Giantess Stories: Michelle

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Michelle's Shrink Ray


Hi, i'm Justin, and for the past few days, I was shrunk by friend Michelle! It

was the most incredible experience I have ever felt! Let me tell you what


It was another long and boring day at school, and I couldn't wait to get home.

On the bus, I sat next to my friend Michelle. Michelle was a nice, and VERY

attractive young woman. She was fairly tall at 5'9", long brown hair, beautiful

blue eyes, and the most adorable smile. She was wearing a purple sweater with

matching purple socks and bellbottom jeans. I, on the other hand, not as

attractive as she was. I am... (I mean)was 5'7" with dark brown hair, brown

eyes, and an avarage sized body. I was wearing an ordinary green shirt and my

Wrangler blue jeans. Curiously, she asked me if I wanted to come over to help

her with a science experement she was working on. I was slightly hesitant at

first but decided, what better do I have to do. And anyway, being an incredibly

attractive woman, who would pass up an offer like that on any occasion? I got

off at her bus stop, and we walked to her house.

She invited me in and we went strait up into her room. It was a typical High

School girls' room; pink carpet, purple walls, and posters of boy-bands

surrounding the room. Michelle went into her closet and pulled out a cart with

what looked like some kind of laser device on it. The equipment looked pretty

complicated, but her dad was really into creating machines of all sorts, so

thats probably where she got all the components from. I asked her, "What is this

machine supposed to do". She said "It shrinks stuff, anything you wanted to".

"Does it work?" I asked. "Yep, but I just need to do one more test". I now had

an idea of what she needed me for. "I need to shrink a person". She concluded.

No WAY, could a deep dark fantasy of mine be coming true? This could be the

greatest or the worst day of my life. I didn't know what to think. She then

said, "I have tested it on other living things; my hapster, my cat, and my dog.

They are all perfectly fine, and I can always make you big again whenever you

want". That brought a little assurance to me, but I still had some questions

about it. I asked "How small will I be?" She responded "You will be slightly

bigger than 4" tall". Well, that wouldn't be so bad, I thought. I then agreed to

be the first test subject of her new shrinking ray!

I stood in the middle of her room, waiting for her to position the shrink ray so

it aimed for my chest. When it was ready, she counted "3...2...1...". Shen then

pressed a red button on the shrink ray console and a glowing purple beam came

out and struck me. The beam was warm and tingling my body all over. Then, I felt

like I was on a roller coaster, but just going down that steep first drop. I saw

with amazement, Michelle's room, and everyhthing in it, grow! After about a

minute, I stopped shrinking. Everything was huge, her bed, furniture,

EVERYTHING! It was like I entered a whole new world. Like the Land of the

Giants. Then suddenly I heard a slight booming noise and felt the floor slightly

vibrate. Michelle was walking towards me. I saw her purple socks right in front

of me. I then looked up, and met with her humongus face. She was the size of a

thirty story building, maybe even bigger! She then bent down and gently picked

me up. Her hand was warm and soft. She placed me on her nightstand and she sat

down on her bed. It looked as if she was as shocked as I was, to see a tiny

living doll, right before her eyes. She then asked, "How do you feel?" I said,

"N-Nervous, I g-g-guess". I was having difficulty getting the words out, as I

stared in awe and slight confusion of my new surroundings. "Well, I have to do

some tests on you now, to see if the shrinking process went OK, alright?" She

said. "OK" I responded. She then said, "I'm going to remove all of your

clothes". Puzzled, she tried undressing me, put ripped my clothes to shreads.

I've never been naked in front of another woman before, but there's a first time

for everything.

I was embarressed about having my cock fully erect in front of her, but she took

it as a compliment, and seemingly turned on by it. She examined my body and

began taking notes about my condition. She read aloud what she was writing and

wrote that no physical harm was inflicted. She then asked a series of questions

to me, then wrote that no mental harm was done either. I was perfectly fine

(Thank God). Then she gave me a choice, she said "You can either grow back to

normal now, or we could have a little fun for awhile". Finally, my fantasy come

true! It seemed she wanted to have some fun as that was an option. So having my

emotions speak out before even giving the subject any thought, I chose to have

some fun!

