Giantess Stories: Mega Problems By Gator

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Mega Problems

By Gator

"Hi, Jeff! How are you?" Kimberly asked coming around the hedges of her new

house to see the teenage boy from her high school. Jeff was happy to see her,

but thought she was 110% snob.

"It's al'right I guess." He said tuning the carburator of his ancient Camaro. It

was such a museum piece, he doubted there was another one on Galvaon IV.

Kimberly looked at his car for a moment.

"What is it?" she asked curiously.

"It's an antique car from Earth, they used to drive these things before there

was space flight, that's why I got it." he said patting the passeltex paint


"Before space flight? That's cheezy!" she said scoffing at his car.

Jeff knew a remark was coming, so he didn't even care that she was a shallow

snob. He liked it. What she thought was unimportant.

"Why don't you just buy a new one?" she said looking at the antique with

curiosity most people reserved for an out house.

"Why don't you..." he started to just cuss her completely out of his yard when

his cell phone rang. He just answered it quickly as Kimberly disgustedly found

LEATHER interior in the car.

"Cow skin?" she asked as if he were the biggest out of date geek of all time.

He just ignored the blond bimbette. "Hi, Jase. Yea. Five? Okay." It broke his

heart to have to tell her this. "Sorry, Kim. I gotta go. Good bye." he tossed

the tools into the back seat and slammed the steel hood shut. The loud noise

made Kimberly jump.

"Um, well. That's what I come over for... I.. Um, kinda need a ride to town."

she told him.

"Oh, well, sorry. All I've got is this.. piece of shit.. you couldn't possibly

be seen in this." he said with more sarcasm than Galvaon IV had ever seen since

it was colonized 20 years prior.

He got in and fired it up. A poof of actual smoke came out of the tail pipe,

even thought the filtration system caught all of the harmfull particles.

Kimberly's large lips turned into an M over a W as she decided something in her


She had to eat her own shit sandwich.

"Please, give me a ride to the mall. I won't put down your... your car anymore.

Please?" she had never had to beg her entire life, but she'd wrecked her new car

the previous weekend, then the rental car had broke down, then her parents had

taken their cars with them. The only other alternative was the bus, but all of

her friends had gone to Jessica's birthday at Caesars in the mall and she just

couldn't miss it!!!

Jeff milled it around in him mind for a moment. "Oh, so. What you're saying is..

you still want a ride.. with me?" He asked as if it were the most absurd thing

he'd ever heard.

It pushed the limits past anything Kimberly's adolescent brain had ever


"Okay, I guess I offended you..." she admitted.

It was time for a quarrel, but Jeff had won already, they rode to the mall. The

parking lot was almost full already and Jeff wasn't there to go to a stinking

birthday party. He met his buddy Jase around the back and they went into

Windsors to check out computer parts.


Everything was going along nicely. Until the power went out. There were

emergency lights, so everything was lit as the two boys had to leave. The store

manager got everyone out making sure nothing was stolen. The computers were all

dead, so there would be no credit scan anyway.

Neither boy had any credits anyway.

They found guards with flash lights ushering everyone out toward the light of

dusk outside. It was only 6:30 on an autumn night, but it was overcast a bit.

They went out into the warm damp evening air of the new planet. "I'll sure be

glad when they get everything straightened out on this rock!" Jase complained as

they saw all the other buildings in the area were dead too. Some cars started

crashing when the street lights went out.

"This shit never happened on earth!" Jeff scoffed.

"You don't remember Earth!" Jase punched his shoulder. The crowd of people was

dense around them. It made it all that worse when the first cry came out.

"A giant! It's a giant woman!" someone yelled and ran.

Then everyone was running all at once. Jase and Jeff looked at each other, then

at the horizon. A black silhoutte of a large round thing was above the trees

where the sun should have been if it were up.

"What? Where man?" the two boys disbelievingly looked at the mound. "That ain't..."

suddenly the mound moved, and rose and rose untill a flesh covered face could be

seen below the hair line hill. The eyes of the giantess were barely above the

tree, but at the scale of her head, she must be on her hands and knees.

