Giantess Stories: LOSING YOURSELF  By Astrocarl

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By Astrocarl

“WHERE ARE YOU?” You wake to the sound of a woman's voice gently

echoing from high above. It feels like an empty warehouse before you

open your eyes and fully recognize your situation. You're in a

kitchen, you're naked, and you're tiny. You sit up and look out from

between the refrigerator and the cabinets. It's as if you're

standing on a vacant city street with huge skyscrapers rising on

either side of you. As you cautiously step toward the opening, a

giant bare foot steps into view and another cruises past like a city

bus. “WHERE DID YOU GO?” she asks. The feet continue to your

right, along the near cabinets. She sounds kind, but determined.

She's looking for you, and she won't stop until she finds you.

You sneak up to the edge of the cabinet and round the corner,

careful to stay under the overhang in the shadows. From here, all

you can see are her feet, ankles and calves, but as she turns around

and walks back toward you along the other side of the kitchen, you

can see both of her legs in their entirity. They rise forever, up to

her naked waist. She is nude, but your attention falls back to her

bare feet as each step slaps the linoleum with a padded spank. You

consider running into the open for her help, and for the ultimate

view, but your better judgement interferes just in time. “I'M GOING


Her sweet, calming voice suddenly ringing with cruelty. “I'M GONNA

SQUISH YOU UNDER MY BARE FOOT.” A chill runs through your now

paralized body. Who is this girl, and why does she want to kill you?

Desperate for a better hiding place, you start to tiptoe along under

the cabinet, hugging the floorboard. But instantly her footsteps

stop. Did she detect your movement? You can't risk looking at her

face; you'd have to leave the shadows to do that. Instead, you

freeze and wait for her next move. Slowly her feet twist on the

floor to face you. There's an awful, low-pitched squeek as you

imagine your tiny body under one of those massive, meaty pads, being

smeared into nothing. Then, in one step, her left foot rises and

falls, covering the ground half the distance between you. Her right

follows quickly, its sole momentarily visible before it steps down

inches from you.

Just the landing of her bare right foot has become an awesome event

at your size. Time seems slightly slowed, as the ball of her foot

reaches the floor first, spreading out under her incalculable weight.

Her toes are lifted and hover there momentarily while her heel comes

to rest in the background. Then, slowly, finding balance, her toes

start to drop to the floor with varying degrees of pressure and

speed. The toenails have been painted, with some care, a deep red

wine color. Finally her big toe comes down, flattening against the

ground as her left foot steps forward to meet the right. You take in

the whole series again, fully appreciating that each of these

beautiful bare feet are large enough to crush twenty men your size

with one step.

There's no time to wonder whether you've been spotted; you decide to

run away from the fridge, just in case she knew you were close to it.

As you turn to take your first step, the toes of her left foot

raise, exposing the soft, pink ball of her foot. She immediately

steps it forward, resting her toes under the overhang and against the

baseboard. Good thing you saw that coming; you'd have been mush.

Her toes completely block your path now. Realizing all to well that

her right foot might come next, you turn back to face it. As her

toes lift in preparation for another step, you stare straight at the

ball of her foot. But her feet flex while her legs seem to pivot

high above at the waist. You call tell she's turned to look behind

her for something.

Suddenly, there is a scream. It comes from across the floor, and it

seems to be more on your level. The toes of her right foot drop back

to the floor as the gigantic left foot steps away from you. The ball

of her right foot stays planted, allowing her heel to rotate

slightly. For a split second, you relax, taking in what almost

happened. The image of the magnified texture of the bottom of her

foot flashes in your mind. But now, something terrible was about to

happen to someone who obviously hadn't been listening to this

giantess' threats only moments before.

