Giantess Stories: Mall Madness  By  AsukaFan     Today started out like any other for Matt McGuire

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Mall Madness



Today started out like any other for Matt McGuire. His girlfriend Melissa was

nagging him to go pick her up some rocky road ice cream. Finally just so tired

of her bitching he decided to get her the damn ice cream. As he walked out the

door she told him thank you honey in one of those I won because I got you to do

what I wanted you to do voices. As he walked out the door he made sure the door

slammed behind him so she would know how upset he was about her making him get

the ice cream.

As he got into his Porsche 911 he sped towards the mall since that was the

nearest dairy queen. As he zipped in and out of traffic like a mad man. Finally

spotting the mall in front of him he locked his eyes on it. As Matt enters the

parking lot with Cocky by Kid Rock is blaring over his speakers. As he pulls in

he spots a lady in a piece of shit chevy parking beside him blocking the drivers

side door from being opened. As Matt slides across to the passengers side and

climbs out he walks over to the lady.

“What do you think your doing? Can you not see that I am parked here? What part

of stay between the lines don't you understand.”

“Get away from me you psycho.”

Before Matt has time to react the lady pulls out a small bottle the kind of

bottle you see mace or pepper spray in. The contents of bottle hit all over the

face of Matt. He tries to cover his face but it's much to late. The spray hits

Matt before he can cover his face. As the lady gets back into hrt car he hears

her yell back that should teach a hoodlum like you a lesson. As soon as the lady

leaves Matt staggers towards the doors to the mall. Without paying much

attention to what department store he walks into he blindly walks up towards the

cashiers. As he sputters out what happened the cashier points him towards the

bathroom to wash the stuff out of his eyes. As he walks into the bathroom Matt

feels his head bulging Starting to feel a little sick Matt leans his head

against the wall and slumps to the floor. He puts his head in his lap and shuts

his eyes. His breath becomes erratic and slow. Spots form across his vision and

he has great difficulty concentrating on any one thought.

As Matt awakes he groggily gets up. He stumbles out of the bathroom. As Matt

steps onto the carpeted floor of the department store his mind is sent into

visual overload. His eyes become heavy and sore just by looking out across this

vast store. Racks of clothes tower above him like a multi colored clouds. In a

stunned stumble Matt walks about this new world he stumbled and fumbled into. As

he walks he remains in this state of awe of everything. Interrupting his

thoughts a platform shoe crashes down in front of Matt. The impact sends his 4.5

inch frame to the floor. He looks at the 5 inch heels in amazement. How can the

heel be taller then me. This cant be possible is all that crosses through his


The platform shoes stand on either side of him. As he twists his head from left

to right he realizes how close he was to death. How he could have been a bug

under her shoe and she may not have even noticed. As Matt pushes himself up off

the ground he takes off running. As he runs Matt twists his head backwards to

catch a look at those gigantic shoes. However because his head is turned matt

doesn't see the sandal in front of him. His body slams into the sandal and her

foot and he ends up sprawled out on the floor. All he can feel is pain across

his entire body. His eyes hurt to open, his legs hurt to move, his arms throb in

immense pain.

Matt finally opens his eyes and is astounded to see 4 eyes fixed upon his body.

Watching his every move. The eyes disecting his body piece by piece. First

watching his chest move up and down as he breathes. Then moves onto his tiny

legs that slightly twitching as he lays there. At first Matt smiles as the eyes

give him a strange sense of security and safety. However soon that safety turns

to fear of the unknown.

“Dana look at that. Is it real? I mean it looks like a person but it cant be.”

Matt stares in the direction that the thundering voice came from. He quickly

derives that it came from the girl with the platform shoes. A little nervous he

starts to shimmy backwards even though he knows its hopeless.

“He looks so fragile Mel.”

With that said Matt leaps up to his feet and takes off. The girls are stand

there a bit awe struck themselves at first but they quickly pick there mouths up

off the floor and start the chase. Matt Runs in between two racks of clothes and

then under a rack of clothes and stops. Matt looks up and sees that he is the

middle of a circular rack of clothes. Matt sits down and collects his breath as

he hears the two girl searching around for him. He wipes his brow and lays down

trying to catch his breathe.

About 15 minute pass and Matt ventures out. As he walks out he looks both ways

and spots a hand darting towards him. He takes off running and as the hand is

nipping at his heels he jumps and then hand grasps nothing but air. Matt looks

back and pulls a few Barry Sanders like juke moves and makes the hands miss him.

