Giantess Stories: Mandals

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      When I was a

freshman in college, I pledged to a frat. For my initiation,

      I was to

sneak into the Girl's freshman dorms. My mission was to procure a

      pair of

panties, a bra and a pair of sandals from a particular room.


      Although the

Girl's dorm entryways were supposed to be locked at night,

      they had a

habit of placing a rock or a piece of wood into the door,

      keeping it

propped slightly open so they didn't have to bother unlocking

      it to get

in. I got in by the same method. The lobby was deserted. I had

      been given

the room number of a girl named Gail Wheeler. She was a


dark-haired girl. As it was late at night, I easily walked

      through the

hallways and reached her room. The doors were seldom locked.


everyone would be sleeping, I opened the door and snuck into the

      room. There

were two girls sleeping in bunk beds. I slowly started opening


doors. As I opened one particular door, there was a hissing sound

      and I was

sprayed in the face by a mist. I jumped back, startled. I felt


disoriented. I thought I was hallucinating because it seemed to

      me that the

entire room was getting bigger. At the same time, the two

      girls threw

off their covers and stood up. The dark-haired one, who must

      have been

Gail, walked over and knelt on one knee in front of me. I was


Even kneeling as she was, I didn't stand anywhere close to the

      height of

her hip.

      "Didn't find

quite what you were after, did you?" she smiled.


roommate, Carla, also stood over me.


magical powers actually work!" Carla said.

      "Was there

any doubt?" Gail laughed.

      "And now,"

Carla said, "we have a nice macho jock reduced to only six

      inches tall

and we can do whatever we want with him!"

      "A formerly

macho jock!" Gail corrected. "He will learn that real soon!"


What have you done to me?" I cried.

      These girls

towered ten times my diminutive size. Gail petted me on the

      head like,

well, like a pet.

      "Why, I've

shrunken you, you silly little man!" she said. "You see, I'm a


      She picked

me up in her hand.

      "You know,"

she said to Carla, "This little doll is far too hairy! I like

      my little

dolls to be smooth and hairless, just like a real doll!"


      Ignoring my

protests, Gail carried me to the bathroom and filled the sink

      with warm

water. Then she took a can of Nair from the cabinet. She


applied it to me from the neck down. Then she put me into the

      warm water

and started rubbing. I was soon clean of hair from the neck

      down. I

stood on the edge of the sink, feeling totally humiliated.

      "Ah, what's

the matter?" she mocked. "Feeling a bit emasculated and more

      like my

little doll?"

      "He seems

nice and docile now!" Carla laughed.

      Indeed, I

was realizing how totally helpless I was.

      "Well," Gail

said, "now that we've gotten rid of that ugly, smelly

      body hair- I

really think they look so much better without it- we can get

      on with his



"Punishment?" I whimpered.

      "Little boys

should be seen and not heard!" Carla said.

      "Yes! She

said punished!" Gail said. "Your crime is that you were- and I


were- a strutting, arrogant, muscular macho jock who thought you

      could do

whatever you wanted to a woman with no consequences!


Unfortunately, the truth was that, being a star athlete, you could do


anything you wanted and the college would protect you! Luckily, my

      little stud,

a couple of guys in your frat don't completely agree with

      that! In

fact, they long to serve a woman! When they found out about my


powers, a couple decided to worship me willingly along with those

      who I've

enchanted into servitude. They decided to set you up so I could

      cut you down

to size! But enough talk!"

      Gail picked

me up, easily pulling my arms above my head. She brought my

      hands down

to my ankles and held my wrists and ankles in one hand as I


forward, buttocks in the air.

      "And now to

administer the hard spanking you've long deserved!" she said.

      Gail smacked

my naked, hairless and wet butt.

      "Eeeeyah!" I

screamed. "Stop this!"

      "I want you

to say something for me!" Gail smirked. "I want you to tell me

      that you are

a naughty little boy and you need a spanking!"

      "Go to

hell!" I yelled.

      She smacked

me again and I whimpered.

      "You can't

win!" Gail laughed. "Nobody except those under my control knows

      that you're

here or what has happened to you. We can keep you


indefinitely. Now I'm just going to keep right on smacking your naughty

      butt until

you admit what an asshole jock you are and that you need to be



      If I thought

Gail was bluffing, I quickly learned that I was sadly


She must have spanked my ass a hundred times. Then she held me

      under the

faucet and drenched me in cold water. As I gasped and blubbered,

      she began

again spanking my ass, which was now nice and wet. I cried, I

      sputtered, I

begged, but all to no avail. Finally, when my ass was long

      since nice

and rosy, hot and burning, I screamed, "I'm an asshole jock and

      I need to be


      Gail stopped

and smiled.

      "Yes! You

certainly do, Mr. Macho Jock! And you're about to get it! I am

      going to

spank you with ten swats and you are going to count them off and

      thank me!"

      "But I

admitted it!" I whined.

      "Yes! I know

you did and I know it was very difficult for you to admit

      that you are

or were an asshole jock! But now, you'll be punished for it!"


      She then

spanked me ten times as I thanked her for each one and counted to

      ten. Then I

stood rubbing my sore bottom and trying my best not to cry

      from the



There!" Gail smiled. "All done for now! So it's time to tuck you

      away for the

night! But don't worry, my little toy. We'll have lots more

      fun with you


      "Wh- what do

you mean by tucking me away?" I said.

      She walked

over to her closet and opened it. She picked up a pair of


leather boots. She brought over the right boot and I saw it had

      a loop on

the back. She placed the loop around a hook on the wall, about

      five feet

off the floor. Then she set me down on her dresser, which seemed

      to be about

thirty feet off the floor from my perspective. She slowly,


started undressing. I couldn't help but watch in mesmerized


as she slowly revealed her fantastic body. She laughed at my




you'd just presume I'd be interested in you! You would even try

      to force me

into something! But you can't do that now, can you? I'm just

      too much

woman for you!"

