Giantess Stories: Louise liked the feeling of having Michael at her feet

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Louise liked the feeling of having Michael at her feet.


They were good friends, but there had not been any romance

between them. Louise had a boyfriend, Chris, for quite some years but she had an

appetite for more than what he had to offer. At present, Chris had gone to bed

early, having worked hard all day. Michael, their best friend, was spending the

night, and he and Louise were watching television in the living room.

In order not to disturb Chris, they had already pulled out

the mattress that Michael thought that he would be using that night to sleep on.

He had nudged it up to the couch, where Louise was sitting.


Louise and Michael had always had a constrained

relationship. He had always seen a look in her eyes that demanded that he give

into her, and she had always known that if she had openly demanded it, he would

have obeyed her every whim. Yet, their relationship had always remained

platonic. He had too much respect for Chris to make advances on Louise, and she

had never come on strongly enough to him, for him to give in to their mutual

desires. However, there wasn't any harm in positioning was there?


He nudged the mattress on the ground up to the couch and

lay down on it; head facing the couch. Pretending interest in the television,

Louise liked this development.


From this vantage point, he could look at her feet

covertly. Chris was asleep, and she was watching TV. He had fantasized about

being at her feet and servicing them for years. Only once had he had the chance

to rub them, and it had been the most wonderful thing for him. Being at her feet

meant for him the submission that he longed to do before her. Unfortunately, she

was presently wearing shoes and socks. Still, being at her feet felt nice.


“Michael,” she said, “My shoes are on tight. Would you

remove them?”


His mouth went dry with desire and surprise. “Sure.” He

croaked, failing to sound nonchalant.


Louise smiled with satisfaction with herself, as she felt

his hands undoing her laces, and slipping the shoes off her heels. Placing them

aside, Michael laid back down to watch television. However, in resettling

himself after removing her shoes, he had positioned himself a little closer to

her feet. The light but musty smell did not upset him in the slightest. Albeit

through the socks that remained, he admired the rough shape of those feet. He

longed to rub his forehead along those arches.


Again pretending to be engrossed in the movie that they

were watching, she slowly managed to stick the toe of her right foot into the

sock on her left foot, and slip of the sock. Michael was not missing a moment of

this development. The same transpired with the other sock. As if simply

resettling, Michael nudged a little closer again.  His head was now a mere ten

inches away from her bare feet. He was, in his mind, only ten inches and five

miles of propriety away from  having her toes in his mouth. He hoped that she

wouldn't notice the bulge that was starting to form in his pants.


Of course she noticed, but did not make mention of it. She

loved it. Here was this far from unattractive man, wanting nothing more than to

submit himself to her domination at her feet. It made her feel sexy, in total

control and powerfully masterful. It also brought another thought to her mind.


In her possession  was a bottle of liquid that had been

developed by a friend of hers, who was a PhD candidate at the Natural Sciences

Academy. She had told Louise about it, and its effect, but had neglectfully

forgotten it at Louise's house. Apparently, it had the odd effect of linking a

male's bodily structure to his semen, when sufficient endorphins from the brain

– such as those released when aroused by a powerful sexual desire – were in the

bloodstream. Louise now had an idea of what could be done with it. Was it worth

it to her, however? She would be reducing a person who, aside from her desire to

be his Goddess, also meant a great deal to her as a friend.


Pretending to shift position for greater comfort, Michael

again moved a couple of inches closer to her nearest foot. Her legs were

crossed, so her right foot was closest to him, as he was laying to her left.

Unaware of the debate going on in Louise's head, he was admiring the shape of

her bare feet. The arches looked so very inviting. With equal pretense of

non-attention, Louise also shifted in position, which had the added effect of

bringing her feet that much loser to his head.


Out of sight of his eyes, Louise bit her lip. She was

strongly thinking about the elixir, and what it's effect would be on Michael –

and what she could then do with him. She would have absolute power over him,

both with or without his consent (not that his consent was any problem, she

figured). However, he was her friend, and his will ought to mean something to

her. Part of the debate within her was whether she would allow her desire to

overrule his will, if it came down to that. She wanted that power – the power of

life and death over another human. She wanted his worship.


Unable to control himself much more, with her foot now one

inch away from his nose – his lips, he moved to close the remaining gap.


