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Some of this material may be offensive to some people. If you are underage or

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there is towards the end reasonably explicit sex.

This is the second version of this story. A number of people have made some

good suggestions. As a result, the story has been extended and revised. If I get

more good critiques, the story may be further revised. If it is, I would

appreciate it if any extant copies on archives could be replaced. I will inform

any archivists that I know about.

Chapter 1

On Monday evening, Albert made the most important scientific discovery of the

century, and of his life. It was a discovery that was to lose him his job and

his stature but to ultimately make him quite happy. On that Monday evening, he

simply did not believe it. There were so many scientific reasons to believe that

you cannot change the size of physical objects and expect them to behave in a

fairy tale manner, ranging from chemical compatibility (how do atoms of

different sizes combine chemically) to wavelengths of light (a small pupil in an

eye shouldn't be able to let in the same frequencies).

If he was right, he seemed to have found a theoretical loophole in the laws

of physics.

He went to work the next day determined to learn what he had done wrong. All

day he spent examining his reasoning, but he couldn't find the error. Finally he

decided that he needed another mind to help him.

Albert worked in the Advanced Development Lab of a major high tech company,

and it should have been possible to find someone to help. Albert had come to the

lab directly from getting his Ph.D. He'd never been in the "outside" world. When

he first came, three years ago, there would have been several people that could

have helped him.

Unfortunately, that scientist set unrealistic expectations, and had never

produced a commercially valuable product. Larry was very quick on his feet and

charismatic -- abilities Albert didn't have. But, he never examined a difficult

issue all the way. He was smart, but not wise. Nevertheless, he had managed to

fascinate the company's owners with his intellectual speed. They couldn't see

that there was very little behind it. Most of the good scientist in the company

had either left or were leaving in disgust.

Larry was the only scientist who might be able to understand the complex

mathematics. Albert made an appointment. As Albert was presenting his work, he

could see why Larry had so many fans. Larry seemed to be following right with

him as he presented the work. He was elated by the end of the meeting, not only

had Larry not found any errors but promised to help get support to push the

theoretical ideas to practical completion.

Soon, Albert was part of a 100 person effort, code named Atlas. At first it

was great fun, but there were some small practical drawbacks to the method, any

enlargements would require tremendous energy, and would only be temporary. The

amount of energy required would be equal to the maximum theoretical chemical

energy that could be obtained from the extra mass. The law of conservation of

energy still held, if you enlarged a teaspoon of gas to a gallon, burned it, and

then later let it revert to a teaspoon, you wouldn't gain anything, because

you'd have to put more energy into enlarging it than the gallon would yield. The

energy would be returned when the item returned to normal size minus any energy

that had been "used".

It was a heady experience to be a leader in one of the companies major

strategic thrusts.

Larry wanted to build a machine that would make the enlargements permanent.

Albert was sure that the loophole he had found would not permit that. But, none

of the other scientists was willing to stand up with him against Larry. When

Albert was with Larry, Larry would plunge into details, which he had an immense

grasp of. They just didn't fit together.

Larry's plan required several complex components. Exactly what each component

did kept changing. Every time Albert would challenge Larry's plan, one or

another component would change, to match his specific challenge. Albert was

convinced that the whole thing couldn't work together, but could never convince

any one of the managers.

As 25 people were put on each of Larry's major component's confusion just

grew. The game plan kept changing. It was just like all of Larry's previous

projects. Larry had promised to deliver in 9 months, and two years went by.

Albert wanted to go off and pursue his own plan. He was sure that he could build

his device in a year, but since Larry kept promising to build his better machine

in 9 months, he stopped Albert from getting any material, or even any time to

build his own machine.

Sometimes the most perceptive people in an organization are the secretaries.

The boss's secretary, Mary, believed Albert. Mary was young, and beautiful, but

she'd been in the real world. She could see Larry for what he really was. She

could also see who Albert was.

Mary started feeling protective of Albert. She could he see he was a

painfully shy, brilliant boy who didn't have the kinds of ambitions many in the

corporate world did. He didn't understand ambition in others. She made sure that

Albert got access to the company owner, John Acer. Unfortunately, for all her

coaching, he still made a hesitant presentation. At the end the owner looked him

straight in the eye and said "Albert, I want to thank you for all your hard

work. I know that you got us started down this path. I'll ask a group of our top

technical people to review it. But, we've invested a tremendous amount of money

in Atlas I'd rather not going to throw it away."

Albert was elated, he was going to be given a chance; Mary knew better.

The committee was established. It was put under a manager who had once been a

promising scientist. But, he had chosen the management path. It was tempting to

follow his scientific instinct's, but in the end, politics prevailed and Atlas

remained the company's direction.

Albert suffered for another year being a team player. The boss was beginning

to wonder whether all investments in Atlas had been wasted. The more pressure he

put on Larry the more focused the project became on a direction Albert didn't

believe in. Albert tried to make the plan work, but he kept thinking through how

he would build a machine that he believed could work. He started to see that

some of the components of Atlas might help him make a working machine if they

could be put together with a new component. At nights he started to design his

own machine Phoenix.

Four years after Albert had the initial insight he was almost ready to put

Phoenix together. He needed to get a part from Atlas. He knew that Larry would

never agree. He had fought so hard, but didn't know what to do next.

Mary had noticed that Albert had been animated for several months, and all of

a sudden seemed deflated. She invited him to dinner. He blushed nicely when she

asked if he was busy, but he eventually stammered out an acceptance. Over dinner

he told her the story.

Albert didn't know, but Mary had keys to every room in the lab. As he was

talking, she got a sly smile on her face, "How long is it going to take you to

get the machine working once you've gotten Larry's part" she asked

"Oh, it really shouldn't be more than an hour or two."

"Well then, lets go to the lab, I've got a big dessert planned."

Albert didn't understand what was happening as Mary went to the refrigerator

and wrapped something small in a napkin.

At the lab, Mary watched as Albert realized his dream. After an hour he put a

penny in the machine and pushed a button. He pulled out a 50lb. copper barbell.