There, across the floor from you, is another tiny person! You look

on in horror as the giant barefoot in front of you squeeks against

the floor again, raising the heel high into the air. As she steps

away from you with the other foot, you are awed by the towering,

wrinkled sole, which pauses on the toes only inches from your

position. In the distance, her left foot has landed near the other

shrunken person, a woman, blocking her path with a stomp. The tiny

woman has frozen in her footsteps, lifting her hands to her face and

screaming again. She seems unable to move.

The giantess leans out toward the far counter top and rests her hands

on it. Fear brings the tiny woman to her knees. You step to your

left, trying to peek around the bottom of this huge raised foot in

front of you, which has rotated to show the outstretched pinky toe

from behind. As you watch, it begins its ascent; the rest of the

toes becoming visible as they finally push off from the floor. Her

tremendous bare leg lunges up and out over the victim on the floor,

pausing as her foot comes directly above the tiny woman's form. Now,

the giantess places her foot down inches away from the terrified

bug-of-a-human and speaks. “YOU'RE SO SMALL. I'M GOING TO STEP ON


You can't look away. Although the woman is crying loudly, something

inside you is forcing you to witness this gruesome scene. In the few

seconds that pass before the tiny woman's demise, you are able to

take in the image of this giantess' nude form from behind. Her

perfect, muscular thighs blending into her round, firm buttocks. The

small of her back swooping up and away into her strong, smooth

shoulders. Suddenly, her movement draws your attention back to the

horrible execution about to take place.

The giantess quickly lifts her leg and brings the ball of her foot

down until she feels the tiny woman's hands against it. Slowly, she

presses down until the woman is flat against the floor on her back.

You can see the muscles and tendons flex in the sole of the humongous

bare foot as it begins to crush the life out of its victim, rocking

back and forth slightly at the ankle to center her prey. The woman's

tiny naked legs are all that can be seen protruding from beneath the

massive ball of the foot. Finally, the giantess' calf muscle flexes

and there is a quick succession of cracks, almost as a single,

crunching sound. The foot collapses to the floor, forcing the now

dislocated legs of her victim to unnaturally rise upward and separate

before falling back to the floor. You watch the giantess relax her

posture and focus, returning some of her weight to the other foot as

she grinds the torso into a paste with her heel still raised.

Finally, the monster smears the tiny w!

oman's remains back toward you; organs and limbs slide through a dark

red sludge and stick to the ball of her foot as it lifts from the

floor, exposing the underside of her bloodied toes.

You look up to see the long, sandy-blonde hair of your captor flip

onto her back as she whips her head upright. She seems attractive,

but you still can't see her face. Suddenly, her head turns over her

left shoulder, and your wonderings are confirmed: she's beautiful!

She is looking down her body at the bottom of her stained foot.

Deciding to get a better look, she lifts her foot up to her waiting

left hand, holding it by the ankle behind her. As she does, her gory

sole comes that much closer to the direct path between her eyes and

your tiny body. Her face is so kind and soft, you can't believe this

is the creature that just destroyed a human being without conscience.

Your eyes trail down the whole body of this titanness, not aware

that you've stepped out of the shadows.

“HELLO.” You look back to her face immediately to find her staring

right at you! “DID YOU WATCH ME SQUISH HER? HM?” She looks back to

her bare foot and scrunches her toes, the victim's wetness shimmers

on her soft skin. How could anyone this cute and soft-spoken do

something so terrifying and gruesome? Yet her friendly demeanor is

almost enough to draw you out further toward her... closer to the


You could turn and make it back to the gap between the refrigerator

and cabinet, but you can't look away from her gentle face. Her full

lips part slightly, forming a cute grin and showing her top teeth.

Her eyes are locked on yours, and she has the expression of a girl

waiting to be kissed. She releases her foot, holding it just above

the linoleum, and reaches into the nearby sink for a sponge. “DID

YOU KNOW HER?” she asks. She turns and squats to wipe up the mess.

You can't believe she's talking to you yet, but you shrug your

shoulders out of politeness. “WHY DON'T YOU TAKE A CLOSER LOOK?”

