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Jeffrey thought he had come up with a very good idea to

get some cheap thrills. It was simple to do: sneak into the Woodland Hills High

School girl's locker room during cheerleader practice with his "Out Of Order"

sign, slip into one of the shower stalls and cut a hole in the curtain, and hang

his sign on the stall.

How could they suspect he would be watching their every

luscious move?


He was all set and positioned when they came in after

practice.  Since the school was empty at this time, they usually spent as long

as they wanted in the locker room, as he had also learned during the planning

stages. From the football game program, he had learned who each one of them was:

Evelyn (or Evie as she was generally called) was a short, busty blond, and the

acknowledged leader of the group. Terri was also blond, while two other girls,

Jill and Veronica were brunette. Jill was the tallest of the group, standing a

hair under 6 feet tall.  Her commanding height and piercing green eyes gave her

the reputation of being a bitch queen. From what Jeffrey had heard, the

reputation was well earned. The last of the five cheerleaders was a valley girl

type with frosted silver hair named Michele. It seemed that very little was

known about her; kids at the high school considered her to be unapproachable

though Jeffrey couldn't find out why. It seemed that her only friends were the

cheerleader squad members.


The five girls entered the locker room laughing and

talking amongst themselves.


"I'd hope that bitch Mrs. Wesley gets gang-raped on the

way home" Evie was griping. "Making us do ten laps around the track because we

'weren't working hard enough'. I swear to god I think that witch was born on the

rag". The other girls laughed at Evie's speculation as they began to remove

their tops.


"Who here thinks that Freddie is going to get lucky

tonight?" Jill laughed, turning to smile at Terri, who had been stringing her

boyfriend Freddie along for two months without any action. Terri just smiled

prettily, and removing her tennis shoe, flung it across the locker room at Jill.

Terri's aim was a little off though, and by a fluke of luck her shoe flew into

the shower stall which Jeffrey was hidden in. Terri crossed to retrieve her

shoe, as Jeffrey tried to huddle in the corner of the stall. She pulled the

curtain aside to reach in, and saw him sheepishly standing there scrunched into

the corner.


"Hey, look what we have here. An honest to fucking

goodness peeping tom". Terri announced.


"You're shitting us, right?" Jill asked.


"If you don't believe me, come over here and see for

yourself" Terri replied, "'cause it looks like this asshole is too much of a

wimp to step out from behind the stall".


Curious, the other girls came over in various states of

undress to see Terri's peeping tom. Jeffrey was so scared and embarrassed at

being caught that he didn't know what to do at this point.  He waited red-faced

and trembling at the thought of being the subject of the girl's wrath.


"I didn't believe it at first, but we really do have a

perv in here" Evie announced. She was standing before him, her ample chest

heaving as she spoke. Despite his fear, he found his attention magnetically

drawn to stare at those two tremendous tits with their very stiff pink nipples.

"Shit, look at him drooling over us. I hope the thrill is worth it, perv,

because we're going to kick you're sorry butt."


"Hey, Michele, what about that wild technology you were

telling us about from where you came from. If you want us to believe you, here's

the perfect opportunity for a live demonstration" Terri was saying. "I doubt

anyone knows the motherfucker snuck in here, so no ones going to miss him.


"Stand aside, Lady Foxes" Michele told her team members,

"None of you will be skeptical after this". Jeffrey had no idea what Michele was

doing as she started to adjust her watch, but didn't really care as he was

mainly interested in her long legs and sexy bare feet, rather than her watch.

Suddenly, there was a flash like a flash cube going off, and Jeffrey found

himself staring at several sets of gargantuan legs more than a hundred yards



"That's really bitchin"' one of the girls said in a

voice as loud as thunder to poor little Jeffrey.


"The little butthead was staring at your feet and

drooling right before you shrunk him" Jill said to Michele. The girls towered

above Jeffrey like downtown skyscrapers, and he truly wished he had never tried

to sneak a peek anymore. "Let's see how he likes my feet after an hour and a

half of cheerleader practice" Jill thundered, as she took a step towards the

tiny voyeur. Suddenly Jeffrey realized just how small he was, as her ankle

towered over him, about thirty feet off the ground. "Watch this" Jill told her

friends, "I'm going to snare the little guy between my toes". Jeffrey started to

run, but had only run from the tile he had been standing in to the next tile

before true to her words, Jill had snatched him like an insect between her big

toe and her index toe.


As Jill closed her toes on Jeffrey's tiny body, his view

of the world was abruptly cut off. The stench of her toe sweat was phenomenal to

poor little Jeffrey, a powerful, musky odor which threatened to suffocate him

due to his diminutive stature. He was dimly aware of the giggly of the girls at

his predicament betwixt Jill's toes. He could tell that he was firmly wedged in

the nook between her toes, with no chance of escape. "Here's what we do to

peeping toms" Jill told him in a deafening shout as slowly and deliberately, she

began wiggling her toes in a grinding motion. The air left his tiny lungs in a

whoosh, the torment she inflicted worse than he could have ever envisioned. 

Violently he struggled and clawed to escape Jill's tortuous toe grip. His

tormentor suddenly weakened her grip as gales of titanic laughter escaped her

lips. "The son of a bitch is tickling me" she screamed. She tossed him from her

grip. Jeffrey landed on his back over a hundred feet from where her foot was,

unhurt from his fall due to his featherlike weight.


