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Lost in L.A.

by D.X. Machina


I approached my trip to Los Angeles with some

trepidation; after all, it would be the first time I'd been out

of the house in over a month.

Of course, I could have stayed home, but I would

have missed Sarah, and besides, it was probably more dangerous

staying home alone than heading off to California. Still, it

was going to be tricky, and that alone made me nervous.

Sarah suprised me with a little kiss that knocked me

right off my feet. She giggled, a lovely, tremendous sound.

"SORRY," she smiled, offering me her pinky to pull

myself up with.

* * *

A little background.

My name is Scott Chelgren, formerly a student at the

University of Minnesota. I was just going along, minding my

own business, when one day, out of the blue, I found myself

shrunk to the height of one inch tall. Worse yet, I found this

out just before being sat on by a lovely high-school student,

who was taking a class up at the U.

The student turned out to be Sarah Kensington, who

discovered me after about a day of adventure. She's seventeen,

in the summer between her junior and senior years. Ordinarily,

the age thing would bother me, but it doesn't so much, since

she stands sixty-five inches taller than me, and besides, I've

always been pretty immature.

I've been staying with Sarah for the last couple

months; she takes care of me, keeps me from getting killed

and/or getting found by anyone else. She's also the most

wonderful woman I've ever met, kind, gentle, intelligent,

vivacious, and sexy. I'm a very lucky man. And to think, I

just had to lose 98% of my height to find this out.

* * *

After a bad experience getting lost in Sarah's High

School, we both decided that the best way to go was for me to

stay put. Sarah would feed me in the morning, and again at

night; I was really in no danger of being found. I hadn't even

had a close call. But the entire Kensington family was heading

to L.A. for vacation, and Sarah didn't think it wise for me to

stay at home, all by myself, for a whole week. "SCOTT, YOU'RE



"I can take care of myself," I had said, knowing

damn well it was a lie. Fortunately, Sarah did too.


"And if I don't want to?"


Of course I didn't. If Sarah wanted to take me to

L.A., all she had to do was pick me up and carry me.

Ordinarily, she wouldn't do that, but she was concerned for my

safety, and I doubted that she'd let this one go. [NOTE:

Scott's right. I wouldn't have. SK] "All right, I'll go.

Let's just hope Karen and Susi don't see me."

So the day of the flight had come. Sarah was

debating how best to transport me. "NOT IN MY PURSE--TOO MUCH




"It's not your fault, dear, I should have too. It's

too bad you're not wearing a shirt with a pocket, I could go in



With that, Sarah stripped off her baggy t-shirt and

put on a much tighter crop-top. "Well, if your idea was to

arouse me, that'll work."


EFFECT...HOP UP INTO MY HAND." I complied, not fully realizing

what she was planning. In mere moments, I found myself being

stuffed down the front of her shirt, and coming to rest on the

fabric between and beneath her breasts.

"COMFY?" she asked, from above me.

"I like the view," I deadpanned, stretching out.

This'd do nicely, so long as we didn't hit any turbulence. I

couldn't see out, but that didn't bother me so much.



"Still reading the giant sites?" I asked blithely.

Sarah had discovered the internet recently, and found a small

but growing repository of stories about folks in my

predicament. Purportedly fictional, but I was starting to

wonder. Really, she didn't tell me too much about them. In

fact, she was scrupulous not to say much outside of basic plot.

And there were usually holes in the plots, where things like,

say, a guy riding beneath his girlfriend's breasts were


But here I am, blathering on. Sarah simply

chuckled, and went about her business. Then, a flash of memory.



listening something, then called back, "OKAY MOM, I'M COMING!"



"I love you too, Sarah."

* * *


Those of you that came in late may be wondering what

I see in a one inch tall man.

After all, he's not big or strong enough to stave

off wild dingoes, or what ever it is that cavemen staved off;

he's dark and hansome, but not particularly tall; and of

course, since he's not big, he's, um, not big.

And all of this is true, undeniably. And I'm not

saying it wouldn't be nice to meet Scott at his full size, too.

Once in a while.

But you just don't understand how powerfull you can

feel with a full-grown man sitting in the palm of your hand.

It's absolute power. The power goddesses feel.

It's a big turn-on.

I left for Los Angeles with Scott safeguarded

between my two breasts. It was nice to feel him there, moving

ever-so-slightly, tickling me just a little bit. And it was

one place I was sure nobody in my family would accidentally


I suppose I should introduce you to my family in a

little more depth than Scott has. (It's not his fault--poor

dear spends most of his time avoiding them--this makes it hard

to develop lasting relationships).

My mother, Karen Kensington, is 43. She's a

dentist. Does a good job, I think. She's got a good practice,

anyhow. I got my dark eyes from her, for which I'm eternally

grateful (Scott says pretty eyes are more important that a

pretty figure--fortunately, he followed it by commenting on how

I had both. Don't know if he's right, but I appreciate him

saying so.) My dad is Mike Kensington, an Advertising

Copyrighter. I've got two sisters, Karen (14) and Susi (7).

Karen is very quiet, but very pretty for a Freshman, and I have

a feeling she's going to find more than a few guys interested

in her when she enters high school in the fall. Susi is going

into second grade in the fall (my baby sister! I'm getting

old!) and is a holy terror. I think I could almost trust Karen

to watch after Scott (although I wouldn't trust her

entirely...all right, I'll admit it, I'm jealous), but I would

fear for his life if Susi ever got a hold of him.

Me? Oh, you know me. I'm a senior at Apple Valley

High School (go Eagles). Don't go there much, though, since

I'm PSEO--Post Secondary Enrollment Option. That means I go to

the U of M full time, and only stop by High School once in a

while (I mean, I will be in the fall. Last year I split my

time). It's nice--I'll be out of school by the time I'm 20.

Anyhow, with that business accomplished, back to the

story. We boarded the plane without incident, and headed off

to L.A.

It was an awesome feeling, taking off. I mean, it

always is--you're anxious to get going, you're feeling the

g-forces pushing you back in your seat, and as you look out the

window, you see the ground below receeding. But this time, as

I was pushed back in my seat, I felt ever-so gentle a pressure

against my sternum, and knew that I was providing cushion for


I wondered if he was all right.