She reaches down with a humongous finger and flicks the woman's head

across the floor. It rolls to within six inches of your feet before

tumbling to a stop, facing you. Breathless, you stare at the face.

Thank god – it was a stranger; but, slowly, you begin to realize that

you are still an insect to this gigantic woman, no matter how much

she seems to treat you like a person. This is a cruel game. You

wonder how long she'd known the woman she just crushed under her bare

foot. How many conversations had they had? How polite had the

giantess been in the days, hours or minutes leading up to the moment

she crushed the life right out of this woman?

The giantess, having scooped up the remains into the sponge, stands

and deposits them in the sink. She runs water as she flips the

disposal switch. Your stomach turns to the sound of the blades

whirring. Why are you still standing here?! She turns the disposal

off and turns around, resting her bare butt against the sink cabinet.

Her weight shifts to her right foot as she crosses her left leg in

front. Her posture seems relaxed and non-threatening, but is that

what she wants you to think? After all, you are standing almost five

inches out from the safety of the cabinets and refrigerator – too far

to run now, were she to decide to take one big step and stomp you

fully beneath her gargantuan bare sole.

“SO…WAS SHE SOMEBODY, OR NOT?” You shake your head ‘no' very quickly

and shift your weight, preparing to run. “CAN I HAVE THAT BACK NOW?”

Your mind races as you try to decide on a course of action. You

could kick it, but it would go against every respectful thought in

your head, not to mention place you six inches closer to her deadly

bare foot. You could run, but she'd surely change her ‘nice' tone.

The reasons seem endless for doing one or the other, but you quickly

recognize that doing nothing might not be so good either. Almost

involuntarily, you decide to take the short walk toward the head and

watch the giantess closely; if you don't feel threatened, you'll kick

the head over to her, but if she so much as winks, you'll turn and

run for it.

Her eyes follow you like a wind-up toy, doing exactly what she

expects you to do. Is this good or bad? As you near the decapitated

head, you are instantly flooded with the reality of this woman's

fate. There is severe trauma to the skull, and the jaw is

dislocated. This could be you, and in the immediate future! A jolt

shoots down your spine from your head to your foot. You quickly step

up to the head and give it a huge push, minimizing any contact to

your own foot. The head makes it to within a foot of the giantess'


“YOU'RE A CHICKEN.” She smiles at you, then slides her left foot

carelessly toward the head. As her toes approach it, they rise from

the floor and arch over the head, coming down and pinching it in the

gap behind them. It's about the size of a peanut to her, but she

easily gathers it beneath her toes. Her foot instantly lifts to her

hand where she cradles it with the sole facing up to her. With her

other hand, she reaches for the tiny object in her toes' arch. The

giantess lifts the woman's head to her face for a closer look,

pinching it between her thumb and middle finger. “I KNEW HER. HER

NAME WAS BETH,” she muses. Still studying the face of the dead

woman, she places her foot back on the floor.

Without warning, the giantess plops the tiny treat in her mouth and

chomps it twice between her molars, then savors the mush left behind.

A satisfied grin creeps across her lips. Her eyes close

momentarily, but she looks at you as she swallows. “AREN'T YOU


smiling, but widening her eyes to tease you. It seems she can't

believe you haven't run yet. You can't figure it out either. This

huge woman could simply take one step toward you and you'd be

entirely hers, to do with as she pleases. The only thing keeping you

from running for your life is her incredibly gentle nature and slow

movements, not to mention gorgeous looks. You've all but forgotten

the ease with which she could squish you, and with which she did

squish that woman.

Unexplainably, you have been lulled into trusting her. You can feel

it throughout your body; your muscles relax and your breathing slows

to normal. You've decided: she can have you however she wants you.

For lack of better description, you've become infatuated with her.

And she knows it.

