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Mercy Mother Mercy



When Jeremy's mother got home she decided to enter through the back

door and as she walked

into the kitchen she could see Jeremy on the floor in the living

room. He was lying on his

back and holding something in his face. She

quietly walked closer and closer until she realized what it was.

JEREMY!! I can't believe

what you are doing!! Jeremy dropped his mother's shoe and looked up

at her in fear. Oh My God,

it's not what you think! Yes it is; you were sniffing my pumps. You

sick little boy, I thought

you might be getting off to the smell of my feet recently. Jeremy was

so embarrassed; he had never

been so embarrassed in his life. You know what, this is just perfect

timing. Because I just found

a new way to punish you and I got all day to do it. Now get up and

stand in front of me! Jeremy

didn't want to get up because he was still aroused from what he was

doing earlier, but saw

the anger in his mother's eyes so he did as he was told. His mother

pulled out the container

with the magic oil and stuck her finger in it, then rubbed it down

her son's nose. He

immediately began shrinking until he was just 4 inches tall. Jeremy

just stood there in front of

his mother's feet looking up at her. He was shocked and very scared.

The smell coming from

her feet was ten times stronger than he could ever possibly imagine.

Usually the smell would

turn him on at least a little, but this smell was way too strong and

remember that she still has

her shoes and stockings on. Now Jeremy, you are going to have to be

punished for being such a

pervert. The clients that I was just with who gave me these oils

asked me if I could step on

their son with my feet as his punishment. I did it and kind of

enjoyed it; I think it is the

perfect punishment for such a pervert. It fits perfectly with the

crime and……………………Jeremy

immediately interrupted his mother which was not the smartest thing

to do, But mom, I'm sorry, I

won't do it again I swear! Oh yes you will Jeremy, you will be doing

it for the rest of the

day. Now all I did was place my foot on top of their son, but you are

my son so I can do

whatever I want with you. With that she picked him up and walked over

to the couch then sat

down. She crossed her right leg over the left and took off her right

pump. The smell instantly

spread through the room like tear gas. Jeremy was just inches away

from her foot and almost gagged

from the smell. Oh man, my feet really smell. Have you ever smelt

something so bad sweetie. Oh

wait, of course you have, just before I walked in the living room.

Well guess what, you get to get

a lot closer now. With that she brought Jeremy to the insole of her

pump and said “In you go" I'll

let you out before I go to bed. But that won't be for at least 4 to 5

hours so you have enough time

to really enjoy yourself. With that she placed him in the insole and

slid him up a little so his

head was right where her toes were going to be. She then placed the

shoe on the ground and put

her foot into the shoe slowly making sure she does not hurt her son.

Jeremy on the other hand

was strangely aroused by the whole thing yet he was being tortured at

the same time. As his

mother's very sweaty foot came into the shoe on top of him, he

couldn't help but get hard during

the process. Even though the smell was unbearable and the heat was

tremendous; he couldn't assist

but get the urge to touch himself. Her foot finally went all the way

in the pump and she

maneuvered Jeremy so that his head was right in-between her big and

second toes, this way she

could give him a light squeeze every once in a while. Alright Jeremy,

this is the beginning of

your punishment, you just lay there and smell like you were doing

earlier; I'm going to watch

T.V. Hour after hour Jeremy just laid there under his mother's

extremely sweaty feet. He was

covered in sweat and the stench of her foot odor. The heat was

driving him crazy and his hard on

was making it worse. She would also wiggle her toes a lot and shake

her leg as it was crossed

over her left one “As most women do." After a couple hours of

lying in this horribly smelly

pump, Jeremy finally decided to try and play with himself. He slowly

moved his hand from his side

to his stomach then went down for his little friend. Once he had a

hold he began doing what he

was best at. He did it as slowly as possible so his mother wouldn't

feel it. She was just sitting

on the couch as she had been watching T.V like everything was normal.

Jeremy on the other hand

was getting more and more into what he was doing. He began rubbing

faster and faster and FASTER

until the next thing he knew he felt his world violently shake then

heard his mom's roaring




to be a nasty little

pervert, and then I'll make sure you get what you deserve. We're

going to take it up a notch. She

then took off the pumps Jeremy was in and placed it next to her with

Jeremy still lying in it. She

then pulled her skirt up to her waist and began pulling off her right

stocking, once she took it

completely off she sniffed it real fast to see how bad it smelt

'Horrible as usual' Then grabbed

Jeremy by his ankle who had stood up in the pump and was looking at

his mother take off her

stocking. You are going in these smelly things, and instead of me

letting you go before I go to

sleep I am going to make you sleep in them throughout the night

unless you are good for the

rest of the day. Now in you go my stinky son. She gently lowered him

by his leg into her right

stocking; she held him towards her face just to see him through the

fabric then lowered it to the

floor and placed her foot into it. Her foot immediately caught

contact with Jeremy's little

sweaty body and then once her sweaty, stinky foot was in the stocking

she pulled it up her legs and

thighs. She took off her other pump and laid both stocking covered

feet on the coffee table in

front of her and went back to her show. Jeremy was now a lump in his

mother's right stocking;

all he saw was white flesh and all he smelt was the stench of her

foot. The heat wasn't as bad

anymore, but he was still aroused and very tempted to touch himself

again. As a few more

hours went by Jeremy suddenly felt his mother moving and the next

thing he knew he was staring

at her face through the fabric of the stocking. Now Jeremy, I am

going to my bed and I don't want

to squish you so move yourself to the top of my foot. She placed her

foot back on the ground and

waited for Jeremy to follow her order. Jeremy slowly crawled to the

side of his mother's foot

and then pulled his way to the top of her foot. He got a little stuck

half way there, “The

stocking was covering her foot pretty tight." His mother

reached down and very simply slid him

a little so he would be right on top of her foot. His head was right

above her big toe nail. All of

a sudden he heard her say “Hold on tight!" and then there was

very quick movement. She walked

into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water then preceded

upstairs into her bedroom.