Mary asked him to show him how it worked. She had him turn his back. After a

moment, she told him she had dessert, but she needed his help. She had turn the

enlargement down, but she just couldn't lift the 100lb cookie. Even together

they couldn't pick it up, but they could break it and pick up some of the 10 LB

pieces. They feasted on one of them.

The next day started like an ordinary work day. Their 50lb copper barbell had

shrunk back to being a penny, but they were still full from part of the cookie.

Pieces of expanded matter that had merged with normal matter stayed expanded. At

midday Larry came in and told Mary he had an emergency and needed to see the

boss right away. Emergencies were Larry's strong suite, he had them quite often,

so Mary didn't think much of it until she was told to get Albert right away.

She did, and when she opened the door she could tell there was a lynching

about to take place. Larry was accusing Albert of destroying his part. He knew

he needed a scapegoat, since he was failing and it appeared Mary had helped make

Albert into a great target.

Albert didn't know how to deal with an attack from Larry. Mary though knew

what she had to do. If Albert had known what she was going to do he probably

would have tried to stop her, but he was preoccupied trying futily to save his


Mary went to Albert's lab, set the machine, and stepped into it herself. Ten

minutes later, she was eight feet tall, and was a svelte 300 lb. She had to

slouch the whole way back to avoid scraping the ceilings. As she got back to her

office, outside the bosses and was thinking about what exactly she should do,

she heard Larry say "Its 100 to one. No one else believes Albert's fantasy that

he can do what 100 people can't. He's just disrupting the real direction. I want

him out of here."

She entered the room, and sat on the same couch as Larry. Larry bounced

slightly when her weight hit the couch. My God she thought, they're just like

little boys, and they're fighting like ones. "Gee Larry, I think its at least

two on Albert's side, I believe him" Patting his head "Or don't you think I'm

entitled to a vote -- I'm only a surprisingly big secretary".

For once Larry was speechless. The more she talked the more she started to

realize the advantages of size. Somehow her larger size was making her the

leader in the room. It was as she was the only adult in a room full of children.

They were not only looking up to her physically, but also were looking to her

for guidance.

Mary seized the opportunity. "Boss, I think it's time to put this charade to

an end. Obviously Albert knows more about the theory and operation of our new

device. He should be in control of the scientific effort." The boss could only

nod his head. "We don't really need this large a staff. Do we Albert?" He also

seemed to be having trouble controlling his tongue, but he nodded. "Fine, then

Albert will choose the scientific direction, and the boss and I should be able

to handle any of the people contact."

"But where does that leave me?" Larry half squeaked.

"I don't know, but I'm sure you'll figure it out" Mary stated. She paused and

added "I would think you should be able to find something to do, here or

elsewhere." She was a bit amazed that she was on the way to firing Larry, but

somehow her size seemed to let her lead the others. She decided to go for broke

and see how far she could push it. "Two weeks ought to be enough time, but

perhaps we should be generous, why don't you come back in three with a proposal?

I'll make sure that we make time for you." She looked around the room, and said

"I guess we're all agreed, lets go back to work."

After everyone else had left the boss's office, she walked over to Albert,

and said "I hope that was all right with you".

He craned his neck upward, looking past her massive breasts to her face and

said, "I've never seen a meeting so dominated by one person, you did a wonderful

job. I only wish I could do as well."

"Thanks. Albert, I'm about to have a small problem." She said looking down at

him, "Perhaps you could help."

"Anything" he replied. "What's the problem?"

"I'm not going to fit in my car and at this size I'm going to have some

difficulty getting around".

Albert took her home, got a pizza, which they shared -- he had two pieces and

she made a dainty meal of the rest. As he was about to leave Mary asked him, did

he believe in kissing on the first date. He looked a bit dumbfounded and started

to get red faced. So, she picked him up by the armpits, lifted him -- she'd been

working out. He only felt to be about 40 lbs -- and she gave him probably the

biggest, sloppiest kiss he'd ever gotten. After he left, she slept on the floor.

In the morning she had returned to normal size.


Chapter 2

Next day seemed anti-climactic. When she came in her boss seemed to pretend

nothing happened. They used to be friendly now he seemed be very distant. Things

went along that way for several weeks. Larry did get a job at a different

company. Mary was surprised that he left without a struggle. Mary started

thinking that her temporary growth seemed to have affected the egos of both of

these apparently secure men. Albert on the other hand, while still shy, seemed

to be more comfortable, so long as she took the lead.

Albert was interested in looking at the issues of shrinking things, but the

boss was focused on growing. Albert was able to make things stay large for

several days, but that seemed to be a limit. Permanent growth seemed impossible

whether it was Albert or Larry in charge, but Albert was able to get the timing

of the return to normal size down to a science.

Acer became fanatical about ensuring that no-one other than Albert or Mary

should know that the enlarging machine was successful.

Acer started to have a lot of meetings with architects. He was having a new

office constructed, with its own entrance. He seemed fascinated with large

sizes, and his office was no exception. He was having new furniture constructed,

that was so large no normal person would fit into it. At his insistence, Albert

made a second machine, which was installed in the separate entrance.

Once his office was finished, it became clear that he thought it would be

good to enlarge himself every morning. The furniture was designed for a 7' 6"

person. At that height, he could move through the ordinary corridors, but still

towered over all his employees.

Mary couldn't believe the change. While she wasn't cowed by him, all of

sudden their relation changed again. Before she had grown, they had occasionally

flirted. It was innocent, and she enjoyed it. Then he had grown distant. Now he

was back to friendly, but too friendly.

One day he announced that she was his assistant, and as such should also grow

during the day. Thereafter she was to be the second tallest person in the

company at 6' 3". That brought her to shoulder height with Acer, but she towered

over most of the others. Somehow it did make scheduling meetings easier, people

paid more attention to her. Unfortunately, it also intimidated most of her

colleagues. Where once there was a free and easy atmosphere, the company seemed

to suddenly become very quiet. People took orders more seriously. "Perhaps

that's what Mr. Acer wants", she mused. "But I don't like it."

One day, he asked her to take dictation, and to sit on his lap. She refused.

He got quite annoyed, and said "Everyone in this company is EXPECTED to do what

they are told." Finally he calmed down.

