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By The Wordmaster

"Mwa ha ha!" chuckled Bowser as Mario dangled above a lake of boiling lava.

"I've got you now, you lousy plumber!"

"Mama-mia!" exclaimed Mario as he struggled against the heavy iron chains.

Bowser laughed. "Begin lowering him... slowly," he ordered the koopa troopas.

As Mario descended towards the lava, he frantically struggled to get his hand to

his pocket. Precious seconds ticked by as his feet neared the magma. At last,

inches away from certain death, he pulled out his trusty mushroom!

"Nooo! Stop him!" Roared Bowser, but it was too late. Mario had bit into the

fantastic fungus and already it was taking effect. He grew, doubling in size,

bursting out of his bonds. Grabbing hold of the dangling chain, he swung to

safety and leapt out the window.

"Curses! Foiled again! You idiotic, goomba-brained, imbeciles!" Bowser thundered

at his lackeys. "This is all your fault!"

Meanwhile, Mario hurried to his home in Mushroom Kingdom, laughing all the way.


"Oh, it was amazing, Luigi!" boasted a now normal-sized Mario to his brother.

"You should've seen the look on Bowser's face!"

"Yeah, just like I should've seen it the last thousand times. Mario, when are

you gonna step aside and let somebody else do something worthwhile?"

"But you are doing something worthwhile, Luigi. You're making dinner for my big

date with Princess Toadstool tonight! Speaking of which, you'd better get back

to the kitchen. She'll be here any minute!"

Luigi slunk back to the kitchen while Mario preened in front of the mirror. He

heard the doorbell chime and Mario greet his date. "He gets all the breaks," he

fumed silently. "I wish somebody would show his he's not so big." He gazed out

the window and a smile grew across his face as he spied Mario's magical mushroom

patch in their backyard. "Not so big at all..."


"If I may say so, Toadstool, you look amazing tonight. Like a delicate orchid,

so soft and fragile."

Toadstool groaned to herself. As a princess, she was required to be chaste and

soft and gentle, always wearing long pink dresses that didn't do her voluptuous

body justice. She always had to be so timid and afraid, and she hated it.

Toadstool often wondered how much more she could stand before she cracked and

shed the wussy, little girl facade. Outwardly, she gushed:

"Why, thank you, Mario! And you look so ruggedly handsome."

"I know it must be scary for you, always afraid of big, bad Bowser. But don't

worry. Mario's here for you."

Thankfully, before she gagged, Luigi entered with two steaming pieces of pizza.

"OK, here you go! One pepperoni... " he set the plate before Mario "and one...

mushroom." This plate he gave to the Princess. "Enjoy," he whispered. Toadstool

gave him a curious glance as he retreated to the kitchen. Shrugging, she turned

her attention to her meal.

After they had finished, Mario leaned across the table and grasped Toadstool's

hand. "Now, where were we?" he asked.

"Actually, Mario, I don't feel so well. I -- I -- think --" her voice trailed

off as a wave of dizziness struck her. She rose from the table, and kept rising!

"Wha -- what's going on?" Her head bumped into the ceiling, and she quickly sat

back down. The chair, however, was not designed to handle such weight, and it

splintered beneath her girth.

"Mama-mia!" Mario breathed. Pretty Princess Toadstool was now ten feet tall! He

rushed to her side, intending to comfort a frightened girl. "Now, don't worry,

my precious Toadstool. Everything's gonna be -- glack!"

Grabbing him by the throat, Toadstool clambered to her feet. She stood, hunching

her shoulders to fit in the cramped room. Mario's feet dangled a few feet above

the floor. "Shut up, fat boy. I'm through with being the passive little girl.

Now, I'm gonna put you down, and your gonna grovel at my feet for mercy. Got

it?" Mario nodded. She let go, and he crashed to the ground, landing in a

painful heap. "Well? Get a move on!"

