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Man or Mouse?

By Aaron Daly

The headlines of the morning edition blared:


He knew the entire story. All he wanted to see was the headline heralding his

name in full glory. A ten second stop at the mirror left his dark hair combed

and his eyes free of sleep sand. He then gulped down the rest of his coffee,

stimulating his system much like what the banner headline had done to his ego.

He was scheduled to begin the final preparations of this historic mission at 5

am sharp today. He left his quarters and was soon joined by several military

policemen who promptly exchanged salutes with him and drove him over to the

mission control center of the base. Col. Gyure could see the silhouette of the

experimental craft he had been training to pilot for 18 months. "Damn," he

thought to himself while traveling past the machine, "this is probably the last

time I'll see her on earth like this."

Charles Gyure was one of the few remaining military men who still regarded

vehicles as feminine. This was probably because he treated women in a similar

way, as objects to be controlled. Alas, a man bred and trained to succeed under

the tremendous pressure of space training usually has a strong male ego driving

him. In Gyure's case, his ego had done him well. At 34, he was considered an old

timer in the business. In fact, he just barely made the age cutoff for the

mission by 4 days. But his lifetime accomplishments were so extraordinary that

no one could imagine calling him an old timer.

During his career, there had been two women elected to the presidency. He

therefore had much practice in keeping his feelings to himself. But

occasionally, he used outlets to vent off and demonstrate his assumed

superiority over females.

Dr. Andrea Clemens was his latest outlet.

Dr. Clemens, the only woman on the five person team of scientists who had

planned the entire mission, and the one with the brilliant ideas. Andrea had

developed a theory whereby electric fields could be used to warp the spacetime

continuum over a selected region of space, thus placing convenient

interplanetary travel within the reach of man (and woman). She was already

guaranteed a Nobel Prize for her work, but she wanted this mission to be

successful as well. Women had come so far in her lifetime of 26 years, and she

wanted to earn further fame for her sex by being known as the woman who put

humankind on Mars.

She was a 5'6" attractive, single woman, who preferred large glasses and wearing

her long black hair back in a bun, sort of like the 70's look sported by Lynda

Carter when she portrayed Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince. Gyure

remembered how much those reruns had turned him on when he first met her during

his orientation. Occasionally, he flirted and got quite fresh with her during

his training when he saw the right opportunity.

However, Andrea never reported his behavior to anyone. The press would have had

a field day with allegations of sexual misconduct involved with the greatest

leap of humankind. The mission could be delayed for up to a year. No, she

couldn't have it. "Grin and bear it, Andi," she'd mutter to herself, over and

over again, whenever Gyure made a pass at her. "You only have to work closely

with him a short while longer, and then he'll be off into space and that'll be

the end of it." She didn't realize that by not taking action against Gyure, she

was giving him the false impression that she was condoning his actions.

Nevertheless, today would be their last meeting together before the launch. She

was beginning to dread her final briefing with the Colonel. He was flying above

cloud nine, and soon would be the most famous human in his lifetime. Andrea

feared what liberties his ego would take when they were alone in the briefing


They met silently outside the briefing room, and at precisely 0500 hours, both

Dr. Clemens and Col. Gyure placed their ID cards in the appropriate slots and

entered the room. After the security door locked behind them, they were

completely isolated from the outside world.

Despite all his discipline and training, Gyure's libido started to control him

in this small room. Dr. Clemens had been the only woman he'd seen in the past

year of training, "And hey, a guy's only human, right?" he thought to himself.

"If anything goes wrong on this trip, she could be the last woman I'd see. Maybe

she could give me a little something for good luck," he chuckled to himself.

"It's nice to see you one more time before your trip, Colonel," Andrea said,

with a grin which hid her fears. "This final briefing will cover special

emergency procedures that will hopefully return you safely to Earth if anything

unfortunate happens."

Col. Gyure met her eyes briefly, and then returned his gaze to admiring how her

chest protruded against her lab coat as she prepared her slides. She then

progressed through the tried and true precautions adopted decades ago by the

space program, which were second nature to Gyure. She then concluded with some

procedures unique to this mission.

"Your craft will be traveling using our spacewarp system only operating within

the well tested parameters. If, during any time of the mission, you encounter a

situation which you or the computer deems hopeless, then simply pull on the

large red handle located above your head." She pointed to the appropriate spot

on the screen. "This will activate the automatic homing device, which will use a

higher level of space warping to return you to earth as fast as possible.

However, this warp level is untested. We don't know for sure what long term

effects it could have on you, if any. But saving your life in time is worth that

risk, don't you agree?"

Gyure quickly looked up to her pretty spectacled face, smiled and nodded.

Andrea was starting to feel less tense. The Colonel hadn't tried anything funny

yet, and she was starting to slip into a sense of security and really become

absorbed in her work.

"Another emergency device is actually wired into your spacesuit. There are

thousands of tiny coils embedded in the outer layer." She showed him a magnified

picture of the suit material. "When electric current passes through them, they

can actually bend light away from the suit, rendering you nearly invisible. This

is meant for you to protect yourself from intense radiation on your trip. The

battery pack only has a four hour charge, so use it sparingly; if you find

yourself being overheated from infrared radiation, for example.

"These precautions seem simple enough," Col. Gyure thought to himself. Indeed,

they were not hard to follow. Gyure had spent most of the time admiring Dr.

Clemens's body and thinking, "She's pretty, and clever. I wonder what she'd look

like without her coat, glasses, and her hair down?"

"That's all I'm prepared to talk about," Dr. Clemens said as she turned off her

projector. She walked over in front of the Colonel. "Are there any questions you

have for me?"

The dark side of Charles Gyure took that question as its cue: he reached up,

caught her by her coat with one hand, pulled her close to his face, and spoke

softly. "Only one question, sweets. How about you give me something to remember

on my trip?" He followed this query with a wink while his other hand found its

way under her coat.

Andrea's face reddened, and with tears in her eyes, she gave him a stunning blow

on the cheek. Gyure grimaced in pain as he rubbed his face and watched Andrea's

behind follow the rest of her into the restroom. "Shit, what am I doing," he

thought, shaking his head," I always knew my limits before. That bitch could

ruin everything if she squeals. I'd better calm her down." He rose from his

chair and went to the restroom door.

