Giantess Stories: Ménage et Giantess  By Talisman     I first met Cathy at our vacation out a Turtle Peak

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Ménage et Giantess

By Talisman

I first met Cathy at our vacation out a Turtle Peak, a vacation resort. Carol

and me drove up there in the summer of 96 for some relaxation and hiking.

We encountered some problems with our car, on the trip in to the camp grounds.

After setting up our tent and gear, we hiked up the trail to the resort center.

By chance we had seen Cathy, whom Carol had known from her school days back at

West Ridge High. They reminisced awhile and then, Cathy invited us to her cabin.

Apparently she and her sister owned a string of small cottages near the towns

square. They were nice and quaint. She offered us one at half the cost is we

decided to stay there instead of the campgrounds. Carol thought about a while

and decided to take her offer.

We had finally got settled into the cottage and were winding down the day for a

quiet evening under the stars just outside on the patio. As Carol and I sat and

threw back a few Coronas, Cathy had suddenly showed up. I glanced back toward

her approaching from my rear. She had been obviously out at the only drinking

establishment in the resort, “The Swan” She seemed a bit tanked, and was walking

into our yard with a light and bright floral dress. Her stocking legs were

shimmering in the moon light, and she was carrying her shoes in each hand. “You

guys still up, what luck.” She said drunkenly. “Wow you seemed to have a good

time tonight, why did you leave?” Carol asked Cathy. “I didn't want to leave the

two of you alone on your first night.” Cathy answered between hiccups. I pulled

out a patio chair for her, as she sat down and joined us.

The night was wonderful as the stories the two told were hilarious. From my take

they seemed really close at one time, and quite wild, quite a shock, as the

Carol I new seemed a bit relaxed and settled.

I continued to pour the drinks into the wee hours of the night, and even pulled

out the tokes I had originally saved for our first night camping, but it seemed

a perfect time to bring them out. As I got pleasantly stoned and drunk at the

same time, I started to see the two women present at my table as quite erotic

together as they hung on to each others words and themselves as they continued

to talk and laugh of the old times. I started to fantasize about the two of them

right there. I thought hard of what it would take to get the both of them into

bed with me that night. The thought haunted me so much, I decided to push the

limits of their high a little more, and brought out the big guns. I went into my

stash of shrooms. They were so organic and gave a good aura, that I thought the

both of them would probably agree to almost anything.

Later as the shrooms seemed to take effect, I started on my opening to the

discussion of sexual conquests and future plans to experiment. Cathy seemed very

open on the discussion and implied she was open to anything sexual, and even at

this moment as a-matter-of-factly. Carol echoed Cathy's admission, and I finally

got the nerve to bring it out. “ How would you two like to try something right

here right now?” “Like what baby?” Carol asked, now really wiped herself. “I

mean sex, all of us together.” I replied. “Joe! Really with both of us?” Cathy

asked excitedly.

I managed to escort the girls inside to our cabin and bring them to the bedroom.

As I watched them giggle and squirm onto the bed, I couldn't keep my erection

back. Bulging out of my shorts it must of made some kind of impression on Cathy,

as she looked at me and pointed. “ Someones already up for it.” and started

laughing uncontrollably. Carol joined along, and the chorus of laughter carried

onto the outside of the cabin.

I leaped out of my pants and shirt and dove in between them still giggling, as I

applying my lips and hands to Carol and Cathy, the giggling stopped abruptly and

replaced was by moans and sighs. Moving quickly I transferred my attention on

Cathy and began licking her wet lips threw her pantyhose. Her drenched vulva

soaked through her pantyless crotch. I sucked and licked with intense fervor.

All the while I was fingering Carol's huge breasts. Cathy held my head in

between her legs, and pursed her vaginal lips as she seemed trying to insert me

into her cavernous clitoris. After ripping a hole through her hosiery, I

inserted my tongue directly this time into her vagina. taking long and lavish

laps of her juices. Carol seemed to be getting anxious for a little attention,

and pulled me off and into her own welcoming clitoris. Imbedded within her long

tanned deep legs, I was now applying my technique on her, while fingering

Cathy's equally large breasts. Feeling I couldn't entertain the girls like this

constantly, without getting the other mad, I then laid myself on my back, and

invited one to sit on my face, while the other sat on my erect penis. Both girls

obliged and took turns on either place. First Carol sat on my face and dug my

nose and mouth deep into her clitoris. While I was sucking her off, Carol was

hopping up and down on my endowment. I couldn't be happier as I was experiencing

my ultimate fantasy. At least I thought I was.