Another day he started to talk about how turned on he was by her big breasts,

especially when she had been enlarged, but he said he liked her better this way,

since he could control her.

She got quite worried and talked to Albert about it. They discussed the fact

that he had gotten quite autocratic lately and maybe he didn't expect NO as an

answer on anything. He was the boss, and she couldn't exactly go to personnel

and complain. She had no proof, and couldn't really go to the authorities. He

was careful and never misbehaved when anyone else was around. Albert said he had

an idea, but needed some time. No matter what she did, he wouldn't say any more.

The company's financial whiz seemed troubled. One day as he was leaving

Acer's office, she heard him mutter "but it's not honest." She asked him about

it. He said he didn't want to talk about it. In the past, she knew he had stood

up to Acer, but now, as others in the company he seemed cowed.

She asked Albert about it later. He was one of the few people that seemed

able to ignore her height during the day. He didn't know, but said "why don't

you ask him more forcefully?" "What do you mean?" She replied. His answer was

"Stand close and lean over him." They actually waited a few days until Acer was

out of the office for the afternoon and set Mary's height at 6' 7". At that

height she could be quite intimidating when she stood next to someone.

He started shaking. Finally he burst out, "I know it's not right, I just

can't get him to listen". "What's not right?" She asked. His reply explained a

lot about the company.

"The company's been burning cash and we owe an awful lot, more than we could

normally borrow. Mr. Acer's got several matching diamonds. He expanded one and

then used it as collateral to borrow several million dollars. When I asked him

what he was going to do when it shrank, he laughed and said that's the beauty of

matching diamonds. Every other day I have to "check" on the diamonds. I've told

our creditors I want to make sure they keep the diamonds in a safe place.

Actually I replace it with its pair, which has just been expanded. Each diamond

is good for a week, but I'm being careful."

"It's true that diamonds the size and perfection he's apparently got are very

rare, and no-one would expect two identical diamonds. On the other hand, if you

wanted a matching pair the size of a splinter, it's not too hard to find ones

that are close and then to shape them to be identical."

He further explained that the company was living on assets it was only

pretending to have, and that was quite illegal.


Chapter 3

"Could you join me after work, Mary" Albert asked a week later. "I'd be glad

to" she replied.

That evening he said "I have something to show you. " He pulled a tiny video

camera out of his pocket and then pointed to a machine in the corner of his

room. "Now I can shrink things as well as enlarge them. It's even better than

that." He explained that enlarging required energy. When the object shrank back

the energy was returned minus any that had been used. Shrinking gave up energy

that was later used when the object returned to full size. If returning to full

size requires more energy, he object won't return to full size until it the

situation changes. That means we can keep an object small if it or a part of it

is enclosed so that energy would be gained when it expanded. We can keep it

small until we want to make it bigger.

"When I shrank the video camera, I also shrank the rod that's in the center

of this metal donut. If the rod expanded, the donut couldn't hold it anymore and

would have to break. That would require energy, in fact the way the physics

actually work the amount of energy would be enough to melt the donut." He pushed

the rod out of the donut. Suddenly the video camera and the rod started

expanded. Within a second the video camera had become full size, and the rod

became a bar about ten times bigger than it had been.

"With this we'll destroy our friend Mr. Acer". Albert explained the rest of

his plan. Mary objected that it was dangerous, but Albert was adamant. "I knew

you'd be worried, but let me show you how it works." Mary said "don't" but

before she could stop him, he stepped to the machine and pushed a button. There

was a small flash of light and then Albert was starring up at a 70 foot tall

Mary, and Mary was looking down at a 4 inch Albert. Mary said "don't ever do

that without telling me." Albert looked up and shouted, "Well, I don't think I

could even push the button without your help." Mary could barely hear him. She

lay down and asked him to repeat himself. He did and she laughed. "Mary could

you put your hand down so I can climb on?" She did. He climbed on. He weighted

less than her keys. She lifted her hand. As she did, Albert almost fell off. She

closed her hand.


This was the first time Albert had shrunk. At first he was a bit disoriented.

He looked at the room. He was calf deep in the carpet. He was still facing Mary.

She was wearing heels and he was about as tall as the top of her shoes. He had

made sure she was at the other end of the room when he had turned on the machine

to ensure she wasn't caught in any of the side effects. Now she seemed to be

over a hundred fifty feet away, as well as seventy feet high. When he spoke, he

tried to shout as if to a person a long way away. To hear better she came

closer. In a few seconds she had covered the half football field distance and he

was suddenly near her massive face. He couldn't help but be afraid, although he

knew she wouldn't hurt him. He climbed on her hand. Her fingers were about as

wide as a step, but they were round and it was a bit tricky maintaining his

balance. Finally he reached her palm. All of a sudden he was rising at rapid

rate. He was 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 feet above the floor. He lost his balance. Her

massive fingers started to close around him. He fainted.


She looked down at him, concerned that she had hurt him. Fortunately he

recovered quickly. "Maybe it's more me that needs training at being this size,

rather than you who needs to know how to handle me." "Oh poor baby." She leaned

down and was about to kiss him, but thought better of it.

"Mary we do have to practice. Do what comes naturally. Just be gentle".

She kissed him gingerly, and the suction of her mouth momentarily picked him

up from her hand. He was startled, but the pressure of her kiss was gentle and

spread over much of his body. It was a bit like lying on her soft mouth,

although as it was happening he was held from above rather than being supported


Mary noticed her kiss had moved him, and asked "Are you OK".

"Actually that was sort of fun. " He explained that she had picked him up

with her mouth.

"Should I do it again?"

"Sure, but maybe we should have a safety signal. I'll hold my hand above my

head, if I want to be put down."

They found that she could suspend him as long as she wanted. Their

experimentation continued. Once she accidentally sucked him into her mouth. He

wasn't hurt, but he did get wet. She shrank a bathing suit for him and asked him

to change into it. He did.

Both of them were getting turned on. Albert was embarrassed and didn't

mention it. Mary was afraid that Albert might think her kinky and get

frightened, so she didn't mention it either.