Locked. He knocked. "Go away!" came the response. It was Charlie's turn to

blush. Looking at his watch, he began to panic. "Shit! we're scheduled to leave

for final countdown preparation in 15 minutes. What am I gonna do?"

Andrea, after locking the restroom door behind her, had locked herself in the

stall. She was sitting on the toilet seat with her arms wrapped around her, and

was bobbing up and down with her sobbing. She couldn't believe she had let him

do this to her. "I should have done something a long time ago," she cried to

herself. She had been so absorbed in her work it didn't even occur to her to bug

the room for evidence. "Why? Why?" she asked herself, "Why me? Why am I always a

victim?" Glancing at her watch, she saw that she'd better stop crying soon, or

she would have some awkward explaining ahead of her. With a final shudder

gripping her body, she unlocked her stall and went over to the sink. She turned

on the cold water, removed her glasses, and started splashing the water on her

face, trying to remove the tears and redness. Finally, she filled up the sink

and soaked her face in the cold water, periodically raising her head to see if

any evidence of crying remained in the mirror. She heard Col. Gyure calling to

her from behind the door.

"Dr. Clemens, please, just forget what happened, okay? It would seriously affect

the mission if anyone found out." The bastard didn't even care about how he made

her feel; like a small sex object. She made up her mind as she was looking at

her eyes, which had now lost the puffiness and redness of tears. That prick was

going to have a very short mission. She would find time to sabotage the ship.

She plotted to let the mission last long enough to prove that her warping field

was adequate for an interplanetary trip, and then, an unfortunate life support

malfunction would force the craft to return home using the emergency warp. Yes,

this plan would resolve the conflicts that were tearing her apart. It would both

justify her work and end Gyure's career. He would not enjoy the glory of being

the first man on Mars. He would get close enough to maybe establish orbit, and

the "unfortunate" malfunction would return him to Earth, and he would be past

the age limit when another mission was organized. "Hmmm. Enough plotting for

now," Andrea grinned at her reflection. This scheme had put her in good spirits


Andrea unlocked the restroom door and walked past Charlie without making eye

contact. "We have an appointment in 5 minutes, Colonel. I hope this briefing

session was useful. Let's go." Charlie felt his jaw go slack. A queer feeling

began creeping over him, one of both relief and uneasiness. He was relieved that

Andrea had appeared to have ignored the incident for now, but he felt uneasy at

the fact that she was able to appear so in control and cheerful so quickly. It

seemed almost like a split personality thing. "Weird," Charlie said to himself

as he rubbed away the last tinglings of Andrea's slap and followed her outside

the room.

After opening the door at the end of the hallway, they met the men who were

responsible for preparing Gyure for the liftoff at 1000 hours. Andrea was not

obligated to help them with these preparations. She had her own plans. After a

quick alibi was given to her superiors, that she was going to give the emergency

systems another diagnostic, she stole away to the sub basement level of the

building, which allowed access to the craft. She had no problem gaining entry

with her identification.

She was extremely skilled at electronics. After finding the relays for the life

support systems, she managed to create a time delayed short circuit that would

occur approximately 30 minutes after lift off. She estimated that Gyure would be

over halfway to Mars by then. The communication systems also were added to this

future mishap, as an afterthought. "Let the bastard shit his spacesuit," she

said with a smile. She had studied enough circuit failures to make her work

appear to be accidental. She was trembling with joy, knowing that she had just

put the final touches on Gyure's career. Looking up, she saw the red emergency

handle. Her mind started working. Since this mission was now going to end

prematurely, she might as well use the opportunity to obtain important data for

her research. Even though the current emergency warp setting was untested, its

behavior and side effects could be predicted with 95% accuracy. Andrea was

interested in pushing the warp limit even further, into a truly unknown region.

Opening the circuit box for the emergency homing device, she doubled the

curvature coefficient setting, which would return the ship to Earth at about

half the speed of light. "That'll give him something to remember from his trip."

She completed her preparations, double checked for incriminating evidence, and

then, true to her alibi, checked out the emergency systems throughout the ship.

She almost glided back to her laboratory, with her hands sweating in

anticipation of the downfall of Gyure.

Morning passed quickly. All of the other preparations were now finished. Colonel

Charles Gyure was in his spacesuit, harnessed in the cockpit of the ship, and

ready to make history. Here came the final countdown: "T minus

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0... IGNITION!"

Gyure thought it was quaint how "ignition" was still used even though flammable

rocket fuel was no longer used. He felt the smooth acceleration of the ship as

the warp drive kicked in. Since the space around the ship was being "warped",

relatively little power was needed to bring the ship up to speed and keep it

there. The added bonus was there was also very little G force to deal with.

Gyure even had the luxury of Earth's gravity thanks to Andrea's genius. She had

certainly worked out what seemed to be hassle free space travel, as convenient

as traveling on Earth. "This'll be a cakewalk," Gyure laughed to himself as he

watched his instruments and maintained communication. Two minutes had passed,

and he could now see all of North America. Further and further from Earth he

soared. Now he could view the entire planet, and only after 5 minutes! He

watched its dimensions grow smaller and smaller. 10 minutes; a basketball. 15

minutes; a softball. 25 minutes; a marble. 30 minutes ......


Gyure yelped, jumped up, and hit his head squarely on the emergency handle.

Groaning, he slumped to the floor; "Fuckin' .... stupid .... handle ......" He

was so confident about his safety that he had unharnessed himself for more

comfort. He stirred out of his painful daze after a few minutes, awakened by the

smell of smoke. The life support panel had caught fire, and the sparks were

starting to spread. "Oh .... fuckin' .. shit ..," Gyure mumbled, stumbling to

his feet. He unfastened the extinguisher from the wall and promptly smothered

the fire. Rubbing the top of his head, he knelt down by the panel to inspect the

damage. Opening the outer panel, he saw that all of the circuits were fused or

blown apart. No chance of repairs either. The damage was too extensive. He

checked the communications panel with the same result. "Fuck," he muttered out

loud. He looked back at the main instrument panel. The stats showed him that he

only had 10 minutes of fresh atmosphere left. The computer was instructing him

to pull the emergency handle and abort the mission. That news brought Gyure to

full consciousness.