She felt it. His lips touched the arch of her right foot.

her brain screamed at her. She inhaled sharply through her clenched

teeth, as she felt the surge of power.


Noticing that she did not recoil, Michael kissed her foot

again. When again she didn't recoil, but rather uncrossed her left leg to move

over his body, he gave in more completely, his lips now roaming further around

her instep and soles. Doing so, he still had the wherewithal to notice that her

left foot was now on top his head.


He was wholly giving himself into the act of venerating her

power. He was kissing one foot, while being underneath another. She loved the

feel of his hair through her toes. This was what she had been missing for all

those years. She had always desired to be totally dominant, and now it was

happening. She owned him, as his tongue lovingly lapped around her heel. Wanting

him to further recognize the control she could exercise over him, she pushed his

head down with her left foot, making him strain to reach her right.


She enjoyed this for some time. But then she wanted to

escalate. “On your knees.” She said calmly but with authority. He did so,

looking now at her ominous eyes, boring into his soul. He blushed and looked

back down to her worshipful feet. She smiled.


She placed one foot in his crotch, feeling his

near-bursting erection there. The other, she lifted up higher. In compliance

with her unspoken command, he opened his mouth, and she pressed her big toe down

on his tongue. She pressed hard, forcing his mouth open further to accommodate

all her toes.


Her decision was now made. She would make the most of this

worshipping ‘friend' of hers.


“Take that bottle on the bookshelf.” She commanded. He

readily obeyed, though somewhat mystified at what this was for. “Now, take a sip

of it.”


Her friend, the one who had devised this substance, had

told her that it was quite concentrated, so that only just a little bit would be

a sufficient amount to affect the drinker's metabolism. Louise did not really

have a clue what the stuff had been created for originally, but she had a plan

of her own with it.


Whatever it was, it certainly was not meant for taste,

Michael found out. Several moments after Louise had instructed him to return to

his worship of her feet, he could feel a very strange sensation tingling through

his body. He, however, dismissed it as simply being the excitement of finally

being able to do to Louise what he had dreamed about for years now.


“Stand up”


He did so. She motioned for him to undress. He, again, did

as he was ordered. He wasn't quite sure what she was thinking of doing, and part

of him was sad that he was no longer at her feet, but doing her bidding was of

great excitement – especially if that included something for which his pants

were unnecessary. His erection was very visible between them. She beckoned him

closer, and opened her mouth.


Her mouth had always been of great fascination to him. It

was her predatory organ, and he had often fantasized of being her prey. When

they had laughed together in the past, he would never pass up the opportunity to

look into her open mouth, and to a degree he had always felt a measure of

jealousy for the food that she consumed. Furthermore, her lovely mouth was the

gateway to her stomach, a part of her that – like her feet and mouth – was of

quite some sensual fascination for him.


Now that lovely mouth closed itself upon his member. Seeing

that he felt her to be an infinitely superior being to himself – his goddess –

he felt there was something very wrong about her now going down on him. But if

it was her desire – he was willing to feel her lovely tongue sliding around

about his penis, and her lips were working magic.


Though he thought this was a sensation that he would like

to keep for a long time, the powerful feelings of sensual pleasure welled up

within him, and soon he found that he could not hold back his eruption.


As he erupted, she ravenously ingested his seed, drawing

out more of him than what was average for an ejaculation. The elixir had worked.

His ‘essence' was streaming out of him, and into her. She was draining him of

his very substance. The feeling of this coursed through him, virtually

incapacitating his brain, but she was quite aware that we swallowing of his

essence was drawing that away from him and adding to her. As such, he was

shrinking with his substance flowing away, and she was swelling as he added to

her. As she grew, so did her hunger. As he shrank, so did his ability to resist

(if he had been so inclined.)


After what seemed an eternity, she stopped. She looked at

him, and then her surroundings. He had been drained to what seemed was about

three inches tall. However, that was misleading as she was now quite a bit

larger. She now comprised of the volume of nearly two whole people, while he was

– in comparison to the living room – about the size of a Ken doll.


Michael was (literally) drained. He had fallen back onto

what he had thought was the mattress. It felt comfortable enough, and he was not

in any condition to discriminate between the feel of a mattress and what he had

in truth fallen back on.


It took him several minutes to regain his senses. When he

did so, he opened his eyes and saw her face. It seemed to him normal and

pleasant to have her face so close to his. After he had shaken off some

grogginess, however, he noticed that her face was not as close as he had

thought, but that it, in fact, was very large and looming over him.