She tried again sucking him into her mouth. While he was unable to resist the

vacuum from her mouth, she began to understand what would hurt and what

wouldn't, and she didn't hurt him. She could feel him with her teeth and still

avoid hurting him.

The inside of her mouth was hot, moist, and smelled a bit like what you might

imagine the inside of a mouth would smell like. He could tell exactly what she

had eaten, and he found the beginning of a cavity. "I'll bet with a portable

drill and some cement I could fix this and you wouldn't know -- a new method of

painless dentistry. But, I wouldn't want to trust shrunken cement to last a


Once, she breathed through her mouth while he was in it. His ears popped from

the change in pressure. He told her what happened, and she decided to try a

slightly different experiment. Albert soon found his body in her mouth, with his

shoulders surrounded by Mary's lips. She breathed into her mouth. The pressure

pushed the breath from his lungs. Her inhaling pulled his the breath back in. A

bit of work and they realized she could easily become an iron lung.

Once while he was in her mouth, she thought she tasted a slightly salty

taste, but since Albert didn't say anything, she didn't mention it. When she

took him out of her mouth, his face seemed a bit flushed. His body was

sufficiently small that even though the bathing suit was sticking to his body

held by the moisture from her mouth, she couldn't be sure whether his private

parts had changed shape. Albert certainly wasn't going to tell her what


Mary had an idea, she asked Albert to lie in the palm of her hand and push as

hard as he could with his legs against her fingers. At first Albert didn't

understand why, he certainly wouldn't be able to overcome the strength of her

fingers. She explained that if he pushed against her, she would get a better

idea of how hard she could hold him without doing real damage.

A bit more practice and she could pick him up between her fingers. While he

was disoriented a number of times, he only fainted once more. She wasn't sure

whether he was hurt, and he awoke with his head outside her, while she played

iron lung on the rest of his body.

That night Albert slept on the night stand on a sheet of tissue paper, on a

mattress of some cotton gauze. Mary slept in Albert's bed. Mary was afraid to

let him out of her sight. Albert got a rather large eyeful although she didn't

take off her clothes until she was under the sheets. She was embarrassed, and he

felt inhibited. In the morning, Mary had breakfast, Albert drank by scooping

orange juice from a teaspoon. Soon the shrinking wore off, and he expanded. They

went to work (after Mary went home) and tried to pretend nothing had happened.

Over the next few days they learned more about the what a giantess and her

shrunken man could do. At the size of 4 inches he could climb her fishnet

stockings. The stockings made a fairly nice ladder. But, stepping on a rope

ladder and climbing 30 feet was fairly tiring. A bit of experimentation

convinced them that even if he fell, a thick carpet made for a rather soft


When Albert was shrunk to one inch, Mary could blow him around, literally.

She could lie down, pick him up in her hand, bring him above her lips, and blow.

He'd fly in the air supported by the force of her breath. With a bit of

practice, she could blow him up so high while breathing out that she could

quickly breath in before he fell. That way, she could keep him in the air

continuously. The trip was a bit frightening but also exhilarating. It was a bit

like sky diving over a terrain consisting of his friend. When she grew tired,

she picked him out of the air like a feather falling.

They sewed a patch of cloth on the inside front of one of her skirts. The

dress was made of a fairly heavy material and the patch couldn't be noticed even

when Albert was sitting in the patch.

When Mary walked across the room, she didn't even feel Albert. Unfortunately

he felt her massive legs bumping him repeatedly. The walk across the room didn't

hurt him, but they were afraid it might if she walked further, or even worse

,absentmindedly crossed her legs.

Albert could be safely carried in her blouse, but he couldn't get out without

being noticed.

They took an excursion to the stationary store. Mary bought some rather large

paper clips -- they were large to her, to Albert they were a bit bigger than he

was and made of massive iron bars. At home she bent them into a cage, not one he

couldn't squeeze out of, but one that could enclose him comfortably some cotton

balls completed his carrier.

Once Albert grew again, he soldered the cage, so it wouldn't fall apart. Mary

could crush it if she squeezed hard, but certainly not accidentally.


Chapter 4

Next day Albert called in sick, Mary shrunk him some mountain climbing gear

and a video camera. He climbed into the carrier with the climbing gear and

several feet of thread that she handed him. She put the carrier into its holder

in her skirt. She drove to work. At work, she hurried to the lady's room and

checked to make sure Albert was all right. He was fine. He didn't mention that

he rather enjoyed the trip, because the view was spectacular.

With Albert back in the carrier, Mary returned to work. Acer called her in to

the office.

As soon as she sat down, Albert rappelled down the thread. He waded through

the knee high carpet and hid under the desk.

"Mary, you look particularly attractive today" Acer said admiring her fishnet

stockings, and rather tight skirt.

"Thank you Mr. Acer, but oughtn't we be getting down to business"?

"Come on Mary, I've asked you to call me John. Why don't you just sit down

here on my lap and I'll give you a bit of dictation and we can be friendly."

"We've been over that before, I'll be happy to take dictation, from here."

"Come on, I know you'd be happy to sit on Albert's lap." Acer said, not

realizing how Albert had just been sitting on Mary's lap.

"Mr. Acer, that's not any of your business and I'd rather you stop this, but

if you continue, I'm going to have to do something about it."

"Come on, you can't do anything about it. No one would believe you, and if

you made an accusation, no one would ever hire you again." Mary knew it would

ordinarily be true, but these were not ordinary circumstances. She looked down

at the bottom of the desk. She could barely make out Albert taping the whole

episode. Ordinarily she would have left but she didn't want to abandon him. As

she looked, he stepped out and waved her to leave.

Acer continued offering Mary promotions if she'd "behave". Albert got madder

and madder at Acer, but realized all he could do to protect Mary was to continue

filming the scene. Mary wanted to protect Albert, but didn't have a chance to

pick up Albert. Acer kept moving closer. Albert couldn't make it to her leg, not

to mention the safety of her skirt, without being noticed. Mary realized that

the safest thing for Albert was for her to leave. If Acer saw Albert things

could get nasty and Albert was hardly able to defend himself.