"No ...No!... NO!" he yelled, kicking the ruined panels. "It's not supposed to

be this way!" He realized that after he returned home, he would be grounded; a

soon to be forgotten astronaut who paved the way for another hotshot who'd end

up getting all the glory. Then he remembered who had designed the ship. "Stupid

cunt's junky spaceship!" he shouted. "Stupid fucking woman!" The end of his

dream had made Charlie quite irrational, and the blow to his ego had caused him

to ignore the crisis he was in. After a few minutes, he had calmed down enough

to remember the computer's directive. Entering the proper codes, he acknowledged

the directive, strapped himself in, and pulled the red handle.

This trip was not smooth. The entire ship was rattling, and the acceleration was

tremendous. Charlie's body instinctively reacted to these forces which he had

trained for months to endure. If his mind wasn't so clouded with rage, he would

have noticed a feeling of falling inward as well. After a few seconds, the Earth

ballooned before him as he headed toward the west coast of North America. Just

as he started hoping that the ship would land safely, the ship pulled out of

warp, leaving the momentum behind in the wake, which allowed the ship to fall

from rest about 10 miles above sea level. "Thank God, she managed to do it after

all." The landing parachute automatically deployed, and now all he had to do was

brace himself for the fall in the ocean. He passed the time thinking bitterly

about how he'd spend his time after he was "retired".

Meanwhile, at mission control, Dr. Clemens spirit had jumped for joy the second

that communications were lost. The accident had happened right on schedule. She

had to fight back a grin as she heard her superiors yelling on the phones to

other bureaucratic types and explaining about the aborted mission and how they'd

have to find another pilot for the next one. But there was recorded proof of the

ease of warp travel. Andrea's work was justified; further funding would come her

way. An investigation would show that the fire was caused by a few faulty

circuits which had failed. Now all Andrea wanted to see was the expression Gyure

would wear on his face after he returned.

She was thinking about all these wonderful things while she was monitoring the

ship's return. A strong signal was sent from the ship when the emergency warp

was activated. Her instruments were showing her a truly bizarre event, though.

As Colonel Gyure's ship approached Earth, the signal should have increased in

intensity; however, the signal was weakening, almost as if the source was

diminishing. Finally, the signal was lost, being too weak to even register. She

recorded this data to add to her analysis of the warp effect. The computer had

used the signal to calculate the ship's trajectory, and now it had calculated

the most probable area of ocean that Gyure would land in. The recovery crew soon

departed, with Andrea tagging along. She wanted to be the first person Gyure

would see when he landed.

The target zone was 15 miles from the coast. The crew stopped at the coast, and

began waiting for orders from mission control, which was trying to pick up the

ship on satellite scanners, radar, and other instruments. Andrea checked the

time. The calculations predicted a splashdown in 10 minutes, but Gyure's ship

should have been detected long before now. 15 minutes later, Andrea was puzzled.

She contacted mission control, asking for permission to proceed with rescue

operations. After 2 minutes of painful waiting, she got permission. The restless

crew then drove the hovercrafts out into the ocean. They soon reached the target

area and searched visually and with sonar. Nothing. Then each hovercraft started

circling out in a radial pattern that extended about 5 miles. Still nothing.

Andrea actually started worrying about Colonel Gyure. She remembered how the

emergency signal grew weaker and disappeared. For a moment, she wondered if the

ship was destroyed upon reentry. "Wait, it couldn't have," she reassured

herself. She knew that all of the excess momentum the ship gained from the

spacewarp would be shunted off, and if the ship did disintegrate, the signal

would have disappeared abruptly, not just diminish like someone was turning down

its volume.

Half an hour had passed, and the crew had located nothing. Following the rescue

procedures to the letter, the crew began an extensive systematic search that

would cover 100 square miles. The Coast Guard was employed to aid in this


The search was completed in 6 hours, with no news of the Colonel's return. No

tracking station on the coast had picked up anything on radar. Andrea now feared

the worst, that her new warp setting had indeed blown apart the ship. There was

still a small chance that Gyure had just been blown way off course by the

prevailing winds. It was the only explanation, assuming that the ship was

undamaged. An international effort was intiated to expedite Gyure's recovery.

Charlie, meanwhile, had peacefully floated to earth about 20 minutes later than

the predicted time, and, thanks to the winds, about 50 miles south of the target

area, quite close to the coast. Charlie unharnessed himself, and started to lean

forward on the seat to stand up, with his muscles instinctively using the proper

amount of effort needed to stand upright.

Gyure shot up off the seat and struck his head on the ceiling. Even though his

head hurt like the dickens, he didn't black out this time. "What the hell's

going on here?" he yelled. Due to utter confusion, he neglected to curse

Andrea's name. In trying to stand up, it was like someone had turned down the

gravity. Standing up again, very slowly, he marveled at how little effort his

legs and butt had to use. It was like someone was tugging on him with many

invisible marionette strings. He then started bouncing lightly on his toes and

swinging his arms from side to side. With each bounce, he left the floor and

almost touched the ceiling again, with his arms swinging out at maximum arcs.

"Damn, maybe this trip wasn't a total waste," Charlie thought to himself.

"Wouldn't it be cool if I got this strength as a side effect of that flaky

bitch's warp gizmo? Gee, retirement might not be so bad now. I could really have

some fun with this. Yeah, it'll be my little secret. First, I think I'll call up

the Guinness World Record people and set a new high jump record for them."

Gyure's ego had rejuvenated as he was getting excited at being number one again.

His mind was swirling with visions of medals, money, and the models he would


While he was daydreaming, his ship was steadily floating toward the shoreline.

He glanced toward land and shook himself out of his dreaming. He could see

people on the beach. Now the elation building up in him made him feel like a

shaken soft drink. Soon he would be mobbed by people and worshipped as a hero.

