.” he

raised a big sole and slammed it down, but she dove.

“No, Greg! I'm your sister.” He couldn't hear. He stopped down and picked her

up in his rough palm.

“Cool.” he muttered “A tiny girl.” He didn't recognise her. he examined her

closely. “Wait a minute......Lisa?” he laughed.

“Yes! Oh,yes. It's me!” She said.

“Little Lisa.” He giggled “Wow, you're a little one.”

“Greg, you have to help...”

“I have to help? No,no lil sis. I don't have to do anything.” He said “You're


of a ####. Maybe I'd be doing everyone a favor if I squished you. I wonder what

it would

feel like, to squash my little tiny sister like a bug.”

“Wha-what? Why can't anyone in this family help me?!” Lisa cried.

“Because you're a mean ####.” Greg said. He stood up and placed her at his feet.

She looked at them. “You don't want to die?”


“Then beg. Get down on your knees and beg my big feet not to squash you!” he

laughed. She dropped immedietly..

“Please....please don't Greg.” She said.

“Master.” He said, laughing. “Call me master.”

“Yes...ok,ok. Master! Please Master don't kill me!”

“Kiss my toes.” He commanded. She crawled forward and kissed his big toe. She

even licked it. Anything. He laughed. “Alright, little tiny lisa is licking my

toe. That is so

cool.....” he grabbed a jar and picked up her up, dropping her in there. “Ok,


comfortable. This is your new home.” he looked around. “Let's see.....Mom will

find you.

I need to hide your house.” He found a shoe box. “Ok, new plan.” He placed her

in his

palm again and put her in the box, with a pair of old running shoes. “You live

here. Clean

those.” and he placed the cover on. He put it under his desk and put his foot on


“You're gonna worship me.” he said, stomping a bit. “I am your God.”


Part 4

Lisa cried the whole day away. She was apparently trapped in her brothers


box, and he intended to keep her as his property for life. She cried as she

cleaned his shoes

for him, as he commanded. She hated it, being his. She would have rather stayed


Jessica. Melodie and her Mother were useless, she was in his room in a box. She


hearing some movement outside. She started screaming and banging. Then the cover

moved and there was Melodie, her big beautiful face framed by long wavy red

hair. She

stared down. “There you are! Jessica told me you were tiny.” she said “Of

course, I didn't

really believe it, but here you are. I had the idea Greg found you. Cleaning his

shoes? ugh.

You're setting the feminist movement back a long way.”

“Melodie.....oh,thank god.” Lisa said. Melodie was the most beautiful person


the only person even Lisa felt second to. She tilted her head prettily.

“Ok.....” she picked her up gently in her fingers. “So you've been Jessicas'

doll and

Greg's slave. What else happened?”

“I rode Mom's foot, and baby nearly killed me.” Lisa said, laying down and

cuddling in her sisters hand, feeling it's warmth. She laid her face into the

gentle soft palm

of her beautiful older sister.

“Mom's foot, eh? Gross.” melodie said, carrying her off to her room. Melodie

took Lisa into her room, and quickly tossed together a habitat for her. It was

another shoe

box, the same that Melodies' favorite shoes came in- a pair of black buckle

shoes. Melodie

was bare foot, with a green sweater and a pair of blue jeans. Lisa curled up in

the soft

clean white socks Melodie laid down for her. “Look, you get some rest. We'll

talk about

what to do with you tommorow, ok?” Melodies' big hand came down and stroked her

gently, calming her. Lisa fell asleep.

She woke up to loud noise, and looked out of her box to see Melodie going at


with a large man. They were bucking and moaning, and Lisa was shocked. Then the


saw her. He stopped and got off of Melodie. “What, what's wrong?” melodie asked

as he

looked down into the box.

“That's...that's a tiny girl!” he said, reaching out.

“Don't you touch her!” Melodie cried, running forward. The man's huge hand

lifted her roughly, and he walked around the room.

“I-I can feel her heatbeat. She's so small.....and weak....” he placed her in

his palm

and touched her with his finger, running it up and down her body. Melodie tried

to get

her, and finally succeeded, scolding the guy.