As she turned to the door, Acer grabbed her by the waist. Acer was a giant,

but somehow, perhaps with the strength of panic, she slipped under and out of

his grip. She opened the door and left. Acer followed, but when he noticed

people in the outer office stopped following her and said "We'll discuss this


As soon as Acer had to leave for a meeting, Mary hurried in, and retrieved


"Now I want to do something in private". She put him in her purse and closed

it, trapping him in the dark. He heard, but didn't see what she was doing.

Shortly he heard the toilet flush. In a couple of minutes she opened the purse,

picked him up again and asked if he had anything to take care of. He did. She

put him on the edge of the toilet and turned around. She didn't hear what he

did, nor could she notice anything after she turned back around.

That evening Albert took out the tape of the session with Acer. Mary enlarged

it and they both watched her small/Imax screen size TV. Mary realized that while

she thought she'd been protecting him all day, and she had been, he'd bravely

been getting the information to protect her. She found herself becoming more

attracted to what she was starting to think of as her shy and brilliant little


Albert asked that was Acer's normal behavior. She answered "Worse than

normal, I usually manage to leave before he gets like that, but I guess I was a

bit distracted."

Albert found it strange that Mary was making excuses for Acer, saying that

Acer's behavior was somehow her fault for not leaving earlier. Albert had read

about this kind of reaction from abused women. He pointed out to her how wrong

Acer had been and that it was not her fault. It took a while, but as Mary

rewound and rewatched the tape she began to understand what had been done to

her. By the end of the evening, they both wanted to do more than merely have

Mary sue him for sex discrimination.

He asked Mary if she could hold out a couple of weeks. She said "This has

been going on for months, a few more weeks won't matter." Albert wanted to

ensure that the machines in the company couldn't continue without him and that

if he left it would look as though they had never worked. Mary was concerned

that "too many have seen Acer at his seven foot size to believe that nothing was

going on. They do own your invention. They can force you legally to fix them,

even if you've left the company."

"Oh, they'll believe that something has been going on..."

He started studying glass making, and ordered a small kiln, a cubic yard of

sand, and some chemicals. When it all arrived, he pressed a small lens into some

clay to form a mold. The mold was fired in the kiln. He shrank the sand and

chemicals, and placed them into the mold and melted them in the kiln to form a

lens shaped small mass of glass. Some polishing made it into a reasonably good

lens. Later the lens expanded to an eight foot wide lens. The lens was shrunk

back with some more sand.

The additional sand was placed in a small flask. The sand couldn't expand

without breaking the flask, which required energy not supplied with the

shrinking process. The lens couldn't expand without everything that was shrunk

with it also expanding. Thus, the lens wouldn't expand until they poured the

sand out of the flask.

Albert quit. He was told that the company owned his invention and he'd be

sued if he mentioned it. He said "I understand. You can be sure I won't tell

anyone about it, without approval from the legal owners of the invention."

Albert couldn't risk being seen in the building, and disabling the machine

undetectably was too complicated to explain. They found a different way of

getting Albert to the machines.

After a few more days of planning and practice, they were ready. Mary shrank

Albert with some sand, and the sand was placed in a small cup. Then she expanded

him. Then he was shrunk again with some more sand that was placed in a second


Mary brought the shrunken Albert in with the miniature lens. When Acer went

out for a meeting, she emptied one of her cups. Immediately Albert grew. Albert

disabled the expanding machines in the company. Then they placed the lens, now

smaller than a contact lens on the floor, where it could expand. The enlargement

wore off and he grew smaller again.

Chapter 5

Mary knelt down and picked up the diminished Albert, sticking him in her

cleavage. It was faster to put him there than inside her hidden skirt pocket and

she thought he'd actually be more comfortable. She was wearing a tight tee shirt

with a U shaped cut that let her slip Albert in easily. The shirt while tight

did not expose much of her breast and she didn't think anyone would notice him

unless he popped his head up.


Albert saw Mary enter the room, and ran out to greet her. She covered the

hundreds of feet between them in the time he moved about ten feet (to her he'd

moved a few inches). Suddenly she was looming over him blocking his view of most

of the room. Her fingers reached down, and gently, but irresistibly grabbed him.

Her hand moved towards her chest, pushed the inches thick fabric aside and

placed him between her massive breasts.

He was lying on his back supported by her tee shirt, looking up at her bra

and chest. The shirt was stretched so tightly between her large mounds, and he

weighed so little that he hardly made an impression on the shirt. Right above

his head was a big lace bow tie, about two feet across. The space he was in was

about 10 feet wide at the bottom where he lay on her shirt, and about two feet

wide at the top where her breasts were at their widest and where they met her

chest. The cloth curved up matching the shape of her breasts. He thought he

could stand up straight but he noticed the headroom would get tighter as he

moved around. The headroom would get wider but lower if he stepped up on her

shirt either towards her head, where the light was coming from, or towards her


In a moment she stood up. First he felt himself being pushed down against her

tee shirt as her motion upwards increased in acceleration and then the cloth

sprang back to its normal shape as she slowed and he found himself tumbling

toward her chest as the floor came out from under his feet.

He tried to stand up, just as she breathed out. The shirt loosened, and he

found his legs slipping down her shirt. She breathed in and they were caught. He

leaned over to prevent himself from falling all the way down. Soon he was able

to leverage himself up on the slightly slopping ledge formed by the cloth strung

between the bottom of her breasts. The bottom of her breasts jutted out almost

perpendicularly from her chest. The fabric of the shirt was stretched between

them, and made an almost level surface.

After a while he realized he could lie on the cloth like a hammock, albeit

one which was tipped slightly towards one side. He couldn't swing the hammock

back and forth, but Mary did as she breathed and walked. When she breathed in

the hammock came up as the cloth was stretched, and when she breathed out, it

came back down. He didn't want to stand and risk slipping down her shirt. He

knew she was wearing a tight belt and that he wouldn't slip all the way down,

but he might get trapped in a sort of cocoon down there.