He hoped the bikini clad girls would get to him first. He floated closer and

closer to the shore. The people seemed close enough that they should see him

now, but no one looked out at him. Charlie popped open the hatch, stood outside

the ship and starting waving his arms to get their attention. Still no one

looked at him. Charlie was getting impatient. "Maybe the sun's in their eyes,"

he thought. His view of the beachgoers zoomed larger and larger. They appeared

close enough to hear him now, but no one looked out at him as he yelled toward

the shore. "Huh? What's going on here? HEY GUYS! YOU DEAF? I MADE IT BACK FROM

SPACE! IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME!" He was ignored again. Charlie was very confused

and he just stood there, watching the people grow larger and larger. And larger

and larger. And larger and larger. And still larger and larger. Charlie felt his

stomach start to twist itself into a knot when the people starting looking a

little too big, and he slowly grew more and more nauseous as the people grew

larger and larger. Extremely confused and dizzy, he thought he was suffering

from hallucinations or something. When the people became large enough that he

actually had to tilt his head back to look at them, he realized something was

horribly wrong. The people stopped growing. Charlie's ship was touching the

sandy shore, and he had to hold his gaze almost vertical to see the faces of

these people. With his lower lip trembling, he realized what had happened to

him. Somehow, the trip using the emergency warp had shrunk him to the size of a

grasshopper. And like a little insect, his muscles could now lift many times his

own tiny weight. "Now what am I going to do," he started whining, with tears

forming in his eyes. "The only record I'll set now is the tiniest pipsqueak of

all time! What will happen to me? Will they put me in a cage? My life's over,

OVER! I'll never get a woman again! What chick would get turned on by looking at

my dick through a magnifying glass?" Now the tears came at full force as Charlie

totally lost it. "It's all her fault! I know it! She did this to me! That crazy

cunt! Wait'll I ..." He stopped his ranting, thinking, what would he do to

Andrea? What COULD he do to her? She now would literally have more strength in

her pinky than he did in his whole body! He shuddered as he realized that he was

now inferior to every woman who was ever born. Only female fetuses were smaller

than him, and young ones at that. He started hoping that whatever happened, he

would not see Andrea again, because he had just remembered what had happened in

the briefing room that morning. Boy, would she have a score to settle with him.

All this time, Charlie's ship was quietly bobbing against the shore, his crying

unnoticed by the nearby people. Some kids were building a parking garage sized

sandcastle close by. An outburst of their joyful yelling and screaming was the

magnitude of jumbo jet engines to Charlie's tiny eardrums. He instinctively

clapped his hands over his ears and huddled inside the ship, waiting for a

moment of silence so he could close the hatch. Finally; peace and quiet. Charlie

jumped up and slammed the hatch shut. The noise soon resumed. Now it didn't hurt

his ears, but the whole ship still vibrated as if he were inside a megaphone.

He regained his senses, and started thinking about a plan of action. "They'll be

looking for me. I've got to contact the authorities somehow." He certainly

wasn't going to wade out onto the beach towards civilization. Covering the beach

alone would be a day's journey to him. Hell, he doubted he'd even last a day;

he'd probably get squashed under the feet of some overweight woman. His only

realistic option was to be carried by someone to the authorities. He would have

to wait and be discovered.

He didn't have to wait long. He heard a large weight land on the top of the

ship, and suddenly his perspective became topsy turvy as the ship lifted and the

floor of the cabin swung away from under his feet. He went careening to the

front of the ship, which was now pointing downward. Looking out the front

windows, he saw a pair of enormous bare feet far below, connected to immense

legs, which touched part of a pink bathing suit. Despite his new bruises,

Charlie tried to climb upward over the seat and equipment to get a better view

of his discoverer. Looking out a side window, he saw an enormous little girl.

She looked to be about 8 years old. He starting getting queasy again, knowing

that he was just a toy to this little girl. The ship vibrated to her laughter,

and Charlie was shaken down to the front of the ship and was violently bounced

around with each step the giant girl took towards her mother, who was sunbathing


"MOMMY, MOMMY," she cried, "LOOK AT MY SPACESHIP." No answer came from her

sleeping mom. The girl sat down next to her mother and started playing with the

ship, steering it through the air while making whoosh whoosh noises. Luckily, by

this time Charlie had the good sense to drag his sore little body up to his seat

and strap himself in again. He started praying that the ship was sturdy enough

to withstand her playing. All the turns and dives that the girl was forcing the

ship to make were making Charlie sick again. He was relieved when she stopped

and landed him on a large red hill. She had placed the ship on her mom's butt to

get her attention. It took Charlie a few seconds to figure out where he was from

his new perspective, and then he felt himself turn as red as the bathing suit of

the woman he was perched upon. He was flushed partly from embarrassment of being

so tiny and so close to a woman, and partly from being turned on by her large

round ass. Unstrapping himself, he looked out the windows to view her titanic

body better. He looked at her tanned, toned hamstrings and followed their

tapering all the way to her heels. Next, he went to the windows behind him and

followed the graceful curve of her spine from the small of her back up to her

huge clavicles and neck, which was surmounted by a sea of golden hair. He began

to quickly look back and forth from her heels to her head. "God," he exclaimed.

Looking out along her body was like peering over the entire deck of a sexy

aircraft carrier. Charlie started to feel less embarrassed about being tiny.

Actually, he thought it would be downright kinky to explore the body of a woman

this size. His hand was halfway to the hatch handle when he remembered that the

gigantic girl was still out there, and thought better of it. "MOMMY, WAKE UP!

LOOK AT MY SHIP!" the girl cried out again. "MMMMMMMMMHHHHHH ......" her mother

mumbled as she awoke from her little snooze and started to roll over on her

back. The little ship slid off of her rump onto the sand. Charlie, unharnessed

again, took some more painful tumbles. Then he saw an enormous shadow loom over

the ship. The huge woman was rolling over, and was going to crush him under her


"MOMMY, DON'T BREAK MY SHIP!" yelled the giant girl, snatching the ship away

just before her mom's backside made a nice dent in the sand beneath itself.

Charlie took another roll in the ship as the girl quickly yanked the ship away.

He managed to make it to his seat again and buckled himself in, promising

himself that he would stay there until he was left alone for awhile.

