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Mama's Sucker!

By Ziggy

There was once a boy named Jimmy who was adopted as an infant into the Carter

family. The Carters where a loving family of four. There was Fred Carter, a

shoe-salesman and Betty Carter, a home-maker with two beautfull daughters, Sarah

and Kelly. Sarah was 5 when Jimmy was adopted and Kelly was 3. Indeed the

Carters were truely a good family....or at least so it seemed on the ourside.

For despite their outside appearances, there where many dark secrets that where

hidden by the Carters. For all of the females in Betty's family had been endued

with the power to not only shrink whatever they wanted to whatever size, but

also to change its form. Betty, through teaching was taught never to use the

power in any circumstance from a child up and set out to do the same with her

daughters Sarah and Kelly. But when the Carters decided to adopt Jimmy Betty's

attention as often times averted from her daughters in taking care of her new

son. As time passed there was a growing sense of animosity and jealousy that

developed between the two sisters and their younger step-brother that created in

them a vindictive streak. As these powers developed within Sarah and Kelly and

they both learned better how t controll them they started testing their new

found powers on various living things. 13 yrs after jimmy's adoption on his

britday, he was given a puppy by his mother. but jealous of his gift his two

sisters decided to play a cruel trick on jimmy and when Jimmy wasnt looking they

shrunk his puppt to a tiny size and turned it into a chocolate. When Jimmy came

back looking for his dog, it was no where to be found. Jimmy rushed in a panic

outside to find his dog but it was to no avail. finally by about midnight that

night Jimmy had given up the search and considered the dog officially lost.

Betty, feeling sad for her son's loss sat near him to comfort him. Then Jimmy's

cruel sisters poured jimmy's chocolate dog into a small tray of chocolates and

in a false gesture of consilation offered jimmy some candy. As jimmy reached his

hand into the bowl of candy his dog yelped out with all its might but could not

be heard. jimmy, grasping a peice of chocolate next to his puppy stuffed it in

his mouth and sucked on it untill it melted enough to chew it. When Betty

perceived that a dog chocolate was in the bowl she decided to eat it before

Jimmy saw it and was reminded of his lost dog. And so reaching into the bowl the

dog looked up in fright as a giant hand decended upon him growing larger and

larger and finally grapsing itself around it. Jimmy's dog cried in terror, but

its yelps amounted to nothing. Finally it's world was engulfed by a hot, moist,

and foul darkness that shut around him. The dog barked and striggled, but could

not move as Betty's wet toungue slithered over and over it peeling layer after

layer off the dog's chocolaty frame untill finally he was reduced to nothing

more than a slick coacoa blob that was eventually swallowed and delivered into

the depths of Jimmy's mother's belly to be dissolved. jimmy sister's then left

the room and with much excitment laughed together at the torment they had caused

their brother....and his dog.

Although, Jimmy's sister;s had considered it at times, they could never bring

themselves to actualy doing something like that to their own step-brother

despite how badly the wanted to get rid of him. But this would soon change when

, in a freak accident Fred...their father began cheating on Betty with another

woman. This so infuriated Betty that, in a fit of rage, she shrunk ol' cheatin'

Fred and decided to teach him a lesson, all in front of Sarah and Kelly. When

she had shrunk Fred to the size of a walnut she removed her smelly loafers and

lowered him into the rank depths of her shoe. She then covered her foot over the

shoe and reminded Fred that he should know his place. When she looked up and saw

her two daughter's watching her she stopped, realizing what she was doing and

ordered the girls to leave. She then removed her foot from the shoe and brought

Fred back to normal size. Once there Fred went into the shower without saying a

word and straight back to bed. He had learned his place. However, in doing what

she did Betty was not a complete succes, for Sarah and Kelly had watched the

whole thing and their minds where now set....they were going to get rid of Jimmy

once and for all.

The next day they called jimmy into their room where they imediatly shrunk him.

Then, with a cruel smile Sarah looked down on her brother and explained to him

what had heppened to his dog. Then Kelly contiued telling him that he would end

up in the same place. Taking him in her hand Sarah went in search for herr

mother with Kelly laughing behind. Finally, they found Betty sitting in her Preguntas y respuestas del examen de manejo dmv de Arizona 2022

lounge chair and sucking on her hard candies. Sarah, looking at Kelly grinned at

one another and with a twinkle of the nose Jimmy became a piece of strawberry

flavoured hard candy. Sarah, unbenknownst to her mother dropped Jimmy screaming

and yelling into their mother's bowl of candy. Then the two sisters sat around

their mother and asked if they could have some candy.