In your new frame of mind, it's no surprise when the giant goddess

slowly raises her left foot and holds it out toward you. She points

her entire leg straight at you, flexing the sole of her foot to fill

your field of vision below her face; you don't even budge. Her huge

bare foot is hovering less than twelve inches away, and she's smiling

playfully at you. If it weren't so obviously not the case, you'd

swear you were her size and she was trying to turn you on. “IT'S



‘yes' with your eyes wide open. Her complete power is the greatest

turn-on you've ever known. “REALLY?” she asks…“EVEN THOUGH I'M GOING


Your smile fades from your eyes first; the rest of your face freezes

with fear. She suddenly steps her outstretched foot to the kitchen

floor between you with a deafening smack. You blink once, but can

fully comprehend the reality of the situation again as she twists the

ball of her foot against the linoleum as if you were under her. Her

soft toes roll back and forth with the crushing motion, lifting

occasionally to show the ball of her foot. Pressing down with all

the strength of her gargantuan leg, her calf and thigh muscles flex

continually. She has turned ‘stepping on you' into an erotic dance.

Your eyes crawl slowly up her leg, to her hips and stomach, and to

her tightly giggling breasts. She quickly brings a fingertip to her

right nipple and plays with it – partly for you, but mostly for her

own pleasure.

The grinding comes to a stop, and the giantess slides her bare foot

back toward herself. As she does, she pantomimes discovering your

tiny, mangled body under her massive sole. She includes you with a

glance, then looks back to the imaginary corpse at her feet.

Gracefully, as if staged, she crouches to sit on her raised heels and

pretends to scoop up your body between her thumb and two fingers.

“MMM…” she hums as she licks her lips and holds her pinched fingers

high above her open mouth. Quickly, she releases the imaginary-you

and catches you on her waiting tongue, hauling it in and chewing your

body into pulp before swallowing with an audible gulp. “YUM,” she

purrs. She bites her lower lip as if to keep from laughing at you;

you've fallen to the floor and are lying helplessly on your side, but

you never took your eyes off the show.

Suddenly her hand reaches out for you. You only have the mind to let

out a short cry of anguish, as you fully believe she's going to grab

you and eat you alive at this very moment. Her hand stops a few

inches from you as she cups her fingers. Her hand resembles a giant

bulldozer scoop pointing downward, ready to sink into the earth. You

seize up, waiting to be grasped, when her fingers begin to rise and

fall together. She is waving good-bye! Her hand is so close, and

you are so tired of feeling helpless, you find yourself hoping that

her hand would just pick you up and hold you for a while. Or even

slap down on you with an open palm, smushing you flat like the

proverbial bumble-bee. Anything to end this mental torture. You

hadn't realized that her toying was wearing you down, but it was

brilliant. All she had to do was switch back and forth a few times

from nice to cruel, and you were broken.

You continue to stare at her waving hand, watching her undulating

fingernails in slow motion. You love her. At least, you think you

love her. Her hands are the most beautiful hands you've ever seen.

Soft, strong, confident, manicured. The clear polish on the short,

feminine nails twinkle as they reflect the track lighting impossibly

high above you. Please pick me up, you think aloud. Please pick me


“DO YOU LOVE ME?” Her voice pulses through you, waking you from your

hypnotized state. “HM? DO YOU LOVE ME, TINY MAN?” The gentle voice

is almost inside your head. You nod ‘yes' with every ounce of your

being. It's as though you've known her for years. You'd kill for

her and you'd die for her. Hell, you'd obviously die under her, it

wouldn't matter. “THAT'S SO CUTE,” she whispers under her breath.

“YOU ACTUALLY LOVE ME.” Then, she stands to her full height once

more. Her eyes never leave you as she reaches her right hand over to

the countertop above you. You know what's coming. You see her right

knee bend above you. All you can do is lie on your back and stare up

at her. You are completely in awe.