“Michael,” Louise boomed, though in truth she was not

really raising her voice. He looked at her, blinking. This was all very odd, but

he was still overcome with worship and devotion for her. She grinned menacingly.

“Thank you. That was so wonderful of you to give of yourself to me.”


He looked around, and saw that he was not lying on the

mattress, but rather in the palm of her hand. He looked back at her, speechless.


“Yes, your senses are not lying to you – you've shrunken

and I've grown. You are my little slave, and I am your giant Goddess.”


Not quite thinking rationally, he loved the sound of this.

It was something not unlike what he had always fantasized about. He smiled up at

her. With her other hand, she grabbed him with two fingers on each side of his

torso and lifted him off of her hand. She set him down by her feet, and he set

himself to worshipping them again.


There Michael was, a five inch man, at the mercy of a nine

foot tall woman. His tongue was again lapping at her toes, and he felt a

profound sense of belonging. He could finally belong to her and show his proper

devotions to her. As she has said, he was her little slave, and she was his

giant Goddess.


Louise had so relished his subjection and his diminution

that she now was at somewhat of a loss as to what to do with him, now that he

was this size. She thought about this for a while. Insertion came to mind.

Having him fully inside her sounded quite pleasurable.


Inside her….


She then had a feeling that was associated with that

thought. Having absorbed his essence had added to her body. His structure had

become her structure. It had not, however, fed her and a empty feeling in her

stomach made her understand that this new larger body of hers was in need of

nourishment. Smiling evilly she looked back at her worshipper down at her feet.


She grabbed him up again and set him down on her bare

abdomen, having lifted her shirt.


“What do you think of my belly?” she demanded of him.


He was truly in love with her belly. It was not anorexic,

and he did not care for anorexic women to begin with. He knelt down and kissed

her just underneath the navel in symbolic answer to her question.


“How would you like to be inside my belly?” she inquired.


He looked up at her, still kneeling in front of her navel.

He then looked down at her abdomen. Her tummy truly was a sight he appreciated.

However, he did not think his chances for survival were very good in there. In

fact, he figured that sliding down her throat would be the last voyage he would

make. However, for all that, she was his Goddess, and he wanted to serve her in

every way, even if it did mean his life. Adding to that, the sheer thought of

being her food made him feel very aroused. This battle between strange desire

and good sense gave him a very odd feeling in his own stomach. She simply looked

at him with her powerful eyes.


“If that is your wish, my Goddess,” he croaked “then I

would like that very much.”


Louise smiled the kind of smile one would have expected had

she already ingested him.


“Good.” she said.


He looked back down towards her abdomen. He lay down,

feeling himself close to her stomach, which was now his clear fate to enter and

remain in.


She set him on her hand again and brought her hand up to

her mouth. She smiled at him desirously one more time and opened her mouth. He

stared inside. Now that it was large enough to crawl into, it looked even more

inviting than it had ever before. There was her tongue, and her teeth. In the

back was her throat – being the entrance to the path down to her stomach.


He crawled into her mouth, admiring both the view and the

texture. He lay down on her tongue, waiting. It felt really nice to lie down on

her tongue. He had done so in fantasy many times before, and this was not a

disappointment. He sighed, allowing all his energy to leave him and simply be

content. She slowly closed her mouth, and simply enjoyed the sensation of

mastery for a second of two and then swallowed him slowly.


Louise closed her eyes to better concentrate on the feeling

of Michael sliding down her throat and into her awaiting stomach. It felt

wonderful and it made her feel wholly powerful to have another human being

inside her, sliding towards her stomach. When she felt him arrive, she could

tell that he was simply curling up into a ball to await what her juices had in

store for him. He had resigned himself to his fate of being her food –

sustenance for his Goddess


She slowly rubbed her belly and enjoyed the feeling. It was

true that she would no longer have Michael as a friend in the world, but then he

also served wonderfully as a meal – a human meal she felt she richly deserved.




Some moments later, Chris was awoken by Louise nudging him.

He ‘hmm'-ed a bit, not opening his eyes. “Hon',” he heard her say. “Drink some

of this.”


he thought as he took a


Giantess Stories: Louise liked the feeling of having Michael at her feet

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