Giantess Stories: MAZE By Scott Grildrig and Chelgi

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MAZE By Scott Grildrig and Chelgi

We were running. Well, that's not entirely true, Molly was running. I was

offering the kind of side-seat advice that comes from a sense of utter

helplessness. "Left! Left! Dodge left!" I hollered. Molly dodged right, and a

huge crater materialized where I was pointing. The blast staggered her, but she

kept her balance, and even increased her phenomenal speed. Me, I shut up, and

clung to my chair atop her right shoulder. I wasn't having a good day. We,

weren't having a good day, what with the Dabesi stumbling on us, crippling our

ship and driving us out of space onto this forsaken mud hole. I grunted, and

grabbed frantically at my chair as Molly executed a mind numbing change of

direction. I like my inertia dampeners thank- you, but Molly's never taken my

advice to carry one around with her; even that wouldn't be so bad, if I wasn't

flopping around nearly fifty meters off the ground. We were enveloped in

explosions, but Molly's speed was deceptive, and the Dabesi were only slowly

adjusting to it. Moreover, her last move had brought her within range of the

first cover either of us had seen in the last five minutes. With a terrific leap

she cleared the jumbled outcropping, then spun and dove back behind them. Thank

god for good training, she led with her left shoulder, sparing me a terminal

experience with the rock. Molly had both hands on her only weapon, a Bace &

David Mark IV: a 404mm semi-automatic 'handgun' that tosses nearly a ton of

highly compressed Ultymite fiber. Still, neither of us were feeling overly

confident right at the moment. We were lucky, lucky that the two ships had been

so far south of our crash site, lucky that they hadn't been able to circle

around us. ....Yet! Molly peered up over the outcropping. All I could see was

rock, but I felt her tense beneath me as she spotted her targets. She turned

flush to the wall and backed away a little, kneeling on her right leg, and

raised her gun. Now I could see the oncoming ships. One was heading straight

towards us, the other curved right, no doubt hoping to flank us. But it was the

first one that Molly cared about. Even this little bit of cover wasn't going to

help much if he started blasting. She followed him with her gun sights, and

chuckled to herself. "Come on sucker, come on, nice and straight, just like

you're doing." Raising her left hand to support her shooting hand, she braced

her elbow on her knee, and steadied her aim. The Dabesi was still too far away

for a decent shot, and shooting wasn't her strong point, so she just tracked him

with her automatic. The ship was lining up and trying to get close enough that

he couldn't miss. "Somebody's got 'target fixation'," she muttered. "That's

good, come on now, nice and straight, that's it.... come to Molly." I watched

the minute movements of her arm, as she allowed what she considered the proper

lead, then very slowly and deliberately squeezed the trigger. The explosion

shook the dust from the rock outcropping, and caused a minor avalanche of dirt

and pebbles. The gun bucked in Molly's hand, again and again she fired round

after round at the approaching ship, hesitating only long enough between shots

to re-align her sights on the ship. At the sound of her fourth shot the entire

bow of the Dabesi ship dissolved in a ball of fire. We watched in amazement as

it expanded into a black cloud, debris could be seen floating through the pall

of smoke with the main portion of the ship still coming on, but now it was

dropping faster than it was approaching, I realized that she had not only hit

the ship, but hit it with a killing shot. Damn decorum, I whooped and hollered

like a kid, "Great shot, Molly! Great! That's the best you've ever done. Damn,

but that was good." and we watched the smoking ship until it slammed into the

ground raising a blazing fireball. A few seconds later the noise and wind of the

blast washed over us. "Half mile away," I noted, "Ye gods, you nailed him at

more than a mile. That's wild. You been practicing behind my back?" "Nah,"

smiled Molly, "If that crazy bastard hadn't kept coming straight on like he knew

he had us, I'd have never hit him. Lucky shot, but it worked. I guess he didn't

know we had anything that could hurt him." "Well, hope for more luck, here comes

the other one." The second ship had completed its maneuver and was approaching

us from the east. Molly growled, "I doubt he'll come in like his friend, now

that he knows we have teeth." She was right, the second ship pulled up and

turned away, then he rolled into a tight turn and started back down into an

erratic, twisting dive at the two of us. "Should we run?" I asked. "I can't stay

ahead of him," said Molly, "Let's get this over with." She started to circle

around the outcropping, then swore viciously. A heavy fall of detritus made any

attempt to use that side for protection futile. Disdaining cover, she fell to

one knee again, and lined up on the approaching ship. "You think they would have

trained me better for this," she growled as she concentrated on her shot. I kept

my peace, there aren't that many 'tess/norm pairs in the Scouting arm of the

Combined Terran Forces. I remember how they had justified skimping on Molly's

firearms work because of the high cost of munitions. Idiots! "Shit!" exploded

Molly, "He's dodging, or tacking, or whatever you call it." "It's a technical

term," I murmured, "called zig-zagging." I don't think she heard me, good thing

too. "Damn it, hold still...!" the air thundered with the explosions of her gun.

In lieu of accuracy Molly was filling the sky with fire. We both heard the empty

click, but in a reasonably smooth motion she pulled the empty magazine out and

slammed in the last clip from her pocket. The Dabesi ship, untouched by her

first assault, was recovering from a wild turn. "Here he comes again," I warned.

"Maybe he'll get close enough this time." "I wouldn't count on it," I said,

"besides, that might be a bad thing." Molly grunted her agreement. Neither of us

wanted him to get a good shot at us. Once more Molly braced her gun with her

left hand, and lined up on the approaching ship. She set her sights on her

target and talked to herself, coaching her own shooting out loud, as she took

aim, "About so much lead...uhh...about so high for distance.... Mmmm..." and the

world shook again as shot after shot rocked the area. At about the fifth shot a

ball of flame leapt from the top of the ship. "Got him....!" crowed Molly, and

dropped her gun to her side, then brought it back up as she realized that the

hit hadn't been as effective as her first kill. A secondary explosion rocked the

Dabesi vessel, which aborted its dive and rose in a climbing turn, trailing

thick black smoke. Molly raised her gun for a parting shot, but hesitated,

staring at it. I followed her glance and groaned to myself. The barrel was

discolored from the heat of too many shots in such a short time, and there was a

hairline crack its base. "DamnDamnDamnDamnDamnDAMN!!" snarled Molly, and she

rammed the useless weapon back into her holster. "You still have a spare barrel

left, right?" I asked her. "Yah," she snapped, "but, we're not staying out

here." and she began to run again, glancing over her shoulder at the Dabesi

ship. But for the moment it dwindled, hurt enough not to follow us. /\__/\__/

I'd been bouncing for more than an hour. The chair was secure, but it was

improvisational, taken from the wreckage of our ship, and bound to the epaulette

on Molly's shoulder. Fortunately, her jet black hair was cut page boy style,

otherwise I'd have gone nuts trying to see where we were going. Still, it

brushed over me uncounted times, and soft and silky is a relative term, and I

didn't think her giant hair was, it was starting to piss me off. Molly was

scarcely in a better mood, until we found the pass. Her long powerful legs ate

up the ground swiftly, and soon we reached the cleft in the rocks. But it wasn't

a pass, it was a chasm or a canyon, driving deep into the body of the rock. And

it was big. As I said earlier, Molly is just over fifty meters tall, and the

front of the cliff was about three times her height. "This looks pretty good,"