      I was hot

and sweating with desire before she was done. She just picked me

      up and held

me over her boot.

      "Here's some

good advice!" she said. "Embrace the smell and the feel! They

      are going to

be the overwhelming realities of your life for a very long


      Then she

dropped me and I slid down to the very toe of the leather boot.


      From inside

my dark, leather prison, I could hear Gail and Carla talking.

      But it was

muffled and I couldn't make out the words. The leather felt

      kind of nice

but the smell was giving me a headache. It was clear that

      Gail used

these boots frequently and that she consciously chose not to use

      odor eaters.

I could only lay there and listen as the women talked and


about how I would make such a wonderful shoe attachment, whatever

      that meant.

Eventually, I fell asleep.


      In the

morning, I was jostled awake as the boot was picked up and I was

      dumped out

on the floor.

      "Morning, my

little slaveboy!" Gail laughed. "Sleep well?"

      As I slowly

climbed to my feet, she said, "Today, my cute little man, you

      begin your

new lifestyle!"

      She picked

up the boot I had slept in.


anything unusual about this boot, my little man?"

      "It's hard

to tell at this size," I said, "but I think the soles are



      "Very good,

my little toy!" Gail said.

      She picked

up the right boot and pushed a button in the side of the heel.

      Slowly, she

worked the sole of the boot loose about halfway up the sole.


there was a man-shaped indentation.

      "Be a good

boy and climb in there!" Gail said.

      "Please! I'm

kind of claustrophobic!" I stammered.

      "That should

make it real interesting!" she laughed.

      She picked

me up and laid me face up on the sole of the shoe.

      "Put your

arms and legs into the proper slots like a good boy!" she said.

      "Don't think

about your fears! Think about the fact that you are finally

      where you

belong- beneath my feet!"

      She placed

the rest of the boot back on top of the sole. It clicked into

      place and I

felt like I was in a coffin, unable to move as the weight

      pressed down

and sealed me in. There was a little light coming from the

      top of the

boot though, although I could not figure out how. I assumed it

      was more

magic. I felt the boot moving as Gail put it on. I felt


pressure as her weight bore down on me but the sole must have

      been very

solid because it only gave enough to hurt but not do any damage.

      Yet I could

feel the slight pressure of her toes above me.


      As the hours

went on, the intoxicating spell of the shoe and of her toes


overwhelming. I couldn't move a muscle. Then the most extraordinary


happened- my miniscule erection sprang to life. I could do nothing

      to satisfy

it, of course. But an erotic tingling went through me because

      of the

position I was in. She walked here and there. All sounds were

      muffled but

I'm sure she attended to her daily routine. Sometime along the

      way, I

marveled that I was still able to breathe. When she finally took

      the boot off

and released me, the fresh air struck me. I didn't know

      whether to

gasp in relief or disappointment.

      "Enjoy your

first day as my new shoe attachment?" Gail quipped.

      "Y- yes!" I

stammered. "But please! I've learned my lesson! Let me go!"

      "There must

be some hidden desire buried deep inside you for you to start

      liking it

this much this soon," she said.

      She smirked

at my obvious sexual condition.

      "And don't

worry," she said. "When the shoe wears out, I'll just toss it

      in the


      A look of

terror suddenly crossed my face.

      "Oh no!" she

quickly said. "I'll just transfer you to the new shoe! I'm

      not a

murderer! I may be a sadist, but it's through sensual teasing. I

      won't cause

you pain beyond that! That's not what it's about for me!"

      As I

struggled, I realized that my back, arms and legs, buttocks and the

      back of my

head could not move from the slot in the shoe sole. It was as

      if I was

glued in though I suspected it was more magic.

      "You are my

new shoe adornment!" Gail said.


      As the days,

weeks and months went by, I discovered I no longer had the


needs to eat, drink or release wastes. I assumed this was more

      magic. I was

her shoe attachment- no care required! Most nights, Gail just

      took me off

and tossed me into her closet without saying a word. I was

      beneath her

in all ways. I began to think of myself as nothing more than a

      part of her

shoe and to almost accept my new existence. The erotic musk of

      her feet

filled me with desires I could never fulfill. I had gotten into

      the habit of

licking her toes everyday as she went about her business. At

      times, it

seemed she had completely forgotten that I even existed. But she

      hadn't. In

fact, she apparently found the idea of a man serving as her

      shoe to be

such a power trip that she decided she had to have a second man

      for her

other foot. One day, after months, she waved her hand and I felt


released from the sole of her shoe. She stepped into a sandal. She

      laid me face

up on her foot. Straps were locked around my wrists and they


down to the sole of the shoe, just behind her toes. Another strap

      was tied to

my right ankle, went around her ankle and then was tied to my

      left ankle.

In effect, I was being used as an extension of the straps that

      held the

sandal on, tied spread-eagled on her foot. I was right out in the

      open air,

staring up at her beauty. Her legs, body and the undersides of

      her breasts

all towered above me. I saw that another of the school

      athletes was

bound similarly to her left shoe and he was gagged as I was

      and looking

at me in silent terror. Then Carla walked into the room and I

      saw that she

was similarly attired with sandals held on by restrained and


young jocks.

      "A simple

spell so people can't see you," Gail laughed, "and we can wear

      you out in

public to our heart's content!"

      "You'll like

being our shoe ornaments!" Carla said. "It's far more useful

      than what

you were before! And, if you don't agree, too bad! You have no

      choice but

to be our sandals!"

      "Oh no!"

Gail said. "Not our sandals! Our Mandals, dear Carla! Our



Giantess Stories: Mandals

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