She grinned, and her eyes widened. I got nervous at first, but thought to

myself, she was my friend and she would never hurt me. I saw her get off her bed

and head towards her closet. She was schrimmaging through her stuff, when she

yelled "Found them!". She then came back towards me with a pair of sneakers. I

had a feeling of what the first part of the fun was. She finally said, "These

will be our transport sneakers". I looked inside, there was a cut-out in the

sneaker in the shape of a 4" tall body. I figuered this is how she would be

transporting me places. "Wanna give it a test run?" She asked. "Sure" I said.

Michelle then said, "When my foot is in, tap four times if your OK, tap three

times if your very uncomfortable, and tap two times if I'm hurting you,

alright". "Alright" I responded. I climbed into her giant sneaker. Luckily, she

had pretty big feet, with an 8 shoe size. I layed down in the cut-out. A perfect

and comfortable fit. The cut-out was deep, so she wouldn't crush me when she

walked. She also had place a tiny hole from the cut-out to outside her shoe so I

could breathe. I then heard her ask, "Are you OK in there?" "It's perfect and

comfy too" I responded. Then she said, "I'm going to put it on now, remeber the

knocking meathod, four if your OK, three if your unconfortable, two if I'm

hurting you". I responded "Yep, see you later". She smiled and began to pick up

the sneaker.

I felt the sneaker stop when it hit the floor. I saw Michelle smile when she saw

me. I smiled back at her. Then, I saw her foot raise. She adjusted the purple

socks she was wearing. Then her foot slowly and gently slid into the sneaker.

Her purple sock tickled my naked skin. She finally pushed her foot down gently

so both she and I were comfortable. She tied the sneaker and then I heard her

put the other one on. When she was done, I heard her ask "How are you doing?" I

then slightly punched her foot four times, indicating I was alright. Then she

began walking around for about a minute. She then asked again, "Still alright?".

I again lightly punched her foot four times. Then I heard her say, "Well, we

have to go to the Stop & Shop for some milk and bread, 'cause were out. It won't

be too long, then we'll play another game, OK?" She asked. "Alright" I

responded. Then we were moving again. She got in her car and in about two

minutes were at the Stop & Shop. I was loving every minute of being transported

in her sneaker. Her sock touching my face. I LOVE womens socks. Kind of another

fetish. In no time at all, we were back in her car heading home.

When she walked in, we again went strait up to her room. Just before she was

about to take her sneakers off, there was a knock at her door. "Just a minute!"

She yelled. She quickly turned off the shrink ray and hid it back into her

closet. Then she opened her door. It was her mother. She explained to Michelle

that she and her father were planning to go on a little vacation to Florida.

They just wanted to know if she would be alright by herself for the weekend. She

said to her mom, "That'll be fine, I'll be alright for a few days". Her mom

said, "I am going to go now to pick your dad up from work and go straight to the

airport, we'll be back Sunday night!". Michelle's mom gave her a kiss and then


Michelle sat on her bed and took off her sneakers. "Did you hear that!" she said

excidedly, "No parents for the weekend!". Then she asked me, "How would you like

to stay that size for a few days?" I was hesitant. "I can set up a really cool

dollhouse for you to live in, and we can hang out together, whaddya say?". Hey,

I was loving being this small. You can't pass up an oppertunity to hang out with

a beautiful, and now gigantic girl like that. Besides, my parents went on a

business trip to California yesterday and wouldn't be coming back until Monday

evening. "Sure, why not, it'll be knida cool!" I blurted out. Her eyes widend

with amazement and she said "Great! This will be SOOO cool!". She picked me up

off the floor and placed me on her huge bed. "Wait right here!" She said. A few

minutes later she retured with a Deluxe Barbie dollhouse. She set it on the

floor, then went over and picked me up off her bed. She set me right next to the

dollhouse. I went inside and began exploring.