* * *


I was pinned to my true love's chest, feeling

unimaginable pressure. G-forces don't affect me as much as

they should--some consequence of my magic transformation, I

guess--but they do affect me, and for about ten minutes, I was

unable to lift my arms and legs. I'm suprised I didn't pass


Finally, we leveled out, and I dropped.

Dropped even though Sarah was wearing a very tight

crop top, dropped right out the bottom of it, past her belly

button, and on to her lap.

I landed on Sarah's right leg. I wasn't panicked,

but I was very aware that I should hide--I could see Susi on

Sarah's left, and Karen on Sarah's right. I didn't want either

to see me.

Quickly, I dove in under Sarah's skirt. I hoped she

felt me down there, and I hoped she would be careful.

* * *


It took all my willpower not to yelp when I felt

Scott hit my leg. So quickly did he drop that I was sure he

was injured.

I glanced down quickly, fearful at what I might see.

Happily, I saw him glance both ways, and dive under my skirt.

He couldn't be too hurt.

The seat belt sign was off. I decided that this

would be a good time to use the restroom.

* * *


We were off.

Thankfully, I had anticipated this, and grabbed on

to Sarah's panties. We made it to the restroom all right, and

when we got there, Sarah quickly grabbed me, and checked me


"ARE YOU OKAY?" she asked, concern all over her face.

"Just fine, thanks," I said, smiling.


UP. I--"

"Screwed up, nothing! I'm fine! Don't worry about

it! I'll just have to hang on tighter next time."

"Well, I'm going to have to find you a new hiding

place." Sarah frowned, slightly--she was thinking. Then,

suddenly, her eyes went wide, and she slowly exhaled. A slight

smile slowly worked its way onto her face. "Scott...would you

like to join the Mile-High club?":

* * *



I don't know what came over me. But it seemed like a

good idea at the time.

I should be clear that this was not our first time.

We had taken the final step a few weeks before (on my

insistance--Scott was a little afraid. Well, I guess if I were

one inch tall, and Scott were his full hight, I'd be a bit

nervous myself).

At any rate, I enjoyed the feeling of Scott inside

of me--and really, as long as I was careful, he was safe.

Safer, indeed, than between my breasts.

I watched my little lover. He was astonished, I

think, but then he smiled. "I'd love to!" he shouted. Without

a word, I pulled my panties down, and placed him inside of me.

* * *


Sarah was getting more forward. And I was thankful.

She placed me gently but firmly inside of her. It

was an exquisite feeling. I slid easily into her--she was

already a little wet. I could feel her blood pumping around


I began moving around as she began moving. I had a

feeling she would head back to her seat--she could only be gon

a little while without arousing suspicion. But that didn't

mean that I should simply lay there passively. So I turned

myself around, and began to caress her labia. Working my way

up, I felt her tremble slightly. I was having an effect.

I felt her sit down. I would have to be gentle. It

wouldn't do to have her shouting out loud. I was able to work

my way up to her clitoris, and began massaging it.

* * *


I sat down between my two sisters with a warm,

bubbly feeling rising slowly from deep within. I was glad that

Scott was serious about his duties--the flight to LA could've

been really boring.

Still, I was on my guard. I couldn't show any signs

of arousal, and that was hard, because I was aroused.

It got tougher when Scott started working on my

clit. He had a way of rubbing me in just the right places.

(Maybe all men should be shrunk down to an inch, the better to

understand the female anatomy). The bubbles started to grow

larger, and the warmth began to grow hotter.

I bit my lower lip.

* * *


The trembles were now quakes. One thing about being

one inch tall--you know when you're having an impact.

I kept it up, switching speeds, faster, slower. I

hoped Sarah was enjoying herself. I sure was.

Suddenly, it hit me. The liquid cacaded around

me--not overpowerful, but certainly strong. It was a small

orgasm--she must've been holding back. Still, it was terriffic

from my perspective.

This was going to be a good vacation after all.

* * *


I don't think anyone else noticed, but I was digging

my nails into the armrests, and biting so hard on my lower lip

that I drew a tiny bit of blood. Scott had rung my bell, all

right, and it was all I could do to keep from shouting.

The rest of the trip was relatively quiet. Oh,

Scott punched my buttons a couple more times, but nothing else

happened. When we finally touched down, I knew two things.

First, Scott was a horny little devil. (This was good--I was,

too.) Second, when we got to the hotel, I needed to change my


The hotel was the Saga Inn, right across the street

from Disneyland, in Anaheim. A long drive from LAX, but oh

well. I went straight to the bathroom, and removed my panties.

Scott was a mess, coated from head to toe in my

juices. He seemed happy, though. "We need to do that more

often!" he called, beaming. I agreed--though I was passing


"We're going out to dinner now--I think I should

leave you here. You'll be safe enough for a few hours."

"True, just bring me back something to eat! I'm


"Okay, little love. You've earned it."

* * *


She washed me off, and put me in the drawer by the

bed. Susi and Karen were putting things away, and didn't

notice. Presently, there was a knock on the door, and the

Kensington family left for dinner. Sarah dropped the phone

cord into the drawer and left it open a crack, in case I had to

leave. She blew me a kiss, and walked away.

I laid down and sighed. We'd been in L.A. two

hours, and I was already exhausted.

This was going to be a long week.


I felt a little guilty leaving Scott behind. Of

course, I couldn't exactly set him a place next to me with my

whole family around, but I could've taken him with me, in a

pocket or something.

I should not have felt guilty, though. It wasn't

like Scott and I hadn't done this same routine a thousand times

before. He'd be fine--I hoped--and I'd see him again shortly.

* * *


The worst part about being one inch tall is being


Not that I'm complaining--I've lived the alternative

to being bored, and it's overrated. Dodging giant feet, almost

getting sat on--it's much safer having someone protect you from

all that. No lie, had Sarah not found me, I would have died

within days of shrinking.

Still, it wasn't that exciting sitting in a hotel

drawer at 6:34 PDT, waiting for everyone to come back.

I wished for a bit of excitement on this trip. I

wished for a little chance to see the world, on my own. I

wished for a little change--and found myself mumbling an

incantation I'd almost forgotten.


I stopped short--what was I doing? I didn't want to

lose Sarah for anything. And I remembered what sort of change

I'd found for myself last time I mumbled that spell.

But it was too late--a change was coming.

I just didn't know it yet.

