Giantess Stories: Lost at Home

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Lost at Home





           My wife Sondra and I had been working in our lab

at home. We had a small grant from the government to pay for our work however

since it was so small we decided we could save costs if we would use one of the

guests room as our lab. We saved close to a 100,000 dollars by doing so.

           Sondra was never much of a scientist though. She

was a fair one but she was much better with keeping the books and doing the

presentations. I was the main creator of all our work. I think that's what made

our team so great we excelled at what the other was weak at. That also lead to

our marriage being strong but I could tell being away from the kids so much was

starting to bother Sondra. We have two daughters Leah and Anna.  They were great

kids, but I guess all parents say that about there kids. However, being away

from them so much lately was hard on Sondra and the kids. You see we recently

broke the big news to them. That they were indeed adopted, it was hard to tell

them because we were afraid of what might happen but we knew they had a right to

know that we weren't really there parents more like guardians who cared dearly

for them. They seemed to take it well but it's hard to tell with kids these

days. Legally we aren't there parents we just sort of take care of them but

that's not really important. We love them even if they aren't legally ours, even

if we aren't there biological parents. We just never got around to signing the

papers to make it all official and how important could a piece of paper be


           They are both great girls though and twins to

boot. We weren't really looking to adopt to kids but we fell in love with them

and didn't have the heart to just adopt one of them so we took them both in.

           When we first got them we always thought they

would grow up being similar because they looked alike, shared the same genes and

all but we found them to be actually very different. Leah was an athlete, she

wasn't a great one but she loved playing sports. She played Volleyball and

Basketball at school. Leah was always training, always working on trying to be

better while Anna who didn't even particularly enjoy any sports was naturally

great at them. If she wanted to be I'm sure she could go pro in a number of

sports but her heart just isn't in it. Anna is just plain lazy. She's a computer

nerd, excuse me computer hacker as she likes to be called. She watches TV, lies

around the house, while she has a number of friends and people she talks to at

school it seems like outside of school she never wants to do anything with them

which is odd because Leah is always coming and going.

           I know they don't like me to say so but they are

pretty girls, they have shoulder length blonde hair which Anna has died brown

with highlights, hazel eyes, smallish pert breasts, trim. Who ever there

biological mother is must have been beautiful.

           Even though I love my daughters and I love

working with Sondra I have found that I don't love her like a husband should

anymore but I can't afford to break up with her because I know that would be the

end of our team and we are working on such an amazing project right now. It is a

matter reducer, you see our goal is to be able to shrink human beings but there

are several problems with that, like sight, strength of bone structure, and

several more complicated things that don't really need to be gone into. Needless

to say it's a whole mess of problems but over the past 14 years we have really

ruffled out the feathers. We have actually shrank rodents and brought them back

just fine along with several other species of animals.

           However, with this success comes a lot more

pressure and that is how I met Jamie. She was a gorgeous woman. Long blonde

hair, a bit on the short side at only 5'2” but she runs track professionally and

we really seem to have this connection. Sondra and I actually met her when we

were invited to the white house. It was such an honor to be there, we were

shocked that the president had even heard of our work and he seemed genuinely

interested in it. He told us to call him when we were gonna start testing it on

people as he wanted to be there when we did. Sondra and him talked for quite

awhile and I excused myself to take a look around a bit. That is when I bumped

into Jamie. We spent the rest of the night talking. That was almost two years

ago and we have gotten pretty serious. In fact I am glad that our matter reducer

is in its final testing stages before we begin testing it on people because than

I can get that divorce from Sondra.

           But, that is all in the past. As for right now

Sondra is meeting with a few companies who are interested in our research. This

made for a perfect opportunity to bring Jamie over. Leah was out somewhere and

Anna was in her room doing something on that computer of hers.

           I was beaming ear to ear as I saw Jamie come up

the walk way. I opened the door and greeted her with a hug and kiss. We smiled

at each other as I guided her in. I told her Sondra was out but Anna was up

stairs. She had a bit of a nervous glare in her eyes so I told her we could go

up to the lab since the girls new not to go in there and Sondra was out we

wouldn't be disturbed.  Jamie seemed relieved a bit with this and began to

loosen up as we went up stairs.

           As soon as we were in the lab and the door was

closed we began to kiss more passionately. We both fell to the floor laughing

and began kissing further as I massaged her tits through her halter top. My eyes

however kept moving down to her short black skirt that was really turning me on.

I was getting ready to just rip them off when I heard the voice of Sondra down



“Shit, shit, shit, shit! My wife is here” I blurted out a

bit nervously.


“Well what are we going to do? There is no where for us to Resultado Chameli Satta Rey – Techguff

sneak out is there?” said Jamie as she darted her head around the room.