It was a couple of months since that erotic night with Carol and Cathy, and

things had changed a whole lot. Cathy season at the resort had ended, and looked

to move back into the city. Carol had wanted her to live with us real bad, and

brought up the idea up more than once. Cathy didn't take any time to think about

it as she was suddenly living with us by the end of September.

The fall months that year were the best I had ever experienced. Every night was

a new exercise in sexual contortion and endurance. Both girls had taken suddenly

to kink and were in no shortage of nerve to practice it on me any chance they

got. Sometimes I would come home from work, and find them both at work with each

other, pleasing themselves, before inviting me to partake.

Each passing day had seemed more incredible than the last. Cathy sexual drive

had no end, and this new influence seemed to change Carol also. Carol seemed to

be back to her old days. I now had my fist look at her real wildness. She was a

virtual sex monster in bed, and took to demanding felatio from me nightly. I

never complained, and would be crazy to, but some nights I really couldn't put

in the real effort, besides being only human, my cock didn't seem to be able to

keep up with their sex drive, as the both of them seemed always ready for more

and more. Which brought on the sexual contact with each other. I being a typical

male, never minded the sex between the girls whether I was there or not.

It started to occur to me that the girls seemed to be coming up with some idea I

was beginning to wander. I didn't really know from where they got this idea

from, and was never to direct to get it from them. I merely just kept up with

the truth, that there was no one else.

Cathy seemed the more suspicious one, and took to having mad fits in front of me

whenever I didn't seem to be giving her the attention she wanted. After some

time I asked Carol if this situation was healthy and maybe we could put things

back to the way they were before. Carol took extreme offense to my suggestion

and quickly brought this to Cathy.

Both girls didn't speak or see me for a couple of days. I kept just missing them

as I either came or went from the house. On the evening of the October 31, as I

was out drinking with couple of friends from work, I suddenly came down with the

shivers, and had to leave my friends abruptly. As I cascaded home in the car,

not able to keep the wheel straight from the continuous shaking of my arms and

body. I finally made it home and practically busted into the house to get inside

fast enough. I went straight to my bed and passed out upon falling.

Things were hazy and blurry, but at least the shaking and sick feeling was over.

I got up from bed and rubbed my eyes. I heard a faint sound of a voice just over

my head. “What time is it?” I asked thinking it was Carol. “Time to meet your

masters!” chimed the two voices now, sounding extremely echoic and distant from

above. I looked up and around me. “Hey! Where am I? This isn't my room, what the


As the words slid out of my mouth, I couldn't help myself but scream out loud at

the vision. Standing in front and beyond above me, were Carol and Cathy standing

some 50 feet. Both were clad in hosiery and garters and black strap bras. Cathy

seemed to be holding rope, while Carol was holding a jar of cream jelly.

“Well you see what you had us do now that you wouldn't play fair and treat us

right. We gave you the best sex you could ever dream of, and you figure you

could just dump us and adios your gone with some slut. Well I got news for you

little man, your going to be our little sex toy for ever.” Carol said as she put

the jar down on the bed. “Well maybe forever, we have to see if you can keep it

up with us as it is now, we do pose a higher demand on your little body.” Cathy

chimed in as she licked her lips. “Ohhhhhh, I could hardly wait to feel you deep

inside me.” Cathy added. “Lets do it!” Carol countered as she reached over and

snatched me up in her fingers. I was quickly transported some tens of feet up

toward the increasing mass of Carol. Like a runaway elevator, the view past

before me like some whirlwind event. Her enormous body past by as I watched for

some end to her size.

After what felt like minutes before I finally reached her lips, I found myself

slightly dizzy. I got a hold of my bearings and fought off the queasy feeling in

my gut. Both giant women surrounded me within Carol's grasp. All around I could

only see ruby red lips so enormous, that I felt utterly puny compared to the

widened smiles and protruding white teeth they would reveal as they seemed to be

marveling over me.