* * *


I felt a chill run through me on the way back to the

hotel. Not necessarily a bad feeling, but a feeling, saying

clearly that Something was going to happen.

The car ride was uneventful, otherwise (although I

noted, to my displeasure, that you can actually _taste_ Los

Angeles' air. It doesn't taste good.) I was just happy to

arrive back at the Saga Inn.

I approached the drawer surreptitiously, not wanting

Susi or Karen to notice, and checked on Scott. He was all

right--he waved hi--but he seemed lost in thought. I grabbed

him--gently--and carried him into the bathroom.

"Hey," I whispered, "did you miss me?"

"Of course I did! I _always_ miss you." Scott

seemed a little upset. Damn it, I should have taken him to


"I'm sorry, I just, I didn't--"

"No, that's okay, don't worry about it. It's the

cross I have to bear, right? Don't have any choice in the

matter, for better or worse, I'm one inch tall, right? I'm...."

He stopped there.

* * *


For an inch-tall guy, I'm a big idiot.

Here I was, rambling on. Why? Because I was bored.

Bored! So what do I do? Make Sarah feel bad. Good plan


I'm a _really_ big idiot.

I could see she was starting to tear up, and I

didn't want that. She didn't deserve that. So I quit, sighed,

and apologized.

"I'm sorry, I's frustrating, y'know?

Sometimes, I'd like to hold you in my arms, and I...well,

that's not going to happen, and I'm just going to have to live

with that."

She was crying, now. "SCOTT, DON'T SAY THAT. YOU




"No, no, that's okay. I'm not sure I want to be

normal sized, either. I'm not sure of much these days.

"But stop crying! None of this is your fault. My

life is better now than it ever has been, no matter what my

height. And that's because of you. I love you. I'm sorry."

She kissed me, and then hurriedly gave me a huge

hunk of chicken, which she'd apparently rescued from dinner. I

tried a bit. Not bad.



"No, we agreed that I'd stay in the hotel, because

it's safer here. I'll stay in the drawer, and when the maid

comes in, I'll hide in a pair of your socks, so that she won't

see me even if she does open the drawer."



"What are you talking about? I've got you."


We didn't talk again the rest of the night. Sarah

had one bed all to herself, and she hid me inside the pillow

she didn't use. I scaled her pillow just long enough to kiss

her, and whisper "good night." We'd make some private time


I went to bed a little frustrated, but oh well, I'd

get over it.

I would indeed.

* * *



I don't know what I was thinking, bringing Scott


I mean, he probably would have been safer alone in

the house all week, even with my friend Alyssa stopping by from

time to time (Alyssa would probably--certainly--have at least

one party while she was "house sitting," but she'd pick

everything back up. She was responsible--in her own fashion.)

But I went on overdrive, didn't think things

through, and I brought him out to L.A.

My bad.

Anyhow, our first full day in Los Angeles (or, to be

specific, Anaheim) started out like any first full day in any

vacation spot begins--hectic. Especially with my two sisters.

Susi is finally old enough to take care of herself, but Karen!

Good Lord, tell me I wasn't that much into preening myself when

I was her age! I swear, I don't think she could have showered

any longer, taken any longer to comb her hair, or put on


God cursed woman by making her need to be

attractive. Men are content just to sit on the couch and belch.

So I rushed things, combing my hair, brushing my

teeth, throwing my face together, and then practically throwing

Scott in my sock drawer--which, I realized too late, I was

sharing with Karen. I'd meant for it to be my own, but I

didn't have time to argue the point--Mom was knocking, it was

time to go.


I dropped Scott in, winked good-bye, shut the door,

and left.

He wouldn't be there when I got back to the room.

* * *


We were rushed, and I admit, part of it was my

fault. But how does Sarah expect me to meet anyone if I don't

do my best to look pretty? I'm not like her--she's pretty with

her hair all a mess and no makeup. I've got to work on it.

Not that it's helped her get a boyfriend, but I

think she's a bit scared. Alyssa got beat up by her boyfriend

last summer, and Sarah took that pretty hard. I don't think

Sarah wants to suffer the same fate for a high school romance.

And besides, she'll be at college next year. She'll

go looking there, I bet.

Anyhow, we hopped in the car, when I realized I'd

left my locket in the room. Yeah, I know, Tom Stevens gave me

that, and we're not even speaking anymore, but it's a pretty

locket, and it totally goes with my outfit. So I said I had to

go get it.

Mom was mad. "Look, we've got a long day ahead of

us, you don't need your locket." Then Sarah goes, "Yeah,

Karen, you'll be fine without your locket." But I wanted it,

and I said so.

Finally, Dad's like, "Go get your locket, but be

quick about it." So I do.

I thought I'd left it on top of the dresser, but it

wasn't there, so I checked my bag--not there, either. Finally,

I decided to check the sock drawer.

* * *


When the drawer started opening, I thought sure it

was Sarah. She had left in a hurry, and I figured she had

probably made some pretense to come back and say a more proper


Had I been thinking, I would have realized that the

other noises--bags being opened, stuff being shuffled

around--pointed to one of the other sisters, but I wasn't

thinking, so I was standing right out in the open when the

drawer opened.

And there was Karen.

I had seen Karen from a distance before, but never

up close. She was staring at me with those huge, dark

eyes--almost prettier than Sarah's. Almost. Her mouth hung

open. I could see in her face what Sarah must have looked like

three years ago.

But I was in deep, deep trouble. Sarah had been

keeping me hidden from her family for a reason. Maybe, if

Sarah had introduced me, things would have been okay. But I

won't second-guess her.

As it was, I saw Karen's hand reaching for me, and I

knew I was trapped.

* * *


He was the most perfect little thing I'd ever seen.

Only half as tall as my thumb, delecate, but strong. He was

wearing a little toga-thingy. (I found out later--much

later--that Sarah had made that for him.) He was cute.

I didn't know how he'd gotten there, but I did know

that I didn't want him to escape--I wanted to keep him for

myself. So I grabbed him--gently, I didn't want to hurt

him--and put him in my purse. I had a zipper pocket that was

empty, and I didn't think he'd get hurt.

I also found my locket in the drawer, and quickly

hung it around my neck. I had been too long already. It was

time to go.

* * *


Karen seemed quieter after getting her locket.

