Giantess Stories: Making The Grade  Life was good for Mr

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Making The Grade


Big Larry

Life was good for Mr. Douglass. He was a popular history teacher at Washington

High and loved his work - as well as most of his students. He rarely worked from

the text book and kept his lectures interesting enough that he usually had

complete control of every student in his class. There was, however, one


Diana was a senior at Washington High and everyone knew her. She was a stunning

beauty with a decidedly Mediterranean look - dark hair, olive skin and deep,

black eyes. She stood about 5'4" with a voluptuous yet fit body. She was

definitely the total package - which made it even more odd that she was such a

loner. But this was her own choice, as Diana was always different than everyone

else and seemed to revel in it. She demonstrated none of the typical high school

concerns and had an edge to her that kept everyone at arms reach. Even the

popular senior boys stayed away from her, even though they all probably

fantisized about her at one time or another. She was strange and smart and

gorgeous and nobody knew how to approach her - which seemed to be the way she

wanted it.

This mystique even affected Mr. Douglass - who couldn't keep his mind or eyes

off Diana whenever she was in his class. He would go about his lecture and

typically engage everyone in his class - expect for Diana. No matter how

compelling the subject matter, Diana would just sit there in the front row with

a wry smirk on her pretty face - as if her only objective was to distract her

teacher. And it usually worked.

Mr. Douglass was smitten with Diana and she knew it. She would always wear a

provacative outfit in class - showing plenty of skin from her bust line down to

her gorgeously sculpted legs. And then there were her exquisite feet - always

showcased in some sort of strappy sandal with perfectly painted toes. Her nail

polish color choice was usually black - as was the case with most of her outfits

as well. This fact, along with her quiet confidence, only served to enhance her

intriguing persona.

And there was no part of Diana as intriguing to Mr. Douglass as those beautiful

feet. Well aware of this fact, Diana would spend most classes arching and

flexing her feet - sometimes dangling her sandal by the tip of her delicate

toes. This drove Mr. Douglass wild and gave her the control over him that he

usually reserved for the rest of his students. She had done this so often that

she eventually came to regard Mr. Douglass as putty in her hands - like most

every male at Washington High. But this all changed at the end of the semster

when grades were handed out. Diana had done almost none of the required work -

and to her surprise, Mr. Douglass had failed her.

Shocked and angry, Diana waited until the end of class to approach her teacher.

Once the classroom was empty, Diana slowly got up from her desk and headed to

the door. But rather than walking through it, she closed the door shut and

turned towards Mr. Douglass. He felt a lump in this throat as the young beauty

made her way to his desk - stopping a few feet in front of it. "What's this, Mr.

Douglass - you're giving me an F?"

Slightly trembling, Mr. Douglass stammered, "Well, um, Diana, I can't give you a

passing grade unless you do the work, and, uh...." Diana then cut him off, a

steely glare in her black eyes, "Oh, cut the ****, Mr. Douglass - or shall I

call you Jim?" Mr. Douglass smiled nervously as she continued, "Listen, Jim -

I'm going to pass your class no matter what you think - so we can do this the

easy way or we can do this the hard way..."

Not knowing exactly what she meant, and vaguely excited by the possibilities,

Mr. Douglass tried to stay strong, "I'm sorry, Diana, but rules are rules and I

can't show you special treatment." An evil smile crept over Diana's face, "Aw,

Jimmy, are you saying I'm not special? I see the way you look at me everyday -

and I know what you are usually looking at.." And she glanced down at the floor

to her beautiful feet. "That's right, Jim, I know you long to touch my

feet...maybe I should show you just how special I am."

And with those words, Diana raised her hand in a "lifting" gesture - which

caused Mr. Douglass to involuntarily rise from his chair. "Come to me, my

helpless slave," she continued as she began waving her hand in a "come hither"

fashion. In an instant, Mr. Douglass was thrown to the floor as if a physical

presence had grabbed him. His face was pressed down against the cold, tile

classroom floor and he couldn't move a single muscle. Somehow this young beauty

had put him under her complete control.

With his cheek down against the floor, he could no longer see young Diana

standing in front of his desk, but that would soon change. He heard her voice

from above bellow, "Now come here, helpless one..." which caused his body to

start slowly skidding face-first across the floor towards her feet. He could do

nothing but watch as his body skidded around his desk until her feet were in

view in front of him - slowly inching closer and closer to his face. He arched

his neck as much as possible and managed to catch a glimpse of her smiling face

above. Now his lips were less than an inch from her lovely toes, the scent of

her body lotion strong and fragrant.

