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           Keith pulled up to Mandy's house in his new 2004

Lexus, as he stepped out of his car he pulled is dark black sunglasses with Navy

blue rims off his face and tucks them into his pocket as he heads towards the

front door.


           Keith was always known as a very good dresser

and a just slightly above average looking guy. Keith strode his 5'10” frame

confidently towards the door. He had been seeing Mandy for three weeks now which

allowed the nervousness to melt away, for the first time he had met someone who

accepted him for who he was. Keith was a few pounds over weight but wasn't fat,

he has always been a bit shy, loved sports but was never the type to play any of

them competitively even though he was a competitive person himself.


           Keith knocked on the door and was greeted by

Mandy's younger sister Meghan. Mandy was a real looker. He would have never even

asked her out if it wasn't for his friends daring him to do it. Mandy was 5'5”

very much an athlete as her body was toned, but what really drew Keith towards

Mandy was her chest stomach, her breasts were perfect handfuls just how Keith

liked them and she had something he loved even more, her belly button was

pierced. It was a weird attraction Keith knew but he always liked a girl with a

pierced belly button.


           Meghan however, was attractive in her own ways

but Keith didn't consider her as good looking as her sister. Meghan was more a

preppy girl; she was skinny but not really athletic or toned like her sister.

Meghan had braces, and was even shorter then her sister as she stood five foot

even barefoot.


           “Hey Keith, How are you?” she said but before he

could answer she turned her back to him and looked upstairs. “Mandy! Keith is

here” she belted out and then walked over to the sofa.


           “Just don't stand there, come on in. You are

letting all the cold air out” snaps Meghan.


           “Right sorry” sputters out Keith as he steps

inside and starts heading towards the love seat adjacent to where Meghan was



           “Geez, take your shoes off. Don't track dirt all

over the place.” says Meghan in a condescending tone.


           “Sorry, umm is Mandy going to be long.” Keith

says as he sits down on the love seat.


           “I don't know, probably” Meghan quips as Keith

looks towards the television trying not to make the moment any more awkward. He

didn't really understand Meghan. She was always like this around him which made

him rather uncomfortable, however as Mandy walked down the stairs wearing a

short mini skirt with a tube top and platform sandals all the uneasy drifted

away from Keith.


           “You look amazing” Keith says a bit in awe as he

stands up and heads towards Mandy giving her a kiss on the cheek.


           “See you later Scrub” teasingly says Mandy as

she heads out the door, her sister grumbling something inaudible


           Keith and Mandy then drove out to the beach

spent the early afternoon lying out in the warm sun chatting about and this that

having a good time however as mid afternoon approached they started to get a

little hungry so they decided to head into town. They dropped their stuff in

Keith's car and walked a short distant to the McDonald's which is not to far

from the beach.


           They sat down at one of the corner booths

pulling back the lids on their respective meals. Mandy reached into the bowl

pulling out a small handful of people remarking how hungry she was, then without

another thought dropped them into her mouth.


           “Where do you think they get these things? I

mean I doubt they make them.” Asks Keith as he grabs a large handful of the tiny

people and drops them into his mouth relishing the initial crunch that resounds

through his mouth silencing there screams.


           “Get what? The Humes? I never really put much

thought into it. It's not like they are real people, I mean not like me and



           “Yeah I guess so, but sometimes it doesn't seem

right, eating them I mean” says Keith as he polishes off his bowl and grabs his



           “Survival of the fittest Keith, do you question

eating that McChicken because someone had to kill a chicken to get it?”


           “Your right, you know me, I just like to analyze

things, but it's getting late. If we want to make the show we better get going.”

The two get up depositing their trays on top of the garbage can and head out

towards Keith's car.


As the Movie got out, they were

laughing and heading across the street towards Keith's Lexus when they heard

someone yell something which sounded like it was directed at them. As Keith

turned to see what they were yelling about he noticed the bright shining

headlights. Everything happened so quickly, Keith never heard the screeching of

the brakes on the car until it was to late. He grabbed Mandy's arm and tossed

her to the side as the car plowed into Keith sending him rolling across the hood

of the car, his head breaking through the windshield and slamming into the

drivers chest. Keith's body slumped over the wheel with his head resting in the

drivers lap as he panicked and swerved the car into the opposite lane smashing

into a car head on.


“Keith” Mandy yelled as she

watched her boyfriend rolling across the hood and blood fly into the air as his

head breaks the window. Keith's blood falls onto the hood of the car like

raindrops from the sky.


           Mandy shocked falls to the ground crying holding

her hands over her mouth as she watches the car swerve and collide with another,

the collusion Jarring Keith loose and sending him back first into the opposite

cars windshield.  Mandy Stares at Keith and shock and horror at the mutilated

body of her boyfriend.





           A ripping sound cuts through the air like a

siren. What is going on Keith thinks to himself as everything starts to fall

onto its side and then turn upside down tumbling towards bright lights. Keith

starts grabbing at anything but the ground has a waxy feel to it which only

makes him slide faster and faster until he shoots through the opening and

tumbles into a hot metal bin.


           Keith groggily stands up seeing the face of a

young blonde haired teenager. He stares up looking at her thighs which are

covered in black dress pants and then a crimson red polo style shirt with her

hair pulled back into a pony tail and a headset on.


           “Hi welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order

please” resonates the gigantic voice causing Keith to cover his ears as he

stares up confused at the young giant. He tries to yell for help but she merely

walks away.