She stopped at Jessica's room to say goodnight but saw that she was

already asleep. “Well, more

passed out than asleep.?She wasn't sure if she was going to tell her

daughter about Jeremy just

yet. In fact, she thought about shrinking Jessica too, but loved her

too much to do that. Once she

was in her bed she sat down and peeled off her stockings. She dropped

the left one on the ground

next to her bed and then slowly peeled off the right one but made

sure Jeremy was still in the

toe section when she had it completely off. She held down around her

chest and looked into it.

Jeremy, you were pretty good down there so I'm not going to make you

sleep in these, but if I

catch you sniffing or even touching any of my footwear, I swear I

will not only make you go

through this again but I will make sure that it will be 10 times

worse. Now the oil should wear

off very soon so I'm going to go put you in your bed, I do not want

you moving around until you

are back to normal, is that understood? Jeremy answered in a low

tired tone, yes mom. Good boy.

Around 30 minutes After Jeremy's mom placed him in his bed he grew

back to his normal size and

laid there thinking about what just had happened. He was amazed at it

all, yet disgusted at the

same time. Throughout the whole event he was extremely aroused but

could not touch himself or

his mom would have punished him even worse, so before he went to

sleep he masturbated a few

times while thinking about the whole event that had taken place.

The next morning he got up and got ready for school, once he was

finished dressing he went

downstairs to leave through the kitchen door when he saw his mom

sitting there. It was a very

awkward position, just last night he had been caught sniffing her

pumps and then placed in them

with her feet on top of him. Are you going to eat anything Jeremy?

Uhhhh No thanks; I'm going to be

late. Jeremy quickly walked towards the door but was cut off by his

mother's voice. Look Jeremy,

don't feel awkward around me, what you did was ok, it's perverted but

I still love you. Now try

not to let this bother you, and as for me wearing you in my smelly

pumps, it hopefully won't happen

again; as long as you don't go sniffin around my shoes. Got it? Yes

mom, can I go now? Of course,

have a nice day at school. Throughout the day Jeremy could do nothing

but think about what had

happened. A few times he actually got hard from thinking about it too

much, and sometimes he

almost threw up. He had mixed feelings and could not help it. Once

school was out he decided to go

to his friend's house mainly so he could avoid his mother. It was her

day off. He hung out at

his friend's house for a few hours when his cell phone rang. It was

his mother!!!! Jeremy, I need

you to come home. Why mom? Because I said so. FINE!! Once Jeremy got

home he didn't see his mom

anywhere in the house. He then noticed her car was missing. He also

noticed a pair of her old

tennis shoes by the front door. He also noticed they had socks

stuffed into them. He then noticed

her red pumps by the couch, her black boots by the stairs, and her

stockings lying on the couch.

That's when he realized the bad stench he was smelling. He quickly

ran into the bathroom and

slammed the door and started washing his face. He could not stop

sweating; all he could think about

was her footwear. He was extremely aroused and could not get rid of

his hard on. After a few

minutes he decided he was going to take another chance and left the

restroom and headed towards

her tennis shoes and socks. He got on his knees in front of the

footwear and quickly looked

around to make sure the coast was clear. Once he felt it was safe, he

picked up one of the tennis

shoes and pulled out the sock. He could tell these socks were dirty

from the smell. Plus, they were

black around the toe sections. The shoes smelled much worse though.

He then began sniffing the

sock, after a couple of minutes he really got into then switched to

the tennis shoe. As he was

smelling the inside he heard some quick footsteps and put the shoe

down and turned his head swiftly



was his sister Jessica. I wasn't smelling her shoes. Ya you were, and

UHH, you got a stiffy

too. You perv!! I'm gonna tell her how disgusting you are when she

gets home!

Later that night Jeremy's mom finally came home. She had gone to the

mall and did not want Jessica

at home alone all day and that was why she had asked Jeremy to come

home. Anyway, as soon as she

got home she took off her sandals and walked upstairs to Jeremy's

room. She opened the door

and saw him lying on his bed; she quickly said hi then went off to

Jessica's room to do the same.

Jeremy knew Jessica was going to tell their mom what had happened so

he ran out his room and

towards his mom. He jumped right in front of her before she had a

chance to grab the knob to

Jessica's door. Hey mom, where were you? At the mall, what's wrong?

Nothing, I was just

wondering. O.k, well now you know. You seem like something's wrong.

NO NO NO, nothing is wrong, I

just thought we should spend some time together; we haven't done that

for so long. His mom

immediately thought of mentioning the time they spent together last

night when he was under her

foot, but she decided not to. Well, let me say hi to Jessica then we

can find something to do. NO!!

Let's go now; we can go rent a movie. Actually I was walking around

all day at the mall and my

feet hurt, I'm too tired to go out again. Now move out of my way, you

are acting real silly

today. Jeremy could not think of anything to do, except to run. He

ran down the stairs as his

mother opened the door to his sister's room. He could hear Marilyn

Manson coming from her room as

the door was opened then it faded away as the door shut. He ran out

the front door and down the

street. He knew that at this moment his sister is probably telling

their mom what he had done. He

decided to stay at his friend's house again. He and his mom were the

only ones living in the

apartment and they wouldn't mind. In fact, his friend's mom was

pretty hot for her age?4.?She

was light skinned, with brown hair and dark brown eyes. She always

liked it when Jeremy came over.

After hours of playing video games Jeremy heard the phone ring. His

friend picked it up and after

a few seconds held the phone towards Jeremy. It's for you man. Who is

it? “Like he didn't know.?

It's your mom, I think she's mad. Tell her I'm sorry and I don't want

to be punished like that

again. WHAT! No dude, you talk to her. He handed the phone to Jeremy

and Jeremy slowly brought the

phone to his ear............Hello.................JEREMY! What are

you doing over there, get back

here right now or else. Im sorry mom, I didn't mean to do it, I just

couldn't help it. What are you

talking about Jeremy? That's when Jeremy thought that maybe his

sister didn't say anything. Wait,

you're not mad at me? No. Jeremy let out a sigh of relief but before

he could exhale his mother

began talking. Why should I be mad at you, for smelling my shoes and

socks after I had just

punished you, or for running away instead of facing the consequences

of your action? Other

than that I have absolutely no reason to be mad at you at all.