The girl's mom had sat up now, and was curious about the toy her daughter had

found. "LET ME LOOK AT THAT, HONEY," she said, taking the ship from her. Charlie

felt the ship slowly rock back and forth and then he gulped as it was turned

upside down as the woman examined the craft. She absentmindedly started


LIKE A MODEL, AND AN EXPENSIVE ONE." Even though she said this under her breath,

Charlie still heard every word loud and clear, as if a gale was speaking. The

woman thought it was quite foolish for someone to bring such an expensive

looking model to the beach. She lifted the ship up to her face and looked

through the windows into the cockpit. Charlie felt his bowels turn as he saw her

enormous eyes through the main viewing glass, looking at him. "GEE, IT EVEN

COMES COMPLETE WITH A LITTLE PILOT," the woman grinned. Charlie knew she had

smiled from how the large wrinkles around her eyes had moved. He was struck dumb

with amazement. This colossal, sexy woman was smiling at little him! But only

because she thought he was a toy pilot, he remembered. He wondered what she

would do if she knew she was looking at a little living man.

Looking at her daughter, she said, "MARIA, SOMEONE WILL BE LOOKING FOR THIS. WE

SHOULD TRY TO FIND THE OWNER." Maria crossed her arms over her chest and shook



grumpy expression on her face as her mom took her by the arm with one hand and

walked along the beach holding Charlie's ship in the other hand, looking for the

owner of the ship. Charlie had a good view of her legs and feet far below him.

He admired the woman's shapely legs as she walked, watching her thighs and

calves flex to her walking rhythm. He was also fascinated by the enormous

footprints she made in the sand, and especially how the sand squiggled up

between her long lovely toes. From his strapped in position, he could

comfortably massage his manhood through his suit as he looked in wonder.

After 20 minutes, they had not come across the owner, having questioned several

kids about the ship. It was about time to go home. "OK, MARIA, YOU CAN KEEP IT


SOMEONE WOULD WANT THIS BACK, SO TAKE CARE OF IT." The only word Maria heard was

"KEEP". She grabbed the ship back and started spinning around with it, yelling,

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" as Charlie was saying "Urrrgggggggh ...." Charlie did not

have a comfortable ride to the girl's house. She kept rolling the ship back and

forth across the car seat and in her lap. He was upside down for about half the

trip. He was praying that this monstrous girl would forget about her toy soon

and play with something else. All of his astronaut training couldn't prepare him

for the roughhousing of a kid! He was badly bruised, nauseated, and his nose was

bleeding. Nature was calling as well. Soon, Charlie heard the car motor stop. He

sighed with relief when he knew the trip was over. "Ok. Now she'll take me in

the house and forget about me," Charlie hoped.

Sure enough, Maria took the ship, went to her room, enjoyed a few more minutes

of playing with her toy, and put it under the bed so she could go watch TV.

Charlie felt as if he were on a roller coaster ride as he zoomed down into a

twilighted area: the space under her bed. He landed upright, and Charlie watched

her enormous feet kick off her shoes and walk out of the room with steps that

shook the entire ship. After the feet went out the door, he quickly unharnessed

himself from his seat to find some relief in the latrine ...

It was the most nervous movement he'd ever had. His body felt more rigid than a

wooden ruler; it was bracing itself for another unexpected tumble. Luckily, he

needn't have been so anxious; the girl had left him alone for an afternoon of

cartoons. As his body emptied so did his mind; the cloudiness and tension seeped

away little by little. He then cleaned up, and tried to treat his injuries the

best way he could using the first aid kit. Then collapsing in his chair, he

started thinking what he was going to do next.

The only option open to him was to contact the gigantic mother and convince her

he was Colonel Gyure, the missing astronaut. He felt really nervous about this.

He hoped she would believe he was a human being before she unthinkingly swatted

him like a fly. How was he going to do it? Charlie closed his eyes as he thought

deeply. "She mentioned putting a found ad on the BBS. So she must have a

computer and a modem! I can contact ... hell, forget about her, I can contact

mission control, and have them come over here and rescue me! Shit, I wonder if

I'm even heavy enough to depress the computer keys? And even if I was, it'll

take me a long time to type even a password. I can't leave myself out in the

open like that for any length of time! How am I going to stay out of sight?

Charlie got his answer when he lowered his head in disappointment. His eyes were

looking at the gadgets in his belt. Too bad he never got to use these devices on

Mars, including, ... the invisibility field! "Holy shit! I CAN do it! Andrea's

suit might get me out of trouble after all!" He had completely forgotten that

the suit could make him invisible. Who could blame him?

He remembered that the suit's battery would last four hours, so he'd have to

make every minute count. He planned to sneak along the base of the walls in the

house, switching on the invisibility when he heard someone approaching, and

eventually find the computer room. "Wait a minute, what if that warp fucked up

the suit, too?" he worried. He found the controls on his belt and flipped the

switch. He heard a hum not unlike an old TV set, and his body became invisible

except for his head, which was bare, his bare hands, and the switch itself.

Luckily, the physics of the device still worked despite its shrunken size. He

was eager to begin his journey. He turned off the device, and started preparing

himself. He packed some rations and water, some mountain climbing and survival

gear, and his helmet and gloves. He was ready. He opened the hatch and stepped

out of the ship for the first time since he had left Earth.

He sealed the hatch behind him and locked it with an electronic combination. "I

hope that huge kid doesn't manage to open it," he thought to himself as he

entered the proper codes. Then scampering over the thick brushlike carpeting, he

headed for the wall of light shining at the edge of the bed. The bottom of the

mattress overhead make Charlie feel like he was under the ceiling of a huge

warehouse. Finally, he stepped out from under the bed out into the open. He was

distracted by the sight of the scale of the room's furnishings. Her dressers

were the size of office buildings. He saw a chair the size of the Eiffel Tower.

And nearby was one of her shoes, which was larger than a garbage truck. The

walls were painted light blue, which created the illusion that he really was

looking up into the sky.

He focused on his goal again, so he ran over to the nearest part of the wall,

and started taking long slow steps along the baseboard of the wall, keeping one

hand close to the invisibility switch. He made it to the doorway of the girl's

bedroom, and looked out into the hall. The coast was clear. He wrapped around

the corner of the baseboard and inched down the hallway. His ears were more

alert then they'd ever been in his life. He was waiting to hear the loud

thumping of gigantic footsteps. After a few minutes, he came to the edge of the

nearest doorway. Charlie poked his little head around the corner so he could see

what was in this next room. It was the TV room. The girl was lying down in front

of the tube with her chin cupped in her hands. Charlie could get a very good

look at her from the doorway. He shook his head, still struggling with how mind

boggling it was that he, a full grown man, could be just an insect to a little

girl. She seemed to be absorbed with her program, so Charlie took a chance and

started to walk along the threshold of the doorway, out in plain view.