“What should I do first? Hmmm, think I'll pop you in my mouth for a wash.” Carol

flipped the tiny man into her gaping mouth. Cathy watched in fascination as

Carol seemed to enjoy swishing and swigging the tiny man around within her

mouth. “Let me have some sugar.” Cathy said as she approached Carol. Both women

embraced in a passionate kiss and shared the tiny morsel of a man within their

lips and lashing tongues. I was now caught up the weird love affair of these two

lovers. It never dawned on me they would ever get so involved so much to screw

me over for their own pleasure. Carol always seemed to timid as far as sex, and

now since meeting Cathy again, Carol seemed a different person all together.

Perhaps this was some ploy they devised some time ago for just this occasion.

Perhaps I was thinking too much. What ever the story, I was now dangerously

becoming a piece of gum for these two women to suckle and chew on.

The treatment continued for a while longer while the two giants kissed, all the

while moving toward the bed directly behind Cathy. As they tumbled down toward

the mattress, Carol spit out Joe at point of impact. He flew onward to the

resting pillows just at the headboards. Joe landed softly and bounced until he

came to rest at the bottom in front of the pillow cases. As I opened my eyes, I

was converged upon by Cathy's evil grinning face. “Hope you survive your first

threesome with real big bitches. I want to see the look on your face when we get

a hold of that little slut you've been slinking around with, and then we'll have

a foursome.” Cathy finished talking, before placing Joe onto a protruding object

from her bush. As he eyed the approaching structure, he realized it to look like

some home made dildo. This dildo however contained light straps along the top of

it. Joe tried to fight off the huge fingers pinning him atop of the fake penis.

After easily tying him to the shaft, Cathy wiggled it for stability. She enjoyed

the sight of the tiny man swaying along with the moving dildo. “You look so

ridiculous, but you will feel a lot more real. I'm ready babe, come and get it!”

Carol walked in stark naked and wiping off her face with a hand towel. “Oh wow,

it looks just as you said it would.” She commented as she threw the towel at her

dresser. Carol knelt down on the bed and positioned herself down on her back, as

Cathy moved in on top of her and started to make her approach with the dildo

toward Carol's stretched out clit. Carol held her clit apart while watching

anxiously for the penetration.

The dildo slid in easy and moistly. Both the dildo and the attached Joe, slipped

in with a slurping intake. Cathy swayed her hips up and down, sideways and

repeatedly the same way as she pumped the inside of Carol's cavern. Carol was

cueing and cussing out her pleasure as she angled her back and pelvis in order

to better feel the penetration.

Joe had given up fighting the ties, and was merely trying to attain some air as

he was continually thrust in and out of Carol's ample cavernous vulva. The

secretion and hot air lashed out from within her deep. He could only hold his

head down as the juices passed through him on the way out. The sounds inside

were horrendously loud and muffled the outside world completely. Every once in a

while when he did exit the vagina, he was greeted with loud moaning and screams

of pleasure, thrown out by the tormenting giants. As he took in his great gust

of air, he would be thrust back inside deep, and repeat the process. Carol

pushed Cathy up and out of her and turned herself around onto her stomach. She

then spread her cheeks revealing her pink anus. Cathy took the hint, and slowly

inserted the dildo into it. Joe braced himself for the tight fit, but was

surprised and grateful for his small stature, as he seemed to breeze into the

gaping hole. Inside the air was tighter and seemed hinging on powder and old

sweat. He would be greeted by the odd flatulence, but even this fragrance didn't

put him off too much as it came and went too quick to make any long term notice

of it.