He looks back stops sticks his tongue out and takes off running. Matt looks

ahead of him and smashes into a pair of adidas. Before Matt can even react a

pair of warm fleshy fingers are all around him. He kicks at the palm of her hand

but its like kicking a titanium wall. The palm starts to close and as it closes

it a space between Matt and the hand is created. Matt takes the opportunity to

scurry out from under the hand but the moment he makes it out and starts off in

a dead sprin the slams into a warm soft yet firm wall. He stumbles back and

before he hit's the floor Matt is scooped up and his feet leave the ground. Matt

watches as he is lifted into the air. He rises up higher and higher and has seen

nothing but legs. Matt tries to squirm out of her hand but she has him held much

to tight. Finally matt sees a pair of plaid shorts and then a gray T-shirt that

has Notre Dame written across it. Matt stares at every inch of her body that he

passes. This is amazing is all he can think. He longs to touch her a piece of

her but she holds him to far out of reach.

Matt is now face to face with this girl. Her lips part in a massive smile that

stretches across her face.


“OH MY GOD, Mel he spoke. He has such a super cute voice. Its so adorable.”

“He is so precious I cant believe we got him. Your so cute! Yes you are! You are

the cutest little man Melanie has ever seen. Oh yes you are.!. You want to play

with Mel? Do you want to play with Mel?”

(In that voice that girls talk to babies in)

“I am not adorable! I am a grown man now put me the hell down. Do you hear me I

said put me down and put me down now!”

Both girls look at each other with huge grins and break out laughing

uncontrollably. While Matt stares back at them with a angry look thinking none

of this is funny. He starts flailing his arms and kicking but he hits nothing

but air. Without any hesitation Melanie pulls the back of her plaid shorts away

from her hips with her free hand and then swings the hand with Matt around to

her backside.



As her grip releases he slides from her hand. Matt tries to grab for any part of

her hand he can get but he merely slides on through. Just as Matt thinks he is

going to die a very audible snap sounds and a heavy weight is shoved against

Matt's shoulders.

“So you liked my booty huh? Well how do you like it now that your up close and

personal with it”

“Hey let me out of here. You cant leave me like this. For christ sakes let me go


Matt continues yelling as she adjusts her t-shirt so it hangs over him. The

shirt muffles his voice as the girls continue to shop. With each step they take

Matt is pressed against her panties which then get shoved into her ass with

Mike. His only relief is that there is a layer of cotton panties between him and

her ass. Matt can faintly here what they are saying but he clearly hears them

start to whisper and then giggle. As soon as the giggle stops he starts to shake

wildly back and forth and Melanie starts to slightly spin while her ass shakes.

Matt's stomach churns about as she sways. Matt tries to free his arm but he cant

free any part from her waist band which is more like a vice grip.


This causes both girls to start laughing as Melanie starts shake her ass more

and more he starts to slip and soon Matt finds himself falling. With a heavy

thud Matt realizes that he has hit the floor. He only looks back for a moment as

the girls continue to dance.

Half way to the food court Matt starts to slow his pace down. He looks back and

sees that the girls are no where in sight. His legs burn in pain from the long

run/walk he has already had. He spots a bench and runs underneath the bench. His

stomach growls as Matt realizes he never had lunch. He plops himself down

leaning up against one of the posts on the bench. Feeling starts to return to

his legs and he starts to feel almost normal again. Just as Matt is about to

leave 6 gigantic shoes are placed all around the bench. Matt starts running

towards one of the gaps but almost as if it was choreographed there shopping

bags are placed on the floor blocking most of the escape routes. The only way

out is to walk between the feet of one of the girls.

Matt lets out a heavy sigh and then proceeds to walk out between the feet of one

of the girls. He cant help but over hear them bitching about how strenuous

shopping is. A few choice words come to Matt's mind but he holds back and

continues to the matter at hand. Matt is about halfway to his goal when he looks

up and sees a girl staring down at him. He tries to look over at the other girls

but he cant see over her tennis shoes. Matt now just starts running as fast as

he can but he looks back to see her hand reaching for him.

“What does Maria spy with her little eye?”

I could only watch as her long fingers reached towards me. Her tanned Latina

fingers curl around my miniscule body. As her fingers press against my body I

kick at her fingers but I don't even make an impression on her skin. My feet

start to raise from the cold tile that covers the floor of the mall. As my feet

leave the ground I panic and flail and twist wildly in fear as I am raised up to

her face. Her eyes fixate on my me. My heart pounds so loudly I can hear each

individual beat in my head. The steady even beat of my scared heart drowns out

her voice. I slowly move closer and closer to her mouth. I can smell her warm

minty breath as it flows over me.

