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Keitaro looked around his room,seeing it as much bigger than normal. He

started to panic,not knowing what could have caused this. Although he was bad

at math,he calculated himself to be 2 inches tall. Luckily his clothes shrank

with him. There was a knock on his door,followed by a voice.

"Keitaro,are you ok? I heard a scream and thought something may have

happened." Shinobu said. She opened the door and looked around. Keitaro waved

his arms and screamed frantically to try to get her attention. Luckily,she

looked down and noticed him.

"Oh my god! Keitaro,what happened!?!" she asked,her voice booming and

deafening loud from his point of view.

"I'm not sure. You have to help me Shinobu,please!" he pleaded,knowing his

life was at her decision. What should her attitude toward him be?

"Oh no! Urashima-san! What happened?" Shinobu cried as she

scooped Keitaro up into her hands, bringing him close to her face. Keitaro

being clumsy as usual fell face first in her palm as he tried to stand up to

talk to her. Shinobu giggled when she saw this, almost forgetting the

seriousness of the situation.

Helping Keitaro to his feet on her palm with her other hand, she looked

anxiously down at him, hoping he was ok. Keitaro however couldn't provide

any answers either. He had no idea how he had suddenly shrunk like this and

he was rather scared of the repercussions of being two inches tall in a

female dormitory. Especially with crazy girls like Motoko and Kaolla (she'd

probably feed me to Tama-chan).

It was a stroke of luck that Shinobu had found him, though he may have

preferred to have been found by the love of his life Naru, who knows how she

would've taken it. With his luck she'd have called him a "pervert" claiming

he did this on purpose and then punch him sky high. He could survive a Naru-punch

at regular size, but now he was not so sure.

Keitaro proceeded to explain what had happened to him to Shinobu, but there

really wasn't much to tell. Shinobu pouted and drew Keitaro close to her

chest (for a girl of her age there was some nice development going on in the

chest area, thought Keitaro holding back a nose bleed).

"Don't worry Urashima-san." said Shinobu "I'll take good care of you until

you're better. I'll especially make sure Kaolla doesn't find you, she'd

probably feed you to Tama-chan" Keitaro left to himself. Yep, it was a good

thing Shinobu had found him first. Perhaps being this small won't be so bad.

Shinobu felt bad for what happened for Keitaro. She wondered

how he would go to class at Tokyo University,how he would work for Master

Seta and help pay rent,how he would be the apartment manager,and how he

would have his relationship with Naru. First things first,she took him to

her room. As she opened the door,she saw Su sitting on the bed waiting.

"Hiya Shinobu! Wanna play....hey! Thats Keitaro!" the Radical Edward style

girl said as she stared at the mini Keitaro.

"It...its not what it looks like!" Shinobu shouted,afraid of what might

happened. Keitaro didn't say anything,but he cowered in fear.

"It worked! It worked it worked it worked!" she called out in happiness.

"Did you have something to do with this?!" both Keitaro and Shinobu asked.

"Yep. It was my new Shrinking Vapor. I wanted to test it out,so I slipped

some into Keitaro's room when he was sleeping. I didn't think it would

work." Su said. Well,now things made some sense.

"Alright,funs fun,but can you turn me back to normal size? I got a lot of

responsibility around here." Keitaro asked her,now more annoyed than scared.

"Um..well...nope. I never thought of making a growth vapor. I will make it

just for you,but it will take me awhile." Su said.

"Oh no. Poor Keitaro." Shinobu said as she held him to her softly. She then

put him in a dollhouse that she had on the floor. It was very

realistic,almost lifelike. He sat back on a couch that was in there. Shinobu

almost felt happy. She always wanted to tower over someone and take care of

him,and now was her chance,but Keitaro had a lot of stuff he has to take

care of. Later,she picked him up and went to get some help. Who do they see?


"Hey Shinobu!" called Keitaro from Shinobu's cupped palm.

"Who exactly did you have in mind to take over my job as manager until

Kaolla figures out this whole mess?"

"Well I thought your sister might be willing to help..." said Shinobu

softly, apprehensive of Keitaro's reaction. Keitaro's little sister Kanako

was rather head strong and a bit too over protective of him. She was rather

bitter towards Naru because of how much Keitaro pined after her, and wasn't

at all pleased with the other girls he was staying with.

" really think that's such a good idea?" asked Keitaro. "I mean she

can get a bit crazy sometimes." Shinobu nodded, but kept smiling, cradling

you gently back and forth.

"Don't worry Urashima-san. We need a manager and I'm sure Kanako would be

willing to help out till you're better." Keitaro agreed that she'd probably

try to help them out, but wasn't sure if her methods would be very

desirable. He made a final protest suggesting his Aunt Haruka to take

complete control of the dorm as an alternative, but Shinobu just hushed him

and told him not to worry. Keitaro did his best not to, but he was uneasy

about this whole situation and his faith that Kaolla would find a cure to

this problem was dwindling.