With another smirk at her teacher, Diana pressed the tip of her forefinger

against her thumb - and then slowly separated them. This caused Mr. Douglass's

mouth to pry open as if forced by a vice - and then as she looked down at him in

amusement as she forced his open mouth over her toes. "There you go,

like having my toes in your mouth, don't you.." Unable to speak or move, Diana

still knew he was loving every minute of it. Although confused and frightened,

Mr. Douglass savored the moment as he suckled on her perfect toes while her

wickedly gorgoues face watched from above.

This continued for a few moments until the young sorceress spoke again, "OK,

Jimmy - have you had enough of my toes yet? Are you ready to give me a passing

grade?" Not wanting this to end, Mr. Douglass signaled "no" by moving his eyes

left and right. This angered young Diana, who quickly pulled her toes out of his

mouth and jerked his body up of the floor with a swipe of her hand. He now stood

paralyzed in front of her - still unable to speak. She stepped forward until her

face was less than an inch away from his, "Still not willing to pass me,

huh?...then I have no use for you, Mr. Douglass." And with those words, Diana

extended her pouty lips and gave him a gentle kiss on his motionless face -

causing hm to black-out immediately.

When he awoke, he found he was able to move and speak again - and after finding

his bearings, he noticed he was facing a soft and slightly-rounded black wall.

He looked up and saw a gigantic, fleshy protuberance jutting out over his head,

casting him in a shadow. It was then he realized we was looking up at Diana's

big toe. She had reduced him to the size of an ant.

Making The Grade, Part 2:

Before he had enough time to fully appreciate his new size, his entire sky

became filled with the image of young Diana - now the relative size of a

collosal titaness - bending down towards him. He first saw her bending knees -

which seemed like they were hundreds of feet above him - followed by the top

half of her body leaning over, again casting him in a thick shadow. Her face was

too high in his sky to recognize any detail, but he seemed to notice a broad

smile through the hazy distance. Then his focus suddenly shifted to the

gigantic, yet feminine fingers heading straight towards his diminutive body. The

unthinkably huge, black fingernail from her index finger came to rest directly

in front of him. The tip of her nail touched the ground - and Mr. Douglass was

now so tiny, he could look up the inside of that fingernail to the tip of her

actual finger looming above him. With a slight flick of her wrist, Diana's tiny

teacher was then scooped up off the ground and sent hurdling up in space. He

cowered in terror and tried to burrow under her fingernail as much as possible

to avoid falling, but as soon as it started - suddenly the motion stopped and

all was still again. He pulled his head out of burrowing position and saw that

Diana had brought her hand up to her face - her extended index finger pointing

up. "Well, little Jimmy - I know I always had control over you - but never quite

like this. Why don't you stick around with me for a while until I figure out

what to do with you?" With that said, her massive lips parted and let her

gigantic tongue pass through them. She slowly extended it until its warm, wet

tip made contact with her fingernail - totally engulfing Mr. Douglass betweem

them. When she pulled her tongue back, he was still perched under her fingernail

- but now his body glistened with her saliva. And even at that size, it was

evident to Diana that he was terrified wondering what was to come next. "Please,

Diana, I'll do anything - please don't hurt -" but his tiny voice trailed away

as she quickly swept her hand down to her waist and turned her wet fingertip

into her exposed belly. She then wiped her fingertip across her tight belly

until Mr. Douglass was unceremoniously smeared across the tan skin just to the

left of her belly button. Besides her feet, Mr. Douglass always loved when Diana

wore outfits that accentuated her sexy midriff - but he never had quite this

prespective before. Her saliva sealed his tiny body in place as he laid there

stuck to her belly.

"Now how does that feel, my little Mr. Douglass?" boomed Diana's voice - which

seemed to be coming form all directions at once. She defiantly looked down at

her belly and the smear of a teacher who was standing before her only moments

ago. "Now you just hang on there while I go about the rest of my day and

eventually I'll figure out my plans for you," she said with a giggle, causing

Mr. Douglass's world to shake violently.

Diana then walked out of the classroom and headed towards her next class. Mr.

Douglass screamed at his giant captor repeatedly, but she couldn't hear his tiny

voice coming from all the way down from her belly. From all her body language,

it seemed he was soon forgotten as she went about her day. Mr. Douglass

eventually convinced himself he was dreaming, but that concept became more

difficult to accept everytime a subtle twist of her midsection twisted his body

in a terribly painful manner. Then that hopeful notion was eliminated for good -

as one cough from this delicate beauty sent the ripples of a major earthquake

through his tiny world. As difficult as it was to accept, he had to realize he

was a tiny speck of a man stuck to the belly of his most gorgeous student. Even

if someone saw him stuck there, he would undoubtedly be dismissed as a beauty

mark or the like - as he was far too small to be seen as a man. He had to admit

to himself that he was at the complete disposal of young Diana.