As I look down I watch as she lowers me towards her purse. As I get just above

the rim of the purse. Her warm tender grip leaves my body. I find myself in

freefall heading towards her purse. The air quickly chills my body. I find

myself cascading down the dark fabric walls of her purse. I run my hands across

the fabric wall looking for anything to stop my descent as I slide down into the

bowels of her purse. I collide into the fabric floor of Maria's purse. As she

starts moving I can feel the swaying of her handbag with every step she takes.

Deciding that I really don't want to be the prisoner of anyone I start climbing

through the garbage in her purse. The contents of her purse assault my tiny

body. As I make my way through her hand starts pawing through her purse. I fall

back to the floor of her purse because of the shock and surprise of it all. Her

hand come in from no where. I cringe as her hand stops on me.

Maria's hand squeezes me and then I start to lift upwards. The jarring of my

body makes my stomach want to hurl. Daylight surrounds me as I look up at

Maria's face. Before I get a good look she starts to tilt her hand. As her hand

tilts I start to tumble down. I close my eyes tightly expecting death but after

a few moments I land on the hard table. I roll end over end and collide with a

massive French fry. I look across the table and see another latina girl who has

a more ghetto look to her then Maria. Each of them stare at each other with

French fry in hand. The ghetto girl curls her finger up and flicks me off the

tray all in one motion. As it happens I see it all before me but I cant move

fast enough to avoid it.

As I stand up I am sent sliding across the table by Maria's French fry. Just

like Wayne Gretzky skating across the rink and taking possession of the puck the

ghetto girl snatches me just before I slide off the table and starts smacking me

with either side of the French fry like you do with a the puck as you skate up

the ice. She dekes left then right and then back to left and shoots I cry out in

terror as Maria misses and I end up sliding off the table. I scream at the top

of my lungs as I fall but luckily I am clutched up in mid air by Maria. She

holds me up to her face and smiles.

“You listen here!! I am quite capable of walking from one end of this table to

the other I do not need your assistence and I am not interested in your games so

put me down sunshine and let me get the fuck out of here because I am not in the

mood for your games.”

“Maria, you gonna let that honkey talk dat to you? Fuck girl that man is 5

inches tall put him in his place or let me do it for you.”

Maria drops me on the floor and stands up to her full height. Her ghetto looking

friend walks to the other side of me. I dart towards the doors and they both

chase after me. I dart in and out between the foot traffic.

I dive into the cuff of a rolled up pant leg. I immediately lay flat in the cuff

hugging the ankle. I stare up at the owner of the pants. With each step the girl

takes my weight starts to un cuff her pants. I look up to see a hand flying

towards me. Without anytime to react I am scooped up into the air.

“You are so cute. Look at you! Your just the most adorable thing I have ever


Her huge plush lips assault my body kissing me, and warming me up. Her lipstick

leaves gigantic lip impressions on me. She then nuzzles her nose up against me

and starts to slide me down her face. Her soft smooth comforting skin eases my

slide down. I am slide between her breasts. As soon as her shirt covers me I

feel her start to walk again. I can tell that she is an athlete because her

breasts are small well would be small and I am not bounced but held strongly in

place. Her chest has has no give as she walks. I try to fight my way out of her

breasts but I am soon crashed up against another girl. As they hug enough space

is created and I start to slide down this girls chest. I grab at anything but

her smooth firm chest has nothing for me to grab. The blinding darkness passes

by me faster then I can make out. I then hault suddenly out of nowhere. I feel

the ridge of her panties at me feet and the pressing of her pants at my chest.