Jeremy immediately hung up the phone but 2 seconds later it rang

again. Dude, don't pick it

up! Sorry, I have to. His friend picked up the phone and handed back

to Jeremy. Again Jeremy

slowly brought the phone to his ear.............Listen Jeremy! Come

right now and face your punishment.

It won't be so bad if you get home in the next 10 minutes. I'm sorry

mom, but I'm not going through

that again. You do not have a choice, you are coming home and you are

going under my feet like

it or not! Jeremy hung up the phone once again. This time there was

no ring and Jeremy went back

to playing video games without answering any of his friend's

questions. “He was very curious to

see what the whole argument was about." After an hour or so,

they both decided to go to sleep

since they both had school the next day. When Jeremy got up he saw a

gigantic feet right in

front of him. He got to his feet and looked up to see his mother

looking down at him with a very

angry look on her face. You disobeyed me for the last time son!!!!!!!

She then raised her foot and

brought it down on him as hard as she could. All Jeremy saw was the

sole of her right foot come

down and take away all light until it was pitch black!!!!!!

...............Then he woke up in a

sweat and realized it was just a dream. He looked around and

everything seemed normal until the

lights came on and blinded him. He then in horrible shock saw his

mother at the door with

his friend's mother. They were talking to each other and neither one

of them looked like they

were in a pleasant mood. They then walked into the room and Jeremy

just stayed their on the

ground; he thought his mom didn't know where his friend lived, but he

was wrong. His mom walked

right to his face and rubbed some of the magic oil onto his nose; he

shrunk and shrunk until he

was just a few inches tall. His friend and his mother both looked

down at him in shock. Jeremy

tried to beg for mercy but it was no use, she picked him up and went

and sat on the bed. She

then slipped off her right shoe with her let foot and peeled off her

sock. She did all this in a

matter of seconds. She had the most serious look on her face that

Jeremy has ever seen. Jeremy

just stared at his mom's angry face as she dropped him in her sock

without saying a word

then very quickly slipped her foot into the same smelly sock and

pulled it on tight. She then

positioned his head right in-between her big and second toe. She

finished it off by putting her

hot, smelly, kind of sweaty shoe back on. She then got up and walked

out the apartment without

saying a word to anyone. She still had an angry look on her face and

was stomping her feet really

hard every time she took a step. “Jeremy was terrified." He

thought he was going to be

squished under his mother's foot. It was extremely hot and smelly in

there. He also realized that these shoes and socks were the same

ones he was smelling earlier before his sister had caught him. Before

his mom could drive off,

his friend's mom ran up to the car and banged on the car window. His

mom opened the door and said

WHAT!? I was just wondering how you did that. I took some of this oil

and rubbed it on his nose,

here, you can have some. She took her finger dipped it into the oil

and rubbed the oil on the

woman's finger. All I do is rub it on my son's nose and he'll shrink?

Yes, have fun. I will;

he's been disobeying me ever since his dad died. Jeremy's mom then

drove off pressing really hard

on the gas pedal crushing his son beneath her right foot. The ride

made him very dizzy; she

would constantly switch from gas to break from gas to break. He was

now sweating real hard, plus

he had his mom's foot sweat all over him too. When she got home she

ran straight upstairs and

fell on her bed. It was awfully late and she had work in the morning.

She did not want to take her

shoes off so Jeremy would suffer even more. She did not say a word to

her son; she just laid

there and hoped he was suffering a lot from all the heat and the

horrible aroma which she could

even smell. She actually lye on her side and held her nose shut with

her fingers because the smell

was so strong. As she fell asleep she realized how angry she really

was. She had actually

stomped on her son all the way to the car and all the way from her

car to her bed. She did not even

realize that he might get squished. Plus she had shrunk him right in

front of people they know

without even thinking of the consequences. But now she knows that she

can keep him under her

foot everywhere she goes and as she went to sleep she thought about

how bad she was going to make

his day tomorrow. Jeremy just laid there in his mother's shoes and

socks. It had been about 5

hours now; she was asleep. He could move but didn't want to take the

chance of waking his

mother up so he had tried to stay still the whole time. The heat was

unbearable; he was sweating

more than he had ever sweated before. But most of the sweat he was

soaked in wasn't even his; it

was from his mother's gigantic foot. On top of the sweat which was

becoming worse and worse as

the night went on; he was also miserable from the smell. The smell

was of nothing he had

experienced before. This was a 100 times worse than when he was in

her pumps and pantyhose.

These shoes and socks were obviously from her workout. Jeremy could

barely make out his

mother's toes because it was so dark in there and could barely

breathe because the sock was on so

tight. Sweat would constantly get into his mouth and it tasted worse

than anything he had ever had

in his mouth. He couldn't decide if he should keep his mouth shut and

breathe through his nose?

which obviously meant enduring the smell of her nasty foot' or

breathing through his mouth which

meant he would have to keep tasting her nasty sweat. He would

actually take turns breathing in

the smell while keeping out the taste then switching it around and

taking in the taste while

giving his nose a break. He had passed out a few times already from

the heat and the strong smell

but unfortunately would come back to reality minutes later. Every

time he regained

consciousness he would open his eyes and for a split second he would

forget what happened until

he'd see, smell, and taste those giant toes pressing against his

face. Every once in a while

his mother would wiggle her toes while sleeping; ramming her toes

into Jeremy's face and wiping

even more sweat and stench onto his body. A few times she had

actually caught his head with her

toes and didn't let go for what seemed like eternity to him. He

wasn't sure if she was doing

it on purpose, but he didn't really care, he just wanted her to let

go. After hours and hours of

nonstop torture by the foot of his mother he finally got himself to

fall asleep.