It was actually quite peaceful until she went downstairs. Mary was an

energetic lady and always took the stairs. The bouncing might not have been so

bad except that her breast jiggled. They were quite firm, and were held in by a

tight bra. But they jiggled a bit. The jiggling was amplified by the fact that

her shirt was stretched tightly between them, just as moving the end of a

stretched rope a bit together and then apart will move its center much more than

the ends are moved.

He managed to twist around, placing his feet on her chest with his back on

the curve of the cloth. He was able to balance by using his legs to press upward

on her chest with his back being pressed down into the cloth. Once he got his

foot on the strap between her two bra cups, he was fairly comfortable, but was

glad when he realized she was only going down one flight of stairs. Later when

she ascended the steps she came up a more slowly, and while she was breathing

just a bit harder -- he was the only one that noticed, he was more aware of what

her body was doing than she was -- the bouncing was less, and he had gotten

himself prepared for it as soon as he heard her open the door to the stairway.


Soon Mary went to the bathroom, saw that she was the only one in the

bathroom, went into a stall, reached into her shirt and brought Albert out. He

described his journey to Mary. She apologized for the bouncing and said she'd

take the elevator while he was with her. Next she reached down to her skirt and

said "I guess it's a good thing I haven't fixed the hem of this skirt." With

that she ripped out a thread that had been hanging inside the skirt. She had

Albert tie it around himself. She took off her shirt, so that they could work,

she lifted him to her chest, and had him tie what to him was a thick rope to the

bow in the center of her bra. When she took her hand away, he dangled from the

thread. She left him dangling while she carefully put her shirt on over him. He

was again supported by her shirt, but now he didn't need to worry about slipping

down it.

With his support rope, the rest of the day he found rather peaceful, and he

actually took a nap under her mammeries. When the work day was over, Mary went

to her car, opened it, got in and put her seat belt on and drove home. She could

feel Albert moving around between her breasts, but thought nothing of it as she


When Mary had gotten to the car she bent over a bit to unlock the door.

Albert had been napping, and suddenly found himself rolling toward the front of

her shirt. As he rolled, the thread got a bit tangled. He grabbed the bow, and

stuck one of his legs through the loops while he untangled himself.

Just as he got himself untangled, Mary put her seat belt, and shoulder strap

on. She had never properly adjusted the shoulder strap, but had gotten used to

it slightly squeezing her breast. What was a slight squeeze to Mary was enough

to make her right breast spread. Albert was caught between her breasts. His leg

was strapped in between them at their narrowest part. The pressure wasn't

painful, it was a bit like being caught between two mattresses. If his leg

hadn't been in the loop, he could have pushed his way out, but he didn't have

room to free his leg. He might have pushed his whole body up, but he didn't want

to risk tumbling out of her shirt. He did find that if he stood up straight his

eyes would poke over the cut of the shirt and he could partially see where she

was driving. He couldn't look to the sides because his view was blocked by the

mounds of her breasts.

All things considered he rather enjoyed the trip. When they got home, he gave

an abbreviated version of what happened to Mary. He realized that if he told her

the whole story she'd be concerned, and he was afraid she might decide not to

let him travel that way again. He could, of course, tell her that he liked the

trip, but that would be too embarrassing.


Mary had gone back to Albert's apartment, since that's where all the

equipment was. Mary kind of liked the thought of taking care of Albert. She had

liked playing with dolls as a girl, and he was now kind of like a grown up doll.

On the other hand she didn't want Albert to think she was strange, so she

decided not to mention that she rather enjoyed the power trip he was giving her.

She was anxious to see the tape, so took off her shirt, cut Albert down from

the thread he was dangling from, and caught him in her hand. Finally, he untied

the rope from his waist, since she was afraid to get a scissors so close to his

little body and she released the sand that had kept him at his current size, but

he didn't expand. She got worried, and set him down on the table to talk to him.

Suddenly he expanded. She asked him why he didn't expand immediately, and he

pointed out that she'd been holding him at the time and he couldn't expand into

the space her hand occupied.


Chapter 6

Mary wanted to go to lawyer right away. Albert suggested a college friend of

his Stephanie. Mary made an appointment but had to wait a week.

Albert said that's ok, we still have some preparations we have to make. In

that time he constructed a second machine. The second machine was smaller than

the first. Albert placed the small machine inside the larger machine. First he

shrank the smaller machine, and then he expanded it back to its original size.

He took it out. Mary asked what was the purpose of what he'd just done. He said,

"I set the original shrinking to last 10 minutes, wait until then and you'll


At exactly 10 minutes from the original shrinking, the effects of the

shrinking wore off. The machine expanded to almost twice it's original size.

Mary clapped her hands, but Albert looked puzzled. Mary asked why, and he said

he thought it would get much bigger. It should have multiplied in size by as

much as he had expanded it, and he'd expanded it three fold.

Mary asked why he wanted it to get that big. The machines were fairly heavy,

and she was a bit worried about the floor. He agreed that might be a problem and

he'd be more careful in the future, but still he didn't understand why it didn't

work. Mary said "I've got a stupid question, where did the weight come from,

isn't physics supposed to conserve matter and energy?."

Albert was lost in thought, but did mention something about a reservoir of

weight. Mary asked how heavy the reservoir was, and Albert realized what the

problem was, he'd used up the reservoir. There was a mass storage mechanism in

the machine. When he expanded things, the mass of the storage device decreased,

and when the item shrunk back, the mass of the device returned. The opposite

happened with shrinking.

While they were talking the second machine returned to its original small


Albert tried the experiment again, but this time first he shrank some weights

he had once bought increasing the reservoir. The second machine expanded to the

size he expected. Mary stepped into the now spacious machine and asked Albert to

make her ten feet tall. He tried, but she only grew to six feet, barely bigger

than Albert. Again they hadn't charged the reservoir. The reservoir for what had

been the small machine had gotten bigger, but hadn't been big enough to begin

with to make Mary into a true giantess.

A bit more work was needed. They found that they could keep increasing Mary's

size a bit at a time, if they shrank things in between. As Mary got bigger and

bigger, she started taking all the heavy items in Albert's apartment and at

Albert's suggestion shrank them. Albert couldn't lift them but quickly Mary

weighed as much as and was as strong as ten Alberts. They got a bit carried

away. By the time most of Albert's furniture was doll sized, Mary was so big she

started to get worried about the way the floor was bouncing.

