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Anneliese, Jason, Tim and Emma walked hand in hand with each other, Annaliese

walked behind them. They walked towards the big doors of the restaurant.

" There it is, I'm really looking forward to this!" said Emma

Emma, Anneliese, Jason & Tim were all good friends and had decided to go out to


Tired of the same old burger places, Emma suggested they try the new restaurant

not far from the college they were studying at. She had seen it advertised in

the local paper, The ad claimed that the restaurant was the best of it's kind in

the area so they decided to try it out.

They walked in through the doors and walked inside, immediately they were

greeted by a short gentleman with short black hair. "Welcome to the Sunshine

Restaurant" he said with a strong accent. "Please follow me."

The 4 people followed him the short man as he jigged and jagged through the

tables of the restaurant. The restaurant was busy, almost all of the tables were

full. Looking around Emma could see that young girls were sat at each of the

tables. She thought they must be college students coming to try the restaurant

as they were.

"We've been expecting you 4, hope you have a pleasant stay. The short man

stopped in front of a oak door. "This room is just for you. Please enter."

The boys looked at the girls then shrugged, Emma pushed the door open and the

others followed her inside.

They expected another dining area to be behind the door but the women were

surprised to find that they were in a small room with no furniture or windows.

The door closed behind them and there was a loud 'click' sound as the door


"Hey what's going on here?" enquired Annaliese

She turned and pounded on the door, "Hey, let us out, what's the deal!!"

Then suddenly, from a vent high in the wall, white gas began to pour into the

tiny room.

Annaliese, Jason, Tim and Emma panicked as they now realized something was

seriously wrong as the gas stung at their eyes and lungs. A few seconds later

and the gas stopped. Suddenly they began to feel strange. The room seemed to

spin and Emma was fighting hard not to throw up. Jason coughed trying to clear

the gas from his lungs. That is when he noticed that the ceiling was at least 30

feet above his head. He grabbed Tim by the arm and pointed at the ceiling,

"Look! The room is getting bigger!"

"No! We're getting smaller!" yelled Annaliese

The four of them clung to each other as their bodies continued to shrink,

getting smaller and smaller, until finally they were only about an inch tall.

"Oh my God," exclaimed Tim as he looked at the ceiling which seemed to be

hundreds of feet above his head. "How'd we get so tiny? What are they going to

do with us?"

As if in answer to her question, the door opened and in stepped a beutiful young

teenage girl with long dark hair who looked about 18 or 19.

The giant girl bent over and reached out with her hand. Annaliese, Jason, Tim &

Emma screamed as the giant hand quickly grabbed them and lifted them high into

the air. They were aware of movement, but they could not see due to the giant

fingers curled around them. A door opened and the tiny group could hear lots of

noise, by the sounds and smells coming from all around them they knew that they

were now in the kitchen of the restaurant. Tim was confused and scared. But

Jason had an idea what was about to happen, and he was terrified at the thought

of it.

One moment later Jason's fears were confirmed, The fingers around the them

uncurled and the frightened teens were looking up at the faces of several

teenage girls in white dresses. Suddenly, one girl reached in and plucked Tim

from the palm. Before the others could protest, they too were grabbed by another

girl. Annaliese felt like she was flying as she was carried between the thumb

and forefinger of the gigantic female chef. Then, as abruptly as her motion

began, it stopped. Annaliese looked down, below her dangling body was a full

plate of food. Annaliese realized in all her horror that she was about to be

served as food. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that coming to this

place for lunch would mean that she would be the lunch! The fingers holding her

body let go, and Annaliese fell through the air. She landed on the plate, her

fall broken by a pile of chips, she tried to stand, but her feet were tangled in

vegetables of all kinds. To her left was a small dish of white goo which she

guessed was salad cream, to her right was a huge fillet of fish. Suddenly she

fell into the center of the plate as it was jerked off the counter by a

waitress. As she was carried through the restaurant, Annaliese tried to scream

up at the giant waitress carrying her. "Help, please!! Down here!!" But there

was no response from the waitress to her tiny cries. Lisa could only lay

helpless on the plate as it was set before a customer at a table. She looked up

in horror. Her plate had been placed at a table where two teenage girls were

about to dine. At the far end of the table was a beautiful teenage blond girl

already digging into her meal, and at the near side, directly above Annaliese,

was the other teenage girl with darker hair staring down at her. Annaliese froze

in terror, a giant fork came down towards her grabbing a pile of chips,

Annaliese stared wide-eyed as the giant girl ate the chips, chewed, and

swallowed. Realizing that she would meet the same fate as the chips if she

didn't escape, Annaliese broke from her frozen position and ran towards the edge

of the plate.She tripped on pieces of food that blocked her way, but managed to

reach the edge of the plate. Just before she was about to jump off, she was

knocked back by giant fork. She didn't give up, she kept running, trying to get

off the plate, but each time she came close she was simply pushed back by the

giant girl's fork. Annaliese looked up and saw that her tormentor was smiling Primer video de culturismo de la historia

down at her. The young girl then continued to eat the food that surrounded


Annaliese got to her knees and begged at the giant face above her, "Please don't

eat me!! This is some horrible mistake. Let me go, I won't tell anyone about

this place. Please!!" It was no use, the young girl wouldn't answer, she just

licked her lips and continued eating. Annaliese was about to begin begging some

more when she heard a scream. Quickly turning around she saw that the scream

came from Tim & Jason. By some strange coincidence they had been served to the

same table as her. Annaliese saw them standing amidst a pile of salad on the

plate at the other end of the table and called out to them. "Tim, Jason, over

here!". Tim & Jason didn't hear her as the distance was too far or Annaliese's

tiny voice and was too weak to hear.

