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           Memories are a funny thing, you can't pick what

you remember, you just kind of do. Some better, some worse, You can pray that

someday you will forget something as tragic as being humiliated in front of your

entire class or school while you struggle not to forget something as magical and

wonderful as an anniversary. I long to have an explanation on why and how it all

works, because if I knew that, I could make myself forget these memories which

haunt me every time I close my eyes, each night when I sleep I remember those

tragically fateful days. Here we go again. One more time, one last time I will

have to remember this.

           The barrel is so cold, it makes my tongue shiver

and my body shake for but an instant. The smell emitting from the barrel is that

of a firework. I force my lips to hug the barrel, caress it as I remember this

one last time for the record books.

           We were young, We as in Jeff and I. We weren't

much older then 18 years old. We were in his backyard hiding in some bushes. We

wanted to see, we wanted to know if it was true what we had always suspected. I

suppose I should tell you about that time first.

           Okay, we were young about 8 or 9 I would guess.

Jeff's sister was 11 or 12 she had to be 11 because she is 21 now. They have

this mound of dirt in the corner of there backyard. It's about a foot high I

would surmise; next to that mound are some bushes. We were playing G.I. Joes and

they were in the jungle. I had Cobra Commander and Jeff had Duke and we were

about to stage the main battle between the two when we heard giggling. Jeff and

I peered out from the bushes carefully as to not make any noise. We were good at

spying as we often looked in at the neighbor, she was 18 and had two of the

largest breast I had ever seen, her blonde haired gently covered her shoulders

but that's not important. We looked out from the bush to see Christine, Jeff's

sister she was walking towards the mound with Maggie. They were both brunettes

with short hair, Maggie had on t-shirt and jeans while Christine had on overalls

and a plain white shirt. They neared the mound and started giggling as the

poured some green liquid which had a radiator fluid type look to it over the

mound covering it completely. They looked back seeing Tim running after them.

Tim was a short, slightly overweight boy who always followed them around. They

had grins from ear to ear spread across there face. They dared him to touch the

liquid. He nervously eyed the mound as Jeff and I looked on watching the liquid

further sink into sand. Tim touched the sand, as we both knew he would, as did

Jeff's sister and her friend. He would have done anything to make them like him.

As soon as he touched the sand his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

           It was amazing right before our eyes we watched

him diminish in size. He was getting smaller and smaller till he couldn't have

been more then half an inch. He looked so terrified, Maggie laughed coldly as

Christine looked down at him with an evil glint in her eye. She pulled

magnifying glass out of her back pocket. Our eyes were glued onto his body as

both Maggie and Christine laughed devilishly. Tim tried to run away but they

kept him under the magnifying glass with ease. His skin started to melt and peel


           They killed him the whole time laughing, there

laughter burned into my brain. I never forgot the way they laughed. It was

etched into me like mental scar.

           I had almost convinced myself that it was just a

dream, a facsimile of my imagination, but it was years later, Jeff and I were 15

years old, Maggie and Christine were 17 years old.  They were both all state

basketball players, they had just gotten back from practice; both of them were

in Christine's room. They had the door partially open but I don't think they

realized that it was halfway open. Jeff and I had been shooting some hoops in

the driveway and were going up to his room. Unfortunately his room was at the

end of the hall. As we walked by Christine's room I peeked in since the door was

ajar. As my eyes scanned across the room I could hardly believe my eyes.

Crawling out from beneath there sweat soaked T-shirt was a shrunken man, just a

few inches tall.

           Maggie was looking dazzling, she had changed

into a light baby blue sweater and some black jeans, and around her neck was a

choker style necklace with small charms all around the collar. Christine, was

just wearing some tan cargo pants and old navy t-shirt.

           They were both crowded around the T-shirt which

was lying on the ground. The small man seemed froze in fear as he looked up at

the titanesses and I couldn't blame him. Christine had her head tilted downward

focusing on him while Maggie seemed to be looking elsewhere. I then saw her dig

into her pocket pulling out a lighter. I gulped as I recalled the memories from

years ago.

           Maggie bent down reaching out her hand towards

the man; she called so soothingly for the tiny man to come to her. I wont hurt

you, come here little guy she said. It was so innocent, so sweetly he didn't

even realize what was about to happen.