panted Molly. "I think we'll be well protected in here. There are steep

mountains on either side that'll really restrict the approaches. He'll have to

come in directly up the canyon, or straight down. And straight down he ain't

gonna do, too dangerous to miss pulling out just right. He's too likely to prang

into rock. Plus, he knows better than to fall into my field of fire." and she

laughed grimly, "Not that I have any 'fire' to field. I'm glad that he doesn't

know that.. Gives us a little time and possible edge." "Sold," I said. "But

before we dive in, take a quick look at the rock face on the inside of this

canyon." Molly took my advice and peered closely at it. "It's artificial," she

said, "though worn." and she ran her fingers over it. "I say we go in anyway."

"Just be careful," I said. As Molly strode forward, the unnatural construction

of the canyon became clearer. The floor smoothed out to a semi-polish, and the

walls began to describe an almost perfect right angle to the ground. However,

the place was old and untended. Ancient rock falls and whirling winds had

accumulated enough dirt and soil along the edges, to support grasses, bushes and

occasional trees. As we proceeded the walls narrowed, which didn't make Molly

happy, except that they also descended lower, until they stood only half-again

as tall as the top of her head; still plenty of cover from the air. "The word

'jackpot' keeps running through my mind," said Molly. I had to agree. The CTF

was still reeling from the latest Dabesi attacks. Molly and I had been sent off

in the general direction of what command 'hoped' was Dabby territory, and told

us to find something -- anything. We were doing okay, until ambushed by a

squadron of light fighters. Why the fighters were here, why the planet was

uninhabited, why they didn't just nuke us, were questions that plagued us both.

Molly stopped, shaking me out of my reverie, and I looked up and saw why.. We

had arrived at a fork in the canyon. More than a fork, rather a conjunction of

passages. Molly stepped into one of the narrower ones and sat down. "I need a

rest," she said. "Do you want down?" She didn't have to ask twice. I unlimbered

my belts and hung on, waiting for her hand to approach. Stepping on to it, I

turned over and laid down; about the only way I can travel without undue fear.

But Molly was gentle, and lowered me carefully enough that I wasn't bothered. I

rolled off her hand, and looked up at her. "Ten minutes," I said, and she

nodded. Thank god that our links still worked, I hate yelling. I examined the

floor of the canyon. It looked more natural up close, until you tracked it to

the horizon, and saw how flat it was. "Y'know," I said on an impulse, "I don't

think this is a canyon. I think it's some kind of a maze." Molly was sitting

cross-legged, her elbows on her knees, her chin resting on the back of her

hands. She gazed at me with her rich brown eyes. "I left my string at home," she

said. "Ha, ha." I said. "Serve you right if there's a minotaur at the end of

this thing." Molly smiled a slow, evil smile. "A big minotaur," I added. She

grinned, "What makes you think he'd be interested in me?" then laughed. "We've

enough on our hands," she said. "How long do you think it'll be, till our friend

will be ready to play again." "Wish I knew," I said, "you put the fear of death

in him. Even if he gets his ship fixed, he might wait for reinforcements. How

about you, you want to change barrels now?" "No, we're still too much in the

open here. One pass and that damn Dabesi could see we had problems. Or maybe if

he spotted us in here he could drop half the mountain on us from where we

couldn't even see him." "OK, time's up anyway, let's go exploring." Molly

gathered me up in her hands, and held me in my chair while I strapped myself

back in. Then she got up, and I closed my eyes and mumbled something trite as I

shot up into the air like an express elevator. "What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing, just practicing my theology." "Well, then, I'd be more carefull what

your 'Goddess' hears..." and she laughed. The exploration soon lost its

excitement. There were countless forks and side passages, but they all aimlessly

meandered about before joining some other previously trodden path, or ended in

steep cul-de-sacs. The only thing with any promise was about ten kilometers into

the maze where the vertical walls dipped to about twenty meters above Molly's

head. We examined the immediate area, but were soon convinced that we hadn't

found a way to the other side. There was a strange beveling along the top of the

wall that inspired us to call it the 'ledge'. There was, however, another spot,

where the wall dipped to its lowest point yet, only ten meters taller than

Molly. "Do you want to scale it?" I asked. "I want a look first," said Molly.

That meant me, and though I wasn't enthused about the idea, I also didn't have

anything better to offer. So I unbuckled myself, and let Molly pick me off her

shoulder. She lifted me a short distance above her head, and I glanced around,

looking for our Dabesi friend. "No sign of him," I whispered. Molly lifted me

higher, I stood on the top of her palm, and clung to her middle finger. The view

was staggering, to me anyway. But I managed to choke down my fear and take a

good look. All I could see was more of the same: the maze went everywhere. "See

anything?" she asked "Nope. Might as well bring me down." Molly lowered her hand

until I was level with her shoulder. I fell across the small gap and buckled

myself back into my chair. "Any ideas?" she asked. "I was about to ask the

same," I sighed. "You ready to try the ledge?" I rubbed at my face, "Yeah, okay,

let's get it over with." Molly took off with her usual ground shaking jog, and I

clung to my chair with my usual heart pounding panic. Her black hair still

occasionally obscured my view, but I wasn't about to let go of my perch; seat

belt be damned, there had to be a better way to travel. "You okay?" she asked.

"Spiffy," I squeaked. "I mean, fine. I'm doing fine." "Sure you are." Molly

turned down what we agreed was a shortcut back to the ledge, and was no more

than five paces into it when the tangler came whipping out of nowhere. One

moment I was not enjoying a ride that some people would pay good money for, the

next I was in free fall. Molly hit the ground with a force normally reserved to

mountains, and I snapped like a cracked whip. "Mike?" "Uh?" "What happened?"