Unfortunately, he did not realize that it was 8:30 in the morning,

because it was so dark in

the socks and shoes that he couldn't tell the sun had come out. After

3 minutes of sleep and not a

second more, he was awaken by an alarm, and so was his mother. She

slowly reached over and

turned off the alarm then slowly rolled out of bed and sat on the

edge. As soon as her feet hit

the ground she remembered what had happened. She looked down at her

shoes and tried to imagine

what her son was going through. She had time to lose her anger and

was starting to feel a bit

sorry for her son. She decided to let him out while she took a

shower. She flipped her right

ankle over her left thigh and pulled off her sneaker. The smell

immediately reached her nose

and she scrunched it up in disgust. She threw the shoe all they way

to the other side of her

bedroom to get rid of the smell. She then realized that the smell

coming from her foot was

even worse. She grabbed the edge of her sock and slowly peeled it

off. It was hard doing so

because her feet and the sock itself were so sweaty. Once she gave

the sock a few hard tugs

she finally got it off. She immediately dumped Jeremy onto the bed

next to her and began

examining him. She picked him up to get a closer look at his face. He

looked very weak and tired

as she had expected him to. He also so smelled really bad; worse than

her shoes. She sniffed him

and made a quick remark, 'Man, you smell great!' his was obviously to

mock him, but Jeremy didn't

really care what his mom had to say anymore, he just wanted to be

free. Alright Jeremy, I am

going to take a shower, 'As his mother spoke to him she began taking

off her other shoe and

sock.' now I can leave you here on my bed or I can stick you in this

sock and tie it up to make

sure you don't try to run away again. Now can I trust you

honey?.....................Jeremy just

stared at his mom confused and angry at the same time. As he stared

at her he could see that this

woman was no longer his mom, she seemed different. He then also

realized that throughout

the night he had not been aroused once. This came to him as a shock

and as he thought about it he

was interruptly dropped into the same hot, smelly, sweaty sock. He

fell into the toe section

and bounced once he hit the bottom. He then tried to get in a

position so that he could get up but

it was hopeless. His feet kept sliding and he couldn't get on his

feet. He laid on his back and

looked up but it was way to dark. His mom had already tied up the

sock and he could feel her

walking as she held the sock. He could feel the sock gliding in the

air as his mother swung it

back and forth. The movement was kind of nauseating, but the wind

that was coming into the

sock was well worth it. Finally the movement stopped and he felt the

sock being placed down

somewhere. He immediately tried to stand and see if he could get out

of the sock but was pushed

down by what felt like a finger. He fell onto his back and waited to

see what would happen. He then

heard his mother's voice................JEREMY!! Do not try to get

up young man, I am taking a

shower and I want you to stay put. In fact, I don't think I can trust

you so I'm going to put

you in here. Jeremy did not know what in here was and as soon as he

began pondering where he was

going he felt himself being shoved into something. It got a lot

darker and smellier; he

laid there not really knowing where he was but he had a good idea.

What has gotten into you? Geez,

you used to be a good boy. Jeremy heard his mother speak but wasn't

sure what she had said,

but then he heard her began humming as she likes to do when she is

taking a shower. Jeremy was

once again in this horribly smelly sock and in the same shoe which he

wasn't to sure of. He was

upset that the same smells were still there but he was relieved that

her foot wasn't. As his

mother took a shower he just thought about how much his life was

going to change not to mention

his relationship with his mother. He wondered how long she was going

to keep him like this and what

she was going to do to him when she gets out of the shower. As he

dazed off he suddenly began to

feel very weird and the next thing he knew he was growing. After a

matter of seconds he was back to

his normal size. He looked around his mother's bedroom and then

looked down and saw the shoe and

sock he was in. They were ripped apart as he had grown. He noticed

his mother was still in the

shower and singing too. He wasn't sure if he should wait and let her

know he's back to normal

or if he should just leave. He thought that she might shrink him back

to the same size he was

just at. He also smelled awful and couldn't stand it. In fact her

whole bedroom reeked of feet. He

decided he had been punished enough and left the bedroom. He went

downstairs to get something to

eat; he was hungry, tired, and his body was soar. Once he ate he ran

back upstairs to take a show

himself, but as he was about to go into his room he bumped into his

sister. Jeremy just looked at

his sister with anger and told her to get out of the way. He was mad

at her for telling their mom

what he had done. Where are you going Bro? To my room to take my

clothes off and take a shower. Ya

you should, they stink. In fact, they smell like feet. When Jessica

said this she gave Jake a

grin. Why are you grinning at me? Oh nothing. Jessica then walked

away very casually. Jake

brushed her off and proceeded to his room to prepare for a long

awaited shower. Once he had

taken off all his clothes he left his room and headed towards the

shower. He got in the bathroom

and walked up to the curtains of the bath tub. He quickly grabbed

them and pulled them aside and

was terrified as he saw his sister in the bath tub grinning at him

again. She quickly rubbed her

fingers down his nose and in a matter of seconds Jeremy was once

again the size of an action

figure. He looked up to see his sister still in the bath tub looking

down at him with that famous

grin. She then reached down without a word and wrapped her fingers

around his little body. He

couldn't see anything since more than his upper half was in her palm.

After a short walk his

vision slowly came back as she placed him on the floor. He looked

around and eventually realized

where he was; back in his mother's bedroom. What are you doing

bitch?! Why did you do this? He

obviously knew that their mom had told her what was going on because

she wouldn't have known

about the oil. Mom told me everything last night after I told her

what a pervert you were. She

then gave me some of the magic oil and said I could use it on you any

time I saw you doing

something perverted. I didn't do anything though!! Ya you did, you

were just sniffin my

sneakers. WHAT!? NO I WASN'T!! Well, our mom is gonna think you were

when I tell her. This is

bullshit, you can't do this. Alright that's enough out of you. I

would keep you under my own

feet, but I think I will wait until later. I personally enjoy knowing

that you are under mom's

foot. Especially when she wears you in her pantyhose. We all know how

bad her feet can smell

after work. But you will probably enjoy it being a pervert and all.