           As he walked towards Maggie I could see the

edges of Christine's smile. As soon as the man got within reach of Maggie she

opened up her hand and depressed the button on the lighter. The flame shot out

at the man, the flame engulfing him. They both laughed as Christine egged Maggie

on telling her it's your turn, it's your turn, do it right, do it right. The man

tried to get away but they focused the flame of the lighter on him charring him

to a crisp.

           I then felt something on my shoulder. I screamed

at the top of my lungs as I spun around seeing Jeff laughing. Had he not seen?

Didn't he stop and look too? Christine and Maggie both appeared in the doorway

to see what the commotion was about. Jeff was rolling as he pulled at my arm

leading me into his room; I looked back at the girls seeing Maggie no longer

there but Christine eyeing me. She looked coldly at me, her gaze locked on no

one but me. She licked her lips and then disappeared into her room. That next

day I remember reading in the newspaper how Coach Caldwell had disappeared.

           It was a few years later, Jeff and I had just

graduated High School yesterday. Maggie and Christine had been home from College

for a few weeks now. Jeff and I were cleaning out the garage. I was clearing off

a shelf when I came across a vile filled with a green liquid. It had some

masking tap around it with serum written across it. Fear gripped my body; my

hands became clammy as my face turned white. Jeff walked over towards me and

dropped the glass which was in his hand. Neither of us heard the glass shatter

as we looked at the vile. Jeff grabbed it from my hands as I leaned up against

the back door of the car still unable to believe what was going on.

           We then heard voices and I felt something push

at my back, Jeff shoved me into the backseat of the car and shut the door just

as Maggie and Christine walked into the garage. There was a long silence as my

body froze unable to move. I held my breathe; I tensed my muscles as I peered

out the through window.


“What do you got there Jeff?” Calmly said Christine.

           I knew they knew, they had to know I thought to

myself as both girls approached. Jeff tried to find the right words then he just


“I know! I know it all, we saw

you that day in backyard with Tim. We saw you kill him, We saw you burn Coach

Caldwell, It was with this stuff I know it. You maybe my sister Christine, but

how could you.” I saw the green liquid fly through the air striking both Maggie

and Christine. They looked down at the green liquid and then back up at Jeff.

“You fuck head, this was a brand

new blouse now it's ruined with this stuff. Whatever the hell it is. I don't

know what you are smoking but I am telling mom because you seriously need some

help.” Maggie had used this time to come up beside Jeff, she had her hand in her

pocket then with lightning speed drew it out splashing Jeff with the green


“You know Jeff, you maybe smart,

but not smart enough. You think we would keep something this valuable in the

garage? You really are a fool” I could see it all in the reflection in the

glass. I watched Jeff become smaller and smaller as Christine looked down at her

shrunken brother. I wanted to push the car door open and grab him but my body

wouldn't move. It was like it was no longer my own. I screamed hoping something

would pierce my lips but nothing. I just laid there looking up at the reflection

in the glass.

           Christine picked up her brother with her thumb

and index finger. She laughed as he fought and kicked at her fingers. Maggie

blew her brown locks of hair out of her eyes and tilted her head back as

Christine dangled her brother above Maggie's mouth. Jeff was shouting no, no, no

I am your brother but it meant nothing to Christine as she released her grip on


           I watched him fall into Maggie's mouth, The

lower half of his body was completely inside her mouth and Jeff was punching at

her lips, nose, and chin. Anything he could get his hands on. Maggie then bit

down on him, her teeth searing through his body like it was nothing at all,

before the top half of his body could fall the ground Maggie tilted her head

back and opened her maw once again allowing the top half Jeff's body to fall

into her mouth.

           I watched her chew and chew Jeff until he was

nothing more then a paste. She then opened her mouth and said look Christine

Seafood. She then swallowed the paste which was the best friend I ever knew.

They both laughed so coldly as they walked out of the garage.

           They didn't know I was there that day, I tried

to move on, I tried to forget how I could I forget, how could I move on. The

metal barrel is now freezing cold, I have taken so long already to do such a

simple task. I twitched my index finger I heard the loud bang erupt in the room

then nothing else.


The End

Giantess Stories: Memories

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