It was a little big, making me feel like the Kelly doll of the household. But it

was still great. There were still some Barbie dolls inside. They were double the

size of me. It seemed Michelle had already redesigned the dollhouse with

cushoning for the sofa and chairs. I went upstairs into the bedroom. She had

cushoned the bed and added some blankets and pillows to it. This place was

great. I then went downstairs and out the front door. "Do you like it?" she aked.

"Yea, it's great!" I responded". "Good" she said. Then she said "Man! I'm

hungry, are you?" "Yea, actually" I told her. She then picked me up and put an

odd expression on her face, then she grinned. She took me and placed me

inbetween her clevage. WOW! I was now sitting in the middle of her humongous

breasts! She giggled and asked "Are you OK in there?". I said, "This is

awesome!". She smiled at me, and went downstairs to the kitchen.

She went into the freezer and picked out a Weight Watchers TV Dinner. It was a

Pasta with chicken and vegetables, in a cream sauce. She popped it the microwave

and set it for three minutes. When it was done, she took it out and placed it on

the kitchen table, sat down, and pulled me out of her cleavage. She set me on

the table right next to the TV dinner. Then she stopped, stared at me and

grinned. She picked me up and put me in her TV dinner. I exclaimed, "What in the

hell are you doing!". She told me, "I'm just playing around, you can eat some of

the food in here while I eat too, OK". "OK" I told her. I began eating a noodle

that was half the size of my body. She was eating three of them at a time,

gulping them down. When we were finished, she gave me another grin. She took me

and covered me in the remaining cream sauce. Then she took me up to her face and

began licking the sauce off of my tiny body. Her huge tounge stroked my whole

body all over the place. It was very arousing! So arousing that when her tounge

stroked my cock, I came. "MMmmmm, you tasted good" she said.

She brought me back upstaris into her bedroom and placed me on her bed. She went

and leaned on the backboard of her bed, extending her legs foward and streched

out. She then asked, "What do you want to do now?" I gave her an "I don't know"

expression. Then she said, "Hey, why don't we talk about our sexual fantasies?"

Hesitantly, I said, "OK, I guess". She smiled and asked, "OK then, what is your

favorite fantasy?". I said, "Well, i'm kind of living it right now, if you catch

my drift". Her eyes lit up, "REALLY! 'Cause my favorite fantasy is being a giant

woman having fun with tiny men!". Wow, it was perfect! She liked being the giant

woman, and I liked being the tiny man! Then she said, "Hey, why don't you

explore Michelle-ville!" (Pointing to herself). My eyes lit up, my dream had

come true! "Alright" I responded.

I began to walk over to her feet. Each foot was double the size of my body! I

began to feel the humongous purple socks she was wearing. So beautiful, fuzzy,

and soft. I climbed up her foot and then slid down the other side. I began

walking across her leg, one of two long, blue roads that intersected at the end.

When I reached the end of her leg, I climbed up her purple sweater. Just like

her socks, it was fuzzy and soft. When I reached the top of her sweater, she

said "Now go underneath". With that, she took her finger and pushed me

underneath her sweater. I crawled around and found her bra. I crawled underneath

her left breast and the bra cup. I was squished between them and it felt so

good! I found her nipple and began caressing it. I found myself having another

orgasim from that. I continued my way down to her panties. I went inside them

and began kissing and caressing her huge pussy. I heard her moan which must be

that I'm doing a good job. But I had to continue my journey first, I would be

going back there soon, I knew. I contined on her leg inside her jeans. When I

reached her foot, I decided to go into her purple sock. I was now trapped

between the top of her foot and her purple sock. I had yet another orgasim

inside her sock.

When I came out, she leaped off the bed and began doing a strip tease. She took

off her sweater and tossed it on top of me. I crawled under the sweater and got

back up on top. Then she took off her pants and threw them on top of me. I got

up on top of them. Then she took her socks off. She took one of them, picked me

up and placed me inside. She slowly swung it around and then ploped it on top of

her other clothes. Then she took her bra off, and put it on top of me. It

completely covered my body like a tent. It was truly arousing. When I came out

of her bra, she began to take off her panties. Then she picked me up again and

placed me inside them! I smelt her delicious femine odor that aroused me more.

She finally place the panties on her bed, allowing me to get out and see her

nude body.