His sister sat there on the

edge of their mom's bed for the rest of the time playing with him

using her feet. She pushed him

around with her foot, pressed down on his different body parts with

her big toe, and even

stepped down on him. 'But not to hard because she wasn't aware yet

that she could do so without

hurting him.' She would even command him to walk up to her feet and

smell her toes. Finally their

mom came out of the shower surprised to see Jeremy standing in front

of Jessica's feet.

What's going on here Jessica? Why did you take him out of my socks

and shoes? She then looked to

her left at her ripped up footwear. What happened? Did you do this

Jessy? No mom, he grew

back to his normal size while he was in those stinky things. Damn it

Jeremy, I have had those

since law school. Jeremy felt like his mom was blaming him for it.

Well if he grew back to

normal why is he shrunken again. I caught him in my room sniffing my

sneakers like a little

pervert. WHAT!!!?? I thought you would do this again, but not 5

seconds after your punishment.

What is wrong with you honey? You really need help. But mom, she's

lying, I didn't even go in

her room, I SWEAR! Shut up Jeremy, I'm tired of listening to you, I

honestly was considering not

taking you with me to work, but now you leave me no choice. Jessica

my black pumps are in my

closet, go bring them here. Jessica with a smile on her face left

Jeremy on the floor and ran off

to get the shoes. She ran back in 3 seconds holding both shoes in one

hand as far away from

her face as possible and holding her nose with her other hand. Oh my

god, these things should be

illegal. Jessy, will you do me the honor of placing your brother in

the right one for me

while I slip on my pantyhose? You got it mom. Jessica placed the

pumps next to her mother's

feet and reached over for Jeremy. Jeremy didn't even struggle; he

knew what was going to happen.

Sorry Jeremy, but you needa stop smelling our footwear, it's gross

and I'm tired of it. Jessica

placed Jeremy in the right black pump and used her index finger to

slide him into the toe

section. Bye bye Jeremy, I hope you don't die from the smell, I know

I almost did. She laughed

as she stood back up on her feet. Their mom did not take a second to

hesitate as she placed her

right foot into the shoe and moved it around until she was

comfortable. But mom, won't you

squish him like that? No honey, I found out last night that I can

step on him, stomp on him, and

jump on him all I want to. Awesome!! His mom then asked Jessica to

leave so she could put on her

clothes for work. She unwrapped the towel from her body and the one

around her head and tossed

it on the bed. She was standing there with nothing but her pantyhose

and pumps on. "And of

course Jeremy in the right one under her clean, soapy smelling foot,

which by the way will not

last that long."

Once Jeremy's mother finished dressing for work she left the house

and got in

her car. Jeremy could obviously tell that she was in the car from

hearing the engine start and

after that it was constant movement as his mother switched from gas

to break from gas to break.

Once she got to work Jeremy was already worn out from the tremendous

heat, constant movement, and

all the pressure from his mother's body weight. As she walked into

the tall building and towards

the elevator, she suddenly stopped and thought it would be better if

she walked up the stairs

instead. 'It was only 12 floors.' by the time she had gotten to the

2nd floor her feet were already

extremely sweaty and very hot. Jeremy was soaked in his mother's foot

sweat and his body was so

soar. Not to mention the loud thumps that were made and echoed after

every step his mother took

were making him deaf. Every floor her feet got sweatier, smellier,

and hotter. Floor after floor

Jeremy prayed the walking would end but it did not. What seemed like

only a minute to Jeremy's

mother was like an eternity for him. All of a sudden though, the

steps had stopped and he felt

all the pressure come off of him. He then realized that his mother

had now sat down. Before

he could think where she was his world began to shake and he felt the

giant stocking covered foot

on top of him slowly back away as light began to crack inside the

shoe. Her foot was now

completely out of the shoe Jeremy was in and the image was replaced

by his mother pretty face. She

looked down at him as he laid in the shoe. He was still in the toe

section so all he could see was

her mouth and chin. He could see that she was smiling though. She

tilted the shoe so that he

would slide to the heel and then she began to


Well Jeremy, I've decided to let you go. I think you've learned your

lesson, what do you think?

Yes mom, I have, I'll never...............Before Jeremy could finish

his sentence his mother

tilted the shoe back and Jeremy slid into the toe section again, she

then lowered it to her right

foot and inserted it back into the pump. Jeremy was once again

smothered by his mother's

gigantic, sweaty, stinky stocking covered foot. Her foot immediately

began to molest him as she

positioned him back where she wanted his body 'His head right

in-between her toes and his chest

right under her soft sole.' She got back up and began to walk while

speaking out loud. You really

think Im stupid Jeremy? I know you have not learned your lesson; in

fact, the lesson has not

even begun. Oh by the way, we still have 5 floors to go, so be

patient. After the 5 more floors

which seemed a hundred times longer than the first 7, Jeremy was

finally able to hear other

voices other than his mom's. She was in the working place heading

towards her office. Jeremy

could hear his mother say high to all her co-workers as she passed

them by. She even stopped

once to chat with one of her friends. She seemed a lot happier

towards all these people than she

normally does towards him. Finally after forever she reached her

office. She slammed the door

behind her and fell into her big leather chair. She let out a big

gasp as she hit the chair and

then raised her legs and placed them on her desk. Her long stocking

covered legs stretched out over

her desk and hung on the other side. Jeremy, do you see how much

energy I waste to punish you.

Why do you have to be such a sick pervert? HuH!? Answer me young man!

Jeremy tried to answer but

his mother's foot toes were in his face and he figured it wouldn't

matter, because her foot and

the shoe he was in would muffle out anything he had to say anyway.

His mom knew this though; she

was just trying to irritate him as much as she could. Well Jeremy, I

am going to be here for at

least for hours going through paperwork, so get comfortable, by then

we can go get some lunch.