Good, I thought, Hopefully she won't be whiny this

time. I never dreamed why she seemed so deep in thought.

I was just glad of it.

When I think that Scott was but two feet from me,

and that I could have saved him so much grief--but I can't undo

what was done, any more than Karen can.

* * *


When I think that if I'd just stayed put, I probably

would have saved myself so much grief, I could kick myself.

Now, thinking about it rationally, I know that I

should have just stayed in the purse, and when Karen finally

got around to talking to me, introduced myself, explained who I

was, and ask her politely to return me to Sarah. I would've

been fine. But nooooo--I had to escape. I had to "get to"

Sarah. I had to "let her know" what had happened.

Like I said, I'm an idiot.

I spent the next few hours working on the

zipper--not easy, since it easily massed as much as I. But I

only had to make a space big enough for me to wiggle through,

and that wasn't too difficult.

Finally, there was enough space for me to free

myself, and I fell down to the botom of Karen's purse.

As I felt the purse rise, I began to feel a

remarkable sense of deja vu.

* * *


Okay, before I go any further, I just want to say

I'm sorry.

Scott? I'm sorry. Sis? I'm sorry. If you're

involved in this whole mess, or even if you're not, I'm sorry.

I was stupid. I was inconsiderate. I'm sorry. [Karen: No

problem Kiddo. Don't worry about it. It's over and done

with--Scott] [Sister Mine: I'm not as forgiving as Scott. But

I guess I'll forgive you. Just don't _EVER_ do anything like

that again!--Sarah]

I took my purse along. I didn't know that Scott was

free of the little pocket thing. Anyhow, the first thing we

did was go on the tour. (I should mention that we were at

Universal Studios. You know--the movie tour place.)

So we got on this big bus thing and headed off

through the tour. We saw some stupid Alien display, and King

Kong, and Jaws, and a bunch of lame movie sets, and, well, it

just wasn't that cool. But Mom and Dad seemed to enjoy it, and

so did Susi, so I guess it wasn't _all_ bad.

As we came to the end of the ride, I figured I'd

take the opportunity to use the ladies' room, and check on my

little man.

I didn't know he was gone.

* * *


I escaped from Karen's purse at the worst possible


I fell into her lap, and leapt off her leg, meaning

to run over to Sarah. She was just one seat over.

But that was just one seat too far. As I hit the

ground, I heard the announcer saying, "HAVE A GREAT DAY AT

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS CALIFORNIA." The tour was over, and Sarah

was leaving!

"No! Wait! Sarah! DOWN HERE!" I cried, but it

was no use. I was inaudible over the cacaphony of the tour. I

watched the Kensington family disembark, and I felt a feeling I

had not had for several months, and never this strong.

I had lost track of Sarah.

I was alone.

* * *


I didn't think too much of losing the little

man--not then, anyhow. I mean, I just thought I was a little

bit crazy. That I had imagined him. (But he seemed so


Oh well. I headed off to the park. I hoped it

would be a fun day.

* * *


I was crying.

The rational part of my mind knew there was still

hope. I knew what hotel Sarah was in. I knew her flight

number and departure time. If all else failed, I could mail

myself to her. But I had lost her for now. And it was killing


I didn't have much time to cry, however. I heard

noises from my left. I looked over, and another group was

getting on the Tram.

I looked for cover, but found none. I saw a group

of three tourists--Japaneese, by the look of them--get on. One

of them, a pretty, youngish girl in blue jeans and a white

t-shirt, stopped right in front of me, and began to sit.

I was experiencing deja vu again.

And I didn't like it.



I knew something was wrong.

I knew it with every fiber of my being. I could taste it.

But I couldn't put my finger on it.

As I walked away from the tram, I wanted to pause. I felt like I

should turn around.

But I didn't.

I kept on walking. And as the day wore on, I kind of forgot

about the wave of dread that had passed over me.

But not quite.

* * *


Now, don't get me wrong, I have a healthy appreciation for the

female form. I will state, under oath, that Sarah is the most beautiful

thing ever constructed in this universe, ever. Period.

That said, it's a wee bit disconcerting to see an attractive

female form lowering itself rapidly on top of you. Especially when it's

a female form that's four hundred times bigger than you.

It's doubly disconcerting when you've been through this before.

But that gave me a chance. Moving backwards wouldn't work this

time--the seats were plastic, not cushioned, and I wouldn't be pushed

into them, I'd be squashed. People were sitting down on my left and

right, so that left me with one possibility.


So I ran forwards, forcing myself against instinct, and dove

right, just avoiding one leg. The girl had missed me by only an inch or


I looked up at her. She was unaware of my presence, and I

intended to keep it that way. I started to look for a way down....

...and smacked myself in the head for my stupidity.

Where was I going? The tram would be starting in mere moments,

and I was going to, what, jump from it? While it was moving? For

what--to be a one inch tall guy wandering a crowded park looking for one

random family?

Yeah. Great idea #74.

I would be better off just waiting here, trying to find a safe

place, and trying to get in contact with Sarah later.

But where to wait? I couldn't just sit here, in the shadow of a

pretty Asian tourist's jean-clad leg. I'd be spotted eventually.

In fact, I'd already been spotted. I just didn't know it yet.

* * *


[Note: the following was translated by Dr. James Harris, University of


I saw the little man by my right knee. He didn't realize it,

though. He was looking for something. Some place to hide, I thought.

I didn't want to scare him, so I didn't do anything right away.

But I wasn't going to let him out of my sight. He was too amazing a

creature to lose.

* * *


I heard the same old song and dance from the Tram operator--same

jokes and everything. Maybe it was prerecorded. I hoped so--for the

announcer's sake.

Anyhow, I found that a hard plastic bench left little room for a

hiding place, and after about five minutes, I decided to give up. I

thought that, if I did it quickly, I could almost slide down this girl's

pant leg, and make it to the tram floor.

It seemed like a plan.

* * *


The little man moved toward my jeans. I watched him closely, Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

trying to find out what he was going to do. It looked like he wanted to

climb on top of them. At first, I could not figure out why, but then I

realized that he wanted to climb down to the floor of the autobus.

I wondered where he was trying to get. I decided to watch a

little longer and find out.

* * *


She hadn't noticed me yet, or so I thought. That was good, as I

was carefullly walking on to her kneecap. It was a good two hundred feet

or so to the ground, and I resolved to be careful--but I'd been in worse


Slowly, deliberately, I began to lower myself down the sheer

cliff facer of her leg.