“Look, she's just a pet. Leave her alone, eh?” melodie said, stroking her



“Pet?!” Lisa cried. Melodie looked down.

“Well......yeah......I figuered there's nothing else I can do except keep you.”



“No! You said you'd help me! That we'd decide!” Lisa cried in her hand.

“Look...are we gonna do it with the little chick or what?” The guy asked.

“Beat it before I shrink you,too.” Melodie said, glaring. He quickly got his


together and took off. She looked down. “We don't know what did this to you. I


think it's changable. I mean, it won't be so bad. I mean, yeah, you'll have to

do what I say

and you'll have to do some stuff to earn your keep but nothing big. I'll feed

you and bathe

you and play with you and'll be nice.”

“Play with me?!” Lisa cried.

“Well........look,Lisa. You don't exactly have a choice. You can either except


and play nice or.....well, this can be hard.” Melodie said, looking down at her

with a

frown. “Ok, little one?”

“Wait, what did you say?” Lisa cried.

“Uh......that this can be...”

“After that.”

“Oh......little one?” Mel said.

“That's it. It was that psycho chick. She did this to me, called me little one.


cast a spell on me!” Lisa cried.

“ok......we can talk to her. We'll go tommorow.” Mel said, stroking her sisters


“I'd still like to keep you as a pet, though. You're really cute....”

“Mel!” Lisa cried.


Next time....”School”

Part 5

Mel brought Lisa to school the next morning. She drove her small car to the


building and carried her little passenger in her pocket. Mel smiled at some

students and

faculty as she walked through the halls. She stopped in the restroom and sat on

a toilet,

placing Lisa in the palm of her hand. “Ok, so we're here. What now?”

“I need to find Devi! That little #### did this to me.” Lisa cried up.

“ where is she?”

“I have first period with her......she must be in history.” Lisa said.


“Room 22” Lisa said.

“Gotcha.” mel said, and placed Lisa inside her jacket pocket again. Mel walked

towards room 22 when she was ran into hard by a pair of freshman. In the

struggle, Lisa

fell out of the pocket and hurtled screaming to the wooden floor. She slammed

down right

behind the heel of her sisters' black shoe and tried to get to her feet,

screaming the

giantess' name.

“Mel! Please! I fell out!” She cried, but Mel walked slowly away. “No!” but Mel

was gone, and tiny Lisa was standing in the middle of a hallway at her high

school. She

looked around at the huge walls of yellow lockers. “Oh,god...” she said. She

looked ahead

and saw the pretty sandaled feet of the history student teacher, Maya, coming

her way.

Maya was a short haired raven haired goddess of a woman with perfect skin. Her


slammed into the ground heavily, and were coming closer and closer to the

miniscule Lisa.

Lisa screamed and dove to the side as the big feet slammed past. She leaned

against the

locker, breathing heavily. She was begining to panic. She then heard footsteps

again, and a

pair of chunky black mules slammed in front of her, leading up a nice shapely

leg and

finally to a long black skirt, and a flowery shirt, and the face of the pretty

quiet girl of the

school, Amber. Amber looked like that girl from “Dark Angel”. Her toes wiggled

menacingly, and Lisa swallowed her pride, and lept towards them. She squeezed


the side of the foot and the big black strap and wedged herself in. It was going

to be a

bumpy ride.


Lisa was pleased that Amber's feet smelled better than any previous foot she had

come in contact with, and was fairly warm. Amber didn't seem to notice the extra


and went to class, her books pressed against her chest. Amber sat down and

crossed her

legs, the foot Lisa was attached to being tossed into the air. Lisa grabbed for


anything, to hold onto, but went spiraling down. She finally grabbed onto a

large toe and

held on, dangling above the ground. She then noticed someone( a girl) looking at

her. The

girl hissed “Amber...on your foot!” Ambers' face came into view and saw her.

With a

giggle she bobbed her foot a bit, watching as Lisa tried to hold on. Then

Ambers' large

pretty hand scooped her up and brought her to her face. Her grin never leaving,


tossed her into her purse and closed it behind her. Lisa was now face to face


makeup, car keys and several other items. She curled up in a face cloth and

shivered in the

dark, alone and frightend, and wondering just what Amber would do with her.