"That wasn't planned, right?" "It was a tangler." "Yeah, I caught a glimpse. I

never saw one that big before. How're you doing?" "I'm real stuck, Mike." "Stay

cool, I'll see what I can do." The first order of business was to extricate

myself from my perch, but first I had to figure a way to avoid a seven meter

fall. I glanced up and made my decision. Molly anticipated me and tucked her

chin up against her shoulder. That made it easier as I released the straps and

leapt forward. I caught a double armful of her silky black hair and swung back

and forth. Molly helped a little by turning her head, but I still had to slide

down about three meters before I felt comfortable making the jump. Then when she

moved her head she cleared my path, and I jogged away so I could get a feel for

the big picture. She was trussed and ready up for Christmas. If it hadn't been

such a serious situation, and Molly in such a bad mood, I might have teased her

about being a nice big Christmas present for me. As it was, I just let it go.

The silver strand of the tangler had struck around her knees and wound its way

up and down her colossal body. It was strong stuff too. Molly's no slouch, and I

watched as she strained with strength enough to toss a skyscraper, but the

fibers didn't even budge. I walked all around her but saw no weakness in the

bindings. "Crumbs," I swore, "if I have to saw through this stuff we'll be here

forever." "Can't find any thin spots?" "Not down here. I think I need to look

from a higher vantage." Nor was that an easy task. I debated climbing Molly's

hair, but if I entangled myself we'd both be in trouble. I decided to begin my

ascent from her right hand. She obliged by flattening her fingers against the

ground, and I stepped up onto her fingers. It was a bit tricky crossing to her

open palm, but from there things grew easier, though the angle increased as I

reached the uppermost part of her arm. About five minutes later I stepped up

onto her back. Molly was spread out beneath me, a chain of undulating hills

wrapped in silver. This ground moved beneath me, not much though. The tangler

had left her just enough leeway to breathe. "It doesn't look good," I said. "Can

you reach my left hand?" Molly asked. It wouldn't be easy, but it was possible.

"I'm on my way." The last part was the most difficult, I had to slide down about

five meters, but I was glad that she had directed me this way. I ended up close

to her left wrist, and was delighted to discover that the tangler had only

caught her upper arm in two places. I wasted no time, but unlimbered my phase

cannon and targeted the leftmost strand. Molly didn't even flinch, not that my

arsenal could do much more than burn her a bit, but it made things go faster.

About a minute passed and the strand parted with an singing twang! I wiped away

the sweat, holding a phase cannon is like wrestling a furnace. The second strand

went a little more quickly, and after it fell apart Molly moved her arm and

clenched and unclenched her fingers. "Thanks," she said with a heartfelt sigh.

"How bad is it?" "Tingly," she complained, "everything's asleep." "You want me

to bust a few more stands?" "Nah, I'll take care of them, you better get off." I

packed up the cannon and slid down Molly's wrist and into the palm of her hand.

From there I jumped to the floor and trotted a hundred meters in no particular

direction. By the time I turned around Molly had begun to dig into the tangler

fibers by her hips. Fingers the thickness of tree trunks vented their strength

upon the material and tore it with a hideous ripping noise. It took her less

than a minute to extricate her right arm, and then she made short work of the

bindings across her legs. She tossed the stuff aside and rose to her full

height, soaring over everything around her. She cast about, then smiled as she

spotted me. "Thanks, hero." "My pleasure." She covered the distance between us

and squatted down. I clambered up onto her proffered hand, and soon found myself

back in my chair. Happily, nothing else interrupted our journey to the cliff.

/\__/\__/ "I really hate this." "It'll be okay." "Uh-huh. Easy for you to say."

"Hey," she admonished, "you trust me, right?" "Uh-huh." "You trust me?" she

asked more sternly. I stared into her dark brown eyes, "I trust you with my

life," I declared. "Got that right," she murmured and smiled.... "Ready?" I

looked up at Molly's face looming above me. I lay on my back with my head on her

fingers and my feet about half-way down the palm of her giant hand. "I'm ready,"

I said. We both ignored the less than stable note in my voice. "One." Dear god.

"Two." Why did she have to count. "Three!" Somebody dropped a boulder on me and

the world blurred past. The wind roared in my ears. The cliff was snatched

downwards. I don't know if I screamed going up, but I sure as hell did coming

back down. Something interesting shot into view, something different, a flash of

blue and green. I pried my eyes open with my fingers and tried to etch the

vision in my brain. The cliff shot back up, and I clenched my eyes shut. "Aaaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

"MIKE!!!" "...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuhhhhh?" Molly's thunderous shout blew

sense back into my head. "You caught me," I chirped. "On the first bounce," she

said dryly. "Sorry, I'll never get used to that." "I'll never get used to

catching you. What did you see?" "Oh yeah. We have to get over that wall," I

said. "I couldn't see too clearly, but I'm sure that I saw water." Molly glanced

up doubtfully. "It'll be a bitch," she said. "I hope you're sure about this. You

do know that if you'd open your eyes you could see better, don't you?" and she

chuckled. "It's the best thing I've seen so far, and I can't help it if I'm a

little afraid of heights and don't really like the idea of you tossing me a

couple hundred meters into the air." She nodded, then smiled down at me. "Ready,

hero?" "Yeah, I know," I growled. "Me first." "You love it when I toss you

around like a toy, and you know it." I grumbled, "Not with seventy meters of air

under me." "Hell, I can reach that high," Molly giggled. Yeah, I know," I said,

"and I don't really like that either." and Molly laughed. /\__/\__/ Eighty

meters above the floor of the canyon I clung to the narrow ledge. My heart had

slowed almost enough to separate the beats, which was hardly fair to Molly, it

had been a good toss. Still, I had other things to worry about. "You ready?"

asked Molly. "Just one more minute!" I pulled out a few stickys and secured them

to the ledge, then I tied myself to the stickys. I had moved a good distance to

Molly's left, but I still hung a neon orange flag over the edge. No sense taking

stupid chances. "Ready!" I shouted, and I grabbed the ropes and held tight. I

was partially blind from my angle, so I heard the booming of her footfalls, but

didn't see Molly until she was at the peak of her jump. Her gigantic body struck

the cliff and the ground heaved beneath me, but her scrabbling fingers failed to

find a purchase and she fell from sight. I heard her heavy muttered curses, and

felt the ground shake as she landed. Then I heard the heavy rumble of her

footsteps and felt the wall tremble as she stalked off for another try. Her

booming footsteps sounded again, the world around me gonged, and the ledge shook

violently as Molly hooked her fingers over the edge and lifted her colossal self

up to an uneasy perch. I was never more glad for the stickys and ropes. "No

sweat," she grinned down at me. I would have begged to differ, but I let her

catch her breath before she pulled herself over the ledge and dropped over the

side with a thunderous boom! Shaking the wall again. I clung to the ropes

without saying a word, until the ground stopped moving, then took my time

putting everything away. I heard Molly's boot tapping and decided that she took

precedence over my phobias. Stepping up to the edge of the cliff I looked down

at the giantess; a novel experience, that was soon dispelled. Molly held up her

cupped hands and smiled sweetly. "Jump," she commanded. So I did. I backed up a

couple of steps and then just dove out into the empty air toward Molly's hands.