He crawled to her dainty slippered feet, peeking out from beneath the hem of her

dress. On his hands and knees, he kissed them, tears streaming from his eyes.

Toadstool laughed. After years of suppression, her dominating side was finally

being let out! She closed her eyes and began massaging her breasts through her


Mario, seeing her distracted, slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a

mushroom of his own. He brought it to his mouth, and was promptly slapped across

the face. Hard. Toadstool bent over him and plucked the mushroom from his

trembling hand. "Well, well, well. We've got a naughty boy, here, don't we?"

Grinning, she popped the mushroom into her mouth.

"No! You can't eat the whole thing at once!"

"And why not?" she shot back. She quickly found out.


"Your majesty, did you hear that?" Toad, the king's ambassador inquired of the


"I most certainly did. It sounded like a building collapsed. Go see what all the

commotion is about, would you?"

Toad hurried to the window with a telescope ready. "Oh, dear!" he exclaimed.

"It's your daughter!"

"What?! My precious Toadstool? A building fell on her?"

"No, sir, it looks more like she fell on a building. Mario's house, to be


"Come boy, give me that," the King snatched the telescope from Toad. "You're not

making any sense." He peered through the eyepiece and gasped. "Why, she must be

a thousand feet tall!" He returned the telescope to Toad and shakily made his

way to his throne to sit down. "My darling must be in terrible distress. We've

got to alert Mario right away!"

Looking through the telescope, Toad nervously replied: "Ummm... I'm pretty sure

he knows already."

"Why do you say that?"

"She's... um... well... she's holding him."


"Yes, and she doesn't seem to be in much distress. She's laughing."

"Well, it's a good thing her clothes have grown with her. Wouldn't want her

exposing herself to the entire kingdom."

"Actually.... she's... um... oh dear." Toad's face reddened with embarassment. Atención Adolescente: ¿Cansado de que tus padres siempre te estén molestando regañándote y metiéndote en su vida? Pues mándalos por un tubo. Sal de tu casa, trabaja, paga tus deudas, paga tu escuela, compra tu ropa, tu comida, tu celular, el cable, etc. y

"What now?"

"She's... taken off her dress, sir." Toad waited a moment for a reply. "Sir?"

When he turned, he found the King had fainted dead away.


Laughing with delight, Toadstool wriggled her ass against the remains of Mario's

house. She held the diminutive superhero in her hands, dangling him above her

naked bosom. "Ya like 'em, Mario? Huh?" Mario was tongue-tied, all he could do

was stare. Toadstool gleefully dropped him onto her body. He scrambled for a

handhold on her mighty breast, finally gripping the massive nipple. It hardened

at his touch, causing Toadstool to moan in ecstacy.

"P-please, Toadstool! Let me go!"

"Let you go? C'mon Mario! You know you've wanted this for years! And me..." she

slowly rose to a sitting position. Mario tumbled down her cleavage, along her

smooth, tan belly, finally landing between her legs. He froze as he smelled the

musky scent of her pussy. "I'm aching for a good lay." Mario turned to run, but

was stopped by her hand slamming down in front of him. Sobbing, he frantically

looked around. Before him, her palm blocked escape. To each side, her flawless,

towering thighs. Behind him...

Reluctantly, he began to walk towards her cunt. Her lips were parted slightly,

revealing her glistening insides. Her fluffy golden bush had droplets of cum

clinging to it. Mario swallowed hard. This towering gate of womanhood was just

about as tall as he was, but he knew he had no other choice. Closing his eyes,

he charged headlong into her hot, wet depths. Toadstool gasped and bit her lip.

She lay back, her pussy now facing up, cutting off Mario's escape. Inside, Mario

thrashed about rhythmically, hoping that if he could pleasure this giantess, she

would let him go. The walls around him clenched him tightly, crushing the air

from his lungs, then released, allowing him to breathe in her scent. He heard

Toadstool's moans turn to screams, and his prison began to heave faster.