It was amazing! She was beautiful. Humongous breasts and a newly shaved pussy.

She was amazing! I wanted her SOOOO bad. Then she spoke, "Are you ready for some

real fun, little man!". I nodded nervously but excitedly as well. She pushed her

clothes off the bed and hoped on. I fell down but got back up quickly. I began

to walk up her stomach, to her humongous tits. I carressed her right tit,

kissing it, licking it, sucking it, humping it. I could easily tell she was

enjoying this from her moans. I then stopped and walked across and did the same

thing to her other tit. After I was done with her tits, I walked down her

stomach to her humongous virgina. I began licking, kissing, and massaging her

clit. Her moans and groans became louder. Both of us were turned on by this.

Then, through her panting she said, "I...wannt you...insidde meeeee!". With

that, her huge index finger pushed me head first into her pussy. She pushed me

all the way in. The walls inside were wet and slippery. The oxygen supply would

not last long, so I tried my fastest to bring her to climax and get me out. I

rubbed, massaged, squirmed, kicked, any place I could. Then I heard a rumbling

noise, she was just about at climax. I continued to do as I was. The muscles in

her virgina were now contracting, almost crushing me, but luckily she didn't.

She finally came, which pushed me out of her pussy. I was still aroused and

began licking th cum that came out of her, then I came. She was out like a

light, but I still wanted to explore my new surroundings.

I jumed off the bed and landed in her clothes. I was amazed at how big her room

was. I had to go to the bathroom. So I decided to try to go myself. I walked out

of her room across the hall to the bathroom. The bathroom light was on, I guess

she forgot to shut it. Right next to the toilet was the scrubber used to clean

the toilet bowl. I climbed up the scrubber. When I reached the top, I jumped for

the seat and made it. The toilet was the size of a swimming pool. Luckily, I

only had to go #1. Right after I went, I heard footsteps. Michelle must have

woken up. Then I saw the bathroom door swing all the way open. Michelle walked

in, but she looked like she was dead tired. I tried to yell to her, but she

didn't respond. She was still naked. All of a sudden, she seemed as if she had

to go to the bathroom as well. She almost sat on top of me, but she

accidentially knocked me into the toilet.

There was a little bit of light coming from the back that her lovely ass didn't

cover. All of a sudden, she began to pee, but she pee'd on me. At first, I

thought that was nasty, so I moved back. Not knowing, all of a sudden, a terd

bigger than me crashed on top of my head, which knocked me under the water

(becoming pee water). I quickly got up and regained my breath. Now, I was

actually getting aroused by this. I went under where she was still peeing and

began letting it get over my body. After almost another minute, she stopped

peeing. So, I went under her mighty anus and awaited another terd to drop. This

time, the terd was about half my body lenth and didn't through me as far under

the pee water. I took the terd and hugged it. It mushed all over my body. Then I

went for the bigger terd she dropped before. I jumped on it and began floating

in the pee water. I swam with it again under her mighty anus and awaited another

terd. Then, some tiny terds a little bigger than my head began falling down.

Then I saw her get up of the toilet. I had to get her attention before she

flushed the toilet. I screamed at the top of my lungs to her. Finally, she

turned around, opening her eyes a bit. Then she noticed me.

She took the toilet scrubber and brought it down to me. I grabbed on to it. She

picked it up and placed it in the sink. I guess she saw that I was a mess. She

flushed the toilet and gave me a bath in the sink. "How did you get in the

toilet?" she asked. I told her, "You knocked me in when you almost sat down on

me". She giggled and said, "Oh, i'm so sorry! I didn't see you". "Thats OK" I

said. She finished my bath and gave me a washcloth to dry off with. Then she

said, "It's getting late, it's almost midnight". We need to find some clothes

for you and then go to bed. We still have two more days of fun". She left the

bathroom to find some clothes for me to wear.

She came back with some pink Barbie pajamas and teeny matching pink socks. "Woah!