Part 6

By Unsung Hero

The purse bounced her around, bruises forming as she ran into pens, house


make up cases and other various female purse items. Lisa wasn't sure where Amber


going. Would she go home, or to a job...where? What was going to happen to her?

Finally the purse was set down, and the zipper opened with a deafening roar.

Lisa looked

up and saw the pretty face of Amber peering down. Her large hand came in, poking


prodding at items searching for the miniscule prisoner. The fingers touched her,

and she

dove away, attempting to hide. She couldn't be found. Then, a loud voice: “Front


center, girl, or I'll dump everything into the toilet.” The voice was pleasent

enough, not

very menacing, more like amused. ‘Of course she's amused', Lisa thought, ‘I'm a


Lisa, head bowed, stepped forward into the light and allowed the large but

delicate fingers

wrap around her and lift her back into the world of the light. The grip was

gentle, almost

nice and comforting, and then when outside she was placed in an open palm. The


was soft and warm, like Melodies, and it was steady and unmoving. Lisa stood,


and looked up at the beautiful face of her captress. She looked around and saw

she was in

a massive bedroom. It was very feminine, lots of pink on the walls, a U2


main thing of notice was that the mirror was covered in photos of people. They

were too

big and too far away for Lisa to make them out, but after taking in her

surroundings, and

she gazed up at the giantess again.

“It's ok.” Amber's voice cooed, as if talking to a stray cat “It's ok, girl. I


hurt you. You just get your bearings, ‘kay?” her eyes were so big and brown. She


did look like Jessica Alba. Lisa nodded, still shivering. “Oh, you poor thing!”


walked over to the desk near the mirror and sat her gently down onto the hard

wood top.

A finger reached over and petted her on the head, stroking her brown hair. Amber


“You look so cold!” Amber looked around and got up, running over to her


She grabbed a soft kleenex. “This might not work, but here.” She wrapped it

around the

tiny shivering girl, and Lisa snuggled into it, still staring up at her. Amber

stared at her,

smiling. “Can you talk? I'm not exactly sure what you are- are you a leprechaun

or a fairy

or something? You don't have any wings that I can see......” So Amber didn't


her from school. Probably for the best. Everyone who has recognised her used her


shameful and humiliating purposes. A shiver ran down her spine as she remembered

licking her brothers toes. Lisa looked up at her, trying to size her up. It was

impossible to

gauge her reaction to her. She certainly was being very kind, almost as kind as


but this could be temporary. Maybe if she spoke Amber would make her paint her

nails or

maybe she'd do worse. Feed her to a pet or was too terrible to

think about.

But Lisa eventually decided to take a basic chance and do what everyone seemed

to want

her to do: She kneeled down, head bowed, and kissed Ambers' pointer finger.


drew it away in surprise. “Whoa!” Amber looked at her closely, and then slowly


reluctantly replaced the finger again. Lisa did as expected and kissed it

lovingly. Amber

giggled and grinned in glee. “Well well....... this is certainly unexpected.”

Amber peered

down at her. “This is kind of like Robinson crusoe or something- like Joe

friday? He

declared Robinson his master like this.” Amber grinned. Lisa blushed, and

smiled, unable

to help herself. Amber was cute, and obviously educated. She was always so quiet


school...not that Lisa would ever have given her the time of day. Amber was

always the

smart untouchable girl at school- guys were afraid to look at her because she


seemed unattainable, and since the guys felt that way, the girls were jealous.

Amber must

have been really lonely. “Well...... if you're to be Gal Friday.........” she

grinned “That'll be

your name. Gal friday. What do you think?” Lisa nodded. Amber clapped her hands.


understand me!” Lisa got up from her knees and bowed at the waist. Amber cooed.