On the outside, Cathy was bringing the house down with her screams of “Babe” and

“Feel him in there” Carol was too busy to answer, with her own portrayal of a

porn queens pleasure call. To Joe's lungs relief, the giants had finished and

had brought him out. While Cathy sat back and rested, Carol lurched forward and

unfastened the dildo off Cathy's bush. Carol then fastened to herself and

jiggled it around for a spin. Joe was too tired and gasping for air to even take

notice of his flaying around. To his surprise though, he was abruptly thrust

into Cathy's waiting pussy. Inside he went with the same ease, and it was inside

Cathy he would have to spend the next half hour, as Carol seemed intent on

pumping in a different manner. Carol seemed to like deep thrusts and long pauses

while inside, not regarding the payload on the dildo, or even thinking about

Joe's safety, she continued on with her technique, her only thought was to

please Cathy, and please her she did. Cathy droned out her appreciation, and

hugged Carol passionately whenever she came near enough to grab hold. The two

women would hold on with passionate brace and continue to pump each other. The

groans and cueing seemed to shake the very foundation of the house.

I didn't know when I came too, or even how I came to rest on this bowl of warm

water. All I knew was that I ached. My lungs felt like they were continually

forced inwards, and it ached somewhat when I breathed heavily. As I sat in the

warm water, I nursed my injuries. I came to think about at how I came to this

point in my life. At what I could have done to deserve to be used as a play toy

for these two women. The thought of who they thought I was screwing around with,

astonished me, and frightened me as to what lengths they would go to find her

and do what. I was almost expecting a fellow prisoner beside him any minute,

exactly whom it would be. Perhaps Cindy who works with him at the studio, I

think Carol had seen her playfully tease him in the past office parties. Or even

Patricia, who Carol had met when he was out doing a field assignment. Both he

and her were laid out under a tree, getting the next shots ready for posers. I

couldn't even think straight right now, and slowly fell asleep again.

I awoke with the thunder of footsteps and voices. The excitement entered the

room I was still bathing in the warm water in. both Carol and Cathy seemed in

high spirits. As I looked upon the clock on the wall, it read 3:15, and by the

darkness outside, I guessed a.m.

Both women stripped down to their panties and hosiery. They then embraced and

kissed for what seemed an hour. I didn't feel like an intruder or even a insider

of this exercise, I merely laid still in the warm bath and watched the beautiful

bodies in motion.

It wasn't too long when Carol came looking for me. she picked me up and shook me

off with her finger. I could still smell the alcohol from her pores as she

manhandled me toward the bed. Carol then slowly placed me on her big toe and

balanced me as she lifted it up to Cathy's face. Cathy took me and the big toe

into her ample mouth, she sucked me into her mouth immediately, as she kept on

licking Carol's toe. Inside her mouth I was swished around from her top gums to

her bottom. She would protrude me out momentarily to be licked up with Carol's


I was spat out onto the bed below. While the women rearranged themselves, I lay

there waiting for the next orchestrated movement of this monster sexscapade.

Carol place me into her hand and held me firmly within her fist. I saw Cathy

just ahead with her legs spread, while sitting on her buttocks. Carol rearranged

herself to a sitting position. She then inserted me headfirst into Cathy's wet

and open clitoris. After being inserted, I could feel the coldness of my legs

and feet warm as they were obviously inserted into Carol's clit. I was then

treated to a tug-of-war of pumping between the cosmic bodies. As the pressure

intensified, I only feared for the sudden side movement which would surely snap

me in two.

This precarious position went on for some time, and I felt more and more as time

went on, that I would not survive, and braced for the slightest odd movements. I

could not either hear or feel the tremors these two giants must have been

producing outside, but the violent tug-of-war was felt and I was sure their

world was rocking. To my amazement, I found myself outside alive and well, and

breathing fresh air again. As I searched around myself, I saw I was still

surrounded by the mountainous bodies around me. as I got up I traced my horizon

with my finger on the distant shapes of the hips, buttocks and legs and feet in

circumference. Was I to take this gift for granted, as I had taken the one

before with the nightly romps with two beautiful women at my beck and call, now

of course these two beauties were also much larger and even sexual active then

ever. I felt that since I have survived up till now must have more to do with

their allowances, and not luck. I began to think they wanted me alive and well

to serve their sexual fantasy needs. Both of them were already living a normal

fantasy, and still needed this to round off the total package. I actually found

myself now nestling up against Carol's huge nipple and catching a few more winks

until they awoke.

Giantess Stories: Ménage et Giantess  By Talisman     I first met Cathy at our vacation out a Turtle Peak

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