I don't want to wear those!" I exclaimed. She said, "Oh c'mon, no one is going

to see you but me. Besides, it's only temporary 'till we get some other clothes

tomorrow". I sighed, "Alright, i'll wear them". She placed them next to me. I

changed into them. The top covered my body down to my knees, so I didn't wear

the pants. The pink socks kept my feet warm so I wore them too, they fit

perfectly. She then brought me back to her room and placed me on the dresser. "Aaaawwwww!

You look sooooo cute!" she said in a kid type of voice. "Knock it off!" I said,

embarrased wearing Barbie doll clothes. She took her green PJ's, panties, and a

pair of green socks out and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower. When

she came back, she brought me down to the doll house. I went into the bedroom

upstairs. I saw her huge face staring at me through the window. She said

goodnight and blew me a kiss. I went to sleep and anxiously awaited the next



I woke up the next day to what seemed to be an earthquake. But Michelle was just

shaking the house trying to wake me up. "I'm up! I'm up!" I shouted. The shaking

finally stopped. I ran downstairs and opened the door. I saw Michelle's big

green socks staring at me. I looked up and saw her huge grinning face staring at

me. "Ready to eat, we've got a big day ahead of us" She said. She picked me up

and sat me on her shoulder. She had a plate of scrambled eggs and toast and a

glass of O.J. She did the same thing as yesterday, placing me in the scrambled

eggs, eating around me. Then she placed me in her O.J. and drank it with me in

it. I drank some of it too. It was scary whenever she drank it because I felt

like I was going to fall into her mouth. But, she stopped whenever she saw that

about to happen. When there was only a little bit of juice remaining in the

glass. I saw that grin again, which meant she wanted to do something. She then

took the glass and drank the rest of the juice, but I went with it. Luckily, she

had no intention of eating me. She pushed me around with her tounge. When she

was done, she spit me out on the plate. I was covered in her saliva, and loved


She took me up stairs into the bathroom. We both had to go, so she dropped me in

the toilet and I went, while still in my clothing. Then she sat down and began

to pee again. Her piss was very warm and arousing. Neither of us had to go #2.

She used the toilet scrubber and pulled me out. She flushed the toilet while I

got out of my ruined pajamas. She then undressed directly over me, so all of her

clothes fell on top of me. She then picked me up into the shower and washed me

and herself. She dried her and myself off and then went into her room.

She was getting herself dressed. She was wearing a pink long sleeved shirt with

a V-Neck to show her clevage, dark blue bellbottom jeans, and pink socks

matching her shirt. After she finished dressing, she said to me, "We're going to

goto the mall and look for some clothes for you". Finally, some good clothes, I

thought. She grabbed the sneaker with the cut-out in it and placed it next to

me. I hoped in and situated myself while she put the other sneaker on. Then she

grabbed the shoe with me inside and put it on. I felt her soft pink sock touch

my naked body. "How are you doing in there" she asked. I lightly punched her

foot four times. "Great! Let's get going!" she said in response.

On the way to the mall, she said, "If you want to, the air hole also lets you

look through it pretty well". I decided to try it. Not much you can see from

such a close distance, I saw part of her other sneaker pretty well. "Cool!" I

said as loud as I could, hopeing she could hear me. She responded, "Good, I hope

you enjoy that nice view". Her car stopped. "We're here!" I heard her say.

I couldn't see much through the view finder/air hole, although it felt like she

was walking forever. I was feeling her sock for most of the time, rubbing it

against my cock. I had five orgaisms the whole time we were in the mall.

Finally, I heard her car starting and we were leaving the mall. She began

talking to me, "I found some clothes that should fit you perfectly. I got six

diffrent outfits for you". "Great!" I said.

When we got back to her house, it was 12:35pm from what she said. She ran up to

her room and took her shoes off. She noticed that I came several times on her

sock and in one big slurp, licked it all away. I came out of her sneaker and saw

the bag full of doll clothes. She picked them out and showed them to me. They

were all mainly children doll clothes. Four out of the six were for the Kelly

doll, but weren't extremly girly. Another one was a regular Barbie doll clothing

and the last one was some baby doll clothes. I was suspicious why she got

clothes bigger and smaller that I was, but didn't pay to much attention to it. I

picked the Kelly clothes that had a red shirt, blue jeans, red socks, and white

sneakers. Michelle opened the box and I put the clothes on. She picked me up and

placed me on her bed, then sat next to me. Standing, my head could just peer up

over her leg. "So, what do you want to do?" she asked me. I said "Well, your the

boss, you tell me". "OK" she responded. "It looked as if she had something in

mind, but was wondering if she should do it. Then she said, "Stay here!". She

went into her closet and pulled out the shrink ray.