Making The Grade, Part 3:

As Diana went on with the rest of her day, hours would pass by without her

remembering about the tiny captive smeared against her gorgeous belly. And when

she finally did remind herself, she would whisper (which was an

all-encompassing, raspy yell to Mr. Douglass) about how he is nothing more than

a bug and she was going to do whatever she wanted to him. Although he found this

talk to be a turn-on, he was also profoundly frightened about his fate.

Eventually the school day ended and lovely Diana returned home. She immediately

headed up to her room and stood in front of a full-length mirror - her hands on

her hips. She looked at her belly and saw the tiny, dark speck stuck to it. A

tingle of excitement rushed through her body as she pondered what to do with her

esteemed teacher. "OK, Mr. Douglass - the ride's over, so time to get off little

man," and without warning, she swept her hand down to her belly and flicked the

tiny flea of a man off her belly and down to the floor below. Mr. Douglass was

knocked out cold by the blow of her gigantic fingernail - but soon regained

consciousness, only to find himself at her feet again. But rather than towering

over him again, Diana decided to sit down on the floor and get a better look at

her prisoner. She sat with her left leg extended out and her right knee bent

(facing up) with her foot still planted upright on the floor. Mr. Douglass stood

on the floor directly in front of her right foot - looking up the expanse of her

lower leg to her face peering out over her knee. "Please, in the name of God,

Diana - help me. I'll do anything. I'll give you an A! Just have mercy on me!!!"

Although screaming, Diana could barely decipher his sqeaky voice and disregarded

what she did hear. "Oh please, Jimmy - we're way past that now. It's a little

too late to discuss my grade. Now you're going to be my tiny pet forever - or as

long as I let you live."

Those words sent a chill down his spine. Would this strange but beautiful girl

really end his life? As he thought about his chances of survival, Diana

continued, "Actually, maybe I should keep you around after all. I like knowing

you are at my mercy and it just wouldn't be any fun if I stepped on you and

turned you into a smear on the sole of my foot. I need to think of a way to make

it last a little longer.....wait a minute - I got it!"

Little Mr. Douglass watched in terror as young Diana lit up with excitement. She

quickly reached for her right sandal and removed it - only to replace her bare

foot on the ground in front of him. The warm, musky aroma of her perfect foot

filled Mr. Douglass's world as he tried to determine her next move. She then

reached out a collosal hand toward her bare foot - extending the same index

fingernail that once help him captive. With an evil smirk that had become her

calling card, Diana then began to scratch the top of her smooth, bronzed foot

while her eyes fixated on her tiny hostage. She kept scratching the top of her

foot until it became pink and irritated and didn't stop until she had created a

slight abrasion. "Look, Mr. Douglass," she said with a glimmer in her eye, "I

thought of a way you could be with me forever..." But before he had a chance to

respond, that same giant hand reached for him and plucked him off the ground.

She squeezed him gently between the tips of her thumb and forefinger and dangled

him up above her bare foot. Then without warning, she separated her fingertips

and let him fall onto the top of her foot below. He landed on his back and

noticed he was laying directly on the new abrasion. Once again, before he had

time to react, he noticed her other hand hurdling down towards him. She was

holding something in it but he couldn't quite make out what it was. Within a

flash, her hand closed in and he realized she as holding a small band-aid -

which was coming right at him. Before he could move a muscle, the tiny adhesive

came down over his body - pinning it up against the top of her lovely foot. The

top half of his head was sticking out, so he still had a sightline up her foot

and lower leg - all the way up to her face peering over her knee at him. She was

obviously delighted with her idea - although he still wasn't sure what it was.

With Mr. Douglass trapped, she then kicked off the other sandal and walked over

to her desk. Although only casually strolling across her bedroom, Mr. Douglass's

tiny body could not withstand the force of her footsteps - so once again he was

knocked senseless. When he regained his composure, he came to realize young

Diana was taking a nap. She had stripped down to her bra and panties and was

sleeping quietly on her back - feet facing up. From his perch, he could take in

the magnificence of her impossibly sprawling body - and for once, everything was

still. He began to ponder his situation and could hardly believe he was

discussing her grade with her only hours earlier. Now he was just a tiny bug -

and the gorgeous body he had often oggled had become his gigantic home. Just as

he found himself admiring the tight and bronzed body of his collosal

student-turned-master, he began to feel a tugging sensation on his back. As time

passed and Diana slept, he noticed the tugging feeling gaining strength and

spreading down the back of his body...



Giantess Stories: Making The Grade  Life was good for Mr

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