Giantess Stories: Maureen

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Maureen's Night to Remember

You may remember me. My name is Eighteen. Maureen calls me Teen. Strange name, I

know. There's a story behind it.

Maureen rescued me from a giantess that was not gentle. Maureen couldn't be more

different. She is kind, loving, and exceedingly gentle in every way.

She took me home for dinner a week ago, and I never left. This past week, we've

talked and talked. Our relationship has grown. We know each other's secrets.

Well, almost. We'll find out the last secret tonight.

Because tonight is our big night. Maureen is calling it her "Night to Remember."

Curious. She has everything planned for us. "Just follow my lead, okay?" she


"Yes, of course," I said. I would do anything for her. I know I have nothing to


Tomorrow, I'll tell you what happened.


Maureen came home from work, took off her shoes, and relaxed a bit. I asked her

how her day went. "Fine," she answered absently. There were other things on her


She prepared a simple supper for us, and said very little while we ate. I began

to wonder if our big night was still on. She cleared the dishes, then came back

and turned her lovely face to me. "Time to get ready."

She enclosed me in her soft hand and took me upstairs.

In her bedroom, Maureen fished out a small article of clothing from her bureau

drawer. "Put this on, Teen. I'll be back in a few minutes." She walked to her

private bathroom, and closed the door.

I looked at the piece of clothing. It was a tiny bathrobe. It looked as if it

would fit my three-inch frame. When I tried it on, it fit perfectly. The fabric

even felt good. Where did she find it?

I stood on the bed and waited for Maureen.

She emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later. I gasped silently when I saw

her approaching. She was wearing sexy, red silk shorts that flattered her legs,

hips and rear. The material seems to embrace her body as she walked.

Above the shorts was a tight soft pink tee shirt. Her ample breasts pressed up

against it, and I could clearly see them through the material.

Maureen sat next to me on the bed, causing the mattress to compress. I struggled

to retain my balance.

"Sorry, Teen," she said when she saw me wobbling. She reached out to steady me

with her hand. Then she picked me up and held me close to her clear, blue eyes.

She spoke softly, and I listened.

"Teen, would you be a dear and massage my toes?" She paused. "I'll make it worth

your while," she added slyly.

I nodded my head vigorously. She set me down between her feet. I looked up into

her smiling face, and resolved to become a master toe masseur.

I walked to the nearest one, her right big toe. Let's see, I thought. How do you

massage a toe? Then it came to me. Just pretend it's her back or thigh. No


I brought my hands to the top of her toe, and began to massage. I used to be

pretty good at this. I started at the top center and worked my way to the sides,

using all my finger and thumb strength to loosen her sore muscles. I then lifted

her toe with all my strength to give the bottom a thorough going over.

Was she enjoying it? Was I doing it right? I looked up and tried to read her

face. Her far away expression did not tell me. So I just kept going, and started

the next toe.

The more I massaged, the more I enjoyed it. I even tried a more sensual massage

technique, putting hands, arms, my whole body into the effort. By the time I

finished the last toe, I was breathing heavily.

Maureen gazed at me from above. My dear gentle giantess. She was pleased with my

ten massages, and would now surely lift me to her waiting body. My work was


"Thank you, Teen. That was incredible. I'd like you to join me up here."

Maureen's eyes twinkled as she spoke. "Just one thing. I want you to climb my


What? I stood in stunned silence. Was she serious? I looked at her shapely,

straight up legs and wondered how I would ever do it.

As I stood in contemplation, she seemed to answer my question by extending her

left leg so that it became a slope between the floor and the top of the bed.

Okay, now at least I had a chance.

I walked over to her left foot and climbed on. I teetered a bit on top until I

reached her ankle. Then I began the precarious climb.

It seemed easy at first. I leaned forward, using my hands as well as feet to

negotiate the steep grade. Then I looked down. If I slipped, it was a long way

to the floor, with only the carpet to pad my fall. I looked at Maureen. Her face

was encouraging. She was pulling for me.

