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A PSO Production story




Progress is

a Comfortable Disease (E.E.Cummings)

           I was your normal college student. I worked at

subway, I had my group of friends. I spent my time hanging out, partying,

drinkin a bit too much, I had my share of fucking. Things are going better then

I could have imagined here at UNLV.


           I lived in the dorms, they weren't coed here

which really bothered me but I always seemed to find myself with a way into the

girl's dorm. On this day, I found the door propped open so I thought I would

sneak in and surprise some friends. However, the Resident Assistant (RA) here

was really a stickler for rules. I was already written up twice by her. One more

time and I would be thrown out of the dorms and forced to live off campus.


           I shrugged it off; if anything happens I will

just talk my way out of it. I have always been a good talker and a great

salesman.  I headed in with a spring in my step. I decided I would see what

Allison. I did hate how she lived on the top floor. I always hated going all the

way up there because it was simply so many flights of stairs. I had made it up a

few floors but, I wasn't exactly counting. I could hear the clicking of heels. I

recognized them right away it was the RA Julia.


“Matt? I got you this time! You're gone! Out of here! Kiss

your dorm goodbye”


           Shit was all I could think. I busted through one

of the doors and I ran down the hall with Julia a ways behind me; I was

frantically searching for a place to hide. I turned the corner and I saw the

janitor's closet. I ran into the closet shutting the door. As I let the door

slam the shelf tumbled over. I let out a yelp as it fell on me. I could hear the

foot steps of Julia and the door burst open but my eyes were swollen shut.


“I told you! Now look at what you? Where are you? I could

have swore you were in here?”


           I wanted to yell I'm right here but I couldn't

even move. The weight on me was immense. As I laid here I felt it getting harder

and harder to breathe. The pain in my chest was unable to bare it any longer. I

finally passed out wondering why couldn't Julia see me?



another world inside of me (3 doors down)


I woke up lying on something

soft. I struggled to open my eyes but they wouldn't respond. I rolled over and

the scent of fabric softener assaulted my nose. It was comforting and I was

warm. I couldn't believe how much better this was then the rough floor of the

janitor's closet.  I guess death wasn't all that bad.  I continued to lay there

relaxing, thinking about this and that.


“Wendy I think he is waking up.”


“Oh let me see Andrea”


“Look at his body”


“I can't believe we found him and he is really ours”


“I know, he is so adorable”


           There voices seem to fill every square inch of

my world. I struggled to open my eyes. They hurt, my mind felt like it was

bleeding. My head was so heavy. I looked on either side of me and saw tube sock

balled up and my body covered up with some panties. I then looked up at the

bright lights shining on me. I never remembered light being this bright. That is

when I noticed the two faces in the sky hovering there. I hadn't ever seen

anything like it. I shot up out of the makeshift bed when I started realizing

just what I was lying in. Panties and sock, just where am I.


“Ooo he moves Andrea!”


“I am gonna touch him Wendy”


           There voices were thunderous, and then I saw a

colossal hand move towards me. The pointer finger of the brunette came towards

me. I took a few steps back and then I felt her finger hit my chest. I tumbled

over onto my ass and looked up at her. Her hand then clenched me without



“He feels so light Wendy, and he is soft and warm.”


“I wanna hold him! You are hogging him”


“I am not”


“You are too I haven't had a turn yet and I found him”


“Well you will later”


“See you are hogging him”


“I am not”



could feel Andrea fall back onto her bed and hold me up against her. She was so

soft everywhere.


“Put me down!”


“Ooo he speaks too!”


“Of course I speak now let me go”


“Drop the tude little man”


“Yeah you tell him Wenders”


“Put me down, lemme go! I am not here for your amusement! I

need help”


“Aww did you hear that, he is gonna entertain us”


“No I said no such thing”


“Come on Andrea, your hogging him still”


“I am not, you are scaring him”


“Is the big bad Wenders scaring you? Don't worry you can

stay here on my bed”


“He is sleeping with me Andrea!”


“He is not! You are scaring him”


“I am not!”


“Girls please let me go! I don't like this! I need help”


“Hey Andrea its 5 already, we should get to the hall before

all the good stuff is gone.”

”Yeah we can bring the little  man with us”

“I am not going to dinner with you”



I was pulled away from Andrea's warm body and carried lightning quick over to

Wendy's bed. She cupped her hands around me and cooed gently.


“I got you now little man”


“Let me out! Andrea help”


“She can't help you now. You're all mine!”


“You're cruel Wenders! Now get your jacket on and lets go.

We have to meet Lindsey”


“ooo she is just gonna love you”


“What? No I refuse to be shown around to your friends”


           Sickness washed over me as Wendy stood up with

her fist encompassing me. I struggled to move but it was no use. In a matter of

seconds I was shoved into her coat pocket. I hit the back wall of the pocket and

I heard her zip it up.