"Sure, take what you want but dont eat it all because that's my favorite candy

and I like sucking on them while I read." Betty aswered

"So do Kelly and I mom" Sarah said.

"yeah, i especially like the strawberry flavoured ones" Kelly floowed.

"Now, you cant have those...there my favorites" Betty groaned.

Then Jimmy from the bowl watched as his mother reached down into the bowl to pul

out a piece of candy. Jimmy looked up and cried out as he watched his mother's

huge hand decend upon him growing larger and larger until it blocked out all

light. Jimmy then felt a pressure around his waist as his mother picked him up.

and with a rush of wind lifted him to her mouth. jimmy screamed out to his

mother..."MOM DONT EAT ME! PLEASE! MOM!!!! NOOO!" jimmy struggled, but was stiff

and couldnt move, his pleas were left unheard as he stared helpless into his

very own mother's face. All seems to go into slowmotion as Jimmy watched his

mother parted her wet sticky lips and released a foul- smelling hot waft of

breather over his poor helpless little frame. Then with quick bursts of hot

fetid air Betty spoke.."Hey this one looks like a little person....look girls"

pointing the candied Jimmy to his evil sisters, unknowing that what she was

about to eat was her very own son. ^The girls laughed and giggled as they

watched frightened little Jimmy stiff between the hands of his mother. Then

jokingly Betty drew Jimmy near her face and said, "mmm mm mm, now your the kinda

man I have been waiting for all my life....short....sweet...and good to eat."

She then slowly and with the intentions of seeming sensual drew Jimmy closer to

her lips. Jimmy cried out..."MOM NO DONT ITS ME....MOM WAIT NOOOOO!!!

As she held her Jimmy in front of her lips she slipped her tongue in between

them and weted them down then puckered up for a kiss. Still thinking that Jimmy

was a piece of candy in the shape of a man Betty cooed "pucker up big boy...get

ready for your big kiss".

She then pressed jimmy's body against her, warm, moistened lips. Jimmy was

suddenly overwhelmed by the fleshy lips of his mother as he sank deep into them

like one would into a waterbed. The experience was intensified by the foul odour

of Betty's rancid breath and fetisd saliva that began to cover poor little

Jimmy. Finally his mother opened her mouth and there before Jimmy was the dark

depths of the inside of his mother's mouth. A hot surge of stink engulfed litle

Jimmy as he cried out in desperate pleas for his mother to spare him. But alas,

his screams were futile, for no matter how hard he yelled, his voice was

inaubible to his mother.

Jimmy cried in terror "MOM.....PLEASE.......DONT EAT ME.....DONT EAT ME......NOOOOOOOOO!"

As he souted his mother delivered her son into the depths of her foul mouth and

rested Jimmy onto her toungue. the smell was unbarable for little Jimmy, and the

humid heat was intense. Jimmy tried to make some eort of movement to get his

mother's attetnion but was forced up aainst the roof of her mouth were she

slithered her tobgue over and over against his body. Although stiff and

incapable of any serious movement jimmy still could feel every touch that

embraced him and his mother's prodding tongue contiually slimed across his

pleasure forcing him to become even stiffer. Betty rythmically glided her wet

slimey tongue over her son forcing him into spasms. jimmy in one last attempt to

free himself cried out to his mother weak from the fondling and the heat and

odour...."mom......dont eat" and covered in a thick

layer of mucour Betty swallowed her son. weak and forlorn jimmy did not struggle

as he slid down her esophagus and soon the foul odour did not bother him as he

was slowly suffocated in her tube and dropped....lifeless into her seething

belly where she digested he own adopted son.

That night Betty was frantic looking for Jimmy, she went to the police station

to file a missing persons report. But nothing ever came up of poor little jimmy.

Betty, went to her grave never knowing that all the while she looked for her

son...he was within her and did noy part with him indefinatly until she flushed

his processed body down the toilette never to be heard or seen from again.

the gruesome end....

Ziggy Freud

Giantess Stories: Mama

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