About two feet out from the wall my brain kicked it, took one look at the vista

below me, and stumbled off to strangle my spine. I wasn't sure if it felt like

skydiving, bungee jumping, or just plain suicide, but I turned what started like

a credible dive into a flurry of thrashing limbs as I tried to climb empty air.

I soared out ten meters above Molly's hands, almost eighty meters above the

ground. I would have screamed, but my brain was beating my spine with my tongue,

and all that came out was a horrible gurgle. The most painful part was that this

wasn't the first time. Molly has never failed to catch me, and I have never

failed to shriek horribly. Thank god, she's not malicious about it, but then I

know her weaknesses too. Some instinct remained to me, and I landed on my back,

still flapping wildly. Her cupped hand was already dropping, cushioning my body

as she described a large arc that consumed all the energy of my fall. That

wasn't any fun either. Still, it was better than smearing myself all over her

hands. Molly's motions were perfectly choreographed, and as the whirling ride

ended I found myself next to her right shoulder. Even my unwieldy chair looked

good now, but it was a minute before I summoned up enough courage to climb into

it. "Mike, you OK?" "You're holding me, aren't you?" "Yes." "You didn't drop me,

did you?" "No, certainly not." "And you didn't crush me, right?" "Not that I can

tell." "Then thanks, I'm all right! A little dizzy, but all right. I really hate

when you do that to me." "Would you have jumped on your own?" "Maybe." "Sure you

would," she snapped. "You just don't trust me do you? Well, if you have a better

way, let me know. I'll just let you get down yourself the next time. It may take

you a couple of days, but I can wait. Unless you fall, of course, then I'd just

have to go on without you. I guess I'd just dig a little hole and drop you in.

Want me to tamp down your grave with my petite little foot?" Did I mention that

Molly has a temper? Obviously the day was getting to her as well. Well, there's

a point where I don't back off. "God, but you're macabre," I said. "What's the

matter, wouldn't want me to mash your dead body?" "You'd probably enjoy doing

it," I yelled. "I've seen what happens when you toddle around. Remember

MacEnzie's brand new Hoverette?" Molly chuckled, her mood completely turned

around, she also has a sick sense of humor. I grinned too. Everyone knew that

Molly weighed just over two thousand tons, but it didn't really mean that much,

until Molly stepped on the Colonel's new car. It had been back during training,

at the end of a long, long day. Even the sergeant had been drooping, which

explained why Molly, eyes forward, as per orders, and marching barefoot, since

they hadn't yet made her boots for her, had turned a corner and stepped on the

base commander's brand new hovercar; with her huge bare foot. It shouldn't have

been parked there, but even so, it might have been worse. Colonel MacEnzie was

all of six feet from entering his shiny new car when Molly's huge bare foot came

down on top of it, crushing it flat as a pancake.... right in front of him....

He screamed, and nearly cried when Molly lifted her huge bare foot and he saw

the flattened scrap of metal that two thousand tons of beautiful woman had made

of his brand new car. His beautiful new Hoverette was now no more than an inch

thick! A shiny red sheet of wrinkled aluminum, squashed completely flat against

the pavement... It looked like a beer can that had been run over by a heavy

truck. All the Colonel could say for ten minutes, as he sat and stared in shock,

was that he was glad he wasn't in it. After that Molly got a lot more respect,

was relieved of any more eyes-forward marching, and the sergeant took no-doze

pills, but the training didn't get any easier. Whenever I got uppity with her,

she used to remind me of the story, so I was happy to return the favor. On the

other hand, Molly has a dark side, and it was important to remind her of that

too. "You're thinking of that militia group riot, aren't you?" she said. "Yah,

it kinda goes hand in hand, no?" "They shot me," she said. I wasn't ready for

her to lose her happy mood yet, "Right, one dingy nut put some birdshot in your

ankle, so you crunched him like a snail." "It hurt. Besides, they were coming

after you too." "Was that the reason you stomped all fifty of them into paste?"

"I like you." "I like you too. Did I ever say thank-you?" "Once or twice."

"Third time's charm...thanks." Molly grinned sidelong at me, and I sighed:

mission accomplished. It was a fact, Molly was a bit untamed, nor was she the

only one. In fact, comparing notes with the few other 'tess/norm pairs, I'd

lucked out. But the memory was still with me. Me on the ground with two shots in

my belly. Molly looming over those men, snuffing them out one after another. The

idiots hadn't run, they hadn't surrendered, they had fought, and my favorite

giantess kicked off her shoes and painted the ground with their guts. We were

both in counseling for a few weeks after that event, but the CTF got us off the

hook; the giantesses aren't kept around just for their looks. "You still enjoy

the very thought of crushing men, don't you?" Molly sighed, "Little man, you

can't imagine what it's like to have so many little bugs like you, swarming

around me all the time." "Is it sexual?" She shook her head, washing me with her

hair. "Not really. It's an outlet, a powertrip, it's satisfaction, maybe, a

little sexy if I think about domination." "But you get so carried away." "Welllll.....

maybe..... a little bit, sometimes." "Don't give me that 'little bit sometimes'

I've seen you in action, and I know an orgasm when I see one!" "Mike...!" "I

suppose you've never stepped on a man nice and slowly, with your bare foot, so

that you could feel his bones crunching under your foot while you turned him

into a bloody grease spot, after everything was over? As I said, I know an

orgasm when I see one! Especially as big as you are.." "Certainly not!" "What

about the time..... never mind.... Just as long as it isn't me," I said. "We

still have a ways to go. What was that command the mahouts used to use to get

their cute little steeds moving?" "You like living dangerously, don't you, hero?

Well watch out for my trunk, and she playfully stabbed at me with her finger."

"Whoa, enough, uncle, uncle. Besides, who'd cut you out of the next tangler that

gets you?" Molly strode along at a rapid, but comfortable pace, which was much

better than her tooth-jarring jog. "You might have a point there," she chuckled,

"a little one, but then about all you can make are little ones." "I'm not li....."

and I trailed off into silence. I was six feet tall and a hundred eighty five

pounds, but there was no way I could win that argument. She'd just tease me the

rest of the day. We yank each other's chain quite a bit. The high walls rushed

by as Molly walked through the maze, or whatever it was. Tangles of weird plants

marred the artificial lines and made it a little surrealistic. As I watched the

walls slide past I noticed that they seemed to be closing in on both sides.