           As Andrea and her walked down the hall I could

hear her talking with people I knew. I pounded and kicked against the walls of

the coat pocket but they merely kept meandering towards the dining hall.


           I finally heard the moment I was dreading. The

pocket was unzipped and Wendy's hand clenched around me. She gently pulled me

out and sat me down on the table. I looked around at the gargantuan cafeteria

and was surprised that they were sitting alone.


“Are you hungry little thing?”


“I have a name you know! It's Matt”


“Are you hungry little Matt?”

“I am not little”


“Oh yes you are” states Andrea as she pokes me in stomach.

“You're my little Pillsbury dough boy cutie. Just think of all the fun you are

about to have with us. Since Wendy and I are taking care of you at Party Central

you better get use to us and our friends playing with our newest toy”


“I am not a toy”


“hush, little matt toy, you are ours now, you do what we



           I was not about to take any more of this. I

turned and started walking across the table I refuse to be talked too and

treated like this. I am a person have rights. This is just crazy. No little

prissy party girl is gonna tell me what to do.


“You think you can make it without our big strong help?

Then fine!”


           Wendy's hand whizzed around me and I soon found

myself on the floor. She only looked at me for a moment before returning to

eating her meal. I took off towards the door. Who need them was all I could

think. I soon heard the smacking of flip flops on the floor. I had to dive out

of the way to avoid being crushed. As I dove out the way I saw a hand reaching

towards. I didn't even look back to see who it was I just started running

through torrents of people rushing about unaware of me. I ran left and right,

around, under and inbetween sets of legs. I had never felt so alive in my life.

As I reached the outdoors I knew I was unstoppable. I could now spy on any girl

I wanted. This could be the greatest thing to ever happen to me.


           I meandered about campus for a bit. It was still

light out so I wasn't worried about it getting to cold. I finally saw my target.

It was group of sunbathers. I smiled as I crawled onto there towel.  They hadn't

seen me yet as I walked in between the two brunettes. I ran my fingers up there

leg. I could smell the suntan lotion on them. As I made it to there bikini

bottoms I began to feel nervous. I was about to turn around when I was snatched

from behind.


“Hey lemme go”


“OMIGOD!  OMIGAWD look at him Katie look”


“What now Abby, you're so loud all the time I don't know

why….Holy fuck what in the world, Brooke look”


“Is this another one of her boy sightings?”


“Well sort of but it's worth the look”


“He is so tiny”




“You two are awful making of a midget…what the hell, that

is the most adorable doll I have ever seen”


“I am not a doll, look I was just”


“Coppin a feel of honeys is what you were doing. You wanted

some of this didn't ya?”


“Please I didn't mean any”


“I don't think it's safe for him to be here, in the open I

mean. Let's take him to my house.”




“What? You can't! Let me go! Put me down.”


“Hush, you will like your new home. Now into my purse till

we get there”


Even in a

crowd I am alone (hemingway)


           The girl in the plain white bikini (Katie) had

me as she lowered me into her purse. I went kicking and screaming which only

made them giggle as I was unable to fight them off. I knew it was futile


“He can't even fight you off Katie” Giggles Brooke the girl

in the red bikini.


“Please girls”




           Once I was an inch or so above the purse Katie's

fingers released me into her knit bag. I landed on a t-shirt and a pair of jean

shorts that were in here. I looked up at her only a moment before she pulled the

drawstring tightly closing the bag.


           I thought I was going to get sick as the bag

swayed back and forth bumping into Katie's ass with every step she took. I felt

like I was a caged animal as she walked across campus. I could see through the

port holes sewn into the bag. It wasn't until we were almost too the parking lot

that I saw Allison.


“ALLISON HELP!! I am being kidnapped”


“Dollnapped you mean” whispers Katie


           I could only watch as Allison turned and headed

away from us towards her car. I was clawing at the bag trying to get out. I was

frantically searching and fighting for anyway out but I found myself and the bag

falling. As it slammed into the floor of the car I could hear Katie say oops.


“You did that on purpose”


“I forgot you were in there” giggles Katie


“You did not”


“Britney spears or O-town little man?”


“Is that really a choice? That's like asking do you want to

be gassed or electrocuted.”


“For that comment, O-town it is”


“Don't you have anything by Metallica or Disturbed?”


“We don't enjoy that kind of music”


“Like hell we don't! I love disturbed”


           Katie turned up the volume on her cd player

completely muffling my voice. Under normal conditions the music is bad enough

but I am right next to the speaker so I am forced to listen at unreal volume

levels and Katie seems to know every song.


           We finally arrived at her house. I felt sick as

she picked the bag up and I was once again thrown about her bag as she carried

it inside.


           I could hear voices from my prison inside

Katie's bag. As she ran up the stairs the bag was slammed up against her ass

more times then I could count. I was beginning to lose count as finally it all

ended as the bag was set down.