Unbeknownst to Keitaro, it was at that moment, with Keitaro lying in her

hand that the Shinobu realized that as she said that, she secretly never

wanted him to return to normal. She knew that if she ever wanted to have him

to herself, this was the only way. She would have Kanako help her, and hide

it from Naru. Keitaro would be her pet forever...

"I'm hungry..." said Keitaro. Shinobu stifled a laugh.

Keitaro was set on Shinobu's desk in her room. She went

downstairs to get him something to eat and to find Kanako. She loved him and

wanted to be with him forever,and to keep him safe from harm,so it only

seemed right to be going to extreme measures.

Shinobu was making lunch in the kitchen when Naru came by. She seemed

angry,really angry.

"Have you seen that idiot Keitaro around here? He isn't studying,cleaning,or

even around here at all! I'm going to teach him what house arrest really

means!" she said. Keitaro got into a bit of trouble with her,and she ordered

him not to leave the house for 3 days. If only she knew. Shinobu was about

ready to punch her out and teach HER a lesson.

"How dare she threaten him like that! Just because he trips and happens to

land in the wrong place,doesn't give her the right to treat him like that. I

don't know how poor Keitaro likes her." she thought silently to herself.

"No,I havn't seen him. Good luck Naru." she said,covering her rage. Naru

then walked off and searched again. Kanako walked into the kitchen soon


"You wanted to see me?" she asks,not knowing whats going on.

"Yes. I need your help. You see....." she went on telling her about

everything that had happened,but Kanako didn't believe her. To prove she was

telling the truth,Shinobu showed her to her bedroom,where Keitaro awaited.

"Big brother! You really are small!" Kanako shouted,but Shinobu covered her


"Shhh....not so loud." she said before releasing her hand.

"What do you need me for? Is my brother going to stay like this forever?"

she asked. Shinobu went on to tell her plan.

"Yes,but it will be for good cause. I'm going to come clean,I love your

brother more than life itself. Keeping him small is the only way to keep him

safe from Naru and the misery of the real world. You would make a great

manager in his place,and everything would be alright in the long run." she

explained. Kanako gave a smile and hugged her.

"Thank you so much for doing this for him. I won't let you down." Kanako

said. Keitaro finally learned Shinobu's love for him,and sort of felt the

same way about her. This would be best for him after all.

And so Keitaro and Shinobu grew up together and soon

married. When Naru found about their secret she tried to stop them, luckily

Kaolla had perfected her device and Shinobu was able to shrink her as well

and do away with her.

One night several years later when Shinobu was 21 and been secretly married

to Keitaro for a few years, they were lying in bed waiting for the sun to

rise. Keitaro was lying on her breast, which rose up and down which each

breath. He turned and smiled at his wife. How'd he ever think that this way

of life would be terrible? It was probably the best thing that ever happened

to him.

A pity poor Naru had to get in the way. He had been thinking of her a lot

recently But that whole promise about Tokyo U was probably a joke anyway.

Yes life was good...

He closed his eyes...

BAM! Keitaro wakes up almost falling out of Shinobu's hand as she walked

through the halls of Hinata Inn. She was the same Shinobu from the time he

had shrunk, he was the same age as he was before too. Had it all been a

dream? His life with Shinobu, everything! Was it all an illusion?

He looked up at his giantess. She was looking straight back at him concerned

as to what was wrong. "Urashima-san are you alright you look like you've

just had a horrible nightmare! Maybe I shouldn't take you to Kanako just


Keitaro's eye spiraled and he crashed backwards into Shinobu's palm into


Keitaro didn't have a dream,he had a flashback. He saw the

wedding ring on Shinobu's finger,and soon remembered everything. She was the

love of his life,and nothing came between them.

Shinobu was a gentle giantess and hated to hurt people,but sometimes her

rage gets out of control. Naru had to be the unlucky victim,but rumor has it

shes still alive. Even more rumors say she returned to normal size,became a

cyborg with the help of Su,and married Kentaro. As Viewtiful Joe once

said,there has to be a plot twist,something bad has to happen before the

happy ending

Elsewhere,in Osaka.......

Naru had been planning revenge on Shinobu for years. She shrank her and

crushed her,but Su brought her back to life as a cyborg. She then started

working on a shrink ray of her own. Her first victim was her own


"Is everything ready?" she asks from her compfortable seat in the living

room. The tiny Kentaro walked to her and knelt at her feet.

"Yes mistress. The plan is in order. You are to infiltrate Hinata and kidnap

Keitaro. When Shinobu arrives,you shrink her down and do what you will with

her." he says,fear in the tone of his voice.

"Excellent. You may leave my sight now." she commanded. He immediatly left.