"Molly, is this passage getting a little narrower?" "Sure enough, hero." She

answered. "I don't like this." I said. "How far are we from that blue spot?" She

asked. "Couple hundred meters straight line, maybe a little more." I said, "Why

don't you slow down a bit, we've already hit one tangler, and we don't need any

more." I said. "It's been two hours already, that ship's gonna be back." She

said. Still Molly slowed to a more deliberate pace and we both concentrated on

the floor and walls of the maze. It was nerve wracking, we both felt the

tension. "Mike?" "Yes, Molly?" "I'd like another look around." Terrific, just

what I wanted, another trip via Air Molly. "Damn it, if you wanted a bird's eye

view, you should've brought a bird." "You're more fun," she chuckled, "But I

mean it, I feel blind in here." "Yah, yah. Me too. I fumbled at my belts, and

pulled myself up. Something caught on the chair, and I turned my head to free

it, then stopped as something flicked on the edge of my vision. "Molly?" "Yes,

birdy?" "Don't move." Once again CTF training proved its worth. Nine out of ten

people would have taken that as a command to spin wildly and stare, but my long

cool Molly froze to immobility. I swung around in my chair and peered to the

ground far below. About fifty meters back something was emerging from the walls.

"Molly, turn around and run as fast as you can." She turned fast enough, and I

swore viciously as I nearly lost my grip on the chair, but she hadn't taken a

step when with an audible bang! Steel bars snapped into place, blocking the

passageway. "That's neat," said Molly. "Glad you like it," I snarled, "since

it's for you." "For me?" "Does it look like it would slow me down?" There were

eight bars in all, each spaced about five meters apart. "You think these traps

are for me," she said grimly. "The tangler might have been overkill," I

explained. "but this thing is just for you." "The Dabesi don't have giants."

"One problem at a time." "It looks like it would be easy to climb." "You want to

climb it?" I asked. "Nope." "You want to keep going?" "You know what we're gonna

find." she drawled. I knew it too. The second part of the trap snapped into

place after she had taken her third step. It looked just like the part behind

us. "Okay, hero, tell me why I shouldn't just rip these bars off the walls." She

lowered me to the ground and I approached the lower most bar on the right. At

five meters up, the huge thick steel bar itself was unapproachable, but it

wasn't what caught my attention. The bar itself was set into an tall oval

aperture, and under that was a round hole, so the entire thing looked like a big

exclamation mark. The lower hole was only three meters up, and pulling my

flashlight from my belt I stepped back and tried to get a look inside of the

thing. Something silver glittered back at me. Molly was on her knees, watching

me as I thoughtfully headed back towards her. "So, what's the catch?" she asked.

"The bars are rigged to drop. If I was an evil trap designer I'd electrify them

or something, but it looks like the least you'd get is tangled up again. There's

probably more." "I could hold you next to one of the holes for a better look."

"Thanks, but I think we're ready for the next step." "Glad you think so." "Don't

get smart. You see that big tree over there?" " You mean that little

weed?" "Ha, ha. Yah, right, the weed. Can you pull it up?" It was a silly

question, and we both knew it. Molly bent down and wrapped her gigantic fingers

around the thick trunk. The ground heaved and ripped, and she stood up, carrying

her twenty meter tall prize. I don't care how many times I see it, watching

Molly simply rip a huge fifty or sixty foot tree out of the ground so easily,

still sends chills down my spine. Grinning she waved the huge tree around like

it was no more than a weed. "OK, That's good, it wasn't a trap." I said. Her

face fell, "What do you mean, it wasn't a trap?" "It could have been the trigger

for another trap, I mean the ground could have opened up, or a top snapped over

into place. The tree itself might have exploded." She pointed the tree at me,

"Don't try to intimidate me." "I don't have to, not if this nice maze does it

for me." "Yah, yah, yah," she muttered. "Sometimes I think you don't love me."

"Toss the tree, Molly, just toss the tree into the bars." She tossed it all

right. There should have been a sonic boom, it moved so fast. There was a loud

clang! and several things happened at once. A puff of dust heralded the ejection

of twenty little tanglers, ten to a side, that slammed into each other at the

middle, swallowing the tree in the twinkling of an eye. Then the bars dropped a

meter or two, and long, evil looking steel spears blasted out of the top of each

oval. Two of them struck each other, deflected off the bars, and clattered away

on the other side. The rest sank deep into the rock on the opposite side. The

tree never even slowed them down. Molly looked white. I'm sure I didn't look

much better. "That's rude," she complained. "It's a hell of a way to make a pin

cushion." "That's not funny!" She exclaimed. "Calm down," I said, "We're okay.

So the traps are getting a bit more serious. I'd like to know why they aren't

worse than this, and why there aren't more of them." "Maybe they're lulling us

into a false sense of security." "That's not funny," I said. The tanglers were

still writhing, apparently dissatisfied with the tree. "Can you reach the tree

without being caught by the tanglers?" "They seem to be heat sensitive." noted

Molly. "Hey, good point." I cast around, then spotted a three meter tall boulder

against the wall, near to where Molly had obtained the tree. Unlimbering my

phase cannon, I crossed over to it and began to pump heat into the rock. It only

took a minute, soon it was popping and steaming. "Can you kick that near the

tanglers?" I asked. Molly was way ahead of me. She lightly tapped at it with her

metalshod toe, lifting it out of the ground, then gave it a gentle kick with her

toe (gentle on her scale) that sent it rolling it towards the bars. The result

was impressive. The tanglers swarmed around the rock, burying it in a mass of

twitching silver, that slowly calmed down to quiescence. Only one of the

tanglers still held the tree in a partial embrace, caught between conflicting

tropisms. Molly reached out for the tree, and I bit my tongue. She knew what she

was doing. She grabbed the root ball of the trunk and began to pull. The tangler,

sensing movement, enveloped one of the larger branches. Molly laughed, "Hey,

dumbo, this is mine," and she pulled harder. The branch tore free with a loud

ripping noise. The tangler, deprived of its support, fell to the ground, still

snaking and twisting around the broken limb. However, it landed close enough to

the still warm boulder to draw it to its fellows, where it too lapsed into

stillness. "So," said Molly, "we're safe now, right?" I looked up into her eyes

(no mean feat), and saw the twinkle. "You're learning," I said. "Damn right,"

and she poked and probed at the bars with the tree. The branches scraped and

squealed against the metal, but nothing else came of it. Molly cocked her head

and thought about it for a moment, then raised her arm, and whacked the topmost

bar with her arboreal weapon. There was an audible click! and a host of bars

slammed out of the walls from either side, turning the barrier into a nearly

solid wall of steel. Molly glared at the bars and began to thrash them with the

tree. There were a few more clicks, some smaller tanglers sprang out, but the

trap seemed spent. Still, Molly kept pounding it, till the tree was reduced to a

handful of kindling. I opened my mouth to say something, but she wasn't done

yet. Spinning on her left foot she lashed out with her right, her booted heel

struck the bars with a crashing gong, as if a thousand bells had exploded. The

force of the blow was strong enough to spread some of the bars apart, but again,

no further trap revealed itself. "I think that we're safe now," declared Molly.

