Giantess Stories: Living Shoe  By  SSU Guy     This was my freshmen year of college

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Living Shoe


SSU Guy aka Asukafan2001

This was my freshmen year of college. I had just graduated from high school this

last year and I had decided to go to a local college here in town. My girlfriend

Autum was still in high school. She was graduating this year; I have been dating

her for 4 years now, 4 happy years I might add.

I had just finished my last class of the day and Autum still had an hour before

she was going to get home but I thought I would just swing by her house and wait

for her. I had nothing better to do anyway. I was greeted by her sister Crystal,

she smiled at me and I smiled back and went up to Autum's room. I rummaged

through her CD collection and put in some guns and roses, Paradise City to be


I was walking back towards her bed when I stumbled over something. I looked down

to see a scruffy looking pair of old white Nikes. They had little indents with

dirt trapped in them with a battered insole. I wondered why Autum even kept

these around, I hadn't ever noticed them before but I never cared before either.

I was just about to toss them onto the floor when I heard a latin phrase being

repeated over and over again. I started to feel sick, and then I soon found

myself tumbling to the ground. I must have blacked out before I hit the ground

because I found myself lying on the floor. My entire body felt twisted and

something stunk something fierce. As I opened my eyes I couldn't believe what I

saw in the mirror. I mean it had to be some kind of mistake, the only thing I

could see were those scruffy looking shoes of Autum's. I closed my eyes and

opened them up again and I saw the same thing. My mouth seemed to be over the

toe section with my tongue as the insole. My nose seemed to be on the inner wall

of the toe section of the shoes. My eyes seemed to be on the heel section of the

shoe with the rest of me acting as the body of the shoe.

A loud thumping noise shrilled though the room. I found myself looking about for

something but I could only look forward. I screamed as loud as I could. I heard

the door swing open, I prayed that somehow my girlfriend Autum would realize

what happened and know how to reverse it, but I knew it was just wishful

thinking she probably wouldn't even know that I am here. Two fingers protruded

onto my plane of sight, followed by a rocking motion. A chin then came into view

and soon lips and then I realized it was Crystal not Autum.

“Crystal, it's me! Crystal it's me MIKE!! CRYSTAL PLEASE!!!”

The only response I got was her big toe coming into view then her other toes

followed suit. They wiggled and lowered towards me, I could see the white nail

polish she had on. Every vision I had ever seen of Crystal flashed through my

mind, the one that stuck out the most was how I hardly ever remember her wearing

socks, she was always bare foot no matter what she wore, The only time I could

remember her ever wearing socks was for school when she had too.

The bottom of her foot had fuzz and grime all over it. I could see the sweat Ronnie Coleman policia

covering the bottom of her foot as it floated over me. I prayed that it wouldn't

land on me but only a second later her foot was resting on me.

“Hiya Mikey, You always gave me shit about my feet, saying they stunk and you

very well know that its because I have an overactive sweat gland in my feet, but

that didn't stop you from teasing me, words hurt ya know.”

“Please, I am sorry Crystal, I wont do it again, I as just playing around.”

“You know what Mike, I don't care just SUCK”

“Suck? What the hell are you talking about?”

“Well my living shoe, you heard me suck.”

Crystal stomped her left foot down onto the hard floor. Her foot sunk into me,

my entire body buckled and formed around foot. I cried out as almost in answer

to her response my body shifted. My taste buds spread out encompassing the

entire inside of the shoe, my nose seemed like it was everywhere, I could see

everything from every angle inside her shoe, my tongue came spilling out of the

toe end of the shoe. I tried to pull it back in but my tongue started swirling

around and between Crystal's toes, my body began to conform around her foot and

I began sucking on her foot like it was a lollipop.

“That's a good living shoe, HAHA this is so cool Mike, you are a slave to my


I wanted to cry but I couldn't pull myself away from Crystal's foot, It was then

I heard Autum's voice. An argument ensued between the two but I could only make

out Crystal's end of the argument.

“FINE I WAS LEAVING ANYWAY” screamed Crystal

I felt myself lift up off the floor, it was like I was floating, then I was

smashed into the ground. My tongue slid in between her toes, toe jam and fuzz

picked up from god only knows where falls onto my tongue, as it touches my

tongue the jam and fuzz stick to my tongue like a fly to flypaper, her sweat

drips off of her foot and onto my entire body. In a matter of moments the scent

of Crystal has asserted itself all over me. My tongue already blistered

continues to work over her toes as she walks towards her room.

“That's right Mike, enjoy your new place in life, because I sure know I do”

She slammed her door as I continued to suck on her foot helpless to stop myself.

Sores began to form onto my tongue as they licked away at her foot. Her every

step caused me more and more pain but my only response I could give was to casue

her more and more comfort then all at once I flew off her foot. I crashed into

the wall of her closet and dropped onto the floor; a moment later her right shoe

hit the wall and fell right next to me. We laid mouth to mouth her in closet, I

could smell the rancid air coming from the other shoe, I wished it would go away

and then it dawned on me, its not the other shoe its me that stunk and with that

understood she closed her door without a word to me. I remained here on floor

lying in wait for her turn.


Giantess Stories: Living Shoe  By  SSU Guy     This was my freshmen year of college

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