“Awwwwwwww. You are simply adorable.” She reached out a finger and touched her

belly a bit, running the finger down her front, past her sex to her feet. Lisa

shivered a bit

and withdrew. Amber blushed. “Sorry. I.....I was just curious....” She looked

sad, almost

hurt by the withdrawl. Lisa frowned. She's been being so nice......instead of

forcing her to

grovel and cower like all the other Giants. Wait, ‘Giants'? Was she begining to


them as that? Lisa was horrified by the sudden thought of being content like

this, being

stuck as a tiny subhuman. She was a human being! A girl! She had friends! And a


But......her friends didn't seem to like her. And her family victimised and

abused her when

they found her shrunk. Her Mother called her a brat, her sister made her paint

her nails,

her brother enslaved her and forced her to clean his old sneakers with her

tounge! Even

Melodie, her most trusted friend and sister was content in keeping her like a

pet. Lisa

thought of all this as she looked up at the blushing lonely Giantess. She

shivered a

moment, took a deep breath, and the stepped forward again. Amber looked at her a

moment, unsure of what was happening. Lisa stepped forward and tugged a large

unpainted fingernail. Amber reached out again and touched her, head to toe.


beautiful.” Amber said “You're so perfect looking.....”she blushed a bit “Would

you turn

around?” she said with a shy smile. Lisa nodded and turned, showing off her bare

rear. A

large finger touched her back, and ran down past her buttocks. She shivered a

bit, but held

fast until the Giantess was done examining her. The finger withdrew, and Lisa


there. “ can turn around now, Friday.” She said. Lisa turned around and


causing Amber to giggle again. She folded her arms on the desk and rested her

chin on

them, looking directly at the little girl. “Wow.....a tiny girl....I wonder what

you were

doing in my shoe like that.” Her warm breath flowed pleasently over Lisa. She


sighed. “I wish you could talk.” Lisa looked at the girls eyes, which seemed to


overwhelming longing for a companion, and bit her lower lip. Should she trust

her? Lisa

resolved herself. Yes. If she trusted her enough to touch her body like that,

she would

trust her with her identity.

“I can.” Lisa said. Ambers' head lifted, shock filling her eyes. “You just never


“Oh...I mean.....I'm sorry.” She sighed “I assumed you couldn't. I'm sorry, I've

insulted your intelligence.” the sadness in her eyes was almost heartbreaking.


“I was trying to escape the hallway at school. I was near your locker and I


your feet.” Lisa said.

“Oh.” Amber said, looking down at her feet “They're nothing special. Why were

you in the hallway? What are you? I mean......uh.....who. Who are you....

Part 7

By Unsung Hero

Lisa stayed around with Amber for over a week. Amber made her a nice little

habitat in a dresser drawer, seperated from her underwear. There was a small box

with a

big washcloth stuffed within. Amber fed her many times a day, and the two began


close. It seemed that people had been searching for her, but Lisa asked Amber

not to say

anything. Why bother going home? Her own Mother would probably use her as an


or a professional massuese. She shuddered at the thought of her Mother

commanding her

high above to massage her tired feet everyday after work,sleeping in a pair of

brown flats,

occasionally sleeping with her Mother in a sock or something so she could

continue the

massuse duty there. Amber didn't ask for anything, except to talk. She and Amber


talk all the time about things. Lisa was becoming quite fond of Amber, with her


voice, and her large eyes, and those lips.......her touch was the softest and

most gentle

thing she had ever felt, it was like heaven to be held by her. Occasionally Lisa


volunteer to do things, like massage her feet. Amber was a member of the track

team and

would come home in real pain sometimes, and Lisa would tell her to lie down on

the bed,

listening to music, and let her massage her tired feet. She was begining to

suspect that

Amber was lying half the time about it, but she didn't care. Anything she could

do for

Amber was a good thing. Amber was becoming the most important thing to her. Her


was wonderful to her, and she would do anything to get it. If Amber was sad(and

she was

quite prone to it), Lisa would near tears. One day, Amber came home, looking

sad. While

Lisa massaged her feet, Amber asked; “Friday.....? Why does everyone hate me so


“What?!” Lisa asked “No one hates you.”

“None of the guys talk to me......why?”

“Wellllllllll......believe me, Amber, I hung out with a lot of them, and they


talk to you because they think you're perfect.”

“What?” She asked, sitting up.

“It's true.” Lisa said “You're so beautiful, and smart, and sweet that all the


think they don't stand a chance.”