"I feel safe," I said. "I'll wait on this side while you climb over." "I'm not

climbing," she growled. And reaching out, she grabbed the bars just below the

opening her last kick had created. Now Molly is strong, and I don't mean just

because she's a giantess. She's disproportionately strong, which is necessary to

compensate for the incredible pull of gravity on her giant body. Most of the

time it's not that obvious, except when she puts her mind to it. So when she

pulled on the steel bars, they came apart like warm taffy. She ripped both them,

and most of the machinery that operated them, right out of the walls. Huge

chunks of rock and dirt fell in cascades of crushed and broken debris as she

viciously ripped the huge steel bars out of the walls, along with portions of

the walls and the steel of the machinery that operated the huge bars. I jogged

back a ways, not that Molly wasn't being careful, but I didn't want to be

smeared by a chunk of metal or rock that bounced funny when that enormous

giantess ripped it apart. It only took her a few moments to clear the way, and

when she was done she looked much happier. "I've been itching to bust

something," she said, and she held out her hand for me. You'd think I'd be used

to her incredible strength by now, but I just kinda stared at her palm as she

lifted me up. Like I said before, she's one of the nicer giantesses, thank


Molly moved a bit more slowly after that. I think it was the first time she'd

ever encountered anything designed to kill her that wasn't based on high

explosives. We were also getting close to our target, that and the nervousness

we both felt when we checked the skies made us both a bit antsy. Then, suddenly,

Molly stopped. "Mike?" "Yah?" "I stepped on something." "Oh hell, "You mean a

trap?" "The ground moved funny when I stepped down." "Okay. Okay. Fine, don't

move." I unhitched myself from my chair, grabbed onto its arms and peered down.

Unfortunately I couldn't see anything from the side, and Molly's breasts and ass

prevented any clear view from the front or rear. "I didn't realize how

voluptuous you look from up here," I said. "What?" she hissed. "Whoa, no

movements, okay? I'm have to get down to the ground. Maybe I can defuse the

trap, or find a way to jam it in place." "The term 'shot in the dark' springs to

mind," said Molly. "I'm open to suggestions." "Just get going." And therein lay

the little foil to my plan. I looked Molly over from every way I could, but

failed to find a way down that I could handle. The thing that peeved me most was

that I had left a piece of rope back at the ship, since Molly normally carried a

better one. "I've got a problem," I said. "Wait in line," said Molly. "I can't

climb down." Molly sighed deeply. "No, you can't climb down on the outside."

"Sorry?" "Look, you just insert yourself under my collar and climb down, the

tension of my clothing will keep you from falling." Ever have one of those

moments when words fail you? I wracked my brain for something smart to say,

fortunately common sense won out. "Um...okay," I said. /\__/\__/ I had never

been this...uh...'close' to Molly before. I mean, she held me in her hands often

enough to be a given. She'd even kissed me once or twice, which was an

experience not soon forgotten. But we valued each other's privacy, and I had

never been this 'close' to her before. First, I divested myself of anything that

might scratch her. Not a real big worry, since Molly is a lot tougher than she

looks or feels, but I knew she'd appreciate the thought. So my utility belt, my

portable computer, and my phase cannon flew far out into the air behind us,

where I was sure they wouldn't hit anything. From there I pried open Molly's

collar, and slipped under the black elastic. I started to sweat immediately.

Molly generates a lot of heat, her uniform is designed to channel it away, but

it wasn't doing me much good at the moment. I squirmed down under her collar and

wormed my way to her breasts. Her uniform was taut against her skin, and

movement was difficult, but I managed to keep moving. I was wondering what we

were going to say to each other about this little escapade, when I bumped into

something. It was her nipple. I swore violently to myself. I heard Molly 'Ahem',

and I pushed myself past her teat, and down over the rondure of her generous

breast. From there I crawled down across her ribs to her belly. It was like

climbing boilerplate. I'd never really appreciated just what good condition

Molly was in and how how hard her body was. On the other hand I think she was

feeling more than a little tense which was probably a factor. I hesitated as I

passed her navel. I had never seen it up close before. Wow. Then things became

more difficult as I had to insert myself under the elastic of her pants. I

worked my way down her right side, pausing one more time. Even in the half-light

I could see that Molly was auburn down here. The heat was incredible, though, as

was the scent of her, so I didn't need her soft rumbling admonition to 'Keep

moving, buster' to send me on my way. From there things went well, until I ran

into a bit of a problem. Molly likes to wear her pants tucked into her boots.

That time I swore loudly enough that I'm sure she heard me, but she said nothing

as I fumbled around in my pockets. Happily, I still had my survival knife. I

poked and prodded at the tough material until I made enough of an opening that I

could rip a hole. Pulling myself through, I tried to ignore the fact that I was

still more than six meters off the ground. I grasped the frayed edges of the

tear, and positioned myself over Molly's instep, and with a prayer to anybody

listening, let go. I fell only two meters, I was stopped by her boot laces. From

there it was a simple matter to climb down to the ground. Molly couldn't see me,

so I took a moment to kiss the earth. After that, I dashed off to collect the

equipment I had tossed off Molly's shoulder, and then ran back to investigate

the trapping mechanism. First off, she was dead right. The ground had sunk a

full meter under the weight of her foot. It was an amazingly clean fit between

the trap and the ground, there was no way we could have seen it, there was also

no way to jam it. I checked around the immediate area of Molly's foot, looking

for any other clues as to what would happen if she took her foot off, but found

nothing. From there I moved my search to the walls, concentrating on the space

below ten meters; Molly would have already spotted anything if it was higher.