Her long baggy shirt easily covers me up. As her hips move rhythmically back and

forth my body is slid from left to right. I grab tightly onto the denim waist of

her jeans so I don't fall through her pants. Each step she takes I am forced to

hold back the sickness in my stomach from constant swaying. I hear a door closed

and her pants and me are dropped to the floor. As I hit the floor I burrow

myself into her pants. As she pulls off her shirt I can hear her curse as she

realizes I am gone. Her foot stomps down beside me. I can hear the clack of her

sandals on the floor from where I hide in her jeans. I start peek my head out of

her jeans and see that she is trying on a new outfit. I scurry out from her

jeans and under the door of the dressing room. As I enter the hall I see a

endless tunnel with doors to dressing rooms on either side. The door to the

dressing room I just left starts to swing open. Not wanting to be caught I dash

under the door across from the room I just came into. As I crawl a nude petite

young woman stands changing. She steps backwards as she tries to fit into a pair

of pants that are obviously to small for her but will show off her ass quite

nicely if she can get into them however I don't have time to stare. As she

squirms trying to get her pants on her foot flies over head and starts it

descent I roll the left and collide with a denim wall that is then lifted into

the air. I start running to no where in particular just avoiding her feet. After

what seems like a endless minute she finally gives up and starts the process of

taking them off. I then run beneath the side wall of the dressing room. I

breathe heavily as I see a girl ripping off a price tag on a bra that isn't

hers. As she drops the price tag onto the ground her eyes meet up with mine.


The second I open my mouth I already know what is about to happen. I start

running out of the dressing room but her hurdles into the floor blocking my


“Hmmm I have been shoplifting since my sophomore year of high school and in my 3

years of doing this you have to be the most interesting thing I have ever seen

at the mall. I think your going to come home with me. My sisters are going to

get a kick out of you. Kayla likes small fragile dolls like you. I was going to

swipe this bra but now I think I should swipe you too. Yep Stephanie certainly

has been lucky today.”

Having no where to go I bite her toe with all the strength my jaw can muster.

The giantess bellows in pain as her foot lifts up and I run under it. As I dash

out the door I turn my head back to see her fumbling to throw her shirt on. I

however should have been paying more attention with the present. I feel like a

race car hitting the wall because everything just stops all at once and I fall

backwards onto my ass. I stare at a pair of worn adidas with a white sock coming

out of the shoe and then hides behind the khaki pant legs. A white polo shirt it

tucked into the khaki pants and a name tag that reads Nichole is attached to the

left and Abercrombie is stitched into the right. Her long wavy auburn hair falls

below her breasts. Her dark brown eyes stare at me with complete utter

amazement. Her lips start to move but not a sound comes out. I quickly pick

myself up and take off running as the door to the dressing room opens up. The

shoplifting girl dashes out of the room colliding with the employee. They both

tumble to the ground I look back at both girls who are tangled together. I blow

them a kiss a do a little dance in front of them and then cockily walk out of

the hallway as they both fight with each other while they get up. As soon as I

walk out the door a hand curls around me and I am lifted up to a face.

“Oh god no, okay Stephanie I am so sorry. I didn't mean to run I will go home

with you just don't hurt me please I am sorry for everything.”

“Oh you must think I am my sister. I'm Kayla little man. Do you know Stephanie?

Lets go find her huh. I am sure she can explain to me why she has been hiding

you from me because you are the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I thought

we shared everything but I have missed my turn with you.”

“No wait”

She either didn't hear me or didn't care because I was quickly whisked up into

her hand. Her and Stephanie have some kind of discussion but I spent much of my

time trying to get out of her grip. Before I knew it we were all in the food

court of the mall. They were heading towards Mc Donald's. I am then set down on

the counter like I am some meaningless possession to them. As they both order I

look for somewhere to go but I am on a counter that looks to be elevated some

several hundred feet off the ground. Seeing but one chance of escape I take off

running towards a bag sitting on the counter. One of the employee's shoved the

big mac into the bag and starts to pick up the bag. I leap and grab onto the

bottom of the bag. The employee quickly heads to the drive through window. I let

go expecting to fall in between the window and the car but I tumble onto the

drivers lap.

As I landed there I just didn't feel like moving anymore. I was being bounced

around from person to person like a toy. I have no rights, I have no purpose. I

am just going to lay here. Who cares I sure don't. When I awake everything will

be better.

I awake laying on the largest bed I have ever seen in my life. I look around the

room and see two other beds in the room. The room looks to be divided up into

three portions like 3 people live here. The other two look spotless but the one

I am in is rather messy. Clothes are scattered out all on the bed and the floor.

I see the far door open up and steam pours out of the room. I see a blonde

beauty walk out. She looks to be short standing at only about 5 foot 3 inches

tall but she has quite the body on her. She walks about the room like I don't

even exist. I watch intently as she walks about the room. My eyes don't waver of

wonder they lock onto her. She throws on a T-shirt and then walks over to the

mini fridge. She pulls out a bud ice and flicks on the television. She walks

back to her bed and spreads her practically nude body out across the bed.

Forgetting everything I have ever known I can only think about reaching her bed.