“Oh.” Amber said.

“And to tell you the truth, they don't deserve you anyway.” Lisa said, pushing


Ambers' sole and giving it a quick kiss. Lisa walked up to Ambers side, and

lifted her

hands, allowing Amber to wrap those soft fingers around her midsection and place

her into

the waiting open palm. Lisa kneeled and rolled over on the skin, nestling in


“You really think so?” Amber asked.

“I know so.” Lisa said, sitting up “You are beautiful, and adorable, and just


around perfect.” Amber looked at her with the sweetest face ever.

“You really think that?” Amber asked.

“Every minute of every day.” Lisa said, smiling a little. She blushed at the

sentiment, feeling a little foolish. A tear rolled down Ambers cheek.

“How did I get so lucky to have you get on MY shoe?” Amber asked.

“I told you before, I liked your feet.” Lisa said. And the two sat there


feeling close.


her palm, or massaging those lovely feet....smelling her breathe....but instead

her dirty

asshole brother was her new master. No use in denying it, she was his to use as

he deemed

fit. He laughed. “I think you need to be taught a lesson as to who is in charge

here.....” he

placed her on the floor and lifted his foot on his heel. “Lick the dirt from my

cleats!” he

commanded “Do a good job! Oh, and eat it! I don't want to feed you.” She did as

commanded, taking large bits of grass and mud into her mouth and swallowing,

crying all

the time, trying to think of Amber, and her gentle voice. When she was

finished,He tossed

her onto the bed and removed his pants. “Time to go all the way, little ####.”

he leapt onto

the bed and placed her on his penis. “Lick.” she did as commanded, obeying her


without question. Death did not appeal to her anymore then living life as his

little sex toy.

After she finished that, he tossed her to the floor. “Well, it's been fun, but

this was

definetly a one night stand.” He lifted a foot above her “yeah....and one night


He laughed “Better pray to your God, me, that you go to heaven. I probably won't


you though, maybe I'll flush you down the toilet like a goldfish. But if you

pray, maybe I

will bury you.” and his giant bare foot began to lower


Part 10

It was then the door burst open and Amber pushed him down. She reached down and

grabbed her and ran, locking herself in her room. Weeping, she looked Lisa over

and over,

examinging her.

“Oh,god...” Amber said, crying “You're covered in semen......he raped you.....”

Lisa didn't answer, she just kept kissing her hands, worshipping her Goddess.

She had

prayed, but not to God, to Amber. Amber was her life now. She loved her. “I'm so

sorry.....I need to send you home.” Lisa stopped and looked up.

“NO!” Lisa said “No..I want to stay with you. You!”

“But, it's dangerous....”

“I don't care!” Lisa said, crying out “I don't care if it's dangerous! I'm YOURS

Amber. I want to be yours! You're my life! When you touch me, I feel like I'm in


I love you.....”

“You love me?” Amber asked.

“More then myself..When Mark was going to kill me..... the only thing I could

think of was you. I wasn't afraid to die under his feet, Amber. I just only

wished it was

your feet. I love you more than myself, I worship you. You're the best friend

I've ever

had, the most wonderful human being ever, and I want to stay with you. If you

send me

away, you might as well give me back to Mark so he can step on me because I

don't want

to live a day without you. You're pefect. I'm in love with you.” Lisa said, and

knelt down

and kissed her palm. “Please love me.”

“I love you....” Amber said, and kissed her fully. She hugged her to herself.


with me.....because I don't want to live without you, either.”



It's been a year since the Mark fiasco. Mark tried to tell about tiny Lisa, but


commited soon after, freeing Amber and Lisa from his threat. Amber contacted


who visits Lisa often, even sometimes takes her to spend the night. The rest of

the family

knows nothing about Lisa's whereabouts, and are starting to move on. Lisa and


are both immensly happy together, fully in love. Amber is going to college, and

Lisa is

going with her. They plan to stay together forever, Robinson Crusoe and His man


“except with a lesbian love affair” as Gal Friday would put it. They're Amber

and her Gal


And they lived happily ever after.

Giantess Stories: Little Sister  part 1  By The Unsung Hero

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