Thinking he had done his part, Mario turned to exit, only to see Toadstool's

finger entering. It roughly smashed into him, shoving him around, maneuvering

him upwards, rubbing him against her clit. She pressed his face into it,

commanding "LICK IT! LICK IT!" As she climaxed, she pressed him into it, harder

and harder until -- CRUNCH!

Sighing, she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm. After a few minutes, she

removed Mario's corpse from her cunt. His head lolled about as she raised him to

her eyes; she had snapped his neck. She stared at his body for a while, then,

laughing, she hurled it away. Rising to her feet, she stretched her hands

upwards. She had to have more. Peering about the horizon, she spied a building

with tall minarets: Bowser's Keep. "Yes, that'll do nicely," she mused, starting

off in that direction.


"Ah, rubber ducky, you're the only one who understands," Bowser whispered as he

soaked in a nice warm bath. "Every time. Every time. I capture the Princess,

I've got him tied up, I'm about to win, then somehow Mario wins. Every time. But

y'know, here in the tub with you, everything seems all right." He closed his

eyes to relax, when he felt a trembling. The tremors grew stronger, until his

tub bounced up and down with each impact. "What in the name of..." he froze as

he looked out the window to see someone looking back. "Princess?" he squeaked.

Crouching down to peek into the window, Toadstool giggled. She reached out,

grabbed a tower of the castle, and pulled. It groaned, creaked, then snapped off

in her hand. Without pause, she rose, parted her pussy lips with her other hand,

then jammed the tower into herself. "Perfect fit..." she whispered to the

horrified Bowser.

"GUARDS!" He began to yell. "HELP! HELP!" His shouts ceased as her fist rammed

through the wall. The hand felt around a bit until it discovered him cowering

under a pile of towels. Pinching him between finger and thumb, she brought him

to her face. "Why didn't Mario do this sooner?" She asked herself. Bowser

thrashed about, but could not free himself. Finally, he calmed down. "What do

you want?" he asked.

Toadstool did not respond, she just kept thrusting the tower in and out,

grunting and sweating. A wild grin lit her face as she reveled in her wanton

carnality. Without a word, she parted her full lips, running her tongue across

them. Opening her mouth wider, she popped Bowser inside as if he were a piece of

candy. He screamed as her tongue roughly assaulted him, probing and shoving him

about. She placed him, saliva coated and trembling, on her molar. As she felt

her excitement mount, she awaited climax. When it hit, she bit down, cracking

Bowser's turtle-like shell as if he were a nut. He didn't even have time to


She chewed a while, tasting the blood, before she swallowed.


Luigi coughed, clearing the dust from the air around him. He stood amidst the

rubble of his former house. Miraculously, he had escaped being crushed during

Toadstool's antics. Once he realized she was about to grow, he ran for cover.

Now, he watched her destroy Bowser's Keep, then Bowser. He knew she didn't have

much time before the effects of the mushroom wore off, and he also knew that she

was going to be in a heap of trouble. He gathered as many mushrooms as he could

carry, and set off to meet her.


Toadstool amused herself by kicking apart Bowser's Keep, stomping on various

koopa troopas who fled in terror. Suddenly, another dizzy spell struck her. Her

face fell as she watched her surroundings grow. She was shrinking! No more

dominatrix! No more crush! No more fun! Once she was her normal size again, she

turned, intending to head back to Mario's for a few more mushrooms. She spied

Luigi coming towards her, carrying a basket full of something. When she saw what

it was, her eyes lit up.

"What a show!" said Luigi, as he reached her. "Will there be an encore


"Oh, you'd better believe it," Toadstool replied, taking his hand. "This could

be the start of something... big."



Giantess Stories: Mario By The Wordmaster

'Mwa ha ha!' chuckled Bowser as Mario dangled above a lake of boiling lava. By The Wordmaster By The Wordmaster Mario Mario



Giantess Stories: Mario By The Wordmaster

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Giantess Stories: Mario By The Wordmaster


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