I wait for some kind of movement but I get none at all. She keeps watching what

looks to be Law and order special victims unit. I decide to go to her. I jump

off the side of the bed and land on a pile of dirty clothes. I spend the next 30

minutes walking through a mess of clothes but finally I reach the bed of the

goddess. As I climb of the side of the bed I run towards her forgetting

everything and throw myself at her.

“Oh my god! Who or what are you?”

Just as she starts reaching for me the door to the room opens up.

“Oh hey Jamie, I was going to tell you I found a little man today in my car but

I can see that you found him.”

“Its not what you think Autumn. He kind of threw himself at me.”

Autum starts to slink towards jamie and then she pounces onto her bed. Autumn

rips off Jamie's T-shirt starts to lick at her breasts. Autumn look similar to

Jamie only she has shorter blonde hair and has more of model like body instead

of a athletic one. As this all goes on I just look on but Jamie shoves autumn

off of her and then grabs me and holds me up to her face. As she does so Autumn

snatches me from Jamie and starts lick my body.

“HEY” Jamie bellows

Jamie tries to grab me but Autumn raises me up just high enough so I am out of

Jamie's grip. I then feel myself grabbed out of Autumns hand and there is a new

girl behind me. I am not sure where she came from I am looking at a girl who has

brown hair and is almost a dead ringer for Natalie Portman.

“What do we have here.”

Before I can say anything Autumn and Jamie leap towards the new girl who I

clearly head them call Alex before they tackled her to the ground. All the three

girls wrestle around on the floor trying to gain control of me. As this happens

Jamie grabs the bud ice she had and dumps the entire bottle over the other two

and me. The momentary distraction lets her snatch me and up and she falls back

onto her bed looking at me.

“Looks like I won the battle for you little man. Your all mine now.”

She sets me on her stomach and lays backwards looking up at the ceiling. I start

to walk across her stomach which causes her to laugh as I walk on her body which

is like a floor. As I rich her breasts I start massaging them. She cries out in

pleasure which causes the other two girls to look over there. I Then see Alex

the new girl appear over head. She grabs me from Jamie's breast and drops me in

her mouth. My feet are dangling in jamies mouth as I try to pull myself out but

then alex's mouth appears over head and Jamie and Alex star kissing. I can

vaguely hear Autumn say something about I will let you two lesbians be in a

jokingly voice. I start thrashing inside both there mouths as I can smell there

saliva that coats my body. Jamie starts playing with my dick as Alex continues

to lick the top half of my body. I orgasm several times and finally the two stop

kissing and I fall onto the pillow. They start making and love and start walking

towards the edge of the bed when Autumn grabs me. We walk over to her bed and

she rips my clothes off of me and then drops me so I lay flat in the very middle

of her bed. She then crawls on top of me and starts fucking me. I cry out for

help as her body starts to smother me. My cries are quickly silenced as her cum

runs over my body. I cry out in pain from my dick orgasming so many times. I try

to flail or move but its no use. I breathe a sigh of relief as Autumn rolls over

and I lay across her pussy well more like stuck to her pussy. Her breathing is

hard as she looks down at me. I then see Jamie's face come into view and she

starts licking me clean. As her tongue runs over my body the gooey cum that was

like glue starts vanish into her mouth and grip is released as I tumble onto

bed. Jamie then drops me onto Autumns stomach and then Alex sits down on top of

Autumn pussy. I start running towards the head of Autumn but Honey starts

shooting down on top of me. Just as I reach her breast the sticky honey holds me

in place with my hand clasping her breast and her stomach covered honey. Alex's

massive body looms over head and they start making out. I can smell Alex's pussy

from when she was with jamie. Her scent is so different then Autumns but as Alex

pulls away I find myself stuck to her chest. The girls start laughing on

controllabley as I am stuck firmly onto her chest. I spend the next several

hours here as they drink becoming more and more drunk. Finally when they are all

wasted Alex pulls me off of her chest.

“Hmm a safe place where I can put you.”

I am then shoved into her pussy and drift off to sleep inside of Alex. I start

to lose track of time. Months, years, days, they are all meaningless to me now.

I am a slave to these girls. I am there toy, there entertainment, there

pleasure. They toy with me, they tease me, I may be a slave but I have no urge

to escape because I havent ever been happier in my life. I am taken care of, and

I may not be in love, But I do live happily ever after!


Giantess Stories: Mall Madness  By  AsukaFan     Today started out like any other for Matt McGuire

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