* * *


I watched the man try to climb down my leg, and I felt sorry for

him. After all, for him, it was a long, long way down, and if he

fell--! Well, I decided that, since I had decided to keep him anyhow, I

should simply grab him now, rather than let him get hurt.

* * *


Suddenly, everything went dark, and I was pinned.

I wondered what had happened, at first. Then, I began to feel

the warmth from behind me. It was a tremendous hand that held me in

place--gently, for its size, but nevertheless very firmly. Apparrently I

had been noticed.

After an interminable time, the hand began to gather me up into a

fist. Then, the fist began to sway. We were walking.

* * *


I held the little man in my hand as we walked off the autobus. I

walked hurriedly to the restroom.

When we got there, I looked down at the little man.

Incredible--I couldn't believe he was real! He seemed to be saying

something, but it sounded like English, and I don't speak English. I

wondered what he wanted.

I decided that I wanted to keep him safe, and I also wanted to

make sure he didn't escape, so I tucked him safely into my bra. I hoped

he wouldn't be hurt, but I would certainly know if he was trying to go


I went back out and joined my family. I was not sure that this

vacation would be very fun, but I was now very glad I had come to America.

* * *


I had tried to talk to the giantess, but she just looked at me

quizzically, and then stuffed me into her bra.

I was fortunate that Sarah and I had tried this before--I knew

how to arrange my body right on top of the woman's nipple, to lessen the

pressure of the brassiere against me. And I didn't get sick, or not

much, with the swaying of the woman's breasts.

After an hour of waiting, it became apparrent that I wasn't going

anywhere for a while. So I allowed myself to cry a little more, and then

went to sleep on the bosom of a woman whose name I did not know.

I wished I was with Sarah.

* * *


The ride back from Universal Studios was a long one. I still

don't know why we had to stay in Anaheim--It's handy to Disneyland and

the Big A, but absolutely nothing else. I was keyed up--I intended to

make some things up to Scott when we got back. I was going to feign

illness, and stay home while the rest of the family went to dinner. And

then Scott and I were going to have some quality time.

Karen seemed a bit quieter than usual. I wondered about it, but

didn't worry too much. I was grateful, really.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I had a feeling, a feeling of

dread, just as I had had earlier. I wondered why.

Soon enough, I would know.

When we entered the room, Susi made a beeline for the bathroom,

and I made a beeline for the sock drawer. Carefully, I pulled it open.

I didn't panic when I didn't see Scott. I simply tugged a bit on

Scott's hiding place. When he didn't come out, I pulled the socks apart.

And when he wasn't there, I nearly fainted.

* * *


I watched Sarah go to the sock drawer. I wondered what she was

doing for a moment. She was looking for something. Then, she started

looking more carefully. Then, she started tearing the drawer apart.

I got a feeling in my stomach that I knew what she was looking

for. Her little man. It must be. That's why she pulled her old

dollhouse out. That's why she was always sneaking off to do things by

herself. That's why she had turned Sammy Dussendorfer down when he asked

her to prom. She had a boyfriend. He was just short.

And I had lost him.

I was in big trouble.

I thought about being quiet; I almost did. But I had to tell her.

She's my sister, and I was the one that screwed up.

So I did.

* * *


"Um, Sar...what are you looking for?"

I paused briefly. I had put him in the sock drawer, and he was

smart enough to hide. Could the maid have him? I doubted it. He was

too small to open the drawer. Where could he be?

Oh, wait, Karen had asked me a question.


She was silent a good long while, and I suddenly stopped

looking. She hadn't asked me to explain.

"Why do you ask?"

"Um....are you looking for...I don't know how to...a little man?"

My blood ran cold. I turned to face Karen. I was preparing to

kill her. "" I seethed.

"Well....because....when I came back to get my locket, I found

this tiny man...and I put him in my purse...but when we got to Universal

Studios, he was gone...and, oh my God, Sarah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean

anything, I swear to God, if I had even thought he was yours I would have

left him be, I didn't mean to lose him, you've gotta believe me!"

I almost killed her, but didn't. Not because I didn't want to, I

did. But she was the last person to see Scott, and if I had any prayer

of finding him, I had to work with her.

"Karen, if Scott is hurt, if ANYTHING has happened to him...."

"Sar, you won't have to do anything to me. I'll do it myself."

I saw the look on Karen's face. And abruptly, my anger

dissipated. She didn't know--couldn't know--who Scott was. What she had

done was no different than what I had done months ago, when I saw a tiny

man on the floor of the third floor women's bathroom at school. She

hadn't meant to lose him, any more than I had.

"Karen....It's okay. It's not your fault--well, not entirely,

anyhow. We just need to figure out how to find him, that's all. Was

your purse shut completely the whole time?"

"Yeah, except for when I put my ticket in my purse, and then I

zipped it up tight after the tram ride--"

And my heart sank. Because I knew why I had felt like stopping

as we left the tram.

And I knew that Scott could be anywhere by now.

* * *


I was finally free.

Well, sort of.

I was on a bathroom counter in a hotel--a Hilton, according to

the complementary bottle of shampoo by me. The woman--I think her name

was Sadako, I'm not sure--Had removed her clothes and set them on the

counter. She spoke to me in what sounded like Japanese, and smiled. She

was very pretty, and actually pretty young--maybe twenty or so. But she

was no Sarah.

She picked me up, and took me into the shower with her. I had no

idea what she was doing, but I was more than a little nervous. After

all, a vigorous shower would bludgeon me to death. Fortunately, she just

put me on the soap dish, and let me watch as she washed herself. It was

cold comfort.

After she was done, she shut the shower off, and picked me up.

She began rubbing me over her body. It was like a giant slip and

slide--only slip and slides don't have curves like Sadako did. I found

myself growing aroused in spite of myself.

When she was done, Sadako put a robe on, and placed me in the

pocket. She walked out into the room. Her family was there, I think.

I'm not sure. At some point, she shoved a little bit of rice into her

pocket, which I ate hungrily.

* * *


Sarah didn't really talk to me the rest of the night. I can't

say I blamed her. But at least she didn't seem ready and willing to kill

me anymore. She had good cause.