People began to run.

Run in panick and fear.

The poorly lit figure rose to her knees, now her head was almost lost in the low

lying storm clouds, then she rose to her feet. The ground shuddered beneath

their feet.

"That's what happened to the power." Jeff said in awe. He'd never seen a

giantess, just pictures of what could happen if someone illegally grew

themselves. Now it was happening to them. It wasn't just history book stuff

anymore. The hushed silence was broke as the garganuine 400 foot tall woman took

a step, right toward the mall! People were running. Jeff and Jase were runnig

to, toward the crammed roads. There was no way anything less than a helicopter

was going to escape that woman if she was quick. It almost shocked Jeff when

Kimberly clung to him in the crowd. "Don't leave me! It's my mother! She'll kill

us all!" she was sobbing.

Jeff couldn't believe it as he looked way up in the sky and saw it was Ms.

Reeves's hair and apparent face, but it was distorted with distance and size.

He had a funny feeling in his gut as he held the skinny girl next to him. It was

the girl's mother looming over them like a god of doom.

Part 2

The panick was quick and total. Some people decided to run to the shelter of the

mall, some were on their way to their cars so they could drive off. Jeff,

Kimberly, and Jace were running straight away from the looming nude monster as

she walked closer.

She was so close now, the Araida label on her shoes was big enough to read. The

rest of her tanned body was sporting giganitc freckles and tan lines. She looked

just like an older version of Kimberly gone Godzilla as her laugh lines creased.

She was enjoying lookind down at the city.

"No! Mother! No!" Kimberly screamed over her shoulder as she ran with the smart

mob away from the giantess.

"Won't she recognize you though?!" Jeff asked disbelieving that anyone like Ms.

Reeve's could be doing this. The woman had been nothing but a perfect neighbor

since they'd moved in. Jeff had even caught a sneak peak of her in her bikini

sun bathing behind her house, but now he was looking at her stark nudity, and

felt only pure fear. Her shoes finally contacted the corner of the mall parking

lot and a cluster of cars caught in traffic were flattened like tin foil balls Aquarius Sun Aries Rising

under the immense weight of the new monster.

She seemed to be looking for somehting as she bent over to examine the ground.

Jeff and Kimberly were almost run over by a truck as they kept their scared

glances over their shoulders.

"She's rampaging!!" Jace yelled above the clamour. It seemed like a redundant

statement, but Kimberly disagreed.

"No! She's looking for me! She's gonna kill me!!" she whined and tried to flee

all the faster. Jeff's hands were twitching with adreanalin and fear now.

"This can't be happening. This can't be happening." he ran with them to the

alley behind a near by hotel. Momentarily the sight of Ms. Reeve's was blocked

by the building, but the sound effects told their brains not to quit running.

A drunk woman staggered out of her hotel room. "What the hell's going on? You

people on drugs or something?!" she accused the people running in front of her

hotel room. The shreeking of tires and screaming of crowds sounded alot like an

amusement park ride where the multiple screams bled together over distance.

"Run woman! There's a giantic woman across the street!" Jace said not letting up

his tired running.

"What the? You disgust me! You think jes' cause I'm drunk you can tell me

any'thin'." she threw a bottle at them and missed by a few yards. The three

teens pittied the scantly clad beautifull woman.

"No, really. It's my mother!" Kimberly admitted with shame on her sweating face.

"Mother!" the woman walked toward the alley people were coming from.

"NO!" Jeff yelled back and started to run after the pretty blonde, but when the

woman turned the corner she stopped and just looked up, and up, and up.

A dark stain in her dress signified she'd just wet herself, then in slow motion

a shoe the size of an 18 wheeler came down at the edge of the hotel flattening

her and causing blood and gore to squish out from under the garganuine toe.

Looking up the three teens could not believe she was already upon them as they

kept running, it seemed futile!

"This way!" Jace yelled and the three teens went to an alcove where cars usually

put out the important people in case of a rain storm. People in the hotel were

oblivious to the danger so far. Now they were coming to the doors to see what

the big commotion was about.