She started to set up the shrink ray when I asked, "What are you going to do?"

She responded, "Well, I want to first make you grow a little taller, so we can

play some games that may hurt or kill you at that size. Then, I want to shrink

you smaller and experment on that. Is that OK with you?" "S-sure, I guess?" I

sputtered out. When it was all set up, she aimed it at me and pressed a green

button. A yellow beam now shot out of the ray. Now, instead of feeling like I

was falling, I felt like I was in an airplane taking off. The growth beam shut

quicker than the shrink beam, and I was still pretty small. I met with

Michelle's knee's. I still had to crank my neck back to see her face. "Now your

about 2' tall, and we can play some more dangerous games" she said, as her eyes

lit up with excitement.

"What k-kind of dangerrrous ga-mes?" I sputtered. "You'll see" she explained.

She still had to pick me up to get up on her bed. "Now that your bigger, we can

play trample and crush games". I thought to myself, she seemed to be cautious

about these games by making me bigger. So she must be acting this sort of

devilish way. "So what game did you have in mind?" I asked. She responed

"Chase!". Never heard of it, but had a feeling of what happens, she chases me.

"OK" I said, "Let's Play". I hopped off her bed and she explained the rules.

"You have to run away from me. If I pin you down with my foot, I win. If I can't

get you within a half an hour, you win. OK?" she asked. "OK" I responded. "Ten

second head start for the the runner" she said. "GO!" she yelled. I ran as fast

as I could out her door and down stairs. When I reached the last step, I heard

her coming down. I ran as fast as my miniature body could, but I wasn't fast

enough. Then, wham! I was pinned by Michelle's big foot. I looked up and saw her

huge sock on my back. She giggled. But she seemed board having me bigger, she

wanted me smaller.

She carried me to her room and aimed the shrink ray at me. She pressed the red

button and the purple ray shot out. I felt that falling feeling again. Then it

stopped. She had shrunken me smaller than I was before. When she walked towards

me, the room shook and I fell down. When I got up, I saw pink socks covering

Michelle's now tremendously humongous feet. I tried to see her face, but I could

only see her massive tits. She was as tall as a sky scraper. Shen bent down

towards me and said "Hello, Mr. Antman!" she giggled. It hurt my ears. Then she

wispered "Oh, i'm sorry". She picked me up very gently, knowing how tiny I was.

She placed me on her bed, then she began to undress. Then taking her fingernail

that was bigger than my head, she tore to shreads my clothes. She picked me up

and placed me inbetween the two mountain tits. I began climbing the right tit.

When I got to the top, she had an erect nipple bigger than my head. I began

squeezing it, nibbling on it, humping it. She loved it. I then moved to her

other tit and did the same thing to that one. Then, I slid down to her gigantic

pussy. Trying my best to massage it at my small size. Then I felt her push me

inside her clit. Now I was scared, I didn't like being this size. I was to

vulernable to death. I tried to get out, but failed as everything was too wet

and slippery. Then I thought, if I bring her to climax, her muscles may not

fully touch or she would try to prevent that from happening. Trying everything I

could; kicking, humping, punching, her virgina muscles contracted but didn't

squish me. She came, bigger (to me) than last time. Her cum drenched me, nearly

having me drown in it. She saw me choking and tapped my back. She now realized

it was too dangerous at that size and set the machine up to make me grow back to


The yellow beam hit me for a few seconds then stopped. I must be at my 4" height

again, I thought. Then I saw Michelle's huge toes in front of me. When I cranked

my head back, I could see her face again. It was now 3:45pm and we were

starving. She quickly changed back into her clothes and headed for the kitchen.