After talking for a while, she decided that we'd have to hope

Scott survived, and hope he could get in touch with us. Sarah said he

knew where we were staying, and knew our home address. If he was alive,

she said, he'd find us. We just had to keep our eyes peeled for him.

Sarah talked hopefully, but I could see in her eyes that she

didn't expect to ever see Scott again. Her heart was broken, and I was

the reason why.

As we went to bed that evening, I said a little prayer for Scott

Chelgren, wherever he was. I prayed he would come home safe to my sister.

I hoped my prayers would be answered.

* * *


I put the little man in the drawer by my bed, and closed it all

the way. I didn't want him escaping. Tomorrow, I would take him out to

the beach with me, and then back to Japan tomorrow night.

I couldn't wait to show him to all of my friends back home.



I awoke in a drawer, just like the day before. The drawer was

open just a tiny crack, just like the day before. I hoped against hope

that my memory of the last day was distorted somehow, that I had but

dreamed of Karen, and Sadako (if that was her name), and getting lost,

and the shower....

No, it had not been a dream. I knew that before Sadako opened

the drawer and smiled at me. I was lost in L.A., and I had no idea how

to find Sarah.

But I would have to find her. I have said often that I love

Sarah, but it was at that moment that I realized how deeply this was

true. Sadako was comely, yes, but it didn't matter to me. My one true

love was Sarah, and I would find her, if it took me forever.

Sadako reached down for me. I didn't resist.

* * *


Karen and I did our best to pretend to enjoy Disneyland. I did

my best not to break down in tears when I saw "Honey, We Shrunk

Ourselves" in the gift shop. I think Disneyland would have been fun, if

Scott hadn't been missing, and probably dead.

I had come to the conclusion, during the sleepless night I had

just spent, that I shouldn't blame Karen for my mistake. Scott was gone

because I didn't safeguard him enough, didn't think things through well,

didn't follow my instincts and carry him with me. I thought back to our

last conversation, and how hurried I had been when I left.

I felt sick. I just hoped that, wherever he was, Scott knew that

I loved him. And I hoped that I would get the chance to tell him myself,


* * *


We were going to the beach.

Sadako was stunning in her yellow bikini. She had placed me in

her bikini bottoms, so as not to lose me, and I was very, very aroused.

So was Sadako, if the warmth and moisture that surrounded me was any


I had to escape; I realized that, now. Sadako was not going to

stay in the U.S. forever, and if I was taken out of the country, it made

things that much more difficult. Besides, I was going to need help to

find Sarah; that help had to speak English, or at least be able to

understand my fractured German.

So I plotted. And I came up with a plan.

I waited for Sadako to stretch out in the sun. Then, I slowly

worked my way up her front, towards her clitoris. I began to massage it

gently, and slowly worked my way into a frenzy.

I hoped this would work.

* * *


The sun was high, and I laid down, enjoying its warmth. Soon, I

started to feel something. I realized that the little man was moving.

He felt very good down there.

He was doing something. I wasn't sure what, but it felt very

good. I hoped he would keep it up. He did, and I felt better and

better, until I started losing control. I has having an orgasm! Right

on the beach, no less! I hoped nobody would notice. I looked down at my

bikini bottoms, and they were soaked. I couldn't let my father see

this! I would have to wash off in the sea. But that would drown the

little man! Sighing, I looked around. Quickly, I pulled the little man

out. He was drenched. I didn't know I had it in me! I dumped out the

rest of my tea, and turned the cup over on top of him. I hoped he

wouldn't escape. Then, I hurried down to the sea.

I would never see him again.

* * *


My plan had worked perfectly! As Sadako left, I took advantage

of a little trick I had learned, lying down and using what leverage I had

to lift the cup. I pulled myself to freedom.

Well, such as it was. I was still just an inch tall, on a beach

swarming with people. I would have to find a safe port, and fast.

I had been walking for no more than a minute when my life almost

ended. A huge, bare foot came crashing down an inch in front of me, and

another fell right beside it. I stared up. It was a teenager, about

Sarah's age. She was pretty, wearing an aquamarine swimsuit and that

mandated-by-law California bleach blond hair. She was looking for a

place to spread out, and she had chosen this spot. She already had laid

her towel down, and now, she was preparing to lay herself down.

Well, any port in a storm....

I waited for her to lie down. It was an amazing sight. The girl

was about as attractive as possible. She was tanned and toned, and had

huge breasts--and not just from my perspective. She was gorgeous.

Watching this four hundred-odd foot tall giantess stretch out was

amazing. Still, I didn't want her to discover me--at least not yet.

Sarah had warned, at least obliquely, that not all women were as kind as

her. I figured I should try to hide, observe the girl, and see if she

was like Sarah or not.

I quickly found a refuge. The girl had brought a bag with her.

Her rollerblades were inside, as was a wraparound and a t-shirt. I

climbed up into the bag. I figured it was best if I stayed out of sight,

and in the shade.

I did keep watch, though. The bag was canvas, and there were

holes in the fabric large enough for me to keep watch through. The girl

was lying on her stomach, and my view was dominated by her tremendous

left foot. She was tanning, just resting, and her foot traced slow

circles. I was fascinated. It was almost as good as television.

After an hour or so, she rolled over, and sat up. She then

pulled the bag over to her, and looked inside.

I wasn't afraid of being found. I crouched beneath her

wraparound, and watched her remove a forty-foot tall tube of sunscreen.

Then, I watched her rub it across the front of her body. I was amazed.

(So, probably, were several other men on the beach that day.) After this

bit of business was complete, she set the bag down next to her, and lay

on her back.

My view now was of her right side, near her breast. The breast

soared triumphanty skyward, and I was enraptured. I hoped she was a nice


The heat of the day was getting to me. I began to doze, and

finally fell asleep.

* * *

I knew something was wrong.

I sat up quickly, and was stunned to find myself in a cage.

This was bad, I thought.

The giantess from before was sitting there, watching me. "Ah, so

you're awake! Good, I was afraid you were in a coma or something. You

wouldn't do me much good like that."

There was something in her voice that sent chills up my spine.

This was not a soul like Sarah's--it may have been her opposite.

I was in big trouble.

She smiled an icy smile. "So, little man, can you talk?"

"Um...yes, yes."