Now since you love feet so much I want you to kiss mine while you're

in there. I don't want you

to stop no matter what or I'll make the conditions for your

punishment worse!! Now you

may begin kissing and like I said, do not stop kissing until I say

so. Jeremy immediately began

kissing his mother's toes. He figured what the hell, he is already

soar and covered in foot

sweat and has tasted it since the stairs. After just a few minutes of

kissing her toes his world

began to shake again. His mom took off the shoe he was in and dropped

him onto her desk in front

of her. She placed her hand over her nose, OH MY GOD, the smell is

unbearable honey, and I don't

see how you can enjoy it so much. She then brought the opening of her

pump to her nose and

sniffed a few times and began to smile as she spoke, seriously

sweetie, my shoes reek, and you

are a very odd boy if you enjoy this nasty smell. I don't enjoy it

mom!! Jeremy could not help it;

he was waiting to scream at her for ever. EXCUSE ME, did you just

raise your voice at me?! I am

your mother and you are in no position to raise your voice. You chose

to sniff my footwear, you

chose to do it again after I forgave you, and then you chose to sniff

your sister's footwear

too. This is all your fault not mine. Actually mom, Jessica lied to

you; I did not smell any of

her footwear. Well I don't believe you and it is too late to change

anything. Now the only reason

I took off my shoes was so that I could slip off my stocking. She

then brought her right foot from

under the desk and placed it on the desk right next to where Jeremy

was standing and began

pulling it off. Once she pulled it off she grabbed her son and gave

him a quick glance and a

slight smile than dropped him down her stocking. He slid to the toe

section knowing exactly what

was about to happen. His mom rolled the stocking so that it was all

scrunched up to the toe

section. She held it open behind her desk and brought her face down

towards the opening to give

Jeremy a few words. My feet were getting hot in those pumps plus I

could barely feel your lips

kissing my toes so I thought I would get you against my bare foot.

With that said I think I am

going to let you get back to your punishment. She then brought the

opening of the stocking to her 5

beautiful but sweaty toes and pulled the stocking on. Her toes and

sole immediately engulfed

Jeremy. She pulled the stocking on as tight as she could then placed

her stocking covered feet

under her desk and began on her paperwork. Jeremy soon began kissing

his mother's feet as she

wiggled her toes all over him and tapped her feet on top of him as

she hummed a song to herself.

Hours of this went by and Jeremy could think of nothing but food. His

stomach was making loud

noised and he had sharp pains all over his body. Some of the pain

from hunger and some of it from

the constant pressure of his mother's weight that he had endured

earlier. Normally, after

experiencing something so gross, he would not be able to eat at all,

but he had not ate for such a

long time that he would be willing to eat off her feet.

*'Foreshadowing' He embraced another hour

of stench, sweat, and constant movement. Plus he was still kissing

her feet and listening to her

hum. He had never heard a person hum so much in his life. You would

think that if you were in his

position that you would be more tormented by the smell of her

gigantic feet, the heat, etc. But

her humming seemed to get to him the most; and he is not quite sure

why. Finally he heard his

mother say all done and then she got up putting all her weight down

on him. She yawned and

stretched her arms over her head. She then grabbed her pumps and sat

on her desk. She placed

her left pump on but before placing her right one on; she brought the

bottom of her foot to her

face and spoke to her son through her stocking. Alright Jeremy, it is

finally lunchtime! So here

we go sweetie. She brought her foot closer to her lips and kissed

Jeremy on the back of his head

pushing his face even deeper into her toes. Then she placed her shoe

on her foot and hopped off

the desk landing carelessly on her son. Again Jeremy had to endure

his mother's foot step all

over him as she walked to the lunchroom. She went into the offices

refrigerator and grabbed some

food and went to sit at a table. She sat at an empty table and placed

the food in front of her.

She then tore some turkey off of her sandwich and some bread too then

sneakily slipped off her

right shoe with her left foot and looked around to make sure no one

was looking. She then bent

under the desk and placed the food in her shoe then placed her shoe

back on. She then maneuvered

the food with her foot until it was right under her toes. CRAP!! I

forgot you're in my stockings.

She whispered this to herself before she bent over again to take off

her shoe. She dumped the

food on the ground then immediately got up and walked towards her

office. She slammed the door

behind her and took off her shoe then her stocking. She dropped

Jeremy onto her desk and

waved her hand around her nose 'From the smell of course.' Sorry

honey, I forgot you were in those

stinky things. She slammed her right pump on the desk next to Jeremy,

alright baby, get in!! But

mom, why can't you just bring the food here and I can eat it

privately? Because our policy is that

we can't eat our meals in our offices; food is only allowed in the

lunchroom. And by the way,

you should not be talking; you are being punished young man. Don't

think because I am letting you

eat that I am getting soft on you, because I am not. Now get in my

shoe!! Fine, I'll get in your

smelly shoe. What was that?! Nothing............... Jeremy got in

the shoe and

laid in 'the position'. His mother took no time in introducing her

son to the bottom of her foot

once again. She then took off her other stocking and placed her left

shoe back on and quickly

walked out of her office and towards the lunchroom. She sat back down

at the same table

where she had left her food. She again tore off some turkey and bread

from her food. She slowly

slipped the heel of her foot out of her pump and slipped the food in.

She then slid her toes out

of the toe section and slid them down Jeremy's body and towards the

heel of the shoe where the

food was. Once the food was beneath her toes she slid her toes along

with the food back towards

Jeremy. The food was in Jeremy's reach now; she slid her toes back on

top of him and pushed her

foot all the way back in her pump. She could feel Jeremy moving

around in her shoe, he was

obviously trying to grab the turkey and bread which he succeeded in

doing. He grabbed the

turkey and began eating like a pig not caring that the meat was

covered in his mother's foot

sweat and smelled of feet. Eventually his mother began eating too

while thinking about all the

horrible things she was going to put Jeremy through for being such a

pervert. 25 minutes

later Jeremy's mother was done eating; she got up and walked back

into her office. Jeremy was not

done eating but had no choice once his mother's toes slammed into his

face. When she got into

her office she sat down and placed her right ankle on top of her left

thigh to take off her

shoe. Man Jeremy, thanks for messing up my shoe, there's turkey and

bread everywhere. She picked

him out of the shoe and placed him on her lap as she dumped the food

from the shoe into the trash

next to her desk. Well Jeremy, that is as good as it gets. Back in my

stocking.................Before she could finish her sentence one of

her co-workers walked in.

