Giantess Stories: Mattress Giantess by Number 10      I left my office on that hot July noon

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Mattress Giantess

by Number 10

I left my office on that hot July noon, rubbing my neck as I walked. My back

didn't feel so great either, and I knew why. It was that damned mattress. An old

hand-me-down from a buddy, it was impossible to get a good night's sleep on the

thing and it always left me sore and tired. Time for a new one, hell, way past


So today I had a purpose in mind. I would visit that new mattress place a block

from my work, the one that seemed to pop up from nowhere. Funny, a month ago it

was an abandoned car parts place and now it was a gleaming new store. Their

jingle was all over the radio, and when I opened my Sunday paper, the circular

fell into my lap. 'Come to Mattress Giantess,' the ad cooed, 'for that 'this is

the life' feeling!'

I wonder how they knew I needed a mattress, I thought, as I approached the

store. High atop the store's roof was a sign displaying a 20-foot blonde sex

goddess. She was wearing animal skins and looked down fiercely at me as if to

say, 'You WILL buy my mattress!' Reluctantly, I cast my eyes down and opened the

glass door.

A rush of cool air met me when I stepped inside. As my eyes adjusted to the dim

light, I looked around for a clerk. I half expected to see a fat guy with a

clip-on tie and a pocket protector and was very surprised when an attractive

woman, not unlike the blonde on the roof, walked up to me.

She gave me a dazzling smile. 'Welcome to Mattress Giantess. How may I help


I noticed that she was busty and was wearing a sheer purple blouse with a very

short black skirt. 'Just looking for a full size mattress. Inexpensive,


'Ah. Let me see who is available.' She looked around, as did I. 'It looks like

Rebecca is free. Rebecca?' The blonde signaled to a petite woman with a cute

pixyish face and short brown hair. Her figure was exquisite, and not too skinny.

Her outfit was similar to the blonde's.

'Please help this gentleman. He wants a Full.' Rebecca smiled at me and I

couldn't help smiling back.

She took me the rear of the store and showed me a few standard mattresses. I

really couldn't tell them apart, and I didn't want to lie on them in this pretty

girl's presence. She seemed to read my mind when she looked into my eyes and

said, 'I think I know what you want. Here, follow me.'

She led me to a room that was set off from the main sales floor. There was one

bed in the middle of the room with a plush, bare mattress. It was a queen size,

not a full, and I was about to object when she suddenly spoke.

'Just try it out. Go on, no one's looking. Except me of course.' The beautiful

smile returned. Something in her manner told me to do it. I took my shoes off

and climbed onto the large mattress. I found the exact center and lay down with

a sigh.

And it was wonderful! My neck stopped aching and my back was in heaven. This

really is 'the life' I thought. Rebecca looked down at me thoughtfully.

'I have to get something from my office. Back in a minute.'

I silently nodded and immediately zoned out. The dim lighting, cool air and

unparalleled comfort led me to an advanced state of relaxation I'd never known.

I'm not sure if I actually fell asleep but I do remember being yanked back to

consciousness by her voice.

'Enjoying yourself?'

I opened my eyes. Rebecca looked bigger. So did the mattress - it was no longer

queen size - it was Queen Kong size. I felt like a tiny speck on the bumpy


The saleswoman slid off her shoes and joined me. The effect was incredible. As

she sat, the mattress pushed down under her weight and I was further jostled as

she settled in. She finally came to rest leaning on one elbow, facing me.

Her giant, lovely face spoke gently. 'I really think you'd be happier with a

queen size - and so would your young lady.'

I was stunned. She talked in a calm, natural tone that had no suggestion that

she was many times my size.

'This mattress will really improve your sleep. Even if your young lady rolls on

top of you, you won't feel a thing. Here, let me demonstrate.' Rebecca began a

slow roll that brought her enormous breast over my head. I could tell by the

outline of her blouse that she wore no bra.

I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out. Her large hand came up to

skillfully undo her buttons and the giant's flesh came out. I gasped as she

lowered herself on me, blocking out the light and sound. My world became a

pleasant abyss for about ten seconds.

Rebecca got off me and smiled knowingly. 'See - I'll bet you could sleep right

through that.' I had to admit, it didn't feel bad.

'Now we'll try something else,' she murmured. 'Come down next to my ass - if you


I did. For some reason I trusted her. I walked down to her midsection and

stationed myself next to the black skirt. Rebecca lifted her rear end off the

bed and pulled up her skirt. She wore no underwear there, either.

Like a sleepwalker, I slowly entered the space under her finely sculptured ass.

Again, down came the flesh and all I felt was comfort. No crushing, no

smothering, just a feeling like a thick, warm blanket surrounding me. The

massive buns lifted and I crawled out.

'See - even if your young lady is on the large side, you will sleep undisturbed.

Doesn't that sound nice?' I nodded enthusiastically. She must have known her

sale was in the bag but she left nothing to chance. 'One more feature I want to

show you. Lie down and spread your legs wide, like this.' The giantess spread

her fabulous legs so they fell on both sides of me. My view consisted of her

enormous pussy and shapely rounded thighs you could only dream about.

I wanted to explore, but I remembered her instructions. I lay and spread my legs

too, even as I fought the impulse to run and play in Rebeccaland. But I felt the

same calm relaxation as before. Rebecca propped herself up to look at me. 'Well

done. As I say, plenty of room for you and your young...'

'I'll take it!' I cried.

'Excellent. I'll go do the paperwork. Feel free to relax a little longer.' The

giantess lifted her left leg over me, got off the bed and stood up,

straightening her blouse and pulling down her skirt. She gave me a happy wave

and ducked out the door.

I put my head back down on the soft mattress and closed my eyes. Questions

filled my mind. Was any of this really happening? Would I grow back? Is Rebecca

free for dinner? Or free, period? These jumbled ideas were interrupted by the

normal sized woman standing there who looked just like Rebecca. That meant I was

normal too. I sighed.

Rebecca sat with me on the side of the bed with the order form on a clipboard.

She handed me the pen to sign, and then pulled back before I could take it. I

looked at her, puzzled.

'I have to tell you one thing before you sign,' she said. 'You may have noticed

some, um, side effects from this mattress. If you buy it, you won't get the same

effects at home.'

'I won't?' I was crestfallen.

She must have noticed, because she pulled out a business card and jotted

something on the back. 'Here you go. The mattress will lose its magic at your

house, but it works nicely at mine. Give me a call.' Rebecca handed over her

card and looked at me with wide, inviting eyes.

I signed, we shook hands and the deal was done. Another happy customer at

Mattress Giantess.

I plunged back into the heat and made my way back to work. A thought then hit

me. I had carelessly tucked her card into my shirt pocket without looking at it;

now I was curious to know just what she had written. I took it out, glanced at

the front and quickly turned it over. This is what she wrote:



AKA 'your young lady'

Giantess Stories: Mattress Giantess by Number 10      I left my office on that hot July noon

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