"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!" she suddenly screamed. The air knocked me

backwards. "I found you, hiding in my bag. I don't know what you were

doing there--and I won't ask. But I have found you, fair and square, and

you will show me the respect I deserve, flea. You will address me as

mistress. Now stand up straight, and address me properly."

Now this was one heck of a mood swing. But not wanting to place my

life in jeopardy (or even the Family Feud), I did so. When you're one inch

tall, you don't have much room to bargain. "Yes, mistress, I can talk."

"Good," she purred. "Very good. You and I are going to get

along swimmingly, aren't we?"

"Yes, mistress."

The girl smiled. A cruel smile. "I'll be back. Don't go anywhere."

As she left, I knew I was in big, big trouble. I tried to undo

the latch on the cage, but it was locked, and besides, I'm not all that

strong. I could maybe pick it--my hand was small enough to reach up into

the lock--but I had no clue where I'd go--I was on top of the girl's

dresser, and I was afraid I might be trapped.

I heard the girl approaching, and quickly backed away. Not

quickly enough, though.

"So, trying to escape? I DON'T THINK SO, little man! You'd

better get used to that cage, because that's where you're going to

stay--when I'm in a good mood. But seeing you trying to leave has put me

in a bad mood." She opened the cage, and grabbed me between thumb and

forefinger--hard. I felt a rib crack as she squeezed.

"Why are you doing this?" I cried, but she simply squeezed

harder, and asked, "What, are you questioning me?"

I gasped for air. "No...Mistress...."

"Good," she said, tossing me five feet onto her bed.

I lay on my stomach, groaning. I felt my rib. It would heal

itself in a day or so (a fortunate byproduct of whatever changed me--I heal

really, really fast), but that didn't help me now. And it wouldn't help

me if this girl killed me--which she apparrently had it within her to do.

* * *


(excerpted from sessions conducted by Dr. Kara Lincoln, Psy.D., with

permission of Ms. S_____.)

Look, don't give me any of your shit about abusing him. I

fucking know abuse, okay? Just because the little asshole is all tiny

and cute, you guys go and get all mushy, and think I'm some sort of evil

bitch from Hell. Trust me, if he was 6'1, he'd be slapping someone

around. That's how guys are. So don't fucking start. I hurt him, sure,

but I've been hurt worse.

Christ, I'm fucked up.

* * *

Maybe you just get high on the power. I mean, you try holding a

one inch tall man in your hand and not feeling power. You are a

goddess. The queen of the fucking world. And this little ant can do

nothing to you. And you can use him to get back at everyone who ever

fucked you over. Because now you're in charge, and you don't have to

listen, and you don't have to submit. You think you wouldn't, don't

you? You think you'd be gentle, don't you?

You try it. See how you feel. Then judge me.

* * *


I curled up instinctively, into the fetal position. I was afraid

of what was coming, and damn sure aware that I could do nothing about it.

"Little man, look at me. I'm giving you five seconds...."

She didn't have to count. I turned, stood up, and winced.

That rib hurt like crazy. But it was stand and pay my respects, or maybe

die. And I had sworn to see Sarah again. I'd just have to survive

this. I hoped.

"Little man, I am going out. My friends called, and they want me

to come over. And that's where I'm going. But I'm concerned about your

escape attempt. I don't want to get back here and find you gone. So I'm

taking you with me. And to make sure you don't go anywhere....

With that, she slipped her panties down, and placed me in them.

"Stay put. Or I'll kill you, bug." She pulled the panties up, and I

found to my chagrin that I was not in the anterior portion of them. The

girl arranged me so that I was between two enormous cheeks. Then, once

she felt I was secure, She walked off.

I was in big trouble.

* * *


He felt pretty good back there, if I do say so. I let him wiggle

a bit, and felt the power running through my body. As I slipped behind

the wheel of daddy's Jag, I worried not a bit about killing him, but I

hoped I wouldn't. I wanted to show my prize off.

I kicked the car into gear, and headed out into the street.



The last time I was sat on, I was able to escape

quickly. I wasn't even hurt. Indeed, I thought at the time

that there were certainly worse ways to go.

Well, there may be, but if so, I hope not to find


I had cracked another rib from the pressure, I was

finding it hard to breathe, and the smell wasn't outstanding.

The fact that the girl's ass was just about perfect was but

small consolation. She was, literally, killing me.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, the

pressure suddenly abated. The girl was standing up.

I just hoped I'd survive the experience.

* * *


Honestly, I'm not sure why we hung out with

Victoria. She always went on and on about how important her

dad was. I mean, sure, her dad's a big exec for Dreamworks

SKG, but big deal! I mean, my mom's a cinematographer at

Paramount, but I never put on airs about it. Liz' Dad is a

screenwriter, she doesn't brag about it. But with Tory, it's

always, "My dad knows Steven Spielberg," or "my dad had lunch

with Jeff Katzenberg." It's a bit annoying. Okay, it's way


But we hung out with Victoria anyhow.

It was about seven or so, I guess. Victoria wanted

to go out dancing. Liz and I were more in the mood for coffee,

but Vicki's wishes would probably carry the day.

Vicki came bounding up the stairway, grinning from

ear to ear. She looked different somehow. Not quite right in

the head. "She may have lost it, Kate," whispered Liz. I

thought Liz was probably right.

"Liz, Kathy, how are my two dearest friends? Ready

to go dance the night away?" said Vicky, strange smile on her


Liz and I looked at each other. "Um, Vick...."

"Let's go, I'm in a good dancing mood."

There was a pause, while Liz and I silently debated

arguing with Vicki. We decided against it. Sometimes, you've

just gotta give in...especially when your friend appears to be


"All right, let's go," I sighed. This night wasn't

going to be all that fun after all.

"Just a sec, gals, gotta run to the bathroom quick.

Be right back, after...." She giggled, thus reassuring us that

she was not all there. But then again, Vicki never was.

* * *


I heard the conversation, and let out a groan.

Somehow, I didn't think this was a good place to be at a

club--especially in my present state. I think my right

shoulder was dislocated. I know I had another broken rib, and

from the way my head felt, I was either suffering from hypoxia,

or a concussion, or both.

Suddenly, the floor dropped out from under me, and I

fell twenty feet or so into the soft cushion of the girl's

(Vicki's?) panties. I was relieved, as I could breathe freely,

if painfully.