Bad timing. Maria had already grown tired of the show and got up to switch off

the TV. Charlie panicked as her large form began to rise. He had forgotten to

keep a hand near the invisibility switch, so it took him a few seconds to turn

it on with his trembling hand. When he looked up, his now invisible body almost

collapsed from fright. The girl was leaving the room, and walking straight

towards him! He was smack dab in the middle of the doorway, so he decided to run

towards the far side of the door. Maria's body loomed larger and larger. Charlie

heard the padding of her gigantic feet on the carpet. Never had he heard

footsteps so loud. They sounded like blunted thunder. Running at top speed,

Charlie managed to avoid getting smushed by Maria's foot as it landed, bah

WHUUUUMP!!!, less than an inch from him. The displaced air from under her sole

buffeted his little body further still into safety. Charlie tumbled away,

landing against the far side of the doorway. He laid there in the fetal

position, hearing Maria's footsteps grow quieter, ... quieter, .... gone. He

laid there still, trying to cope with just how close he had just been to a

gruesome death. He was almost squished by a little girl. God, he felt low.

He remembered that he had to conserve the suit's power, so his nervous hand

flipped the swtich off. Charlie tried to climb to his feet, but he could only

get up on his knees because he was shaking so badly. He bent over, put his hands

on the ground, and tried to control his breathing, saying to himself, "You can

make it, Charlie. The closer you get to the computer in this house, the closer

you'll be to safety, even if it's in a cage." From the direction of Maria's

footsteps, he figured she must have went back in her room. "She can play with

her toy all she wants too, now," he said to himself, managing a weak grin.

Leaning against the base of the wall, he finally was able to climb to his feet,

and felt steady enough to continue his mission.

His trip toward the next doorway was, thankfully, uneventful. He poked his head

around the corner of the doorway again to look inside the room. Hallelujah! He

saw the colossal lady sitting in a den, working on her PC! Charlie examined the

enormous room carefully. The woman was the only visible living thing in the

room. He decided to go for it. He dashed straight for the phone cord, which was

hanging down by the chair the woman was sitting on. When he reached the phone

cord, he took a moment to look up at the large woman, still in her bikini. Up

and up and up. From her shapely feet, up her tanned, lovely legs, to her slim

tummy and up to her, oh mercy, her huge, gorgeous breasts. Charlie thought they

looked like water tanks he'd seen at treatment plants; but, oh, no tanks were

ever so shapely, and so full. He had to stop a moment and rub the crotch of his

spacesuit after taking in all this wonder.

The sight of her was truly amazing; enough to make him temporarily forget his

recent brush with death. That's probably why he moved closer to her chair. He

had to be near the body of this goddess. Charlie started to creep toward her big

feet. As he approached her pretty toes, he smelled a stong sweaty scent. Strong,

but hardly repulsive, Charlie thought. He stood in front of her left foot, which

was positioned with the tips of her toes on the carpet and the heel in the air.

Charlie was right in front of her toes, and he looked at the attractive spread

before him. Feet on women had never really caught his attention before; he was

now starting to appreciate how sexy they could be. He looked over all five of

her toes, each at least the size of his body, with well groomed nails painted a

pretty red, which matched her bikini. Her toenails were large enough to be big

shiny red serving trays. Charlie bent over slightly to look at her big toenail.

"Gee, I could fit a twenty course meal on this one," he chuckled to himself.

He could see his reflection in the smooth, shiny polish. Charlie pulled off his

helmet to see his face. Always concerned about his looks, he took time even now

to fix his hair with a little spittle. He almost started laughing out loud at

how ludicrous this was; he was actually using a woman's toenail as a mirror.

Charlie was getting giddy from admiring this woman's foot, and he did a very

foolish thing. He wanted to see if she was ticklish. He walked around the

perimeter of her toes to the back side, under her raised sole. He guessed that

she was probably most sensitive near where the ball of her foot met the

underside of her toes. He went down on one knee, streched out his arm, and gave

her soft sole some long strokes with his fingers.

She was too absorbed with her work to notice, but her reflexes handled the

situation. Her toes instinctively curled up and knocked away the source of their


Her toes had the force of an entire defensive line as they flung Charlie several

inches away. While trying to get his wind back, he winced at how utterly stupid

he had been. His libido had gotten the best of him again. Looking up from his

supine position, he saw stars and other floating shapes for a few seconds, and

then his vision focused on the woman's heel poised above him. He swallowed hard

as he looked at her raised sole, which was leaning over him like the Tower of

Pisa. Immediately he crawled out from under the gigantic sole. He shuddered

since he knew he had come close to being squashed again.

He focused his attention on the phone cord again. He seized the cord, which was

as thick as his torso. He removed some hand grips from his pack, put them on,

and started to climb. Charlie didn't even need his feet to grip the cord as he

climbed; his insect sized body could pull its weight up the cord just by

climbing hand over hand. He couldn't help but look at the woman's calf as he was

ascending the cord. Now he was level with her knee, and he looked at the small

canyon her inner thighs made up to her crotch. He had assumed that his love life

was over now that he was smaller than a woman's pinky, but he wasn't so doubtful

now. He thought he could still give women some pleasure; it would just be a much

larger effort for him now. He hung on the cord, fantasizing about rubbing this

woman's enlarged clit. Slow, then fast, over and over and over. Mmmmmm, there

were so many possibilities available to him now, and Charlie thought of many

bizarre things he'd like to do if a woman would let him explore her anatomy.

He suddenly realized that he was still visible, and he was now in the woman's

field of vision. He flipped the switch and resumed his ascent. He reached the

top of the table that that the computer equipment was resting on. Looking at the

woman, he focused on her large, lovely bosom, which was within jumping distance

from the edge of the table, and almost level with his head. At this distance,

her breasts looked even more lovely than from below. He could see her nipples

protuding through the fabric of her bikini; they were as large as fire hydrants.