Hey Jill, what are you doing after work?

Uhhhhhhhhhh............Nothing Dan, why? I was

wondering if you would like to go to a bar and get have some drinks.

Oh sure why not. Jeremy

was on his mother's lap listening to thins and he was not happy. He

hated all the men who hit on

his mom. At the moment though, he was more upset that now he would

have to endure even more of his

mother's feet. Well, that's all I wanted to ask you, I'll see you at

6:00..............Oh and by

the way, your office smells horrible. They both laughed as Dan walked

out of the office. Did you

hear that Jeremy, we're going to a bar after work? But right now, you

are going in my

stockings, so stay put for a second. His mother placed him on the

desk and began to peel off her

left stocking. You've been treating my right foot for a while. Let's

let the left one have

some fun too. She picked up Jeremy and dropped him in her left

stocking. She purposely did not

roll them up so that she could watch him slide to the toe section

then she slowly pulled them on

her foot as Jeremy hung inside. The smell for him was become worse

and worse since the

beginning of the day. You would think he would get use to the smell

but his mother's foot odor

was unbearable and becoming smellier every minute which seemed

inhumane to him. Once her foot was

fully inserted into the stocking she brought the bottom of her foot

towards her and positioned

Jeremy. Except this time she had his face under her heel and his legs

going towards her toes. I

thought I'd try a new position this time. I want you to kiss and lick

my heel while I work; just

like before. Now get to work my smelly little son and don't slack off

or I'll press my heel

down so hard you'll never be able to detach your head face from it.

Jeremy began worshipping his

mother's heel in his hot sweaty prison. He could tell that her foot

was hanging from the ground

because probably because she had her legs crossed. She would

constantly swing her foot up

and down which felt like a roller coaster to him. He was just glad

that he did not have to

deal with her wiggling toes and his head being constantly squeezed

between them. Plus, it did

not smell as bad under her heel, though it was not anything close to

pleasant. Once in a while

he would hear her speak, because she was on the phone or because

someone had walked in. Hours

went by and he was still licking and loving his mother's foot

thinking to himself how it would

feel to just jump into a swimming pool, or to taste a big juicy

burger, or even to simply lay

on his bed and sleep. He took all these things for granted when he

was a normal size. While he

was thinking he began to feel funny, then his body started to shake

and his eyes began to burn

along with the rest of his body. He heard his mother faintly say


But he could not help it; he began shaking harder and HARDER!!






THEN..............................Jeremy was lying on his back right

by his mother's feet.

That's when he realized that he had grown back to his normal size. OH

my god!! Jeremy stay put, I

just need to get something. As his mother bent over into her purse;

Jeremy realized exactly what

she was reaching for, THE OIL!! He got up and ran out of her office

and towards the elevator.

However, One thing was not mentioned, he had nothing but his

underwear on. His mother had

taken most of his clothes off after she had shrunk him.?Because his

clothes were scrunching

up between her toes, etc.' His mother ran out the office and looked

to see where he was. He

had already left and everyone on that level just looked at her in

shock. She had never been so

embarrassed in her life. Jeremy on the other hand had never been so

happy in his life. He had

escaped from his mother's gigantic feet and was heading

towards..............That's when he

stopped and realized that he has nowhere to go. He can't go home

because his mother will look

there first, not to mention his sister hates him and also has that

oil stuff. He can't go to his

best friends house again, especially now since his mother had given

his friend's mom some of

that oil too. All of a sudden he figured out where he could go, his

sister has a friend who

likes him and he has always liked her. But he never went out with her

because the girl was way

to gothic and everyone would make fun of him. Even though he was

taking a chance by going to

his sister's friend's house, he figured he had no choice. He also

thought about calling the cops,

but how would this sound: 'Oh you have to help me; my mom got this

magic oil and shrunk me then

wore me inside her shoes and stockings all day.' Not to mention, even

if they did believe him

which they never would, he would be all over T.V. 'Boy was shrunk and

turned into a foot toy

by his own mother.' Not exactly something he wants people to know.

Anyway, the elevator

finally got to the first floor and he ran out the building as fast as

he could but once he got

outside he realized that he's downtown with no money or any clothes


He turned around to see if he should run back inside but saw his

mother getting out the

elevator, he also saw security coming from a different direction. He

decided being seen

running naked through the streets is not as embarrassing as being

held captive by his

mother's toes. He ran down the street as people honked at him and

laughed. He then ran into a

small shop which happened to be a women's shoe store. "How

convenient." The woman at the desk

immediately saw him and asked him what was the meaning of this.

Please, do you have any

clothes; I am very hungry and cold. Please I am begging you for some

help!! How did you get like

this son? It is a very long story, but please I do not have much time

to talk. Well, all I have

are women's shoes and that obviously isn't going to help much, but I

suppose I can let you use the

phone if you promise to leave right after. Alright, that will do.

Once Jeremy was given the

phone he tried to think of someone he could call, but couldn't. He

then realized that his sister

was the only person he could reach and he figured it is either her or

run all the way home naked.?

Which would take all day.' He called home and his sister picked up.

Hello. Hi Jess, it's

Jeremy. What do you want; shouldn't you be in our mom's shoes or

something? Yes, but she let

me go and said I have to get ride home on my own because she has to

work still. Why did she let

you go bro? She thought I had endured enough. Well what do you want

from me? I told you sis,

just give me a ride. And bring me some clothes. Clothes? Ya, I need

a shirt, pants, and shoes.