Vicki grabbed me roughly, and brought me to her

face. I'm sure I looked like hell, but she didn't seem to

care. "You are fine, aren't you?" she hissed.

"Yes...mistress...." I murmured, reflexively. I

didn't know why, but it seemed the right answer.

"Good...very good. You're a very fast learner.

Just for that, you get to visit another part of my body.

Hmmm...I know." With that, she shoved me hard into her vagina.

I was pinned in place by powerful muscles, and I realized how

gently Sarah conducted herself. Vicki was not gentle, and I

was crushed as firmly as I had been when she sat on me.

And now, we were going to dance.

Not good. Not good at all.

* * *


I don't even know why we hang out with Victoria. I

mean, it's not like she's nice, or cool, or even friendly.

She's a real bitch, y'know? And we don't anymore, because,

well, she's in the nervous hospital now....

Sorry, I know, I'm getting ahead of the story, you

wanted it in the order it happened, and all that.


Anyhow, that girl has, like, seriously bad karma.

She's mean, and psycho, and just annoying, and I hope I never

see her again.

Whatever. Anyhow, we went out to this really sleazy

dance club that Vicky seemed to like. She was just going nuts

on the dance floor, grabbing any guy that moved. It was almost

like she was having sex right out on the floor, she was

screaming and howling and shit. It was crazy, no lie.

* * *


I thought the little man felt good beneath me, but

that was nothing compared to how he felt inside me.


I was high on orgasms and herbal ecstacy. It was

the best night of my life. I would have gone home with this

one guy who was soooooo cute, but Liz and Kathy had to drag me

out of the club around one or so. Bitches. Just because I was

having too much fun.

But I was still happy, because I had my little

friend. He would satisfy me more tonight. He had done well so


* * *


I was dying. I knew it.

I had been crushed inside of Victoria, and now I was

bleeding and tattered. My bones were powder. My muscles were

ripped. How I had survived this long was beyond me.

I saw panties being pulled down, but I was rising,


* * *

I always thought the Light was made up. But it's

real. I went towards it.

As I approached, I saw someone, or something,

approaching. A girl, sixteenish, with wild, jet-black hair,

and an ankh pendant.

The Angel of Death. Neil Gaiman style. Just the

way I'd always pictured her.

"Scott," she said softly, "not yet. You still have

a lot of magic left."

I started to question, but before I got the chance,

I was falling, falling, back into the pain and anguish.

* * *


The little man couldn't take it. He was weak, I

guess. But before I got rid of him, I decided to show him to

Liz and Kathy.

"Hey guys, get a load of this. He's dead, but he

was fun while he lasted." I smiled. Bastard got what he

deserved. All men deserve that fate.

I expected my friends to think he was cool. They

didn't, though. I wonder why.

* * *


I was sick.

Victoria was showing us this little man she pulled

out of her cunt. He was barely breathing, a huge bruise from

head to toe. And she was showing him off! She thought it was

cool how she'd killed him.


I wanted to slap her right there--I know, violence

is bad karma, but I'd drop back a cycle to clock her.

Fortunately, Vicki was tired, and she decided that

she needed to lie down. As she drifted off to sleep, Liz

managed to grab hold of the little man, and I put Vicki to bed.


It was alive, whatever it was. I wondered if it was

intelligent, like us, or just an animal. Whatever, it was

alive, and worthy of respect. I tried to think of something I

could do to help it.

* * *


The poor little thing was dying. I knew Vicki was

nuts, but I didn't realize how nuts.

He needed something with healing power, and not

doctors or anything. I mean true healing power.

"We've got to help him. Poor guy never did

anything," I said. I couldn't believe that Victoria was in the

next room, sleeping soundly, after murdering someone.

Well, not quite--he was breathing, but labored. He

was alive for now. But saving him would require forces beyond

the pale of ordinary science--Liz and I were sure of that.

So she and I pulled out our Astrology books, and our

healing books, and even this one book called "Magck," and we

were about to give up, when I found a spell that looked like it

may work.

"Change," I said. "Creates a change in the life of

the incanter."

"That's not exactly what we need," said Liz.

"Yeah--but when used with good crystals and a

variation on this spell, it could create a change in the life

of a different person--like our little man."


"That's what the book says."

We put him in the big crystal downstairs, and both

of us read the incantation. Strange, but I swear I saw him

move a little as we did it. Anyhow, having done all we could

do, we went to sleep. We hoped the little guy would make it.

* * *


I awoke slowly. Then, quickly. I was alive? I was

alive! I didn't know how, or why, but I was alive, and it felt


The pain was gone, and I was in a huge crystal

palace. I stood up, and examined myself. All the bruises and

the broken bones were gone! I was as good as new!

But where was I?

Fearfully, I crept forward. I realized I was in a

huge crystal, the kind you can buy down at the Nature Company

if you've got $450 to blow on a huge crystal. It was on a

table of some sort--a dining room table, perhaps. I walked

slowly out, and saw an immense purse.

It wasn't Victoria's, thankfully. It was a big one,

though, with a longer and thicker strap than usual, and--wait,

that made no sense.

Then I saw a newspaper--and knew what had happened.

I had shrunk again.

By a factor of two, near as I could figure. I was

now about half an inch tall.

That made my life more difficult, but at the moment,

I wasn't quibbling. By all rights I should've been dead. That

I was merely shorter didn't faze me.

I wasn't sure where Victoria was, but I meant to get

as far away from her as possible. I walked towards the purse.

I could stow away in here, and worry about escape later. At

least I'd be away from Victoria--and thus a million times safer.

I crawled into the purse, and rested. I rested easy.

* * *



My purse was on the table, next to Kathy's crystal.

I grabbed it, and headed out the door. Damn, I hate 4 A.M. to

6 P.M. days.

But I'm not a director, or a producer. I'm a

cinematographer, and I don't get to set hours.

So I hopped into my Lexus and headed off to the

Studio. With luck, I'd beat Sandra there.

* * *


Liz and I talked all night. We didn't know what to

do about Victoria. After my mom left, I went downstairs to

check on the little man--and he was gone! Escaped, or removed

by the hand of God, I don't know. But it gave me an idea.

When Victoria woke up, we started in on her. The

two of us talked about how concerned we were, how she made up

this little guy, bragged a

Giantess Stories: Lost in L

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