“I will be right back, I just have to shower and change

before the girls get here”


“You can't do this! I have my rights”


           My pleas went unheard as I heard the door to the

bathroom click shut. Times passed by slowly as I waited for Katie to comeback in

and take me out when I heard the door start to slowly open. 


“Katie? Katie!”


“She isn't hear girls lets read her diary”


“Who, who is there”


           I realized my mistake a moment to late, by

speaking up I gave away my position. The girls spun around looking for who said

and what. I rustled about trying to find a place to hide but as I did so there

eyes slowly fell on the bag. I could only watch in terror as there gargantuan

bodies move towards me. I ran back as far as I could go in the bag while

watching the hand move closer and closer. A face of the brown haired girl who

looked like a young Katie filled my vision. She grabbed me tightly and pulled me

out into the open.


“What is it?”


“It's so tiny”


“What do you think it is?”


“Who cares, the water shut off, lets get it out of here”


           The world goes whizzing by as the trio of girls

rush out the room. I start to feel sick as Katie's sister pushes me against her

stomach as she runs.


“I can feel him trying too push his body away from me

girls. It's so cute”


“I wanna see him”


“I know how we can all look at him.”



find myself pulled away from the shirt and falling through the air. I grab onto

a pole and am brought up to the faces of the three girls. Bubbles splash onto my

face as they blow at me. I cough and hack at the soapy water exploding on me. My

body sways back and forth as they continue to blow at me.


“Stop! Put me down”


“Whatcha gonna do if we don't”


           I felt all theair come out of my lungs  as the

blonde wearing the blue tank top poked me in the stomach. It took all my

strength to remain holding on.


“look at how helpless he is.”


“I know isn't it great”


“A man that we can control”


“We are gonna be the talk of the school”


“Yeah, We might become more popular then cheerleaders”


“Listen here! I am a grown man. I will not be used by you

over grown teens in this manner”


“He sounds so squeaky “




“Shit, hide him Britney”




“Kayla I know have my man”


“Your man? I found him fair and square”


“In my room!”


“I did not he was going down the hall”




I tried to plead my case but I

was muffled as I was held against the blonde haired girls tanktop. The trio of

girls smirked as they held me tightly


“Sorry Katie, but he is ours now”


“You little brats hand him over”


           I continued to scream even with my voice muffled

as I refused to let these girls do this to me. It wasn't until I felt Katie's

hands wrap around me. I was ripped away from teenage titans. I looked up at

Katie who carried me inside proudly. Once inside I saw the two girls from



“We are gonna have so much fun”


On my

signal Unleash HELL



“lookie girls”


           I felt the mood change as several faces turned

towards me. I spun around in Katie's hand as she dangled me in front of her

friends. I couldn't believe how the lovely faces that were hanging about the

room. As Katie set me down on the floor I strolled about the room looking at all

these giant co-eds.


           Katie gently pushed me with sandal and I headed

towards her friends. They were all cooing and trying to get me to come over to

them. I couldn't believe how tall they were. These were just normal girls that

now look like they are hundreds of feet tall. This isn't natural. I looked about

at the girls who were here and the only one recognized was Summer.  


           I knew summer from a party earlier this year. I

was drunk, she was drunk and we got together. I hardly remember doing her but

she seems to remember it vividly. Ever since that night she has just plain been

a bitch. I could see the delight in her eyes. I vowed that I would stay as far

away from her as I could. I started looking at the other girls and they all had

the same giddy look that summer had only without the hint of deviousness behind

those pretty eyes.



began stir, she stood up. I watched her knees bend lift up her now monstrous

weight. She simply incalculably huge, I back pedeled as fast as I could but it

was futile she slammed her heels down on either side of me. I could only look up

at her blue skirt and her face simply floating in the heavens.


“Hey Katie, do you think I could bring this little guy



“Hmm, I don't know, Brooke and Abby are coming over later

to see him”


“Please, pretty please! You owe me after Ted?”


“I know but…”


“Come on girl”


“Katie you can't do this! I am yours”


“Aww that's so sweet.”


“See Summer! It looks like you wont be getting me tonight”


“I suppose you can, but I need him back tomorrow. Cause I

want to go to the beach”


“You can't! Katie!!”


“OH don't worry my little man! We can play plenty at the

beach tomorrow.”



           Summer bent down with a grin on her face. It was

futile to run as her hand wrapped around my body. Her grip was some tight and I

found it hard to breathe as she grabbed her purse. The clapping of her heels on

the cement was driving me crazy as finally we reached her car. She dangled me in

front of her face.


“Katie is such a moron. I like I am gonna give you back.

Your mine forever”


           I was lowered into the armrest of Summers car. I

tried to push up on the cap but I couldn't budge the lid




“The fun has only begun little man. There is gonna be hell

to pay! HELL TO PAY!!”











Giantess Stories: Manunkind

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