It was only the calm before the storm.

When the group of army men started asking what the statue of a shoe was doing

down at the corner of the hotel, another shoe dropped out of the sky and landed

on a row of cars in the parking lot.

"Hey!!" one of the soldiers ran out to see what kind of ass hole would drop a

giant shoe statue on his car. He looked up to see what crane operator had messed

up so he could kick their ass, when he found no crane at all. He found only Ms.

Reeves. She looked straight at him for a second, he could see she had a car in

her hand.

The muscular GI could not believe it. Some of his buddies staggered forward so

their eyes could see the gigantic woman's entire nude body.

She looked pretty good. Her tan lines were showing stoutly against the pale

triangles around her nipples and vigina. Her strech marks were hid partially by

the dark copper tone tan. Her slight crow's feet deepened as she grinned at the

gaping men.

"NO! Run!" Kimberly yelled from under the potico.

The tiny car in Ms. Reeve's fingers contained two screaming teens. She looked at

it and decided to drop it. It came down with almost slow motion speed, untill it

was too late. It was falling directly on the GI's. They tried to run at the last

instant, and the car struck dead on one of them on it's top. It flattened him

and exploded catching three of them on fire as they began to run.

The three flaming men came out from the fire ball screaming, but the immense

black pump on Ms. Reeve's foot put them out with a blood curdling crack! The

parkinglot caved downward with her tremendous weight ginding the whole scene

into non existance.

Suddenly the whole roof over the trio's head ripped upward into the sky. Ms.

Reeves had picked it up like a single shingle. The three teens began running

again. Kimberly was in hysterics. "She can see me! Oh, no! She's found me!!" she

sobbed as they ran along with another crowd. Way up in the sky, garganuine eyes

followed the little mob and another smirk crossed the twenty foot wide mouth.

A pair of fingernails descended from the sky and began plucking people up. It

usually killed them instantly. Some people were partially crushed when the

fingers missed them. One man's legs were cut off by Ms. Reeve's thumb nail

touching the ground for an instant. He couldn't move with his severed legs lying

beside him. Her index finger pad flattened his wrything body like a steam

roller, rolling his bones flat. All that was left was a bloody pulp that

resembled a side of beef on the ground with some clothes mixed in with it.

It was too horrible for the young teens to bare as they ran. The sky grew

suddenly extremely dark and Jeff looked back this time to see that Ms. Reeves

had put her face to the ground and her tongue lashed out at the crowd! The

screaming was intense as a group of people stuck to her saliva and were drawn up

into the sky and into her mouth. At this closeness, every tiny divit in her skin

and stray hair she had missed waxing her lip was showing. Her face was as big as

the entire side of the hotel. Her eyes were as wide as busses as she lapped at

the ground again, this time her tongue killed and crushed people before she

licked them from the pavement.

"Nooo!! Please!!! NooOOOOooOOO!!" Kimberly whailed as she saw that her mother

really meant doom and destruction. A gigantic hand descended on the crowd and

killed a little less than fifty people, blocking the group against the hotel.

THE THREE TEENS WERE NOW TRAPPED! A few other people started beating on Ms.

Reeves forarm and hand to try to get the obstical out of their way. It did no

good at all.

Only three people in the corral were stopped and looking at the garganuine face

again. The giant pools of dark green focused right on them for a moment, then

she began to dip her tongue at the ground again.

"NO, Momma! It's me! It's meeee!!" Kimberly whailed and the immense tongue swept

a few people, including Jase up into the air. They fought on the saliva coated

surface all the way untill Ms. Reeves closed her lips around her treat. They

both stared in shock where Jase had disappeared. They couldn't believe it, and

Jeff was going to attempt to rescue his frind, when her mouth opened again

partially, and the crushed squirming remains showed the remaining crowd that

nothing, but nothing, could survive her teeth. Jase's head was among the pieces

of flesh rolling about in her saliva as she delighted in her grotesque show of


The tongue began to descend again.....

Giantess Stories: Mega Problems By Gator

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