Charlie had to fight the urge to leap off the edge of the table and try to

bounce on her bodacious breasts like they were part of an amusement park. Biting

his finger, he managed to gain his senses again.

He looked at his surroundings, and saw the computer mouse close to him. It

looked as big as a Corvette. He thought it would be a good idea to go to the

other side of the table since he didn't fancy being knocked off the table when

the woman's huge hand reached for the mouse. He manuevered around the back of

the machine, negotiating his way among the thick wires, and came around to the

other side a few minutes later. Creeping up to the keyboard, he looked at the

large, lovely hands resting on it. The nails were long, pretty, and painted like

the woman's toes. He was mesmerized by the sight of those long red nails. They

each looked like half of a surfboard.

He looked at the screen, which was larger than a movie theater's. The woman was

conversing with someone. He read the conversation printed on the screen, in

words as big as he was. From what had been typed, he learned that the woman he

had been worshipping was called Joy, and she was separated. He smiled at that

news. She was typing to one of her girlfriends on the network. Charlie soon

became bored with their idle chit chat, and looked at her enormous lovely

fingers pressing the keys. He was awed by the power she had; the keys were the

size of large crates, and she was making sounds like doors slamming when she

pressed them. Charlie waited for her to end the conversation. He hoped it would

be soon: he had 3 hours of invisibility left.

Joy's friend logged off 15 minutes later, and Joy started to work on the found

ad she was going to post. Charlie took out a personal recorder and spoke her

address and phone number into it when she typed it into the ad. The mission

control center was only three counties to the north. Charlie hoped it wouldn't

take them long to get to him when he sent a distress message to them.

Joy had finished typing her message, and Charlie was getting ready to do the

biggest typing of his life.

Charlie was too impatient to wait for Joy to leave; he climbed up on the parking

lot sized keyboard and kept watching her marvelous giant fingers. His eyes

widened as he saw the heel of her hand move towards him! It was way too fast for

him. With the force of a speeding bulldozer, the massive hand knocked him back a

foot or so. Charlie flew backwards through the air, and he fell down towards a

lower table adjacent to this side of the computer. Charlie was unconscious when

he fell with a tiny *ker plunk* into Joy's glass of tea.

Charlie was dreaming that he was being caressed by many shapely, warm female

bodies. Ohhhh, it felt so good, he wanted to stay here forever. Then the bodies

grew warmer and warmer and warmer ....


Charlie was shocked to his senses by the hot tea he was floating in. It had

started to leak into his spacesuit, and he had to grit his teeth against the

searing pain. Suddenly, the heat was the least of his worries, as he saw Joy's

giant hand reaching for the glass!


started crying when he saw her huge open hand approach the glass. The palm

pressed against the glass wall, and the titanic fingers wrapped around most of

the perimeter of the glass, with her soft skin smushing up against the glass

wall. Charlie could see nothing but the fleshy mass of Joy's palm and fingers.

Then he felt himself rising. He screamed like he'd never screamed before: "NO!


He saw Joy's cavernous red mouth above him growing huger and huger, and she

heard nothing as he continued to scream. Charlie suddenly stopped screaming

because he knew he'd need all of his breath to make it out of here alive. He saw

Joy's red lips, which were larger than a pair of big rubber rafts, engulf the

rim of the glass. Then the glass tipped forward as Charlie's surroundings began

to empty into her mouth.

Charlie starting swimming upstream like a madman. The undertow of the brown

waterfall was tremendous, and he kept fighting ... and fighting ... and fighting

... while the glass kept tipping up ... and up ... and up ...

Eventually, the current was too much for him to swim against, even with his

relatively stronger muscles. He started to fall backwards toward the inviting


I'M A MAN, GODDAMN IT, A MAAAAAAN!" He started to choke and sputter on the hot

tea washing over him as he was screaming pitifully. Charlie didn't give up his

struggle when he felt the rim of the glass under him. He managed to grip it with

his arms and legs and cling to it for dear life as the last dregs of tea emptied

into Joy's monstrous mouth. Gripped by absolute terror, he paid no more

attention to his senses, so he didn't hear Joy's tremendous lips smack while she

placed the empty glass next to the keyboard.

He was still clinging tightly to the rim of the glass, crying like a baby, and

wet both on the outside and inside. His latest brush with death had totally

broken him down; he felt so insignificant, so powerless. He would have been a

meager morsel to Joy. She wouldn't have even tasted him. He kept bawling and

wishing his shrinkage would wear off so he could be a man again. He was still in

no state of mind to see or hear anything, so he didn't move even when Joy turned

off the computer and left the room, thankfully, without the glass.

When Charlie finally gained some sanity back, the room was dark, and the battery

in his suit was dead. He had cried himself to sleep while perched on the glass

rim. From looking out the windows in the room, he saw that nighttime had

arrived. He gathered himself up, and jumped down onto the table. He had shaking

knees when he landed. Charlie felt like kicking himself in the balls for getting

too close to Joy's hands. He felt shivers of fright grow up his spine when he

thought about how close he had come to being a snack for that tremendous sexy

woman. But she was probably asleep now, and he would have all night to send his

distress message and return to his ship. Damn. If only his battery had more

power, he thought to himself. Now he would have to complete his mission without

being invisible. At least it was dark now.

He would first have to turn the computer on again. Charlie looked at the side

panel of the computer box and found the switch, which was as large as he was. He

pressed against it; it didn't even budge. Charlie then walked back to the edge

of the table, and sprinted to the switch, slamming into it with his shoulder. He

could feel it shift slightly. Catching his breath, he knew he had a hard night's

work ahead of him. He repeatedly ran into the switch again and again and again.

After 5 minutes, the switch slid entirely into the ON position, and Charlie

heard the hum of the electronic circuits. Collapsing in a heap, he rubbed his

sore shoulder as the machine booted up.

After he was rested up, Charlie walked over to the massive keyboard and climbed

on top of it. He groaned as he realized he needed the monitor on, as well. He

found its switch above the top right corner of the keyboard, so he repeatedly

ran up the incline of the edge of the keyboard, and slammed his little body into

the switch. This switch was a somewhat looser; it only took about a minute for

Charlie to bump it into the ON position. The screen lighted up, focused, and the

computer was now ready to use.