           Keith watches a few people trying to scale the

sloped metal bin but as they reach about halfway up it becomes to steep and they

slide back down pelting into the gigantic mass of people dropping them like

bowling pins.


           The giant blonde haired girl returns along with

brunette haired girl who looks to be about the same age. The brunette haired

girl reaches down for something which causes some people to start to run in a

panic while the newcomers look up in shock. A giant metal scoop starts to lower

towards them. The scoop smashes into the metal floor and starts to scrape

against the greasy metal floor sending dozens of people hurdling against the



           “What's happening? What is going on here” shouts

Keith as the girl put a box on the opposite side of the scoop and tilt the scoop

so its vertical sending the people into the box.


           “Don't you get it? We are going to be lunch”

shouts someone near by as the girl closes the lid on the box and lowers the

scoop back into the bin. This time, Keith takes off running as he sees the scoop

not to far from him. He tries to run to horizontally to clear the path of the

scoop but there is to many people around him running straight forward pushing

him ahead. Keith feels himself leave the hot metal floor and smash into the

metal scoop, before he can think he already starts to feel the tilting of the

scoop as he tumbles into a box. He catches a last look at the girl brunette

before she closes the lid on the box.


           Keith feels a slight jarring blow as the box is

dropped onto something. How did this happen? Keith tries to think back to the

last thing he remembers. Mandy runs through his head all the sudden as he starts

to shout her name.


           “She is probably long gone buddy. If you are in

here that means you died and they used micro regeneration on you. It's a really

simple and cheap process to do. As long as your brain is intact they can rebuild

a miniaturized body around you. It's a really amazing process unfortunately

McDonalds owns the rights to it.”


           “How do you know so much?” Keith asks but before

he can get an answer everything starts to shake from side to side as they feel

the box lifted up and they are sent hurdling into one another.


           “Two number fours, an order of our new jumbo

humes, a regular hume, a coke and a water. Enjoy your meal”


           Keith stares at the lid with a mixture of fear

and bewilderment Unable to quite comprehend what is happening but at the same

time not wanting to. Time seems to stand still as two powerful voices fill

everything around him.


           Bright sunlight fills the box as the lid opens

up, everyone stares up at the giantess Keith however, freezes in place as the

face looks down at the box. Keith falls to the floor pressing his back against

the cardboard wall of the box.


           The hand reaches down towards the box grasping a

middle aged man, everyone watches at she screams and frantically flails her

limbs in hopes of somehow getting away or hurting the giantess.


           “Mandy” pierces Keith's lips as he stares up at

her. Keith watches as she lifts the middle aged man up to her face. She says

something to the person across from her and then pushes the middle aged man

helplessly passed her lips. He starts to scream as her teeth sear his body in

half before he can even finish his initial scream. She then pops the rest of him

into her mouth without so much as a hint of contempt.


           “Can I try one of the Jumbo ones?”


           “Sure” replies Mandy as a hand opposite of Mandy

appears over the box. Everyone starts to scurry after seeing what happened just

seconds ago to the man. Keith watches the crowds scamper around trying to get

away when all the sudden the hand rushes towards his still body. Before Keith

can even get up to try to evade the powerful grip wraps around his body as he is

lifted out of the box moving towards a now gigantic Meghan.


           “Do you ever wonder where these things come from



           “You know, Keith asked me that same question

before we went to the movies” sadly replies Mandy.


           “I'm sorry, I didn't know, I know you really

loved him.” Replies Meghan as Keith tries to yell at the girls to get their

attention but Meghan hurdles his body headfirst into a pool of ketchup.


           Keith's head is pounded against the hard plastic

tray as Meghan unknowingly dips Keith in her small dish of ketchup. The ketchup

clings to his body as he feels himself lifted up into the air. Keith wipes the

ketchup from his eyes as he continues to yell now in desperation for there



           “Noooo” Keith cries as Meghan opens her mouth.

He cringes as he spots tiny humes stuck in her braces screaming for help. As

Meghan pushes Keith past her lips he flings his hands out in front of him. His

hands land on face of her teeth, pressing for all he is worth but the strength

of Meghan is too much as she pushes his entire body into her mouth, her tongue

wraps around his body pressing him against the roof of her mouth as her tongue

pulses against him sending little ripples across the entire surface.


           “Please! Meghan” Keith tries to yell out but is

muffled by the mouth of Meghan. Keith feels her tongue start to slant and his

body slide down the length of her tongue. Keith shoots his arms to the side and

trying to grab a hold of anything he can but her tongue is to slick as he his

legs fall over the edge hanging down into her dark throat. Keith manages to grab

a hold of something. Meghan begins to cough as she opens her mouth.


           “NOOOOOOO” Keith screams as a torrent of

Coca-Cola rushes at him knocking his grip loose sending him hurdling down her

throat into her esophagus.


           “You ate him whole?” asks Mandy in a surprised



           “Yeah you got to try it; he struggled the whole

way down. I felt him for a few seconds squirming around in my stomach. It's



           “Where are you going?”


           “I need to get me an order of these

things…..They are great”


           “You're crazy”


           “Yeah but I finally got to see you smile for the

first time in 3 months.”


           “I know, it just isn't fair Meghan….”


           “Life never is Mandy…Life never is”



The end





Giantess Stories: McStake

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