With new determination, I climbed on. Then, a new problem. Her kneecap. With her

leg extended, her kneecap jutted out a bit, making my climb a bit steeper. If I

could make it over that, the rest would be clear sailing. Heart pounding, I put

my soul into the climb.

Made it! I traversed the kneecap and almost strolled up the top of her thigh.

Sweet victory. Maureen applauded me. I took a bow.

"Well done, Teen! I knew you could do it." Her smile couldn't have been wider.

"Come here, honey. Lay down. You've earned this." She indicated the crevice

where her thighs pressed together, the same spot where I enjoyed the ride to her

house. I happily bounced over to occupy the space.

Her slender fingers reached down to pull at the tie of my bathrobe. The knot

came undone as she pulled. Then, she slowly removed it. I felt the material pull

away to leave me completely naked.

Maureen looked down and admired me, just like the first time she saw me. Then

she reached for the bottle of baby oil that was on her nightstand.

She dribbled some of it onto her fingers, rubbed them together, and started to

coat my skin. This was something new to me, but I was enjoying it thoroughly. I

felt myself sliding and slipping as she gently squeezed her hand. With her

finger, she began to stroke the inside of my leg.

A tingle of excitement and a bit of apprehension flowed through me when I saw

Maureen's forefinger and thumb heading for my private parts. With incredible

care, she began to massage this area. I closed my eyes and submitted to her

stroking until I felt I was ready to explode. But I was able to hold on. Barely.

She sat up a little, put me down, and quickly removed her tee shirt. Enormous

mounds of her spilled out, right above me. There could be no better view. Or so

I thought.

Maureen turned over, took me up again, and held me prone in her hand, flat

against the bed. With a wicked smile, she began to lower her huge breasts right

on top of me! Still coated with baby oil, I slid between them easily. The

feeling was heavenly. While smothering me in her breast flesh, Maureen was

careful to let me catch my breath every few seconds.

She lifted her breasts from my body. I looked to see what was to happen next.

What I saw was her huge, dark peak, poised just above me. I reached out and took

hold. Maureen leaned in closer. Like a hungry infant, I took in as much of her

as I could. I caught a glimpse of her, breathing erratically, nostrils flared.

She was very excited, and that increased my excitement.

A few minutes later, Maureen turned over again and set me upon her breast. I

could feel upward movement. She reached down to the top of her shorts with both

hands, used her feet to lift her bottom, and removed her red silk shorts. The

material made no sound at all as it slid off her legs. From my high vantage

point, I could see her vast thighs moving apart. I had an idea where we were

going next.

Maureen's hands came toward me and gently guided me towards her special place. I

set out for this new land with anticipation. When I arrived, I felt her fingers

pick me up and suspend me into the deep valley between her legs. They moved

together like the doors to Aladdin's cave, trapping me softly.

I stayed still for a moment, breathing in her musk perfume. Then I started to

move. I shifted in her tightness until I came to a better spot, able to feel the

soft textures of her skin, hair and flesh. Then her legs opened wide.

Maureen caught me before I could fall. She firmly held each of my shoulders with

both hands, and slowly guided my feet towards her opening. I felt my feet, legs,

torso enter her. The sensation was indescribable. My upper arms, flattened to my

sides, remained exposed

She held my body still as she thrust herself upon me. Her flesh would rise as

far as my face before subsiding down to my lower body, again and again. I felt

tossed in heavy seas, washed by her massive but pacific waves. Finally, a tidal

wave was in sight. I felt my lubricated body slide up to her excitement, my

face, neck and chest all making beautiful contact with her. The squall reached

the heights of intensity. Then, suddenly, all was still.

We shuddered as our duet came to a climax. I could feel Maureen stiffen around

me as we surrendered to our ecstasy. Then my body, floating in hers, relaxed.

Maureen pulled me free, brought me to her breast, and closed her eyes to sleep.

"Thanks, Teen," she murmured. I stayed awake for a bit just to look at her. Her

sweet face breathed heavily and deeply, her golden curls askew. I picked a spot

just above her beating heart, between her breasts, to lay down. Her skin was

warm and soft.

I listened to Maureen's heart for a moment, and went to sleep.

The End


Giantess Stories: Maureen

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