"I love having my feet tickled" Veronica stated in

booming tones, stepping over to wear Jeffrey fell. She wiggled her smelly toes

in front of the diminutive man, and then reached out her gargantuan toes and

grabbed the tiny guy. She giggled hysterically as he struggled within the grasp

of her toes.  Several times she let him go, waiting for him to get up and try to

escape before once again snatching his miniature body with one foot or the

other. Whenever he stopped struggling she began to wiggle her pretty, pedicured

toes, crushing his

frail body and forcing him to struggle for dear life.


"Give him a rest, so he can get his breath back".

Michele told Veronica. When she asked why, Michele said "He's going to need it

where he's going to be going". Whatever Michele had said caused Veronica to

giggle even more, but she lifted her mighty foot off Jeffrey's body after

several minutes of squashing him underfoot.


Jeffrey stood up, and looked around for a place to hide.

Unfortunately, he recalled now he was in a shower stall. Not only were there no

possible hiding places (except maybe the enormous shoe several hundred feet away

which Terri had thrown in here to start this horrifying episode), but the only

way out was over what now appeared to Jeffrey to be a wall approximately forty

feet high. Jeffrey was standing between Michele's feet, clad in enormous tennis

shoes themselves. Looking directly up he could see her panty clad pussy far

above, maybe two hundred feet from the ground. Making up his mind, he began to

jog towards Terri's overturned sneaker, but before making half way Michele

blocked his path with an enormous foot. "You were so intent on getting your

sexual jollies" she roared.  "Well, now the tables are turned, and we're going

to get our jollies at your expense". She bent towards him, causing Jeffrey to

cringe in fear as it seemed to him as though a giant skyscraper was toppling

over on top of him. Michele laughed derisively at his reaction as with her

gigantic thumb and forefinger she picked him up. To Jeffrey's new perspective,

the tip of Michele's index finger was at least ten feet wide.


His titanic captor carried him back into the locker

room, and approached an equally titanic Evie with him. Michele deposited him

unceremoniously in Evie's great palm. Evie brought the squirming little bug

close to her face, and breathing down on him, said "I saw you have a thing for

big tits. Well, tell me if these tits are big enough for you". She lowered him

directly in front of her gargantuan breasts, which she had taken the time to

attire in a frilly white brassiere. She began to shake her enormous tits around

with Jeffrey perched in her palm. She held him less than 30 feet away from those

massive tits, each of which seemed at least a hundred feet wide. Jeffrey prayed

she wouldn't crush him to death under a massive breast. But even before he

completed that thought, Evie said "It's time you get the 'full experience"'.

Saying this, she plucked him from her palm with two fingers of the opposing

hand, and with her free hand pulled her bra forward at the top away from her

tit. Jeffrey began to plead for mercy from his cruel captor. "Please don't drop

me in your bra. You'll crush me to death.  I'll do anything you want, just don't

crush me" he begged.


"You worthless little perv, you can't do anything unless

we let you" Evie said, and with that she dropped him into her bra and let it

back into place. Tiny Jeffrey could feel the massive tit crushing him,

smothering the life from him. After much struggling he managed to turn his head

so that he would not be suffocated by the gigantic breast. With each step

enormous Evie took, her massive cleavage jiggled and forced the breath from weak

little Jeffrey's lungs. He could hear Terri's voice as the girl tried to get

Evie to do jumping jacks with her little captive confined as he was. Finally,

after what seemed as hours of oppressive punishment beneath Evie's mountainous

bosom, he heard Jill's voice announce "the pools' ready, bring him over, Evie".


Jeffrey suddenly felt the enormous weight of Evie's soft

breast shift over top of him, squashing him like a pea. He almost gasped in

pain, but by then he couldn't expand his lungs for the weight of the breast on

him. It only lasted a second though, as she removed her bra, so that he was

lying stunned in a huge, 42 DD cup. Evie's gigantic form rapidly receded, as she

lowered him into a box of some sort. She set him inside, dumping him out of her

enormous bra. As he looked around at his surroundings, he saw he was in a red

plastic box, whose sides rose into the air some sixty feet above him. The box

appeared to be at least 100 feet wide, and maybe twice as long. Jeffrey could

see that he was in some sort of wash basin. His five captors stood surrounding

him, though it was difficult for him to see much higher than their massive

thighs at the distance they stood from his new prison.



"Hope you know how to swim, little man" Michele said in

a teasing voice as she lowered her lacy pink panties and began to squat over his

box. A look of horror spread over Jeffrey's features as he looked up at that

mighty snatch, framed by a pair of beautiful thighs. As he watched in frightful

fascination, the beautiful cheerleader released a torrent of her foul yellow

piss on the little captive, sweeping him off his feet in the deluge she

released. All the girls laughed heartily on seeing this display. "I'm next" Jill

said, taking Michele's place over the box, and taking careful aim with her

lightly furred pussy, poured thousands of gallons of urine on Jeffrey, causing

him to go under and swallow several mouthfuls of piss. Then Terri, Veronica, and

lastly Evie took turns, by which time poor little Jeffrey was tiring from

swimming in their hot, smelly piss and was barely keeping from drowning.


Veronica fished him out with a long brown hair, and

washed him up so that she could take him home. They could play again later.



Giantess Stories: LOCKER ROOM NO

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