She decided to make a Salami, Swiss, and Justin sandwhich on whole weat bread. I

was inside the sandwhich, covered in mustard. She began eating her sandwhich.

The last bite was with me on it. She threw it in her mouth. Her tounge separated

me from the sandwhich. I watched her teeth grinulate the sandwhich with ease.

Easily knowing she had the power to do the same to me. Her tounge licked the

mustard off me and she spit me out in her Iced tea. She beagn drinking it, but

she swallowed me in her mouth before finishing her drink. I was hit with the

waves of Iced Tea entering her mouth. Luckily, her tounge stopped me from going

down with it. Now she picked me up out of her mouth and brought me back up into

the bathroom.

She place me on the counter and grabbed a tissue. She looked like she was going

to blow her nose when she stopped and looked at me with that devilish grin

again. She picked me up and placed me in the tissue, put it up to her nose and

blew. I was covered in her snot. Again like with the peeing, I was turned on by

this. Maybe it was because it showed she had more power than I did. Or that she

was bigger, like older siblings do to younger siblings. Whatever the case, I

began rubbing the snot all over myself. She saw me and started to giggle. Then,

another smirk came across her face. She began to pull down her Jeans, then her

panties. Then she picked me up and slid me up her ass (Head First).

I began to panic. It was dark, smelly, and goopy. My face had hit an upcoming

terd. I felt her ass tighten around me, as she sat down on the toilet. Her ass

tightened even more as she began pushing. I was starting to fall out. Only

fifteen seconds later, did I fall into the water, covered in @!#$. She began to

pee, the water became warmer, and slimer. All of a sudden, another terd fell

from her beautiful ass. It landed right next to me and splashed pee water all

over me. Her ass dissappeared and more light came through. She brought down the

toilet scrubber and I held on to it. She placed me on some white sheet. I saw

her smirk, as she picked up the toilet paper I was sitting on and began to wipe

her ass with me. She dropped me in the sink and the toilet paper in the toilet

bowl. After she flushed, she bathed me. She took me back into her room.

It was almost 5:00pm. She decided to shrink some of her clothes down with the

shrink ray, so I didn't have to wear those kiddie doll clothes. She shrunk down

some sweat pants, a purple shirt, a pair of purple socks, a pair of sneakers,

and one of her panties. I really didn't want to wear the panties, but she said

they'd be more comfortable for me. When I finished changing, we went downstairs

and relaxed. We watched TV for a while. She fell asleep, so I climbed up her and

went into her clevage and fell asleep as well.

I was awakened by her calling, "Justin, Justin, where are you?!?" "I'm down

here!" I yelled up at her. She gasped, then gave a sigh of relief. "Oh, I didn't

see you down there, are you OK?" she asked. "I'm fine" I said. "Oh my god, it's

11:50pm!" she shouted. "Oh well, let's go to bed. I'm still exausted" she said.

I agreed with her and she carried me upstairs to her bed room. "Michelle" I

asked. "What?" she responded. "Do you mind if I sleep in your sock tonight?" I

asked nervously. "Sure!" she responded. "I guess you have a sock fetish as well

as a size fetish" she replied. "Yeeaa, I-I guesss I do" I studdered. She took

off the pink sock on her left foot. Gently, she lifted me up and placed me into

her giant pink sock. Then she slid her sock back on to her foot. I adjusted

myself to the top of her foot so I wouldn't get squished, if she forgot I was in

there. "Good night!" she said. "Good night!" I responded. I snuggled up against

her pink sock and fell fast asleep for the night.


I woke up to the ground shaking, when I realized I was still in Michelle's sock,

but Michelle didn't realize it. I heard her pull down her pants and sit down.

She must be going to the bathroom, I thought. I climbed up out of her sock. I

was right, she was going to the bathroom. I continued to climb up her leg. When

I got past her knee, I stood on the rim of the toilet. I starteled her, and she

said "Oh, I forgot you slept in my sock last night". "That's OK" I told her. She

picked me up and placed me on the counter. She pulled up her pants and flushed

the toilet. She washed her hands, then brought me back into her room. "Well,

this is the last day, so what do you want to do?" she asked me. "Well, lets get

some breakfast first. I'm starving" I told her. She went and picked me up. She

walked with me downstairs to the kitchen, where she poured out some Cherriosl.