What about a hat? Jeremy was not amused by her

humor.................Seriously Jessica, I am at

that women's shoe store, it's called The Shoe Room. It's right by

mom's work. Oh I know where

you are, I buy shoes there all the time. They have such cool shoes,

now that I think about it,

I need some new shoes, all my old ones are dirty and torn up. Plus,


sme.............Seriously Jess, I don't have time for this, are you

coming or not. Sure, I'll be

there in 30 minutes. Bye and thank you so much. Jessica hung up the

phone in the middle of his

thank you but Jeremy didn't care, as long as she shows up he'll be

grateful. Well, are you

finished? Yes mam, is there any chance I could stay in here until my

sister comes. Well, I

suppose you could stay in the back if you do not make a sound. Thank

you, that will do. While

Jeremy waited in the back he noticed a pair of knee high boots in the

corner just a few feet

away. He then noticed that he did not have any urges to go smell

them. This seemed very odd,

normally; he would be tortured just resisting thinking about them,

now he is being tortured by

looking at them. While he thought about all the things that happened

today, and what he is going

to do about his mom he heard a very familiar

voice.......................Hi! Have you seen

this boy come around here? "Showing the lady a picture of

him." He was probably half naked. I

am his mother unfortunately, and am worried sick. Oh my god, I have,

he's in the back

waiting on his sister. Jeremy's eyes widened more than he could ever

think and then he saw his

mother's figure in the doorway. Oh Jeremy, I am so glad you're ok,

come here, we'll go get you

some clothes. You must be hungry too. Why did you run off like that?

Jeremy knew that his

mother was pretending to be nice in front of the lady and that she

would turn into the devil once

they were alone. Mom, you can leave, Jessica is coming to get me. Oh

I see Jeremy; you are too

cool to be seen with your mother. Both women laughed and then she

asked the lady working there

if she and her son could be alone. The lady said no problem and

walked out of the storage room.

Jeremy was still sitting down as his mother walked up towards him.

Her shadow covered his

body as he crawled into the corner and looked up at her very angry

face. All of a sudden it

turned into a smiling face as she began to speak...............Now I

see what is wrong with

you. I am being too hard on you, instead of being so mean and cruel

to you, I should show you

more love and care. What do you think son? Jeremy paused for a second

thinking that this

woman could snap any minute then nodded a yes. Good, she laughed

what seemed like a very fake

one then stared at him for a second. Let's go then Jeremy. As they

left the store they saw

Jessica pull up next to the sidewalk. She stepped out the car and

opened the back door for

Jeremy. He looked at his mom and she looked back at him. Its ok

Jeremy, get in. Jeremy got in

the back seat and Jessica closed the door. She then went and sat

behind the wheel again. Jeremy

pulled down the window to say a few words to his mom. So you're not

mad anymore? No Jeremy, I

never was, I was just trying to teach you a lesson. Now don't worry

about me anymore, just

go home and rest. Jeremy sat there and closed his eyes for a moment

and tried to think pleasant

thoughts. Then he realized he was still naked. Hey Jessica, where are

my clothes? Damn!! I

knew I forgot something. Jeremy could tell from his sister's voice

that she didn't care. Once

they got home, Jeremy ran out the car and towards the house. He

waited for his sister to get out

the car and open the door. Finally, he was home and felt very free.

Even though he was still

worried that his mom would put him through all that hell again. He

ran upstairs and laid on his

bed looking at his ceiling. Only minutes went by until he heard a

creek from his door as it

opened. It was his sister. Hey sis, can I help you? No, I just wanted

to see if you are ok. Ya

I'm fine now, traumatized, but I'll survive. I just wanted to thank

you again for being so cool

about the whole thing, even though you were the reason why I was in

that situation in the first

place. His sister had slowly gotten closer to him as he was talking

and was now right next to

his bed. Ya. sorry about that, you know how I can get kinda evil all

of a sudden. Ya I know

Jess, well thanks anyway. No problem bro. She bent over to give him a

kiss on the cheek and as

she did she rubbed her finger on his nose. Jeremy immediately began

to shrink.

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! He was now

around 4 inches looking up at

his sister. WHY!? Well, after you called me, I called our mom and

told her where you were and

that you wanted me to pick you up. That's when we came up with this

plan. She decided she was

tired of you being under her feet and said she was too mad to punish

you, because she might kill

you. She then decided that I should come pick you up like you

intended me too then to shrink

you when we got home, which I did!! Now I am going to slip these big

giant black boots off,

then I am going to peel these dirty stinky socks off and I am going

to slip you in the right one.

Then I am going to put my

big..............sweaty...............smelly...... .............slimy

foot into this nasty sock and I am going to pull it on my foot as

tight as I can. Then I am going to finish it off with my

big giant horribly smell right boot. After that I am going to put all

my weight on you as I walk,

jump, and stomp the shit outta you. I hope you enjoy it

all...............Actually I'm lying; I

hope you suffer, which you will!! Mom said I can keep you like this

for a very long time and

after that I'm not sure what she is planning to do. But until then

enjoy being you sister's foot

toy. She then scooped him up and did exactly what she had described.

He was in her boiling

socks and boots all day; smelling her nasty feet, soaking all the

sweat and getting crushed the

whole time. When his mom came home; she went to Jessica's room and

opened the door. So did you

do what I told you to? YUP!! He's in those stinky things as we

speak!! Good honey, I

recommend you make him lick and rub your toes; he's pretty good at

it. I'm one step ahead of

you mom. They both laughed and Jeremy's mom closed the door behind

her leaving him in his

sister's shoes to suffer. His mother did not have that much oil

left, so

she met up with the Wu's to get as much as she could. She gave some

to Jessica and made sure she

applied it to Jeremy as much as needed. They also took pleasure in

using it on others when they had

the chance but that is a whole other story. THE


Jeremy was his sister's foot toy for weeks after weeks. She wore him

in her dirtiest and smelliest shoes, socks, and stockings. She shared

him with her best friend, 'The gothic girl he liked' and many of her

other gothic friends. She teased and tortured him as much as she

could. Throughout this time with his sister he never saw his mother.

He heard her voice a lot, like sometimes he would hear her say

'Jessy, I hope your feet aren't too stinky today.' Or 'Let your

brother out for some air, he's been in there too long.' Or 'Give your

brother a break; you keep him under your feet all day.' Which was

usually followed with both of them laughing. After a few weeks

Giantess Stories: Mercy Mother Mercy

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