Mary went hungry that night, because there just wasn't enough food in the

refrigerator to come close to satisfying her. The floor was hard, and Albert's

biggest blankets didn't cover her. She had trouble sleeping, not because of the

various discomforts, but because she was just so excited.

About dawn everything returned to normal size as predicted.

That morning Albert told Mary he had a favor to ask her. She said sure what

is it? He started getting embarrassed. He seemed to have a hard time getting

anything out. Mary thought it was cute at first. After a short while, she

figured that maybe he was trying to get romantic. So, she came up to him and

kissed him briefly. He started to blush and she asked is that what you wanted?

He started to stammer, and said "No, but that was very nice."

He blurted out "Could I move in with you?"

She was amazed. She liked him, but he'd never been this forward before. She

thought "Is that what one kiss does?" What she said was "Isn't that a bit quick,

one kiss and we're living together?"

He blushed even more furiously and said "Oh, I didn't mean it that way... I'm

going to need a place to hide and I wondered if you'd hide me?"

"Wouldn't that be the first place anyone would look?"

"Oh, I don't think anyone will go through all of your shoe boxes, and I

promise not to eat much of your food."

"You want to stay shrunk the whole time?"

"Well, I'm going to have to hide, and that seems to be the easiest way to

hide. Can I stay with you, I really won't be much of an imposition."

"Of course you can stay, but why do you have to hide?"

"In a few days, the expansion machines in Atlas are going to stop working.

I'm the only one who understands them, and as you point out, I legally owe them

all the ideas I came up with while employed there. They'll come looking for me,

and if they ask, I'm no lawyer, but I think I might be legally obligated to help

them. If they don't find me to convey the request to me, I don't see how I can

be obliged to have read their mind. I don't want to help them, so I need to make

sure they can't find me to ask my help."

The next day, they repeated the process of shrinking everything in Albert's

apartment. This time they only expanded Mary enough so that she could help move

the furniture. Once the furniture was shrunk, they put the small machine inside

the larger machine. They shrank it, expanded it, let the shrinking wear off, and

had a machine big enough to shrink what had been the big machine. They wheeled

the formerly small machine into the bathroom. Mary put a cup of water in it, and

expanded it. When it came out, she dumped 40 lbs. of water into the bathtub. She

repeated the process until the mass reservoir was emptied, and the machine had

become quite light. Albert stepped into the machine. Mary decided that she'd

liked Barbie dolls as a girl and choose Barbie's height as just about right for

Albert. After Albert became doll size, she expanded and dumped more water down

the drain. She looked at her watch, and said "Well just in time." Five minutes

later the machine shrank.

Mary gathered up all of Albert's possessions, and put them in a shoe box. She

put the shoe box and Albert into a plastic garbage bag, and took them home with


This time, when she got into the car, she took Albert out of the bag, and set

him on her shoulder. His mouth was near her ear, and they could talk the whole

way to her house.


Chapter 7

Albert had a girlfriend, Stephanie, in college who had become a lawyer. Since

then he'd lost track of her. He'd liked Stephanie, she was smart. It was

Stephanie that Mary had set up an appointment with. Stephanie was a bit

fanatical about women's rights, so Albert thought she'd be interested in taking

the case.

When Mary she first contacted Stephanie on the phone Stephanie warned her

that it was almost impossible to win such suits, as they came down to one

person's word against the other. Mary said she had enough evidence that that

would not be a problem, and they set up a meeting. When Mary showed Stephanie

the tape, she became very excited, and asked how Mary had actually taped her

boss without his knowledge. Mary explained that Albert had created some great

little spying equipment.

Stephanie remembered Albert, "He was always so bright. He wasn't particularly

good with people, but if you got to know him his mind was incredibly attractive,

and he would go way out of his way to help a friend or a cause he believed in.

He really turned me on, but I think he always thought I was a bit short."

Stephanie looked to be about 5' 2", Mary who was 5' 9" said, "Oh, I think

Albert might think you are plenty big now." Mary, who had Albert, shrunk to 2",

in a hammock strung between the cups of her bra knew that the somewhat short

Stephanie would look like a 180 foot tall giantess to Albert. "Perhaps, but I

saw him trying to glance inconspicuously at women while I was with him, and the

ones that appealed to him looked a lot like you."

Mary said, "Let's discuss something else, he might be listening in. The spy

equipment he has is really amazing".

"That's hard to believe, but I guess your boss will probably find it hard to

believe the tape you have of him. Anyway, tell me about how you got your job."

Mary recalled that she'd had a rather hard life recently. Her parents had

been killed in a car crash the summer after high school. She was going to start

college in the fall, but it was too late to apply for a scholarship, and without

her parents, she had no way to pay the bills, so she decided to work for a year

and then go to school the following year. She had gotten into every school she'd

applied to, so she figured that it wouldn't be hard to get a scholarship.

John Acer had come into her life at that time. She had gone to her high

school counselor, who thought he had an ideal job for her. Acer had canvassed

the local schools for secretaries who were young, smart and willing to please.

When she had gone to the interview everything seemed to go incredibly well.

She would be one of Acer's three secretaries, at a starting salary of $60,000.

She could hardly believe her ears. The salary seemed to be too good to be true,

as she later found out, it was.

The head secretary, Helen, was a gorgeous blond, the second in line was a

spectacular red head. Both were tall, smart and not much older than Mary. Within

a week of joining the company, Helen quit. Mary could sense the tension between

her and Acer. But, Acer always seemed to treat Mary well. She started to think

of him as she had thought of her father. He seemed to really care about her.

The second secretary, Susan, became the first, and Mary learned a great deal

from her. In the evening she took courses on secretarial skills and within a few

months was proficient at short hand, scheduling, and a whole raft of other odd

skills. The tension between Acer and Susan started to grow. At one point Mary

asked her what was going on, but she started to cry and said she'd rather not

speak about it.

At one point Mary overheard Susan setting up a meeting with someone from the

Personnel Department. Susan came back from the meeting very upset. A few days

later she too quit. Mary took her job.