“No, but no nevermind”


“But what?”


“Well we could use my matter reducer, set it up on a delay

timer. Sondra must just be showing some clients the machine. We shrink ourselves

put the machine on a two our delay and then all we have to do is wait for them

to leave.”


“I don't know, maybe we should just tell her? I mean you

love me don't you?”


“Of course I do, you know I do baby. You are the only one I

have eyes for. I mean I married Sondra out of convenience but I proposed to you

out of love”


“Okay let's do it!”


“Are you sure?”


“Yeah, Positive”

           I ran over to the machine and quickly set

everything up. I was punching in numbers and warming up the machine. I glanced

over everything to make sure it was alright and then I nodded to Jamie. I sat up

from the console in a hurry unknowingly bumping the size ratio control. I ran

over to Jamie as I only had ten seconds before the machine would work. I smiled

at her and hugged her tight as our eyes were flooded with bright light. The

process went quickly and I heard the machine powering down but it took our

vision a few extra moments to return.

           The door to the lab was pushed open and in

walked my wife and the clients. I could hear there foot steps echo across the

floor creating seismic vibrations. The room shook violently as Jamie and I

tumbled to the floor. I held Jamie tightly as the room continued to shake. Our

vision gradually returned but mine returned first. I looked around nervously as

I knew something must have gone wrong. There were think brown tree trunks every

around us but none of them had leaves or anything its like something cut off any

and all branches so it was just a single limbless trunk extending up into the



“Jamie? Honey, baby, now I don't want to worry you but I

think something went wrong. We might have been transported somewhere.”


“What? Transported? What is going on! I can hardly see

anything. It's all so fuzzy”


“Well it looks like we are in some dead forest”


           I looked up towards the sky but it wasn't really

a blue sky, it was more like it just wasn't there. It was just an odd blurry

haze like the sky was up farther and we just couldn't see. However, by this time

Jamie's vision had returned and she was freaking out. I ran back over to Jamie

who was screaming and jumping up and down. As soon as I made it over to her, her

arms wrapped around me in a death grip as she sobbed on my shoulder.


“It's gonna be okay, we just have to wait this out.”


“Look at us, we are bug sized and your all this is okay,

it's gonna be alright, Why didn't you just tell your damn wife the truth!”


“I'm sorry, I will, I promise, Lets just get through this

okay. We can do this together. It's only two hours”


“what do you mean bug sized? I think you have to be crazy,

something obviously went wrong.”


“Take a close look at those things you call trees, They are

all the same length, and see those things in far off distance, those pillars

that are moving around, those are ankles.”


“If you were right do you realize how small we would have

to be? About a millimeter high, that's just crazy, right?


“Well it makes more sense then being transported to another

planet doesn't it? I mean let's think about this logically. We were gonna shrink

right? The logical thing would be that something went wrong and obviously shrunk

us to this smaller size”


“That's why I love you” I reply as I kiss Jamie gently on

cheek “However we do have a  problem, if your theory is right, the machine wont

be able to get a lock on us without the targeting sensors. I didn't plan on us

being this small so I didn't give us any.”




“Something must have gone wrong. When I left we were only

suppose to be 6 inches tall that would have made the lock on us automatic. All

we have to do is get help from someone.


“Oh yes Jared, Everyone pays attention to tiny gnat looking

bugs like us. All we have to do is walk up to your wife and wave our hands and

she will look down at us and help us out and I can be home by tomorrow.”


“Ok, ok let's just get out of here, and try to find some



“What do you mean out of here?” snaps Jamie


“Well look, we can't ask Sondra. Oh honey here meet my

fiancée, I don't love you anymore please just change us back. That just rolls

off the tongue”


“Okay, you have a point. Then who?”


“My daughters will surely help us. Anna is home right now

if we can just get to her room.”


“Do you realize how long that will take at this size?”


“yeah, That's why we better get walking”


           Neither of us talked to each other for awhile.

We just walked towards the door, the door we couldn't even see. I knew Jamie was

pissed at me and this was partly my fault but I wasn't going to admit that just


“Do you hear that Jared?” whispers Jamie in a nervous tone.

She darted her head from left to right quickly as if looking for something.


“Hear what? I don't hear a thing”


“Shhhhh listen carefully”


           A low murmur careens through the landscape. I

look over at Jamie and I take a step closer to her. We both look out ahead as we

see the tree like carpet strands being shoved out of the way.




Giantess Stories: Lost at Home

           My wife Sondra and I had been working in our lab         Asukafan2001 Asukafan2001 By By Lost at Home Lost at Home



Giantess Stories: Lost at Home

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Giantess Stories: Lost at Home

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