The plan was in action. Naru drove up to the house in her brand new Viper

and decided to end this once and for all.

Naru walked up to the doors of the hinata house with her new

shrink ray gun and attempted to open the doors. Locked. Not a problem for

Naru now tho. Using her newly acquired superhuman cyborg strength she ripped

the doors right off the walls as if they were paper!

Naru then proceeded thru the area looking for any signs of the keitaro and


"Hmmm, where could they be?" She said. Walking over to a nearby couch she

then spotted the tiny keitaro fast asleep on a red pillow cushion.

"There you are..." Naru smiled. Keitaro slowly opened his eyes.

"Shinobu??" He rubbed his eyes and focused in on the figure, what he saw

shocked him and quickly made him jump to his feet! It was Naru! Shes back

but something was diffrent, he noticed her eyes glowed red for a few seconds

and she had some sort of gun with her. She looked very inhuman to him now.

"Ahhh! Naru?! It cant be Shinobu killed you years ago!!" He said.

"Thats what you guys thinked at first! Thanks to the efforts of Su ive been

brought back to life as a cyborg! What do you think of my new body?" Naru

said. Keitaro was too shocked and speechless by all this to reply!

Naru grinned then reached over to grab the tiny Keitaro when all of a sudden

she heard a familiar voice.

"Leave him alone you witch!" Shinobu screamed! She then quickly ran over to

Naru and striked her on the face with her fist! Naru's head turned the right

slightly from Shinobu's punch but when she faced Shinobu to her suprise she

was completly unphazed!

"Ahhh! You're dead!!" Shinobu said with a shocked look on her face, now

recognizing the intruder.

"Hello Shinobu! Im glad you're here! Now its time for me to get my revenge

on you!" Naru said.

What happens?

Before Shinobu could react in any way she was struck in the

chest by a strange purple beam that was fired from Naru!

Shinobu opened her eyes, she wasnt dead. However she saw herself staring at

a huge black high heel sandal with five very large toes resting in it.

Looking up further she saw Naru towering over her body like a huge building!

"Ahhh! What happened to me?!" Shinobu shrieked. She had been shrunk down to

an inch tall. A little bit smaller than Keitaro's current height. Bending

over Naru picked up the tiny girl between her fingers and brought her up to

her face. The feeling of fear instantly took over Shinobu's little body as

she stared face to face with the giant Naru, her eyes once again flashing

red for a second!

"Shinobu!!" Keitaro cried out.

"Please Naru i'll do anything! Forgive me please!" Shinobu begged.

"Thanks for the offer Shinobu, but i'll pass on that! You're going to pay

for taking my life! Now say bye bye to Keitaro!" Naru said. Shinobu screams!

All Keitaro can do is watch what happens to his poor wife! What does Naru


Naru dropped the tiny shinobu on the floor right next to her

giant feet. It was a very painful landing but to her very suprise nothing

was broken, yet! Shinobu watched in terror as Naru removed her right foot

from her sandal and moved it aside.

"Well Shinobu, since you stepped on me last time I think I will repay the

favor by showing you how it felt for me." Naru then lifted her enourmous

barefoot over Shinobu's tiny body.

"No dont do it!!" Keitaro said, helplessly watching everything from the

sofa. What happens next?

Naru picked up Shinobu and opened her mouth slowly for

dramatic effect. Keitaro screamed and tried to reason with her,but Naru is

the most evil cyborg since #17. As she was about to drop the frightened

girl,a loud bang was heard. Suddenly,Shinobu returned to normal size. It was

Haruka holding a size changer gun.

"What in the blue hell?" Naru wondered as she turned around.

"If you think I'm going to let you hurt my niece-inlaw,you got another thing

coming." said Haruka. In her dress pocket was a 2 inch tall Seta.

"Where did you get that gun?!" Naru asked.

"Everyone has one. Motoko and Kitsune used them on Haitani and Shirai and

fell in love with them. I won't hurt you if you just turn around and leave."

Haruka demanded.

"Grr.....damn you all!" Naru shouted.

"You guys havent seen the last of me! I'll come back with an even

better plan you'll see!" Naru said with an evil look on her face. She then

proceeded out of the house and drove off in her car.

"Are you ok Shinobu?" Haruka asked.

"Yes im fine, thanks for saving me. Do you think she'll come back?"

Shinobu said.

"If she does, we'll be ready!" Haruka said and then raised her shrink gun!

***2 weeks later***

"Its ready! Come Kentaro!" Naru said then grabbed her tiny husband off the

couch and walked into their garage.

"Behold, my new growth machine!" Naru said then pulled off the grey tarp

revealing what looked like a big ray gun with tons of lights on it.

"Are you sure thats going to actually work Naru?" Kentaro asks.