Charlie started approaching the crate sized keys nervously. He hoped he would be

able to press them down. The first key he came to was the CTRL key. He lifted

his leg and put his foot on it, pressing down timidly at first, as if he were

testing the strength of a sheet of ice. One foot wouldn't do it. He then climbed

up on it, and jumped up and down. He felt the key depress every time. He

breathed a sigh of relief. He would be able to communicate with mission control,

albeit slowly. The lettered keys were no larger than the CTRL key, so he knew he

had the alphabet at his disposal. He was now worried about the larger keys. He

passed the SHIFT key, realizing that it would be impossible to use, and came to

the ENTER key. He climbed on top of it, jumped on it, and happily saw the

command register on the enormous screen. His final concern was that he would

accidently press unwanted keys during his meandering over the keyboard. He

slowly started placing his feet in the crevices between the keys, and he saw

that he could walk in the crevices without accidently pressing anything. He was

ready to begin.

He had recognized the program that Joy was using to talk to her friend. After

taking 10 minutes or so to type out the letters of the appropriate command,

Charlie ran the program. He traveled along the row of numbers on the keyboard,

and dialed the unlisted number of mission control. Now he sat back and waited.


Charlie fell to his knees, and started yelling, "No! why did it have to be

Andrea, of all people?" He didn't want to be within a mile of her while he was

still this size. If she found him, he knew that the frightful events which had

happened to him in the past 24 hours would seem like a picnic. He had to get

rescued though. "The recovery crew will be the ones sent to find me", he

thought, "not Andrea."

Charlie then typed out his message the best he could. The spacebar was

impossibly large for him to depress, so he used periods to separate words.

Andrea saw the following message appear very slowly on her screen:

Andrea saw the characters appear very slowly, about one every minute. She

patiently waited while she saw a "g" and "y" appear because she thought there

was some serious lag time on the lines. Her eyes widened as she saw "gyure"

printed after five minutes. "What? is this a prank or something?" she said out

loud. She decided to trace this call. She was in charge of computer security,

and she wanted to discourage this jokester from trying to interfere with

government work again. The tracing took some time, and Andrea kept watching the

characters appear. The message didn't make sense. There seemed to be an address,

and now what looked to be an ID number. After an hour or so, Andrea saw the

entire message. She was bewildered when she checked the ID number with the

database. It was Gyure's! The tracer had also returned an address that matched

the message's. Was this weird message a call for help? Why would Gyure be using

a computer to call for help? If he had managed to find a computer at the listed

address, there should also be people around there who should have recognized

him. Why wasn't he discovered? Her fingers trembled as she typed:


Charlie fell to his knees again and said a silent prayer of thanks. Someone knew

he was Charlie Gyure. He felt a little more like a man again. He was so excited,

he had a hard time keeping his balance as he typed:

Andrea patiently waited for the message to appear. This had to be Gyure. But

there was that word again, "shrunk." Did he mean it literally? "That's utterly

impossible," she thought to herself. She rethought her answer when the word

"warp" appeared. Her mind started working again. She had been trying to solve

her equations for the magnitude of warp she had set for the ship, but to no

avail. Maybe she hadn't found a solution because she had ignored what she had

believed to be impossible. Using this little insight, she started working on

another computer close by, assuming that the solution to her equations was that

a region of spacetime shrunk under extreme warp, and tried to work backwards to

her original warp equations. She also used the data from the decreasing signal

of Gyure's ship she had recorded that morning.

It worked. Her warp field had actually become a miniaturization field. She spun

slowly around in her chair, marveling at her good fortune, and at what a benefit

her added discovery could be to humankind.

She remembered Gyure on the other end of the line again, and typed:


Charlie didn't know how to respond to that question. His entire life had changed

in one day. He finally spelled out:'s.toy#

Andrea was stirred from her feelings of triumph when she read the message. She

hadn't thought about what Gyure must have went through. She rechecked her work

again, and tried to approximate how large Gyure would be using her data.

Unbelievable. He was smaller than her fingers. She sympathized with his

situation, but she found it quite amusing, as well. "Serves him right," she

smiled to herself. She thought it would be fun to hold him in her hand and scare

the living daylights out of him. She remembered how much of an asshole Gyure had

been during the whole mission, and she decided she wouldn't stop at just holding

him in her hand, she would scare him even more by slowly closing her hand around

him, as if she were going to crush him. But she wouldn't, she thought. Letting

him live at such a tiny size would be a worse punishment than death. The thought

of having such a tiny man under her absolute control excited her beyond belief,

and she quietly rubbed her crotch, which was starting to get a hint of wetness.

As she did this, she imagined other places she was sure Gyure would love to see.

Like the sole of her foot. She giggled as she imagined him running in terror

from her shoe as she brought it down on him, slowly enough for him to escape so

she could continue her fun. Maybe she'd remove her shoes and socks so she would

actually feel him tickle her sole. As she started rubbing faster, she imagined

placing Gyure there and commanding him to service her. She was all tingly with

waves of blustering joy as she orgasmed to this thought. Her moans were quite

modest as she spasmed in her chair. Luckily, she was in her private lab.

"What's she waiting for," Charlie said out loud. "I hope that bitch still isn't

holding a grudge against me. Come on! Answer!" The screen then responded:


Charlie did a little dance, and said another prayer. His life was soon going to

get better. He typed a final message: and typed the command to end the connection. He didn't have to

worry anymore. He would soon be rescued, and they would find a way to fix him.

He was feeling almost as good as when he started his space mission. Without

bothering to turn off the computer, he went over to the telephone cord, and

shimmied down to the carpet. He ran to the doorway, and inched down the dark

hallway back to Maria's room. Everyone in the house was asleep by now, so

Charlie had an easy trip back to the room. He was in such good spirits that the

enormous form of Maria sleeping in her bed, looming before him like a mountain,

didn't phase him. He walked right up to it, and kept moving under the bed.

Thank God, the ship was still there; but it was moved, and it

Giantess Stories: Man or Mouse

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