She picked me up and placed me in the bowl with the Cherrios. Then she went to

the fridge and took out some milk. She poured it all over the cereal and on me.

She began eating her Cherrios, when the phone rang. She went over to answer it.

I was still nibbling on my Cherrio. A few minutes later, Michelle hung up the

phone and told me "My parents will be coming home at about 5:30pm tonight, so I

need to re-enlarge you by 5:00pm". It was just about 11:00am now, so we had

about 6 hours of more playtime.

She and I finished the cereal and she brought me upstairs to the bathroom. She

and I undressed and she carried me into the shower with her. I then saw her

grin, as she lifted me up, poured some liquid soap all over my body, and

lathered me up. The she began to wash herself with my soapy body. First she did

her feet, worked her way up her legs. Then she did her giant virgina. Working

further up, she did her stomach, her ass, her breasts, her back, her arms, her

armpits, and her face. Then she rinsed me off. Now, she poured shampoo all over

my body and lathered it. Then she finished her body by doing her hair. It was a

very arousing experience. I got to touch every part of her body while being

cleaned. She came out of the shower and dried me and herself off.

Then she brought me back into her room. She changed into a green tanktop, her

bellbottom jeans, and matchin green socks. She changed me into a Kelly doll

outfit; with a pink t-shirt, overalls, pink socks, and buckle shoes. She thought

it looked cute on me, I didn't. It was now about 12:00pm, just 5 hours to do

whatever we wanted. "Well, I don't know what to do". She said to me. I did want

to go shopping for awhile. Then she smiled at me. She unbuttoned her pants and

slightly slid them down. She picked me up and placed me in her panties. Then she

buttoned her pants back and began to say "I'll go shopping, you have fun!" I was


The whole time we were out, I played with her huge pussy. Licking, kissing,

caressing. Several times she stopped in the bathroom and came. When we got back

to her house, the day was practically over. "Dam'n!" she shouted, "It's 4:10pm,

we only have fifty minutes!". She began to undress, throwing her clothes on top.

Now that she knew I had a slight sock fetish, she left her socks on. She picked

me up and began pushing me into her pussy. She finally pushed me all the way in.

I began sucking, licking, kicking, and kissing the walls of her immense virgina.

It was so hot and sticky inside, I even came a few times. Finally, she came, I

started to slurp up her hot cum. She picked me up and washed us both off. She

got fully dressed again. It was now 4:30pm. She decided to make me bigger,

little by little until 5:00pm. First she grew me to 1'6". I ran around while she

tripped me with her green sock. Then she grew me to 3'. She began to play a

domination game, throwing me down and lightly stepping on me. Then she made me

4'. Now she began to completely step on me. She made me worship her like a

goddess or she would continue to make me bigger. I worshiped as much as

possible, more than any man would. Jokingly, she said it wasn't good enough (She

had to re-enlarge me). She grew me to 5'. She threw me around a little. Dam'n

was she strong, I was even trying to hold her back. Then she grew me to 5'6". I

was 5'7", but she said "No one will notice, it will be a souvinor for this

weekend. It was now 5:00pm. I was at my new height, 5'6". We went into her car

and she drove me home.

On the way back to my house, I said "This was a great weekend, and I want to ask

you something". "What?". She responded. "Do you want to go out sometime, as like

a couple?". It was kind of sudden, after what happened, but I learned we had

many of the same interests and stuff, so I took a shot at it". "Sure! I think

your really nice anyway, and I, kinda, have a crush on you..." I couldn't

believe it, she said yes! We stopped at my house. We kissed and I went out of

her car. The she rolled down the window and said, "Hey, lets make plans to do

that again. I had a lot of fun and can't wait to do it again". I smirked and

said "I can't wait either, we'll make plans soon!" Then she smiled and drove


I had a great weekend, we're planning another trip for next weekend. I can't

wait until then!

Giantess Stories: Michelle

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