"Of course it will! Ive got it all worked out dont worry. First I will

take care of Shinobu and the others then this whole town will be mine!"

Naru said with an evil grin on her face.

"I dont know dear..." Kentaro said. Naru turned her head abruptly torwards

her tiny husband.

"What do you mean?! This is a perfect plan! I could just step on the whole

hinata house and they wouldnt know what hit them!" Naru said.

"But what if by some chance they found out sooner and shrunk you again?"

Kentaro said.

"Thats were you're wrong, ive programmed the machine to make the person

growing shrink gun proof! They wont work on me once im huge!" Naru said.

Naru then powered up the machine and set the growth and timer setting.

"Ok im ready!" Naru said then stood in front of the huge ray cannon.

"I hope this works.." Kentaro said and watched. Within about 5 seconds a

very bright red beam was fire from the machine and into Naru's chest. A

smile formed on her face as the beam absorbed itself into her body.

"Yes! This is great!" Naru said as she began to grow bigger and bigger by

the second! Kentaro was even more amazed seeing that his big wife is

getting even bigger now!

The machine then shut off. Naru had finished growing. Kentaro was just

shocked. How big did Naru get?

The machine shut off and Naru was about 300 feet tall now.

She stepped out of her garage before growing so she wouldnt destroy her


"Kentaro?" She got down on her knees and looked in the garage. Kentaro

nearly pissed his pants seeing Naru's enourmous eye seeking for any signs of

him in the garage!

"Uh, Im right here dear!" Kentaro said while approaching her slowly. Naru

was so big now that her Tiny Kentaro looked almost microscopic.

"Oh there you are, I'll be back in a little bit sweety. Ive got a score to

settle with the residents at Hinata now!" Naru said then stomped off

crushing a bunch of houses and terrified people under her feet along the


Meanwhile back at the Hinata House the girls had already heard about Naru

returning a week ago and had already prepared theirselves for when she

returned. They had reinforced the doors with heavy titanium steel hindges

and frames, the windows had been reinforced with stronger,thicker glass and

thick metal bars. They also hired 4 gunmen armed to the teeth with Machine

guns and Explosives to help look over the house in case the evil Naru were

to try a sneak attack on them in some way.

Naru then arrived at the Hinata house. She looked down at it and couldnt

help but notice how small it looked now. It didnt even come up past her


"Hahaha! I cant believe how puny this place looks now!" Naru laughed.

Inside the house, Haruka heard a very loud familiar voice coming from

outside. Running over to a nearby window she lifted the curtain and spotted

Naru standing right outside of the house. Only this time, she was enourmous!

"Great! Shes back!" Haruka said.

"Whats going on Haruka?!" Shinobu said running over to the window.

"See for yourself!" Haruka pointed outside.

"Ahhh! What happened to her?! How did she get that big??!" Shinobu said in a

very shocked tone.

"I dont know, but I hope those guys we hired can still be able to stop her!"

Haruka said.

Outside, Naru began to tap the roof of the house a little.

"Knock-Knock! Anybody home?" Naru said jokingly. Just as she was about to

pound the roof of the house in she heard some voices below her.

"You! Stop right now!" It said. Looking down Naru spotted four little men

armed with machine guns and rocket launchers below.

"Just who the hell are you people supposed to be??? Oh well I guess i'll

have fun taking care of you first." Naru said.

"I dont know man, shes awfully bigger than what we exptected!" One of the

gunmen said with a nervous look on his face.

"Hey! Those girls didnt hire no cowards to protect them! Its our job to take

care of trash like her, No matter how big they are! So lets take this

overgrown bucket of bolts down!" The lead gunmen said raising his machine

gun. Naru just smiled evily, her eyes flashing bright red.

Shinobu realized that this isn't any normal giantess. A M-60

rifle could do a hell of a damage on a normal giantess (it'd be like a 9mm

round if a 120mm tank gun was used,meaning a giantess could die in one

blow),but this was an android version of Naru. The men were doomed.

"None of out bullets are doing anything!" a gunman shouted.

"You tiny humans fail to understand. I have the sexy body of a normal

female,but the size and power and metal of a Gundam. You don't have a

prayer" she said before sending her fist down at the men. Lets just say it

wasn't a pretty sight.

"Thats sick!" Sara said,looking on in horror. They had little options.

Motoko has had a lot of training,and even learned a few techniques from the

great Goemon himself,so she could be a match for Naru. Su is a lot smarter

than she was as a child,and it is common fact Electro Magnetic Pulse can

destroy microchips,so she could fight her.

A non-lethal option is to sneak over to her house and take Kentaro hostage.

As evil as she seems, she is a devoted and loving wife. Seeing her husband

in danger will tip the odds in Hinata's favor,and keep property damage to


Whats it gonna be?



Giantess Stories: Love Hina GTS

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