Bingo. Two long narrow slits marred the walls too either side of Molly, right

around ten meters off the ground. "Got something," I said. No reply. I looked

up, Molly was staring into the sky. I trotted over to her giant left foot and

tapped her toes hard enough to get her attention. Actually, I took my cannon by

the barrel and slammed it down, like I was driving a stake with a sledge hammer.

She turned and looked down at me, and raised an eyebrow. "Glad you picked the

right foot," she said. "The left foot," I corrected. "I'm glad I've got steel

toed boots on, you hit me like you were driving nails. Whatever happened to

conversation?" "You were supposed to be watching me. When I'm looking for traps

or things, don't take your eyes off me unless you have to. If you loose track of

me we might both be in trouble." "Sorry, I thought I saw something overhead."

"Really?" and it was my turn to gape at the sky. "We'd better hurry." "You mean:

'you had better hurry'. I'm just observing right now." "Observing, oh yah. I

found something," I said, and I pointed up towards the wall. "There are two

openings on either side of you, right at the ten meter mark, a half-meter in

height and...uh, forty in length." "Did you say ten?" "Yah." "Shit. I think I

see another set around thirty meters." I turned and looked up at the opposite

wall, "You're right, but I think you'll be okay." "What's the plan?" "Well, I

want to you to crouch low and roll forward, but first I need to defuse the lower

traps and secure the area ahead of you." "Can I help?." "I don't know how. Don't

worry, I'll manage." /\__/\__/ The first step was easy, but tedious. I used the

phase cannon to strike holes into the wall, creating a makeshift ladder to the

slit ten meters up. It was a pain, since the process took longer the more

distant my target grew. I also took great pains to make sure that each hole was

more than deep enough to accommodate my hands and feet. Obviously I took too

long, because when I turned around Molly was squatting on her heels. "What the

hell are you doing!" I exploded. "Helping," she said, "wanna make something of

it?" "Warn me next time?" "Fair enough," and she reached out for me. I glared at

her for a moment, then turned around, so when her fingers wrapped around me I

was facing the wall. I cradled the cannon in my arms. "Ms. Cherry Picker, ready

for duty, sir," she quipped. "I'm working on an idea, lets try the left side

first." Her hand was rock steady as she lifted me into the air; still, I would

have clutched for support if the cannon hadn't impeded me. At the last moment I

fumbled at my belt and pulled out my flashlight, shining it deep into the narrow

slit. Sharp metal glittered back at me. "It's some kind of a scythe," I

reported. "Can you handle it?" Molly sounded worried. "Bring me in closer, and

we'll see." Closer inspection confirmed my suspicions. The trap was set to sweep

back against the forward motion of the victim. That placed the pivot point on

the left side of the opening. I took up my cannon, braced myself on the top of

Molly's index finger, and began pumping heat into the hinge. I stopped when I

saw the metal begin to drip, then told Molly to move me to the right side. Molly

changed hands and held me near the right wall. It was fortunate that the

passageway had narrowed as much as it had, but it was still a stretch for her. I

melted the tip of the blade, then gouged out some chunks of the low roof, hoping

between the two, to jam the mechanism. After another ten minutes I declared the

job done. Molly set me on the ground, and I scouted the area ahead of her,

looking for any secondary traps. But the area looked clean. "We're ready," I

said. "Speak for yourself." "You have to move sometime." "Yah, yah, I know. Why

don't you move up against the wall. I don't want to roll over you." I bit back a

retort and obediently trotted forward about ninety meters and backed against the

wall, well out of harm's way." Molly crouched down, wrapped her hands around her

ankles and buried her chin between her knees. She leaned forward a little, then

sprang forward in a huge leap, tumbling into a forward somersault that made the

ground shiver beneath me. The sunken trap sprang back up. I heard a whirring

crunch, the two higher blades swept out with a whistling shriek that just missed

Molly's back. The lower blade on the right swept out about two meters and jammed

tight. The one on the left never showed. Molly completed her roll, looming over

me like a wayward mountain. Before I saw it coming she snatched me up in her

hands, and tossed me into the sky. I screamed like a banshee, but she caught me,

lifted her hand to her face, and I rolled over just in time to see her huge

thick red lips coming down on me. Molly smothered my curses with a warm, wet

kiss. My entire upper torso was covered by Molly's enormous soft lips as she

engulfed most of my body in a warm wet kiss. "Molly," I spluttered, "What are

you doing?" "Kissing my hero..." and I was lifted up and engulfed in her huge,

warm, soft lips again. "Molly...." "Well, you deserve it, that damn thing would

have chopped me off at the ankles. Thank you, thank you, thank you..." and I was

engulfed in the warm moist softness of her gigantic lips again. "Hey, maybe

there some good things about having a female partner." I laughed, and I squirmed

against the hot, wet, softness of her huge lips, kissing the plush gigantic lips

back as she lifted me to her giant lips and kissed me again and again engulfing

most of my body in the hot wetness of her enormous lips. "OK, Ok, that's

enough." I said... I wasn't really sure it was though, even as gigantic as she

was and as huge as her giant lips were, it was kinda nice to get a full body

kiss from her warm soft lips. "Thank you, thank you, thank you..." Kiss. Kiss.

Kiss. There's a point where you throw up your arms and take your medicine. I did

better, I (bravely? stupidly?) inserted my arm into her mouth and latched onto

her lower lip, so when she finally lifted her head, she lifted me along with it.

I gritted my teeth and hung on. "Wut ore you duing?" she slurred. "Making a

point," I said. "Wuch is?" "Don't get carried away." Molly chuckled and tipped

her head back. I squawked as I was upended, my legs flailing uselessly for

purchase. I glanced down and found myself looking deep into Molly's throat. It

was awesome, and I wondered when she had last eaten, all she had to do was to

part those gigantic lips and I'd just disappear in her cavernous mouth. Let's

face it, her tongue was several times as big as I was. One gulp and I'd be gone.

But as she said earlier, I trust her with my life. Over and over again! "I 'aking

a 'oint too." "What?" I said a bit too loudly. "'on't 'et 'outhy." "Huh?" Molly

plucked me off her lip and held me up in front of her eyes. "Don't. Get.

Mouthy." she repeated. "Oh, ha-ha. I was afraid you were going to give me a

tongue lashing." Her eyes glittered. "That's against the rules." "So's this," I

commented, tugging at my damp uniform. "You, madam, are a messy kisser." "Look

at what little I have to work with." she bantered back. My coveralls were soaked

from her huge wet lips when she put me up to her shoulder. But I loved not only

the feeling of her huge hot lips kissing me, but the idea of her caring enough

to kiss me. It felt kinda good that she felt that for once I had saved her. I

jumped the narrow gap to her shoulder and climbing into my seat put my harness

on. "OK, Mol, I'm ready.." and I continued to talk as Molly started forward, "It

isn't like you haven't saved me a lot of times since we've been working

together. That's what partners are for." The light flickered. Molly froze. My

head snapped back, but I didn't see anything. We were back to serious instantly.

