Giantess Stories: LYDIA

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Lydia had longed for a sense of power in her life for many years. First it had

been her parents telling her what to do and what not to do, and when she began

dating it had been her boyfriends. She had really started to get sick and tired

of it all. That was probably what caused her powers to develop. Adolescence is

full of changes, and adolescence combined with frustration unlocked the powers

of her mind. She learned that within her was the power to shrink women to any

height she wished. Her first move was to make her dad a widower. This gave her a

great deal more freedom, as he lost a lot of his interest in the family at that

point. Next had been the unexplained disappearances of Stefi, Rhonda, and Jane,

three bitches who had made life at school hell for Lydia. Now she was making

life hell for them!

Gym class had been a particular nuisance today. After jogging around the track

for 45 minutes last period, the girls in gym found out that the showers weren't

going to be working because of a water leak. Lydia couldn't wait to get

undressed and get a shower when she came home. But first she had to let her

slaves help her undress.

Entering her bedroom and locking the door behind her, Lydia went to the

footlocker at the end of her bed and unlatched it's lock. Lifting the lid

slowly, she peered down from her height at the three frightened girls inside.

Lydia had reduced Stefi, Rhonda, and Jane to less than 5 inches tall. Turning

the footlocker so it faced her bed, Lydia sat upon the edge of the bed and

watched her captives with an amused expression on her face. It felt great to be

powerful and make others do her will. Swinging her legs into the footlocker with

her prisoners, she settled her Adidas runners mere inches from the tiny bitches.

"You may remove my shoes now" Lydia commanded. Stefi, Rhonda and Jane had been

through this sort of torture before, and resignedly began to work at unlacing

the right foot. Lydia smirked, as she liked to tie her laces extra tight for her

captives to struggle over. As they exerted themselves over the knot, they began

to curse each other for not trying hard enough. Giggling a little over her next

statement, Lydia told them "You'd better hurry up, or I might forget that your

down there and step on one of you". With looks of terror on their beautiful

little faces, the formerly stuck up bitches finally managed to undo the knot

holding the right shoe on. With a disdainful look on her face, which was pretty

enough but not beautiful like the faces of her three prisoners, Lydia reached

down a large hand and pulled the left knot free, saying to the girls that they

were pathetic little weaklings compared to her.

Next Lydia looked cruelly at the three tiny girls as she used one giant sneaker

clad foot to push the other shoe off. The giant size sneaker fell into the

footlocker almost falling upon a frightened little Rhonda. The other two girls

immediately covered their mouths and noses with their hands when the first shoe

came off. Pushing off the other shoe with her sweat sock clad foot to land near

the other two girls Lydia said to the miniature girls. "You had better not be

implying that I have smelly feet. In fact, let's prove right now that my feet

are not smelly" she said in her best mock angry voice. With that she peeled her

sweat socks off her soft sweaty pink feet and placed the socks next to her on

the bed. Lydia had measured her feet and her prisoners and knew that her size 6

& 1/2 feet were now equivalently nine feet long compared to the little captives.

Lowering her feet back into the prison she maneuvered them to catch poor little

Jane between her soles. It made Lydia feel really hot to torture the tiny girls

in this way. She let out an explosive sigh as she positioned Jane so that her

tiny face was squished between the long toes of her tender feet. Jane screamed

and tried to struggle free but wouldn't have a chance even if her long red hair

hadn't been caught between two of Lydia's toes. Lydia held the squirmy little

girl in place for several minutes until she was satisfied that she had made her

point. Releasing the diminutive captive she sweetly asked "Now that wasn't so

bad, was it?" The little red-faced girl glared up at her. Ignoring this, Lydia

lifted her left foot to the corner where Stefi and Rhonda were trying to escape

her monstrous attention. Angling her ankle so that the toes of her feet loomed

just above the two cowering girls Lydia asked inquisitively, "I wonder how it

feels to be stepped on and crushed under the sole of a Giantess!" Both captives

huddled even further into the corner of the chest and hoped their tormentor

would leave. "Now to show me how much you love me I want one of you two" she

said prodding the two cowering girls with her smelly big toe "to kiss my toes.

One at a time. All ten of them. That girl will go to a special place with me

while the others will be taught a little lesson. Now who wants to take a little

trip with me?" she asked them. Rhonda walked towards Lydia's immense right foot

and with a look of disgust actually began to kiss the tips of each of Lydia's

toes. When she finished the first foot Lydia presented the other foot to her and

Rhonda kissed each of those toes. "Well, it's time now for Jane and Stefi's

lesson" Lydia told them. Reaching down into the footlocker Lydia caught first

Stefi and then Jane between the fingers of one huge hand. Try as they might the

tiny girls couldn't struggle free from Lydia's powerful digits. She picked up

her knee high sweat socks from gym class in the other hand and dropped one of

the tiny girls into each. Setting one down with her massive thigh on top of the

opening to prevent the captive from escaping. Lydia grasped the struggling girl

in the foot bottom of the other sweat sock which was still damp from gym and

began to roll it up like her mom had made her do when she emptied the dryer.

Tucking it finally so it would not unroll. She next repeated this performance

with her other captive. "Now Stefi and Jane, learn to love the smell of my feet

because I now declare tomorrow pedicure day" she said to the girls imprisoned in

the socks as she held them up in front of her face. She tucked the two bound

captives into her gym shoes and retrieved Rhonda from her prison setting the

little girl down on her bed. Rhonda was looking quite relieved after apparently

escaping captivity in a worn sweat sock. She watched as her enormous captor

stood before her and undressed, depositing all of the perspired clothes in a

mountainous heap only inches from Rhonda who could not escape the smell. All

three of the tiny captives were nude as clothing did not shrink when Lydia used

her talents. Rhonda stood on the bed waiting until Lydia finally shed her white

panties with decorations of violets. As Lydia set them down right next to Rhonda

the tiny girl was stifled by the scent of the girl juice which had soaked into

the panties while Lydia had toyed with them. Lydia purposely took a step forward

so that her massive thighs straddled the corner of the bed. Her lightly furred

pussy loomed large over little Rhonda. Looking down towards Rhonda her face

framed by her small but firm breasts with light pink nipples jutting forward she

told the girl "I promised you something special and now I'm going to keep my

word. I've had you three in my chest for a week and in all that time you haven't

had a bath or a shower". A dawning look of horror appeared on Rhonda's face as

Lydia smiled down at her. "Now we are going to have one together" Lydia said as

she snatched the puny little girl up in her giant hand. "And your going to be

the soap" Lydia giggled as she walked across to her private bathroom with Rhonda

weeping helplessly.


Giantess Stories: LYDIA

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