Annaliese yelled at her friends again but this time she yelled in terror. As she

stood helpless, she saw the giant girl seated at the other end of the table pick

Tim & Jason up with her fork, the giant girl then dipped them into a bowl of dip

and then brought their dripping bodies up to her lips. Annaliese screamed as she

saw what was happening to her friends, "No, please!!! Don't eat them!" Annaliese

fell silent as she watched Tim & Jason disappear into the girls mouth. A moment

later the chewing began, and Annaliese covered her eyes. It was like being

trapped in a neverending nightmare. She had just witnessed her friends being

eaten alive, and she knew that her turn was not far away. The plate she had been

trapped on was almost empty of food now, only a pile of sweetcorn remained,

still thinking about what she had just seen, was barely aware of a fork picking

her up. Annaliese had been grabbed by the fork. She looked up into the eyes of

the giant girl and knew that her time had come. Even though everthing looked

bleak, she fought as hard as she could to escape. Kicking with her legs and

pushing with all her might, Annaliese managed to free herself from the fork so

that her body slipped and fell back onto the plate. She landed in the pile of

bowl of white goo. The teenage girl laughed at Annaliese and brought the fork

down towards her again. Annaliese tried to move but the goo that surrounded her

was such an obstacle that she couldn't even move. The massive fork picked up her

body and once again she was being raised towards the pretty young face of the

girl. There was no hope of escape. Anneliese whimpered as the girl's lips parted

revealing perfect white teeth and a purple, glistening wet tongue. Before

Annaliese could even begin to struggle she was plunged between the lips and into

the dark mouth. She fell onto a wet, slick tongue which moved and rippled

underneath her. It was humid in the huge oral cavity, and the air smelled like

chips. There was very little light, Annaliese could see out past the lips but

could not see back into the girl's throat. After only a few seconds, the mouth

began to close. Just before total darkness enveloped her, Anneliese got a good

look at the huge molars that surrounded her. The lips came together and she was

in total darkness. Annaliese waited...waited for the soft tongue to move her

between the giant teeth where she would be chewed up into little bits. Several

seconds passed...nothing happened. The tongue gently rolled beneath her, but

Annaliese did not get crushed by the huge teeth. Instead light suddenly

appeared. The lips were parting! Annaliese had a small glimmer of hope as the

mouth opened. Maybe the girl changed her mind and would let her go? All hope

left her as Annaliese saw an object come into view. A glass was being raised to

the parted lips. Annaliese could smell the aroma of the orange juice as the

glass reached the lips. Annaliese knew what was going to happen to her...she

wasn't going to be chewed...she was going to be swallowed alive... washed down

with a mouthful of orange juice. She would plunge into the gullet of this girl

where she would be digested along with the rest of the meal.

Annaliese had no time to react as juice began to pour into the mouth. The liquid

pelted her body causing her to lose her fragile grip on the slick tongue. She

slid, further and further toward the back of the mouth. Wave upon wave of orange

juice struck her, and looking behind her Annaliese could now see the river of

yellow liquid pouring over the back of the tongue into the throat. Annaliese

belted out one final scream as her body plunged over the back of the tongue

where she was swallowed by powerful throat muscles.

Meanwhile Emma who had watched Tim & Jason disappear between one girls lips and

get chewed alive, then seen Annaliese swallowed whole by the other teenage girl,

was now terrified as she watched the girl that had eaten Tim & Jason bring the

fork towards her. The fork pinned her on to the slice of tomato on which she was

laid. The forks prongs were stuck through her legs, as she screamed with pain

the girl took the slice of tomato towards her lips. The giant girls lips parted

and Emma saw a huge set of gleaming white teeth. She screamed again as the fork

was placed inside the girls mouth. She could see the huge white molars above her

and knew that this was the end. She hadn't a cat in hells chance of surviving.

She was about to be eaten alive for lunch by a young teenage girl. Emma saw the

lips close and closed her eyes. She felt the roof of the girls mouth on her

back, then the tongue rolled her beneath the huge white molars and she saw them

descend. She screamed and then felt her legs sliced in half by the teeth, she

blacked out and then the teeth chewed her up into tiny pieces.

Meanwhile in the other girls stomach Annaliese lay on top of a huge pile of

chewed chips and fish. She was in the girls stomach now...just another bit of

food awaiting digestion. She wondered how her day had suddenly turned so

horrific, and if any other travellers had become part of the menu in this

strange restaurant

Giantess Stories: LUNCH IN A RESTAURANT  by Rally Championbr

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