All of a sudden, Acer changed from a fatherly attitude toward Mary to that of

an abuser. He started by simple flirting, but quickly became more demanding.

Mary didn't know who to turn to. Eventually she too went to the personnel

department but they said they couldn't do much about the head of the company.

Mary had never had another job. Mr. Acer threatened that she'd never get

another job. She felt she had to put up with the harassment. Then Albert came

along and gave her the tape.

As Mary recounted her story, she started to weep uncontrollably. Stephanie

came over and tried to comfort her.


Chapter 8

Albert listened to Mary's tale from his hiding place in her cleavage. He had

never asked Mary about her background. He had thought she was smart, but hadn't

thought about why she became a secretary instead of going to school. He was

thinking about her problems when Stephanie hugged her.

All of a sudden he found himself squeezed between Stephanie's and Mary's

breasts. He could only breath when the two women did. He had once thought

Stephanie small, now she was crushing him without even realizing it. Breasts he

once thought tiny were exerting an inexorable pressure on him.

Finally she let go. One of the sexiest things about Stephanie was that she

rarely wore bra's, she didn't need much to support her small breasts. As

Stephanie let go of Mary, her nipple brushed against Albert's hiding place and

tipped him over. He had thought that he didn't need a safety rope when he was on

his hammock. He now found how wrong he was.

Mary was wearing a short dress. He started tumbling down the front of her

dress. As he tumbled he bounced from her hard abdomen to the fabric of her

dress. He was able to plant his feet on the edge of her belly button, but he

landed off balance, and couldn't stay there. The beginning of her pubic hairs

broke his fall, but were too smooth for him to hold on to. Finally he managed to

grab the edge of her panties. He could see the floor almost 100 feet below. He

held on to the rubberized band with fanatical strength, although he couldn't get

more than a finger's width into the top of the panty.

Mary calmed down, and said she wanted to "freshen up." She went to the ladies

room, and entered a toilet stall without thinking of Albert. After all to her,

he at his two inch height weighed about 1/200th of a pound, or about as much as

a half teaspoon of water and she had just revisited some of the most disturbing

events of her life.

Mary put her thumbs on both sides, pulled down her panties and then sat on

the toilet. Albert all of a sudden felt his life line plunge downward. As he

held on he was pulled downward by his hands, as his legs went up, and over. He

was actually inside her panties hanging from the top of them. The cloth that

covered her crotch had bunched up and had not been pulled quite as far down as

the "top" of the panty as it was restrained by the elastic at her legs. He was

able to rest his feet on this bit of cloth. Albert stared in fascination and

horror as Mary released about 10,000 gallons of pee and big brown logs more than

thirty feet long. All fell into a massive lake below him.

When she was done, Mary pulled up her panties, trapping Albert inside. He was

kept there by massive elastic bands that he couldn't hope to open. Albert clung

to the front of her panties. He was afraid to let go. If he fell to the bottom

of her panties he might be crushed between her legs as she walked. There was a

space between her legs that he might fit into, but he wasn't sure. Moreover, at

some point she would sit down. He couldn't see out, and didn't know when that

would happen, so he clung to the front for dear life. She went back, not

dreaming of the display she had put on, nor imagining Albert's predicament.

"Feeling better?"

"Much better, thanks" Mary replied.

"I think this should be an easy case, but I'm a bit concerned about the tape.

I assume Albert can testify that it is genuine? Or, was the spy equipment used

without the companies permission?"

"I'm afraid that Albert can't testify."

"We can get around that problem I'm sure. I hope Albert's alright, he's so

bright, but I always felt I had to take care of him. I'd really like to see him


"I'm sure he'd like to see you, I'll see if I can arrange it. He's quite

fine." Mary said, still unaware of his peril.

Mary and Stephanie started to chat about Albert. As they talked, Mary

realized how much she really liked the little guy. She resolved that she'd have

to do something about it. He was just too shy to take the initiative, and to be

truthful, it would be kind of difficult at his present size. While she was

thinking about "doing him", she had no idea what her thoughts were doing to him.

As the conversation turned to him, at first Albert was a bit embarrassed.

Then he noticed a musky kind of smell, and the atmosphere suddenly became more

humid. Mary was thinking about him, and getting just a touch wet. The smell

surrounded him. No man has ever smelled a woman with such an intensity. Her odor

carried powerful pheromones which men are genetically programmed to respond to,

but evolution has cut down on our sensitivity of smell to the point where the

effect is hard to notice. But Albert could feel the full effect. He went out of

control with desire. He didn't regain control until Mary and Stephanie turned to

another topic.

Mary mentioned that she thought the company was about to go out of business.

Stephanie pointed out that a company going out of business wouldn't be able to

give her much, although she thought Acer could go to jail for his actions in

physically grabbing her. Mary said that there was a patent the company held

which was worth more than anyone believed.

As they talked, Mary related Albert's thought that his fundamental patent

could probably be gotten in exchange for dropping the suit, if the ownership of

the patent could be gotten into the hands of people who didn't believe in it.

Stephanie said they had to make Mary's suit seem more of a threat. Perhaps with

Helen and Susan, Mary's predecessors, they could launch a class action suit. If

the company went broke, and the creditors didn't know what they owned, they

might be persuaded to give up the patent. Mary could retain control of the

patent but the other women would be partial owners. Stephanie also wanted her

portion as commission.


Chapter 9

Mary thought about her suit most of the rest of the day. But, when it came

time for dinner she remembered her resolve to seduce Albert. She thought at

first that she'd have a nice romantic dinner. That was how she'd gotten most of

her former boyfriends to come on to her. Then she realized that that might not

be enough for Albert. She started forming a plan. It was a bit complicated by

the fact that Albert would be with her as she acted on it. Mary still thought

Albert was comfortable lying between her breasts and could see what she was

doing. She was unusually pensive as she went about making her preparations, as

she wanted to surprise him. Usually she would chat to him when she was "alone".

He rarely answered as he'd quickly lose his voice shouting loudly enough for her

to hear. He'd wait for her to pick him up and place him near her ear. This day,

she didn't really want to tell him w

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