Her foot quietly comes into view. For a moment you can see the

polish on her toes while they're still pointed downward at you; then

they lift. The bottoms of her toes are perfectly round and pudgey,

and there are small gaps between each toe as it arches back to the

ball of her foot. The gaps open and close slightly while she seems

to contemplate how you'll feel squished between them. Her sole is

only slightly wrinkled as it flexes, stretching the skin across the

pad above you. Her beautiful face is visible between her big toe

and, slightly longer, her second toe. She is waiting for the mood to

move her.

In this eternity, you turn your head to see her other bare foot

beside you. It grips the floor so firmly, yet seems so gentle and

smooth to the touch. You want to kiss it. You want to make love to

it. Following the perfect lines, your eyes trail up that foot to the

ankle, then further up her leg. In the distance, her vagina is

barely visible through the countless curls growing all around it.

Your hand is clutching your penis and balls, trying to delay your

last orgasm until the final moment. The bare foot above you begins

to lower, more slowly than it did onto the woman minutes ago. It

seems like hours ago that this same foot crushed that lady so cruelly

and completely. Now it's your turn.

Her toes spread a little as the ball of her foot touches your chest.

There is still no pressure beyond the sheer weight of the foot

itself. You can more clearly see her face high above as the gap

widens between her toes. She is more beautiful than before, and she

is grinning at you. You honestly believe she loves you right now.

You know she does. You couldn't have explained it to anyone else, if

you'd lived somehow, but there's a connection here. Her face watches

you like a lover as she gently begins to rub her sole against your

naked body. There is just enough room under her arch to raise your

knees and plant your feet on the floor. You lift yourself up,

pressing your pelvis into the soft, warm, lightly sweaty sole of her

foot as it gently, slowly twists and rocks against you. This is

incredible! She is allowing you to have sex with her foot!

After a moment, she drops her toes down over your face. The sweet,

pungent odor intensifies. She then drags her toes cautiously down

your body, careful not to drag you with them. She reaches your waste

and lowers her toes to the floor on either side of you, placing her

big toe on your right and the others on your left. For the first

time, you take a second to calculate your size. You're only as long

as her second toe,which she is raising over you now. From the

wrinkles where it joins her sole to the fleshy, round tip, her second

toe lowers onto your waste, pressing firmly down on your erect penis.

The knowledge that she could sever you in two with this one toe is

of no concern to you; you're in heaven already.

She moves her foot forward again, raising her toes upward and

pressing the soft, warm ball of her foot down onto your waste,

lightly securing you to the kitchen floor under the rest of her sole.

You are barely able to move as you grind your dick upward into the

soft skin. You reach climax, and the room jumps back and forth.

Your entire existence has led to this moment. You are about to be

crushed under the most beautiful bare foot in the world. Your

complete lack of control is exagerated in your writhing; you are just

a worm. Her gentle, sweet face is staring down at you with a distant

gaze. She has given you the ultimate orgasm, and she knows it; and

all she had to do was let you wiggle under her bare foot for a few


You suddenly become aware of the hot semen running down your sides.

The floor is hot and sweaty under your back. Your senses return

abruptly, as your life becomes vividly fragile. She is smiling, but

she looks pleased with herself now. Look where you are! What have

you given up to feel that one orgasm? Fear takes you over as you

breathlessly wait for her decision. Her foot slides up your chest

and back, smearing the cum around, as she opens her mouth to speak.


begin to sob uncontrollably as he steps off of you and lifts her foot

to her hand. She carefully wipes her finger across her sole,

collecting a sample of your cum which she slips between her lips.

Her foot drops quickly to your right, resting spread-toes on the top

of her left foot. She pulls her finger out of her mouth with a




As she finishes her sentence, she crinkles her nose, then she lifts

her foot up over you – you're sure now that this will be the last

time. As her toes spread again, you can see her face in the same gap

as before. You've always heard of people's lives flashing before

their eyes when faced with death, but you can only see her foot. You

want to become a part of her. You want to be absorbed into her. You

cum again in anticipation. Any second now…


Giantess Stories: LOSING YOURSELF  By Astrocarl

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