"That's twice now," she murmured. "Our friend must be back in action, but he

doesn't seem keen on getting too close." "We'd better hustle," I said. "Now

would be a bad time to hit another trap." "Yah. Put me down. It's bug hunt time.

Maybe between us we can get through this thing unscathed." "I hate this." "Me

too." Molly set me down, and I trotted off ahead of her. We both hated this kind

of thing, it smacked of the kind of weird drills the CTF thought up for us. Ever

parade march with a giantess? They claimed that it was important that we both be

capable of independent ground movement. We called it the 'bug hunt' because from

both perspectives there was a certain amount of alarm at the consequences of a

misstep. Still, there's something to be said for good training: we both knew

where the other was going. I ranged forty meters ahead of Molly, zig-zagging

across an area wide enough for her to pass. She followed me, walking as if

across a balance beam, to stay within my covered area. We were both worried.

Though the traps were gratifyingly rare, they were increasing in viciousness.

The next one was going to be a doozy. We followed the passageway to a left turn.

I darted out into it, staying near the middle of the maze, turned and stopped.

"Mike?" I waved her towards me, and she stepped around the turn, her gargantuan

right foot shaking the ground close behind me. But both of my eyes were looking

forward. I stared into a widening corridor and across the entire corridor was a

three hundred foot tall wall, and in the center of the wall was a wide gate. It

was an old fashion gate of spears sticking from the ground to well over four

hundred feet high at the top of the arc of spear points. Molly had stopped as

soon as she had seen the gate. We looked and I couldn't decide whether it was a

formidable barrier, or simply a decorative gate. The spears at the ends of the

gate were level with the spear points on top of the wall. The wall was rounded

on the top and had spear points, giant spear points, like everything else we had

found in the maze, protruding from the top of the wall. The gate started with

three hundred foot tall spears at the ends and arched up to over four hundred

feet high at the middle of the gate. Between where we stood and the gate was a

wide clear patio like an open courtyard with huge flagstones for a floor and

gigantic benches set at various points around the wall as places for giant

visitors to wait. And there were two fountains, one on either side of the gate,

each with water falls dropping close to a hundred feet from the mouth of a face

on the wall into the stone basins set in the wall. If it weren't for the spear

points topping the wall and gate, and the vicious traps on the passage here, it

would look like an inviting garden area for waiting visitors. Molly stood and

stared, not moving toward the gate. "Right, Molly, don't move, till we're sure."

I said. And we both stared at the patio area. The wall was decorated with

friezes and sculptures in low relief all along the wall. The giant benches were

of such a size that Molly would be very comfortable sitting on them, complete

with back rests that would fit her gigantic size. The way the basins with

falling water and the benches were set it was as if visitors were being invited

to quench their thirst from a long journey. The only problem I could see was

that in order to get here, one had to pass several deadly traps. It was an

incongruous enigma, deadly traps leading to an invitation to quench your thirst

and have a comfortable seat while waiting invitation to... what? We didn't know.

The gate seemed to be one piece, with no way to part and admit anyone. Maybe the

whole gate slid out of the way, or... what, again we didn't know, or hinged out

from either side. "Molly, why don't you stand here and don't even set foot on

any of those nice smooth inviting patio stones. Just let me simply walk through

the gate and see what this is all about. None of the traps we have seen are for

normal people, but for giants or giantesses. I wouldn't have set off any of the

traps. I'm not heavy enough to spring the traps and I could have walked under

the big steel bars without even knowing they were there, and even the lower

blades would have gone thirty feet over my head, even if I had set them off."

Molly looked about for several more seconds, then said, "Well, what you say

makes sense. I don't see anything threatening, but then all kinds of traps or

triggers could be set in those ornate walls, or in the patio stones or where

ever, and no one could ever see them. I'll wait here, in fact, I'll be a little

further back. Back to where I can just see the waiting room, or courtyard, or

what ever it is. Just be sure not to get in trouble, and come back for me."

"Molly, you know I'd never leave you." I trotted down the widening pathway and

out onto the patio, or courtyard. The stones looked solid and felt solid to me.

Which of course didn't mean that Molly's tremendous two thousand tons wouldn't

push them down and set off a trigger, that I wouldn't affect. I looked all

around and walked over to the base of the towering walls and walked around the

perimeter watching for any indication of traps or any signs of 'something not

right' There was nothing. I looked up at the tremendously tall figures in the

low relief, they looked like any other normal relief figures, women pouring

water, people working in fields, nothing unusual, if you don't consider that the

figures were a hundred fifty feet tall. Of course there was no way of knowing

whether these were oversized figures for the huge sculptur ed mural, or life

sized figures. At the "fountains and basins, I stopped and looked, but there was

no way for me to climb up to them. It was a sheer wall fifty feet high to the

seats of the stone benches and the basin's were another fifty feet above them.

Molly was going to have to examine them. I turned and walked toward the gate,

everything seemed normal. I didn't find any signs of any traps or anything but a

perfectly normal courtyard for visitors to wait for admittance to.... I still

didn't know what. When I got to the towering gate, is seemed to me to be silly.

A person could merely walk between yard thick iron bars set fifteen feet apart.

Of course Molly couldn't get through them, and from the height and spear points

on them, nor over them either. When I walked past the gate I was in another

patio, or courtyard much like the outer one. For the first half the same three

hundred foot walls with the huge spear points surrounding the courtyard, the

back half was fitted into a canyon, or carved room in the side of the mountain.

Cliffs towered hundreds of feet above me. They were so high it was impossible

for me to even gage their height. I'd guess a thousand feet or more straight up.

There was a sort of garden in the courtyard, rounded walls fifty feet high were

placed in several places around the courtyard. I walked around the walls and

wandered around, checking for any suspicious looseness or any signs of traps in

the courtyard. I found nothing till I got almost a quarter of a mile from the

gate, back very close to the cliff. There was a roofed area, the roof a couple

hundred feet above the floor with a section with walls that were smooth and only

about a hundred feet tall. Standing back I could see what appeared to be a

counter, or shelf at the top of the hundred foot smooth sheer walls around the

back portion of the roofed area. I wanted up on the "counter." It was a sheer

wall, slick with no hand holds or any way I could see to get up to it, for a guy

my size. It wou

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